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  1. That's more of a "I have a problem, so everyone else must also be having this problem as well" style post...
  2. davester


    That certainly is the graph showing that the problem has been handled and there's nothing to worry about anymore.
  3. Hopefully it's just the service writer who is that stupid, and the technician who does the actual work knows more. I would make sure the technician actually does know better before paying them to do the job...
  4. maybe get codes from the transmission. you'll need a more advanced code reader to do this.
  5. "The dealer told me that flashing it would not remove the tune" That's crazy, as that is literally what flashing the truck is (or should be). They (the dealer) downloads the stock programming and tuning information from GM's servers and loads it onto your truck.
  6. This is all "most likely", not "for sure". The tuner would have to be pretty incompetent to tune out 4th, so the guy lied to you about the tune not doing 4th, but rather the transmission has lost it for whatever reason. The dealer likely meant that they could flash the truck back to stock (which I would recommend doing, just so you have a known starting point for how the truck is supposed to work), but that it was not going to get the transmission to go into 4th. Rebuild the transmission land you should be good to go. Some other things to do: -ask the P.O. (if possible), if they have installed a pump-rub fix in the transfer case (if the truck is 4x4). If not, or unknown, I would install a pump rub fix in the transfer case while doing the transmission fix, as you've got to get the TC out anyway, which is the hard part. -check if all the exhaust manifold bolts are present. They have a history of breaking off, and can cause exhaust leaks (or enable air to be drawn into the exhaust) making the engine use more gas.
  7. I would consider maybe checking power and ground connections before swapping in a new bcm (which you also probably want to get flashed to the right configuration for your specific vin/option package). It certainly is more common for power and/or ground problems, than for the bcm to fail.
  8. Your first post presented it as you wanting to buy this "product", and getting a bunch of other people to go into it with you as a group buy, to get it a bit cheaper, when in reality, you are just fronting for your friend to try to get a bunch of people to buy something he's developing.
  9. It would have been appropriate for you to disclose this instead of writing as if you had no direct relationship with the seller.
  10. Your posts come across as you being the seller/creator/owner of this business, and you'd like to get a bunch of people to buy it from you, but you don't want to actually say that.
  11. not the thread for this, maybe create a new thread with your problem in the right subforum...
  12. I haven't done the body swap, but the doors and fenders I've done swap between years fine, particularly newer stuff on an older truck (as newer stuff has all the holes for the older vehicle, as well as new holes/features to resolve problems GM found with the earlier parts, such as adding bracing).
  13. I would say it is highly unlikely, once you have it installed somewhere under the truck, you will want to remove it and install it on another truck more than once. You'll do it, and find it's a huge hassle, and then you'll leave it on one truck, and perhaps remove it again when it's no longer needed on that truck...
  14. might be a bit cheaper to get a subscription to the full-service manual for your truck at a site like alldatadiy.com $30/1 year, $50 for 5 years... Highly recommend it if you plan on diagnosing and/or working on your vehicle yourself.
  15. If you get in water deep enough for a snorkle to help, expect to have a host of electrical problems...
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