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  1. To me a 'nice sound' isn't about volume...it's about tone. Best sounding Harleys on the planet are baggers with low deep tones that whisper strength, not shout it like a mad five year old. Trucks ditto. Base....
  2. A.) Here's a trust issue in practice. Like Microsoft you didn't sort it out before you sold it. Your deliberate actions cause the consumer a huge issue, then you do it right and want the consumer to foot the bill (hoping he/she makes it outside warranty) or run him around the block until he's dizzy if he doesn't, and....AND....believe you got it right THIS TIME. B.) GM preaches the 5 micron rule and then creates a transmission (Terrain six speed) whose transmission requires complete disassembly to replace/service and basic maintenance component. A filter? Yep, GM has my best interest in mind.
  3. I repeat this on just about every post on this topic. Dexron VI is a fluids PHSICAL SPECIFICATION and not its fluid TYPE. Just like 30W is a specification and not a type. Marketing has misused the words until the English speaking world no longer understands the meaning of words in general. The specifications for D6 fluids can be met with several different fluid TYPES and that stuff in the drum is at the bottom of the materials performance list. Meeting a GM specification for the fluid means it meets the BASIC SAE fluid specification requirements. Does NOT tell you what its made from. What it's made from is its TYPE. BTW, not ALL 6L80E transmissions in all vehicles have dipsticks. Okay, not counting the one behind the wheel.
  4. Funny story. I use to operate a pair of 186,000 horsepower steam turbines. When starting one up you have 4 major harmonic critical points to traverse. Passing through one is done rapidly. Linger and BOOM. We had a guy park on the first order critical once for just few seconds and blew a 300 pound coupling to the runway at the airport five miles away. Took the roof on the compressor house. Tell ya what I think. I think most haven't a cursory understanding of harmonics.
  5. Yes I considered the Frantz and a few others and bought the AMSOIL unit and sandwich plate from Glow Shift...and...it all sits in boxes in the shop. I saw some Blackstone solids reports on oil before and after such filtration. It is indeed impressive. Fact is such filters clean the oil to a degree than NEW OIL can not compete with. After being impressed I had an moment of pause. How clean is clean enough? Obviously new oil that can protect a motor well past a million miles is certainly clean enough. Filters such as the AC-Delco PF63E are also capable of producing million mile motors when properly serviced. Fact is first million mile light duty gas motor I ever saw used a canister filter. (Pre 1960) https://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/28436/story-automotive-filters-engines Quote above link: "What makes today’s filters better than those of the past is the filter media itself. Early designs incorporated steel wool, wire meshes, metal screens and more to keep the particles from entering the system. The next iteration of the media was in the form of bulk cotton or various woven fabrics, like linen. When disposable filters became popular in the 1960s, cellulose and paper were used to minimize production costs. Although cellulose and paper filters still can be purchased today, a better technology exists: synthetic media". End Quote I lingered on "a better technology". Is that true? Depends on the goal. If you cleaning oil of the sake of clean oil then yes it's better. Next question...will that 'better technology' improve engine life in a practical manor? I doubt it and for a host of reasons. In fact it may just shorten it's life. The earlier designs promoted nearly instant oil pressure. High filtration efficiency filters delay that. In fact given cold oil and a tight filter you are on bypass. Given a filters flow bypass washes the solids collected on the outer pleats right into the main oil galley. As the filter ends it's service life the filters pressure differential increases and in motors whose primary pressure control is in the pump relief valve than means oil that was to go to the motor is dumped to the pan. Low oil volume. Not a problem with the newer pumps that regulate at the end of the circuit except in that case when the filter reaches end of life it's on bypass almost continuously. Point is, given the plethora of issues motors still manage very high mileage so again....how clean is clean enough? Yes I know the Frantz is a bypass system that has no impact on primary circuit pressures and very little impact on flow but....does it need to be this clean? I can find no evidence simply in the fact that history itself says NO. And yes I've see the GM 5 micron killer particulate reports and even promoted them myself for quite some months. Then how did we get million mile service before? Detergents and dispersants This K & P is tighter than any early design wool or screen (30 micron) and has enough filter area to NEVER be on bypass. Instant oil pressure measure at circuit end. I use an ester based oil with great natural solvency and a robust dispersant package. I keep her cool as the other side of the pillow and change oil at a rate most consider wasteful. About 4 TBN. I also have a guide. A 5.7 Hemi who has been on this filter since new and now has a quarter million trouble free on the clock.
  6. I have this thing for 40's/50's Brit Singles. (Bikes not whiskey) If you think you can treat one like a Yamaha SR500G you will not be able to keep it off the scrap pile. If you ride it with a WW II war time mentality it will last your life time and maybe your sons and put a smile on your face you will keep in your sleep. What mentality was that? It wasn't a toy for many. It was the family daily transport. Give it some respect and TLC. Know it better than the back of your hand. If that isn't your cuppa then ….
  7. First posts like these are forum trolls stirring the pot. Ignore it.
  8. Tell ya what this tread taught me. A GM dealership re-flash of the factory 'installed' settings is useless for other than assuring the base settings were not corrupt or after a major repair. They don't 'fix' anything because they don't 'do' anything. If the flash is a updated tables flash...that is a different kettle of fish. If the OEM build installed factory tune is the cause of a failure, restoring or assuring that those settings that crashed the system are functional is insurance it will happen again. Man I miss governor/vacuum controlled hydraulic transmissions. Tell ya what else I learned. Not a job for rookies and cherries. Just because a guy has the software and a shingle doesn't mean he has a clue. 1SLOW1500, hats off for this very informative presentation. Thank you.
  9. Did that to dad's 53 Ford package shelf back in the day kids still stood up in the back seat. What a thrash' n.
  10. My current Honda has just short of a quarter million miles on her and still my daily driver. We've had on Toyota that was at 300K and still going for the new owner. Last two Hondas over 200K each when sold and both still in service of their new owners. I put 100K on the current Silverado in three years and she still looks new top to bottom, front to back, inside and out. My best run at it yet!! In the 60's I got nervous when getting close to 100K. Now? Just getting broke in. Would have been then as well; had I known then what I know now. Dad and Uncle Bob run them half a million to a million each back in the day. I'm still learning. Fluid advice. Keep it cool. Load it light. Change fluid often. I'm a Red Line guy. AMSOIL is great as well. These are the only two I actually KNOW their chemistry.
  11. Balanced has zero to do with harmonics. Hit the resonant frequency and it will let you know, no matter how well balanced it is.
  12. I prefer not to invite danger. I have no trouble with this advice: Proverbs 22:3 The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences Yes, I know. I can't for see everything but I have many more miles behind me than before me and have become pretty good at ducking trouble.
  13. What kind of driving do you suppose it takes to put 300K on a 5 year old car?
  14. Problems with threads like this. 10 guys who never met each other with 10 different situations assuming 10 different assumptions are creating the exact same issue. Make a guys head hurt.... How would one begin to sort that actual defective units for those whose operators are aggravating a normal situation like the one below: What? You mean you can't abuse a transmission and have it ACT NORMALLY?
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