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  1. Nobody can really tell you want camshaft to go with because you haven't even thought about or said what you want from the engine. There are a million different combinations of camshafts/lifter/pushrods you could run and they all be do different things to the power band and your budget. This is going to take a ton of homework on your end to figure out what you want. Like do you want it to drive good or do it want to have some stupid extreme lope that won't even idle nice unless it's at 1,000rpm all the time? Or do you want to run the stock stall torque converter or an aftermarket unit??? Those are the type of things you need to be aware of. Sorta the same thing with headers, do a bunch of research and have a budget in mind. You can get anything from $350-400 headers that work or you can go $1,000-1,700 headers from the likes of Kooks or American Racing headers.
  2. Depends. If you want to learn it and do it yourself, you'd want HP Tuners. If that is something you don't want to learn then you'd have to pay someone to do it or use a tuning service that some companies might offer like blackbear performance. I'm against all the handheld tuners because they are generic flash files that leave a lot to be desired. But for sure you need better gearing first. A tune can only do so much and the truck will still struggle if when it's running 3.42 or 3.73 stock gearing.
  3. Gears. Those huge tires hurt you more than you think. It needs 4.10's or 4.56's at a minimum to get your mechanical advantage back. Then you can look into a tune and other performance upgrades like a camshaft swap, headers or whatever your budget allows for. (different gears will require a tune anyway)
  4. Sadly some of your add on's do not give it more value. Sure it costs you money but it doesn't mean the truck should cost more because of it. The blower kit and exhaust stuff can be added on top of the "value" of the truck but the other stuff not so much. Your added weather tech stuff and running boards are just stuff that some people would just take out/off and the underseat storage could be binned as well. Some of those things you may be better off selling on the side because nobody really cares that the original owner spent $300 on a storage bin from the dealer type of thing. My take is $35-40k for the right buyer looking for a really low mileage supercharged truck. Because you can get into a used 2016-18 truck for 30-35k with low mileage and be only 5-7k away from where you are now with a supercharger kit.
  5. That year should be using 315MHz sensors, so that is kinda what you need to look for. The denso part number is 5502400. Those are the more expensive ones and I'm sure you may be able to find them cheaper or similar ones cheaper. Even contact your local parts stores and see how much new sensors run.
  6. Pretty much anything 3/4 ton or 1 ton related always has the larger/beefier transmission. Never seen a 4L60e installed in heavy duty frame.
  7. No, you can't really do that. Either there is no way to unlock the computer for the new engine (6.2/A10) or even if you did get it from a yukon/escalade from a year or two ago there is still no way to make it all talk with each other nicely. Nor can you make a the A10 TCM work with your 2014 E92 computer. You'd have to swap the PCM/TCM from the new engine and transmission in, then figure out if you can make it work with your BCM/ABS/TC/Canbus system. You'd need to be a wiring genius to figure all that stuff out.
  8. Napa rotors and their "Adaptive One" pads are great stuff.
  9. Slow and steady is all you gotta do towing that much weight and it'll be just fine.
  10. Your guess is as good as mine without doing some testing with a multi-meter to test all the different circuits.
  11. 3.73's with stock tires and the 6 speed auto would be great.
  12. Carmax must not have any updated information and it just pulls from some random data base they have for numbers. It's either 300-325 or it's 360hp depending on year. Can basically guarantee you that whatever buy is going to have more than 301hp. ( don't but a 99-00 model lol)
  13. You're pretty much out of luck on anything that adds horsepower because there is no way to calibrate it for the changes. Not even swapping to 4.10's can be done yet.
  14. The CAI doesn't require anything special to be done, that's why it doesn't ask you anything about it. Your 6.2 has an 8 speed auto, there is no way to calibrate the transmission settings without an unlocked TCM. You'd need a completely differnet tuner to do that as HP Tuners is the only place that offers that type of unlock service. Your hypertech is just going to be a canned tune for the engine computer. That's about all I can say because I don't know that product very well. But I can say good luck getting fuel mileage back, you've done too much to ruin that with the lift/tires/unchanged gearing and aero reduction.
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