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  1. Any difference in ride quality with the new type rancho shocks compared to the ones that came from the factory?
  2. No expert but that sounds like a good choice. Good luck and enjoy it
  3. Or buy the factory 2" lift and have a competent mechanic install it. Look at the gm kit no control arms included, should speak for itself
  4. the problem is when you go higher than 2". Had 2" on my 2014 60,000 miles still drove like new when I traded it in. I really suggest you go to the silv/gmc mods section and read a crap load of info there. Most guys with trouble are raising their trail boss or AT4 higher without the UCA's
  5. yes all stock if you search some on this sight you will see that all the 19-21's have the same upper control arms you don't need aftermarket ones unless you go more than 2" on factory slt 1500
  6. I have a stock 21 1500 AT4 and put on 285/60/20 cooper at3 xlt, 0 rubbing using factory wheels, no wheel spacer
  7. I was thinking about the same but nice to hear that others had the same opinion thanks
  8. Not sure myself but they had to come off to install a front hitch. Surely does not look like it does much to me. Also don't think it is for transport since they come in the factory 2' lift kit from GM.
  9. What are the front compatibility brackets for on the trial boss and At4 for. Also called chassis frame reinforcement (84421434) do not look like they do anything?
  10. Don't have pics but saw one drivng down the highway last week it looked good!
  11. might be getting an AT4 what you guys think about 1/2 to 3/4 level on stock a arms?
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