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  1. 7000ext so could use with my truck and car (car needs the extension). I haven’t raised a vehicle yet will be in the early spring for a brake fluid change on my car. Overall it’s nice Ryan B.
  2. Darn I only got $100 off mine this last fall Ryan B.
  3. Nice truck, still can’t stand the chrome window trim or door handles [emoji22] Ryan B.
  4. 3m or Xpel pre-cut kits?

  5. Another dealer tells me Lift cannot be put on a HC Door handles only available in chrome Trim can’t be replaced I would have to powder coat or line x the side steps [emoji35] Ryan B.
  6. Thanks for the info on that product Ryan B.
  7. It’s not the end of the world my 2010 still runs great and was built in Mexico. Ryan B.
  8. That is my thought at least get something of value out of it. Seems like a good time, I actually have about 3 people who want it and 2 want it for nothing which will not happen Ryan B.
  9. It may be cheaper to buy a 3d printer and print a snap over trim piece
  10. Do You Have Your 2019 Hot Wheels Chevy Silverado Yet?

    Got mine today Ryan B.
  11. I have a 9yr old truck with 94K miles and I am trying hard to justify a new one. It’s actually more of a want than a need st this point Ryan B.
  12. Local dealer gave me this info today (Did not provide part numbers Suspension Upgrade is $1295 plus $500 install (5 hrs labor) Door Handles and Window Trim $905 (I think this is absurd) plus $600 Install, this could e fair to remove all the door panels and such. $3300 for all.
  13. PF48 AC Delco Filters QTY 6

    It’s in the title - 6 Ryan B.

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