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  1. Range stated to me when I called they have seen the RPMs jump around while cruising and auto/start stop doesn’t work. Ryan B.
  2. Works on some range says 50/50. Mine works fine [emoji16] Ryan B.
  3. Nope just dirt, mainly sand used with salt during winter I believe Ryan B.
  4. Some have been able to get their hands under and get the bolts out. I removed both steps wasn’t hard and I was able to clean the road debris out of there. Also had help [emoji16] Ryan B.
  5. Plenty of storage IMO Can’t forget the back seat storage Ryan B.
  6. On my parents 2000 blazer it was just past the 36 month (37) warranty and was well under the milage. Their 4wd system went out. GM ended up covering half the cost Ryan B.
  7. Make sure the auto stop/start is disabled and does t engage and watch the tach (jumping around) These are the symptoms of it not working Ryan B.
  8. I bought online then spoke to them via FB and then on the phone Ryan B.
  9. I’m running the current version on my 6.2/10speed and have been for some time. They work on some of the trucks. I bought directly from Range and said if it didn’t work I could return or hold for an Update once available. Ryan B.
  10. Because it also disables DFM not just autoshow/start [emoji2361] Ryan B.
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