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  1. Years ago I bought a leather pouch like the pros carry for my most commonly used hand tools. It contains tools for most of my needs, most of the time. The three large stacking tool chests in my garage carry backup! You never know when you're going to need to flare the end of a copper pipe or add a grommet to a tarp! I know there will be a day when I will regret not making better use of my current free-time to downsize. I've made sizeable progress over the past year or so but need to take it to the next level. It's like a trip to the barber when I had hair. "Take off 1/2" all around..
  2. Old tools are a weakness and over the past year or so I've tried very hard to overcome this issue. I once thought I was so blessed when my relatives and friends bequeathed me their tools. I now think I was doing them a favor! Until recently, I could not think of one person who would appreciate inheriting my treasures. Now I have a 14 year old grandson who is showing an interest in building things. I wonder if he'd appreciate boxes of surplus tools to follow him around for the next 50 years??
  3. Donstar

    Joke Thread

    A local man was on the news wearing this t-shirt. He'd just lost a significant part of his farm to fire and drought is threatening the rest. His good humor was inspirational!
  4. Welcome to this forum! My vote is for the diesel but research and test-drive the 2.7 before deciding.
  5. Congratulations on your new trailer! I agree with Jim that the size of your new trailer will create more stress for you than the weight. However, I believe you'll be fine as long as you drive accordingly. Drive much slower and for shorter durations than without a trailer. Be comfortable with being passed rather than the one passing! Driving slow and steady will save significantly on gas and your sphincter! You've got a good starter and If the RV lifestyle grabs hold of your family, you'll be all the wiser when shopping next time! Enjoy!
  6. Today I'm replacing a foundation vent to my crawl space. A neighbour reported seeing a rat run across her deck so I'm making sure all access points in my home are secure. The existing vent is attached over vinyl siding so I thought I'd take a Youtube refresher on working with vinyl siding while having my morning coffee. I was astounded by the DIY junk on this and related topics! Just because a person can post to Youtube, it doesn't mean every home repair experience sets an example to be shared! DIY videos can be entertaining and most can be helpful. I just feel bad for the novice lackin
  7. I appreciate that grief is personal and I apologize for letting mine spill on to this page. My intent was more to put other struggles into perspective. My wife and I had a reality check and our overly inflated importance placed on choosing the right flooring (as a example) was put in the proper order. Yesterday, we made a product choice, returned the samples to their respective stores then went for a drive and stopped for ice cream. The latter two events were far more significant than the first two!
  8. It takes time for a loss in the family to settle and have you resume a previous path. My brother lost his wife this week and my wife and I are looking at each other like a deer in headlights. It is all part of life and nothing unique about the feelings. It certainly makes any flooring decisions seem miniscule or whether to do at all! Maybe time to look at the flooring on a cruise ship!
  9. Keeping Sugar Bear happy involves some basic universal strategies. I know most of them as I've lived with Mrs. Donstar for 45 years. She/they typically takes great delight in a clean nest and are quick to point out our shortcomings in this area . However, they are strong on positive reinforcement when we put extra effort into cleaning or our personal appearance! My brother and I have the same anniversary day one year apart. His wife passed away two days ago and of course the impact of a long and strong marriage bond are front and centre. I also know many will or already have experience(
  10. I was watching videos appealing to the many DIYers choosing to replace their floors during the pandemic. People like me have the skills/tools to do such a job but the physical component is too much of a challenge. Now that restrictions have eased or have disappeared, I figure I can get a person in here for 3 or 4 days and replace the flooring. (Like I would have done if getting up from the floor wasn't at the top of my challenges!) Anyway, I guesstimated that I'd get a quote for labor at 3-4 days at approximately $100 per hour. ( I then rounded up to 40 hrs.) My first (so far) estimato
  11. Your shirt reminded me of a cup my daughter found funny.
  12. For several years my job limited my visits to my Houston area family to July and August. I agree it is much better visiting at other times of the year! Currently where I live, being surrounded by trees isn't enviable. We currently have 300+ forest fires in the province and it's early in the season!
  13. Beautiful view and glad you're getting regular rain!
  14. Truth - a fact or belief that is accepted as true. (Google/Oxford Languages) I appreciate that the truth is indisputable. The color green is green. In everyday use, truth can mean different things and not be wrong or a lie. Yesterday, I brought up a term popular when I was in elementary school. "Gospel truth" I guess it was like our term for "absolute truth". As an aside, last night I was watching some US Marine boot camp videos. There certainly is no disputing the meaning/clarity of words there!
  15. Welcome to this forum! I've owned a '00, '09, & '15. They all rode very nicely. The great thing was, I test drove each of them and I wasn't disappointed later. If your truck started to ride rough after purchase then you should have taken it for warranty repair. I've owned/driven Cadillacs, Lincolns and buckboards. I do appreciate a smooth ride and my stock '15 Sierra 1500 on Michelin's doesn't disappoint and doesn't stop for speed bumps! Seriously, get it looked at by a reputable suspension shop.
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