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  1. Level?

    I'd leave it for a few weeks before making changes. You are very focussed on this mod right now and it may appear more level (or even nose high) in different parking situations. Also, imo, a slight rake is preferable as there are times you will be carrying a load or towing a trailer.
  2. I also enjoy a good, respectful discussion. I wonder if the 70 hp. difference between the 4.3 and 5.3 is more than enough. My 4.3 (3.42) is rated to tow 7,000lbs. The same truck with a 5.3 (3.08) is rated to tow 6100 lbs. I don't have data on what a 5.3 (3.17) would be rated to tow but logic would suggest it would be higher than the 5.3 (3.08). However, I would need more information before concluding that it is more capable than the 4.3 (3.42). My guess is that they would be reasonably comparable.
  3. It appears you feel challenged and for this I apologize. I was sharing experiences. Op said that with his 35" tires he estimates his gear ratio to be roughly equivalent to 3.17. I am curious as to which would be a more capable tow vehicle - a 4.3 V6 with 3.42 or a 5.3 with a 3.17? I personally believe they both have ample power. I am not being sarcastic or funny. I'm basing my comments on experience towing similar loads with a lot less power. (no lawnmowers however ;-))
  4. As you say in your posts, this is your opinion and I respect your comments. Op mentioned that he doesn't tow much.. Although I haven't experienced towing with a 5.3 V8 and 3.08 gear ratio, I towed considerable loads with my 4.9 L6 Fords with the 3.08. (100 + or - hp) I currently tow a 22.5 ft. travel trailer with my V6 Sierra crew cab and find it has ample power for my needs..
  5. GM produced many trucks with a 5.3 V8 and 3.08 gear ratio. According to this comparison, you're better than stock! I believe the most compelling reason to re-gear after increasing tire-size to 33" or 35" is to compensate for a perceived loss in power/performance. That is, you've enhanced the looks of your truck and it does everything you need but knowing power maybe compromised is bothersome. I would simply do what is necessary to make the speedometer accurate and enjoy!
  6. I agree. Op knows what he is asking for but if it is a legitimate dilemma then it is not worth any debate. If the friend cannot afford to rent a truck for a couple of hours or pay for delivery then he can contribute $20 to his friend.
  7. Good lesson for the future. The cash settlement from insurance may have sounded good to you at the time but they know the costs of such repairs. In the big picture, this is a small repair and any reputable body shop would make your door look as good as new. To make this type of damage disappear is beyond most DIY skill set. Get some quotes and select a shop to repair the damage. You will be pleased with the results and can chalk this one up as a good learning experience.
  8. I towed my 3900 lb (dry weight) travel trailer on a couple of short trips for servicing without hooking up my torsion bars. I really can't see or feel much difference. Maybe when fully loaded and on longer trips a full hookup would ensure the best ride and possibly reduce sway. However, I am wondering if a WD hitch may not always be necessary on a smaller trailer being towed by my full sized truck. I used to tow fully laden box utility trailers and didn't ever consider a WD hitch. I was told it was necessary for a travel trailer but am starting to wonder if this is a little overkill for my needs?.
  9. If you're annoyed by the feel of the start/stop feature then you may need warranty work. This is a feature that will help you enjoy all the benefits of truck ownership and maintain reasonable fuel economy. I am in total disagreement by comments like, "It's a fullsize truck, it's not supposed to get supreme fuel mileage". In the words of Alfred E. Newman, "Why not?" Where I live, the most popular/common mode of transportation appears to be the four door pickup. I am sure this wouldn't be the case if they drank fuel like their predecessors.
  10. Scared of the K2

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy the new HD. Looks are subjective. Most of us look back at vehicles that appeared weird when new and now we look at them as a fond memory. Chevy seems to "experiment" with their front grill work while GMC keeps a similar theme. I can't see my front grill when driving and most of the family I care about take no interest in my truck. In a crowded parking lot, my dog will go to any truck as if it was mine. My wife will look for any four door brown truck..... ;-)
  11. Havoc HS2 Steps

    I can understand why you are disappointed. You probably use these like step bars are intended and not decoration. They are a good looking side step and if you can't get a refund, try for a partial credit. I would think you'll have no problem with a return but if it doesn't work out, take them to your local line-x dealer. Those bars with a line-x coat would be nice.

    Do what it takes to get four LT designated tires on your truck. Putting LT tires on a 1/2 ton that came with P rated tires is safe but putting P rated tires on a 3/4 ton truck that came with LT tires is not. (just because they fit doesn't make it right)
  13. I have a 2015 SLE with the 4.3, 4X4 and leather It has been and is an outstanding truck. If you found a used truck in the same condition, then you wouldn't be disappointed. However, if I had $28K cash budget for a truck, I'd speak to my local GM dealer about their remaining '18's! You may find a well optioned LT or SLE that meets or exceeds your wants. The more open you are to colour and trim levels, the better your selection!
  14. New Battery is drained

    Keep the new cable in its original packaging in case this isn't the problem. No sense replacing a perfectly good cable.
  15. New Battery is drained

    Before diving too deep into potential gremlins, rule out the simple stuff. Your new battery could be faulty or you could have a poor connection to the battery terminals.

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