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  1. I tried messaging that guy on here about those gauge pods but never got a word back. I don't have facebook and his website doesn't list our trucks on there, not that I could see anyway. I want to mount my wideband there.
  2. People do it all the time so do whatever you want. Some even make pre-runner style trucks that are 2WD.
  3. It won't work. You'd have no cluster, abs, traction control, stabilitrak and just about everything else. The E92 computer and wiring will not talk with a E38 powered vehicle.
  4. No, not really. P0300 would be a random cylinder misfire. Then P0301 through P0308 would be cylinders 1 to 8, those would lead you to the specific cylinder.
  5. That cam would be good. Going bigger is going to shift the powerband further up and likely not where you want it. With a good tune it's probably another ~20-30hp/tq over what you have now. Your mileage isn't really high at all, I'd have no problems swapping in a camshaft at this mileage. I'd only touch what you have to when changing it. New front cover gaskets, cam retaining plate, lifters and head gaskets. If you have good oil pressure now, don't even remove the pump. High volume pumps aren't really ever needed for 99% of people.
  6. Depending on the vehicle it would need to be done at a dealership. Computers won't just be plug and play if they need to be reprogrammed to your VIN and the security system. Also if you vehicle has a TCM and FPCM it must be programmed by a dealership or someone with a dealership level tool to make everything jive together again.
  7. You'd want a tune done to stop all the check engine light codes. The non fouler trick might not be enough.
  8. Do you want to run a stall converter? Because you can pick a cam that will lope and do all that crap but it will be a complete turd off the line, have zero get up and go without a 4,000rpm stall converter. Or you can pick something that is more mild like a 212/218 with a 110-112 LSA to give it a little noise. That cam will also drive good and make power. You would want long tube headers and a better exhaust if you want to hear the engine lope. Stock cats and huge muffler will make it be like nothing is there. Do your research, there are tons of camshafts to pick from and from various people.
  9. Hard to say if your truck has a real sensor for fuel pressure or not. I wouldn't know unless I looked for it on the fuel line. Vehicles with fuel pump control modules will vary the pressure depending on fuel demand. At idle and low throttle the fuel pressure will be around 3 bar (43.5psi) and will rise up to 4 bar (58-60psi) under heavy load. The performance cars will go even further to 65-75psi of fuel pressure because they need more fuel flow under boost.
  10. You'd only be worried if the long term data was very high is either direction. Very positive trims would be a lean condition and very negative would a rich condition. Short term trims are going to dance a ton because they react faster than you can blink to changes in the exhaust. Seeing random high positive/negative value is kinda normal because there are lots of variables going on. Like getting on the throttle real quick or being steady state and lifting off the throttle, there will be a change in commanded fueingl and the short term trims are going to show that instant change.
  11. The 4.8 was in trucks all the way to 2013. Even longer in the chevy and GMC vans.
  12. What does the fuel trim data say? Were you looking at those numbers too when you check the working condition of the sensors?
  13. Most carbs run on less than 10psi of fuel pressure so the factory pump would be too powerful. If you installed a regulator right before the fuel rail, that would be just fine.
  14. 4.56's would be minimum but 4.88's are going to be the ticket for those size tires.
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