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    DILLY DILLY I was driving down the road and a deer ran out in front of my Chevy. .Piece of crap, never happened with my Jeep.
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    Well, relatively simple at least. I was tired of having to go into the truck to turn the cargo lights on and off, so I wanted to add a secondary switch in the bed. I searched and found multiple results about adding a secondary set of lights, which was not what I was looking for, so here's my solution. I wanted to add a secondary switch to turn on/off the factory cargo lights, and retain the 10 minute auto-shut off. Through some searching I found that the switch in the truck works by pulsing a momentary ground to a pin on the BCM, which is pretty easy to replicate/extend. Materials: Wire. I used some red/black 2-wire, I'll explain why later. A small scrap of solid core wire. 2 waterproof push button momentary switches. Here's what I did: Soldered a small scrap of solid core wire to both leads to the red/black 2-wire. This made it easier to tap into the BCM. Tapped into pin 18 of the blue plug on the BCM. There's a solid gray wire on that pin. Ran the wire out of the cabin (using this method:) and then down the underside, following a large bundle of wires and using some wire clips that GM/Chevy was nice enough to leave available for use. Popped out one of the cargo tie down plugs, and ran the wires through. Here's why I used the red/black 2-wire - measure enough wire out to go back through the hole and then under the bed to the other side, then cut. Now we have enough wire to install a switch on both sides of the bed. Drilled the plug to fit the push button momentary switch, and installed the switch in the plug. Cut ONLY ONE of the wires at the drivers side hole, and wire it to one lead of the switch. Connect the scrap of wire you just cut off (red in this case) to the other lead of the switch. Run both the red scrap and the black wire back through the hole, and reinstall the plug. I didn't take any pictures of this part unfortunately, but run the red scrap of wire to any grounding point and secure. Then run the black wire to a cargo tie down plug on the other side and repeat the steps to wire and ground it. Then enjoy your 2 new readily accessible cargo light switches! This activates the same as the cargo light switch in the truck, so any modifications you've made like the reverse lights on with the cargo lights will work just the same as if you pressed the switch in the truck, and retain the 10 minute auto shut off. Any comments/questions/clarifications please let me know and I'll do my best to get back to you!
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    Sounds as if there may be a loose nut behind the wheel, or something like that.
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    It's evident that you can't be experienced in driving a variety of trucks in a variety of off road conditions. Every truck, will react differently on a surface due to a number of factors. Those include but aren't limited to: the surface itself, tires, suspension, wheelbase, and weight. Now considering you have a z71 suspension, it's relatively stiff compared to other models. Every truck will do what you experienced under the right conditions. My 2014 z71 our main highway would rattle your brains out due to its lack of dampening. The pavement wasn't broken but heaved due to frost and freeze thaw. I put some 5100s on it, and she handled the same bumps like a champ. Still bumpy mind you, but no need for traction control to kick in. My Crew Cab Standard Box NHT reacts extremely different on the same stretch of road. I used to have to drive down dirt roads for hours at 40 to 50mph to go to work. Everyday for weeks at a time. I drove a 2014 Ford FX4 crew cab standard box and 2014 Sierra double cab all terrain. Hit the right bumps and the rear end kicks out. Sometimes violently. Always in the exact same sections of road. The right bumps will cause conditions to have the rear slide out. You don't have perfect traction. It's simple to understand. In my expereicne the Ford would more commonly kick the rear end out, but the GMC was much more violent when it did. You even stated yourself that you let off the gas. You do realize that would cause a weight transfer forward. Resulting in less traction from your rear wheels. The only logical conclusion is you were driving too fast for the conditions. There is no safety issue with the truck. You're the safety issue.
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    Washed and waxed for weekend shenanigans! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked up my truck today after getting the BDS 6" lift installed Headed out for a proper photo shoot but it was a pretty windy day so decided to hold off, snapped a quick phone pic on location though
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    Had 5 minutes of free time. Vinyl precut overlay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked it up at the dealer tonight after work, Pacific Blue 2019 AT4.
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    Spent an hour and 45 mins on my truck the other day. GM Borla I picked up locally about a month ago. Then finally finished my Custom IP switch. Need to figure out what I want to use the Aux 1 and 2 buttons for now [emoji848][emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Were you more sober when you were driving than you were when you posted this?
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    Couldn’t be happier with how well the wireless cab lights went on! They match the Boost Auto switchbacks real well. Here's the link to the install, honestly really impressed with how well these guys installed. Pulled our the SLR for a better night show. iPhone night shot Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Nice looking RST, I like the color! The dealer said my custom would be ready to pick up by noon tomorrow, I stopped in after work this evening and it looks to me like it's ready to go now. I think this is the first Custom on the thread that isn't a Trail Boss. I'll get more pictures tomorrow.
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    Today I picked up my Black 2018 Silverado from Aurora Motor Spa in Buffalo MN. Got it Ceramic Coated. Best $1600 I've spent. It looks amazing. Pictures don't do justice. If you live in the Minneapolis area and are thinking about getting this done, Call Levi and schedule yours. He is top notch. 612-850-1654
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    Fabtech Trail Boss / AT4 4" lift Method 305 NV 18x9 -12 4.5" Toyo MT 35x12.5r18
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    2017 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 Standard Bed 7.5 in Rough country lift 35x12.5R20 Fuel Sledge Wheels MBRP 3in XP Series Cat-back exhaust Airraid MIT with K&N drop in filter DubIR 5% on all four side windows DubIR 50% on the front windshield LineX Premium Spray Bed Liner
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    Traded in the trusty '03 SS (all stock except the stolen wheel thing) for a '19 RST last week
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    My LT after adding Fuel Contras and 2.5 inch MotoFab leveling kit!
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    This is a unholy sacrilegious damnation. I hate it can not happen. Stop it now. Sweet baby Jesus is crying.
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    If my wife caught me draining my catch can in her Pyrex, I wouldn't be on this forum anymore.
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    Getting my engine cover hydro dipped. Should have it back next week sometime after he does touch ups and clear coats this weekend. So far I think it looks awesome!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks to those with helpful responses... I’m glad I didn’t take it to a professional detailer or worse to get repainted lol. I bought a gallon of GYEON iron remover off amazon. It was waiting for me when I got home from work. I tested it out for 10minutes on the passenger door. The immediate results were unbelievable. It is very expensive and the rotten egg smell is terrible (will have to store in sealed bag as garage smells bad now) but well worth it for the results. I shouldn’t need more than a half gallon leaving me plenty to take care of the rail dust on the rest of the truck..
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    Here is my RST with a 2.5in front level and 1in rear block on stock 22s
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    First paint correction and seal on the AT4 now that winter is over. This blue looks even better after a clay/polish/seal.
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    Picked it up today. A couple of pictures next to one of our 2018's at work.
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    Here she is folks... my 2019 after getting Ceramic coating and Tinted.. 2019 Cajun Red Trailboss. I added Exhaust and Cold Air Intake at the dealer and then did Bed Cover, Underseat Storage, Step Bars, Dash Cam, Console Safe, Illuminated Bow Tie and Grill Lights myself. Options I ordered from the factory included Sunroof, Convenience II, Full Coverage Floor Mats and Sprayed Bedliner. Was worth the wait! Picture taken by me :-)
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    Been researching the different trucks for a couple months now and in the end, went with a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD which is the carryover body style. It's a Graphite Metallic Z71 with the All Star package which is a pretty well optioned truck. Been snowing and icing all day so all I got is the pic from the dealership this afternoon:
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    Yay you like your Ford. Most of us don't care. There is plenty of Ford and F150 forums for you. Don't bring it here. You couldn't give me a Ford.
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    Get a duo camera dash cam. Only way to protect yourself legally. I've recorded a lot of people behind me on their phones. It's a friggin epidemic. Every day I miss greenlight's because some idiot somewhere in front of me sits there throughout the entire green light. Sometimes they don't even hear the horn because they are so concerned with finishing that text. When I ride the motorcycle that's all I see is people texting. Im going to go buy a mini air horn so I can pull up next to their windows and let it rip.
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    Mine arrived about a month ago. Ordered in Oct, but had to wait for Chevy to start building the Crew Cab standard bed. Traded a 2011 Silverado Ext Cab and this truck is built so much better its ridiculous. I can see those coming from a 2016 or higher, not that impressed, but coming from a 2011 the difference is mind blowing. Not pictured is the Bakflip X2 cover on the truck and removed the larger antenna for short stub. No noticeable loss in radio reception. Just fits in the garage.
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    Hello folks! I just took delivery of my new truck- 2019 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ Z71 in Summit White! I love this truck! I would like to introduce myself... I am coming from a well loved 2011 Toyota 4Runner which I modified extensively and had many, many adventures with off road. That thing was a tank- never back to the dealer in 155,000 miles! My username on t4r.org was "Antman" and my build thread has over 1 million views! Very bittersweet leaving that forum and I met many friends along the way. I hope to be able to contribute to this community as I did over there- I am known for some off the wall ideas, lol. The switch to the Chevy is one of necessity. I need more towing capacity first and foremost, and not having a truck for hauling large items is a PITA sometimes. I'm not really quite sure where this will go- I swore the 4Runner would stay stock, but that didn't happen at all! I can't leave anything alone it seems but this Silverado is so nice!! Very minor stuff so far, but I've already removed the chin spoiler and tinted the front windows. I've been scoping out places to mount my ARB onboard compressor as well. I like to share my mods too- I made a ton of how-to writeups on t4r. I look forward to interacting with all of you! Pic of the night I took delivery, and my beloved 4Runner! (I am also known for very poor photography, lol) -Jeff
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    2019 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab X31 Off Road GM Accessories 2 inch lift (AT4/Trailboss) Rough Country Leveling Lift (1311)
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    Is that the new WILLY WONKA antenna mod???
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    What for? The interiors are great. Not as flashy as that car interior on the Dodge but it is a truck, extremely useful as such. Good materials that will be durable as opposed to flashy and worn looking in a short period of time. It is threads like these that make me realize you can't make everyone happy. They add new storage, features and tech and someone will complain about something a different version or another truck has and those people no matter what will never be satisfied or happy. The trucks are great, are there a few things they could have added? Sure, there are also things the other brands are missing, most importantly in the truck realm... Tyler
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    I'm new to this forum, my apologies for the intrusion. I just traded in my 2016 Ford F-150 for this.. a 2019 Silverado RST Z71. That was when it was just a day old.. last week. Since then, I've added in running boards and spray-in bedliner. Probably will remove the "Silverado" in the back and change it to "Cheyenne" like the Mexicans since I'm usually down in Mexico. Really impressed so far, getting used to it right now but it's all good so far.
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    Nobody wants them in a half ton. They don't sell. Why make what nobody's buying. If you need a long bed you need a 3/4 ton anyways. Have fun with your new Ford.
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    Finally get it home ! Been long time waiting, ordered in Nov !! Will get a few more pics of her when its all done.
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    Few days ago finished my front end.. got the 2018 bumper installed. Only dont have LED tail lights now lol.. Truck is a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 fyi. Love the new look
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    Well this is what happens when I have free time in the winter since most of my hobbies include warm weather. I over-engineer a hitch cover that doubles as a parking protector. I've seen enough people play bumper cars in the parking lot and figured this works better than letting my tow hitch rust out. It is made out of a Harbor Freight hitch, and a 4" AR500 gong target from Amazon.
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    Pickup up my Silverado RST Double Cab in Satin Steel Friday. So happy with the truck coming from my analog 2010 Sierra SLT. Still getting used to the size difference but I'm adapting. Sorry about the cloudy day picture but the sun didn't come out until yesterday after over 10 days of rain and historic flooding here in NW bama.
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    I was really on here the post a little picture of a cup holder that I made for the center console. It matches the cocoa Dune interior really well and is completely removable Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Picked up my ‘19 Trail Boss LT two weeks ago. Love the truck. Need to take better pics, but here she is.
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    I think the thing with these forums is that people come here to diagnose and fix issues... Nobody comes to tell us that their truck didn't break today. So you are only being exposed to the bad and missing out on reading all the good experiences.
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