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  1. Everyone should experience a good work truck or "shop truck". They give you a realistic experience as to the potential of a domestic truck. I "grew up" with shop trucks at my disposal. You wouldn't want to take out a new date in one but they could always be relied upon to transport you and a load anywhere, anytime. A little clunk, rattle or the occasional extended service interval didn't mean catastrophic failure was pending. I appreciate the importance of regular and proper maintenance but sometimes I feel we have a tendency to overdo the coddling of our trucks.
  2. I agree that by our mid 60's we're looking more at bucket lists than mid-life stuff. We may want the same toys but post retirement we start to consider who may be next to enjoy our treasures!
  3. I don't carry, but the first thing that came to my mind is:
  4. Very interesting option. It sort of has a structure like a time share except you own the unit. I am sure they do a thorough job of cleaning between rentals but I wouldn't be comfortable with others (strangers) using my bed and "facilities" on such a frequent basis. However, next time I'm in Texas, I may rent!
  5. I suspect your mom may have helped shape your dad's crisis. This would be the conclusion of my kids if I chose this type of vehicle! I like Santa Fe's and my wife would be ecstatic if I turned my bike and/or truck into one or similar vehicle. However, you've squandered the crisis card if you don't ruffle some feathers, imo. Your dad may be simply paving the way to a surprise!
  6. Donstar


    I generally find family doctors to be apolitical with matters pertaining to my health. I also find they are generally willing to write a prescription upon request for a specific drug if I feel one is needed. As long as he/she sees no harm, such as conflicts with other medication, my requests are supported. (As an aside, I ask these questions in an effort to minimize the use of drugs. I will not take a drug that is unproven or I suspect is prescribed on the basis of it "won't hurt.") I believe the "malaria drug" was/is highly politicized and you know I try to avoid the political banter. However, I am curious as to what your doctor said about the actual efficacy of this drug in treating this particular virus.
  7. I was interested in motorcycles as a teen but cars & trucks were my priority. At 58, I felt that I was getting a little too sedentary so I challenged myself to get my motorcycle license. The safety course in itself was worthwhile and I recommend it to everyone. I had been driving for over 40 years and was amazed at how much more there was to learn! I definitely agree that riding a motorcycle is very physical and requires a high level of alertness. (X100 for dirt bike) I absolutely love the ride and challenges of my Harley. I won't ride on a day that I'm feeling less than 110% because many of the errors we can get away with in our trucks will not be forgiven on a motorcycle!
  8. Yes, I have a friend who is paying a very hefty part of his retirement fund for his mid-life choices.... I totally see the connection to the topic!
  9. Yes, there are some good buying opportunities. I see them more often now as my peer group either downsizes or experience a less desirable life-event.
  10. A mid-life crisis purchase is often difficult to recognize when it is happens to ourselves. It is easier to spot in others. Sometimes we recognize ours long after the event has passed. It's like aging. When my parents and grandparents were my age, I thought they were old and fragile. As long as I keep away from a mirror, I'm still young!
  11. Renting is an option but comes with some risk. The cleaning required after each rental would also be significant. However, it may be worthwhile as RV ownership is expensive. I have known people who used "Van conversions" as their second vehicle. In the 70's vans were popular daily drivers. I owned a 'couple of Econoline's and often "camped" with them. We sold our trailer last winter as the costs for the limited use did not make sense. We envisioned frequent and spontaneous road trips with our trailer but discovered a significant amount of pre-planning and setup was needed. Your camper van idea has got me thinking..... (my poor wife!)
  12. Welcome to this forum. Too bad about your experience with this truck. My '15 rides and drives beautifully. If you end up getting this truck back you will find lots of good advice on this forum.
  13. I am not surprised by the $10k loss. You might be at the point where you commit to building significant positive equity in your daily driver. I use to swap out vehicles "fairly quick" and employed some very creative (negative) financing! It took a lot of discipline and hanging on to vehicles longer than I liked, but my trade-ins are now fully paid for and I have purchased my past three trucks without borrowing money. My current vehicle is a '15 SLE and is a far cry from a '19 Denali but it's all mine!
  14. Buy some premium tires and wheels, forget the level, and pay down a loan (or save) with the thousands left over. Your truck will run at peak efficiency with a stock tire size (275/55/20) and stock height. Good looks are often subjective and/or expensive!
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