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    2021 gmc 1500 denali
  1. Looking for the name of the connector that the pulsar lt plugs into
  2. I thought about that didn’t know if it was a good idea based on hw the connection like rotates closed didn't know if the grease would mess with any of the tolerances
  3. Mine comes on with auto headlights or the parking lights 2021 denali
  4. I just got my pulsar lt yesterday and i am concerned about the harness has anyone washed their engine bay with these installed the factory harness has like a cover over the pins the harness that comes with the pulsat has rubber plugs in the dead spots but i held it up to the light and plenty of places for water intrusion worried about ruining the factory harness. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Yeahhhhh I ordered the black denali grill as well as the light up emblems so its at the point where im just gonna give it to my body shop guy im not comfortable pulling that middle bumper plastic it appears that you have to pull the wheel well arches and alotta the clips seem delicate i’m not gonna go junkyard yanking on a 67k truck thanks for the reply though
  6. Has anyone changed the lower grill from the chrome denali to the black at4 do i need to remove the bumper im guessing so but asking in case i dont
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