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  1. Congratulations on your new truck! Looks great! (I'm thinking Mt. Baker?)
  2. Thanks for the comments regarding my dog. My wife and I will strive to do what is best for our pet but, as you all know, it is a struggle. I know my father's and grandfather's decision would be decided by cost and I'm sure we've already surpassed their threshold! We're not "there" yet but we're sensing our veterinarian might be overly zealous in response to our love for our dog. We have booked an appointment with another veterinarian for his/her opinion on future treatment. Jim's suggestion about getting another dog soon after a previous four legged partner dies is good. Our current dog was actually adopted shortly after a 13 year companion died from the anesthetic while having simple surgery! (This experience compounds our problem with surgical procedures for our dog,) I know others with pets overlapping like Karnut. I've often thought of owning two dogs at the same time but never happened. We are now at the stage(age) where if we adopted again, it wouldn't be fair to a puppy. We would consider an older dog but then the old dog problems and associated dilemmas come sooner! .
  3. New riding gear for motorcycle, new tires for the truck, and a motorcycle trailer were all in my grasp until a visit with my dog to the vet yesterday. The choice between "things" and more time with my dog is the easy part. The procedures and convalescing for my dog is the gut wrenching part. I will get a second professional opinion but it certainly is incredible how attached we become to our pets. They depend on us to get it right! There was a time when I was consumed with work/family distractions and was more of a hard ass when it came to such decisions. On one hand I am thankful to have the time to really think this through but....
  4. I believe you are making a good decision to choose a 2500/3500 with such a heavy trailer. The answer to your question depends on your budget. If finances are good, a new 3500 DMax High Country will give you the most towing pleasure. However, a gently used 2500 Silverado Custom 6.0 will give you ample towing confidence. My neighbor recently purchased a slightly used 2500 Sierra base for his towing needs. His intention was to use it as a second vehicle, but he now prefers it as his daily driver!
  5. After a long hiatus from garage decluttering, I returned with a new found determination! Yesterday, I sent spare parts to recycling that I've dragged with me for 50 years! Time has erased the usefulness and/or sentimental value of most of these items and the space created is currently much more useful! Marie Kondo would really struggle with me. The oil pan plug from my sister's new '67 Falcon still "sparks joy". (I stripped the threads in her oil pan on its first oil change) The face on my wife when I showed her this treasure and explained the significance was much more impactful than any book by Ms. Kondo!
  6. Front and rear sensors are a great option and there are aftermarket sensors you can consider. You are doing what many of us do and that is you're still shopping after you've made your choice! I'd take delivery as negotiated and enjoy your new truck!
  7. If I recall correctly, some silicone was used on the inside corners. I had my canopy installed at the place of purchase. I suggest you stop by a truck accessory store that sells and installs canopies and get some free advice. Buy the sealant they recommend. I used to buy sealant specified for RV's for my trailer and it was user friendly and discrete when applied properly.
  8. Welcome to this forum! I also have a canopy on my truck but do not know what you are describing. A picture would be helpful. Are you describing a gap that can be filled by RV caulk or is there an actual hole needing a cover? Is the light coming through the bed of the truck or the canopy? If the later, Is the canopy built specifically for your year and model of truck?
  9. I suspect so much of this is based on how our mind works. I find my attention is disproportionately drawn to trucks similar to ones I've owned. I see a large number of 80's style Ford SuperCabs but I wouldn't place a bet that they are more common than any other.
  10. This is what makes this such a great forum! There are so many knowledgeable members like Cameron and Kim willing to share their expertise!
  11. Thank you! This explanation fits perfectly with my observations. I was very impressed with this shop and assumed they had good reason. This shop was so good they may have burst my 20 year loyalty to Michelin tires! "All weather" tires with long tread life warranties are now high on my research list!
  12. No issue, just curious. Today I had my truck in for a wheel alignment at a popular tire store. I noticed the rear lights were on while the truck was on the hoist. When I peeked in later, I noticed the hood was up. Everything works fine and I was pleased with the service. My curiosity now has the better of me and can't figure out why the lights were on or why they needed to be in the engine compartment for adjusting wheel alignment. One theory I have is that they left the ignition on so the steering lock wouldn't engage and later needed a boost to start the truck. However, the lights are on auto and I think they would of told me if my battery was weak. Is there an obvious explanation ?
  13. I compare the "News" to peeling an onion. People stop at different points of the process but it often takes a lot of peeling to get to the core. I seldom refer to people as "stupid" or "dumb" when they say/do something different from my belief. One of us has peeled more of the onion! Most of us now have the time and resources to be well informed on a topic. Topics such as Covid19 and politics will quickly fire up a debate which usually represents a lack of information by at least one of the parties. I was reminded years ago that I have two eyes, two ears and one mouth and to use them proportionately!
  14. I was watching an American documentary on 1968 last night. I was much younger at that time but old enough to be interested in world events. The part that struck me was how some areas of our lives have changed and where others have not. Technology, for example, has made considerable advancements. Information(news) was available but not as easily accessed. I delivered for a major newspaper back then and did my best to make my deliveries asap. Customers would anxiously await the news of the day and send-in a complaint to my boss if I was late with my delivery! It was quite a system where you could receive news on a daily basis to your doorstep. Now, most households have access to news, "live" and in color! I decided to watch this 1968 show because I have fond memories from that time. However, the "news" of the day was comparable in angst to news of recent times. I now have grandchildren who are my 1968 age. Hopefully, 50 years from now their accounts of 2020/21 will be overshadowed by fond memories! I'll continue to do my best to ensure this happens even if they remember me as a two-dimensional grandpa! ;-)
  15. I once lived where I relied on a snowmobile for transportation for a significant part of the year. Most of the time it was for basic and practical purposes like shopping or going to work but it provided a lot of weekend recreation! Your wife created a memory that the two of you will hold forever! A lot of the members on this forum have experience dealing with exceptionally warm climates and it's good to hear from those who are faced with ice and snow for much of the year!
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