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  1. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

  2. Please help, unfixable fuel mileage

    What? We agree again? Is this going to be a habit?
  3. Please help, unfixable fuel mileage

    How fast do you drive? Your tires and gearing are kill' n ya.
  4. The seals nor the clutch linings don't know the difference.
  5. What is your hobby?

    Basically her color. I have this Hispanic friend, Moises, that said she looked like Uno Caliente Chile Jojo. Which lead somehow to the "Red Hot Chile Peppers" and he informing me that this is like saying a hot red pepper-pepper. The two words mean the same thing in the two languages. The bands name is thus laughable. So he says Chile, I followed Pepper, we laugh and it stuck. ( I think he's got the hots for her).
  6. What small army have you ticked off?
  7. What is your hobby?

    My truck, Pepper is my hobby. One I likely speed to much time on. Why is it important? Hummmm. Well she doesn't have an opinion nor an ego. Everything she says to me is true and trustworthy. It is impossible for her to lie. She loves to teach and I love to learn. She submits only to the laws of the Universe. In doing so I learn truth. She asks only that I pay attention and respond is step with that truth. I'm actually not given a choice if I wish to keep her. I could say the exact same thing about God but he isn't a hobby. But he did provide the laws Pepper responds to so I get a peak behind the curtain so to speak. Don't ya love two/fers. And then there is KARNUT.....(kidding Stan)
  8. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Yes it is and a good one. I want to see the one that looks better than the one submitted without as well. And then the explanation of what benefit there is between two.
  9. Anyone here quit chewing or attempted?

    I smoked for 35 years. One to five packs a day depending on my mood an stress level. Chewed only a few. Clean now 6 years. Like you Chris, depression kept me away form Chantix but I tried EVERYTHING they sold and quit twenty times a day for over five years. I finally dawned on me one day that I would never be able to quit a habit by replacing it with another habit that contained the same additive ingredient I was trying to quit! Call me slow. I'd done it often enough to know the discomfort of the withdrawal so warned the wife that for the next four days I wasn't going to be a very nice person. (some say I'm still not) I made myself a promise that I would not turn 60 as a smoker. So at age 59 - 364 days - 23 hours - 59 minutes and 59 seconds I put out my last smoke, tossed my tin, lighter, ash trays, rolling papers and so on and went to bed. I took allot of showers the next three days. Hard to smoke in the shower. Prayed more than I ever have and gritted it out. When people ask how I just say, "Grit and God".
  10. Day I received my lightly used15 I had the leading edges of the hood and front fenders clear bra. Then I put on WT no-drill flaps. It already had Go-Rhino tubular step rails. Bought the pieces of plastic GM had for any trim level and applied. The box corner protectors and some black RTV to install them. I avoid gravel like the plague and never follow closer than 200 feet at highway speeds. I repaired the one chip it had in it when delivered. Wish I would have cleared the painted bumper. The truck is now closing in on 100K miles and I have repaired less than six chips over nearly three years. I have two small ones now that need attention. The front bumper looks like bird shot and will receive attention yet this summer. Even up close the body looks new. Chip repair has been very easy and I expect mainly because the paint is so hard. Protection is key. I had the paint measured when I had PDR done on the box sides for the factory 'wave' and it metered in +/- a hair either side of 3 mills. Yea, some areas like near the rear bumper were under 3! So thin that in that area it looks sort of orange instead of Victory Red. But boy does it shine. And why are you trading a truck with under 20K on the clock? Got money to throw away?
  11. What kind of oil

    Red Line High Performance or AMSOIL Signature Series and a WIX WL10255 or NAPA Gold equivalent (same filter). Change on 5K intervals. These Ecotec3 motors run hotter than your grandmother's Olds and are thermally hard on oil. If you put an actual oil pan temperature gauge it will scare the crap out of you. If it doesn't then you deserve what you get. These two will take a pretty good beating if changed often enough. I expect it has never had a trans service either and perhaps not a diff and Xfer case service. Same two suppliers and use the GM trans filter. It's actually a very good one. Cabin and inlet filters. AC Delco OEM. Personally I prefer the Red Line D6 for the transmission but that is a personal choice. I have no preference for the diffs.
  12. 2015 Silverado 4.3 V6

    I gave about $4K less than that for my 2015 RCSB 2WD V6 with a thousand miles on the clock. I know yours is a 4X4 but it also has 18K on the clock. Just saying. It is a pretty one. As far as the motor. It is quite powerful and driven and maintained well can get better than the EPA numbers although most people don't get even close. I've run 87 pump regular in mine for about 95,000 miles. Runs great.
  13. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    New chart beginning Jan 1, 2019. Less information makes current progress easier to see. As can be seen the 3-Click method has really taken the noise out of the data. (compare first 8 tanks to the remainder which is the point of change) The two highest days were both over 70 F. In fact the chart is almost a thermometer. The orange line is still the lifetime average. The yellow line is a 12 point moving average since the years beginning. There has not been a tank under 30 mph in 15 fill ups. We have a service coming up Thursday where I will be going back to the 0W20 Red Line High Performance to see if there is anything there. I bought a case so at least the next 10K miles. I looking for more than a mileage improvement. I also want to see what, if any effect it has on heat. This will be a recheck of an earlier test. So A to B to A to B. Each segment several thousand miles. Last color check today. Call it 5,000 miles. If I remember I'll draw a sample for color on Thursday. On the dipstick it is quite clear yet. Cooling it down this much has had a MAJOR impact on slowing thermal oxidation. I've put new oil in cars that was darker than this. Jason will be taking some measurements to build the brackets for the bypass system. When he has them finished we will install it on the next change. Have a visual look over that next change then perhaps some more UOA including particulates. That change will also be the 100L service and I expect some larger work to be done. Plugs, wires and so on. Some of this will hinge on timing of each event as it unfolds so nothing is concrete. Playing it by ear. Air temperature has a large influence on MPG. I expect this is something in the fuel tables. Tire pressures have a large influence on MPG. Wind speed and direction have a large influence on MPG IF over 10 mph. Little notice under that speed. Oddly terrain does not have as much influence as one might think. At least in fuel programs where fuel injectors are shut off on deceleration. As long as the down grade is steep enough to shut them off.
  14. Real world city MPG?

    Know what the minimum speed is on a NASCAR long track? 160 mph before you get the black flag. That is 45-50 mpg slower than the 'fast lane'. No whinners. Indy car it's 15%. As much as 60-70 mph speed delta. Who is more safety minded than these two? Unsafe is people insisting on a right to be unsafe and what could be more unsafe than someone insisting someone else drive according to their wishes and abilities? In the Midwest you can drive a horse and buggy (Amish) on a public road. Get over it.

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