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    2019 Sierra 1500 4x4 SLT X31. Picked her up yesterday. My first GM truck!
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    Now that looks like ass. Sorry, somebody had to say it.....
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    Anyone else this crazy? Added Bose emblems to the rear doors to match the factory ones in front. It kinda bugged me how bland the back door panels were. Figured it was a little thing I could do to help. The emblems are cheap on eBay and are the same part from the K2s. Unfortunately the speaker grill holes are “fake” and not all the way through. So I cut the posts on back of the badges down to little nubs that still locate the emblem level. Then I measured to sort of match the front, made a little template and hot-glued them on. Evening boredom solved.
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    Replaced the "LT" badge with a Z71 badge to match the front.
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    Installed! Just need to purge coolant system and put new plugs back in. Then, upload tune and start it!!!
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    Picked up my crew cab standard box RST on Thursday. Couldn't be happier. Love the shape of the hood from the driver's seat and just the overall styling and design of the exterior. And I actually like the layout of the interior, looks far better in person than in pictures. The truck is missing a few things that my 15 LTZ had, but I like the look and color far more. Woke up Friday morning and pulled it out of the garage just to stare at it in the sunlight. And also to let my 2 year old son play in the cab and bed, haha
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    First time GM owner. Until Wendesday, I had previously ONLY owned Toyotas. Wife, new baby, and I took our brand new 19' Silverado Custom Trail Boss to the mountains for some fly fishing, picnicking, and forest road exploring, this weekend and REALLY ENJOYED THIS TRUCK.
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    Tint to match rear windows and a Lomax bed cover, otherwise it’s loaded, not much else to do but enjoy.
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    Rotated my Falkens last night. Had my junior assistant overseeing the work. Lots of “what’s this, what’s that,” and “why did you just swear dad.” Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Hello all... I am finally back to GM - my first truck was a 1994 GMC Sierra - I had that for 10 years and over 500,000kms with no major repairs till it was stolen, had 2 failed ecoboost adventures and returned with a 2019 LT last week! A few pictures below, so far shes been through her first snow storm already! I have a before and after of the window tint, 15% on the fronts, and changed to bowtie for a black one! Things in the works are larger tires - I dont want to put a lift or a level kit on it, what is the largest tire I can fit on the 18" factory rims? I am think of getting Fuel Beast rims ... anyone know if I will have any issues installing them? I am getting a bakflip, the box sprayed and the wheel wells sprayed with LineX, also getting the GM fog lights installed. Cheers all!
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    Finally had some time off to get a few things done. Tints : 15% Front Windows and Front Windshield Strip (Ceramic) 50% Rear and Back Windows (Ceramic) Rears are slightly darker, but they are very close to even in person. Wheels / Tires / Lug Nuts : Fuel Rebel - 20x10 -18 Offset Nitto Ridge Grappler - 295/55/20 McGard Spline Drive Lug Nuts Fronts have slight rub on the inside of the mud flaps. Very slight. At full lock and turning out of the driveway. Going to try removing the Mud Flap Bracket sometime this week and go from there. Tires are a good bit quieter them the factory Wrangler Duratrac’s. Stock TB Suspension. Rear looks a little low because the factory wheels/tires are in there. I don’t have a level kit. Next up... full De-Badge
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got to snap a picture of the new truck. 19 LT Trailboss in Satin Steel. Had the dealer install some assist steps and a Rev Hard Rolling Cover. I Am Super Happy with this truck so far! Going Camping Next week, will try to get some better shots.
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    Had to wait 2+ months for this custom order (and still waiting for the performance package, running boards and all weather mats) but was well worth the wait!
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    2019 HC with the GM 2” trail boss lift 20x9 Fuel Recoil +20 305/55/20
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    I just picked the truck back up. Leather Katzkin interior. I had a hard time finding one with all of the options I wanted, with leather. We checked within 500 miles and there wasn't one. This one had everything but the leather. Not anymore. 15% tint on the front windows. 5% tint visor on the top of the windshield. Backflip G2 Tonneau. I'm not so sure about these chrome steps. Really debating if Amps are worth the the money, or just changing to all black. It doesn't make sense they'd put these on an RST, which removes chrome! Nevertheless, lovin' it so far!
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    My truck came with navigation. It's the most useless part of the truck. Waze on Android Auto is the best. Don't worry. You didn't lose anything.
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    It went on a camping trip with about 200 miles on it. It's currently at the dealership for the bakflip tonneau I ordered previously (felt lazy and didn't want to do the install this time). It also had leather installed, plus I had tints added to match the rear and a windshield visor strip added. It's getting there already!
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    Its the springs, not the shocks. Our truck springs are capable of carrying close to 2,000 lbs more than they normally carry empty. Of course they will perform very differently when unloaded. Adding weight should soften the bounce and make it more stable. The springs support the weight. All the shock does is control the speed at which they can compress and rebound. People seem to ignore the job of the springs and think shocks cause the problem or new shocks will fix everything. Its hard to design springs that will handle the same way with double the weight on them as they do with no load at all. I think the simple solution is to drive slower on rough roads. Since none of us were there with wiggums we don't know how bad this road actually is. I've experienced a similar phenomenon a couple times, and it requires a pretty big bump. Nothing I would worry about on a well maintained road.
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    She needs a bath but the silver still looks clean without!! Way easier to take care of than my 16 midnight edition was!!
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    6.2L with the new tranny is a joy to tow.
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    Just wanted to say that I, for one love my new 2019 LT Z71 Silverado. She just keeps getting better and better it seems. Just got back from a trip today and, the ride quality was silky smooth. The handling and response from the throttle is like a sports car. To me anyways! When I went to get a new Silverado, I really had no idea what I was in store for. For all I knew they were the same as the year before. Alls I knew, is that I was coming from an 07 Classic, with 270k miles. And, I love the truck. I also had a 2003 Silverado. Well, when I got there, I couldn't believe just how nice and better the new 2019 Silverado is! Sits up an inch and a half taller I think, has the biggest cab it's ever had, the styling, especially the front end is just so dam cool. The interior- I love it. The cluster gauge to me, is nice and clean. Nothing too fancy, and I love that. The back up camera is great. And, I already mentioned just how good the ride and performance is to me. So, in a nutshell, I am extremely happy I wound up with a 2019. So, just gonna end by saying Good Job GM!!
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    From my roadtrip home after buying it out of state. Took the dealer mudflaps off as soon as I got home.
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    Until recently the MY GMC app key fob was free for previous vehicles.. I used it for my 2013 with out charge. Now they want an onstar subscription to be able to use the key fob on the My GMC app. Once my 30 day trial was over , it disappeared from the app. Ridiculous on a $50K vehicle...
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    I already had the BDS 6” lift installed a couple months ago, then I installed custom length Icon CDCV Rear shocks... But today I Finally installed my custom Icon CDCV coilovers to replace the factory strut and BDS strut spacer and then of course added Icon billet UCA’s. Truck is super smooth now!!
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    My latest 2.7T fuel economy numbers..... 400 mile AVG 29.1 mpg life of vehicle (11111.1 miles) 22.7 mpg
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    My 1 week old Custom. Love it so far.
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    Took my 2019 LT Trail Boss beach cruising on the Outer Banks, NC. So much fun.
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    Finally got the Motofab 1.5” level kit installed... considering removing the AT4 on the sides...
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    Appreciate it, and yeah they made a pretty good difference over the other wheels. Got the tint done tonight so no more half fishbowl feeling.
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    My 1st Chevy truck, 2019 TrailBoss Custom. Love it so far.
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    I stepped away for a couple years from GM but super happy to be back. Loving my new TB
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    My new truck. Added a few things since day 1. I need to take more pics
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    Ummm Android Auto Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Got some shade while the driveway was being sealed.
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    Really? You want to sue GM because you can't keep mice out of your truck? You've won the internet for today.
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    Gave my OZ USA pods a new lease on life. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Traded my 16 in a little while back for a 19 AT4. 1.5" motofab, 275/65/20 Ko2, GM intake, flowmaster 40 series, lund window visors, 20% front tint and windshield brow, ronin stuby antenna, some more stuff to come.
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    That might have been true 30 years ago for my new '60s era cars coated with a thick layers of enamel or acrylic enamel, volatile solvent based real paints, baked on at the factory and machine polished afterwards. This stuff on modern cars is an Earth friendly micro thin layer of colored electrostatic dust melted on and then coated with water based Jello-hard self leveling clear coat. Console yourself that every time you touch up a chip or vainly attempt to polish out a scratch in the Jellocoat you have done your part to save mother Earth and enrich GM coffers. Not a big deal anyway, in another 11 years and 10 or so months we may be forced to go the next step riding bicycles pulling red kiddie wagons for passengers and storage.........and not to worry about scratches then because they will be coated by the Chinese manufacturers with a nice thick layer of hand applied lead based paint. And, when tired of pedaling we can always take a vacation trip to Hawaii by train. Want to minimize scratches and chips? Park at the far end of the parking lot. Don't tailgate trucks without effective mudflaps and other vehicles with knobby, wide tires extending past the wheel wells. Stay out of car washes and use soap and a bucket. Avoid parking under trees, especially oak trees with %#$^*^$ squirrels that like to use play ping pong on your car with acorns and birds that crap battery acid that can not only cloud the clear coat, but if left too long with morning dew followed by a hot Sun can craze the clearcoat and then penetrate to and destroy the underlying color coat.
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    I don't know if any other current 2019 Ram 1500 owners have responded yet, but here goes. I have had Silverados since 1992. 4 of them to be exact. My last one being a 2014 LTZ. When the lease was up on my 2014 in September of 2018, I first wanted to get a new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Dealers were wanting top dollar. Would not come off their prices by even $1000. So, I drove my 2014 silverado over to the Dodge dealer to look at a 2019 (redesign) Ram 1500 Laramie. It is the Delmonico red with sport package, e-Torque Hemi, 4x4 black interior. No 12 inch screen, no panoramic sunroof. I had read about sunroof leaks and big screen issues. We were able to get this truck for $48k out the door and they gave me another 5k off for the silverado even though it was a lease buyout. No way I was going to pay nearly $10k more just to stay with GM. I have to tell you, after 13,000 miles and 10 months, this truck has been trouble free. Yes, I know there was a seat belt recall. Big deal. No problems with the U-connect system or the e-Torque system. I see where some are warning you about the AC system. I have not had any problems with mine. My wife drives it 90% of the time as I prefer to drive my ZL1. But she loves this truck. It is comfortable, roomy makes good power and can tow my Camaro to the track. So, let the haters hate, this has been a fine truck. If I had one thing to nit-pick about, it is the "promise" of e-Torque. It was supposed to save about 2mpg. That is bull. I see really no difference between the gas mileage of the e-Torque and non-e-Torque engines. I think it was a sales gimmick to make more money. So, get whichever truck is the best deal. That is really the best advice anyone can give you.
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    I love the fact that my new 2019 RST z71 Crew Cab w/Standard Bed fits in the garage😃
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    Just picked her up today...Limo Tint, (ceramic) all around. full windshield 50%.. Blacked out the rear also.
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    In cars, LEDs are modulated, and therefore are flashing very rapidly. This is not perceivable to the naked eye, but the recording rate for video (in fps) and are not in sync with the frequency that the LEDs modulate. Professional videographers can't get away from this effect. We have a security camera system at the fire station and when I pull up, they say my LED DRL's are flickering in the cameras. It's kinda like when a helicopter is being filmed and it looks like the rotor blades are stopped or change directions. A lot of mfg.'s today still use halogen reverse lights instead of LED's to prevent flickering in back up cameras.
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    Just bought my TrailBoss yesterday, the dealership 1. Sprayed the Bed liner 2. Added the rear liner in the wheel well ( why isn’t this std I have no idea) 3. Bed cover installed however, the tailgate now won’t do down automatically.. Bed cover keeps catching it...(not happy about that). 4. Door sill swapped out to Silverado.
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    Haven't done much yet, other than remove the Rocky ridge window banners and tint the windows. Had a local guy apply ceramic paint protection. Here are some pics at his house: Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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