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    The wife got tired of my sons knees in her back from the double cab and said it was time for more room. Can't complain about that!!
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    If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure that the "slide in camper" they are referring to is the kind that you literally slide into the back of your truck bed.
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    Full exterior detail.. clay bar, ceramic, wax/sealant plus fixed what chips I could on the front bumper. 6 hours later and I’m totally exhausted lol.. the most time consuming part was cleaning/waxing/sealing the wheels. All of those nooks and crannies on these honeycombs really takes a bit of time.
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    Little update on my “non-blacked out Trail Boss”. Grabbed an overstock bumper, a take off grille, and sold my trail boss 18’s for High Country 20’s. TB suspension with a 1.5” leveling kit. 285/65r20 BFG’s. I love this truck!
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    Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
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    Picked it up yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best protection against salt is to move to Arizona.
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    Just my Red Quartz Tintcoat 2020 AT4 Ordered the plate "GMC-AT4" waiting for that to come in so old plate for now!
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    A little more work being done today.... dropped off at 4wheelparts for the install. Fabtech level for AT4.
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    2019 Trailboss 1 1/2 motofab level 305 55 20 BFG AT on factory 20's 1 1/2 wheel spacers
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    Some new pictures of my 2500 AT4 HD, taken this evening. The Dark Sky Metallic is such a beautiful color. These are after a complete wash. All Adam's Polishes products, and I can't say enough good things about their stuff. Anyway, some subtle changes - full debadging (minus GMC badges), Red tow hooks powered black, Amp Research Powersteps, Retrax tonneau.
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    Added a flag decal. Nice and subtle, just how I like things...
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    Got the 22s installed. Totally changed the look from the stock 18s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Just installed my Rough Country grill inserted dual 10" light bars! Looks amazing and the light output is pretty solid for a couple small bars. Very clean look and the instal wasn't overly complicated at all.
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    Took my truck to the middle of nowhere and lived an entire weekend with no electricity or indoor plumbing... Great way to spend a weekend in my opinion...
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    Drove this home on Thursday. 2020 SLT X31.
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    Moved to Florida and got me a 1500.
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    You must make more money than I. I wouldn’t think twice to install a combo patch plug in that and run her until bald!
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    Picked up mine Thursday. Love it!!!
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    Traded in my 2016 the other day to finally get myself a 2019 RST Z71. I've always wanted the Cajun Red Tintcoat color since they came out with it, especially on the 2019. Put my 33s from the 2016 onto the stock rims. (My 20x12s wouldn't fit due to the bigger brake calipers) Muffler delete Fog light mod (Fogs stay on when high beam engaged) Many more mods will be done, just gotta get the time. So far in love with the 19, a very nice upgrade from the 16.
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    Added new Metallic black GM 22inch wheels just came out. and carven muffler and tip.
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    Took the Boy Scouts camping this week... first time towing with the SLT... the 5.3 barely blinked... Can't say the same for my back up skills.... I need practice, lots of it.
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    Adding a new one here, since I removed the Sport Bar.
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    Bout as clean as she‘ll gets anymore this year. Constant rain, leaves, dust, and before too long, salt...
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    Took the wheels to get powder coated Monday and got them back today and mounted. [emoji1786][emoji1786][emoji1786] Before: After: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ 6.2L V8 SCA 6 Inch Suspension Lift System 35 Inch Toyo Open Country Rt SCA 22x12 Wheel & Tire Upgrade Front & Rear: 22x12 Offset: -44 SCA Logo Red Brake Caliper Covers SCA Speedometer Calibration Performance Exhaust Upgrade Black 5 Inch Oval Wheel-To-Wheel Side Steps SCA Bolt-On Style Fender Flares SCA Chevy Hood Vents Premium Quality Black Widow Exterior Badging SCA Performance Windshield Snipe Black Widow LED “Puddle” Projector Lights Red LED Interior Lighting Black Widow Stitched Headrests Painted Interior Trim
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    A lot of people skip leg day in the winter. Lol!
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    Washed it and put new wheels on for a few days while it's nice out. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    32” light bar installed Amazon purchase: Shop installed and supplied easy to get to switch: Sent from Above
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    Got GM accessory fog lights wired up and activated. Installed Tyger Star Armor side steps. Motofab leveling kit came today (2” front and 2” rear) but can’t get it installed until Friday.
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    Not the best picture, but here it is (tightly) tucked in the garage. Brand new, fully loaded black/black 2019 GMC Sierra SLT Short Box Crew Cab. X31 with 5.3 engine. I shopped for six months and waited towards the end of this year in order to get the best possible year-end deal. Had to drive an hour and a half to pick it up from the dealer, and paid cash in full at time of purchase.
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    my 2019 RST wrapped in 3m Satin Ocean Shimmer, on 24" replicas with 35x12.50 MTs. Leveled. Bought it in March and already have 17k miles on it!! I have a Youtube channel where I do how to videos and blogs on it as well as instagram! www.youtube.com/leamangriffin Instagram @LeamanGriffin
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    Went out for a drive on the old farm today, thinking I would take a few photos of the fall foliage. It really didn't cross my mind that we had some torrential rains here last night and early this morning - until I came upon this low spot in the farm road that was completely filled with water and was obviously a mud bog. Cruising along at 20mph, it was too late to stop as I approached the descent, so I figured I'd veer left, toward greener pastures. That's when things got bad. Before I knew it, I was stuck...and had sank about 1ft into the wet Virginia clay. I put it into 4WD and tried rocking back and forth to get out of there, to no avail tires were spinning. The truck was down deep and not going anywhere. I started to worry and think I might have to make a phone call. That's when I remembered Greg, the salesman who showed me the features on my truck when I had just purchased it at the dealership, Country Chevrolet. Greg had pointed out "here is 4 Low, it's for when you get into trouble." I was absolutely in trouble. Long story short, I engaged the 4 Low (the computer reminded me it needs to be put in -N- before engaging in 4L, and next that it was shutting off the ESC traction control) So as I engaged the 4L and put it into reverse, I took my hands off the steering wheel. The truck eased back nice and steady, the steering wheel turning until the tires were perfectly parallel with the truck, straight ahead (I let the wheels find a straight path b/c I couldn't see them and had been turning all over the place trying to get out of there up to that point) So now in 4L, as I backed up 6-8 feet, I then put it into Drive and the Truck slowly, but smoothly, almost seeming with ease drove right through it all and I was outta there!!! Time to clean up the mess.
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    Finally got my hood scoop painted and put in
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    This truck is amazing! I have the 20's, but must say, I prefer the look of the 18" with the Duratracs.
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    Finally got my White 2020 AT4 about 3 weeks ago and love it. Just getting around to adding some photos.
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    Installed the black grill overlay. 106.00 on eBay
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    Well my 2019 early build leaker was replaced with 2020 hopefully not leaker. No signs of an leaks on the window or headliner of the 2020 so fingers crossed. Very impressed with the 10 speed after the first 50 miles. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    The biggest and most dangerous packs that roam my area on weekends are the entitled bike riders. They’re two parallel roads in my area. They pick the twisty no shouldered one. There’re pretty funny tho. Their little riding outfit, designer water bottles. Someone should clue them in on stationary bikes. Safer, you can ride in ac. You can still wear your silly little outfit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don’t consider the 6.2 making the truck fully loaded it’s just a different motor. There no way in hell I would pay for premium fuel for a pickup truck let alone 2500 extra for a little more horsepower. If I was concerned about horsepower I would have bought a Sportscar.
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    I love forums. You guys are a riot. To answer the OP's question, and because I feel everyone is entitled to my opinion (that's a joke), I would consider an electric vehicle when the initial cost, operating cost, performance, and maintenance matches or exceeds my favorite gasoline powered vehicles. That means a consistent 400 -500 miles on a tank (big deal out here in flyover zone), the vehicle cost's as much to purchase and maintain, and the regeneration of my range is comparable to that of gasoline. It's hard to beat a 5 minute fuel stop. VERY hard. And I think that will be a snag for many people. Internal combustion can be a bit dirty. The oil has to be drilled for (think of the pickups and semi trucks going to and from the rig site), transported (more semis and/or tanker cars in a train, or pipeline that is constructed by bulldozers and loaders and more semis), then refined, transported again (more semis and tanker cars) and then it gets to you. On the flip side, electricity...can be equally dirty. Coal mining involves digging it up (giant dump trucks and draglines) and burning it or hauling it to the power plant (think 100-130 car trains with big SD70ACe and ES44AC locomotives, 5 or 6 of em). Once the coal has provided electricity it travels over power lines (constructed by bulldozers and cranes and semis) to the local power station, and then distributed to you. Keep in mind all this equipment is maintained by guys in yet more trucks, so that adds to the 'environmental cost'. Natural gas isn't much different from oil in the methods to obtain it, though I think transportation is somewhat different. Instead of trains, it goes by pipeline or tanker truck. Let's not forget the electric cars need lithium for the batteries, which involves mining (more giant dump trucks and draglines), transportation to a refining facility (semis or trains), refining, then transportation to the batter factory (more semis yet again). That and old/disposed batteries create significant environmental hazards if not properly disposed. Lithium, in milligram doses, is used for psychiatric treatment. Imagine giant batteries full and their effect on the environment. Perhaps safer than oil and coolant and transmission fluid, though not by much. Hydroelectric power is cleaner in generation, but remember the amount of concrete, hauled by cement mixers, and other materials transported by semi truck, as well as all the earth-moving equipment to construct the mine. Wind power is cleaner in generation as well, but again trains and semis and giant cranes are all involved in transporting the wind mill to its spot on the farm. That's a lot of carbon emissions. New tech is fine and dandy, but it should be pursued because it is an improvement over previous technology, not because it's trendy or the powers that be are convinced it is. Gasoline is incredibly energy dense, and because of that it has been the choice of fuels for well over 100 years. We did the whole gas or electric thing in the early 1900s, and even included steam for kicks and giggles. Gasoline won because its energy content is unbeatable. While electric power should get attention, how about continuing to refine and improve the internal combustion engine? We've made some incredible progress over the past century. I bet we can make even more in the next decade alone. </rant>
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    After a little over a month of owning, finally got to take some decent pix.
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    Congrats...love the color as well. Lucky you...I got under wear for my birthday
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    They do it to impress their fellow douchebags.
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    With this argument couldn't you also say, "who would want to limit themselves to a 2500 when you could buy a 3500 DRW?" The reasons that people buy a gas 2500 is because it meets their towing needs and it saves them $9500 up front and continues saving them throughout ownership. If the gasser meets my towing needs why would I pay more for the diesel?
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