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  1. White Auto and Media Services (WAMS). I purchased a cluster and their programming service. I installed an Alpine I209-GM radio at the same time. See my post.
  2. I have a 2017 Silverado WT. I swapped out the painted bumpers with chrome, and the front bumper that I found had the fog lights. The bumper came with the lights and the bumper harness, but there is no harness on the truck if it did not come with factory fogs. I built a harness with a relay for the lights. I swapped out the light switch with one that has the fog light switch. The Harness DR. helped me out with the additional wires that I needed to add between the switch and the BCM. White Auto and Media Services (WAMS) provided the means to update the BCM programming to allow the fogs to
  3. Waffle34 - you don't replace the trim. The chrome pieces attach to the existing trim using 3M tape.
  4. I was initially looking for a "behind the grill" or "in the grill" light bar option until I found the ZRoadz light bar bracket. It bolts to tabs that already exist on the bumper. One of my issues with "behind the grill" lights is that some of the light is blocked by the grill. The ZRoadz brackets put the light bar in front of the grill so 100% of the light is useable. Another issue is the shutters in front of the grill. The ZRoadz brackets do not interfere with the shutters at all.
  5. Check out my post on page 27 of the thread below.
  6. I have a 2017 Silverado WT. You can order the chrome piece that goes on the window trim. I ordered the 4 chrome trim pieces and installed them a couple years ago. I also installed chrome covers over the door handles and chrome caps on the mirrors. None of them have come off, even when I've taken my Silverado through a car wash. I believe the brand that I purchased was Sizver.
  7. The lights are independent of each other. You can have either on or both at the same time when the light detector on the dash has determined that it is dark outside. When wired into the BCM, the off-road light won't come on during the day OR until the fog lights are on.
  8. I read a post on here about bad grounds between the cab chassis and the instrument panel. According the the pictures, there should be ground wires near the lower corners of the windshield (next to the speakers). When the cabs were being assembled, the ground wires went on top of sealant instead of under it. It sounds like you might have that type of problem.
  9. I have a 2017 Silverado Crew Cab 4WD WT with the 5.3 and the 6 speed transmission. I have an engine and transmission tune from BlackBear Performance. The difference between before and after the tune is remarkable. I believe that the biggest difference is in the transmission tune. I believe that a lot of the shudders and jerks that people feel when driving these trucks are from the torque converter locking up. The factory tune has the torque converter clutch lock up in all 6 gears, upshifting and downshifting. The BlackBear transmission tune removed the torque converter lockup command for
  10. I just completed adding factory fog lights and an off-road light bar to my 2017 Silverado WT. I installed the light switch with the fog and off-road light buttons and added the fog light wires between the switch and the BCM that were not installed from the factory. I also installed the wires from the switch to the BCM for the off-road light. I chose a bumper mount light bar. It came with a harness with a relay and switch. I cut off the switch and rewired the harness to connect to the BCM. When wired up, the off-road light indicator displayed on my Denali cluster when the ligh
  11. I have a 2017 Silverado WT that had the I03 radio. I installed the Denali cluster, an Alpine I209-GM radio, and the upgraded steering wheel with the buttons that control the DIC. See post below. There are also pictures in the thread.
  12. The video at the link below describes the operation of the torque converter clutch with respect to current gear and whether the transmission is upshifting or downshifting. According to the video, the stock program from GM has the torque converter clutch lock up in each gear as the transmission shifts from 1st gear through 6th gear. This also occurs while the transmission is downshifting. The person in the video recommends that the program be modified so that the torque converter clutch does not lock up in gears 1-4, upshifting or downshifting. This constant locking and unlocking of the tor
  13. Yes, swapping the mounting brackets and the step pad effectively converts the 2500 bumper to a 1500 bumper. The chrome bumper is currently installed on my Silverado 1500.
  14. I couldn't get the pictures to attach to the original post. The picture attached to this post shows the two mounting brackets. The one on the left is the 2500. The one on the right is the 1500. Also attached is a picture showing the differences in the thickness of the top lip of the step pads. The one on the left is the 2500.
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