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  1. 1999-2002's had rear disc from the factory, just for general information. You also need to poke your head under there to see if you have single piston calipers or dual piston rear calipers. Makes brake pad shopping easier when you already know what you have. And do not be surprised if you need new rear calipers. They are very prone to going bad. Be it leaking around the piston seal or have seized sliders. I've done many of those brake jobs and had the piston go back into the caliper but never want to come back out.
  2. C'mon man, we all know that half the people that buy these trucks can't even afford the payment unless they take out a 72 or 84 month loan. Gotta have that new truck though.............. Also gotta have their first house be $350,000-$400,000 on a 40-50 year loan because ballin.
  3. For whatever reason it just reminds me a heat shield rattle but it's hard to say exactly. Having the truck on a lift, then putting it in drive and gaining wheel speed is something I used to do for weird noises like that.
  4. Owners manual has this information too. It's all in the settings in the radio.
  5. CamGTP


    The confirmed data is only part of it. What about all the people that went to a doctors office or hospital but were turned away because they didn't have the "required" symptoms for a test. They very well could have have it but we will never know. They just tell them to self quarantine as a precaution. So to me the numbers are partly a lie because we all know the real numbers are way higher but we'll never truly know this data. The people that have it and don't show it are not going to be listed there. Same with the people that got it, were turn away and died suddenly, those people aren't going to be tested and reported as deaths on the chart.
  6. If the RPO code in the glove box says G80, that is a mechanical locking diff. There is no electronic locking diff option.
  7. Yes, the computer controls the AFM/DoD system. Best case is that you get the harness with the engine, that way things will work as they should. But another thing to make note of is, what year is the 5.3? The engines made from 2010+ have AFM/DoD and VVT, the harness is even more important then. The 5.3 computer could work but what year the engine came from plays another role. 2010+ 5.3's used a 6 speed auto only unlike the 07-09's that were 4 speeds except in the LTZ models. The computer will also have the security system preventing it from running. That would need to be disabled or the computer programmed to your truck with a 5.3 calibration. It can be a can of worms sometimes.
  8. From what I remember that is normal. The 4L60e can run a few different bell housings to match up to different engines.
  9. I would never leave it stock. I would have to itch to install injectors, turbo, better intercooler for more power. I just think they are cool cars. Those and the late 70's to early 90's Volvo sedans and wagons.
  10. CamGTP


    Anyone that believes the China numbers is being a fool if you ask me. You have multiple countries that question their numbers from all the data reports. There were even articles out of China about a huge surge in urn deliveries around Wuhan, China just last week.
  11. Nitto does make two other tires that are not mud tires, so you could try either of those. The Terra Grappler is going to way more tame compared to a mud tire. The Ridge Grappler is more aggressive but still not a mud tire.
  12. I still like my idea lol. Long tubes with no cats does let you hear basically everything going on.
  13. Can you hear it leaking and creating the exhaust leak or tick? Having the condensation leak out there isn't uncommon. The bolts could be loose or there is a rust/corrosion built up between the two pieces of exhaust pipe. I can't remember if there is a exhaust donut seal there or if it's just a metal to metal seal. They do make an exhaust paste that can be applied to those type of connections too.
  14. What size are the tires though? If they are LT tires on a half ton, that is part of your problem as well. Not only are they a heavy duty tire they are more than likely 20-30lbs heavier per tire plus the added weight of those large rims. All that can make the ride worse.
  15. I thinking about getting a Yugo lol. Or a mid 80's Mercedes 300D.
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