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  1. Most smaller shops have different rates or built in misc labor charges for doing smaller work. At a previous job we'd maybe charge you $10-15 total for something as simple as that. It literally takes 5 minutes to do that. Or we'd make you pay for the bulb and just give the tech $10 cash to do it. Or if you really can't do it yourself just go to a local parts store and ask them if they can change a tail light bulb for you. It's two screws or bolts and that's it, old bulb out, new bulb in.
  2. To me that almost sounds like a failing wheel speed sensor. A sensor can drop out while the 3 others are reporting data to the computer still. The ABS will freak out and kinda what you are talking about. This is just a guess at what is happening. Without a scan tool that can read ABS codes and watch each sensor function at the same time it's tough to really say what is the root cause.
  3. We can't tell you engine revs without you telling us what size tires you are running. You need to pick the best gear ratio based on needs, tire size and what you are using the truck for. Stock 6 speed trucks have either 3.42's or 3.73's with the upgraded max towing package. If you have 3.42's I would suggest 3.90's or 4.10's depending on tire size. You can use online calculators to figure out cruising rpm if you know your gear ratio, tire size and 6th gears final drive value.
  4. What suspension package does your truck have? Is it a Z71 truck or not? Rims and tires can play a roll in this too. If you have 20's or 22's those will ride worse/different than 18's.
  5. A camshaft swap with headers should be far less than $6,000. Doing that with a good tune should gain you ~40-50hp. But if you can't do your own labor it may not save you anything.
  6. There is nothing factory out there, they never made a supercharged truck. If you did a "different" factory supercharger you would be stealing parts from the 2014+ Corvettes to make their supercharger system work on your truck. It's been done many times but it's way for involved than any other aftermarket kit that is bolt on and go. Supercharger kits are either going to be from places like ProCharger, Magnuson or Edelbrock. Turbo kits are going to be mostly custom, they may sell the hot pipes, turbo and intercooler but finding everything else is on you. Like blow off valves, boost controllers, tuning software etc etc etc.
  7. I drove over 500 miles the past two days for work through the snow. If I lived far southeast or southwest of the Twin Cities you couldn't go anywhere because of wind gust and blowing snow but the rest was just fine.
  8. It may still be the old engine and transmission but they still changed computers on T1 trucks. It no longer uses the E92 computer than came with the 2014-2018 body style trucks.
  9. Okay, but who is going to spend $1,900 at a minimum just to get a tune?? Probably not many.
  10. Their code reader may not be good enough to get the codes. Some cheaper scanners will not do it. A flashing check engine light usually means a misfire but it's plausible that it's something else. A good scan tool that can read engine and transmission data together would be wanted.
  11. The other day I took a 65 mile trip to a place and it was 12-14 degrees outside, transmission got to 104-109 degrees. Pretty much what my 2012 truck got to in the cold weather +/- 10 degrees.
  12. You are just talking about that tube that pops over the exhaust manifold right? If so, you can do nothing with it and that is fine. Pretty sure they just do that to help bring in warmer air into the intake. The exhaust manifolds get warm really fast and warmer intake air can help it run smoother sooner.
  13. Calculated fuel mileage would have been wrong prior to the calibration update. So to me seeing the DIC fuel mileage return to what it was before sounds normal. I'm sure at the right speeds your fuel mileage will be better than factory gearing. It's just that nobody wants to drive that slow.
  14. So it looks like a 2003-2006 model or it looks like a 2007-2013 model truck? The 2007-2013 body style trucks have ABS in the rear axles, so you'd need to find one of those with the same rear gear ratio for a direct swap.
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