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  1. Wiring dash electronics

    During the camera install I stumbled across wiring by my canopy(topper) installer. In my canopy I have a light and 12V plugs that are always live, There is also a centre brake light. The installer ran a black and a white wire to under the dash. The white is spliced into an individual wire found in a bundle going into the junction box. The black is connected to a spade terminal in an empty slot in the junction box. At first I assumed the black was a ground. Upon further testing, I found that the black is actually full-time live and operates the canopy plugs and light. The white is for the brakes. (Ground must be picked up elsewhere). During my testing, unplugging the black resulted in nothing working. While I was still thinking it was a ground, I relocated it to another ground and the brake light worked. (Not the plugs or light) I put the black wire back to its original spot and everything now works as before. However, I like to know why my brake light only worked when the black was hooked up to ground or power. BTW - Forum member Phil (pgamboa) makes harnesses for aftermarket installs of all types. Before splicing, tapping or hacking into your wiring I recommend sending him a pm. His harnesses will make your install a plug 'n play and save you time, aggravation and probably money!
  2. The perfect truck?

    The increased power of a 6.2 over the 5.3 may give you an improved "experience" but why not look for a truck with a higher payload? Towing with a vehicle rated to pull your trailer is a much safer alternative than being able to drive faster in an overloaded tow vehicle, imo I pull a 4000 lb+ trailer with my 4.3 and don't have problems from a lack of power. Yes, I have to work the pedal more to pass slow moving traffic when climbing hills but I don't feel underpowered. If I move up to a much heavier trailer, I would move to a truck with a commensurately higher tow rating. Perhaps a truck with a NHT (max tow) package (5.3 or 6.2) would be a good option in your situation. If I end up where I will be regularly towing a heavier trailer I'll move to a 2500.
  3. I discovered the same thing today and have the same question! Did you find the answer? I am planning to tap into a fuse for power to my camera. If this is truly an unused/spare circuit I will be pleased!
  4. Trailer rear vision camera

    I bought a decent wireless camera/monitor combination from Amazon. It provides a clear view behind my travel trailer and I'm happy with my purchase. This unit has recording capabilities so I am planning to put a camera in the front grill area of my truck. (This will also serve to provide parking assist in those snug parking situations) Is there an appropriate spot in front of the truck that I could tap or should I run wire to the fuse panel in the cab?
  5. I enjoy DIY projects and handyman type repairs. The rewards for doing things myself are personal satisfaction and saving money. I find no satisfaction in changing my own oil and the cost saving isn't enough to provide incentive. I enjoy waiting at the dealership and checking out the inventory!
  6. Did the truck come from the factory without power mirrors or are you planning to upgrade your mirrors? I'd simply pm ppamgoa (forum member)and ask for his advice.. If he can't help you, nobody can.
  7. Paint falling off a brand new truck

    I can't imagine your place of purchase denying a free repair. I wonder if this could be an aftermarket dress-up done by the dealer? Does your particular trim level typically come with a painted grill surround?
  8. "Highway thru Hell" is a great show. I use to drive the Coq quite often and it certainly can be ugly in the winter! (The Malahat can also not be so pretty in the winter!) My 4.3 has pulled my travel trailer several times from Nanaimo to Sidney and does it with ease! The first thing that came to mind with your knock concern was fuel choice. I haven't experienced knocking and I always use "top tier" designated gas and usually fill with mid-grade. However, once we exceeded $1.50 per litre, I use regular! I'd also keep my dealer posted with your concerns. Their inability to find anything wrong may simply be there way of buying time!.
  9. 17 inch wheels

    Great looking truck!
  10. If you regularly hit bumps that cause your truck to jump then you probably should have your alignment checked on a regular basis. I agree with others that your tire pressure is too high and will lead to uneven wear and a less comfortable ride. Your shocks could be worn or faulty and ask to have them inspected while getting an alignment.
  11. Yes, just diffs and trans! However, I will ask at local transmission shops to see if I can't reduce my contributions to GM.. Unfortunately, crawling around under the truck myself is no longer an option!
  12. Trade it in if you want and can afford a new truck but not because of the problems you mentioned. We all have our favourite excuses to purchase a new vehicle. My go-to reasons were the old truck is "starting to cost" or I need "dependable transportation". The difference here is we're talking about 4 year old SLT with 66K , not a beater. I have a low mileage '15 SLE and regularly look at new trucks. I've yet to find one that would be worth the added cost. I keep my current truck well maintained and tackle expenses as they occur. I had my oil changed last Thursday and was forewarned that I will need all of my fluids changed at my next service. This will translate to a $600+ service that will put a strain on my allowance! However, this hit pales in comparison to having to spend $600+ a month on truck loan!
  13. Wiring dash electronics

    Thanks for your response. I will take a look at the side fuse box and use this as a destination for my cable.
  14. I have purchased an aftermarket camera system for dashcam duties and rear vision assist with my travel trailer. The monitor came with a plug for the 12V(cigarette) socket. The system works well but I would prefer a more discrete power source and I would appreciate any suggestions for a minimally invasive option to tidy up the wiring. I am also planning to locate a camera in the front grill. It is wireless so what would be my best source for power? I am not a fan of splicing into other circuits and would rather have a separate path. Thanks!
  15. 17 inch wheels

    Our age also brings a different perspective on wheels size. It wasn't too long ago that this "smallest factory size" would be considered huge! BTW when you go to replace your Bridgestone's consider the Michelin Defender in the same size. I didn't like the white lettering on the 265's and the size difference from the 255 is negligible, imo. Op, TXLIMO's choice of 285/70/17 is a great one. The size is large enough to be noticed but not give your truck a heavily modified appearance.

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