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  1. All I can suggest is get a subscription to the full service manual for your truck at a site like alldatadiy.com, and go through it's diagnostic procedure for getting the odbii port to function, and go from there.
  2. First, go through all the fuses and make sure they all are good. If you are lucky, taking off the +ve connection from the +ve battery post, and briefly touching it to the negative connection will reset the computers. If that doesn't fix the problem, then I would suggesting getting/borrowing/taking it to a shop with a code reader that can access all the computers in your truck (there are more than 10), and see if/how they all respond.
  3. Why not take it to the dealer for them to diagnose and fix these problems?
  4. thermostat, water pump, fan not working.
  5. If getting a replacement axle (which I would also recommend), make sure it's: -the same width as the original (single vs dually vs cab&chassis are all different widths) -the same gear ratio (less important, as you could swap gears/guts from the original, it just takes time or a bunch of money to do) -the same size (the one for the 6.0 is a little smaller than for the diesel/8.0)
  6. The fix depends on what's wrong. There's a sensor that screws into the transmission, that notices when it's in 4wd (either 4hi or 4lo, there's a separate sensor to notice hi or lo). The sensor may have failed, there could be a wiring problem somewhere. Diagnose, then replace parts/fix what's wrong...
  7. No, they don't alter the weight rating of the truck. The only difference would be, for the same load, the rear of the truck might ride slightly higher.
  8. First, unique vehicles seems to be what most people want. My '04 Sierra used almost the same fenders, doors, and hood for the 7 years of the GMT800s (they made slight changes over the years, you could use a newer part on an older vehicle, but not necessarily an older part on a newer vehicle). Now, it's slightly different body lines, lights, fenders every year, and also different bodies between 1500's and 2500/3500's. Ford's been doing the last bit for longer, GM started doing it relatively recently (different 1500 & 2500/3500 bodies). Second, the whole supply chain is scre
  9. So your new radio is powering up fine, and appears to tune to stations ok? Did you use a harness to connect the radio to the truck or did you hack up the truck's wiring to do it?
  10. I'd suggest taking the float bowl off the carb, cleaning it out, and also remove/clean/reinstall the float & float pin.
  11. Along the bottom of that pic, there are the letters E, F, A, D, G, C, B, then "Trailer Connector" Near the letters are Red, Brn, Lt Grn, Dk Grn, Yel, Dk Blu, and Wht.
  12. First, if it's an ambulance, they generally don't have a regular silverado cab, they typically use a shorter van-style cab. Second, it'll be a cab&chassis, which has a different frame than a regular pickup truck, and also a different rear axle. You could put a regular truck bed on it, but it'll take a bunch of fabbing and likely a different rear axle, and it won't look right.
  13. Maybe look in the owners manual for the DC/AC Inverter fuse.
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