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  1. Camarofest 10 was cancelled this year (was supposed to be last week. Planning on a September track day now Ryan B.
  2. I thought you planned to keep it [emoji2373] no need for 2 trucks? Ryan B.
  3. Scratch surprisingly came out East (garage door hit it [emoji35]) I have no idea how the dent got there. MAybe a softball? Waiting on my PDR guy to get back in town to repair Ryan B.
  4. The main thing I try not to do is Tow/haul or use cruise for the first 500 miles then do an oil change and it’s off to the races The new C8 corvette has a break in programmed in. Only 70% of the power is available until it hits 500 miles. Welcome and enjoy the new truck [emoji16] Ryan B.
  5. What’s everyone been up to? I finally rolled past 10K on the 19 this past weekend Ryan B.
  6. Depends where the dealer is located. Mine was built in Fort Wayne and trucked to Detroit it never seen the railyard Ryan B.
  7. How did you try to contact us? Who did you specifically contact? I didn’t get any PM. Ryan B.
  8. Here they are letting each district determine if they open and how they go about it. We start July 29th. We were given the in school or elearning option (or leave and go the home schooling route). Baseball is still continuing. We finished our 4th tournament (16th game) of the season. #choosingtonotliveinfear Ryan B.
  9. I love when guy driving a minivan takes off at a light and think they “beat” me in the car. All I can do is [emoji2361] I don’t have anything to prove I know what it is. Hope it gave them a few minutes of glory [emoji23] Ryan B.
  10. There is no way your truck is beating a 6th gen camaro (6.2 vs 6.2) in an actual race. Yes the truck is quick and could probably take the car off the line but the Camaro would leave it in the dust if they were trying Oh and I own both so I have first hand experience with both vehicles Ryan B.
  11. Thanks, the cquartz leather has worked well. Added protection especially with the kids. Easy wipe downs especially after baseball I have weathertech in channel visors. I had AVS ones and they were awful (cracked, warped) went through 2 sets and switched. No issues with weathertech Ryan B.
  12. ^ this The devil is in the details My car and truck are coated with the Adams ceramic coating. I did the interiors with cquartz leather This is 13 months after application on my truck The car has been coated since March of 18 (not daily driven) Ryan B.
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