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    Lifted on 35s with the 5.3 and you thought you’d get better mileage than that.
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    Picked up my new 2019 Denali last week on a deal I couldn't pass up. Newish to the forum, previously just jumped in when looking for ideas or common issues...figured I'd quit creeping. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Not finding much how to make the lights work with the interior lights. I looked up the schematics and got it all to work. Looks ALOT better now. If you want to do it its easy. The hot wire hook up on the bcm is on the first connector(white one) which is connector X1 and pin 23. When you pull the connector off you will see a grey wire in the very bottom corner. The wire you want is the grey wire two over from the corner grey wire which is pin 23. I ran the hot wire from the bcm up to the drivers side light and tied in another hot to run to the drivers side. I also ran the ground over to the pass side and tied into the pass light and ran the ground right to the firewall. You will see a ground wire already there. For the pass light I cut some of the bottom cover back right where the push pin is in the middle. My lights I used has magnets so I just stuck it to the metal plate right under the cover I cut back. I will attach some pics.
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    I added my heated steering wheel this morning....
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    Anyway...hard to complain about late December in Wisconsin today. Can’t believe I was able to hand wash / deep clean my truck, in a tee shirt, and still break a sweat. Unreal. So stoked!
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    Some updated photos of my 2019 RST. 3 inch MotoFab kit on 22x12 Arkon Lincoln's on 33" Atturo Trailblade MTs. Removed the front and rear mudflaps and put color matched fender plugs and removed the front lower valance. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    All my vehicles are kept for a long time. Left stock. Severe duty fluid changes. 3 K oil changes. Parts as needed. Simple.
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    Sliding Glass or / and Stop Light Module reported Leaking Situation Contacts Chevy Customer Care https://www.chevrolet.com/contact/email-us Chat https://www.chevrolet.com/contact/chat Twitter @chevycustcare Phone 1 800 222 1020 Executive VP and President of the Americas Barry Engle [Replaced Alan Batey] Email:[email protected] Global Manufacturing GM Gerald Johnson General Info and Correction Procedure [GM Bulletin 18-NA-383] Window Part Number 84569182 [As of 1/3/2020 it appears GM has like 3 part numbers for the replacement windows] Leaks are occurring with Trucks from Ft. Wayne USA and Mexico Majority of Trucks are 2019, but there are some model year 2020 No Solid Windows have been reported. Cracks have been seen on the plastic frame of the rear Sliding Window indicating a manufacturing defect or indication that the Cab flexes and is causing the damage to the window casing. Leaking can be from the Stop Light Module and / or the Sliding Glass Assembly This Bulletin applies to Vehicles built before Oct 13 2018. We do have a user reports of Damage with a Build Dates after this. Contact the Dealership If the Headliner was damaged due to water, the front windshield must be removed for headliner re-installation Allows the Headliner to be inserted thru the windshield for installation If the window must be removed, the rear seats will be removed for the process. Inspect seating and carpet for dampness and mold and have them replaced. Seats might be a stretch. Inspect the paint around the window to insure it is not damaged or chipped Inspect Trim in the back around the window to ensure no damage Take pics of the outside and inside for future reference and compare to the "after the work" So the Dealership will attempt the following 3 procedures. Contact Chevy Customer Care and lodge a complaint to get it on the record. Use Chat to keep a record of the convo. If need be, send email to a higher up GM Exec which in turn will cause the GM Executive Service Rep to make contact some how. Fish_Guru reached out to the VP at GM and did get a response back. I did the same when I needed a front bumper. So they do followup on complaints. But ensure you follow contacting the Dealership, Chevy Customer Care, state your problem and be COURTESY. 1 Pull down Headliner to allow removal of Spoiler. place new sealant on the top edge of the window and check leaks after everything is back together or 2 Inspect Window for Sealant crack and clean the old sealant off the window and body and reapply sealant and install window or 3 Inspect Window for upper rail cracking and obtain a new window and reapply sealant and install window Try to have all the parts needed on hand and a plan of attack to minimize how many times [once hopefully] they have to perform surgery on the vehicle Know your Auto Lemon Laws for your State [Example Michigan] The law applies to privately owned passenger vehicles and those leased after January 1, 2000, used for personal, family or household purposes. Some business-type vehicles may also be covered. The law does not apply to larger trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles. A defective vehicle is one in which the same problem has not been repaired after four attempts, or a vehicle that is out of service 30 days or more for repairs. The first report of the defect must be made within one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser or lessee or during the term of the manufacturer's warranty, whichever period is shorter. If the vehicle you purchase is defective, you may be entitled under state law to replacement of it or a refund of the cost of the lease. To obtain replacement or refund, you must first report the defect in writing to the manufacturer and you may be required to first arbitrate the dispute. In order to protect your rights under Michigan's Lemon Law, follow these steps: Keep copies of all correspondence to and from the manufacturer and the dealer. Keep copies of all work orders for repairs on the vehicle, including the date(s) the work was performed and the mileage on the vehicle at the time of the repair(s). Follow all requirements of the warranty, including any requirement that the repairs must be done by an authorized dealer specified by the manufacturer. Members Vehicle Type Month/Year Reported Problem / Results Build Year Kyleb Denali 2/19 Fish_guru HC 12/18 Window resealed, Spoiler sealant applied, Window replaced SLC TB JKD Denali 11/18 Window resealed, Window replaced TommyboyATL Denali 12/18 MTSound TB 12/18 Window replaced HotRdLy 12/18 Inspecting a vehicle at a Dealership RPH HC 12/18 Window replaced O Town Denali Denali 1/19 Dzen AT4 2/19 The Silverado Silverado 3/19 New Window and Headliner Anthony2558 TB 3/19 Glass Shattered, Window replaced Smoked TB 3/19 Window sealed but not fixed, Going for round 2 Steve841 rocz3cqg HC 3/19 Window Caulked White94rx LT 3/19 Window Caulked ShamrockShooter TB 3/19 New TB 2020 which leaked also Luke Litten Corey Helgemo 4/19 Headliner Damaged Miguel Antonio Quioc 3/19 Headliner Damaged 1/19 Connor Lee TB 4/19 Jeremy Balok RST 4/19 George Litourneau Scott Daniel Richard Fuentes Denali M3Master LTZ 4/19 Sealed but still leaked, Window replaced Eppieguy HC 4/19 Ktapper TB 4/19 Replaced the Window RedhotRST RST 3/19 Bowtie2007 Denali 4/19 Chris Arruda Daniel Glauser KevinTM LT 4/19 JosephWS2019 LT Z71 5/19 OneTruck60Mexicans 5/19 Cracks in Window Frame AT4Rotation 5/19 Mayor 19 Denali 5/19 New Window 9/18 GSmith308 19 RST 6/19 dho238 19 RST 7/19 Fieldsend 19 RST 7/19 New Window 9/18 Lebag335 19 TB 8/19 Resealed twice RaysB4U HC 8/19 Realed 8/18 WWIII LTZ 8/19 New Window 8/18 Logan Parr 19 Chevy 8/19 OntheReel LTZ 8/19 10/18 GHBehnam Denali 8/19 Sealed Twice Trosen LTZ 9/19 Kozzy RST 9/19 New Window 11/18 Radchad 19 TB 9/19 New Window 2/19 Frank Devoe LTZ 10/19 2/19 Dale Harris HC or LTZ 10/19 Sealed Twice MattsSVTCobra AT4 10/19 Centrebaseball Sierra 10/19 New Headliner 12/18 GMDog2 Denali 10/19 Dvhounddog Sierra Slt 10/19 Sealed and new Headliner Chris Callanan Sierra Slt 11/19 Tony Johnson RST 11/19 JohnCasey 11/19 Sealed twice 1/19 Econometrics RST 11/19 2/19 McCoy7 TB 11/19 5/19 Samdsjr LT 11/19 Sealed three Times? 3/19 Wiggums RST 12/19 nhuntsman AT4 12/19 New Window 2/19 Marcus Dean 2020 LTZ 2500 12/19 Resealed F8lvnm Denali 12/19 Ptownvdub 12/19 New Window 10/18 AKHighCo8untry HC 12/19 8/18 Jamie73 Sierra 12/19 UGADawgs 12/19 11/18 ShamrockShooter 2020 TB 12/19 New Vehicle via Buyback leaked [Window getting replaced-frame cracked] 8/19 Brileavi Denali 12/19 DeanSterling 12/19 New Window Smit303 Denali 12/19 WarHawk89 TB 12/19 Hiranger LT 12/19 Hiranger Z71 12/19 Loaner Hamilton2400 RST 12/19 New Window CarLosh 12/19 2/19 Deewc74 12/19 Porterhouse RST 12/19 Alan Bates 20 2500 1/20 Ajayen 19 LT 1/20 Psufan 19 Silverado 1/20 Kenneth Ezzell 1/20 7/19 Hueless TB 1/20 3/19 Mexico Setex Denali 1/20 7/19 Ft Wayne Billet Bowtie HC 1/20 10/18 William Lee Wahl LTZ Window Replaced 8/19 FW Justin McAuley 7/19 FW Andrew Martinez 10/18 FW Sawyer Thompson 2020 2500 Lion3663 Sierra 1/20 Tinbad TB 1/20 5/19 Mexico GMC AT4 4 Leak 2019 AT4 1/20 Garry McClanahan LTZ 1/20 Dad 2020 AT4 1/20 Jgisonfire HC 1/20 5/19 Chad Hynes Denali 1/20 OhioSpartan Denali 1/20 7/19 Randy Brumfield 1/20 Window Replaced Anthony Duong AT4 1/20 Window Replaced DaveHC 2020 Denali 1/20 Window Resealed Dzen AT4 12/19 Window replaced in 1/19, leaked again 12/19, Replaced window Marco Hernandez from Facebook Dory W. Covington from Facebook Jason Tropea from Facebook Ryan Norstom from Facebook William Lee Wahl from Facebook Samuel Scruggs Jr from Facebook [Also his Rental] Michael Pruitt from Facebook Joe Hoernke from Facebook Kris Neill from Facebook Jeffrey Schmucker from Facebook Dan Allen from Facebook Ian Christopher from Facebook Kyle Forbes from Facebook Carlos Hathcock from Facebook Stephen Weiss from Facebook Stacy Sharp from Facebook Tony Sims from Facebook Ryan Smith from Facebook Mike Decosta from Facebook Randy Anderson from Facebook Refugio Alvarez from Facebook James Bennett from Facebook Michael Bryant from Facebook William Crane from Facebook Jakob Kindt from Facebook Michael Roescher from Facebook Jesse Lizel from Facebook Bill Jones from Facebook Branden Grant from Facebook Todd Stewart from Facebook Some of the users from Facebook may have an User Id on the GM-Truck Forum [therefore duplication may exist] Total Count is 133 as of 1/12/2020 I am sure there are many more that were not caught or seen on Facebook because I did not go to far back. [Just browsed for Leaks] The TSB 383 has been updated to include 2019 and 2020 1500 Silverado and Sierra and 2020 2500 and 3500.
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    Since we're talking about cajun red. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Had the truck detailed, paint decontaminated, buffed, polished and ceramic coated. A crew worked on it for 3 days. Paint is looking flawless! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2020 AT4 with 6.2 This truck is very responsive, has plenty of get up and go, shifts great, tows very well, looks great and sounds awesome with the performance exhaust. I get compliments on the looks of the truck weekly. I personally think it’s the best looking thing on the road, but I am biased. I liked my 2015 Silverado CC Z71, but so far, this truck blows it out of the water. looks better in real life than in pics
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    Finally got a chance to put on the new tent
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    You don't even have to ask him, Amsoil is the only oil that will work in the engine and will last past 50k. Otherwise you can expect failures if you aren't changing it ever 2k miles with anything else. Amsoil prevents failed lifters, DoD damage, spun bearings, AC failures, window motor failures, tires from losing air and so on. That should sum it up... Tyler
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    Hello Everyone. Installed a new grille this weekend I got from DB Customs. Pain in the ass to install but I think turned out nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2014 Silverado CrewCab done AFM delete, cam swap to non afm, tuned, Denali Cluster, hmi2.5 and radio upgrade added AppleCar, swapped plastic black dash to the leather stitched dash, added the heated steering wheel, LTZ taillights, not sure the lift/level kit bought it with the wheels 20x12.5 with 33s, have 2016-18 LTZ frontend waiting on custom harness by the one and only @pgamboa want it done right the first time leather seats will be done after the frontend is done COMING SOON
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    If I am the only one to play, my odds have to be pretty good:
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    All cleaned up before the storm hits in Michigan!
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    Got a new wheel and tire setup so new pic new wheel is 18x9 and tires are 35x12.5
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    When I was shopping in November, I had salesman tell me: -1500 diesel didn’t exist -it’s a duramax/Allison so it will last forever -It’s a 1500 but can pull like a 2500 with the diesel -1500 diesels don’t exist -these Allison transmissions are indestructible -they will get 40mpg -you can’t get leather without a sunroof. 98% of them don’t know about the cars they are selling because they are too busy BSing with each other and playing on their phone.
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    There is more to this story methinks.
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    Debadged front fenders of my trail boss. Think it looks 100 times better
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm out here in Vegas. Got a full size 2020 4x4 Ram! It got a flat tire and I had to trade it in. Got a 2019 4x4 F-150 next! The Ford had the 5.0. I love my 2018 GMC Sierra so much more after driving these two different brands and a tiny bit newer!!! The ram had more pep in it's step with extra HP. But man I hated how the interior was set up and rode! F-150 was actually better than the Ram in my opinion. Although it hunted for gears more at lower speeds! Makes me want to get home to my GMC! Both were taken on trails outside Vegas! Nothing challenging past a little gravel road running with the occasional up hill in loose rocks that needed 4x4. F-150 shined better in that! But I'll take my manual transfer case any day of the week over watching a 4x4 shifting light blink hoping it goes into 4x4. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
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    Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
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    Here it is this morning. Can’t even tell it’s on there. But it feels so much better to the finger tip. Which is a weird thing to say. Lol
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    Did a 4/6 drop on my Sierra Monday. new wheels and tires going on Saturday.
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    Not really a mod, but I bought a house early in 2019 and it has a detached garage in the backyard with a drive way down to it. Finally cleaned it all out and built me a shop space to work on the trail boss.
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    New member, first post. Picked up my new '20 Silverado this past Saturday. I know its probably been discussed but did my first mod today. Swapped the gold bowtie for the OEM black one. Small mod but makes a huge difference!
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    This is my first post and just want to say that this has been a great platform for any questions I’ve ever had about my GM vehicles. I did did an enormous amount of research before deciding on the Ready Lift +2 SST (part #: 69-3920) I saw a ton of people looking for pictures of set-ups, so I wanted to share mine to hopefully help someone out. This truck came with the factory installed 2” lift (same as AT4) got the above level installed which added 2” in the front and 1” in the rear. There is still 1” of rake to the truck which isn’t too noticeable. Installed 275/65/20 Duratracs and the stock rims. You CANNOT go wider on the stock tires, as it sits now there is only about 1/4” clearance at the UCA. Truck looks/feels great & no rubs lock to lock with zero trimming. No change to factory ride. Hope this helps y’all out! -JH
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    3” block in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Set your cruise to 60 and see the difference. I know you won't want to stay at 60 but you will be surprised as to the difference in mpg's. When pulling my travel trailer, slowing down makes a significant difference at the pump. However, a senior pulling a Winnebago doesn't look unusual going slow. A guy in a lifted truck doing the same would look suspicious
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    A recall for the drivers brain?
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    I've turned down almost $40,000 worth of extended warranties over the years. The amount of unanticipated repairs I've had during that time...about $400. I find them to be a complete waste of money. To put it in perspective, I've saved more by not buying extended warranties than I paid for my 2016 LTZ, and I bought it brand new.
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    Hey everyone! Long time lurker. Here are a few pics of my AT4!
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    So I bought a buffer last week and some scratched up taillights, what y’all think? (First time doing this myself) For sell btw if anybody is interested, next is the cluster lens since a lot of those are usually scratched up and kinda hard to find a replacement lens. Before pics After wet sanding the imperfections and light scratches After buffing and polishing not a scratch on them
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    2020 SLT. Picked up at the end of November; finally got around to snapping a picture of it while in a local park. This is my first truck that isn't black... also my first truck without a plow now that I live in the south! I'm probably going to swap the wheels for a black chrome set, but otherwise it'll stay pretty much the way it is. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
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    So, time for a good Avalanche story. In the Home Depot lot loading about 15 sheets of sheet rock by sliding into the bed with the rear seats folded and midgate down. Some good ol' boys further down the aisle who evidently were unfamiliar with the Avalanche's design were watching me. When I finished and slammed the gate they came over to look in amazement how pieces of 8' long sheet rock could be loaded into what appears from the outside to be a 5' bed. I opened the rear door and showed them the folded rear seats area and opening to the bed .......they said: "We had to come over and look, we thought you wuz a magician or something!"
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    Took some better pictures now that I’m home. It’s called mahogany it’s a saddle color the first pictures made it look orange Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bought a 2019 Sierra SLT this past Saturday
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    Dressing up the truck. Let me know what you think.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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