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  1. Good plan. This vehicle has good mileage for its age but it is still a well used vehicle with aging parts. Plan for potentially costly repairs and make sure the purchase price makes such repairs tolerable. No matter how carefully you scrutinize a vehicle, new or used, it can still give you unwanted surprises.
  2. Nice looking combo! Is that a cargo trailer camper conversion?
  3. I find this is the most effective strategy to get me out of my passion for a new truck. Spending money on my current truck will usually rekindle my appreciation for my truck. Yesterday, I discovered a no cost performance enhancement for my V6! my local gas bar now has fuel for E85 vehicles. After owning flex fuel vehicles for over 10 years, I topped of my tank with this fuel for the first time. I am looking forward to my daily rounds today!
  4. The certainty of these uncertain times is their uncertainty. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) I am a less than two weeks away from the 5 yr. anniversary of my truck purchase. It is going in for a thorough inspection as my powertrain warranty also expires on this date. I feel this would be the optimal time to get the best trade-in price and the best purchase price on the outgoing 2020's. This was the time and type of deal I made on my two previous trucks. A new truck always brings me a great deal of pleasure and excitement but I am hesitant to add a loan payment to our budget. My dealer currently has a SLE 1500 Diesel with max tow that is getting a lot of my attention! So far, a paid for '15 V6 6spd. is beating a'20 Diesel 10spd. with a lien! I truly appreciate how fortunate I am to have such a dilemma!
  5. Many years ago we found the big extended family dinners were losing their charm. They were a lot of work for a few and not really fun for all. We found small, immediate family, dinner(s) much more enjoyable. Also, weather or family illness has found my wife and I alone on Christmas (except for Skype) a couple of times in recent history. I must admit those alone times have a very special place in my memories. However, I think our copious amount of alone time over the past several months may take some of the intimacy away from a quiet Christmas. Regardless, the inside and outside of our home will be decorated as if we had a house full of excited children!
  6. "All dressed up and nowhere to go!" I find myself organizing for activities or events that have a strong likelihood of never occurring. There is an inherent amount of this from being in the post-work stage of life but Covid19 has really altered planning for the near future. Christmas travel plans, for example, would already be in place. Family would often come here or we'd go there. We're all fully committed to doing our part to reduce the potential for spread and are all planning for spending the time celebrating with our respective home-based family. I am fine with doing things differently and will make the best of my additional free-time. However, my kids are going to inherit some really clean tool boxes!
  7. Sounds good to me. Congratulations on starting a family! Having a new vehicle with a fresh bumper to bumper warranty will add peace of mind during this exciting time. The only caveat I will add is that this is assuming your finances are solid. A baby's needs are your highest priority and cannot take second place to a car payment. If your finances are already tight, then I highly recommend not adding to a vehicle payment.
  8. For example, in the Google search box type 2020 silverado max tire size gm forum You will get plenty of hits including this thread.
  9. Great picture c/w new GM truck! This is exceptionally common and reminds me of a personal story. In '78 we bought a '78 Econoline van. We bought it specifically to allow us and our two toddlers to sleep in on long trips. My new job took us 1k miles from both of our large families so this trip was made often. One night we pulled into an empty mall parking lot at about 3 AM. We had both worked the day before and were exhausted. We woke up to a car door banging on the side of our beautiful van! In the time it took us to get ourselves and the kids ready for travel we took at least three hits! (both sides) The resulting dings blended in nicely with rock chips from travelling the then unpaved Alaska Highway!
  10. Broaden your 17" search to GMC wheels. I have stock wheels similar to the "last example" except with 6 spokes. Tire threads are popular (plentiful) on this forum and I always like to put a plug in for Costco Michelins. This has been my preferred combination for over twenty years. I've never turned away from an unplowed road and I've never found myself stuck or at the roadside with a flat. I've had their M/S tires in P and LT ratings and found no advantage to the heavier tire. The extra unnecessary unsprung weight of a LT will be noticed at the pump. Of course this is not much of an issue when fuel is cheap, but I enjoy $5 + us gal. prices!
  11. I'd get quotes from a few body shops prior to making this a DIY experience. I also wonder if your current bumper is repairable. If it is damaged beyond repair then is there any damage to the mounting hardware? Often (not always) a high quote for a repair is an indicator that there may be a higher level of complexity to a job.
  12. Welcome to this forum! You will find some very helpful information on this site. The question you have asked is a popular topic and using the search feature will save you some time. BTW I am not a fan of this forum's search feature and use Google's instead.
  13. Which in all likelihood was the cause and they would be right! I'd be honest, while only saying what needs to be said. "The finish is peeling off the left vent housing." If asked what cleaners you've used, tell them. My service manager would likely instruct me on proper cleaning methods but still replace the "defective" part. I have found that, most often, honesty in such matters makes you feel good and has better results. Lies or BS are usually reciprocated. BTW I seldom use anything more than a slightly damp cloth to clean my dash. I will, on occasion, add a little mild dish soap. I frequently wipe my steering wheel especially if I've been overdoing the hand sanitizer!
  14. I have had very poor luck with door ding protectors over the years. The chances of meeting up with a door that lines up with your trim is not as common as we'd expect. I know it is not always possible, but I exercise "defensive parking." If the people on either side of me won't be able to open their doors freely, I find another spot. This seems like common sense but I am amazed by the number of truck owners who appear to pride themselves in squeezing into a small car parking stall. There are people (and I know one) who will not hesitate to open their car door until it rests securely on the vehicle next to them.
  15. One advantage to being old is that we remember what purchasing a truck void of frills truly looks like! Many of the items that appear on the standard items list of a 2020 basic work truck were expensive options when we started buying 1/2 tons! Your knees were your cup holders and an extra pedal often made this a challenge. A common gripe that annoys me are complaints related to transmissions searching for gears or not shifting when expected. (I am not referring to faulty transmissions.) I wish such posters were provided the option of a manual transmission. There are now truck enthusiasts in their 40's who have never experienced a 1/2 ton that they had to truly tell what to do and when. I do like the current standard comforts such as power steering, brakes, windows and AC but I miss the driving satisfaction derived from a manual transmission!
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