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  1. Tech Bulletin on JB-7011 lifters for GM LS engines ... - Melling Cut and paste into your browser. While this bulletin was posted before the Ecotec3 motor series for the LS series the Ecotec3 motors share this lifter, guide and basic VLOM/ECU strategy. Look it up yourself. Read it carefully. It is an oil related issue. Argue with Melling. They supply GM with OEM lifters. GM has a paper on this as well advising shorter OCI's. They are also in the process of DEXOS1Gen3 specs to reduce varnish and sludge below that of DEXOS1Gen2. I wonder why? In
  2. That is the sound mine made when this part warped. It is the shield over the starter at the bellhousing. When it warps it touches the ring gear on the flywheel for a few. Crazy, right? Drove us nuts finding it. Cheap part. Difficult install.
  3. 142,000 miles. Most of them on a Riesch Racing 170 F thermostat in an IPSCO housing. Upper hose in photo below. Uses old school 55 mm small block thermostats. It's a single cab and I have zero issues with winter heat even when -20 F. Fact is it will cook you like a turkey. Zero issues with a quick warm ups. Yes they are lower peak temperatures. It is why you install them. Tosses no codes. Motor oil remains safely warm. Depending on load, 188 to 205 F. No oil sludging. No fuel build up. Transmission runs cooler that a thermostat delete alone. On a re
  4. 85 is prevalent in the Rocky's https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/872160/ A point to a point and a half per thousand feet in elevation.
  5. What are you if you're an inclined plane helically wound around a central axis?
  6. Abused my truck yesterday. Our anniversary was today but she only could get yesterday off. No, the wife not Pepper. So we do what she wants to do. Drive around the city of Rockford Illinois for a few hours in circles. This city is the home of the 'we will stop you at every intersection for 3 minutes' land. Then giving me directions to a place to eat drives me literally around in a circle around a strip mall...twice...for a distance of a mile at 5 mph looking for a street that she's sure comes into the parking lot but does not. Then we head out of town and I think to myself...finally! Yea
  7. This will not fix the excessive oil usage and has nothing to do with it. Not since the release of the Ecotec3 motor platform. This is about stuck oil rings. Rings stick because the oil oxidizes creating solids and varnish that stick the rings in the lands and they no longer seal well. The oil oxidizes because it is forced to run to hot and for to long. Even 5,000 miles on a standard Dexos1Gen2 oil is to long. As long as people insist it should be 'other' they will continue to have this issue. Do not look to GM to back this idea or you. Lower your OCI to 3K. Fixing it it tough.
  8. The magnet is Neodymium the the Dorman is steel. Pretty sure it won't fall out. Glue is a formality. But lets say you can't live with that. Buy a few small N-50 Neo magnets off Ebay and stick them on your filter. Move them to the new filter when you change it out.
  9. MPT® Thirty-K High Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils The Thirty-K Line of full synthetic high performance motors oils are comprised of 100% true synthetic ester and polyalpaolefin (PAO) base stocks with no highly refined petroleum (Group I, II or III) or viscosity modifiers. From the MSDS: SECTION 3: Composition/information on ingredients INGREDIENT: CAS NO. % WT ACGIH-TLV-TWA Trade Secret Additives Non-Hazardous 12-20% Polyalphaolefin 68649-12-7 20-55% Polyester Polyol Proprietary 21-55% Ditridecyl Adipate, Diester 16958-92
  10. Well how about a front wheel close up and some dimensional detail. They look nice. PLEASE
  11. Okay, I'll bite. What's with the different wheels front to back?
  12. This video, after the motor build has a tour of the Royal Purple Oil Filter factory which includes EVERYTHING about this filter. The filter efficiency at 20 mics is 99.99%. That would be equal to the Purolator Pure One which I find really impressive. It still used the flat blow off spring. Hum.... But a really nice video. Item two: I am continuing to treat the fuel with the Red Line SI-1. First three at an ounce per gallon. The next three at a half ounce per gallon and the last three are in the maintenance mode of a quarter ounce per gallon. We
  13. It's hard to get your first post on such a 'hot button' responded to. What you are experiencing is ring coking. Oil has broken down to carbon and varnish and the rings are stuck in the ring lands. Yes I am assuming some thing like an otherwise mechanically sound motor. Getting them unstuck is a trick. But that isn't what you're asking. I have a motor currently that has used up to a quart is 600 miles and yet ran pretty good. Never fouled a plug although the plugs looked bad. Never plugged an intake runner although there was allot of valve back side fouling
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