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  1. Factory aluminum 17 spare

    This "other names" says steel, but I'm pretty sure it's aluminum. https://parts.cabledahmerbuickgmc.com/oem-parts/gm-spare-wheel-20942019
  2. I have the access tonneau sport cover on mine, I think that is the model anyway. You can find them for under $300 almost all the time, sometimes even around $250 with shipping on various websites. Doesn't "flap" in the wind at all, I mean it has to have some give so you see a little ripple as the wind gets to it at high speeds.
  3. The door panel has to be removed, look at how the triangle trim piece is designed. It sits below and behind the door panel, you will damage that piece if you try to remove it by itself.
  4. C'mon brah, this is the age of the wonderful internets. Almost everything you want to know has been done and covered on youtube already.
  5. Stabilitrack??'s

    The button or like a switch that disables the ABS/Stabilitrak would do it.
  6. At this power level, the cats to no cats won't be something you really notice in power. Unless your butt dyno can pick up the minimal change, if any.
  7. The case and sump pan on a 6L80/90 don't look like that. Through some google and the wiki I found out it's a 4L30e that came in euro vehicles and things like the Isuzu cab over trucks. You can see that the case design is the same as pictured above, just a different bell housing adapter.
  8. 2019 5.3L ECM Tuning

    Maybe you missed the part that is also costs $2000 just for the computer, plus the 10 credits, plus more credits for the TCM and FPCM. I wouldn't say it's a crack, it's a whole new computer just like the diesel L5P trucks.
  9. It's gonna be loud as hell lol. Prepare for loads of terrible sounding rasp and drone. Or just wear ear plugs.
  10. Tuners

    Gotcha, can't say I even venture that way as I live way on the other side of the metro.
  11. Nope. There is no way to move the leaf spring back which in turn moves the wheel back to fit the larger bed. The frame was never designed for a 6.6 bed in the half ton. Only the 3/4 and 1 ton frames got the large bed as standard in those ears.
  12. Tuners

    Where do you live in MN? Hell I could do a tune for the cost of credits and little cash.
  13. Tuners

    Buy HP Tuners if you wish to learn on the most advanced LS truck computer to date ( that we can calibrate), it won't be easy lol. It would be tough getting into the game if you hadn't done anything with the prior computers dating back to 1999 where most of the general things carry over. Word of warning too, the speed limiter is in place for a reason. One for tire rating as they don't want you to exceed that speed rating and two, the driveshaft is not rated above 100mph. Lots of neat video's out there of people exploding stock driveshafts out there.
  14. Couldn't say about the misfires, never really watched them on my truck. The tip in knock or spikes is probably burst knock, it's built into the calibration to yank timing real quick on sudden throttle transition. That could be what it's showing at a guess.
  15. Yes sir, I'd like an $800 month truck payment, where do I sign?

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