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  1. The choice between a discounted '18 high trim and a '19 mid trim would find similar pricing. The year newer and new model truck will hold more value for longer. Will it not? If condition etc, were similar, I'd pay more for a '14 LT than a '13 LTZ. Same with nbs '07 over '06. There is a wide variety within trim levels so it is hard to generalize. When I consider LT's and SLE's they need to have additional popular packages.
  2. I've been looking for a new truck (on and off) for months. My original incentive for replacing my current '15 was for more trailer towing ability. Unfortunately, the bigger trailer dream is indefinitely postponed. My peers are buying their compact suv's and crossovers but nothing beats the feel and comfort of a full size pickup, imo. The fact that my wife refuses to drive the big beast and also wants me to get a suv has its own pressures to choose carefully. If more power can't be my justification for buying new, then operating costs and comfort get a lot more attention! Here is my reason for getting your opinions. I decided long ago that any new truck will be a LTZ/SLT level or better. I had settled on taking advantage of '18 clearance prices but videos such as this on are making me think otherwise! This video does an excellent job providing a down to earth look at a '19 LT. The interior and exterior are both preferable to me than any '18 LTZ or SLT currently on the lots. The new models have not reached our dealerships yet but this video is enough to make me hold off until they do before buying new. I know that there are many variations to consider but I'd appreciate your thoughts on my '18 LTZ / SLT or a '19 LT / SLE dilemma.
  3. I agree that such an imperfection should result in a return to the dealer. I am curious if variations in outside temperatures have an impact on aluminum clad doors? I know heat will play havoc on an aluminum skinned trailer.
  4. Would keeping your truck in the driveway be an option? I know it means sweeping the snow off your truck in the morning but dealing with the crud(and my wife) in the garage would be worse in my situation.
  5. A search will reveal that this topic has come up on this forum but I'm glad to see it reappear. It is like checking on my spare tire! "I'll get to it tomorrow!" Ozer has the right idea, imo. Chances are slim that you'll experience a fire while sitting in your truck. Odds are that you'll be outside of your vehicle or want out quickly should a fire occur. If you find the opportunity to help another motorist at the side of the road, be sure you've had training. Unless someone is in immediate danger, help by keeping people away from the burning vehicle and wait for the professionals. I learned this lesson first hand. I thought I'd earn accolades from our local fire department for putting out a car fire in a school parking lot. Instead, I provided a teachable moment for what not to do when coming upon a car fire!
  6. 285 or 275??

    I'd go with the lighter tire. The D load range is ample for a 1/2 ton. What type of tires are you replacing? You may find that the difference in tires may not give the dramatic difference in ride quality you are expecting from switching to a smaller rim. What type of weather do you experience? Forum members familiar with your region may have some other tire suggestions. For example, I experience all types of weather here and Michelin all seasons have got me through the past 19 years. Four wheel drive has been icing on the cake!
  7. 285 or 275??

    I'd choose the 285/65/18 over the 275/70/8. The differences in price and appearance are not significant so my decision would be based on function. The 285 is within 1/2 inch diameter of your factory tire and will show no noticeable error on your odometer or perceived lag in performance. Also, I don't give weight to the less rubber less cost statement when shopping for tires. Often popularity of a size will have a greater impact on sale price. However, less rubber in comparable tires will mean less unsprung weight which in this situation translates to a few teaspoons of savings in fuel!
  8. You've probably hit on a modification that could become popular when '19's start hitting the salvage yards! I imagine new and/or custom parts are scarce There was some discussion earlier on moving the under seat vents and I recall a picture or two of some custom relocation attempts. You will undoubtedly find that some custom under carpet ducting will be required that may or may not be a stumbling point in the project.
  9. You have great taste, imo! My preference even over these would be the oem options. Op mentioned chrome bumpers which speak nicely to chrome or polished wheels.
  10. If it is not working correctly, take it back while you still have warranty. I only have the rear sensors and find the initial warning beeps have saved me in the past. I try not to rely on sensors and cameras but they certainly are useful when they operate properly!
  11. My '09 with cloth seats acquired this look soon after purchase. It then just stayed at that point for the next five years. It didn't get better and it didn't get worse. My '15 has (p)leather upholstery and is holding up very well. Sliding to a standing position sometimes can't be avoided when human parts have signs of wear!
  12. Rear defrost

    I was mistaken. My button also has REAR
  13. I am not a fan of the silverado hood design in this generation of trucks. I have often thought that vents/scoops would be a good fix. You have nailed it! Looks great!
  14. Chevy Shake

    I don't know why you haven't received your thumbs up emoji yet but you should be getting one! After 1100 miles, have you noticed an improvement in fuel economy? I don't mean actual numbers but just general impressions. I remember this was very noticeable when moving up from my previous two generations of GM's.
  15. Nice looking truck, except for the obvious. $5400 sound like more than a hood replacement but I guess such parts are not common yet!

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