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  1. Sorry this happened but glad there were no immediate injuries. I hope you and your daughter made/make a visit to your family Doctor. I learned this is a worthwhile precaution a long time ago. Your physician will let you to know what to watch for post accident. I also hope you have uninsured motorists protection on your insurance. We have to surrender our plates when we cancel our insurance but it doesn't stop people from driving with expired insurance. We use a system of date decals on our plates which makes delinquent renewals harder to spot!
  2. It is very possible that you have a faulty HVAC system. Maybe it would be worthwhile to take it to a shop for a diagnosis and estimate. I appreciate that HVAC repairs are notorious for being costly but hopefully you'll discover otherwise! Your engine temperature concern is something I haven't noticed. It makes sense that there should be some movement within the safe range otherwise the gauge is no improvement over a warning light. I will monitor mine and see if I have a similar experience.
  3. Good questions! We all appreciate that even a small level lift will alter factory specifications. However, does this modification fit within a range of tolerances? Until I read this, my understanding was that such a small change resulted in insignificant consequences. I was planning to add a little height with a 1.5" front level and an additional leaf in the rear. My guess is that your 3/4" of extra height in the rear is well within the design tolerances of your truck and look forward to hearing opinions/experiences from other members!
  4. Excellent point. We have one GM and one Ford dealership in town. I like GM products but not enough that I'd stick with the brand if local service was poor.
  5. I got excited when gas prices went down to $1.34 per litre a little while ago. This works out to be $5.08 per US gallon! Top that!
  6. I enjoy country music and question the sincerity of anyone who doesn't! It is quite a diverse genre and has something for everyone. Who hasn't worn a white sports coat c/w a pink carnation to the dance? Speaking of the dance, I've recorded and watched much of Garth Brooks week on A&E. He is great musician , performer and my current all time favourite!
  7. Document your issues. Be detailed and reasonably objective in your comments. You may find these to be a couple of hiccups before years of trouble free enjoyment. (It could also turn out to be a truck riddled with ongoing problems). It is upsetting when a new piece of equipment fails but be patient. You've only had the truck for a month and I suspect some buyer's remorse is fuelling your upset. I can recall "brand new" issues with various makes and models. of autos, appliances, electronics and even new homes!
  8. I would be very surprised if a GM service department tried to give me poor service. I don't doubt that some customers experience conflicts with individuals or disagreements over GM guidelines but I never expect my dealer is going to "stick it". I have gone in for warranty repair and suffered the "can't reproduce complaint" on a few occasions. I get frustrated to the point where I know some would lash out at their dealership employees. I am confident they're doing their job as required and I remain polite. However, with any business, if I ever sensw I've been treated in a less than respectful or sincere manner I follow the chain of command. Managers and/or owners of a business want to know if an employee's customer relations skills need attention!
  9. The reality is that doing nothing is the quickest way to kill the earth. I see the EV "bandwagon" as only part of a bigger change. The challenges with power generation and transmission, as you've identified, are part of the equation. The efficiency and environmental impact from the production of power has, and will continue to improve, dramatically.
  10. I find that this system works well (even the back seat area). The fluctuations in temperature are most noticeable when you have the dash air vents blowing at you. Unless I need the defrost, I direct the air to the floor. There is the possibility that you have a faulty temperature sensor that needs attention. However, if periodically pushing a button in arms reach to achieve optimal comfort is an aggravation then life is pretty good!
  11. I'll bite. With your budget and needs why limit your search? An older pickup, SUV or sedan of any size would meet your needs. (An old two wheel drive with a good set of tires would also be added to my list.) I don't know how an exhaustive search could possibly narrow your focus to this specific brand and size. I was once in a comparable situation in the 90's and bought a 20 yr old K-car. (high mileage, 4dr., 4 cyl., FWD sedan.) The places I went, and the items I packed into that car, probably exceed what you will expect from your quest! I recommend that you broaden your search or increase your budget.
  12. Remove it or replace it, imo. This is a body part and shouldn't be tied on with straps or miscellaneous nuts and bolts. (unless temporary) As a general rule, it doesn't matter if my repairs are not seen by others. I know the quality of repair and that is what matters. You also don't want future potential purchasers finding a mickey mouse repair. It will speak to how well you have cared for your truck.
  13. Great point. I am sure that GM could introduce a truck with an engine and gearing that would achieve superior gas mileage but it wouldn't sell. Consumers want their trucks to be able to pass a line of traffic going up a steep hill in high gear! I think it would be a blast to have a proportionately geared and powered pickup! However, like your semi, it would require skill and patience to drive.
  14. I agree this mileage is poor, but I wouldn't call it horrible. Are you primarily city driving or are you in a rural area? Are your tires and suspension stock? Driving style/habits also play a major role. I just have the 4.3 but it is rated close to the 5.3 in fuel economy. My "best" is 9.7 l/100km but I've seen it reach 24 when pulling my travel trailer. When conditions are right you will likely reach your listed estimate. However, you will seldom match the ideal conditions. Enjoy your truck!
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