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  1. Okay I've reviewed this document and have some observations. 1.) Diesel motors. Way different than gas motors on multiple levels that affect OCI's 2.) Evap chamber temperatures 195 - 210 F. It's a secondary filtration type. Removes soluble materials. Acid, Water, Fuel. 3.) 1-2 micron bypass filtration. 4.) Cat C15 motors carry 10 GALLONS of oil!!!! 5.) No mention of make up oil or additive addition. Not to say some of this isn't useful....as always.
  2. Body drop was 250 in NCY today. We still talking car crashesj and the flu?
  3. What is shows is he isn't willing to be morbid betting on death. You make some weird deductions.
  4. I grew up on the Sons of the Pioneers, Horton, Cash, Robins and Hank. But I danced to allot of Diffie and loved his music.
  5. I actually took a note of hope in the part where it talked about the effect of available care has on MR. Of course 'available' does hinge on cooperation but we do have pretty good care in the US. I was a bit disheartened in the story of the young man turned away for lack of insurance that dies in route to the county/state hospital. Sad humans can be that cold.
  6. I may be in this alone but I wonder if anyone else has noticed the shameless ingratiating that's now displayed in advertising? Cadillac advert comes to mind. Many others. Oh, Angle Soft toilet paper advert is killer. Hoard people we will make as much as you can store!!! We are here for you in your time of need! (wink-wink)
  7. 3/29/2020 Doubting that I'll run out another tank; the running average at the end of March is 25.13 mpg. A mild up tick on a strong month wherein the lowest tank was 26.16 mpg. Higher daytime temperatures a big help. I've started tracking fuel per oil change and considering using this as a marker instead of miles. Someone brought this up once in another thread. For now just tracking. Interesting idea. If that someone reads this post drop a line and give some detail if you like. Right at 2K on this oil change. AMSOIL is darker out of the bottle than Red Line. Taking some getting use to when doing visual checks. She got a bath this month. I need a warm low wind day to wipe down under the hood again. Driving has become our family social distancing recreation and we've been finding some new roads. Perhaps when spring is in bloom some new photos.
  8. This looks like some fairly balanced information https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/03/dont-panic-the-comprehensive-ars-technica-guide-to-the-coronavirus/
  9. These things get sideways when the argument splinters into: 1.) What the OCI CAN claim. 2.) What the OCI SHOULD be. 3.) What the OCI WILL be. Can be is what the oil bottler claims. Should is what someone else thinks. Will is what is going to happen. What's going to happen.....is 5K OCI in the truck and Honda and 2.5K in the Terrain. Once a year in the Buicks
  10. 3/27/2020 115,912 miles Replaced drivers side low beam. Done through the drivers side fender apron. 3 minutes instead of three hours. Lady down the street noticed it out from her window. (Shelter behavior) Thanks!!
  11. Hum, Royal Dutch Shell gives a 500,000 mile warranty if you use Shell Helix or Pennzoil ULTRA Platinum from day one. What's AMSOILS?
  12. Because he can't buy a new "normal sized" 1960 3/4 ton? Tip for ya. Don't weld if you can't handle a flashlight. Let him vent. He ain't hurt' n no body.
  13. I live just south of the Belvidere Dodge truck/Jeep plant. US 20 runs through the middle of their property. I've seen paint crews outside in the dirt lots repainting panels. Pepper has dirt in the fender and roof panels. Oh boy does it happen.
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