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  1. PREDICTION: The General will wait too long, not wanting to give any incentives on its brand new trucks with high sticker prices, and its salespeople will watch buyers go down the street to FCA/Ford/Toyota/Nissan/Honda. Sure, it will sell some T1XX's to early adopters/Earnhardt fans, and will put a big spin on those sales results. Then, when its showrooms, front lots, back lots, side lots, factory lots, train yards, etc., are overflowing with trucks, it will have to offer better incentives than FCA to move any more of these ugly new trucks. RAM will soon be in second place behind Ford. Just sayin.
  2. Input on a possible tire failure?

    I did a quick check on Tire Rack and it looks like that size of tire is made to go on a 7.5- to 9-inch wide wheel. Of course, folks use beadlock wheels and wider tires for off-road use, but running regular wheels and too-wide tires on the street (and not rotating the tires every 6000-8000 miles) is a recipe for the tires to flex more and wear badly (depending on the quality of your tires too), both on the tread and the internal structure, hence the "hop" you are experiencing. There are more tire dealers becoming real sticklers about what they'll service, based on the potential liability of if someone hurts themselves and then turns around and sues them.
  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. There were several of these same discussions and this same conclusion on the GMT900 (07-13 1500's) forum back in the day.
  4. My 2018 Chevrolemon

    Traded a good '17 truck on a '18 Silverado, and wonders why he has problems. The kids these days. 1) Like my ol pappy used to say, IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT! A helluva lot of people on here would keep a good vehicle for 20 years and drive it for 400K miles, that is, IF we could find a good one! You had a good one and let it go, maybe because it had a bug spot on the windshield and there were shiny new ones across the street. Damn, I wish I had $70K burning a hole in my pocket that badly! 2) He shoulda done some research on here to learn about all of the problems on the new GM trucks, including the infamous Chevy Shake. 3) His first posts on this GM TRUCKS site include a picture of a lemon with a bowtie. Troll much?
  5. Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down On This Buick Wagon?

    Drop in a 3.8 Turbo or LS engine and you've got a cool sleeper/parts hauler!
  6. So the NEXT time GM goes bankrupt and comes crying to the US Government with their hands out, we will gladly say DEAL WITH IT and slam the door shut!
  7. THIS. They did the same crap to us 07-13 1500 owners on the AFM oil usage problems and all of the other stuff. First they deny there are any problems, and then they implement a silly multi-phased testing program to weed out the women or weak-willed owners until they are out of warranty. Never fix the problem, just move on to the next generation. Oh your vehicle has a problem, well lets just trade for this shiny new one over here! They never worked out the rough 1-2 shifts on our 6L80E's, but then they were on to making 8 speeds. Problems with 8 speeds? So we'll make a 10 speed! They should be up to their asses in class-action lawsuits!! But the Earnhardt-tattooed crowd on here will argue forever that all other makes are junk and deny that there was ever a problem with any GM product.
  8. Buy Your Next Chevy From Mark Wahlberg

    I'll bet they'll run a special on the next round of Transformers movie cars, too!
  9. Suppose the OP has long since bought his Goodyear Wrangler Adventure tires with kevlar. If they haven't, or for anyone else reading this thread, the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tire is much more competitive with the BfGoodrich K02.
  10. Brake job requires wheel hub assembly?

    That's why I like this forum. Helps to keep those of us who aren't ASE certified from spending any unnecessary $! Thanks to all who responded
  11. Last good z71

  12. Most miles is not the same as longest lasting. Let's see which ones are still going after they're 20 years old. My '09 is still going--the warranties have long since run out, and the $ that should go towards a down payment on a new truck, I keep having to put into the '09 to keep it going. Gets to a point where you say the title of ownership says 09, but the vehicle's subsystems all have newer parts. Like that old song--I have a 09-10-11-12-13 automobile.
  13. Did the '18 Silverado and Sierra sales spike just after the '19 models were unveiled to the public??? (Coincidence? I think not!)
  14. Continental Terrain Contact AT

    Like they always say on here, "Photos, or it didn't happen!"
  15. As they say, your mileage may vary. I for one will not ever buy another vehicle with cylinder deactivation of any kind. I'd buy a 12-year-old vehicle without it before I'd buy a brand new one with it. I was leery of AFM when I bought my truck, and it has been an oil guzzling, plug-fouling nightmare. They keep saying that each new generation has all the bugs worked out. But then you read posts on here saying that folks are still having trouble. If someone gave me a new truck with AFM, I'd turn off AFM and install a catch can before the thing had 50 miles on it, only use Dexos-rated oil, and check the oil at every fueling stop! (There is a reason why GM increased the oil capacity from 6 quarts on the 2007-13 models to 8+ quarts on the later models . . . )

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