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  1. Everything past about 2001 is E-15 capable. https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2017-26-0072/
  2. 175,250 Mile Service 6/25/2022 Replaced drivers side wiper blade with NAPA Exact-Fit Replacement Mileage after 3rd E20 tank settled in at a loss of about 3.4% compared to E10. Right on the money. Cost per mile is break even. I'll hang on as long as I can. 16 cents a mile.
  3. Ethanol Notes: 9/24/2022 Tank fully purged and resting at 75% Ethanol three tanks running. Same source at $3.199 / gallon. I'm running 2 to 3 cents per mile cheaper even with current data suggesting the mpg loss is right on the button BTU wise at 25.7% give or take a tenth or so. It is literally number without out a reliable reference. How so? Can't rerun those miles exactly with the reference fuel now can I? SO what I'm using is the closest historical summer average in a year with a similar tune and kids that is as good as it's going to get. I now have 2,750 miles on this OCI and every mile on Ethanol of 46% or greater. Ever smell your oil on gasoline? Even if dilution is really low the smell is burnt like. Fresh oil smells...well...like fresh oil. Ethanol oil really hasn't much of a odor at all. Nor as I'm learning does it color like gasoline fueled motors. Not much change at all. At least on the dipstick. Curious stuff that. Almost forgot. I put up the KR and TIR and pinned her ears back. Yea. No r e t a r d until right at the top of the gear during the change and then only a 2 degree pull. Not the way this works on gasoline. KR pulls back hard enough dampen acceleration. Not on Ethanol. And this little six will bark the tires hard on a rolling tip in from 30 mph to near the top of second gear. Wonder what happens if I tap off the traction control?
  4. We lost a aged cousin on the wife's side to complications from COVID-19 yesterday. He cleared the virus but the pneumonia it gave him he gave in to. Got the news this AM. Please, continue to be careful.
  5. Infused Water I was introduced to infuse water while caring for the father-in-law as a nursing home staple. Meh! Reintroduced by the wife and WOW! Seems everything thing matters and the range is wide. Patients is key. You can't rush a cold infusion. Water matters as there is little to hide its shortcomings. Container matters. Think tomato juice from a steel can. Metallic aftertaste. Something learned was that herbs can have a huge impact of the final taste. I'm no expert and still experimenting but two combinations I really like are: 1.) Cucumber, Lemon and Mint 2.) Orange, Blueberry and Basil. Fresher the fruit/berries and herbs the better. We use spring water and a neutral poly pitcher with an insert for the flavorings and let stand overnight MINIMUM in the frig. This has replaced much of the ice tea I drink during yard work and is an eye popper for company. If you have a favorite flavor combination....I'm all ears....
  6. I don't suppose any product is immune to supply chain issues. Past that..... Tic Toc is not where I get my news....
  7. This could also be said if you had instead built a clean sheet gas motor. Right? What design can not be improved? Point being that success in doing so does not make flex fuel motors as an adaptation somehow without the benefit they were intended to deliver. You knew I would 'trigger' on BETTER when you wrote it This one is but 2 liters. Is it, your 4.8 Turbo, BETTER than this? (Note flat 600 Nm (442 lbs/ft) torque between 2K and 7K rpm.) Also note this gas motor does not have a throttle nor is it throttled by fuel. FREE VALVE. Go ahead, rabbit hole the word better. Okay, okay....I'm just play'n around here. We are NOT getting Detroit's 'best'. We all know that. But this 2.7 seems to be next level stuff and you all know when this motor first appeared...I was not a fan of even the idea. Who knew...right? I'm still not impressed with its fuel economy.
  8. Grumpy Bear


    BHAM makes the cut but not alone and not perfect. I see flaws in the armor. Any of the top four is a possible CHAMP! Nice first season. I'm really looking forward to next season to see how Michigan and Tampa progress with Pro coaching vs the college and second string coaches.
  9. I don't know about from the ground up. Flame speed is a bit quicker for alcohol and the detonation resistance is greater. So...less timing and more compression pressure BMEP (different than compression ratio). Could a fresh sheet design with a mechanical compression ration be of value? Perhaps but VVT and the ECU handle that within the programed alcohol content limits of the motor. VVT/VVL are there for more than passive EGR. Guys run Pikes Peak with alcohol mechanical ratios on gasoline that would frag a sea level motor in example and case in point. IVC angle is paramount. Know why the Brits don't have skyscrapers? They can't figure out a way to complicate a hammer. No need of over complicate something that really is that simple. ********************* True about partial pressures. That said separating hydrocarbons and alcohols by boiling point in mixtures IS the art of distillation. Call me crazy but it was sort of my life's work. If the oil temp is above 173 F the alcohol is coming out as are most of the hydrocarbons with a boiling point less than the bulk oil temperature. The crankcase is an atmospheric column without a tray or reflux stream. Meaning the 'cut' for the hydrocarbons is not perfect but it is the cut. The alcohol cut however is a finite cut. When GC fuels are shown it is primarily those whose boing point is between the bulk oil temperature and the fuels 'end point'. It isn't maybe. It just is. If not then refineries are a myth and my life was a dream.
  10. 175,000 Mile Notes 6/21/2022 Fuel economy is slipping but with assignable cause. 1.) Starting with this OCI I started blending to hit a spot close to but not over E-20. I can do so cheaper than buying E-15 and the dent in mpg is still covered. 2.) This OCI I switched to 10W30. That front number has more to do with fuel than the latter unless your average trip length is over 50 miles one way. 3.) I've increased my average road speed about 5 mph on a miles/hour basis. Other: Ordered a new High Pressure Fuel Pump. Having some trouble finding the fuel pipe so Jason has taken that task to hand. Already working on the 'Next Plan' of action. A tunable PCV valve is in the works.
  11. Grumpy Bear


    The Rat's, however are in charge of the CHEESE. Are ya thinking Winchester will stop making ammo but keep making guns? Are ya thinking Royal Dutch Shell will just say...oh well....and close up shop?
  12. Idea tossed out here. Injectors have a physical limit. It's why the Flex Fuel models had larger injectors/pumps/regulators or some combination of them all. At some point the just run out volume if the alcohol content it beyond their ability and the motor at THAT point will indeed go lean.
  13. Law of Partial Pressure. Yes... How silly of me to forget such a basic law. All said and done then more ethanol reduces fuel dilution and cleans the combustion chamber????
  14. Grumpy Bear


    Think about that a minute.... The shear scope of that is a problem to itself. Take a breath brother Imagine paying $70 K for a new truck and then getting a card in the mail the next day that says you must deliver it to the nearest scrap yard. Then going back to the dealer looking for you money back OR shelling out another $70 K for an EV. Imagine Big Oil saying...yea....we're good with that. Outlaw our business. You shut off our gasoline we shut off you heating oil and jet fuel. Prices will come down when people, the consumer says, I've had enough. The public JUST experienced their power during the lock down. Cheapest gas in decades. Now do it willingly and you put a dent in both that price and the environmental issues. No one needs to give up driving. Just think about the miles you use wisely.
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