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  1. I agree but fun to reminisce! I've owned many trucks over the years and overall they just keep getting better. The price of trucks have increased significantly over the years but I personally have found my ability to afford them has improved. Making loan payments on a $4K truck in the 70's was much harder than paying for a $40K truck in the past decade. I don't miss bragging about landing a job that paid $2.50 an hour!
  2. I miss the third pedal and the stick that came with the package!
  3. I've also faced the mouse and rat issue in my homes and vehicles in the past. Most recently I've faced this issue with visitors enjoying the warmth of my engine area. I definitely don't expect GM to assume any responsibility for my mouse problem nor do I believe this leads to any lack of accountability for other design/engineering problems. It's a nasty problem to have and hopefully you'll find a solution soon. I found that parking in a different area has rendered my truck as a less desirable destination. As suggested earlier, I also strive to keep any attractants out of my vehicle. It seems once they discover a secluded resort, they keep coming back!
  4. There are spares behind the left dash fuse panel cover. (may or may not be the right type/size).
  5. A member on this forum , pgamboa, is an expert in such matters and can sell you any additional wiring harnesses that may be required. I would simply send him a pm and ask him what you will need to purchase. The key to making both of these upgrades viable is to find a good deal on a replacement sound system and seat. Good luck!
  6. Congratulations on our new truck and welcome to this forum. The new 4.3 V6 (2014+) is an outstanding engine with ample power. Its bigger brothers (5.3 & 6.2) have even more power and are also excellent choices. My truck is a little heavier than yours (4X4 Crew Cab) and frequently pulls a travel trailer. The only time that I would have preferred the bigger engine was when I was considering a trailer that exceeded my towing capacity of 7,000 lbs. Fortunately, the new trailer we ended up purchasing came with a GVWR of 7k lbs. After 4 years of driving this truck daily, I've never encountered a situation when I needed more power.
  7. Dear Abbey, I do enjoy your column. You deal with a diverse group of personalities all united with a common interest. Every once in a while a person with malicious intent appears. These individuals are usually characterized by a single digit post count. The rest of the membership reflects a typical group gathered together with a common interest. Sometimes the negative and/or bully type prose is annoying but exemplifies the diversity of your readership! I recently read a great saying that I thought your readers might enjoy, "Seeing the bad in the world and people isn't difficult. It's lazy" (Chip Gaines) Sometimes it is difficult to deal with writers' questions in a positive manner, especially if it was recently dealt with, but I truly find great pleasure in your supportive and positive responses! Sincerely, Donstar
  8. The dealer installed a bed liner in my '09. They used self-tapping screws with a "tar" like coating. Removing the liner six years later revealed no signs of oxidation in the screw holes. Maybe your GM parts guy will have a proper name for this product. I would do as Ozer suggests and apply a little paint or silicone. At the very least it will make you feel better. If your screws are snug and rust resistant, you will unlikely experience any rust related issues from this install.
  9. This is not a stupid or dumbass mistake. It was an expensive lesson. I had a similar accident many years ago. (1980) with my utility trailer. I regularly still use the same trailer and never leave without thorough second or third checks. Also, at times I've owned trailers requiring different sized hitch balls. I always remove the ball mount after using a trailer. Time and//or paint gives each of the ball mounts a different look so I don't need to read the worn out 1 7/8" or 2" or 2 5/16" engraving. I never risk having a mismatch situation. I've also faced the experience of shopping for new bumpers, front and rear. The least painful and most expedient way is to get three quotes from different body shops and pick one. The unsightly reminder will be dealt with properly and quickly.
  10. If you lift up the driver door sill trim and look under the carpet there is a rubber grommet. This is where the company that installed my topper ran wires for power. I used the same access to run wires from my left-side fuse panel to a camera on my front bumper. All wires are protected. out of sight and no drilling or coat hangers required!
  11. Another member, Enduro Guy, was simply giving you an opinion. It is sometimes good to give our plans a second thought. There are many discussions on this forum regarding these shark fins and a popular mod is to paint the existing fin. Some do this while the fin is in place. Most of the mods I do are for my own visual or functional benefit and I'm not arguing with the idea. However, sometimes the changes required to make an idea work negate the value of the mod, imo!
  12. Long before DRL's were mandatory in Canada, it was becoming increasingly popular to turn on your low beams while driving your car/truck/motorcycle. This was especially common on cloudy, foggy or poor weather days. Using my headlights while driving in the US in the 70's and 80's would usually spark some polite reminders that my headlights were on. Now, seeing a vehicle with lights on during the daytime is generally recognized and such reminders are exceptionally rare. I personally believe increasing your visibility is a good thing and having your vehicle do it automatically is a plus.
  13. Some restaurants don't appear to have separate restrooms for their employees. My wife recently saw a server going from a stall to the door without stopping to wash her hands. I suspect this was more of a case of ignorance than laziness. Many years ago I worked in a commercial bakery. We were clearly instructed in proper hand washing expectations and nobody would have risked skipping a hand wash after using a toilet and expect to have a job the next day!
  14. I find it incredible that you work in an environment where most of the employees would vent their anger in this manner. If you truly believe this to be the case, you need to take action to protect yourself. Vandalism in employee washrooms is usually mitigated by pass/key system along with frequent checks. A hostile/angry workplace such as the one you report to be experiencing is unsafe and requires more than washroom monitoring. The attention garnered by trashing a washroom will only escalate if the workplace environment is not remedied. I know that this thread is more about maintaining a sanitary workplace but I think you've opened up a potentially more dangerous issue worthy of discussion.
  15. Wow, probably worth looking for a very disgruntled employee. You are dealing with a criminal, not hygiene, issue!
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