2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition

Chevrolet had an all new special edition Silverado HD on display at the 2019 SEMA Show. The Special Edition Carhartt Silverado HD has a unique look and a special swagger. It also goes on sale next year. But the most interesting parts about the Carhartt Silverado HD are five facts that you might not know.

  1. No Carhartt Fabric: The most popular feature of the concept, Carhartt’s signature tan fabric, isn’t found on the production special edition truck. The concept truck was wildly popular because of the Carhartt fabric seats and tonnaeu cover. However, the production HD has absolutely zero Carhartt fabric. Why ditch one of the best parts of the concept? There’s only one reason to blame: Durability. Turns out Carhartt fabric just can’t stand up to the brutal conditions found on a truck seat and bed cover. The concept truck’s seats started to wear out after limited use. The fabric also isn’t made for outdoor use. So, Chevy sadly had to ditch the tan fabric on the production version.
  2. Chevrolet + Carhartt: The relationship between these two brands is just getting started. While Chevy isn’t planning on other Carhartt special edition vehicles, you’ll see the two brands side by side in a lot of places going forward. The two brands plan to share marketing and advertising space in the future. So next time you see a Carhartt advertisement, there just might be a Silverado HD in the background and vice versa.
  3. Parking Lot Pinstripes: Those awesome Carhartt Yellow pinstripes are surprisingly enough, applied after the truck leaves the factory. But not too far away. The bright yellow accents are added on in the factory parking lot. But don’t worry, this isn’t some  hack job. Chevrolet adds lots of features to brand new trucks just outside of the factory walls.  The spray on factory bed liner is just another example.
  4. An Affordable Special Edition: The Carhartt HD targets to provide a unique look for an easy to swallow price tag. Rims – paint – seat back embroidery – unique badge on tailgate. The changes are purely aesthetical and easy for Chevrolet to apply.  Price for the Carhartt HD hasn’t been announced but the two current special edition packages (The Texas Edition and All-Star Edition) available on the 2500HD are both priced at $2,830 as of late 2019.
  5. HD Only: The Carhartt Edition will be an HD exclusive. Which is good news for HD owners who would like a unique truck but bad news for 1500 shoppers who might be hoping for their own light duty Carhartt edition. Why not? Chevrolet thinks the Carhartt brand better aligns with the HD market.

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