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    Finally can say I'm an Owner now. Have had my eyes on a 2020 for a long time now. It felt like foreverrr. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    They don't need to, (ignore the advertised power numbers) as the truck out performs everyone except the 3.7 ecoboost. All numbers from Motortrend to keep them consistent. I really wish people would do a little homework before posting misleading info or regurgitating what a few people incorrectly spout (usually the ego driven 6.2 guys)... 2019 Silverado 5.3 - 1/4 mile 14.9 @ 94.6, mpg 16/22/18 (real not given), power 355/383 2019 Silverado 6.2 - 1/4 mile 14.4 @ 98.3, mpg 16/20/17 (real not given), power 420/460 2017 Titan 5.6 - 1/4 mile 15.0 @ 93.9, mpg 15/21/18 (real 12.6/19.2/14.9), power 390/394 2019 Ram 5.7 - 1/4 mile 14.7 @ 93.7, mpg 15/21/17 (real not given), power 395/410 2015 Tundra (no one tests these same old dogs anymore) 5.7 - 1/4 mile 15.2 @91.8, mpg 13/17/15, power 381/401 2018 F150 2.7 - 1/4 mile 15.5 @ 89.5, mpg 19/24/24 (real is shown as 14.9/23.2/17.7), power 325/400 So the Silverado has less power than all yet is faster (it is two tenths behind the Ram but faster through the traps) and beats them all on MPG (probably 2.7 as well as we all know how it really does). What I think is funny when the 6.2 guys talk about how much of a dog the 5.3 is yet it is a half second slower and less than 4 mph behind at the traps on regular 87. It can also run on E85 giving it a nice power bump. The 5.3 is a sweetheart of a motor, plenty of power, good mpg and a proven reliability rating over the years while running on 87 and being able to get a shot in the arm on E85. Still think it needs updating? Tyler
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    Just bought my 2019 GMC Sierra SLE Monday! I’ve always wanted a full size truck and when I went looking I couldn’t pass up this beautiful truck! I bought a 2016 Tacoma TRD sport before because I wanted truck with good gas mileage, but after I got cancer last year and recovered(not trying to post a sob story) I decided that I wanted to live life to the fullest and by a full size truck. I can’t wait to mod this truck and give it a even better look! Look forward to seeing everyone’s awesome trucks!
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    Picked up my HC about a month ago. So far full xpel treatment on front end, color match vent visors, tinted front windows, tonneau cover, and a homemade hitch cover. Other than that the truck is stock. Loving the truck so far. Recently joined the forum.
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    What are y'all smoking? My 5.3 pulls just fine. 0-60 in 6.2 sec is quite an accomplishment in a crew cab 4x4. Plus I average 17.8 mpg compared to my friends Ram hemi that gets 15 if he's lucky. Plenty of life left in this motor. Especially if you get the 10 speed auto like they are offering for 2020. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Discovered this today.... if you press on the skinny pedal on the right, you can find Ford F-150's in the rear view mirror... They just appear there... its like magic!
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    Thank for the I sight guys. I've been thinking all day and decided to do it. I'll have it paid off in a couple years and if its not right for me then I'll trade it. I think I'm gonna like it. Plus I took all my goodies odd my 14 already so no going back now! This is her. Shes a beauty. Love that shadow grey. Getting them to swap ltz rims with RST 20s.
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    Toyo 35x12.5x22 Open Country M/T's 2" Level Kit Blacked out 5% tint all around Powder coated stock 22" wheels Blacked out GMC front and back. More mods coming...
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    up in the Tahoe National forest
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    Just picked this up on Monday. 2019 AT4 with factory installed cold air intake and cat-back exhaust (this combo adds to the 420/460 and makes them 435/469). It's the most beautiful sound I've heard on a truck in recent years! It's the reason I bought this particular truck and not others that were closer to me. Finally pulled the trigger, even though I always said it was too much to pay for a truck.
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    I got my tires installed yesterday. Ridge Grapplers 35 x 11.5 R20
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    Yes because Amsoil is the only oil that won’t cause your engine to “blow up”.
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    Had it just over a week, couldn't be happier previously I have driven Sierra's but with the new gen I prefer the Chevy.
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    Heading out for the first camping trip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Figured I’d give y’all a nice downtown picture 2014 Silverado LT Crew Cab
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    So Tuesday I took possession of my long-awaited order. '20 Sierra Denali Ultimate HD Duramax 1. Completely different truck from the ground up! 2. Ride and noise reduction quality even better, if you can imagine 3. Seats and field of view is like riding in a panorama, just amazing 4. Rear view mirror camera is insane, you don't even need side view mirrors 5. Allison 10 speed is learning and almost done with the hard shifts, but the power band is in it's sweet spot for every upshift. Extremely smooth and actually fast 6. Cab is more spacious and finally, rear HVAC vents are back 7. Tow mirrors are really big, harder to get used to, the power extend function is awesome 8. Satisfied!
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    So had to do the dad thing and go move some things for my son who is a sophomore in college. Drive was 90% at 67 to 72 mph. Last 15 miles or so was a 55 mph zone (when pic was taken) entering Raleigh. I always take it easy there as lots of blue potential blue lights are always near. Tough to beat these GM V8's on mpg in the real world; she's not even broken in with less than 400 miles.
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    I agree What makes them(UAW) so special? They get awesome insurance, make way more than the average American worker, for an assembly line job any (trained monkey) (maybe not but you get the idea)could do. Get back to work nobody feels sorry you. I feel sorry for the guys that ordered a 2020 HD $70,000+ truck and now they got to wait. That new Dodge HD don't look so bad now. Oh well back to work for me now, nobody going to give me a raise. Or give a rats ass for that matter.
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    I just picked my new LT Trail Boss last week! Had the off-road running boards and sports bar added as part of the deal.
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    No more wood! Wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl, looks way better.
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    Picked up my 2500 AT4 HD last night. Dark Sky Metallic. Unfortunately, the running boards weren't with the truck when it was delivered. Goes back Friday morning to have those installed along with the console vault. I've only driven it about 60 miles, but it's much different from my 2018 2500HD. So far, I've added the mud flaps and the rear underseat storage bin - black GMC emblems are on their way too and should arrive in a couple days. Dropped it off this morning for full Xpel Ceramic tint and full Xpel clear bra. They'll have it two days for that.
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    Finally here. My 2020 AT4 Carbonpro Edition, isn't she beautiful.
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    Had my exhaust tips Hydro -dipped in carbon fiber! Turned out awesome, now just need to get them installed!
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    Progress update.! Finally had the time to do the pre-install work measuring and fitting HUD to our gen 5 dashboard frame and dashboard itself. ***Note*** After doing measurements i realize what I wanted to do wasn’t going to work then I went and go ahead a cut the dashboard which I didn’t want to do in the beginning and as I was cutting I found the solution in the mistake I made, making everything come together like I wanted. Cheers!!! I know you all want is pictures so here the are.. I know this dashboard was cut But it won’t be once is finish since that’s not my dashboard, it’s the experimental one. But it’s sort of the finish product without the cuts. Here’s the speaker cowl after I fitted and install the HUD trim. No glue used, HUD trim has pressure tabs that need to be cut in order remove and install. Here’s the speakers tray, top one is the oem and the bottom one after fitting hud. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Grabbed a 19 Trail Boss Custom about a week ago. Wanted a strong base for an Overland build out. Love it so far. But a little hard to find Overland Parts.
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    New to the forum. Lurked for a while, long time Chevy fan, love the community and all the great info here. Chevy used a picture of my truck in their Memorial Day social media campaign. Kinda cool to have them contact me for that and to see it in my feed as I randomly scroll through one day. This is my current ride. 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ crew 6.2L and my fifth Silverado over all. My previous models were: 2009 LT Z71 2012 LTZ 6.2 2014 LTZ Z71 2017 LTZ Z71 Midnight Edition and a 2000 S10 Xtreme back in the day. My wife is on her third Tahoe, currently driving a 2017 LT Z71.
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    Had some gloss black vinyl laying around so I wrapped my door pillars I like the look. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    New Trail Boss LT here! Loving it so much I have already started upgrades. Mods Complete/In Progress LED Tailgate Bar - Done Quick Charge 3.0 Ports Front and Rear - Done Tinted Windows - Scheduled Bed Mat - Ordered Backflip Tonneau cover - Ordered 22 Inch Black Wheels - Ordered Nitto Tires - Ordered Floor Accent Lighting - Ordered LED Bed Light Expansion - Ordered Rough Country Side Steps - Ordered Hope it all comes together before the 20th. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Installed these this weekend....simple install and great fit.
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    2 1/2 weeks old. 700 miles.Great truck.
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    He wakes up and says “daddy’s truck , drive “ , so we went riding through the corn fields today. Good times
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    19’ Silverado Trail Boss , 6” lift / 35’s. Riding around the Farm here in Kentucky
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    I still can’t believe I bought a brown truck. I do find her eye catching though.
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    Got mine from another angle. I can’t get enough of this truck! I don’t miss my HD Denali at all anymore.
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    Hard to beat.....
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    You know you have your truck pretty much how you like it when all that’s left is silly little things to improve like adding these XPEL door sill guards. Comes in a roll, I cut it at 16” for the front doors, rounded off the corners, and stuck it on in a manner that covers the two edges of the door sill that were taking some small shoe scratches and scuffs.
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    Did a few simple mods to my new RST. Rough country leveling kit. Spec’s on what wheels and tires fit are a little hard to come by on these new trucks but I took a risk ordering 17 x 9.5 et12 Black Rhino Roku’s and the fitment is perfect IMO. A little poke with 285/70r17. No rub whatsoever, minimal impact to fuel economy and gearing. I went with Falken Wildpeak AT3’s since I’ve had good experience in the past with them in regards to noise and wear. Anyhow just some ideas for you guys.... I think it looks killer.
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    Sounds like this is leaving “iPeople” out to dry. If that’s the case, thumbs down.
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    See a chiropractor. Most likely it’s not the seat, it’s your body. May not be the answer you want, but it’s probably what needs to be checked out.
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    New tail lights came in. So, I installed them. So far, I’m happy. Kinda wish I’d have done the smoked lights instead of black smoked. They’re pretty dark. But they function as they should. I did have a passenger side hyper flash at first, but my truck’s battery was also low(most likely from my dash cam running and not driving it). It does not do this now. Anyway, pics. OEM, resistor placement and final showing. Running lights are hard to see in the sun light though especially with the brake lights on. Edit: took a couple quick snaps at 730pm. You can see the running lights way better than in the mid afternoon sun. Edit 2: The position of the reverse lamps mixed with the license plate lights make the backup camera practically useless in dark settings. Not a deal breaker for me, but may be for others. The road and such doesn’t glow behind the truck like OEM does, but I feel like the lights are very visible from a distance. I didn’t take any pics from a distance but I can should I get time later this week or the weekend.
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    Basically it’s like my dog it does whatever the hell it wants.
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    Denali Cluster Retrofit - A Review. As I'm sure many other readers of this forum have done, I found myself going through some of the posts and checking out some cool things people here have done to their trucks. I happened to stumble on the Denali Cluster retrofit and from the moment I saw it, I had not stopped thinking about doing it. Being someone who opted for a non Denali truck but still paid a pretty penny, there was always a small itch in the back of my mind at the lack of a couple features that these trucks have compared to other lower priced vehicles with less prowess - the instrument cluster being so plain is one of them. After eventually deciding to scratch that itch, I got in touch with Chris from White Auto Media (WAMS | http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com) about the Denali Cluster retrofit. Now, there are several posts with a wealth of information about this (main one attached below) and if you are interested in doing this modification, I highly recommend you start there and understand everything there is about selecting the right cluster for your vehicles model year. After exchanging a few emails with Chris, he noted that I was able to have him source the cluster for me and take care of the programming. At the time, I was unable to locate the correct fitment of cluster for my vehicle and the sellers on eBay just seemed to be too sketchy, some had cracked plastic lens covers, and others just didn't provide enough information for the amount of money they were asking for. As a result, I went ahead and submitted my details to Chris via his website and ordered the cluster. It did take two weeks plus a handful of days for sourcing the cluster, programming it, and shipping it to my doorstep. Not only did Chris make it incredibly easy to do this modification, his kindness in sharing information about the entire process to ensure that I had the right fitment, right cluster, right programming, made this experience all the better. Once I got my hands on it, I was able to get it installed in my vehicle in about 10 minutes given the right driver to take out some 7mm bolts and a little bit of prying with my fingers. In the end, I have a fully functioning, slick looking, Denali Cluster. Install video: Phil Gamboa did a fantastic job documenting the install and how easy it was. My only deviation from the video instructions was not taking off the bottom panel where the hood release latch is located and I was safely able to install the cluster without breaking or scratching any components in the process. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLq-VVcEL8I I attached a photo of my working dash to the post! I'm glad to have went this route and hopefully, I will find a way to give Chris my business again in the future! @GTPprix IMG_2532.HEIC
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