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  1. Looks good. Except for that "Jayhawks" license plate frame.
  2. No worries. Wasn't sure, so I included both owner manuals and service manuals in my response.
  3. GM owner manuals come in the glovebox of the new vehicle, or you may download a free pdf after you register your vehicle at the GM Owner Center at my.gm.com. You can also buy paper copies of the manuals that came with the new vehicle at Helm Inc. at helminc.com for about $50 USD. You can buy Chilton or Haynes service manuals at most auto parts stores for about $25. The GM authorized comprehensive service manuals are sold by Helm Inc. at helminc.com--you can buy paper manuals, CD ROMS, or USB drives--and they are more expensive--sets for GM trucks and SUVs are currently running at $375-$600.
  4. Around here, the PDI doesn't involve any quality inspections or topping off of DEF fluid or fuel or anything like it's supposed to. All it consists of is the dealer having their newest shop employee remove any loose items from the bed, trunk, rear seat, glovebox, console, etc. (manuals, running boards, wheel covers, splash guards, wheel well inserts, front license plate holders, floor mats, bed mats, electronic cables, extra TPMS's, etc.) and throw them in their back room. IF you know what you are missing and bug them long enough, you just might get some of your stuff back. Otherwise, when the room gets full, they throw it away or sell it. Or the shop employees use it as a pick-a-part room for themselves.
  5. Nice website. But no dates on any of their articles! Trying to search that article down got me an answer of "somewhere between 2000 and 2018."
  6. Whatever makes you happy, OP. It's your truck. Shell Rotella Gas Truck motor oil (available at WalMart, OReilly Auto, and Advance Auto Parts) and Wix (same as NAPA Gold or Platinum) oil filters used here. Used Mobil1 in my last GM vehicle. Switched back to Shell (Pennzoil, Quaker State, Rotella) products after modern research, including this:
  7. I guess in modern vehicles, anything is possible. But for instance, the temps here today are ranging from a low in the lower 70s to a high in the mid 90s. So according to the temp gage in the truck, the coolant would be going from 70 degrees to 210 while driving and from 210 back down to 70 overnight, all without leaking, with cycles of 210 down to 185 or so over stops. So if it can do that range cycle daily without leaking, I don't see how 185 to 210 and back would make it leak, unless you had a leak-prone rad to begin with. Best of luck with your thermostat fix and hope you can then enjoy driving without worry.
  8. From personal experience and what you read on here, it's new/used/rebuilt/junkyard RAM for the win. Especially if it's a Power Wagon.
  9. Think about this. When you start the vehicle, if it has sat overnight, the coolant temp is ~ the temp of where the truck is parked. Anywhere between 185F and 235 is considered normal operating temperature, with 260 and above overheating. So if you're not seeing above 210, how could your radiator have possibly been damaged by the thermostat??
  10. NASCAR (now NOOSECAR?), RP Motorsports, and Bubba Wallace-Smollett owe the few remaining fans, the FBI, the State of Alabama, the Talladega employees, the sponsors, and all of the other teams a HUGE APOLOGY for their #FakeNoose race-baiting publicity stunt, especially during the current national crisis!!
  11. The best advice we can give you is that you'll probably get a better, more prompt answer if you post in the correct section. You're asking about a problem with an '04 Trailblazer in the '19-'20 Blazer section.
  12. Same here. Can't use Chrome here, but the add blocker endlessly fighting the ads is what's making it grind to a screeching halt.
  13. I wish good ol Cliff was still on here to provide some sane arguments on oil viscosity, additives, etc. OP, be prepared for an onslaught from the AMSoil dealers on here telling you it is liquid gold, cures cancer, prevents COVID, promotes world peace, quells riots, etc. Then buy whatever makes you happy.
  14. GMT900, 2009 on the truck I was talking about. Tried a lot of internet 'advice' on resetting/realigning the system (key on, press this button, press that button, do this, do that, do the hokey pokey, open door, close the door, wait 5 minutes, give Jobu his rum, sacrifice a bucket of KFC, hope the stars are in alignment, etc., none of that worked. Dealer service manager laughed and said yeah, you have to have the software they have in their $1200 GM scan tool. I realize there are other scan tools available, but I can't afford to pay a couple/few hundred on something that doesn't work, and I needed the AC fixed fast, as I have a family member who has had heat stroke in the past and they have to stay cool at all times. Seems like with each new generation, GM takes more steps to make it harder for Joe Public to fix his own vehicle.
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