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  1. The kit has an internal 'safety' bypass should the cooler or cooler line plug. No such safety when using the 'flip' or 'plug' methods.
  2. 130,787 Mile Oil Check 11/28/2020 That's 1,086 miles actual on this change and it's still full. Pretty dark for so few miles. Still...improvement.
  3. But the skill level is so much more.
  4. Not preaching here but rather relaying an personal experience shared with my mother I find great comfort it.... Acts 24:15 (Byington) "But this I acknowledge to you, it is in the way of the movement they call a sect that I am worshiping our fathers’ God, believing all that the law includes and all that is written in the prophets, having a hope in God, what these are themselves watching for, that there is to be a resurrection of both saints and guilty men..." My mother believed this to be true to the degree than a moment before her passing she smiled, winked and said, "I'll be right back". I remember looking at my father and telling him that whatever that was...I wanted it. What she had was faith he said. She had no fear of death and did not see it as permanent. She use to quote such scripture as Ecclesiastes 6:4-6: There is hope for whoever is among the living, ........ For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward, because all memory of them is forgotten. Also, their love and their hate and their jealousy have already perished, and they no longer have any share in what is done under the sun Mom viewed it as a state of rest or as if one were sleeping awaiting THE promise...what is there to morn with such a wonderful hope of that promise!
  5. Just a guess here based on a like experience with a 2006 Honda. The rear friction material has been reduced to a fraction of the thickness of previous models. Thinner rotors as well. Not a problem with people that soft brake as brake bias keeps them from applying most of the time. BUT if 'late brake' it's going to be an issue......
  6. Part came yesterday for the dryer. $10.89 part cost $8.88 to ship and Illinois sales tax took it to $21.01. Took 10 days to get an 2nd day delivery. As aggravating as that was it paled in comparison to a local appliance repair that said coming to the house would cost $75, inspection and diagnosis another $75 and about that much again to order parts and repair it so in his opinion given the machines age we would be better off just buying a new one for $1,000 which they would be happy to deliver for half the projected repair cost. I'll bet they would. I spent less than two hours testing, cleaning and making the repair and now have a unit that works, according to a very happy wife, as good as it did when it was new!. Now there's some lemonade. My aunt chose as well to ask for nothing more than her obit be published. No gathering nor service. Glad I spent the time I did visiting her before all the crazy stuff.
  7. WIKI resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEXRON Read the entire page. Especially definitions of "Life Time Fluids". When they say NEVER needs to be changed it means by their definition of what constitutes a lifetime. It's a pretty small number...look for it as you read. GM ATF Change Interval under "Severe Driving" Conditions* Fluid Specification Miles 1940 Hydra-Matic   2,500 1949 Type "A"   5,000 1957 Type "A" Suffix "A"   7,500 1967 Dexron (B)   12,000 1973 Dexron-II(C)   25,000 1975 Dexron-II(D)   25,000 1990 Dexron-II(E)   50,000 1993 Dexron-III(F)   50,000 1998 Dexron-III(G)   50,000 2003 Dexron-III(H)   50,000 2006 Dexron-VI(J)   50,000 2013 Dexron-HP   45,000 2014 Dexron-ULV   45,000 *See your vehicle maintenance guide for definition of "Severe Driving" conditions and recommended service interval Compare these two charts. There is no such thing as a fluid that will not degrade. Degradation has several forms. Contamination Shear stability Thermal Oxidation. GM ATF Change Interval under "Normal Driving" Conditions* Fluid Specification Miles 1940 Hydra-Matic   5,000 1949 Type "A"   10,000 1957 Type "A" Suffix "A"   15,000 1967 Dexron (B)   24,000 1973 Dexron-II(C)   50,000 1975 Dexron-II(D)   50,000 1990 Dexron-II(E)   100,000 1993 Dexron-III(F)   100,000 1998 Dexron-III(G)   100,000 2003 Dexron-III(H)   100,000 2006 Dexron-VI(J)   100,000 2013 Dexron-HP   150,000 2014 Dexron-ULV   150,000 *See your vehicle maintenance guide for definition of "Normal Driving" conditions and recommended service interval 1. Normal Driving[edit] Carry passengers and cargo within recommended limits on the Tire and Loading Information label Driven on reasonable road surfaces within legal driving limits. Under "Normal" driving conditions, the automatic transmission fluid and filter never needs to be changed. 2. Severe Driving[edit] Mainly driven in heavy city traffic in hot weather Mainly driven in hilly or mountainous terrain Frequently towing a trailer Used for high speed or competitive driving Used for taxi, police, or delivery service. Under "Severe" driving conditions, replace automatic transmission fluid and filter every 45,000 mi (72,420 km)
  8. My aunt day before yesterday. Condolences guys.
  9. Story out of South Dakota. Actually on the news last night. South Dakota looses ON AVERAGE 48 people a year to the flu. Recently they are loosing 48 people a day to Covid-19. The reporter asks, "Do you still think they are the same"? Variations of this one are going viral. Celebrate Thanksgiving with family. We'll see ya all in the ICU for Christmas. Talk about dark humor. Last one was two days ago. Sweden giving up on heard immunity and locking down as their people are dropping four times faster than Norway, Denmark or Finland (per capita) That's just dark news.
  10. On this we agree. They do not have a specific Dexron VI fluid. As noted previously I use Red Line D-6 for this reason. The advantage of a great base fluid and an application specific friction package. Like dvzzz I hold to the idea that the friction package has a purpose and that can't be met in a generic 'catch all' fluid. This was to address the idea that the additive package was attacking electronics. Not toward friction modifier additives. I see I was unclear.....even to me
  11. Hey it's your truck and you that has to ultimately be at peace with the choices you make. Bold underline statement caught my eye. Turn it over in your noggin awhile and see how many different conclusions one can come to with that line. Yes it can be taken in the negative and yes it is the truth but the negative conclusion does not come from the truth. It comes from the experience of the one hearing it. And from the spin of the teller. "....it's not nearly the same". Could also mean vastly superior and as a matter fact it means just that in this case. The fact I refer to is the base oils (PAO/POE) superior performance at every level to any Group III 'synthetic' mineral oil. People will pick the nits of that statement but those nits are never ever given in a meaningful context. Saying that doesn't help you unless you get the practical application as well. Here it is: Change your mineral synthetic more often and keep a VERY close eye on fluid temperature. BTW that additive crap is just that...a statement he can not prove. It's his belief.
  12. Saw several snippets of news last night and yes the airport interviews were among them. Also a report that 90% of travelers will do so by car this year. Local station questioned the public a few weeks ago asking how many were going to travel for the holiday. The survey said only about 1/3 were planning to travel. They ran that survey again after the CDC and local health asked people to stay home this year. 2/3 are now planning to travel.
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