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  1. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    It's about information and how it's used to leverage an advantage. But yes determination is key indeed. Glad you like it. And thank you for your support. You have a nice sense of humor. Cute device. I believe there is or was an E assist is a few markets. We almost bought a Buick Lacrosse with E-assist but the wife thought the car was 'to old' for her. I wouldn't be apposed but not for this project. Pepper is special. She's an anomaly. Back in the 50's - early 70's getting nice gains was a cake walk the tech was so weak. Today it's a rare bird that leaves anything on the table. Pepper has the fortune to be a 3/4 sibling to the 5.3 and for whatever reasons only GM can explain they decided to build in some fat that doesn't exist in the larger V8's. That last graph is a common technique used in almost any R&D lab as are most of the charts and graphs I use. First year stuff really. Point is they are tools anyone can use to see where they are, how much cushion they have and point one in a direction to reap some benefit. All it really takes is an open mind and a calculator and note pad. Yes you can use your slide rule.
  2. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Physics is full of mathematical constants. The electrical time constant of a coil charging, The mechanical time constant of an electric motors spool rate. A constant is a value of progression. These physical constants have a value of 63.2%. Fuel used has such a curve. I’ve collected data and plotted three curves that interest me. Maybe it will you as well. On a dead level road using a GPS altimeter and Odometer and under zero wind conditions I metered and calculated a fully warmed up multiple pass averaged fuel usage of 33.5 MPG @ 50 mph. That’s Peppers current peak obtainable utilization under ideal summer conditions. The calculated Fuel Constant for that value plotted as the Orange line. It's a standard method. Starting from dead cold, cruise is set, after coming to speed, for 145 miles consuming 5.1 gallons of fuel. Miles driven per each quarter of a gallon of fuel is logged. I had made six previous runs to check the calibrations. This 145 mile run was repeated twice to check repeatability using 5.104 gallons on one run and 5.098 gallons on the second. Dead Bang. Pepper is highly repeatable which makes this so much easier. The data collected; the calculated point to point ‘instant’ mpg values per quarter gallon were plotted in gray. The running average is plotted in blue. This chart displays a RMS value of 83.2% of theoretical. It can be better. If anyone is interested it how I use such a chart to develop Peppers modifications, ask away. Popcorn anyone?
  3. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    A narcissist is a person: who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. (Google Dictionary) What is: An excessive interest and admiration for the laws of God which include mathematics and science? Engaged in your life? Your hobby? Your Creator? If you are proficient at a thing It makes you a craftsman. If your assured in your abilities and knowledge, you're confident. If that makes you forceful in your positions delivery that makes you passionate. If you sign your work, "That's one paradigm the other is?", offering popcorn; it's an open invitation to hear your take on it. None of that is narcissistic. Here's the thing. When I write a thing you have choices. Take the invitation. Chose to agree to disagree and say so like you own it as others have done. You can offer PROOF of error. You can stay silent. Silent is good. 165,000+ members do it every time I write anything. You should give it a go. By a dictionary. Time to get back to the business of Pepper.
  4. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    This is a build thread ina forum dedicated to PERSONAL builds. This one is MY build thread. I've recorded where I started, what I've done, the result. That's the point. Do you understand that? This is not about YOU or your truck. Don't you have a thread of your own? You want to compare something you THINK you MIGHT be able to do for a distance of 100 miles to what Pepper accomplished over 70,000 miles? I don't have to think about it, this thread is the record of what she's done for a thousand miles, five thousand miles, ten thousand miles or a life time. I could by you a truck like mine and you couldn't duplicate the result if I handed you a road map. Which I have and your laughing at me? I don't care about what you THINK YOU CAN DO.
  5. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    All "that nonsense" has netted Pepper a 20% gain in fuel efficiency and it will double her life baring a French Kiss with a deer. This response of yours is a perfect example of the sort of thing I totally disregard to achieve my goals. Stopped listening to things like this and 'double dog dare you' when I was about five. Thanks for the example. You have a nice day. Prudence is wise indeed.
  6. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Sir I made my living doing just that. I wore allot of hats in the field that chose me but the one worn the best was just being a good old fashion troubleshooter. I fixed stuff companies didn't even know was broke and a few things that were no one else seemed to be able to get a figure on. God gives everyone some gift, right? Processes. Equipment. SOP's. Methods. It's all fair game. Know why Harley Davidson refuses to use 10W40? The buyers perception that 40 is for Asian bikes but 'real bikes' use 50 or even 60 weight. I'm not tied to any such 'man card' thinking so I get to reap the benefit of not following a popular misguided thought. Just picking the low hanging fruit. Using my education to make adjustments that allow more effectives means, methods and/or products to be used. But sometimes an idea persist due to conflicting goals. OEM's want good economy sure but they also want some other things too. Longevity. Emissions. Buyer perception. Mostly they want to remain in control of the product no matter whose name is on the title. They get to decide how long it last and how well it serves it's host with the end game in mind of keeping the next product cycle going. Give that some thought! Some of those goals align with mine. Some are diametrically opposed. There is also this Stan; and you actually know this, in fact, I'm likely preaching to the choir; the end user has the most impact on what and how a product performs. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are a great example. The Bullet 500 was a bike unchanged over 50 years in production. In point of fact it digressed when production moved to India from England. Cheaper raw materials and a failing quality control system. If you understood this you didn't try to ride it like it was a Honda and got great results. But most buyers tend to want to treat a thing as they believe it 'should be' instead of 'what it is' and never even explore 'what it could be'. I'm the guy in that last group. A guys MAN CARD can only be revoked with the permission he gives by submission to fear, ignorance and stupidity. Well...and telling God to leave the buss can get your ticket punched. He's the guy that made the laws of the Universe and somehow when those laws become troublesome to someone they tend to reject those laws and NEVER does that favor them. Fuel economy is just one on a long list of subjects where people ignore his laws to their own demise. People will argue till they drop over 'the why of a thing' or a 'how' but the results are harder to call out on, right?
  7. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Oh it's crossed my mind. I have four tracks within two hours in three directions. Union Grove, Byron, Cordova and Chicagoland Speedway US 66. A few more within 4 hours. Indy and Humboldt Iowa, Eddyville Iowa. I would have to address the transmission tune for that me thinks. Sound right? Do you think people understand that the last bump in mileage came from the 0 in the 0W20 vs the 5W20?
  8. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    5,574 miles / 189 gallons = 29.56 MPG. Pretty sure I can call this a trend. Including the 714 miles of thermostat failure. Entire summer to date has averaged 29.82 mpg up from last summers 27.24 mpg average. Up 8.7%. This amount the data definable result of lower vis Redline allowed by better heat management. Trans pan is the next project as soon as I can get in touch with my head wrench. Vacation season. Jury Duty. Interruptions of my plans.
  9. Oil Recommendation

    GM can approve any API spec they chose but they have no power to create a separate spec. Any spec they license is already an approved API spec. The Dexos license is a written assurance that some required spec is met. That anyone needs to be paid to make an assurance they can receive for free by reading both the GM standard and the bottle is beyond me. It's the reason API classification labels exist. What a racket. So yes, it is a spec that GM gets companies to pay them a license fee to put a label on a bottle. It works as people are so gullible and lazy they need a program to legend the program. Looks like GM is attempting an end run around the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.
  10. Saw this happen on a 70 Chevelle a week old. It was a primer prep issue. You are looking at two panels complete. I just had the lift gate on the wife's Terrain done for $600. Two doors on a Scion cost me $800. A quality shop is worth it $$$$ price. I had two other shops to the Scion the made it worse than is was when I brought it to them. This third guy can paint.
  11. Oil Recommendation

    From the linked web site: Does Oil Can Henry’s carry dexos-licensed oils? There's a clue. Dexos is a LICENSE not a specification. A specification is something developed in the lab. A license is something that happens at a dinner party where money changes hands above the table. A major without a Dexos license can still afford to send his kids to college. Chevron supplies about half the Dexos licensed brands raw materials. You think they could muster the ability to qualify for a license? Just say'n, they aren't drinking the GM tea.
  12. Quantum Leaps

    Stan it posted before I was finished. Hit a hot key or something. Read the last half. You'll get a chuckle.
  13. Quantum Leaps

    I read this several times to make sure I got it. I think I do but there I go thinking again. Gets me in trouble. I would expect your statement in bold is on the money. Longevity is the #1 reason for it's use and as you, I find it cost effective. I can't speak for you on this point however that even when I use it at much shorter intervals than Mr. Joe Consumer I still find it cost effective. I say this based on my habit of 5K changes which I do consider 'extended' compared to my 'father's day' 2-2.5K intervals. Part of Peppers mileage numbers do come, as you say, from a pace that would drive a Woodpecker nutty; but not all. I can directly attribute a good deal of her efficiency to Red Line lubricants properties and to the heat management methods employed to reap those benefits from viscosities and grades not recommended by the manufacture. In fact in direct violation of my warranty, which I never have worried about. My speed aside Pepper's 'same speed' performance is a solid 5 mpg over the factory delivered values. That lone pays for my synthetic habit. Not so quick story. I run 10W40 Red Line car oil in the motor of my air cooled full dress 2005 Twin Cam Harley 88 and have from early on. She now has just under 50K on the clock. I run twin coolers and made a filter set up that allows filtration before cooling and a filter with a pint more capacity. Before Red Line I tried Screaming Eagle, Royal Purple and Amsoil, all 20W50 Motorcycle blends. Red Line in the same set up consistenly runs 10-15 degrees cooler than any of the others and 25 degrees cooler than Harley " Black Bottle" conventional. Early TC-88's were know to eat the cam chain tension shoes to the backing plates in 35K miles and so about that time my dealer and riding buddy begged me to service the system citing multiple examples of motors pushed past that limit that ate the backing plates and grenade the motors. I ran her to 45K and then submitted out of fear I am ashamed to say. Instead of cutting the pushrods and refitting S&S adjustable to save time and money I gave the shop a blank check. Told them to disassemble the entire top end, sans cylinders and to mic every part. Any part not within 5% of new was to be replaced without a phone call. I also authorized the installation of the new TC-88 hydro system and larger oil pumps. I got a phone call the next day that sounded like a doctor telling his life long patient that he has a terminal illness and only days to live and I better get to the shop pronto. My heart sank into my shoes and I ran right over. Shop owner, mechanic and a factory rep were standing by my bike all shaking their heads. As I approached with her guts laying the table I braced for the bad news Dan, the wrench in charge of the shop started to laugh and tossed me a tension shoe that looked brand new. I was confused as the hydro system was to be installed. "No," he says, "those are not the new replacements, those are the ones we are taking out". Fact was try as they might, there was not one single part that measured outside NEW specs!! The camshafts still hadn't a wear pattern to them nor the rollers. The entire service would not have been needed for double that distance. A distance the routinely sees three complete cam chest refits. The shop manager had been laughing at me and warning me about use of the light oil and never missed a chance to tease me about it in front anyone willing to listen. That day he converted the shops go to oil to Red Line 20W50. At home I made a deal with everyone I rode with. Let me do a full three hole Red Line fill at your next service. If you can't feel and hear the difference by the time you reach the end of the block I'll not only pay for that oil change, I'll pay for whatever you want me to put in it and eat the labor and gaskets. I've done quite a few and never had anyone go back to whatever they were using.
  14. Do you like your job/career

    I think I always loved my work. My bosses not so much. In fact my work was more like play time than work time. My play time more like work. I got to do things, go places, learn things and teach in the end that made it like going to college and having the college pay for your education and your mistakes. The formal education past high school cost me more than it gave. API, Getty and Chevron had some great schools and teachers I'm still indebted to. Everything is outsourced now. I pity the young.
  15. Quantum Leaps

    Before we had many warm days this year I did a service dump, filter and fill of the trans with Red Line D6. A 50/50 then of the factory fill Delco and Red Line. The next eleven tanks averaged 2 mpg over Peppers life time average with a lot less tank to tank variation. Some data noise suppression likely due to the level and less tank to tank variation. The increase...a seasonal change in average ambient temperatures in part and the higher lubricity and slightly lower viscosity of Red Line D6. The next five tanks would up the ante another mpg, 29.5 mpg as the trans stat was bypassed allowing not only more rapid heating due to a more advantageous temperature. The next change saw a switch from 5W20 to 0W20 and four tanks around 30.3 mpg...then...the thermostat failure crashed two tanks as I awaited parts for a new plan of attack. A slightly higher water temperature (10F) and a more stable and reliable thermostat. Running a bit faster and with the AC as peak summer temps arrive has Pepper at 29.94 mpg. The AFM is on most of the time and that was the plan to increase switched on time to the maximum via perfecting viscosity through a combination of heat management and viscosity choice. Mission accomplished. I will be at the mercy of the weather and my convictions from this point forward. I actually expect to backslide a few mpg as I start increasing speeds further and use of the air for the seasons remainder more often. While all the summer data is yet to be collected, August ends my summer frame, to date Pepper is 8.7% above 2017 summer months. 8.6% above the running averages initial values thus seeing a 16.2% increase in the 24 point moving average over last summer and a whooping 25.8% Increase in here best 6 point moving average. All this while increasing average road speed about 5 mph and prudent use of the AC unit. Most of these increases are the result of quicker heat ups to more stable running temperatures. Something I will continue to refine. Truth is, I've plucked most of the low hanging fruit. Odd side note. After a 400 mile trip today that resulted in 29.5 mpg, I was disappointed. Really disappointed in a tank under 30 mpg. I'm loosing it.

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