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  1. I think your logic is off on this one if I understand you correctly. The GCVWR is inclusive of the GVWR. What you add to your tow vehicle is deducted from the weight you are able to tow.
  2. Nice choice! Sidesteps and floormats are easy options to shop for and are practical. I would save buying any other options/modifications until you own your truck for awhile. 90% of the enjoyment for me is the shopping. By the time I come close to making a purchase, I see something I like better! Also, I find that a clean,stock truck catches my attention just as well as the heavily modified versions. Don't try to compete with others on the internet...you won't win!
  3. The good old days! ;-) Actually your dad would have had other choices like power brakes, power steering, radio, intermittent wipers and a real luxury - air conditioning. My first two pickups were V8 F100's. Neither had power steering or brakes but I insisted on a factory push button AM radio in both. The big improvement from my '69 to my '72 was I went from the standard manual three on the tree to the optional manual 4 on the floor.
  4. 4cyl Silverado?

    I also hope and expect these new engines will be successful. I have no reason to believe they won't as I have witnessed several decades of "new and improved" engines being produced. At one time a 100k mile lifespan of an engine was deemed spectacular and now it's less than a minimal expectation! I have felt automobile manufacturers have always been behind on their ability to improve fuel efficiency. I don't believe government regulations are putting technical challenges on manufacturers but an argument can be made for a potential financial strain. I recall in the 90's, Volkswagen's were being produced with inline 4 cyl engines producing horsepower ratings that exceeded my '80's full sized extended cab pickups. I'm sure manufacturers could have produced a full sized truck with a 4 cyl motor decades ago but the mindset that we need 8 cylinder pickups needed some political incentive to overcome. We all benefit from better fuel efficiency. The fact that manufacturers can deliver this without sacrificing power is truly a bonus!
  5. I started to respond to your earlier comment but decided you were just having a seniors' moment. (I know how bad they can get) The idea of you trading Pepper for a RAM made me question my own belief system! ;-)
  6. Welcome to this forum. You will find some good reading here. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to buy an '18 even with a new version coming. I truly believe the '14-'18 GM pickups are the best all around trucks currently available in North America. I like the looks and options available on the '19 GM's but not enough to pass on a good deal!
  7. This is why I asked and why I said to have them fill it to the top of the cross hatched area. They have a tendency to fill over the full line. If half of the crosshatched area represents 1/2 qt and they overfill by 1/2 qt then you're down a whole quart. I found that being polite, persistent and patient works with these dealership service departments. Getting pissed off at an individual does no good as they all seem to follow a book of rules. They are doing their jobs and you can't fault them for that. I imagine that rule #63 reads, "If a customer brings in a warrantied vehicle for the same problem more than 100 times, drop the comment that this is normal and inspect the area of concern." ;-)
  8. My first guess was the handle off of an assembly worker's lunch kit! When I initially find stuff like this on a new vehicle, I don't try to diagnose or repair. I take advantage of my bumper to bumper. Take your truck to your dealer and they'll make it right.
  9. I spray under my truck when washing, but I don't feel the need to remove parts. My last two GM pickups showed no signs of rust so I must be doing the right thing for where I live. I must say though that I admire your work area! I can only dream of being so organized and tidy!
  10. I am sure many would haul a similar load with their 1/2 tons. It sounds like you will have a very comfortable load for your 3/4 ton. Enjoy!
  11. I don't know how the dealer could say it was down 1/2 qt. if they didn't top it off. Don't you top it off. Let them do it when it is needed and keep the consumption test going. If the dealer is too far away, have a quick oil change establishment top off your oil and give you a receipt stating how much was added and when. You should not need to add oil between scheduled change periods on a newer vehicle. When your dealer changes your oil next make sure they fill it to the top of the crosshatched marks and not above. If your oil level stays well within the crosshatched marks before the next scheduled change then you are fine. If not, then keep the test going. It took me close to two years before they finally fixed my '09 but I was loosing a couple of qts between changes. When they did repair my truck, changes in oil level were no longer visible on the dipstick between changes!
  12. What does the grill guard manufacturer recommend? I definitely would suggest finding ways to accommodate the sensors over disabling. Many think grill guards look silly and I wouldn't worry about the look of the placement of your sensors. You are lucky to have this option and losing it would be a waste, imo. My goal is to have a grill guard with a front camera.
  13. Old 6 cylinder pickups were my college transporter of choice! I fondly remember relying on buddies or Dad to help keep my trucks running. I wish I had the internet! It sounds to me like you're getting a shopping cart full of suggestions. I believe Starma8tdc has focused in on the problem. Go to a shop that specializes in auto cooling (Radiator shop) and have them check out your truck. My first thoughts were water pump and/or blockage...

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