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  1. Teeth are small but the pain they can inflict is incredible. I've had a root canal repeated three times over the past five years on the same back tooth. The procedure is nothing when compared to the agony from the preceding infections! I've been fortunate and always have been able to "take care" of my teeth. There are far too many who don't have access to proper dental care. I attribute my regular care to many stories from my fisherman grandfather. His lore of how they delt with dental pain out at sea kept me keeping regular checkups! Good dental hygiene doesn't mean you won't experience painful events but you may get some early warning! I mentioned earlier that I keep medical checkups current. Catching stuff early greatly increases your chances of a more successful (and less painful) fix!
  2. I agree that walking behind my self propelled lawn mower is healthy exercise and was something I enjoyed. All of the other tasks connected with "cutting the grass" is the disagreeable stuff! Since we sub-contracted my yard responsibilities my daily step count has not suffered. Over the past several years, I've recorded my daily step count as part of my evening routine. Any downward trends are quickly rectified or acceptably rationalized!
  3. Donstar


    Yes, and we're even higher priced than MB! I've parked my truck off to the side in a way that is not convenient. My wife's little 4cyl Toyota is front and centre to take care of those incidental and regular needs. If the weather remembered that winter is over, I'd be putting more miles on my trike!
  4. Twice yesterday I heard someone comment that, "Its hell getting old". This is a really stupid comment. imo. I suspect every adult has experienced a loved one who didn't make it to their senior years of life. There is one alternative to getting old and I truly appreciate that I'm lucky to be taking the getting old option. The theme of this thread has related to what we do with our time. There are many age appropriate and fulfilling things to do at every stage of our lives. Time spent being bitter about what we can't do serves no purpose. This spring I was researching the latest and greatest new lawn mowers to replace my 15 yr old Home Depot special. Mrs. Donstar was not so subtle in reminding me how cutting the lawn took away such a major part of the day and often left my body "hungover" for the rest of the day. She went on to explain how many professional lawn cuts we could get for the cost of a new lawnmower. She cinched the deal by telling me about the extra free time I'd have to enjoy my trike!
  5. A few days ago I was bothered by having to re-live the sadness of losing a close friend. She died when gatherings were not allowed. Yesterday we went to her "celebration of life", several months after the fact The family asked that we don't wear black for this event. Time has tempered emotions and our departed friend was a colourful person My wife, a close mutual friend, and I dressed as if we were stereotypical Hawaiian tourists c/w leis. The officiator of the service singled us out during the ceremony and said in her 30 years of doing this she's never witnessed such joy and colour at a memorial service. It turned out to be a true celebration of this wonderful person's life. As we age we attend more of these events and think more and more about when it will be our turn to be the centre of attention. My wife and I have told our kids that a family meal in our memory is all that we want. Now that we've discovered that a celebration of life can actually be a fun event for your friends our thoughts are changing! Imagine going to a celebration for the joy, not because you have to!
  6. Ouch! I hope all is well now.
  7. Your first bullet reminded me of this:
  8. A couple of months ago I could have purchased an EV of my choice and received a very generous trade-in allowance for my truck. Now I have to wait at least a year for any EV and my truck has devalued considerably. We do know that in a few months factors will change. However, we don't know if this change will be worse or better. I am not optimistic that fuel prices will drop substantially or EV's will fill dealership lots in the near future. This reminds me of when household computers were becoming a reality. They were very expensive and by the time you unpacked your new purchase, it was out of date! The advice of the day was, "The best time to buy a computer is now". In other words, if you wait for the next development, you'll never buy one! Today, I can get my name on a waitlist and receive a decent EV in about a year. My truck still has value and can get some trade credit. If I wait....
  9. Yes, the ripple effect is a consideration. I went to mail a 10 lb. package yesterday to a nearby city and the courier was asking for a $12 fuel surcharge!
  10. Gas surpassed $2 per litre in our area. Reducing trips in the truck saves a noticeable amount of money! Yesterday when I was topping up there was a lady across from me filling up her SUV who was crying/laughing as she watched the pump. I feel awful for those dependent on their vehicle and/or with little flexibility in their budget! For me, current gas prices would justify buying an EV. However, there are too many others thinking the same. Waitlists are long and costs are reflected in this demand. I am hoping that, like Covid, a "vaccine" is soon developed!
  11. I'd look for the source of the noise before attempting to cover it up. The first place would be the tires.
  12. I am exceptionally fortunate to not be forced into a quick and dramatic cull of possessions and memorabilia. Any of my complaints and frustrations about "downsizing" are given with the utmost appreciation of being able to choose to go through the process. My strategy of letting time take care of things is proving to be not as effective as I'd hoped. Putting stuff in a Rubbermaid out of sight for a later date only postpones the pain. Some of these stowed away treasures create a dilemma and that is what needs to be given to other living family and what to "recycle". Common sense would tell me if it has been tucked away for 10+ years, passing the decision on to someone else is simply "passing the buck". If I could do "it" over again, my rule would be don't put it into storage unless they're seasonal decorations!!
  13. Weather is nuts here. The calendar is in May but the furnace is running! Bees and motorcyclists are having a tough time adapting to the record setting wet and cold. My spare time purge hit an all time high (low?) yesterday when cleaning out file boxes. It can be a harsh reality when you determine that things like university transcripts are totally useless to you or anyone else. The only paperwork I really need now can be kept in my wallet! This was a particularly sobering day but appreciate how lucky I am to be around to deal with such stuff! This is also one of those occasions when a chat with another, wiser person can help. I engaged in conversation with a neighbour, senior to me, and she advised that the sadness passes once the garbage/recycling bins are picked up! She also asked me if I wanted my kids sorting through this stuff? Harsh but valid justification for the clean-up!
  14. I'm pro equality but there are times where one group outshines the other and deserve to be celebrated. Mother's Day is Sunday and be sure to honor the Mothers in your life. Every year my wife reminds me that I'm not her mother and tells me to, "Leave it up to the kids." Just like your two year old child made breakfast in bed for mommy never stop making sure the mother of your children is celebrated. My kids always remember but their long distance phone calls/Skype only account for a small part of the day. (They talk to each other on almost a daily basis anyway!) Most of the time my wife is my partner but her innate mothering to our adult children often leaves me dumbfounded. During recent lockdowns and layoffs my kids experienced hardships just like most others. I could help them with the logistical stuff but the comfort from their mom is what kept them afloat! Happy Mother's Day to all moms!
  15. This has appeared often in my unsolicited advertisements!
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