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  1. You would be surprised to find out how dirty 'fresh clean' oil actually is. From BITOG one fella tested four filters with the following ISO codes: (The last two numbers are the two number codes for the charts that follow.) Another fella virgin oil https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4859910/2 Filter A ISO 24/22/17 Filter B ISO 24/21/15 Filter C ISO 24/20/15 Filter D ISO 23/17/12 Virgin oil sample ISO 22/20/16 Resource: pirtekusa.com
  2. Well D'ah? Do you keep looking for you keys after you've found them? It that a trick question? I'll tell you when it will 'give up the ghost' IF you will tell me how long it will last given your choices. Exact number now, no fudging.
  3. Not quite. There are no clutches. It is engaged full time. It is seamless.
  4. Find a new trans shop. Mine works fully functional anything over 104 F. TCC works just fine.
  5. It's the 1XX rpm to lock that gives me pause. I understand it wouldn't be an issue on a slippery surface like mud or snow. Thing is, the only personal use I have for it is acceleration on dry pavement. I like it to leave straight.
  6. November MPG Numbers by Year 2016 24.9 2017 25.4 2018 25.3 2019 25.3 It's been awhile since I've seen a November this wet, this cold and this windy. Totally happy with these numbers. Year over year total miles driven per month continue to decline. This also ends the fall term for 2019. Fall Season mpg by Year 2016 25.5 2017 26.8 2018 28.8 2019 29.4
  7. Something I've been thinking about allot recently is oil cleanliness. The internet is full of advice and opinion on OCI's based on many factors that hinge on the oils chemistry. That is viscosity loss or TBN and additive depletion. I've beat that drum to death myself. There is also a great amount of discussion surrounding filtration and almost entirely at it pertains to particle size retention. That is, who has the highest filtration efficiency. How small a particle can that filter capture. You even hear on occasion about retention volume of a filter. How many grams of contamination will it hold before is plugs enough to remain on bypass. And everyone of these concerns is valid but....not comprehensive in the search for the perfect OCI length me thinks. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/by-pass-oil-filtration/ Two things in this link really grabbed my eye. No matter what the box says your filter comes in or who makes it the average particle size passing is 30-40 micron. To me that would mean that the manufactures OCI is based on such filtration and expected contamination levels present under those conditions. The second was Blackstone believes that an oils life is limited only by it's cleanliness and additive depletion. Just something I'm giving more consideration.
  8. Shocks work best when they are mid stroke as you would be normally loaded and sitting on the ground. The factory shock is sized for this task at full payload. Meaning if your normal is empty they are more than 3 inches above centered in the stroke. They top out frequently. Your good to go. I run stock length Kings on a 3-1/2 drop and have for years. The U bolts are NOT torque to yield. They are not magic fasteners. If it makes you nervous replace them. If not don't. That fastener won't care one way or the other.
  9. There is nothing of note to remember. Winter fuel has 1.5% less BTU content than summer fuel which directly translates to a mere 1.5% drop in economy. 0.3 mpg on a 20 mpg truck. So 19.7 mpg v 20.0 mpg. Unless you're tracking and averaging thousands of miles over dozens of tanks, you wouldn't know it was happening. Cam gave you the best answer you're going to get. If you put up that screen and watch it awhile you would see if move continuously. It's a projection based on fuel used and miles driven. The remaining fuel is then given a distance based on the current last 25 miles and that projection added or subtracted as the case may be from the first reading to project a current value. The next tank starts on a fresh fill and the projection based on the last 25 mile average from the last tank. Loop and repeat.
  10. Ford T-18 gear box had a 6.69:1 low gear and the 300 CID I6 made like 260 lb./ft. torque just under 2,000 rpm (1800 rpm actually) The GM 10L90 box has about a 4.70 low gear and the 6.0 makes about 345 lb./ft. torque and 2.0000 rpm. The Ford I6 with a 3.25 gear gives 5653 lb./ft. axle torque. The 6.0 GM with 3.23 gear gives 5237 lb./ft. axle torque. Both between 1800 and 2000 rpm. To get the full 460 lb./ft. torque for the 6.0 you would need a 4K rpm converter. OR a converter capable of 2X torque multiplication. Even then many of the 300 sixes were equipped with 4.10 final drives. Off the axle torque charts. Torque moves loads, not horsepower. Horsepower says how quickly that work is done. So mind over matter. You don't mind, it don't matter. Are you looking to move the load or are you looking to drag race while towing a 10,000 lb. trailer? Are you looking to maintain speeds pulling 80K lbs. that a DD15 Cat would have trouble with? I own a 4.3 with a 6L80E and a 3.23 gear. Thing is quicker that my old 87 5.0 Mustang to 50 mph. Quicker that my 76 Corvette L-48 to 90 mph. Seriously, on the street, how much is enough people?
  11. I meant the raw oil sucked into the manifold which would be sucked into the chamber and not the build up on the valve. You know what I meant. I don't know what FUD means but each new generation of GDI is much less problematic than it's predecessor. I have over a 100K miles on mine and I'm sill waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think it will be a long wait. Look, the first GDI motors were German in the 1920's and problem ridden and people still believe they are as miserable today and they were in 1925. It's just hard to get the stink off that skunk. Vendors use that sort of crap all the time to sell fear. I'm pulling no punches here. That will be a long wait if vented to anywhere. Never blew a seal in a motor with a road draft tube due to pressure build up. Come to think of it, never had one drive me out of the cabin with the smell either.
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