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Found 2 results

  1. Zane Merva & Josh Merva GM-Trucks.com 3/6/2018 Here at GM-Trucks.com, we’ve spent a lot of time upgrading nearly every light bulb in Project Sierra to LED over the past two years. The change has been immense and the high-tech, clean crisp shine our truck now exhibits is one of our most noticeable and favorite upgrades. From brake bulbs to marker lights, interior lighting and replacement daytime running lights, we’ve been tapping Osram-Sylvania LED bulbs as a reliable product produced by one of the worlds largest automotive suppliers. The company offers a wide arraignment of LED aftermarket replacement lighting and we’ve been digging the results on our truck. In fact, we've even just recently moved to LED headlight bulbs, but we'll show you them in another review. A staple in the original equipment headlight and tail light bulb supply chain, it's a guarantee that your truck has some sort of Sylvania product on it as factory equipment. The company also sells straight to the consumer with Silverstar and ZEVO LED aftermarket replacement bulbs. Sylvania introduced their first off-road oriented LED cube light just under two years ago and has been expanding into the segment ever since. The company announced another round of LED off-road lights at SEMA last November, including a 10-inch parabolic spotlight bar. So with two new LED products that caught our eye, we asked if we could take them for a spin. It's rather interesting to see an industry OEM diving head first into the off-road lighting scene that has so far been dominated by LED giants like Rigid Industries, Baja Design, and Rugged Ridge. Especially when those brands sell product that use Osram LED chips. So we ordered up some examples directly from the company and got installing. Here’s our take on these two new and unique LED spotlight products from Sylvania. What are they? Sylvania LED Off-Road 10-Inch Light Bar - SPOT 2300 effective lumens at a 10 degree angle MSRP: TBD, Not on sale yet Longer versions will also be available LED spot light bars are nothing new and as a result they’ve all sorta started to look the same. Now, that’s no longer the case. With a futuristic parabolic reflector, the new line up of Sylvania LED light bars resemble the headlights on the new 2019 Silverado instead of the light bar from your friend’s old beat up Dodge Ram. With the LED chips mounted at a 90-degree angle from the road the curved reflector is the main focal point of the light bar instead of the LED chip or lens. It's a different, high-tech, motif that will look right at home on the 2019 Silverado and Sierra lineup. However, all those good looks would be much less satisfying if this light bar didn't have the performance to match. And, since this light bar is made by Sylvania, it does. This 10-inch spot is designed to send light extremely far down-road. With only a 10-degree horizontal throw the 2300 lumen beam from the 10-LED chips is super concentrated. This spot bar will illuminate hundred of feet away but not right in front of you. That makes it an extremely powerful, albeit niche lighting tool. Packaged with two polished aluminum attachments, the 10-inch spot is fairly easy to mount and and only a little harder to aim. We appriciated the included quick disconnect electrical harness. Sylvania says that these light bars will be available in a range of sizes including a 20+ inch variant. So if 10-inches seems a little small for what you've envisioned for your LED project, rest easy knowing bigger versions are on the way soon. On the downside, like the Cube-X, this spot bar is intended for professional installers and requires electrical knowledge to properly wire. Sylvania LED CUBE-X Cube Light - SPOT 1170 effective lumens / each MSRP: $84.99/each Also available in Flood and Wide Flood There is a massive selection of small square LED spot lights in this world. However, there is only one you can legally use on the road. Meet the Sylvania Cube-X Spotlight. It features an integrated daytime running light “accent” and a powerful 1170 raw lumen spotlight in one package. The obvious benefit of this combination is you now have a light that can be used every time you drive and not just every time you drive off-road. For trucks built before LED daytime running lights became a “thing” (like our 2011), the X-shaped accent light makes for an excellent DRL upgrade. When the situation presents itself, you can also fire up the four Osram LEDs to produce an outstandingly crisp narrow field 20.5-watt spotlight. Simply speaking, the Cube-X is two lights in one. A DRL and an off-road spotlight. The compact and standardized design of the Cube-X allows for mounting in a variety of locations. The included mount kit has all the hardware to attach your Cube-X but comes in a silver color. We would have liked to see a color matched mount. Like the 10-inch spot light, wiring this light is entirely up to you. No switches or harnesses are included. This is ideal for an expert installer who might use their own gear but may be intimidating to a newbie working on their first LED light install. How We Installed Them Above all, we wanted a simple, clean, and purposeful install for our LED spot lights. To accomplish that goal we mounted our five LED lights to an N-Fab light bar that was designed specifically for the 2011 Sierra (and Silverado) ahead of the front grille. To avoid complex switch wiring through the firewall, we ordered up a remote controlled two-channel 12-volt automotive relay and designed an auxiliary power center to control our new lights. Since these lights will pull some considerable wattage, we felt it was safest to create a power tap point that couldn't drain our battery and wouldn't interfere with our truck's sensitive electronics. With this system our lights won't be able to turn on unless the truck is running and charging the battery. They also won't stay on after the truck is shut off. We also limit the DRL lights to only run when the truck is running. Although this system is very DIY, it's an effective and safe way add high power accessories without tapping fuses or wiring harnesses. We'll have a write-up on how to create your own key-on aux power block in the near future. There's also pro versions of this type of aux power system you can buy. Once we had the electrical wires run through flexible conduit (purchased separately) and the mounting hardware tight, we cleaned up the install with wire ties. Some of our Cube-X lights had shorter wire harnesses than others, making a clean look harder than we wanted. You can see on the photo below how we would have preferred the Cube-X wires be longer, so the connections could be hid farther behind the grille. The Results After a smooth installation process with all lights functioning correctly on the first try, we were excited to head out and see just how bright our new LED lighting setup really was. We had high hopes but what we saw really lit up our world (pardon the pun). During the day, the Cube-X DRL lights are bright and serve their purpose of attracting attention. Even in poor weather, our Sierra will be visible from a considerable distance thanks to the four X accents. The spot lights are much much brighter than the DRL. Even in bright sunlight, the spot lights were powerful enough to hurt our eyes. It gave us high hopes that once the sun set, and we headed out to light up some local trails, we'd have all the light we need. Safe to say we were right. Take a look at these comparison photos. As you can see, the four Cube-X lights gave us the most improvement for the largest area. That's no surprise, as the lights are all together "worth" 4,680 raw lumens. The 10-inch spot light excelled in throwing a direct and bright beam farther than the Cube-X lights could but is only rated at 2300 raw lumens. That concentrated beam illuminated deeper and farther ahead than the Cube-X spots. Take a look at this animation to see what we mean. The next day at our garage, we took a more measured approach to comparing brightness using a light meter. We measured the output of our headlights and the spot lights inside a dark room with no outside light to compare them. The results are interesting. With all five LED lights firing, our Sylvania spotlight setup is 14.5 times brighter than our aftermarket LED low-beam headlights alone. All five lights are 4.7 times brighter than just using high-beams. The Cube-X array is 4 times brighter than the low beams. All in all, no matter which way you measure, it's a massive upgrade in light output. Our Conclusion Are you ready for some LED lights that don't cost thousands? We think Project Sierra has never looked better with our new X-shaped DRL lighting. The parabolic design of the 10-inch light bar is unique, modern, and has people asking what it is. At night the combined power of the four Cube-X spot lights brings another level of utility to our truck. Now, whether off-road or in the back yard, if we need massive amounts of light, our Sierra can answer the call. Our truck is now the brightest flashlight in our toolbox. What we like Top Tier Osram-Sylvania LED Chips Full Aluminum Design IP68 Waterproof/Dustproof Affordable Price (Cube-X) Parabolic Design (Spot Bar) What we didn’t like Cube-X wires didn’t come with quick disconnect harness 10-Inch spot's mounting hardware wasn't ideal for fine tuning Lenses are not replaceable or changeable Limited avalability Image Gallery Editor's Note: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product.
  2. Review: SYLVANIA 34971 ZEVO Interior LED Strip Kit with Remote Josh Merva GM-Trucks.com Copyright 2015 If you're like us, then you probably get envious when you see other companies like Ford including customizable ambient lighting as a standard feature in their vehicles. Maybe you’d like to add some excitement to your truck’s interior, or maybe you just want to be able to see better in the dark. Either way, aftermarket LED lighting offers a simple and cost effective way to add this functionality to your truck. In this review we take a look at a new interior ambient lighting kit from Sylvania. Products Reviewed Sylvania 34971 ZEVO Interior LED Strip Kit Sylvania 34972 ZEVO 6" Interior LED Strip Extension Kit Sylvania 34973 ZEVO 12" Interior LED Strip Extension Kit Cost: $35 (Starter Kit), $20/$25 (6-inch & 12-inch Extension Kits) What it is: An expandable LED Lighting kit that plugs directly into your 12-volt socket. Color and brightness can be customized to suite your mood with the included remote. Product Features/Specifications: 16 different colors Adjustable brightness 5 operating modes(Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth, Solid). Wireless Infrared Remote 12 volt car adapter Easy Installation Expandable Tested On 2011 GMC Sierra All-Terrain SLT Extended Cab What's included The starter ZEVO kit includes two 12-inch led strips, a controller unit, a remote and enough wire to light our front foot wells. The kit can be easily expanded on with a 6-inch and 12-inch add-on sets. We used the 6-inch expansion kit to light the rear foot wells and the extra 12-inch expansion to light the under seat storage. Sylvania includes more than enough wire and splitters for most installations. Basic Installation The first goal is to mount main control unit. It needs to be in a location where the infrared sensor can point up towards the cabin. Next, we plugged in the splitter and ran the power behind the lower console to the passenger foot well. Once the wires were run to their general locations we test fit the LED strips and plugged the car adapter in to make sure everything worked before we mounted lights and hid wires. It's important to carefully consider where to mount these LED light strips as they can be very bright. Make sure to locate them in a spot where you won't directly see them while driving. We placed our strips facing down towards the floor. To mount, we just peeled off the adhesive and stuck the light strip to a flat surface while firmly pushing them down. That's it! You're done. Expansion Kits If two 12-inch light strips isn't enough for your project, Sylvania offers two optional expansion kits to bring even more light into your vehicle. The 6-inch kit comes with two 6-inch LED strips and additional wiring and splicing. Ditto for the 12-inch kit but you get two 12-inch LED strips. Adding the additional expansion kits to the mix was slightly more interesting because we needed to run the wires to underneath the front and rear seats. We took off the door kick panels so we could pull up and run wires under the carpet. We used the 6 inch add on kit under the front seats to light rear seat passenger's feet. Since the front seats move, make sure to leave some slack in the wire. We used the 12-inch kit to illuminate our rear bench storage divider. Both are powered by the same control unit that feeds the front lights so the entire truck always matches color and brightness. Hardwire it in Optionally, you can simply cut off the power adapter and hard-wire your ambient lighting kit into your vehicle for a cleaner look. Once you've stripped the power wire, use a jumper to tie the wire into the accessory fuse. We used a simple wire stripper and cut as close to the 12-volt plug as possible. We than ran the power wire to the internal fuse block located in the driver's side door jam. We use a simple fuse jumper and tapped into our accessory power. Since this is always on battery power, these lights will work no matter if the engine is on or not. That can be both a good and a bad thing. In the future we'll search for a keyed power source to prevent accidental battery rundown. Video *The flashing while dimming is an artifact of our video camera's shutter. The actual dimming is smooth and pleasant to the eye. Conclusion Considering we used six different LED strips, the installation was easy to complete. Sylvania includes plenty of wire and all of the parts needed to install this ambient LED lighting kit correctly the first time. In our Sierra it was sometimes hard to find a flat place 12-inches long to stick the LED strips to. We had to get creative and in some locations (like the front driver's foot well) we used zip ties to mount the strips instead of the tape. Our only complaint was that the physical connections between the wires and strips sometimes come loose. We easily fixed that problem by putting electrical tape around the connections and since then it hasn't been an issue. The actual functionality of the LED strip kit exceeded what we expected. Choosing between 16 colors and multiple brightness levels make daily use a functional experience, not just for show. We loved that the lowest brightness setting was actually dim enough to allow us to drive with the LEDs turned on at night. The flashing "party" modes are a fun feature but clearly a novelty for when you are showing your friends what your interior lighting can do. After a few days of trying every combination we could find on the remote, we settled with a nice green that almost perfectly matches our gauges. We dimmed it all the way down and now that's where it stays 99% of the time. The remote works well however we couldn't stop thinking how great it would be if we could use our phones to control the lights via bluetooth. That would certainly add cost, but if you lose the current remote you can't operate the unit. Luckily, any remote works for any unit, so buying a replacement wouldn't be impossible. The Sylvania ZEVO LED kit did exactly what it promised to do at a super affordable $35 price tag. Extension kits are reasonably priced too with our entire installation coming in at $85 MSRP. We loved all the features Sylvania crammed into such a small simple package. Better yet the kit is versatile enough to fit any kind of vehicle or situation. Sylvania does have some room to improve their offering, but the ZEVO ambient LED lighting kit is a simple way to update your pickup's functionality and fun factor without breaking your wallet. Editor's Note: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product.

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