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  1. You can keep the back seat area warm or cool even without the additional vents found in the new trucks. Keep the air moving! If you want to speed up the process, Canadian Tire or Princess Auto sell inexpensive 12V fans that you can place on the floor in the back. I was fortunate to live in northern BC and Alberta in the 70's and 80's and became very adept at keeping the children comfortable in the backseat of a SuperCab, Van and Suburban. The same logic applies to your home. If you have perimeter baseboard heating (or a wood stove) and want to eliminate cool zones, employ the help of a fan. Your cab is a small confined space that could be kept at a comfortable temperature throughout even if it only came with front vents. The additional rear vents in your truck are gravy
  2. Welcome to this forum! NCPGMC provided the most logical starting point to diagnose the problem. I would assume this step would have preceded posting online(?) My first thought was related to moisture and freezing but your ID doesn't mention your location. The more information you provide, the more helpful the response. Good luck!
  3. The answers to all of these questions are previously discussed in this forum. Take some time getting familiar with the search feature and do some reading. Tip: Google your question/topic and hit the link that leads to this forum. (GM Trucks.com) BTW A well designed custom bumper will not look like a hack job. If it does, you likely didn't do your research
  4. The examples of details I suggested were single broad categories and were intended to give minimal structure. They were also intended to keep the discussion going and help generate ideas to help this project succeed. A contest with no guidelines except a 5 year span of build dates might be too broad for a contest. For a worker to become Employee of the Month there are more guidelines than date of birth. Maybe, if all participants were entered into a random draw to win one of your prizes, you may spark more interest. If winning a prize is determined by criteria only known to you then I suspect some hesitation. Or, if you put it up for a vote based on pictures, most of us already know our chances. Knowing that all entries have an equal chance will reduces the excuses not to enter. Also, knowing that your truck needs to fit into a certain category for this week/month may provide incentive. I believe adding some structure and changes will enhance chances for greater success. Good luck on this project.
  5. Welcome to this forum! More information will garner more helpful information but based on the size alone, (If you're talking about a travel trailer) my vote would be for buying a heavier truck or lighter trailer. The fact that you're asking the question suggests you have a lack of experience pulling a trailer. The combination you suggest would be a terrible experience, imo!
  6. As previously mentioned, this question has come up earlier. It provides an opportunity for personal politics and prejudice to be expressed. You may even read some attempts to make up "factoids" to support such beliefs. There is no differences in build quality.
  7. IMO, if we do it the same way, we'll achieve the same or similar results. "Truck of the Month" will not be seen as an achievable goal for those with everyday normal trucks no matter how we sugar coat the competition. I am all for setting up an opportunity for everyone to proudly submit pictures and to be able to brag about their trucks. I believe we may have better luck attracting participation by a monthly or weekly theme or category. I know threads have had some success by calling for photo submissions by colour of truck. Maybe calling for pictures of trucks that fall into a category like year, cab/bed configuration, lifted, lowered, non-original paint, original, hidden engine upgrades, etc. etc. would encourage participation. I am keen on the initiative and respectfully offering my thoughts. I will participate as I have done in the past. One day I may win a participation ribbon!
  8. It may be worth offering it as a real world testimonial to the safe design of their trucks. I never underestimate the amount of planning that goes into passenger safety for vehicles sold in North America. In the 70's and '80's I thought I could create safer pickups by replacing stock bumpers with ones made of heavy steel. I believed manufacturers were making decorative substitutes for a once very functional and used part of a vehicle. A friend with the same mindset (and bumpers) was involved in an accident that demonstrated we didn't know better than the engineers! He and his truck were okay but both would have fared much better if the front of his truck was allowed to crumple as designed. I am sure the height and strength of the front seats are intentionally designed to offer head protection as well as structural integrity during a roll over (or tree falling!) .
  9. I agree with those that this truck is finished and I believe it is a potential candidate for Junkyard Empire. Andy and his employees would add fresh paint and wheels and make a huge profit! I love that show! I am particularly impressed with how well the truck held up under the weight of the tree. If there was a passenger/driver in the vehicle at the time it would have been be a horrible experience but survivable. Thank God there was no one onboard!
  10. There are many ways to change the look of the front end without making it into a Frankenstein truck. As trucks get older, the ones that look fresh from the factory garner the most attention. Try a little paint or maybe a custom bumper but don't disfigure a beautiful truck! (imo)
  11. I donate heavily to our local building restore. I drop my donations at the back door and then go through the front door to shop! I have actually purchased an item (or two) that I previously donated! Intellectually, I know what needs to be done when downsizing. ( I've got hours of watching the likes of Marie Kondo etched in my brain!) However, it is still one of those things that is much easier said than done! Special kudos (and empathy) to all downsizing boomers! The process is more often brought on by necessity than choice.
  12. Belated welcome! Did you find a new truck? If so, picture please! If not, I will add that all GM trucks in this age range are great trucks. Condition and price should be 99% of your concern. Keep your eye open for that low mileage cream puff!
  13. Congratulations on the purge. I've been struggling with a similar project for years and truly appreciate how difficult it is to let go of "stuff"!
  14. I was not sure if this thread is real or a story starter. CamGTP's replies makes me think this may be legitimate. The cost of this project when considering the vehicle does not make sense, imo. I appreciate that a less common vehicle or one with a deep personal connection may justify such extraordinary expenditures but a clean '14+ Silverado with a 6.2 is not rare. Many years ago when I was first on my own and wet behind the ears I wanted to restore a worn out work truck that once was my father's. The first thing I did was spend all of my savings to have a local engine rebuilder install a "new" engine. I thought this would make the truck run like new but it didn't. I learned a lot on this project. I could have used the same amount of money in many different ways and achieved much better results! The worst part of my story is I was too naïve to stop once I realized the engine replacement wasn't the cure-all. My advice to you, based on the limited information provided, is don't be too proud to take CamGTP's earlier suggestion and jump ship. .
  15. My '09 Sierra had serious oil consumption issues at significantly lower mileage. However, after a major warranty repair, it never needed topping up between oil changes again. My '15 Sierra continues to be worry free. My point is to say mechanical failures happen. Don't overthink the why. You were fortunate to have warranty coverage and hopefully you won't experience any future problems with this truck!
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