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  1. It's not too low. These trucks have a fuel pump control module that will vary the pressure from 40-60psi on demand. If you have a scan tool check to see what the alcohol content percent is reading. If the reading is way high then it needs to be reset. I've seen trucks get stuck at 50-70% for some odd reason even though the person is running regular E10 fuel.
  2. Yeah that sounds pretty normal to me. Roughly 20psi of oil pressure at 550rpm is more than enough on a hot engine.
  3. I bet it is. Mine makes the same noise from the injectors and high pressure fuel pump that is inches from the firewall.
  4. Buy stock parts, that is what it would take. I think that is kind of obvious. You need stock spindles, stock coil springs and struts. Reverse the flip kit and get a stock rear shackle and you will need the stock 1.25in lift block.
  5. You are limited on what you can do because you must have the correct year range to pick from. Your transmission should have a purple connector with a 15pin harness and that started in late 2005 and in all 2006's. Then in 2009 they switched to a 19 pin harness. I would just remove yours and get it rebuilt unless you can track down with ease the year range you need.
  6. Matco tool and Mac Tools both sell good scan tools and so does Bosch. They all have models that range from $100-150 that do a lot of stuff.
  7. The heat shield things don't matter, I throw them in the garbage more often than not because they rust away or break when yanking them here in Minnesota. Never had a single issue. The freeze frame data doesn't really help in this situation because we would need to watch live data of each cylinder to determine what cylinders aren't firing and giving off the P0300 code.
  8. Best thing to do is to re-check all your work. Make sure there are no vacuum leaks on the intake gaskets. Double check all the connections at the coils and spark plugs. You may even need to remove the plugs to make sure some of them aren't cracked.
  9. Try your spare key too, security system could have tripped if the light on the dash is on.
  10. Did you put it in neutral to switch it out of 4LOW?
  11. The exhaust flapper valve could be making noise too. You could metal wire that thing open to see if the noise stops.
  12. Get lighter, smaller tires. And a 1999 will have 4 o2 sensors. Two upstream and two downstream. Get OEM parts only, so Delco/Denso is likely what they will be. No aftermarket stuff.
  13. The tune was is regards to the transmission and not the cat code. That was the main complaint he had and title of the thread.
  14. A tune will help converter life too. I disable the converter in tunes so it's only active in gears 5 and 6.
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