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  1. Which Paradigm?

    Paul is quoting a prophecy recorded in Jeremiah 31:33. Reading the entire context in Jerimiah God is speaking of his law being written in their hearts at a future time replacing the old law of Moses. Christ did this at his death and Paul is commenting on that. That replaced law was also written in their heart. By what means? Deuteronomy 6:6-9. God gave them the law and it was handed down father to son, Inculcated. It is not of mans personal origin and as Deut 6:12 indicated it can be forgotten, and it has been by many. So what can we say about the Law? It CAN be written on mans heart but it is a choice and not automatic. You have to want it there and be taught it by him who gives it. As with anything we learn our sense of it and precision is it's use depends a great deal on our personal level of effort we put into it.
  2. Which Paradigm?

    No one has God's original stone tablets and the mediums Moses wrote on have long since decayed. The first three books for example that contain early history and the Law given to Moses were written some 3500 years ago. The newest of the Hebrew Scriptures was written about 430 B.C.E. What translators work with are the oldest copies of copies of copies we have available to translate from. The Greek Scriptures fair better in this regard the last books written just before 100 C.E. Those works we copied by 'scribes'. It was a full time job that exacted extreme accuracy of copy to the point of counting individual letters of an entire text. Translators today that compare one copy to another which were completed hundreds of years apart find the integrity of the copies to be, with rare exception, quite identical. Even fragments of texts are consulted. Then there is the matter of language. Both the Hebrew and Greek forms of the language it was originally written in are dead languages as are many others. They come and go as we have experienced in our own lifetimes. Scholars, linguistic experts if you will, exist who translate texts word for word to the best of the current understanding of the language in question. A Greek Interlinear is fine example of a word for word rendering. But like any translation from it's origin to the target language it isn't always so smooth. Grammar, use of verbs and tense literally translated can change the intended meaning of a thought so rendered. The meaning is more important than word for word exactness especially in cases where no word exist in the target language that is a literal exchange. For example the Koine Greek of Scripture has four distinct words for "Love" and each is unique in it's meaning. English has but one. The meaning or idea of a word in English is often found in its context and not in its word. For the Greek to opposite is often true. German has individual words that when translated to English are entire paragraphs. What a world. More later as this is getting long in the tooth and I have some appointments to keep. Sorry to be partial.
  3. Which Paradigm?

    Asked and answered but PM'd you anyway. Of choice? I suppose so. I understand 20th century English better than 15th century Kings English. It's both literal and accurate. When I want the word for word I read my Greek Interlinear. I read Byington's Living English version and like it allot. Sometimes my mothers KJV or American Standard versions she taught me with and left me. Gideon's at the doctors office. I have several "of choice'.
  4. Which Paradigm?

    You would be in good company as Paul seems to agree with some limitation: Romans 2:14 For when people of the nations, who do not have law, do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law to themselves. Romans 7:21-25 I find, then, this law in my case: When I wish to do what is right, what is bad is present with me. I really delight in the law of God according to the man I am within, but I see in my body another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me captive to sin’s law that is in my body. Miserable man that I am! Who will rescue me from the body undergoing this death? Thanks to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So, then, with my mind I myself am a slave to God’s law, but with my flesh to sin’s law Some thoughts to consider perhaps? Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, But in the end it leads to death. Isaiah 55:8,9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, And your ways are not my ways,” declares Jehovah. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So my ways are higher than your ways And my thoughts than your thoughts. We do indeed have some limited hard wired sensibilities we were created with. After all, we are in 'his image'...but we are cautioned: Proverbs 3: 5,6 Trust in Jehovah with all your heart, And do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, And he will make your paths straight. I think the point God is making is law, or right and wrong, is his domain. Personally, when I think I know something it's 'my sign' that I'm in deep trouble. Break time.
  5. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    That's fine Luke, ramble on. I love good information and others feedback. Rather learn from others mistakes then pay for them myself. How about a list of bulbs you tired, their life span and cost. I got a little confused in the verbiage about what blub lasted how long. The difference in ride is unimaginable but still not car like. The main driver of this project was control. On rough surface roads I didn't have any control. Thing would dance sideways on anything resembling a washboard, rail tracks, bridge expansion joints or even closely spaced tar snakes. No brakes, no steering just dance. It was literally painful. Frightened the wife to ride in it. If I drove over a foot square road patch that sat a half inch higher than the road surface it sounded in the cab like you were struck by a large rock. Man Hole cover is a good example. Ridiculous! Toss 1000 pounds in her....different story but I wasn't about to haul rock or twenty bags of softener salt to get a ride that I could live with and tires on the ground. On glass smooth roads it was great but we all can't be driving the same ten feet of road in the country. Took about 20% out of the front and 15% out of the rear in spring rates then gave them a proper damper. The front is about perfect and almost car like but I could remove a few more leaves out back. I can still haul over a thousand pounds. That is a half ton, right? Vastly improved handling was a side benefit. It's hard to get around a curve if your wheels are in the air over half the time. This thing was silly loose and now almost over neutral. Would benefit from a harder front bar bushings and stiffer end link setup. Projects are never done are they?
  6. Post your trucks

    I'll give it a good home.
  7. 2019 Transmission and Axle Ratios

    Whew! I'm dizzy.
  8. Which Paradigm?

    Sorry, I'm not seeing how this quote is making a case for self determination. I'm puzzled by the idea. Maybe I'm just being dense. What I read is: Starting with the underlined Paul is telling us that there is no excuse for believing anything or anyone other than God himself created all things because creation itself bears true witness to that effect. By his creation God showed us simply he is supreme sovereign and only he as the right to determine good and bad. Wrath therefore is against "all ungodliness", that is, those who in essence believe, behave as or promote otherwise. Then he makes the statement that such men are both unthankful and foolish when they act with such blatant disregard for his Sovereignty. Personal vanity men have placed above truth placing their will over Gods. 'Foolish heart was darkened' is interesting. You can't see in a dark room. There hearts were no longer able to see even that which was made "clearly seen". If anything this scripture is saying just the opposite of self determination. God is saying it is inexcusable that you don't know your place in his order of things. Perhaps I should have said 'right' and not 'ability'...but given that I did...I'll work with that. I might offer that even as a pretty fair Chess player I have the ability to play, just not at a level that has ever given me the right to compete with a Grand Master of the game. Right and ability are two different things and I spoke poorly. Sorry to confuse anyone. “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”—Jer. 10:23. (NWT) Jerimiah makes this statement under divine inspiration. Jer. 1:1,2 These are the words of Jeremiah the son of Hilkiah, one of the priests in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin. The word of Jehovah came to him in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, the king of Judah, in the 13th year of his reign. Job 40:2 (KJV) Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? He that reproveth God, let him answer it. What man can counsel God? Correct him? Instruct him? Fact check him? Knows more than? Who would know better than your creator what was good or bad for you? That said God also made us creatures of 'free will'. He forces no one to take his counsel. To obey his commands. To accept his Sovereignty. To accept his gift of life and everything that makes it possible. Adam and Eve are perfect examples of persons that rejected Gods right to determine right and wrong and that isn't working out well for anyone. Romans 5:12 reads (REF) That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned (read chapter five for complete context) Consider this in their case. They were created perfect so getting it wrong took willful determination to do a thing we do blindly in sin. Anyway.... That’s one paradigm, and the another would be…….
  9. Which Paradigm?

    While I appreciate the sentiment the thoughts all belong to Jehovah. The quotes are from his book the Bible, not mine. I'm not even close to being that wise. I read and write what a flawed mind can make of a perfect work.
  10. Ah, my misunderstanding. Thanks for the correction to my thought. Appreciated greatly.
  11. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    The better you do the harder it is to do better. Although one tank short of my data collection goal I'm going to call the 0W20 a solid 3% gain in efficiency. (About 1 mpg for almost 1500 miles) I have no idea what that means for the long term life time average but in the shorter summer run....I'm loving it.
  12. Post your trucks

    Your 86 is begging for a stock make over with at touch of resto rod. Sweet truck.
  13. Which Paradigm?

    I’m posting this in the thread no one reads as it’s a topic no one says they care about to be found by the few who do care about what no one else does. ************************************************************************ “If fuel mileage matters, don’t buy a truck”. Ever hear that? Sure you do. You hear it from those that are getting that National average 17 mpg. (Fuelly.com) You don’t hear it from those getting the EPA sticker or above. Miles per gallon or gallons per hundred miles, they reciprocate in multiples of 100. That is; if you get 25 mpg your fuel usage can also be expressed as 100 / 25 = 4 gallons per hundred miles. The national average for K2XX trucks is just under 17 mpg or 100 / 17 = 5.88 gallons per hundred miles. Let see if that matters and I’m not going to opine. I’m not going to tell you what I think the physics supports. I’m going to tell you what has already been done. 26.64 mpg or 100 / 26.64 = 3.75 gallons per hundred. Peppers ‘to date’ life time average. Based on a 500 mile range or five cycles of 100 miles and $3 a gallon gas the cash out of pocket difference is: $31.93...PER TANK!!
  14. Post your trucks

    2015 Silverado 1500 WT2 RCSB 2WD in Victory Red. King piggy back OEM coil overs up front refit with 600 # springs. Bell Tech 2" drop spindles. Lower ball joints modified to work with 17" OEM wheels. Deaver custom multi leaf 2" drop with spacer blocks removed sitting in Sulastic hangers. King piggy back OEM shocks MOOG Camber Kits Trans thermostat delete (modified OEM) Jet 170 F thermostat K&N drop in air filter. Line-X bed and rear wheel wells plus undercoating. GM box corner protectors. Rail Caps stake pocket covers. Weather Tech no drill mud flaps Weather Tech window channel mount shades. 3M ceramic UVA/UVB/Infrared tint. Lemo 5% back and visor. 95% windshield and 15% side glass. 3M Clear bra, hood, fender fronts, door recesses and door sills. Dee-Zee gate assist. Linear Logic Scan Gauge II. Custom X-Gauge programing. Rhino Stainless Step Bars Lund soft roll up bed cover. GM bed matt. WIX filters,. Red Line lubricants. Motor, Transmission and Diff. Sylvania Silverstar low beams. Above list complete, lower list on the to do list: Improved Racing trans stats and Setrab or Mocal aux cooler with dedicated fan and controler, AN6 trans lines with aux filter. PML alloy trans pan Gleason Torsen 8.625" limited slip. Grizzly 3.42 gear set. B&M diff cover with cap support. Continental Cross Contact LX-20 245/70R17 The wish list: Mosser prop shaft Tweak some minor PCM/TCM settings. Bullet Proofed PATC 6L80. Minor interior tweaks like carpet maybe, some trim. Sound proofing More rust protection. Before Top and after bottom suspension work. 1/2 drop front 3-1/2 drop rear.

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