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  1. If advise is what you seek, this is mine. It's a Warren Oil product that meets the Dexos1Gen2 spec. I've been using the 5W30 about a year in a sick 2.4 Ecotec I4 that has a thirst. No complaints. Yep...cheap but about the same oil as any other non PAO based lube. It's a good value if used wisely. If 6K is your wish I'd be inclined to do a UAO or two or three. Keep tabs on 100C viscosity, TBN vs TAN and fuel/water dilution to establish a trend. Any *W20 mineral based synthetic hovers the lower limits of HTHS when it's new. Doesn't have to go far off grade to run into wear issues. Adjust OCI per labs.
  2. 6-0 for the wild card games! Always nervous when betting against the odds. Next set won't be fish in a barrel. I'm not feeling all warm a fuzzy about going 4-0 in the divisional round. All much closer matches that will depend allot on this weeks injuries during practice and who gets back from IR. Titans may have Henry back but Cincy seems to have their number. Two wildly different teams. Chiefs should be happy it's a home game when it's Buffalo next up. Not sure it matters who wins the Green Bay 46er's game. Cause.... Those Rams are heating up..... Bad day to be a Bucks fan me thinks.
  3. Odds makers are giving the nod to Dallas and the Cardinals this weekend. I'm not seeing it. I'm taking the 49er's and the Rams and going with the flow on all remaining games. Yes...no points. Mrs. Bear is a widow for three days.
  4. I have four GM products on the lot. Two of them are like @customboss, on the money. Two others are 8-8.5% high of the hand calculation. Always have been.
  5. 1/15/2022 Update Collecting parts, supplies and waiting on this or that.... 1.) The ignition parts are in house. Have been almost two weeks now but getting a window of time to do the job has been something else. Weather. Battery in the backup car. Wife's need for use for work.... Hoping mid next week for weather/wife break to get this done. I'd like to have this part finished before the next oil change. 2.) Injectors are still in a holding pattern as my mechanic and his 5 year old son is battling both Covid and moving his shop. 3.) Took delivery on case of: Things will fall pretty much in this order. Repair, test, rinse and repeat until we have a good result or a conformation she's past resurrection. A note on this comment above. It will do more than make you feel good. It will keep you motor alive buying time to make those corrections. Masking? Yes! Band-Aid's? Yes again! But not without usefulness any more than a bilge pump is useless. Keeps the boat afloat A faulty ignition is a possible source of the excess fuel. And so is a bad injector. But so is a power cylinder that is not sealing and if this third situation is the case then there will be no improving the breathing (vent/pcv system) to be realized. The assumption at this point is the fuel dilution breaking the viscosity is causing both the majority of the oil consumption and the excess vapor traffic. If it has lost containment due to viscosity break then one of the first two items should slow it or stop it. If both fail varnished rings is the next most likely issue. Purpose of the Restore. If after that it refuses to abate..... stick a fork in it OR continue till the cows come home with crappy oil and short OCI's. Full disclosure here. I have two of these 2.4 pigs and the second only has 14K on the clock. Experience with this current situation will determine much about the future maintenance of the second. So the Terrain is a Guinea Pig for the Buick. Is what it is.
  6. Just before it picks up the off line cylinders the converter unlocks then once all are firing again it relocks. It's a controlled slip. Cameron would be a better source of the fine detail. He tunes and reads with HP Tuner.
  7. Linear Logic Scan Gauge II OBD tool can be programed to watch the AFM switching. When it switches the converter unlocks to soften the engagement.
  8. Sunday matchup with Big Ben has me nervous. Just the kind of team you look past when Las Vegas it giving such a huge spread. Tomlinson is not a coach who comes prepared to loose and Ben has no quit in him. Andy will not show all his cards in this matchup either. There are bigger fish in that lake. Dangerous combination. A wounded snake against your 410 and you left your shells in the truck. 49er's/Cowboy and Bill/Pats....both should be entertaining matchups.
  9. Boy there is a great point. You can have a perfect alignment. If your pressures are not the same or if you tires are already worn to the bad alginment....it still wont go down the road straight. Things to check before one complains about the shops work. BTW...get a before AND after printout of the alignment and insist on getting the job you are paying for. Kindly.....
  10. There are a ton of things I try to avoid. Saturated fat for example.
  11. Water in motor oil comes mostly from combustion byproducts sneaking past the rings. Water and CO2 is what you get when hydrocarbons oxidize (burn). ATF in a sealed automatic transmission no such condition exists and because of this and the layout of the transmission and it's one small vent, absorbing it from the atmosphere is minimal. Unless you submerge the vehicle past that vent ordinary fluid exchanges carried out routinely on the severe schedule will keep it from collecting. No need to worry about getting it hot enough to vaporize. That said a routine UOA would alert you to an water or glycol leaks in the radiator side cooler. If yours in all air exchange you would be less likely to have an issue with water even at very cold temperatures.
  12. Mine is still using the pill flip method. I did the pill flip in a factory thermostat on March 30, 2018 at 58,378 miles. Today she has 151,700 trouble free miles on her. At 50K I did the first trans service. R&R the pan and change the filter and started the conversion to Red Line D6 ATF. At 70,000 I installed a PML 8 quart pan with drain and continued the Red Line swap over. I did another at 80K. Again at 100K. Once more at 127K and due again. Now 95.5% Red Line and ready for another exchange. 25K intervals from now on. On July 12, 2018, around 70K, I installed the IPSCO water thermostat and started using a Stant 180 F thermostat. 91,801 miles installed Reisch Racing 170 F water thermostat. Previous factory housing units from JET which I started using at 25K were failing as fast as I could order them. This lowered all fluid temperatures a bit more. This photo was on a 85F day on the Interstate a few hours into the trip. Pretty average summer numbers for this truck. The other day in 0 F weather the trans temp was running 110 F once warmed fully and oil was 188 F. Notes of possible difference. Pepper does NOT have a secondary transmission cooler in the AC condenser. So it runs a but warmer in winter than those that do. Also she hibernates most of the winter so miles accumulated during temperatures below 32 F are few. In the summer the trans runs as cool as those units that have secondary coolers because of the lower water thermostat. That's all the information I have on this to date. I have the new thermostat in a box here on the floor and intend to install that as soon as weather and old bones permit. I'm doing this to set a floor on the ATF temperature closer to 155 F under all conditions.
  13. Well it is out of spec for sure. Out of warranty? https://www.knowyourparts.com/technical-resources/suspension/understanding-thrust-angle/ Try this. Sometimes you have to get creative. I literally moved the hole location in the spring perch making an eccentric bushing. Yes after assuring a straight axle and acceptable set backs.
  14. Remember what Gale said about the welds required for those pigs to work correctly? True story. Last refinery I worked in Texas was in part an old refinery from Ohio. Riveted cold formed pipe by the mile manufactured in 1926. Get a pig to work in that pipe Crude and fuel pipelines can range from 4" to 48". That's not a pig...that's a sow.
  15. Thanks. The greater the number of leaves for the rated load the more 'compliant' the spring is. It also gives you some ability to fine tune the load and ride height. Somewhere in that mess of 50 pages is a picture of that springs custom part number. Fits trucks 2007 to the end of K2 classic. I have 1/8" wedge left rear in this truck to keep it dead level. Something I did not mention in the alignment rant. When you level you change the castor by the exact amount of the difference in frame angle. (rake).
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