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  1. I sprayed the underneath of my truck with amsoil HD metal protector a few weeks ago. We will see how it holds up it can’t hurt
  2. Same issue today every stop light camera came on seat rumbling and I wasn’t even close to the car in front of me. Luckily a click of a button disabled it
  3. My front collision sensors were going crazy with the cold/snow/ice today. Had to turn it off as it thought I was going to crash every few minutes Ryan B.
  4. Dealership painted and swapped handles for me before I took possession. It’s doable. Gm accessory has the chrome handles available Ryan B.
  5. We actually have a travel advisory at the moment. Crazy only about 3” of snow . [emoji2361] Ryan B.
  6. Their other coating you apply with an applicator is much better but the spray is decent for the price. Ryan B.
  7. I hate snow. Truck was spotless the weekend Ryan B.
  8. PDR is mainly used as a track aid. Have it in my Camaro but still run a regular dash cam Ryan B.
  9. Hauled some straw, I hate this stuff. The tailgate gap seal worked well [emoji16] Ryan B.
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