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  1. I know the power steering technology changed from hydraulic to electric with this generation of trucks but how does this impact the potential for problems like the op is experiencing? The GVWR of these trucks and wheel sizes have steadily increased and I'd think components such as steering would be better than 30 years ago.'
  2. Maybe not Richard, but the team at Welderup garage (Vegas Rat Rods) could make my dream truck from this beauty!
  3. Water Pump/Gasket Leak

    This is normal for vehicles with air conditioners. Your home air conditioner will also produce condensation but is directed outside of your home.
  4. 2015 Silverado LT Double cab and trailer towing

    The owner's manual that came with you truck gives the trailer weights allowable for your particular truck starting on page 9-75. If your truck is a 2 wheel drive it is good for a 9500 lb trailer. (9200 lbs for 4 wd). Travel trailers are advertised by dry weights, gross weights and tongue weights. When I looked for a trailer, I looked for one that had a gross weight that didn't exceed the maximum trailer weight allowable for my truck. You will find that the dry weight of a trailer is significantly less than your gross allowable weight but you want to be able to load your trailer with supplies. The tongue weight of your trailer is a factor that you also need to consider when towing a trailer. The payload of your truck (posted in the driver's door jamb) has to take into account the tongue weight of your trailer. If your payload for example is 1600 lbs and the tongue weight of your trailer is 900 lbs, you are left with 700 lbs for passengers, accessories, supplies and gear carried in your truck.
  5. LTZ Chrome to LT Trim

    Chrome and black go well together, imo. My dealer offers a chrome package that includes door handles, mirror caps, tow hooks and step bars. Inquire at your local GM dealership and see what they charge for an exchange.
  6. I agree that your truck looks great! I will also defend the look of your Grandpa's truck. He has reasons for his truck looking the way that it does and hopefully someday you will be rightfully accused of driving a "Grandpa's truck" . A Grandpa's daily driver needs to be accessible to friends in his age group and to his grandkids. Grandpas (like me) know that regularly lifting passengers in and out their vehicle is not as rewarding as when we were younger!
  7. Aftermarket bumpers

    I am talking about many years ago so prices would not be relevant (even if I could remember ;- ) Time and materials is a pretty common billing method for custom projects.
  8. There are many designs of grill guard/ push bars available without the mesh. This would make cleaning easier but maybe not the level of protection you want. I drove with various grill guards/ push bars when I worked many miles from paved roads. I don't recall cleaning to be a concern but a clean truck when you're living off pavement is not the same as a city clean!
  9. "To lift or not to lift" suggests there is room to discuss the advantages of not lifting your truck. Keeping your truck stock will ensure that you maintain the ride quality you desire. You will save a lot of money and your truck will be easier for you and your passengers to enter and exit. Your fuel costs won't increase from a loss in mpg and resale value will not go down. I appreciate the look and brawn of a lifted truck and would probably own one if money wasn't a concern and I owned a second vehicle to transport my less agile friends/relatives!
  10. Aftermarket bumpers

    Did you find new bumpers? If not I recommend what WesternMike suggested. I replaced stock bumpers with custom fabricated bumpers on a few of my trucks in the '70's and '80's. A skilled fabricator can create a bumper to suit your specific needs and wants. Make a sketch and discuss your plans with a skilled fabricator. You may be surprised at what the two of you can create! I preferred working with an independent welder working out of a home workshop.
  11. Crew or Double Cab?

    Ford offered a Super Cab (extended) cab for many years. prior to GM offering their version. The initial versions of DC's had no back doors then they went to a third (suicide) door then two rear suicide doors and now regular doors.
  12. I believe you will have difficulty finding a stronger bumper that looks OEM. However, there are many custom aftermarket bumpers that look good, imo. I went for a long period of time with custom made front and rear bumpers on my trucks until I discovered the advantage of having bumpers that collapse before your frame. Replacing your bumper with a stock one may be your most cost effective option.
  13. Poor Op. His plea for advice has probably exacerbated his dilemma! What I have summarized from this thread that as long as we acknowledge that the chance of failure of your AFM is greater than ZERO then you are not naive and good to go ahead and purchase a Chevy!
  14. If you are experiencing a clunky transition between V4 and V8 then you should take your truck in for warranty work. I know that after reading some of the negative perceptions of the design and function of AFM your expectations may be lowered. However, it was designed to operate properly and not to impede the life expectancy of other engine components. Defeating this function is a waste, imo.
  15. The idea of running cylinders as necessary is brilliant, imo. There may be some "growing pains" but the idea is sound. I remember when engines were introduced that burned "unleaded fuel only" were wrought with criticism. I'm sure the introduction of EFI (electronic fuel injection) had haters as well. Reduced fuel consumption is a good thing whether it is mandated or not as it leaves more money in my pocket.. Being easier on the environment is a bonus!

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