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  1. Transmission flush question.

    I ended up pulling the top trans cooler line out of the radiator on my 2016 because of the thermostat on the transmission. It's a snug fit to get a hose on that cooler line but it's do-able.
  2. Transmission flush question.

    The new machines apply no pressure, they are hooked up to the factory cooler lines and the transmissions fluid pump will do all the work. If you are doing it at home and have a dipstick tube it's pretty easy to do a fluid exchange. I pop whichever line is the return off, stick a hose on it and put that hose into a jug. Start the truck, let it pump out 3-4 quarts and shut it off. Then fill the transmission back up and do it again.
  3. While your waiting, browse over the other 100 threads with the same topic. I'm sure you'll get some idea's there.
  4. The transmissions adaptive learning can't be turned off or altered in the 2019+ vehicles. There is no tuning software that has cracked those computers yet. I've yet to see proof or hear about any shop actually tuning a T1xx body style truck, be it with a 5.3/6 speed or 5.3/8 and 6.2/10 speed. The Previous gen trucks with the 6 speeds had an upshift adaptive setting that could be disabled as well as a power downshift setting but I never touch those tables and have no idea if that stops all adaptive learning or if it does nothing. From a calibrations point of view and the manufacturer, having the learning is good for transmission function and life. You're changes in driving style based on mood is not of their concern when they make it.
  5. I'd almost suspect the radiator having poor circulation. When you rev the engine it's able to force more coolant flow through the system and cool it back down. How hot is it actually getting? The dash is not a good way to judge real temp as the temp sensor to cluster read outs tend to be 10-15+ degrees different. When the cluster reads 210, they tend to be 195-200 at the temp sensor.
  6. The 6L80e and 6L90e actually use TM to operate though, removing it is the opposite of what you want to do. A custom tune can request less TCC slip and quicken/firm up shift times but the issues aren't exactly torque management related. Overall the stock calibration in a heavy duty truck operates rather well, it's made to last a long while with the correct service.
  7. I like to use a little bit of heat as well. Helps expand the metal on the block a little and loosen any thread sealant.

    The AFM/DoD is not active during idle, so I don't see that being the exact issue. Even if you do disable it, the noise would likely still be there at idle. It seems that something valve train related is not getting enough oil, then when you rev the engine it pumps oil back into the lifters/pushrods/rockers and quiets the engine back down. Is oil pressure staying steady around 20-30psi hot? Have you tried different oil brands or when was your last oil change? What about using an engine additive or running some transmission ATF through the engine to help clean it out and see if that helps?
  9. Try mid grade is I'd do too. I only run 89 or sometimes 88 because it's E15 (have a sensor in my truck) or just E85.
  10. Michelin Defender LTX. I live in MN as well, they are worth it. You can go several other ways if you want the look of an offroad tire or whatever.
  11. Check the basic stuff if you are allowed too anyway. Bring a jack or take it in for a PPI at some local shop. That way you can probably only pay like $30 bucks to look at the vehicle up in the air. Check the front suspension for ball joints and loose wheel bearings. Check the axle seals on the from diff. Oil cooler lines are a common leak on pretty much any GM vehicle. They may not be dripping but they seep and will soon enough start dripping. Rust is common on the rear wheel wells, check for chipped paint underneath and so on.
  12. Has the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail itself ever been changed?
  13. If the truck has stop/start, then going to zero at idle is normal. You can hit the button to stop that but you have to hit it every time you jump in the truck. Nothing else should be changing, you are probably just used to the truck by now and think it should be faster. The transmission has adaptive learning but that is not going to cause anything different. Nothing you can really do nor would a dealership do anything for you. If the truck runs and drives with no check engine lights or real drive ability problems, they will say it's all normal and send you right back out the door.
  14. Supercharger?

    I'm still waiting to see a stock tune from any 2019 model. I'm not sure how anyone is tuning these new trucks yet when even HP Tuners hasn't released any information about being able to get into the new computers yet. Even if the truck has the old AFM/6L80e setup, I haven't seen anything come up about them. I even googled the Fireball package and couldn't find anything about the 2019 truck specifically, they had pictures of the K1xx series trucks.
  15. code scan reader

    Those are good code readers because they do ABS and SRS systems. I'd get one if I needed one like that. They become about $100-150 more when you want both of those systems, as the regular scanner is about $100 on sale.

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