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  1. It would be cool if they sold steel wheels that could accommodate old style hubcaps!
  2. And if there is an update, what brand of tire? I'd like a 275/70/17 but most brands skip from 265 to 285 widths for their 17" tires.
  3. F150 electric

    I am fine with change and am confident pickups will continue to haul and carry enough to meet the consumer's needs. We may find GM's L4 truck engine to be the future preference for loyal truck owners! I wouldn't be surprised if the 5.3 and 6.2 were only continued short term to ease the transition to the new models. I suspect they will be gone before this generation of Sierra/Silverado has ended.
  4. Thanks for the responses. My truck was manufactured in March of 2015 so the battery is a few years old. I am aware this software is a feature of modern trucks but this was my first such encounter. 1SLOW1500 mentioned a variable that I hadn't considered. I was on an outer car deck and it was very cold. I will keep my eyes open for a good deal but won't rush. Thanks, again!
  5. I was in my truck and listening to the radio (nothing out of the ordinary) while on the ferry yesterday and got this message on my DIC. Is this an early warning to start looking for a new battery or does it indicate a more immediate need?
  6. Sounds like a good setup you have and I'm considering the Munroe shocks if I keep my truck for another season. Towing with my V6 (smaller trailer) makes it difficult for me to imagine the 5.3 with the 3.42 not "having the power." (I know the 5.3 with the 3.08 is rated to tow less than the 4.3 with the 3.42). What sorts of issues are you experiencing? My trailer is approx. 1k lighter than yours and is a comfortable tow in all highway terrains. I am interested in buying a heavier trailer and was of the belief that a properly equipped 1500 with the 5.3 or the 6.0 in a 2500 would be ample for my future needs. What situations typically find you needing more power?

    Nice looking truck! I'd keep it stock if faced with the same decision.
  8. I agree. Be respectful and remember the agent is human and doing his or her job. Customer service agents are working within a set of guidelines and are working within limited discretionary powers. If you are rude or threatening your chances are reduced that this particular human will pass you on to a person with increased discretionary power. Chances are good , imo, that a carefully worded plea will result in a break for the, Op.
  9. Good decision. The trailer towing capabilities of all current GM 1500's are outstanding and will meet most of our needs, most of the time. I smile when I pull my travel trailer with my V6 up steep grades and maintain a respectable speed. (I am old enough to have used the phrase "1st gear hill") The figure you need to be mindful of is payload. This number is posted on the inside of your driver's door and won't be found in your manual.
  10. Well said and I'd add the caveat, "and within payload". Op's current truck has ample towing capacity for his new trailer. I would be just as comfortable pulling his new trailer with my 4.3. The "discomfort" Op will face pulling a 29' x 8' x 10' 6K lb box down the highway will not stem from a lack of power. If I was in Op's position (and I'm close to a comparable dilemma) I'd tow with my current truck and see what the next generation 3/4 tons do about fuel economy. His holiday travels will be much, much less stressful driving a 3/4 ton tow vehicle.
  11. Purchase advice needed

    Maintaining an older vehicle can be expensive so we usually trade it in to prevent the seemingly never-ending bleed of money. The previous owner of the truck you are looking to buy probably had the same belief. His/her truck was starting to cost. Have you had an objective assessment from a qualified mechanic as to the cost of bringing your current truck to safe and complete operating condition? The cost of repairs are probably equal or less than the hit you will take in trade-in value. The money you save by keeping your current truck will be in the cost difference between the two trucks and the unknown repairs that will come with your new to you truck. The value in the trade you are considering will be in having a new to you truck but I wouldn't recommend it with the idea of gaining any financial advantage.
  12. Purchase advice needed

    I'm sure you didn't post looking for financial advice but getting deeper in debt for trading a 10 yr old truck for an 8 yr old truck will only increase your financial woes. What types of problems are you experiencing, (other than understandably wanting a change) with your F150? I discovered a long while back that sticking with a vehicle until you're no longer "upside down" is the most effective way to break into driving new vehicles.
  13. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    Moving from a previous generation 5.3 to a newer 4.3 will not give you a noticeable change in performance. I went from a Vortec 5.3 CC with a 3.42 to the same configuration with the 4.3. The "pro" for me was cost and the "con" was sound. (I miss the stock idle sound of the V8!) You would also notice improved fuel economy with the newer Ecotec 5.3 engines along with increased power. You will probably find more favourable pricing on the less popular V6 which may or may not be your concern. I purchased my current truck based on my satisfaction with my '09 5.3. If your current truck meets and/or exceeds your power needs then definitely don't pass on a good deal on an Ecotec V6.
  14. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    What are you thinking of towing? I was asking a similar question to yours a year or so back when I was considering a Travel Trailer.
  15. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    As mentioned above, I tow with the 4.3. I have a CC 4X4 standard bed and 3.42. My truck is rated to pull 7k lbs and my trailer has a GVWR of 7k lbs. If you stay within the specifications of your truck (including payload) and use a proper hitch system, you will have a good towing experience. Of course, this applies to all engine sizes. My experiences pulling my TT have all been positive. I've driven through mountainous terrain and heavy freeway traffic. Gas mileage is impacted when towing with the V6 or the V8. Speeding with a sail behind you is the biggest culprit for sucking gas. Driving between 55 -60 mph keeps my mpg's well in the double digits. The Ecotec 4.3 V6 is a very strong and capable engine. The fact that more powerful engines are available does not negate this fact.

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