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  1. I don't know if I'd go as far as 100% of the failures being cost cutting but yea...are very large percentage. There is a good number of guys shooting themselves in the foot as well. Could give them perfection and they would kill it. The one in bold.....likely these days. Scores of boys with toys that couldn't tell you the difference between a spark plug and a fire plug. That is just sad. Pretty sure though that diyer2 isn't on that list of "don't know don't care". He seems one of those guys for whom people line up to by his seconds. Just say' n.
  2. Brother that some expensive fluids. And now you know the real reason.
  3. I did a full workup and posted it once upon a time. The 'real' cost of a new truck is never considered. It is staggering. If it were far fewer vehicles would be sent to the crushers and far better care taken of the current paid for ride.
  4. Amen! This is the exact same path I'm following to the exact same crusher. So far, in my case, this has been to modify the suspension so it doesn't ride like a cement truck. King coilovers/shocks/front springs, Deaver rear leaves, Sulastic hangers. Modifying the cooling system so it runs somewhat cooler than Donte's Inferno. Modify/replace the trans pan and thermostat to the same effect. A dab of RTV on a new pinion seal. A replacement starter shield. Upgrade all fluids. 135,000 miles thus far fairly drama free. I'd like to take a moment to thank you for sharing your experiences with your project as I believe that it has helped me prevent many of the same issues. So again. THANKS!!
  5. Ya know....I want in the worst way to say rubbish....BUT....sad truth is, this isn't 1950-1960 anymore. And no I'm not saying it got too complicated. I'm saying boys/girls just gave up caring about it. It had been getting more complicated since horses quit drawing buggy's of families to church. If a monkey at the dealership can learn something so simple as a fluid check so can the monkey under his shade tree. Dad is 93. His first car a 29 Model A and his current a 2010 Buick. He is as good at working on his new one as he was on his first one and for the hundreds of people for whom he worked on theirs as well. He just cared to keep up. Learning has kept him young. I'm guilty of not keeping up as well as he has but I can still check transmission fluid and so can my sons and daughters.
  6. Trucks are hard if you treat the suspension system like a truck. How many cars do you ask to carry a ton in the trunk? If you ignore it's truck function it gets easier both on and off road. Yes if you bought to primarily tow or haul near the limit then skip this post. Dunn nails the springs function but that is one of three parts. Dampening and............and.........travel!! Enough travel for your largest deflection, Enough spring to put the shock around 50% travel. Enough dampening to stroke the shock 90% of it's travel at 90% of your expected normal speed. Play with that. It will come to you. BTW, King OEM are quite linear as delivered in dampening.
  7. Oh boy yes and wheel bearings never reach summer temperatures. I do coast down test often. The difference in a fully warmed truck at 85 F and one fully warmed at 0 F is over 100 yards from just 45 mph to 30 mph.
  8. Winter summer swing is more about lubricant temperatures than fuel composition. Four plus years of my gas motor mileage. Can you pick out the summers versus the winters? I don't warm up anything. Start and as soon as oil pressure is stable I'm moving. The smaller swings within a season are windspeed and trip speed/length influenced.
  9. Osteoarthritis in my lower back. I feel for you. In the feet would be awful. Not that the back is a picnic. I treadmill incline walk. Helps the back stay loose. I always do better in the summer than winter. More active. Still push mow a half acer lot. Anyway those first few hours in the morning are tough. Like crawl to the bathroom tough. A hot shower and some stretching really helps as does a trip the the chiropractor now and again when it get really bad. Nice wide back belt for lifting anything heavy like cases of water or long drives. I love to eat good food and hate to eat bad or even nondescript dishes. Problem is wife is a good cook I can eat or not. I found since this Covid thing started pushing us inside my snacking habits got out of control. A Mountain Dew in my hand often. Poor choices for snack foods. Adds up when your a grazer like me. I quite smoking about 7 years ago. That will mess with your metabolism hard. I went through a long period where my cholesterol was off the hook. Over 400 for a few years. Nothing done seems to help. Then in a blood work it was noted my vitamin D level was zero. I was working at the time indoors and on the graveyard shift 12 hours a day. Once my D level was restored my cholesterol dropped like a stone in a well. Under 150 total. Then old habits and I was in the low 200's again. Small statin now. Hoping this newest diet will eliminate that. I'm rarely bored. Age, change, relearn....
  10. Briggs and Stratton now has a lifetime motor oil fill. The problem with these strategies is in the word "lifetime". Recent lawsuits brought against OEM's for this and that tend to favor 150K miles (240 km) as a life time. Follow that with this warranty: For most new 2019-2020 Chevrolet vehicles, coverage is for the first 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, see dealer for details. The 2020 1500 Series Light Duty (LD) pickups equipped with a 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Engine and 2500 and 3500 Series Heavy Duty (HD) pickups equipped with a Duramax® 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine are covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, see dealer for details. Qualified commercial fleet/government vehicles purchased are covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, see dealer for details. Please refer to the Limited Warranty Owner Assistance Information or a Chevrolet Dealership for additional details. Gas motors are now buried in the fine print. Talk about hedging your bets! 2020 Owners manual page 339 states: Automatic Transmission Fluid When to Check and Change Automatic Transmission Fluid It is usually not necessary to check the transmission fluid level. The only reason for fluid loss is a transmission leak or overheated transmission. This vehicle is not equipped with a transmission fluid level dipstick. There is a special procedure for checking and changing the transmission fluid in these vehicles. Because this procedure is difficult, this should be done at the dealer. Contact the dealer for additional information or the procedure can be found in the service manual. See Publication Ordering Information 0 467. On page 443 of same said manual in the severe service tables it list 45,000 mile transmission fluid OCI's https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2020/chevrolet/silverado-1500/2020-chevrolet-silverado-owners-manual.pdf Link above provided as the PDF would not allow me to copy and paste a table. TIP...every mile you drive is all severe service. Have a trans failure between 45,000 and 60,000 with out a fluid change and you WILL find out the hard way. One further interesting note if found on page 437 related to motor oil. Made me laugh out loud. Engine Oil Change When the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message displays, have the engine oil and filter changed within the next 1 000 km/600 mi. If driven under the best conditions, the engine oil life system may not indicate the need for vehicle service for up to a year. The engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year and the oil life system must be reset. Your trained dealer technician can perform this work. If the engine oil life system is reset accidentally, service the vehicle within 5 000 km/3,000 mi since the last service. Reset the oil life system when the oil is changed. See Engine Oil Life System 0 337. Here's a real simple fact. There is no such thing as a lifetime fluid unless you expect the thing to need rebuilding every 100,000 - 150,000 miles totally worn out. So it isn't about GM worrying that a routine maintenance procedure people have done for the last 120 years is all the sudden to difficult for the owner to do. OEM's CONTIUE to attempt to control the narrative of something YOU OWN to their best interest.
  11. There is huge pressure from the Government to limit the amount of waste oil. They don't seem to understand that building a new vehicle causes more toxic waste and carbon foot print than a few fluid changes. Very short sighted.
  12. Something they never told the customer back in the day of clutch pack Posi was that clutches only last about 40K between needed new clutch packs. I would expect the G80 to last a bit longer as it is prevented from activation to 125 wheel RPM delta.
  13. This will improve as miles are accumulate. Personally I've never owned a diesel but my gas motors peak somewhere after 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers) Air cooled a bit quicker that water buffalos. Be patient.
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