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  1. 2010 6.2 Silverado Crewcab Z71 - Indiana

    New truck TPW is 4/22. Hope the new one is in mid May.
  2. K1 = 2014-2018 (old style 2019) T1 = 2019+ GMT900 = 07-13 (14) Ryan B.
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Happy face Ryan B.
  4. I ordered a crewcab standard bed last week. Really tired of this One of the main reasons why I wanted a new truck. Not my truck but one i test drove a few weeks ago, similar to what I ordered except 20” wheels Ryan B.
  5. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    New truck TPW 4/22 [emoji16] Ryan B.
  6. The chrome and HC badges on the front fenders will be coming off immediately for me. I might leave the one on the tailgate [emoji1743]‍[emoji3603] Ryan B.
  7. Black02Silverado's 2019 Silverado

    What are you replacing them with? Ryan B.
  8. Oh thought you did the GM black bow tie Ryan B.
  9. How does the bow tie install? Ryan B.
  10. 2010 6.2 Silverado Crewcab Z71 - Indiana

    Few updated photos Ryan B.
  11. High country this week is on constraint (1264). Will see what happens next Tuesday to see if it is accepted [emoji22] Ryan B.
  12. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Don’t really have any major mods planned. Having the front clear filmed and the window trim wrapped right away. Also adding the Black bow tie and maybe a toolbox again? It really has everything I need. Performance wise maybe a CAI? Ryan B.
  13. Ceramic coat that grille [emoji16] did my Camaro and it makes it easier to clean Ryan B.

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