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  1. There is about 3-1/2" difference. Give or take a smidgen. Don't measure from the ground. Use the difference between the axle center and fender lip. If you use the 2" block and remove the rear leaf spacer you will be really close.
  2. Operational Notes 6/9/2023 Continuous refinement of methods, constant observation and charting results; that is the yardstick of progress. Data. It's how I solve problems. Ignore the noise and listen to, observe what is in front of you and keep recording and charting until you see the patterns and understand the causes and effects. Never be afraid to make a mistake or to show your weakness nor ignorance. Know it all's learn nothing. Solve nothing. This vehicle is not out of the woods yet and it may never recover to its original state of operation, but it is now quite palatable. Had I listened to myself and trusted the data more, as I read it, and relied on 'experts' (plural) less a good deal of this could have been avoided. What the hey, right? Hindsight is perfect aways. One useful thing I did learn from an expert was to be patient when cleaning with esters. 30K is a number that stuck in my mind as an answer to the question, how long. Oil returns in oil control rings don't plug overnight and they will not clear overnight either. 30K is not a magic number. It's a reminder that this will take time....be patient. You may have noticed that the first few batches in this run actually produced a negative result! Consumption got worse. My gut tells me those first few batches that were cleaning more than just ring lands produced a good deal of freed deposits that perhaps finished off plugging those return paths in the lands. A contact at Total Seal helped me with the finer points of the second ring function. We call it a compression ring, but its main job is oil control. A scrapper. It will not function to design when flooded. I repurposed a DEF container I garbage picked at Love's as an oil bag for oil changes. 2.5 gallons not just covers every vehicle on the lot but is low enough to fit under them all on ramps. Nice when using a Valvomax. They are also milk jug translucent white. You see stuff easier. I quit using the poly jugs the oil comes in to measure outage. I now use glass measures. A 2-quart Mason Jar, a pint Mason and a 4-ounce bar measure. The poly jugs change shape with heat and are impossible to read with confidence. Even the flat sided quart bottles the HPL EC comes in will change 2 ounces over a few minutes of filling as they distort. Bulge from the heat. So, I gather in the DEG jug. Pour to measure and dispose in a 5-gallon poly jug. Time consuming but quite accurate. More so that the previous methods. Lab rats will poke holes in this method and in the absolute sense they would be correct. However, be consistent in everything the relative values will be solid enough to hang a hat on. In this motor, drain time is HUGE. Pick a number and live with it. Time it. I use an hour. Back to this jug I drain in. What do you suppose happens to the particulates that are finer than the filter can remove once the dispersant is saturated? That zero-to-5-micron material. Why do you drop your oil hot immediately after shutting down? Ever hear anyone make a big deal out of finding this sort of thing in the bottoms of new oil containers? Tis the reason I'm backing up the OCI to 1,250 miles. For now. Guy does UOA's for a lifetime and his oil shows low soot and insolubles and yet when the motor is torn down the insides do indeed have a nice build up. Dry oils that won't hold add packs. Silt in your drop and yet the oil test nice. There are solid reasons I use oils with a good base solvency and every time I deviate from that maxim I get bit. But hey, I'm only 70 and still learning. I'll leave expertise to the younger fellas.
  3. Parent's Magazine. First place I go for a vehicle review. Glad is made someone's A list.
  4. As the world looks at it, I never had much and still have most of that. But I always had enough. I could have had allot more but I kind of get in my own way sometimes. Turns out that was a blessing. Such self-induced affliction taught me to be quite content with what I do have and that the richest and happiest people in the world are not the ones with the most money or stuff but those who need the least. Those aware of their spiritual need are far happier that those aware of the swings of the markets. How much does one need to enjoy a perfectly prepared meal? Enjoy sunsets and sunrises. Trill at the song of evening crickets. Watch your children grow and not just grow up. Get lost in your wife's eyes or your child's smile. Awe at God's grand creations and how wonderfully they function in spite of men. That he cares about me and for me.... personally. To know that truth exist apart from opinion. To be secure in your knowledge. Enough so to ignore the noise that could steal your peace. Rob your joy. To explore your gifts. You don't pay money for any of this. You pay attention.
  5. Turbocharging At Elevation - Garrett Motion
  6. 213,742 Mile Services 6/8/2023 Factory Recall 9106207 performed. Windshield wiper transmission. Part # 87865202 (213,686 miles.) 1,742 miles this OCI. (Short as part of a synchronization to future 1,250-mile OCI's.) 4 Quarts Shell Rotella T6 5W40 1 Quart High Performance Lubricants SAE40 EC No filter this change. (#2) 11 ounces of make up on outage or a quart in 5,068 miles. 64.097 gallons of fuel on 1817 miles or 28.35 mpg, Oil consumption 0.13985% of fuel. 15,742 miles into this HPL cleaning cycle and I will keep it going until the improvement stops for a few consecutive OCI's.
  7. $3.31-$3.36 at the lowest cost stations. Still over $3.80 and up to $3.98 at others. All Regular 87 octane. This spread in as small at a 10 mile radius. Went to Iowa this past weekend where gas tax is considerably lower and gas prices were equal to local lows except near the border and within 20 miles of same. Cost in cents per mile has been steadily decreasing from the peaks as warmer weather improves mileage. If they find out prices will rise again.
  8. I think you have a non-problem myself. That is, it operating to design, and you've found the edge of its capabilities in its present state of design. Now you haven't said if this system is NHT or not, where you live, what the terrain is like this is happening on nor and most importantly what the ambient temperature was/is. So, you get three choices IF cooler is what you want. First one is easy. Slow it down. Even 10 mph will make a large difference. Some find that harder to do than others. Second, more radiator and more transmission cooler. Perhaps even a fan on the aux cooler. Lastly and this will draw some fire, lower the glycol content. You might find this link instructional. WaterWetter Supercoolant 3/00 (redlineoil.com)
  9. You can take a picture sir. Your wife know you have a truck p-o-r-n addiction?
  10. Records are all well and good. But you don't have to prove you did the right thing, they have to prove you didn't. Blow back all ya want. You are not guilty until proven innocent. Inocnet until proven guilty. No yea but to it. That out of the way. Dexos licensed oils MAY be better than those that are not and generally this is even true apples to apples. And while that might make a guy feel all warm and fuzzy truth is those branded licensed oils at best SLOW the rate the motor gets dirty. They do not PREVENT, nor do they have the ability to CLEAN. Those oils used per the OLM will not keep that motor clean. Fact is all OEM's have a permissible amount of varnish they see as just hunky dory. 150,000 miles is the target and then their business plan says you need to buy new. Proof? They quit supporting a warranty at 60K these days unless they lose a class action or a diesel. They also consider a quart in anywhere from 1K to 2K 'normal'. They use cast pistons in turbo motors with 10:1 or more compression suggesting 87 octane fuels. (Ecotec 2.0T). TSB's galore on even the Ecotec3 series motors on ring/piston replacements without cylinder prep that are not widely known and it's a BS fix. But they will drag you to death with consumption checks the go on forever and chemical cleans that work for like an oil change. Just wear your butt out. They don't care so it's on you sir. GDI pumps have access to the crankcase. Tank vents fail regularly purging into the inlet. Injector issues are common. Pig rich fuel maps. Coil triggers now in the coils and fail intermittently enough to drive you to distraction. Your interest are not theirs. The hardest part of the motor to keep clean is the rings and ring lands. I make a deal out of this as the search for the last Nth of mpg has brough the OEM's to 'low tension rings' and ultra-light oils. Ring sticking and oil consumption. I cut the OCI from 7.5K to 5K thinking that would be good enough and may have been IF the GDI HPFP hadn't leaked into the pan for lord knows how long. Nope. Stuck rings. Huge consumption and a multiyear cat fight to claw back utility. Got it to 200K and still driving it. Local GM dealer service writer can't believe I got it that far. She asked how and I told her "Without ANY help from GM". You want to use a shelf Dexos1 oil? Have at but give it a fighting chance and change it every 2-3K and keep the tune sharp as a razor. Don't ever let the same thief steal from you twice. I like my GM's. I liked my Honda's. Even liked the Fords and Toyota's I've owned. They ALL take the same amount of dogged vigilance. Seems no one noticed that SIDI engines cut oil life to shreds. Eveny one but the owner is quite happy with that.
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