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  1. General Notes: 10/5/2022 A bit over 6K miles on alcohol. October 15 and May 15 are roughly my trigger points for dialing back the percentage of alky in the mix. Aids winter starts so I'm told. I start a bit early both times to feather toward the new blend to allow the ECU to adjust. So going into her 'second life' I'm pretty much committed to the tippler way. I'll dial back on alky to hold 20 + mpg during the winter and run full on for the summers. Record below from May 17 this year. Blue tank by tank and orange running average. As I have no experience with alcohol in a street motor I track the running average mpg with tank corrections for E-10 equivalent so I can see if issues are looming. Blue alky and orange the E-10 carbon equivalent. The drift down does have assignable cause. I picked up the pace over the summer 5 mph. Been on 10W30 instead of 5W30 or 5W20. Diesel oil has a higher HTHS even the same grade. More short trips as it become the go-to ride while Dizzy was sick. But mainly increases in alky load. Note orange line dipped less. Double checks the carbon calculation. Still on the money. Still well about the 27.8 mpg life time E10 average.
  2. Cleaned the bugs and bean dust off the windshield and took a nice drive along the Rock River. Lovely day.
  3. Grumpy Bear

    Gas Prices

    Our 87 now a nickel higher than what your 91 cost! Man do I wish we had E30 or E50 pumps. Hard to find E15 and when you do it priced between 87 and 91. Totally nuts.
  4. Wonder how 'Big Oil' will react to loosing 68% of their business. The amount of a barrel of oil that goes toward gasoline and diesel fuel. https://www.energy.ca.gov/data-reports/energy-almanac/californias-petroleum-market/californias-oil-refineries
  5. I wouldn't have a problem with it. I don't throw away brake calipers after bleeding them or buy new lines when changing masters. Same pressure on hydraulic brakes as there is on GDI high side pumps and GDI lines are not flare fittings. Whimpy steel brake lines have a minimum burst of 5,000 psi and most will go at least 15,000. Fuel lines are robust. It's not a torque to yield fitting. Not at 22 lb/ft torque on a ball nut it isn't. You stand the same chance of ruining a new fitting as you do a used one. So I'm not seeing the issue other than the $70 price tag you won't be robbed for. But hey, it's just an opinion and I'm not giving anyone permission or cause to sue me...
  6. Summer 2022 Fuel Log 10/04/2022 June 2516 miles 108.489 gallons = 23.2 mpg July 1211 miles 54.186 gallons = 22.4 mpg August 274 miles 12.325 gallons = 22.2 mpg September 962 miles 44.665 gallons = 21.5 mpg 1.311 In mid May I started the transition to E-85. Blending at 40% then 50%. Mid July I was on pump fuel at 75% whose carbon multiplier is 1.311 gives an E-10 equivalent mileage of 28.2 mpg. Lifetime Report As you can see in the chart below the year over year is still climbing (blue) and by year (orange) so far the second best year on record. Note: 2019 was a perfect storm of excellent weather and 0W20 Red Line. Not likely to repeat. As I've mentioned before I've traded horses. Exchanging the MPG horse for the longer life horse.
  7. That true True story. My entire family was raised in the Temple of FORD. My first new car was a FORD and had issues the dealer made worse and worse until the factory regional rep got envolved. They declined to make right and I threated a suit. At which point I was contacted by FORD LEGAL and told to go ahead if I thought I had more money than FORD. At which point I just had it fixed privately. SO....what I told FORD was no person in my family would ever buy a new FORD again. Naturally they laughed. I took this to the elders of the family and that decision is still in force today family wide and currently four generations deep. That would be near 100 new cars not bought over the course of 40 plus years. FORD really showed me, eh?
  8. Says the guy whose never had a claim.... I lost my very first claim (age 22) by allowing myself to be intimidated by OEM lawyers into not pursuing a Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act violation. I have not lost one since and it never cost me a dime. I got a new motor out of HONDA that cost me nothing...zero...zip...still have the car 150,000 miles later. It's outlasted two new ones. Not telling you what I think sport. Telling what I've done. Believe, don't believe. Has zero effect on the value of my bottom line. Continue in ignorance if you like.
  9. Warranty's are not suggestions. They are the law. Getting a vehicle serviced at a dealer is not. My vehicles go to a dealer for two reasons only. Warranty or Recalls. Never been a issue. I don't use their services. I don't use their oils or filters and I service more frequently than the books. I've had people tell me that changing oil more often than the book will void a warranty. Not how a warranty works. Just like any other insurance. You make a claim. They fix it. If they deny the claim they have to prove the part/fluid/service was the cause of the failure. Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act If they can not offer that proof and they still deny the claim you do what you would do if your auto insurance or health insurance made a false denial. Get a lawyer or more effective if the claim is small. Small Claims Court. If that is too much trouble to go through then nobody can help you.... They will slaughter sheepeople....
  10. Use the factory plug and do an oil change. How long do you wait? 15 minutes? That would be longer than the dealer. Put the plug back in. We have a local chain that claims 5 minute oil changes! Clean the container (or fresh/new) and pull the plug again and let it drain overnight. You WILL get a half a pint or more. I have one that will give up 10 ounces more after draining 4 hours if left overnight. Point? Don't worry about how much oil the valve will leave behind and more about how long you take to do the job. I have Valvomax valves on all five on the property. More than one on some (transmissions). Now I have a question. Where do questions like this come from....really come from? It's like asking if putting on yellow socks voids a warranty If Superwash car washes void a warranty. If air from an EXXON station voids a warranty.
  11. I was in on the ground floor of computer controlled systems. Literally from Honeywell air over air to Taylor electric over air through CHEVMON to IBM and Microsoft. Even manual control from valve handles through the control room walls. Nothing NEEDS to be this complicated and NOTHING needs constant updates to software to do it's base functionality. Only time this gets complicated is when big money gets the idea that they get to sell the cheese and eat the cheese and have the rats pay for it.
  12. 187,947 Mile Service 10/1/2022 2,948 this OCI 5 Quarts Supertech HM 5W30 FRAM paper filter.
  13. Grumpy Bear

    Gas Prices

    Going back up here. About 25 cents so far.
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