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  1. Installing auto transmission cooler.

    Wont work in this case JS unless the trans temp is higher than the stat setting. People get faked out all the time by this. When the valve is closed the fluid runs via the bypass in the stat to the return line making it look like the supply. I pulled my stat and I have the LV3 4.3 and 6L80E. Top hose is the return.
  2. GMC Launches AT4 Sierra Off-Road Performance Package

    I said this poorly before. 5.3 or 6.2. Difference to GM is the bore and stroke. Inlet pipe is actually cheaper to manufacture and the exhaust is a wash for them. It isn't like they are not saving on the parts they are not installing eh? So this is no cost to them and 5K to us? Really. But I guess that only works in a rational universe.
  3. Installing auto transmission cooler.

    Top line is the return to the transmission. Lower line then from the transmission.
  4. GMC Launches AT4 Sierra Off-Road Performance Package

    $5000 is allot of money for a lift kit, exhaust and a pair of shocks no one would buy aftermarket for off road use. The 10 speed is standard with the 62 in any trim. Half this list was standard on my 15 WT1. Hill decent, traction control etc. That other half is either eye candy OR items WHO would put on an off road truck? Pedestrian braking???? Lane departure? Ever go to a used car lot and see 200 items printed on the list of 'features'? You know, like it has paint and a motor? The intent is to WOW you with VOLUME so you don't notice your pocket has been picked. Question, Isn't hunting in a baited field illegal?
  5. MPG

    Cow farts generate more carbon foot print than ICE''s. We could all stop eating steak. We could send cows into extinction. We could pretend we have some say in it. The dumbest people on this planet think they are smart enough to FIX IT. If they were really that smart they would know they don't even understand IT.
  6. MPG

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? No free lunch? How dare they!
  7. How do you make it to the bathroom to pee with a focus that narrow?
  8. I run in M6 a good deal for the reason that it allows me to down shift on the off ramps quicker than the TCM is programed. Brake saver. Grade logic in not in play nor speed limiter from the cruise control. Up shifting I almost never used it except in passing from normal m5 to TH M6 to keep the AFM active while in 5th gear. (6L80E)
  9. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Adding data as conditions and time permit. Yes there is some noise in the data but the trend line holds. I expected that. Wind direction and wind speed seem to have SOME effect. A best guess is about 4 degree F head wind to tail wind up to a wind speed of about 20 mph. Any concern I had about the ability of the thermostat delete over cooling, that is unable to maintain a minimum 100 degree F floor is pretty much history. Even in temperatures around the lowest seen to date, 15 F, she can get to 100F in about 15 miles. Perhaps come spring I might add a thermostat that has a min flow bypass (something the factory 192 F stat lacked) and a floor around 145 F.
  10. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Warm day, over 35 F, washed Pepper. Still a pretty girl.
  11. 55 mph. Easy throttle. Treat city like the plague. Cherry pick my situations. Like I don't go to town if the need is there in rush hour. Pick my route. Lots of secondary routes. WAZE works pretty good. I'm retired so I don't have many 'have to" situations. IF the engine is on, the truck is moving. Work with nature instead of against it. If I have three days to do a thing I pick the one my weather app shows is the least windy. Travel at night sometimes after hours and in lighter winds. I've done some work on heat management. Truck is bit lower. Watch time pressures like a hawk. Intense maintenance. Lighter syn. fluids. A zillion little things that I've learned to do second nature. I let others drive theirs and I dive mine. It's not my job to run 15 over the limit because some joker got up 20 minutes late for work. Pepper never gets run in the snow an salt so winter miles are disproportionate low to most others experience. I have a salt car for that. It's not a competition nor a race track. It is my hobby. That all said I have enough experience with her to know I can run 70 mph and still be quite a bit over the national average. She will still get over 23 mph at 55 mph into a 20-30 mph headwind.
  12. My head is full of junk I've learned both the easy and the hard way. I'm not afraid to experiment either. Now if I could just remember the right piece at the right time!
  13. Just talked me out of the Colorado. Lifetime average all seasons for Pepper is 27.1 mpg over 83,000 miles. Fuel is cheaper too. Yes, you more than likely don't drive like I do, granted. I would love to see the LV3 motor offered with the six speed in a RC Colorado with the same tune as the WT 1500's. That's an upper 30's mpg combination with a killer power to weight.
  14. IF GM is actually trying to improve their numbers then YES this is correct regardless of the tools they use (6 speed vs 10 speed). By your argument the fact that it lost 450 lbs. means we can't compare them? Bottom line is the 1500 Silverado gets worse mileage not better and for that there is no excuse. Pass/Fail that's the benchmark.
  15. PCV On A 2012 5.3L

    There you have it.

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