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  1. By this logic Honda Civic like cars should be ban from the Interstates. I was followed up an on ramp today by a semi tractor on a clover leaf exchange. The semi already in the lane I'm merging into gave the lane shifting left. Semi and semi is a tough tangle. I've done this merge countless times. Had I been alone this fellow would not have given me a foot breadth of lane. What to do. 4500 pound SUV with a 2.4 liter NA motor? Brakes work as well as the loud pedal. Egos kill more people than a lack of power. Imagine a world where every vehicle on the road is a Dodge Hellcat. OMG. 717 hp and it's still not enough? I can get safely on and off the Interstate in a 50 Ford with a 60 hp flathead pulling an airstream or a 36 hp VW bug.
  2. How much power does it take to haul a half a ton? Wait, there is no such thing as a half ton truck anymore. It's just a name. Well how much power is 'overkill'? I'm not talking about the amount required to satisfy your ego. The amount required to 'do the job" What's the job? Match the power train to the job and that is the right motor. If you regret buying the motor matched to the job the problem isn't the motor. It's the ego. IMHO of course.
  3. The 70 we had was a puller... ever hear of these guys? https://vogelmanufacturing.com/about
  4. 09/22/2020 Services. Okay we have the Reisch Racing 170 F stat back in the housing and working like it always has. Flawlessly. NAPA says Balkamp is the 'direct replacement' for the Stant Superstat. If they mean it will fit directly in the holder, then okay but that is NOT what they implied. I rarely rake a product over the coals but this thing is JUNKKKKKKK. A 180 F that has a throttling point ranging 172 F to 178 F. About the same as a 170 F stat and I could have lived with that except it does not like to open on the first hit of the day. I recorded a peak open temperature of 233 F. The Reisch opens in the low 190's and throttles 173 to 175 F. I though it was sagging due to the bleed being perhaps too large?? So I actually took the time to fabricate the duplicate of the 'jiggle pin' in the Reisch. It wasn't sagging. I just doesn't regulate....period and it sticks something awful. It has some sort of polymer seat instead of stainless and weir slots instead of V notches. The spring is much lighter than either the Stant or the Reisch. Ought see it in a pot of water. Side note. I was at the shop yesterday and a Ford needing axles was in the bay. NAPA set shows up as ordered. One new one and one used one...not remanufactured. Just used. Axles were ordered from Ford. C'mon NAPA. LATE NOTE: Balkamp heat engine is stainless. Stant is copper Reisch is copper. There's the swing.
  5. That is sweet. We use to have a 70 but it never looked that good. Nice work sir. Do you have all the attachments?
  6. Side by side.... So....what's the can doing? JONBLARC7 120,000 mile NO can wingssa 54,500 miles WITH can
  7. Here's his reply: I have no idea, we have yet to do a 6L with a v6. Sorry. Which I believe says volumes about the 6L80E behind a V6. Don't you think? Must be tough enough.
  8. When we moved here the Mrs. had me cut in all sort of flowerbeds. Lots of mowing around. Lots of trimming. Of course she was suppose to care for them. That lasted about.............................a second. I then methodically removed them and reseeded with grass. The few new ones are now replacing areas so as to remove trimming. She now, at seasons beginning, buys all sorts of potted plants that she will care for. That last about............a nano second. Those I don't mind caring for. If they die....to the trash with them. Not many make it to the trash. I'm learning....
  9. 09/19/2020 Services Remove Reische Racing 170 F (Made in USA) summer thermostat and installed new winter Balkamp 180 F PM 180-0025 (Made in Israel. Interesting). I have misplaced my Stant Superstat and the Balkamp NAPA had in stock. I had a bit of a problem with Stant searching for the proper bleed hole size. IPSCO had recommended .125" which first outing was a disaster. Would hold temperature down the road in colder weather. So the second one I used .0625" and while better was still to large. Would drop 10 F below set point at idle. This one got a .051" bleed and it's still to large. Much better however as temperature doesn't sag excessively at idle but will not keep the valve off the seat yet. .032" next. I'll solder a piece of .050 stainless tubing with a .009" wall into the hole then ream as needed is .032 proves to be too small. If I get this sorted well may become my year around thermostat. At .051 holds a steady 177 F at 55 mph. Drops to 175 F running 45 mph. At idle fully closes, sags to 173 F then then spikes 190 F and cycles a few times before settling into its load. The Balkamp like the Supersat has some bleed built into the disc. A V notch in the Stant and four slots in the Balkamp. This is suppose to help it maintain set point. Thing is the Balkamp, unlike the Stant, has a weir which closes the valve completely when cold. Patients Grasshopper.
  10. Neighbors are thinning their flower beds and I'm am benefiting. Hosta's, Black Eyed Susan. Easy care, easy wear plants I can actually handle. Digging in a new Hosta bed today in an area that has to much shade to support health grass. Good by me. More plants, less grass to mow. Reviving an older bed I have used as the grass clippings area the last few years. Makes really good dirt. We did okay with tomatoes this year so maybe add something else next year in that area. Fall is coming early. No end of yard projects. But man, best the yard has looked in decades.
  11. 9/18/2020 1,0000 Mile Oil Level Check Hunky Dory
  12. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10165102-9999.pdf
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