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  1. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Not fake. Just your standard, everyday, run of the mill TrumpChump. https://www.foxnews.com/health/arizona-man-dies-after-taking-drug-chloroquine-coronavirus
  2. davester

    Scumbag GM

    No, that is EXACTLY the sort of thing Chump would comment on, as a resident of NY. He would ****** and moan about how he shouldn't have to pay taxes (nevermind that he wasn't actually paying0 for ventilators that won't ever be used. "I know more about how to order things (doesn't know the word "logistics" because it's 3 syllables)than everyone else, I do it all the time for building things. Nobody knows more about ordering stuff more than I do. I would save that billion dollars and only order how many I need when I need them."
  3. davester


    First, your murders/people go hunger points are irrelevant. Second, all the other ones, those people in the US get access to health care that give them a chance at living, if it's possible and mostly even if they don't have a lot of money. This social distancing is about giving the system enough time, and reducing the peak number of people at one time that get COVID19, so those people that do get it and need hospitalization, can get access to health care that give them a chance at living. And so everyone else that don't have COVID19, but happen to have cancer, or get in an accident, or have some other health problem, also can get access to health care, and it's not just "Sorry, try another hospital, maybe they can help you".
  4. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Yes, even with working from an existing design from some company that already makes them, there's getting/making the individual parts (ie, "the supply chain"), making molds for parts, training people with how to assemble them, testing equipment, assembly line equipment, sterilization procedures and equipment, packaging, a billion little details. And there's basically zero crossover between making vehicles and ventilators. More than a month ago, would never have even been remotely considered by anyone, including the doofus in chief. And before someone brings up how fast they switch the plants over from one model year to another, this is being done starting with a blank sheet of paper only a few weeks ago. For switching the plants over, it is planned months and months in advance, along with the supply chain, training, etc. And then there's the basic experience of going through this process every year.
  5. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Course, it sucked for that TrumpChump who took Hydroxychloroquine and then died after hearing the doofus in charge say on TV that it looked promising, ...
  6. davester

    Scumbag GM

    And every day for the past five years, people like the doofus in charge would be complaining that he wasted a 1/2 billion dollars on ventilators that will never be needed.
  7. brake fluid? check the reservoir before going, and test the brakes several times that they are solid before driving, and if they seem sketchy or one side of the reservoir has emptied out totally, get it towed in... If it's further back towards the firewall (and at all similar to older trucks), it could also be water dripping from an a/c drain hole (and would be completely normal).
  8. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Right, that's 5 years ago with no hint of anything like this.totally different circumstances than, you know, today. To go "Well, you didn't buy them 5 years ago, so you get none today", which is what your saying, is moronic, And also has nothing to do with the doofus-in-chief going "I don't think he needs that many".
  9. Wow, it's just terrible that every single vehicle with the 3.0L diesel has that problem. And that RAM diesel engines have no problems ever.
  10. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Fine, I typed in respirator when I meant to type in ventilator. And of course, there aren't 30000 people that need to be on those ventilators today, because if there were, guess what, a pretty large group of them would die simply because of that. As both a politician and someone with some knowledge of both statistics and logistics, when Cuomo stands on the podium and says he needs them today, he knows it takes some time to actually make them, test them, ship/distribute them, then test them again at the destination before finally attaching them to a patient in need. And sure, most likely, a bunch of those ventilators won't be used. But you still (well, if you aren't an idiot and you actually want to save people) need them, because they might be needed, say 2, 3, 4 weeks from now, and you can't go at that time "Oh, we don't have enough because we were optimistic about how many people would get sick." Cuomo (or the people under him) have the numbers for: -how many beds they have available, both regular and icu -how many ventilators they have and where they are -how filled those beds are -the rate that people are being infected in the area, and the percentage of those that need hospitalization, and how many of that group needs ventilators and/or icu beds -roughly how long those people will need a bed, ventilator, icu bed So, he can use statistics on those numbers and figure out roughly how many ventilators are needed under a variety of scenarios, and add some margin of error, and came up with that number, to get the ball rolling for getting them manufactured, tested, distributed, tested again before the people that need them show up at the hospitals. The doofus in chief also has all this info available, but it's too complicated to put in one paragraph of one or two syllable words, so for him it's just "I don't think they need them".
  11. thanks for coming back and posting what your fix was.
  12. davester

    Scumbag GM

    Course, JUST LAST NIGHT, the dolt-in-command was saying that he didn't think NY needs 30-40k respirators. Nevermind that he can easily get the data (well, he could get someone to slowly explain it to him) so he would know if they were needed or not.
  13. Personally, after getting the full-service manual for my truck, and having bought a bunch of Haynes/Chiltons manuals for previous vehicles, I would only use H/C's to start a fire. They are mostly generic info, with only a small portion begin vehicle-specific info (this is referring to the manuals they sell for your vehicle) and are basically worthless for rebuilding your engine. The manuals H/C sell for rebuilding your specific engine are more useful, but I would still suggest getting the full-service manual for your truck, either the paper version or an online subscription to it (if the online versions go back far enough to cover your truck).
  14. Note, it's not ONLY those parts that need marking. I would suggest first reading about the entire process of disassembling/reassembling the engine, so you know what needs to be marked and what doesn't, and all kinds of other things. It's a fairly straightforward task to rebuild an engine, but it does require a bunch of stuff to be done right for the result to work well and last for a long time.
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