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  1. Michelin makes the Defender LTX in that size, they are a great tire for all year round use. If your truck came with Michelin Premier LTX's they are pure garbage in my eyes. They are a super nice ride but that's all you get, they spin in the wet with enough power and suck balls in the snow. My other suggesting for a stock size tire for the 22's are the Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS Plus2 or 3, they are good all around tires too.
  2. Did you miss a ground when putting it back together? That's the only thing I can think of, there could be a ground harness not bolted down. Otherwise that repair is really straight forward.
  3. You can test that pretty easy. Get the ground really wet or hit a dirt road. Do a power brake stand and see if both wheels start spinning. If you get a one tire fire then it's an open diff on the rear end. Obviously this would be for those specific reasons that only 1 tire gets all the power. With normal operation the power will be split 50/50 when going straight down the road.
  4. We haven't even see the base model and custom trims yet for the new 2022's and the GMC's line up below the AT4. You'd figure once those were out they may come out with the build/price thing on the website shortly after to give people an idea of what things will be like.
  5. Just the regular towing package or the MAX tow package?? I'd have to look at the RPO code again for all details but the MAX tow was different rear end gears and larger radiator I believe. The brakes are the same still. The 6 speed and 8 speed transmission already have a transmission cooler.
  6. Knock learn factor is simple. The KLF starts at 1 or 0 depending on the PCM used and year range and they go to 0 or 1. Say it starts at 1 and goes down to 0. The 1 would be the high octane table current timing number, lets say 25 degrees. It detects some knock and slowly works it way toward 0 on the KLF and lets say it stops at .50. If the low octane timing table had 19 degrees in the same area of the timing curve it would pick 22 degrees of timing. The knock learn factor doesn't even need to wait for a new fuel to work it's way back to "1" on the KLF, it just doesn't h
  7. That $3.15 was probably for a Cherry Pepsi and a mini bag of Doritos.
  8. That tire size does not exist. You can run 285/60/20's though.
  9. Could do a few simple things. Clean the throttle body and MAF sensor. Dump a whole can of seafoam in the fuel tank and even run a can of GDI cleaner through the engine to see if that help at all. Could even pull the spark plugs to check condition of them. A really nice scan tool could help tell you things if you knew what to look for.
  10. Either of the two Michelin or the Falkens would be up there. I believe they are all 3 peak snow rated tires as well but I'd have to look at that more. Past those would be the Firestones. Really any of those tires would not be a bad choice. The Duratracs are going to a much louder tire and can be more prone to uneven wear/chopping on some vehicles. I'm not a huge fan of them for every day driving. They have their place if going offroad all the time is what the person is after.
  11. Figure out the fault and take it from there. An EVAP system fault will give some sort of code or error that should be able to be read by a scan tool.
  12. We never drove these nice of vehicles in high school that's for sure.
  13. I work in the tire industry and I live in Minnesota so these are a few tires that I would suggest for good all year round tires that will handle towing heavy trailers as well. Michelin Agillis Crossclimate Michelin Defender LTX M/S Toyo Open Country AT3's Falken Wildpeaks Firestone Destination AT or the Transforce AT2. There are many other tires out there that you can choose but these would be at the top of my list before picking something else.
  14. Gear oil is only clear/golden for a limited amount of time, it changes to a brown/black color rather quickly. An oil analysis would be best to know when it should be changed. To me it's every 50-80k miles for most fluids. Coolant can go much longer, 100-150k miles easy.
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