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    I got my Denali cluster today from WAMS. Thank you so much! It looks so bad ass driving now. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/denali-cluster-upgrade-retrofit-k2/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I installed the WAM Denali cluster today.
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    What did I do to my truck today? I bought it. I was a member here about 4 years ago but I sold my 2015 and somehow ended up getting a Tacoma. Well, today I traded that in today because I've really missed my Silverado since I got rid of it. Anyway, here is my new (to me) 2017 LT Z71 in Pepperdust metallic. Already pulled off the dealer stickers and plate frames. Also I still had my Weathertech mats and under seat storage from my 2015 in the garage and put those in. My mind is racing with all the things I want to do. Haha
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    Switched the lifts out on the truck over the weekend. Will clean it up and get some pics this McGaughys lift is no joke my truck is massive now. Here's a quick teaser it's filthy right now. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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    Started to clean her up in anticipation of doing a total paint correction, ( waiting on a new polisher and lake country pads) and a coat of CG Hydro Slick Ceramic Coating hyperwax, and full detail underneath. I'm going to pull the Borla exhaust off and clean it up so it looks new.... Not that tough a job . Clean all the rusty spots up and shoot it with satin black rust-oleum. While it looks good as it sits , I can make it way better. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    The BIGGEST AND BADDEST - - - Talladega Superspeedway! The cpu was not happy in the 30 degree banks - nevertheless, it was the most fun I've had behind the wheel!
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    And his name is dieselfan1. Not reggie hammond.[emoji24] Rolling on 38x13.50x20 Trail Grapplers now instead of 37" Ridge Grapplers. Clearance provided by a Zone 1.5" body lift. 2" total gain. 10.5" total lift. Feels way taller. Drives awesome. Little more noise but not bad at all. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    2019 RST with the Eibach Pro Lift Kit with Fuel 17's wrapped in 315/70/17 BFGs
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    Bought it cuz the front end is styled just like a Silverado.
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    2021 at4, ordered 12/14. Still have to install the high clearance steps and performance package. Cayenne red tintcoat with 6.2
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    2021 AT4. Cardinal Red. 3.0 duramax. adding the off-road steps this week and a cover soon. Also will be swapping badges to be black for the AT4 and GMC logos. Black exhaust outlets too.
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    I swapped the emblems today. This SHOULD be my last mod lol. RL levelled with UCA S&B air intake Borla S-type cat back Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/75/18 Black lugs Stubby antenna RC lights AMP steps 35% front tint Chevy roll top tonneau cover
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    Installed the new Bak Revolver x4s bed cover today. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
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    I just got word that my Whipple Supercharger is on the way!
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    Project for today! Circle D triple disk with 2800 stall, new filter, fluid and gasket. Also adding Tru-Cool 40k. The thermostat have already been flipped since.... sometime last year. Hopefully I can get the trans back in as easy as it came out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm old too. I've had a ton of experience with just about every kind of pickup out there over the years. I know what I want and what I need whenever I go buy a new truck and this time I wanted the 2.7T in a 2020 Silverado 1500. I bought it about 16 months ago and I absolutely love this truck. The little four banger is a good engine and pulls this truck around with ease. I don't pull trailers anymore. Common sense would tell me if I was going to pull heavy trailers a lot not to buy a 4 cylinder anything. However, I believe this little four cylinder would pull a small travel trailer with ease. If you don't want one don't buy it but don't be pissing people off by putting it down just because you don't like it. It's our choice. You drive yours and I'll drive mine.
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    How long will it take everyone to realize stacked leveling kits will destroy the stock UCA, luckily it was the UCA and not a cvd coming apart. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
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    The best oil is the one you change often enough to prevent depletion of the additive package and production of sludge and varnish. The best filter is the one that filters the smallest particle size and you change often enough to keep off bypass. That might sound like a smart-aleck answer but it is right as rain. I will guarantee you the OCI will be shorter than you think, shorter than the 'conventional' wisdoms of the world and popular opinion suggest. USE UAO to pinpoint the OCI. Based on ISO 4548-12 the two best filters are the Purolator Pure One PL22500 and the FRAM Ultra Guard XG10575 and in that order. One step coarser and still great the Royal Purple 20500, AMSOIL Ea017, FRAM FS10575 . Two steps lower and run of the mill, Purolator Red L22500, FRAM Extra Guard PH 05575, AC Delco PF63E, WIX WL10255, NAPA 100255. Three steps back, Mobil 1 M1-212A, Purolator PBL22500 or any other extended filter that list the ISO 4548-12 reference to 30 micron. Last rung on the ladder, stainless 'forever' filters and race filters like K&N which are 35 micron or larger. IF you choose to use a by-pass system such as the AMSOIL EaBP*** filters then you can run whatever you like as your primary. Mostly diesel guys run these but they have a place in gas motors as well. True, there are many half million mile motors on the road that don't use a bypass so....whatever you like. Just putting it out there. Incidentally those 'race filters', stainless and LOOSE synthetic long hauls filters would be good choices used WITH a bypass system. IMHO...COSTCO Kirkland oil is just as good as Mobil 1. Same bases, same add package specs. All DEXOS 1 Gen 2 approved. Pick one and change it often. The rest is marketing.
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    Been a long time since I've updated this thread. I finally changed out the wheels on the Chevelle and bought new(wider) tires for it. I also did a 2 stage paint correction on it. Before and after pics of that. Old wheels: Before paint correction: After paint correction:
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    They aren’t going to make a factory truck level because it’s still designed to be used as a truck. If mine was leveled, it would look like a dog dragging it’s ass across a carpet any time I have my trailer hooked up.
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    Yall are way too concerned with what majority has or doesn't have on the road. Lol Frankly I see a lot of stock silver and a lot black, lots of methods, and lots of fuels, etc.. etc.. idg a ****** what people have, I'm only concerned with what I think looks good on my vehicle. Personally, I like black rims typically and bronze when it works. and methods are great wheels and some fuel wheels.. I don't like stock, silver look. But again, that's my opinion and to each their own. You gotta like what you have on your truck. Forget what you see elsewhere. What looks best with your colors/ trim/ and any chrome or blackout.
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    Took a little road trip, about 650 miles there and back, all highway cruising along at 72ish as I wasn't in a hurry. Gotta say I really like this truck. Adaptive cruise control was made for this kind of trip, really works quite well. my setup - 20' High Country with a GM 2" lift kit, Bilstein 5100's all around, adjustable up front. I've got the GM CAI and recently installed the Borla touring cat back. 285/65 BFGs. No drone, wooo! no drone detected - so happy with that purchase. 19mpg round trip. not bad. Got home and gave her a hand wash, and finally cracked open the Adams Graphene Tire dressing, so far I'm liking the blackness without high gloss.
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    Perhaps the same reason why some feel compelled to respond when no response from that person is necessary.
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    And how is this a serious issue? I tend to think that driving 100 + mph is a much more serious issue for the most part.
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    Current Tundra owner. Looking to get a GM because I have boring interior and bad mpg. Ha!
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    LT4 injectors and HPFP are going in along with the new fuel line without the flex part. Blower should be going back on with a smaller pulley tonight. Last thing is to get the flex fuel sensor in and then retune on Thursday!!!!! [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my new plate. This thing is used to haul my kids around 90% of the time so I figured the name was fitting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    “Done modifying...” [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, Brand New here and to trucks. Been (and still am) into performance wagons but love this truck! I’ve always wanted one so I’m very happy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally knocked out another project. When we bought the house, it only had the deck. You were trapped up there and had to go through the house to get out on the lower patio. I installed the landing and stairs, so now the kids have an easier path to the trampoline and sandbox. (Great for tracking sand into the kitchen) Trex decking and Trex signature aluminum railing. It looks nice, but not cheap stuff. Just this flight of stairs cost me about $4k in materials. I can't imaging having to pay a builder to do this, I spent 4+ weekends on it and had some family help lift the stringers into place.
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    Washed the truck up hopefully get some better shots tomorrow
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    You're a hero for giving these children a second chance for a proper upbringing. Thank you. I was fortunate to know the towing capabilities of my truck when looking for a trailer and was able to find a proper match. I knew about the re-gearing option and the various ways to deal with heavier tongue weights. For the same reason you are hesitant to buy a used vehicle with unknown history is the same reason I wouldn't choose to add red flags to my vehicle. I'd seriously look at trading the truck or the trailer. If I was looking for a trailer the size of your Rockwood, I'd set my sights on a base 2500/3500. I find the most basic WT has a list of standard features that exceed the options list on your '72 Ford!
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    I took a picture of it. Haven't taken many pictures since I did the body lift and 38's. For a big girl I think she purty.[emoji7][emoji3059] Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
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    Dealer isn't paying $9 for the part to begin with. List price is $28.84 and dealer is making all of $10-12 on the filter. The rest of that $55 minus the part is the labor they are charging. I'm all for DIY, but people always seem to overlook that most all GM dealers have to buy from GM at whatever GM charges them to meet certain performance and stocking criteria. And they have hundreds of thousands if not a million+ in inventory, techs and service writers to pay, lights to keep on, inventory for the lot, etc. Right away its "look what the stealership wants to charge me!"
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    Very True However, (gimme a second to put my flame suit on real quick) if I was going to guess, which admittedly means there is no real basis for this other than friendly banter between myself and my fellow friends/acquaintances of a roughly approximate age as myself, the desire to go "bad boy black" with wheels and paint usually tapers off in people as they progress through life. I still like black wheels, especially on dirt bikes where up until a few years ago most every wheel for the past 30 years has been brushed aluminum...BLAH. I personally prefer a little bit of paint and a little bit of polish, nothing like a little salt and pepper to add spice to one's life That being said, everybody likes different styles and none are better than another when it comes to something as simple as personal aesthetic choices. A stylistic preference is unique in its ability to be singularly important to an individual and matter not to others, which makes it empowering to those who find importance in it, and ineffectual to those who don't. That's the true beauty of modifying your personal vehicle to your tastes, and if black wheels give you that warm fuzzy, then Rock On and cast your worries aside!
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    Installed my Alpha Defense .50 Cal Antenna. Not worried about reception on this since I stream music through Android Auto.
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    Swapped out my 2017 Silverado for a 2021 RST. New LT275 60 R20 Ridge Grapplers going on this weekend. Rims might be coming soon. Debating to powder coat stock rims black. Thoughts?
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    Just picked up my new 2021 regular cab 4x2 2.7 WT Just 4520 pounds its a blast !
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    Does that mean you'll post in another part of the forum and leave the good people here alone? I thought you were done. That's what your last post said. I know you won't see this because you blocked me. I take that as a badge of honor. It shares others are heading in that direction. Maybe one day the moderators will block you. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, and yeah, you called it. I heard back from insurance and they are going forward with repairs. I've only been more happy to have a 5.3L once... and that was the day I picked this thing up as my first truck, first chevy, and first car I went out of my way to look for, and purchase. Proud of it. I just hope it doesn't do what my jeep did and exact revenge every time I cash a paycheck XD Thanks to everybody for their kind words on the whole thing. Pretty tore up about it as the other guy had his family with a little girl inside. Even though I have a girlfriend and no kids planned, it still hit me hardest to see her being pulled out afterwards. That'll stick with me for a while. Glad they came away with no injuries too. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
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    your like the cricket that just wont go away ....Stop jamming your 4.3 down everyone's throat . Go take a walk , take your metamucil and take a nap grump bear . Jesus says stop pissing in everyone's thread about the high and almighty 4.3.
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    Most people buy a new car just before a road trip. That’s usually the excuse. I usually broke them on the test drive. Pedal to the metal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The second I left the lot I would have zero issue driving it hundreds of miles.
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    Someeeetime hahaha It’s a meth addict. That’s for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Every mod I’ve done I’m like “no hun, don’t worry, this one will be totally the last one.” Then I see another post on this thread... [emoji1787][emoji389][emoji389] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Friend playing around in photoshop made this
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    Replaced the ranchos with some billy's. 6112 up front with Cognito UCAs and 5100 rears. Love how it rides. Wearing out these tires then going 35s.
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