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  1. That is pretty short. You likely won't even notice the difference in trips that short. You may benefit from changing your fluid to Red Line D6 which is PAO/Ester based and has exceptional cold flow numbers.
  2. Issues from being cold? No. I'm 18 miles south of Rockford. Never have had an issue now nearing 150K on my 15. Here's the thing. It will get hotter stock but it will take forever to get there. It will be cooler with it flipped but get there quicker. It never hurt a transmission prior to 2014 so I can't think of a reason why it would now. Can you?
  3. Did you know that a gallon of gasoline contains about 30,000 calories? About the same as 86.45 lbs. of potatoes!! The calorie is just an unit of energy. We consume it and we expend it. Just like a SBC. We do so at an efficiency of roughly 25% or about the same as the SBC (early iron Gen 1). Unlike humans however the SBC can not store energy.
  4. Spacers had some use under carburetors at one time to increase 'plenum volume' and didn't always work then. Modern GDI manifolds would be unaffected by a few cubic inches of volume increase to an already really large natural volume old dual plane manifolds lacked. Really good marketing though.
  5. There are lots of diet models based on calorie intake. Others on fasting. Some avoid this food group or that. What many; have in common is the "I want results NOW" cry behind them. By result I don't mean direction, I mean final goal. They lack patients because people like instant gratification. My BMR is 1700 calories for my weight target, age, gender and height. My activity level is low which can add 300 calories, on average, to my day. My target range is 1500 to 1700 calories with 30 minutes of exercise. Ergo if I stay in my calorie coral my loss is tied to my activity which as
  6. There's a joke that says, "If it taste good; spit it out". I disagree. Excess seems to be the only common denominator. Excess in everything. Including 'thinking'. Some fat is essential and your calories must come from somewhere. Fat is somewhere. It's also a thing that makes food taste good, as does salt, spice etc. That said there are fats that are not essential nor beneficial. Trans fats for example are not good in ANY amount. Saturated fats can be fine to a limit, but poly and mono fats have essential uses. I, personally, would prefer butter to margar
  7. Fats, salt & sugar etc. You've likely heard that it isn't the potato that is fattening; it's all the junk you put on it. Ditto a dozen other foods that become vehicles for fats and sugar. So let me ask you a question. How much butter do you put on your toast? Why do we butter toast? That second question is telling. Taste naturally. We butter it to enhance the taste. Okay lets say that's true. How much does it take to make it tasty? Obviously a pound of butter is silly. But so is none. Eating out it is served in 'pats' or in s
  8. This is a company that shoots itself in the foot almost every year. The Cad failed in the cockpit and the general fit and finish of everything that wonderful power package was surrounded by. If you want a piece of Benz, BMW, Porsche and so on you can't go with only half the car. IMHO of course.
  9. Great read Doug. Question though. Those rockers you replaced; did the ones you removed indeed have missing needles?
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