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  1. I got my first bike when about 10 years old. Learned to ride on a frozen river It took until I was about 25 to get a license. You spend the first year learning to ride it then the rest of your life learning to stay alive on it. Like you, if I wish to ride I go out and shake hands with the FLH and if she shakes hands back...we ride...if it feels the least bit funny...we do something else. People the have never ridden on the street, and yes that includes guys who ride dirt only, are asphalt stupid behind the wheel. Early on in life I went to church with a young man who was a factory Team Suzuki works rider. Expert by his 15th birthday. He got his first street bike when he turned 20 and was dead two days later because he hand zero street smarts and even less asphalt skills. They might as well be as different as a Pogo stick and a jet ski.
  2. Interesting that is. I just noticed a difference between my trip meter mileage and the odometer mileage. I suppose I should have caught it quicker but I got lazy and only used the trip for my calculations. Had I used both I would have noticed the odometer puts miles on faster than the trip. Not a few tenths either (per fuel stop). I made a marker in my log and will do a long term compare starting now.
  3. I've never bought a really expensive anything that stands out as a crisis buy. I have bought a few things that were once expensive to someone after their crisis.
  4. Not what I meant. fa get'a bout it
  5. Almost everything I read seems to preface every statement with "due to inaccurate or due to gaps in reporting or...." and then continues to argue their case, whatever their case may be on the very thing they admit or have reason to believe is inaccurate. My eye witness didn't actually see this guy kill this other fella but base on this eye witness testimony he did it. Or didn't do it depending on which turn is expected. This whole thing is like a murder trial without a body. It seems unlikely to me that a society that can track down a mad cow to the the very stall in was born in anywhere in the world is unable to decide the cause of death of a COVID-19 patient. I heard in a pod cast this or that. This is now proof of anything? I heard it in a pod cast? Better! Claiming the CDC numbers are wrong......until those numbers support an argument then there good to go. My favorite is the best minds in the world haven't got a handle on this but a few guys in a forum do. Are we missing the obvious? If the best minds have no agreement then there isn't any actual knowledge. No one has anything 'figured out' All this is just noise
  6. How many threads do we have complaining about transmission issues? How many of those issues are caused by neglected fluid? How many believe there is such a thing as any 'forever' part? Really? Define forever! My forever is around a million miles GM's forever is about 60 thousand Before you say a million is unrealistic ask yourself is 60 K is
  7. I just wash mine with cold water and Rain X spot free then microfiber is dry. Looks good until the truck needs washing again. Been on there 6 years now. Still looks new. Less is more.
  8. That's the problem with liars. Then it becomes everyone's problem.
  9. This is my understanding as well. Sadly in my area the love for fellow man suffers greatly. Often I and the wife are the only ones wearing a mask and catching the looks. I don't mind and neither does she. To quote another, "Bingo". A child gets in an auto wreck and breaks the spine. Can no longer walk. Forced to relearn every part of life no matter how long it takes or how much it cost. Never realizing that cost provides work and need and, and, any......
  10. Curious thought that children live in a bubble that protects others from their infections don't you think?
  11. Oh yea, I've seen it a few times. I like reruns. IMO, what changes when you choose an oil is the OCI length. The same brand can have several different formulations that run the full spectrum of what's possible. Now that Phillips has bought Red Line, that brand alone formulates everything from NexGen recycled to virgin PAO/POE's. Anything with a Dexos licence will get the job done. Ability is not the issue. The issue is; for what service length. Pesonally? AMSOIL SS then Red Line HP then Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Filter wise I'm a Purolator Pure One guy. I like my filters to actually filter. Sometimes they are hard to find. The BOSS from Purolator is often easier to find. They filter almost identically but the BOSS service life is longer and reflected in it's price. AMSOIL Ea is my second choice. Mostly because is cost twice as much or more. Only slightly less efficient than the Purolator. Third choice is WIX Gold / NAPA. Not the platinum Cheaper, less efficient but built well and for the majority close enough for horseshoes There is no fourth choice IMHO AS we are tossing opinions around
  12. Ya know what happens when you squeeze a pimple really hard....right? (Small motor, big boost) Offenhauser
  13. At the 20% dosing rate it moves the 100 C viscosity about two SAE grades. It's also is really 'tacky" like chain bar oil. Sticks to anything . It is a mineral oil. Much more viscous than ISO 600 gear oil.
  14. 07/04/2020 Operational Note: 90 F day. 50% humidity. Interstate at 55 mph. A/C on. I wanted to know how much the A/C was going to effect the fuel economy and operating conditions. Water temp 175 F. Oil Temp. 199 F. Transmission temp 160 F. IAT 90 F. So a few degrees of oil temp. Literally 4 degrees oil and about the same on the transmission. Water temp average for the conditions. On fuel, I ran 300 miles with a couple of short breaks. Had 12 miles on the tank for 312 total and used 10.279 gallons of Murphy's finest 87 E-10. 30.35 mpg for the test. Second highest tank it has recorded this year. Very efficient HVAC system. Guess I'm done with the window cranks.
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