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    I’m wondering. Remember H1-N1? Mass hysteria? Stock Market going crazy? Who’s going to make money? Who’s pushing the most hysteria? Election year? Remember how many people died before we even heard any concern about H1-N1. Stock market during that time. I heard a good quote last night when the question was asked. The flu kills thousands a year, why the hysteria with this? The flu is a car wreck. This one is a plane crash. And then there’s the media. Be safe, be smart, don’t be fooled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had to get out of the house today. Stopped and snapped a few shots. The wife’s ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Have to post another picture to show the visitor that showed up at my house last night... Not mine, but I did get to take it for a 10 mile rip. All I can say is it fits like a glove and handles like its on rails.
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    Bought this 1 week ago. Went in to test drive with all of the deals going on. I told the dealer I didn't want a white one, it had to be black. They had a carbon black AT4 in transit but didn't know when it would actually arrive at the dealer. Long story short, after my test drive of the white AT4 they had on the lot, I was getting ready to leave when the semi pulled in with this little lady on it. Bought the truck with 4 miles on the dash. Every option except the carbon pro package. 2020 AT4 6.2 Carbon Black Metallic.
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    I usually look through the windshield to see if there's a vehicle in front of me.
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    I said goodbye to my 03 Chevy Trailblazer had it for 14 years. Hello 2020 6.2L Trail Boss LT Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    The crisis is manufactured. Everyone is fixing to get told that it is harder to spread and less deadly than originally thought by the end of the week. Our country is full of a bunch of soft, easily manipulated sheep. Carry on. Love my Sierra lol.
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    Changed to summer wheels and new Toyo MT’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After many months, finally cleaned off the boat and did a bit of fishing... as usual, my wife (who is by far the better fisher-person) caught 2, I caught none - but it was a nice day on the lake
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    Just picked up this new 2020 AT4 over the weekend. Got a smoking deal on it so i couldn't pass it up! It's got the 6.2, Premium package, technology package, driver alert 2 package, sunroof, and the accessory off road steps. I've got an email sent to the dealer asking what happened to my black mirror caps as well. Here's some pics along with it's new garage mates (18 Yukon Denali & 17 GT350).
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    Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Perfectly color matched to the truck. Almost completely flush. The unit just about disappears on the Truck.
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    Well, I traded mine in on a 2020 AT4.
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    Just bought my first Chevy truck and love it.
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    Saw this crap coming a year ago when pundits and media were cheering for a bad economy to affect their desired outcome for the upcoming election......and they'd all hop like flies on poop to feed fear at the first opportunity to never let a good tragedy go to waste........and dumped all my stocks into low rate secured Government bonds. The question you have to ask yourself is why it's named COVID19, because COVID #1 - 18 were just as virulent corona viruses but ill timed politically. Three years of BS about Russians affecting the 2016 election fooling some people who never learn, but some learn all too well.......now thanks to all the hype it appears the Chinese will have an affect on the 2020 election. “If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs.....you'll be a Man, my son!” R. Kipling
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    Added a cold air intake to feed that new Borla ATAK exhaust.
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    The Good - The 6.2L + 10 speed is absolutely superb. Silky smooth and surprisingly fast. I have not yet towed my 6k LB trailer, I expect it to be "OK" but not great. Interior - vastly improved over my 2015 Denali 2500HD. My old infotainment frequently locked up with my 30 gig iPod hooked up. The new system is flawless. Seats are very comfortable. The reviewers can complain all they want, I like this interior much more than what the new Yukons are going to have. This looks like a truck, the screen is fine for me. The tailgate is cool. The truth is the best advance in pickup beds the past 5-6 years is the GM bumper corner steps. I like the multi-gate, but I would trade it for the 2020 HD's steps at the front of the box. That is a great idea that the 1500s should have too. The towing mirrors are awesome. Even wider than what the 2015 HD had. GM got these perfect. The Bad - The 24 gallon gas tank is the worst thing about these trucks. I'm used to a 36 gallon on my Duramax, which incidentally averaged the same 18 MGP that this truck is getting me. The Ugly - My bed could use a realignment. It is not 1/2" off like some, but it is about 5/16". I might leave it as is as opposed to having the dealer adjust it. But no reason for it. My steering wheel is not perfectly calibrated. My wheel alignment is fine, but my GMC logo aims a little left when I go straight. Again, poor assembly. My truck is made in Mexico. If I did it again, I would choose a US made unit. Then again, my rear window does not leak, I can live with the other flaws if that does not become an issue. Overall, I am very satisfied. I traded my Denali Duramax as a new job has me in stop and go traffic 5x / week. Modern diesels don't do stop and go, that is a fact. I think 18MPG is very reasonable w/ a 6.2L V8. If I did not get on it so much, I bet I would average 20MPG. But the 6.2L begs to run. I had 70k miles on my 2015HD. That truck stickered at 68k, I bought it for 57k. I got 40k on a trade in after 5 years towards this AT4. I loved that, and know this 1500 won't hold the value the same, but the 6.2L will help. As long as my back window never leaks, I'm a happy purchaser.
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    All waxed up for a Spring and Summer, anybody have any spare arms I can borrow for a few days while mine heal? Woof!
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    Added the keypad today. It’s def a feature I missed from my f150. I’ll use it a lot locks - unlocks and rolls down the windows also lights up at night when pressed
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    Your TDS is showing. May want to get that checked out. When it gets that bad, it hinders the ability to produce facts and one’s voice becomes that of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
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    Installed my AMP power folding steps over the weekend...
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    Finally brought this girl home today. She goes in Tuesday for full tint
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    I work in healthcare with the type of patient that would require mechanical ventilation. For all intents and purposes, this is a flu. We had several flu like cases that tested negative for flu this season, but presented exactly the same. I believe covid 19 has ALREADY made the rounds weeks ago through the USA. A SARS2 presentation from covid19 is about as common as influenza complications, but if it is bad enough to put you in the ICU, you can die with either. Not as likely here as in China - you must look at South Korea to see how a democratic republic with modern heathcare copes with a new acute respiratory virus. I have seen many die from the flu. CV spreads quicker than flu, so it hit airports in december, hospitals and schools in jan, now is the leftovers. Same treatment as flu - drink lots of fluids, chicken soup, rest at home. Every year we test for flu, but it never stops it from spreading. I have no idea why this is being Ebola-ized except for being an election year. 100% media created hysteria that is screwing my 401k and my 529... Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
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    H1-N1 killed 12K just in the US. The flu killed 19K last year 60K the year before in the US. How about traffic deaths? This hysteria is for one reason. Smart people know why. Let’s just destroy our economy on why ifs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Put on the Stealth Torch Grille this weekend
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    Quick shot with the Can Am headed to shoot some clays.
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    Just got back home after my wife's surgery and have completed extending my camera cables so I could swap the trailer plug with the video cable connectors from the bumper to the bed. It was a success and am very happy with the results and hope this helps everyone that tows a goose neck or fifth wheel. I purchased the cables from PASTERNACK (www.pasternack.com) 866-727-8376, Sales Person was Derek Burkett with the following part numbers. The last two digits are the length. I ordered 36" which worked great, but some folks may want to order another 12". The total cost including taxes and shipping was less than $100. a. Rear view camera cable (black) PE3W08444-36, description. Black FAKRA Jack to FAKRA Plug Cable Using LMR-100 Coax. b. Inside camera cable (Water Blue which is a universal cable to connect to the Orange cable) PE3C2779-36, description. Water Blue FAKRA Jack to FAKRA Plug Cable Using LMR-100 Coax. To install you will need to remove the bumper plug and the bed plug. The plugs have a metal squeeze clip that you need to press from the backside, the bumper can be accessed from behind the bumper and bed plug will require you to remove the rear taillight to access the rear of the bed plug. Your owners manual explains on how to remove the rear taillights. On the bumper plug video cables you will need to slide the red clips back and then push down on the release tab to release the jack from the plug. Next on the 7 pin connector you will slide the light grey clip back and then push down on the release tab to release the 7 pin connector (I found it easier to completely remove the grey clip due to access). I installed the bed plug first which will require you to remove some of the spray-on bed liner and make adjustments to the metal squeeze clips to accommodate the Pyle National Plug and the thicker bed wall. It makes it easier to do a test fit before applying cables. I spent many hours searching and calling, but I couldn't find anyone that would supply waterproof connectors, so you will need to tape these up to keep out moisture. The pictures will tell the story and I did finish up by using cable ties to secure the cables to the 7 pin cable harness from the bed plug to the bumper plug.
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    Yes that's correct, there is always more going on than what we are told from any media outlet. If you aren't intelligent enough to comprehend that than shame on you. None of those people have been accurate in their assessments of this situation from day 1. Fauci was on TV in late February saying this isn't a serious threat to the US....look it up. I'm done responding to this sort of fear mongering BS. CNN sold you a Stormy Daniels scandal and said her attorney, who is now in prison, should be the next president.Then there was Russia, which beared no fruit and it has been revealed that all the warrants used to spy on Trump and his campaign were not valid. Then when nothing was going on they said late last summer we were going into a recession that never happened. Followed by the Ukraine nonsense that only exposed Biden's corruption. And today we have a media that is trying to shatter any hope that people could look too and wishes to prolong this as long as possible. So yes, anything coming from CNN should be treated the same as the National Enquirer.
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    Added the following: Custom Aluminum Skid Plate Bumper Custom Valences Baja Design Onx6+ 20in Wide Driving Light Bar in the skid plate Dirt King rear bumper 454 Motorsports custom hitch Trim the rear bedsides Relocated washer fluid tank Added in switch pros + rugged radio 3rd brake light w/ 2 Baja Design S2's + antenna mount
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    Built a tire rack in the barn to store the winter tires/wheels for my truck and the wife’s 2019 Blazer. Got tired of them taking up space in my garage
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    My Truck finally arrived! Picked it up yesterday.
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    19 left over RST with TB lift. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Just finished up the intellectual property patent on these so I can post now. Took me a little time and my homies help with CAD but here is a one of set off face plates for the McGaughys lift traction bars and compression struts. Beveled with 45s to match the drop member face plate. Pretty juiced to see these cut in bulk next week!
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    Finally did the conversion to LTZ headlights and taillights on my 2017 Rally 1. Huge upgrade!
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    There is no way they missed THAT when it was checked in. That happened on their lot and they are bull shitting you.
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    How does this make you “screwed”? They’ll fix it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I could personally care less if you bought a new one or not.
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    Well I don't know about the rest of you but by the time this self isolation is done I should have about 5 coats of wax on all my trucks and Motorcycle! lol
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    I work in a gov't office in a secret underground undisclosed location, as they say. No, really. We received a briefing from an epidemiologist in Washington State. He said that if you put someone infected with COVID-19 in the middle of a room containing 100 people, only 2-3 would get sick, and not all of those would die; certainly not for those who were under 60 and who didn't have health problems like heart conditions or diabetes. But if you put someone with measles in that same room, 25+ would catch it. But here were are running around like chickens with our heads cut off over COVID-19, just because the George Soros-funded liberal mainstream media is desperate to hurt our economy, because they think that's the only way they have left to prevent Trump's re-election.
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    No leaker here so can't do a 100% verification, but the problem seems to be with the spoiler design, regardless of weather the sealer leaks or not, and any cracks in the trim make it worse. Retirement leaves me plenty of time to have fun - so why not play with the rear window.pour some water not on the roof, but on top of the spoiler and watch the action.....water curls underneath the bottom edge of the spoiler and curls under onto the top of the plastic frame holding the window.....heavy enough flow with a crack in the frame or even a minuscule leak in the seal (or along sides of the window which is not included in the GM seal fix) will go over the top of the seal and into the headliner and drip down the window. Previous poster and my previous post had the idea of a placing a drip rail on the underside of the spoiler. Today I tried it without as described above and then with a drip rail of 1/4" side molding tapes at the bottom of the "drip rail". It was too cold to properly place across the whole length but a shorter piece proved the drips now came off the bottom of the molding onto the back of the window instead of curling back under the spoiler and onto the top of the frame. If you have a leaker you should get a bottle of water pour it just on top of the spoiler and see for yourself.....what have you got to lose?..........if you have a leaker and want to try a molding across the bottom of the spoiler, it can always be easily removed with no damage. Might even be more effective with the molding placed across the seam of the spoiler and resting on the window surface. See photos (video won't load) Take it for what it is worth.....shows water curling under the bottom lip of the spoiler on top of the window frame and drips coming off the molding instead of curling under the spoiler.
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    I’m not thrilled with the way the switches look. I might change them out later.
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    Post polish, pre top coat (too dark for final pics).
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    I know it’s fun to be the headlight police on this forum, but Diode Dynamics does make LED bulbs that are designed to work in halogen housings without scattering light and glare everywhere. Maybe he paid a little more, got the good stuff and aimed ‘em correctly. Or maybe he didn’t and is blinding people. I personally don’t care either way. https://www.diodedynamics.com/led-bulbs/sl1-led-headlight.html
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    Just picked it up yesterday. 24x14 inside 37s coming soon... The Bose system doesn't even compare to the alpine I had in my Ram Laramie, but i like the chevy more.
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    Just bought mar 17. Already got my bakflip installed and windows tinted.
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    You're sure worked up for someone who is in Canada
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    first scratch is out of the way... after dealer fixes it, you can enjoy it & not worry so much & you should get a nice discount...or maybe have dealer add some extras
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    2020 3.0 Duramax with 6" fabtech basic kit with stealth rear shocks, 20x10 fuel assaults -19mm offset, centering rings, 295/65r20 nitto ridge grappler - no rubbing thus far, nfab side steps
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