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  1. I've been watching Youtubers who have chosen to retire to full time RV life. For many of these people this is not an "either - or" choice and they (I) can't afford to maintain a house and travel fulltime in an RV. Kudo's to the retired couples with the guts to make such a choice. I doubt I could take the plunge but I like experiencing the lifestyle through my TV. Some days the pros list gets pretty long! Giving up our home and the fear of getting out of the housing market are the main fears. Has anyone here tried or are considering the fulltime RV lifestyle?
  2. I think the HD twins are the best looking pickups on the road. I personally find the lower trim levels have the most appeal. Built in navigation is a nice feature but would have little impact on my buying decisions. I've been married to my navigation system for 45 years and she won't let me buy a newer one!
  3. Welcome to this forum! The Chevy shake story is covered extensively in this forum and you will find a lot of potential causes and solutions to the shake. . I have experienced a few shakers (not all GM) in my life and the cause has always been a tire/wheel related issue. Your problem can be as simple as a wheel weight falling off. Don't overthink the issue or start replacing parts until you've tried the simple fixes.
  4. My first thought is the RV electrical. Is there not a separate electrical panel in the living portion of your van?
  5. I just spent time learning about retention and detention ponds! Very interesting. There are some incredibly creative ways urban areas have employed to manage excess run-off. Ponds range from a beautiful water feature to an ugly pit. Ducks calling your pond home means it is on the beautiful end of the spectrum!
  6. Most of Grumpy's comments of this thread are informational and thought provoking. They are a good read and don't often require replies. I typically need to be on my third cup of coffee before tackling this topic. It is like the good old days of newspapers when I'd turn to the comics and Ann Landers before hitting the good stuff!
  7. Very nicely done! My in-laws have an upper deck w/o stairs and have a dog. They have to go through the house with the dog every time he needs out. This was particularly comical when they were puppy training. It was amusing for me because my brother-in law was a builder by trade and a fix like yours would be well within his abilities. BTW Is the water feature natural or added as part of the development? We have a subdivision in town that was based around a small lake made specifically for the project. It is a beautiful spot and improves with age!
  8. I've heard a lot worse story of a person starting his car with a cat under his engine :- ( ! I am quite slow at getting out of my truck and we live in a rainy environment. Consequently my door is often left wetter than I'd like. However, after 5+ years (and two roof-antenna leaking issues) all electrics and finishes are like new. Your truck will be fine!
  9. A diesel would be nice but more expensive to buy and maintenance can present some costly surprises. I'd look for gas. You are right that you will return to gas consumption reminiscent of your '72 Ford. However, the experiences you may face towing a trailer with an underrated tow vehicle will likely be more upsetting than higher fuel costs.
  10. You're a hero for giving these children a second chance for a proper upbringing. Thank you. I was fortunate to know the towing capabilities of my truck when looking for a trailer and was able to find a proper match. I knew about the re-gearing option and the various ways to deal with heavier tongue weights. For the same reason you are hesitant to buy a used vehicle with unknown history is the same reason I wouldn't choose to add red flags to my vehicle. I'd seriously look at trading the truck or the trailer. If I was looking for a trailer the size of your Rockwood, I'd set my sights on a base 2500/3500. I find the most basic WT has a list of standard features that exceed the options list on your '72 Ford!
  11. I assume your truck still has some powertrain warranty remaining. (Even if it has expired, I'd try for some compensation from GM on your newer truck). My '09 had horrible oil consumption and was repaired at around your current mileage. I drove it another 100K and never had to top off my oil again. GM may make you jump several hoops before they fix it right but there is a fix which doesn't involve disabling AFM.
  12. I bought the Haloview wireless system with 7" monitor/recorder and camera for behind my trailer. I added their licence plate mount camera for my front view.
  13. Some words spark a strong reaction. I worked in the elementary school system and found some children would use the expression, "I'm bored" to define every moment there weren't clowns present. Around my house when I was growing up you wouldn't try claiming boredom more than once. My father had layers upon layers of "activities" to combat idle hands. I passed the knowledge on to my own children that the remedy for boredom isn't always fun!
  14. I no longer benefit from the versatility of a pickup so I refer to my truck as a poor man's Suburban. My wife also thought a Suburban would be easier to drive and we could save money as a one vehicle couple. I took her Sunday shopping at our local GM dealership last week. When we got back into the truck after kicking some tires, she said, "You really like this truck and it is nice, you should keep it". She saw that the business part of the Yukon/Tahoe is very similar to the pickup. The significant difference is the sticker price. A Suburban/Yukon XL is the ultimate vehicle for a family if finances allow. We purchased a new '86 when we had a young family. It was a very happy day when we sold the Suburban and bought a mini-van for family and a pickup truck for everything else! FWIW, I've had several extended and/or CrewCab pickups. I always have a secure aluminum box behind the cab that serves as a large trunk. It keeps luggage dry secure and out of the cab! It is also light and easy to remove if required. I also have a cap/canopy now but that is to save me climbing in and out of the back of the truck. My climbers are worn out!
  15. I did something similar with a wireless camera from amazon. It was part of a camera setup I installed for towing my travel trailer. After I sold my trailer, I also gave up my dependence on cameras. Pickup trucks have always been a challenge to park but with practice (and perhaps a few bumps ) you can get pretty precise with the placement of your front bumper. I'm not adding this as a criticism to camera technology as my next vehicle will have 360 view! When you watch the coming and going of trucks in a crowded parking lot you'll see some drivers park their trucks like it was a smart car. Others, need two stalls and several attempts to dock their trucks. I like to challenge myself to park quickly and precisely using only my windows and mirrors.
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