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  1. Normal not a mfg defect Relax take deep breath Buy some car detailing supplies (clay bar, iron remover, paint protection of your liking). Spend a day get it looking good Ryan B.
  2. Indiana did the same well didn’t cancel we have elearning until the end of May. Gonna be real fun for child care at least I am able to work from home for awhile Ryan B.
  3. 6500K [emoji16] have to use SPF 60 Ryan B.
  4. All I want is to get a haircut again don’t want it to Come to this [emoji15] Ryan B.
  5. Thanks I ordered but it’s scheduled to be delivered on a month [emoji1361] damn corona virus Ryan B.
  6. Thanks I am pretty much sold on it. With the putco harness was there any wiring splicing? Ryan B.
  7. Where did you install the light bar? On the bumper plastic? Did you use the putco wiring harness Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. [emoji23] I’m getting a lot done in the garage “social distancing” Great buzzword of the year Ryan B.
  9. I’m close to that [emoji22] luckily I have years before I retire but it’s pretty sickening. Ryan B.
  10. The before is just these which are also impressive The after are with these Ryan B.
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