The famous Cadillac Escalade will get an all-electric version soon – The Escalade IQ.

Cadillac is teasing the next generation of all-electric Esalace, the Escalade IQ. With Cadillac’s new “IQ” EV strategy in mind, the Escalade IQ follows the LYRIQ and CELESTIQ.

Not much other than a name was revealed today. We don’t even have a date for when we’ll get more information on the Cadillac IQ. However, Cadillac will most likely control a few news cycles when the full details emerge. The Escalade has been one of America’s most beloved and aspirational luxury SUVs for over two decades.

From being an insane 650-horsepower monster to a full-electric technical achievement- the Escalade is certainly doing some heavy lifting these days.

Check out my review of the current Escalade on YouTube and read the official Escalade IQ teaser below.

Cadillac Escalade IQ Teaser

Cadillac Announces ESCALADE IQ: The First All-Electric Escalade

The Cadillac ESCALADE IQ will be revealed later this year and promises the same commitment to craftsmanship, technology and performance that has helped the Escalade nameplate dominate the large luxury SUV segment for the last 20 years. The ESCALADE IQ will join the LYRIQ and the upcoming CELESTIQ as Cadillac continues to build an all-electric portfolio

The IQ naming strategy celebrates Cadillac introducing a different type of EV to the market — one that works in tandem with people’s daily lives and environments. The IQ designation is Cadillac’s EV nomenclature and first debuted on the LYRIQ.