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  1. Congratulations on your new truck! When you were negotiating, did you talk about using your '11 as a trade? I found that trading my '00 in on my '09 and then my '09 in on my '15 worked in my favour especially when factoring in the hassle and tax money saved.
  2. GRAWR question(s)

    What is the layout of your trailer? Do you carry water while travelling? Is there opportunity to shift supplies/equipment to the back your trailer? I'd check with a reputable RV dealer for training on how to properly hook up your trailer. I have found RV service departments much more informative than their sales floors. You will also find that not all hitch systems are created equal. It sounds like you are having a strange experience with your hitch and maybe it is faulty. I know I was upset when the chrome flaked off of my trailer ball after the first trip home. I knew this eventually happens but not the first day! Your truck should pull a properly built and loaded trailer without aftermarket helpers. Air bags and extra springs may enhance your experience but should not be necessary. Before you spend more money on your truck get advice from a professional who can actually see and touch your setup.

    The XM reception on my '15 is fine. However, I was recently told I don't have a Sirius radio after losing a favourite on 109. This talk show was moved to "Triumph 111". My dial goes from 110 to 112. This loss is not a major issue for me but more of a curiosity. Do new GM's receive 111?
  4. I have no regrets with my '15. I am looking for an '18 but worry about retting losing my '15! It's been a fabulous truck and it's loan free. I'm also looking to buy a travel trailer that exceeds my current truck's towing capacity but may decide a cozy trailer for a few weeks of the year is worth the money saved!
  5. I believe the best deal can be made on an in-stock vehicle. All advertised incentives would apply to dealer trades or other sources but I don't pay the advertised price. Dealers are more willing to negotiate on inventory. The longer the vehicle the vehicle has been sitting on the lot, the better the deal. However, settling for a truck that you are not excited about is not a good deal, imo.
  6. Interesting. "My wife doesn't let me," is an expression I try to avoid. It is one of those cute comments that sounds so much worse when the roles are reversed. Some negotiating is required when our financial priorities differ but final decisions are "our" decision. In a 50/50 relationship semantics are tough. The word "we" is used a lot around our house. "We" don't need a new truck is heard regularly around my house. Although my wife is saying this 100% of the time, this is "our" decision! ;-)
  7. My '15 with a 4.3 and the 3.42 gear ratio has proven to be very predictable and never disappoints. I am planning to get a 5.3 for the higher tow rating but my V6 responds well as a daily driver and when towing my current travel trailer.
  8. HATE My High-Beams

    I don't have the problem with people flashing their lights but I also don't currently do a lot of night driving. However, I have owned a pickup as a DD since the days of your Impala. (Nice car BTW!) The flashing lights is not a truck thing and can be an indication of a problem. Most of us have flashed our lights at other drivers as a kind reminder to dim their lights only to be returned a flash of even brighter lights. The fact that the oncoming vehicle has even more blinding lights doesn't make the situation any safer for oncoming motorists. Sometimes we get flashed because we have a heavy load in the back or we're on an incline. Sometimes the oncoming driver is just mistaken. However, if you are getting this response on a regular basis, it is worth it for your's and others' safety to have your headlights adjusted or repaired.
  9. I'm in the market for an '18 with the max tow package. The selection is getting slim but they are still around my area. I am not restricting my search to only max tow equipped trucks because all current1500's with a V8 and 3.42 are rated to pull 9K+lbs. This allows for a good sized trailer. No matter what you add to your current truck you will not change the rating. What is the weight of your trailer?
  10. Want To Buy Leather Seat covers 2014+ Silverado

    (Sorry to Op for getting off topic) Diyer2, your story reminds me of a second home we bought many years ago. I was revamping the laundry room and discovered that a previous owner had wired the entire basement with dollar store type extension cords prior to finishing the walls. I had to strip all the walls to the studs. I was in the plumbing and heating business and held an electrical ticket for the first years of my working career. I have seen a lot of handy work but this impacted me due to the fact I was living at this house at the time!
  11. Want To Buy Leather Seat covers 2014+ Silverado

    I too do most of my own work and own tools of many trades. I know my limitations and when it is worth it for me to seek the help of a professional. There are also projects that I am capable of doing but refer to a professional just because I'd rather pay someone to do the work! Installing Katzkins may be a daunting task for the Op and it may be worthwhile for him to have them "professionally installed".
  12. Your observations are spot-on! Those of us who loved our gas guzzling sub 200 hp full sized pickups of yesteryear can really appreciate these ecotec v6's.
  13. As you know, its mostly about looks and personal preference. Ironically, modifying your truck to achieve a more aggressive stance often reduces its stock capabilities. The expression "slight rubbing" for me is like thinking about fingernails on a blackboard. Why would anyone intentionally spend money to reduce turning ability? I considered levelling my truck because I fondly remember the visual distinction between 4wd and 2wd. A level looking truck was indicative of a truck sporting front drive wheels. Now it just means someone has modified their suspension. You look for badges to determine the drivetrain.
  14. Your topic is good for grabbing readers' attention. You will surely hear from all the "first model year" people and those that look for opportunities to share in a GM bashing party! I wouldn't be surprised to hear that your "multiple" issues are one. A few weeks ago my computer stopped working after weeks of doing a myriad of odd behaviors. The symptoms didn't make sense to me but they were all remedied by replacing the hard drive. Your "technology package" option sounds like it could be a source of your troubles. I'm sure these are annoying but this is the sort of thing why new vehicles have warranties. I hope in the big picture you are delighted with your new truck. My dealer had a new HC on the lot and it looked outstanding!
  15. I owned a 2000 Silverado for 9 years and it was a good truck. I don't miss it. I owned a 69 F100 and a '72 Fi00 and I would love to have either one back in my driveway! If I was in your position, I'd spend the money on your F100. Money spent will only enhance the value of the old Ford!

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