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  1. Funny. I wouldn't have considered if this vehicle was gas, electric or hybrid. Are you sure it was gas? Transit vans are available in electric from aftermarket companies. I find it easy to spot Mach e's, Lightening's and Tesla's but there are also so many other models offering electric power. I often drive by the many charging stations in our area and the diversity of vehicles tethered to a plug is surprising. I suspect we're 5 minutes away from Ford offering optional electric power in these vans!
  2. I grew up in the city before it was common for dog owner to pick up after their pets. We always played outside and were adept at cleaning dog crap off of our shoes. A couple of swipes at the curb and a few slides on somebody's lawn had you ready for the next encounter!
  3. Do they have future (prototypes) trucks on display? I am curious if GM is going to respond to the Ford Maverick. These small trucks and all EV's are very popular here. I believe the demand differs based on fuel prices. We are currently paying about the same for a liter of gas as you're paying for a gallon!
  4. True. Whether human baby or fur baby yours is the best! This is a good thing! When we take our dog to the vet, we feel like the entire staff are excited to see our baby and that she is extra special. This in turn makes us feel respected and continue as loyal customers. The same applies with people. When I worked in the school system, I learned early on about mama bear and papa bear. Once a parent thinks you don't like their child, they won't like you! Conversely, the more good stuff you say about their child, the more good they'll say about you!
  5. As you suggest, there are exceptions. This dog is an extraordinarily good traveler and we don't take her where she is not welcome. The diversity in dogs behavior can be profound and we know we got very lucky with this one. We thought she may give us a challenge when we started giving her a needle after her meals. However, after the first day she voluntarily comes to us when she's finished eating, sits, and waits patiently for her insulin!
  6. I don't do stairs well either. Carrying a dog while doing so would have disastrous consequences!
  7. Our post covid road trip plans are delayed largely due to the added burden of travelling with an old dog. She doesn't do stairs and can't go through the night without one or more trips outside. This is problematic when staying in motels or other people's homes. We recently discovered our furry friend is diabetic and we now give her two injections per day. (Years ago, I would've called anyone nuts for doing this, especially for an older dog.) We discovered she was diabetic while she was being tested in preparation for oral surgery. Keeping the diabetes managed makes her much more energetic as well a sleeping through the night. Ironically, she is now fit for a road trip but our travel budget will now be going to fund her vet's holiday plans!
  8. Your deal is sound but not easily kept! Twenty years ago we agreed to no more pets because of the tough times when the end is part of the discussion. This agreement didn't last long and here we are again! My default position is Princess wants to live and money will not unduly influence this position.
  9. Our dog has caught up to us in age. Her age-related aches and pains are expensive and creates a huge pain in our budget! Don't forget Princess when planning future activities. You may be tough, but a loyal and loving pet in their time of need can have you spending a lot of money in medical care!
  10. I turned on the television this morning to watch the Queen's funeral. I thought it would serve as background but it is hard to take my eyes off this event! It is incredible spectacle and a most fitting tribute. There are a few historic events that will be permanently etched in my memory, and this will be one of them!
  11. Donstar

    Joke Thread

    I agree with your comments but it's nice to have people like picture #2. My grandson may not be able to identify 3/4 of the tools in my shop, but he can make my phone and laptop do things I didn't know were possible!
  12. Donstar

    Head On!

    A fatal crash occurred a couple of blocks from home when I was a child. I remember this because of my father saying, "Now they'll put up a stop sign." He was right. Sixty years later road signage overall has improved but signs are useless when ignored. I find it particularly sad when you come to an intersection c/w every sign you'd find in a Driving manual including,
  13. I'd prefer a pre-EFI base model truck c/w manual transmission as a daily-driver and I spend a lot of my screen time looking for such a gem! However, searching is a catch and release activity. Mrs. Donstar is fine with me doing the driving but wants to be able to take over if necessary. Her memories of "rowing the boat" combined with "armstrong steering" are not fondly remembered like mine!
  14. I like old original trucks and prefer patina over a high maintenance paint job! It sounds like you have a gem!
  15. A few days ago I had a longish wait in a medical lab to have a blood test. I was seated right next to reception so it was hard to avoid hearing people providing their date of birth. There are some very old looking 40 year old's and youthful looking 70 year old's! On the news last night an 80 year old health store owner was asked what her secret was to staying so youthful looking. Her response was, "Never seeing a Doctor". I thought this was a terrible message to give. Today my brother would be alive to celebrate his Sept. 14th birthday if he'd simply gone for a checkup! Health issues, like the pandemic, can hit unexpectedly but many surprises are avoidable. Don't wait until something hurts or doesn't work before having a checkup by a doctor.
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