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    Working on all the upgrades and it’s back at the dealer now having the fabtech leveling kit added to the fabtech stealth 3in lift that’s currently on it. Running 35’s on fuel 20x9’s. I’ve added led highs and lows along with DTL LEDs above the tow hooks which are tapped into the headlamp fuse block, hard tonneau cover from GM, 5% ceramic tint all around, entire windshield tinted at 35% with 5% strip, and I’m waiting on the off road steps to come in so if anyone would be interested in the chrome ones currently on mine I’ll make a good deal on them I live in SC.
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    new brakes, powerstop police rotors & duralast elite pads, $175 i'm happy with it
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    so here is the pictures of the before and after definitely feels a lot bigger before pic with leveling kit (selling it) After pic with 9” McGaughy lift
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    2020 Summit White Elevation Swapped out the black wheels/tires for a set of 18” AT4s. Added a leveling kit Added Katzkin leather Added spray in bed liner. The only things left I’d like to add are Rough Country HD2 step bars and a black low profile toolbox. I like it clean and simple! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys not on here much, I read more than post lol, anyway did a couple minor things to the truck today, first I removed the lower air dam, next I debadged it, and third I removed the factory side steps. Had the front windows tinted to match the rears this past week. I was tired of it looking like an old man truck, even though I'm getting to be an old man lol. I have MotoMetal 970s 20x10 on order with some 33/12.50/20 tires and a Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Forums have taken a hit because of Facebook groups. But, I'm on two groups for 2014-18 GM trucks and they're full of morons. If you want pictures of giant wheels with stretched tires, sign up. If you want real advice, come here. haha
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    Finally got to hand wash, clay and paint sealant. I’m pretty sure it’s the first hand wash since last fall. . It’s bad, considering I’m a detailer on the side. I never have time to work on my own stuff.
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    Version 2.0.. still have a few small additions that I haven’t arrived yet but you get the idea.. thanks to everybody that is shown some support during this rebuild.. I appreciate the hell out of all of you!
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    Wrapped the bumpers this weekend. Painting the parking sensors soon, if anyone has any experience or tips with this let me know! Debating on installing the all black Denali grille since it's been in my garage for months, I like how the SLT grille blends the headlights in more. Next on the list is the L86 intake manifold/TB upgrade which I hope to get done tonight.
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    Hello everyone, new to the site, here is my new 2020 LT Trail Boss. I’ve had it for a week and I love it so far. Ram guy in the past, I saw the Trail Boss and I had to have one.
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    Needa wash it and put tires shine they sucked on cutting the bumper needa take it to another shop to have them cut it better -_-
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    Some minor bolt-ons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Somewhat new to the forum and excited about my new 2020 AT4 Duramax. So far loving the new truck. This is my first GM product after owning Toyotas my entire life. Couldn't be happier and hoping its as dependable as a Toyota. Mods - 285/75/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers 17x9 Icon Rebels w/ 0 offset Removed Rear 2" block to level truck Next Mods - Gloss Black Paint - Grill - Emblems - Fog Surrounds Powder Coat TailPipes Gloss Black
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    Dropping the truck off at the shop to get lifted, after work will take before and after photos
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    Ummmm, that’s not completely true. I’ve owned a ton of trucks in my lifetime, at least 50, most were for my marine repair company, the stock trucks ride like Camry’s or battle boats, always requiring modifications to stiffen or strengthen the suspension. One of my best friends is the GM of a nation wide offroading company and says at least 90% of truck owners come in and complain about their ride quality but can not afford to invest into modifications and often begin to belittle those that do, makes them feel better lmao! I hunt often, offroading is required 100% of the time, yes there was a change in comfort between stock and being lifted but then again, huge difference in performance. Bouncing isn’t fun in a stock truck, neither is scraping your front air dam every time you enter or exit a steep driveway or come up to concrete parking curbs. Lifting any 4x4 will change the ride quality for better or worse but this completely depends on the name brand and quality of the lift and parts. My wife is used to high dollar foreign cars and says she’s always shocked at how comfortable and responsive my lifted truck is compared to before it was lifted. Years ago, I bought a brand new land cruiser, over $20k into lift and lots of upgrades. One day, I was at a smoothie king and as I pulled into the parking slot, I noticed one hell of an ugly Jeep with donut tires (obviously couldn’t afford to buy even oem size tires). I entered the shop, ordered my drink, heard someone say “you know what they say about people with lifted trucks” my response was “we can afford them” then I asked who’s wanna be a jeep was out there? Head down, he walked out and got in that hideous looking Jeep wanna be and drove off. The store manager said he couldn’t stand that guy, always nickel and dimes the clerk and always cuts people down when they have anything nice. Dieselfan1 had installed what is considered to most, a dream lift, majority could only dream of having that lift installed and for good reason too. Last thing I’m going to say, this site is about having discussions on trucks and modifications, being positive and not criticizing others for having more. Dieselfan1 has a gorgeous truck, very large investment into it, completely personalized it to fit his personality and not yours or anyone else’s, kudos to him and to everyone else that has taken the time and HUGE investment in order to do so. Sent from Above
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    After my 2018 Silverado got towed out of my driveway for the third time in 24,000 miles for a no start condition... I made a change !
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    Picked up a 2020 RST Z71 and have it waiting for me in the states. Currently stationed in Germany and have been aching to get home to drive it here in about a month.
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    17x8.5 Methods 35X12.5 Toyo A/T Eibach pro truck struts springs. TB blocks
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got my RST today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can't choose which is better looking. They are both ugly. Must have sketched these up after a nightmare. Now that's pretty.
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    Pictures are worth a thousand words.....right??? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    I know de-badging is the thing now, but i decided to go a different direction. What do y’all think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So, theoretically of course, let's say someone was to accidentally back into a tree and crease the bumper like this photo, is it possible to pound it out or will it just need to be replaced? Not admitting to anything, asking for a friend...
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    Kinda went off the deep-end on my 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain X...
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    The first thing you need to know about towing is forget that max tow rating of 9200 lbs. That is the most useless, meaningless and irrelevant number in the towing world. It is a bragging rights number only. The second most useless number is that brochure tongue weight you quoted. Your actual tongue weight will be hundreds of lbs higher once you add propane, batteries and load up for a trip. That being said, your Jayco is well within the capabilities of your truck. The number you need to be concerned with is the payload capacity listed on the yellow sticker on your B pillar. That is the number you'll be most likely to exceed. You'll need to account for any aftermarket accessories you've added and subtract their weight from the listed payload capacity. My 2016 Silverado has a canopy, side steps, air bags and a mat in the bed. All that dropped my payload capacity from 1572 lbs down to 1310 lbs. With 700 lbs of tongue weight, I only had 610 lbs of remaining payload capacity, which wasn't enough after loading up with myself, the wife, the dog, the generator, the loaded cooler, the 60 lb hitch and everything else we load up in the cab and the bed. That's why I got the 2019 Silverado with the 6.2L engine, 10 speed tranny and Max Trailering package. After adding side steps and a tonneau cover I still have 1850 lbs of payload capacity left, which is more than enough. As for the weight distribution hitch, I would definitely get one. That's still a pretty good size trailer. If you have the advanced trailering system, I'd also create a profile for your trailer and I'd get the GM trailer TPMS sensors and have them installed on you trailer tires. It's nice to have that info available as you're driving. This is what the trailer TPMS display looks like on the infotainment screen....
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    Chrome gets them home. Still need to do a really big deep clean on them, but got rain chances all week so gonna have to wait.
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    Remember, if the kids get too expensive, it's ok to sell one or two. You can always make more.
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    I use Mobil 1 0W-20 and a Mobil 1 M1-212A oil filter. I'm not quibbling over a few dollars on a $50K truck.
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    I'll speak with pictures. Before and after Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    2,800 mile round trip to ColoRADO. Truck never skipped a beat, other than the small doe that tried to ruin our trip about 8 hours into the drive somewhere in Nebraska. Very impressed with how it did, but man I wish I went with the 6.2!
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    The compressor can be controlled wirelessly from a dedicated display on the ARB Linx the I have mounted near the steering wheel. But just in case anything were to happen, I can also manually activate the compressor with a hard switch The door closes with just enough room to spare! This is my air solenoids that control my air bags. Again, this is wirelessly controlled from the dedicated display to any PSI I want Backseat removed prepping for running two air lines from the compressor to the exterior 1 air line the splits into two for the rear air bags 1 air line that will run to the rear foot step in the rear bumper for standard compressor use with a quick connect female fitting I didn't get a photo of it but there are now two air lines running through the floor just like this one. The air line from the solenoid goes to my airbags The airline with the blue/red fitting goes to the rear bumper BTW, this fusebox is the SafetyHub 150, it supports both ATC and Midi fuses! I needed both and this does it all, it's super solid and well built too! This is a female quick connect fitting for connecting any male quick connect fittings to for filling up tires, toys, whatever. This is what the dedicated display from the ARB Linx looks like. Notice all the ARB wiring in the background, I got rid of all of this and made my own harness that only included what I needed and the exact lengths! From this screen I can turn the compressor on or set my PSI for my air bags and create different settings as well (unloaded, towing trailers, hauling various loads etc) If anyone has any questions, let me know. I had a lot of fun with this project!
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    My husband wondered why I got a shorter 13" antenna for my truck. He said, "You do know it's a certain length to get reception"...I said "I don't listen to the radio, I have a cell phone with GooglePlay..." I guess the 20 years between us caught up to him on that conversation LMAO! Truck looks clean cmmeadows87!
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    Although I still look at them, I'm desensitized with individual graphs and statistics. The back and forth distorted my view. The only info that interest me today is if for some inadvertent reason FOX, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc, link satellites and transmit the same news at the same time. For example, cases are increasing. Then, that's probably believable.
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    Most of the early deaths unfortunately can be attributed to politics. With the varying messages, took me a few months to find my legs. There's really nothing else I need to read or hear. Pretty much set in my ways now that it's spreading again. I'll wear a mask or I don't. I'll get sick or I won't. I'll recover or I die. Ironically, wearing a mask doesn't mean I won't get sick. It means the chances increase the next fella won't.
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    120,000 Service 119,897 actual. 4,795 mile OCI. 6 Quarts AMSOIL SS 10W30 Purolator BOSS PBL-22500 filter 2 bottles of Techron in this 26 gallon tank. Zero consumption. The 10W30 is costing me a bit of fuel. About 3.9% more than 0W20. About 2/3 of that from the change from 0W30. The lower number has more impact than the higher number. I knew that and now it's been proved over 10K miles of data. No record hunting this year. I WILL use the A/C so it will get worse. We have had a stringer of 90 F + days with big humidity numbers. I don't take this as well as I use to. Balance and rotate tires. All under an ounce of correction. Check and adjust spare pressure. Brakes look awesome. Clean MAF. YTD average 27.26 mpg. 6 MVA 29.43 mpg. Fuel cost currently 6.7 cents per mile. Fuel cost per gallon is once again on the rise so this might be as good as it gets for the year.
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    Pro tip: backing in to parking spots, when possible, is the easiest way to get in and out of them. Enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    It’s not electrical tape, it’s Tesa tape. Very common in the OEM space. Not sketchy at all.
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    So I haven’t picked up the truck yet waiting on them to finish lifting the rear, got late so they finishing today 9” McGaughy Lift definitely need bigger tires and wheels!!!
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    My 2019 RST Z71 - best truck I have had since 1973.
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    Just picked up a 2016 Sierra 1500 Z71 Premium Plus. Only 23k on the clock! Excited to start posting here and doing some mods. Here's a pic I took of it:
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    Bought last night and just finished my first commute! I upgraded from a 1999 Sierra 1500 (5.3) to this beautiful 2018 Sierra 1500 All-Terrain (6.2). Can't believe it finally happened! Here's the '99 for reference! Has 300,000+ miles and counting!
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    It’s also that time of year where we typically see a decline in posting. People spend more time outside and away from their computers. Ryan B.
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    Finally hauled something with the truck bed. Now that we have a truck, my wife said there is no excuse to not have kayaks! Oh, and I fixed my hyper flashing tail light. [email protected] ! You rock! (Don't mind the dirty truck in this pic, just did like 500 miles of northern back country driving in dust, cottonwoods, and caterpillar poop)... Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Got the front windows tinted (15%) to match the back. Also eliminated the antenna completely. Happy with the clean look!
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    Sierra fitted sunshade, white mirror caps, black emblems Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Version 2.0 “The Rebuild” McGaughys 9 inch SS kit pushed an inch McGaughys UCA Movtech LCA 7-10 Fox DSC coil overs McGaughys Traction bars with my custom made face plates 6 inch Deaver leaf packs Fox Resi’s in the rear Zone 1.5 body lift TIS Forged 26x14’s Fury Offroad 37x14.5R26
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    Does anyone else still watch and count how many people wear a mask and gloves in their own personal car still?? A couple months into this stuff and I guess they still don't get it lol.
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