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  1. No need to feel this way. You asked a good question and received some ideas/solutions based on the experiences of others!
  2. Yes, at one time I didn't always bother to remove the hitch. This changed after I witnessed a senior in a crowded Walmart parking lot walk into one and fall. She didn't get up without medical help and the owner of the truck found himself talking to the police. Even if it was legal the driver would have felt horrible. (I did and it wasn't my truck!) It is simply a matter of habits and routines. I regularly pull my utility trailer or my travel trailer. Part of the hooking up and disconnecting process is the hitch ball. I would be exaggerating if I said this added 30 seconds to the routine. There is also no need to worry about theft or theft deterrents.
  3. Leaving these installed with no trailer attached is illegal in some jurisdictions for good reason, imo. If the amount of effort required to remove it when unhooking the trailer rises to a level of "inconvenient" then maybe find ways to make it less stressful. https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/hayman-reese-ergo-clips-2pk-55022 I use to find removing the clip in the pin the most difficult part of the task and found this solved the issue. I appreciate that these hitches can add little bravado to the look of a truck, but they can be a hazard to pedestrians and other vehicles.
  4. People can't take a joke any more

    When I think of Carlin I think of hippie dippie weatherman skits. I may not find it funny today but I recall enjoying him in the context of my age and norms in the 70's. I'm fascinated with the number of documentaries celebrating the 50th of Apollo 11. The snippets of footage and information describing the political, technological and social environment of the time makes me question whether we are in a better or worse place. We can easily list improvements in areas like technology, medicine etc. but were we any less divided in the 60's?
  5. Congratulations on your new truck. I agree that it is a great looking truck.
  6. This is a sharp looking hitch. The adjustability is handy for when towing different trailers. I currently switch between two trailers. It would be three but I recently sold my box trailer. I have a receiver for each trailer and remove the receiver as part of the routine of disconnecting the trailer.
  7. People can't take a joke any more

    Jeff is pretty tame. Bubba, Walter and friends can be a little outspoken!
  8. People can't take a joke any more

    Pryor and Carlin are up there on my list. I wasn't much of a fan of Rickles comedy.
  9. People can't take a joke any more

    I often make sarcastic comments to exaggerate a compliment or to make a correction. I often tell my wife she is the most beautiful woman in the world or the world's best mom. Tone is important and so is your audience. My father was a master at the art of sarcasm. I remember when I was 13 and I did something significantly worthy of extreme parental reprimand. My father was not shy to give harsh consequences so I thought for sure I'd be seeing stars. The moment arrived for his wrath to be unleashed. He walked up to me, stared at me and said, "I'm sure proud of you son". He then walked away and nothing more was said on this subject. This incident happened before the first footprint on the moon and I remember it like it happened yesterday! His words still resonate with me long after he passed away. I often measure accomplishments by asking myself if my father would be proud!
  10. People can't take a joke any more

    I agree. The major hurdle in achieving this balance is the vast amount of differences in individual experiences and knowledge. The same innocent joke can be laughed at by some, misunderstood or not understood by some, or offend a group of people. Joking and sarcasm are tough concepts for many to understand. I actually taught what these terms meant in my grade 4 classrooms. "No, Bill! You can't punch Sarah until she cries and say you were just joking." I have an adult friend who can't understand the most obvious of sarcasms and will take such remarks literally. If I told her the sky was falling, she'd probably look up or take cover.
  11. What exactly did I get

    Nice truck! Congratulations and welcome to this forum!
  12. Have you checked on warranty coverage? No harm in asking!
  13. People can't take a joke any more

    I understand the question but I'm not sure if "those days" were better. I appreciate that "political correctness" at times seems to go overboard. but I'd rather this than no limits.
  14. I once was given a running truck. I learned a lot from the experience. If I had an unlimited budget, unlimited time and surplus garage space, I'd probably not do it again. The repair items you've listed, as you will discover, are only a small portion of the many tired parts of this truck. GN2018 isn't out of line with his estimate, imo. Once all of your repairs are to a point where the truck is safe and relatively reliable, you'll still have a high mileage, rusty pickup in need of a lot of work Have fun with it as a DIY project but not as your primary vehicle. (Again-IMO)
  15. Yes, but it has been awhile. Hopefully it will serve as reminder for people to think about what to do in case of a flat when they biggy size their tires. The question shouldn't need to be asked if using your factory spare on factory tires.

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