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  1. tirerack.com is your friend. Enter your tire size, and it shows you what is available, reviews, warranty info, specs, and the prices that most local dealers will match. Firestone and Hankook both have new 3PMSF-rated AT tires, the Continental and Pirelli ATs are best sellers, and the Michelin Primacy highway tire is always on special.
  2. Used to be $45K on the sticker would get you "leather-appointed" seats. Now it's ~$65K to get leather. $20K jump in 10 years. Can't think of anything else where the price has increased almost 50% in the last 10 years. The auto industry has a lot of brass asking for the prices they do nowadays, especially after we all saved their a$$es from bankruptcy!
  3. Sounds like its the whole Sirius vs XM, VHS vs Betamax deal all over again. Choose your manufacturer based on your preference.
  4. This is not very comforting, given the headlines just 2 days ago: GOOGLE CAN'T FIX THE ANDROID UPDATE PROBLEM
  5. Probably due to LED brake lights. But could possibly be brake light switch (under dash, on top of brake pedal) has gone bad, too--that is a common cause of cruise control failure.
  6. Yep. That lil screen gets plugged up if you don't use good quality Dexos rated oil and a good filter and change it often (probably more often than your Oil Life Monitor in the Driver Info Center indicates.)
  7. Dunno about Northern CA, but I started getting better results when I took them a big box of donuts first thing in the morning when I dropped the truck off, and a cold case of beer when I picked it up.
  8. Interior lights: Dome Lamp Override The dome lamp override button is located next to the exterior lamps control. (Dome Off): Press the button in and the dome lamps remain off when a door is opened. Press the button again to return it to the extended position so that the dome lamps come on when a door is opened. Turn signal: I think I read before that if your turn signal bulb is out, the red arrow light on the mirror on that side won't flash, either. If those aren't it, you're gonna have to have your dealer hook up a scan tool to see what it says.
  9. Do they just bend and pop in, or do they have screws/bolts/fasteners of some type?
  10. It's your truck, so whatever floats your boat. Personally, I think it's a much "cheaper" look, especially at trade-in or selling time. Cheers.
  11. You're doing better than my '09 5.3L 6 spd 4x4 3.42 gear. My sticker said 14 city and 19 hwy. I usually get 10 town (remote starting) and 16-17 hwy (65-70mph) [hand calculated] in 2WD, using premium fuel and now with highway tires instead of the factory All Terrains. And I drive easy. Speedometer and odometer have been found to be correct when compared to GPS. It pings if I use regular. And it still eats some oil, despite having the AFM TSB for oil usage done. The average fuel economy and the gallons used shown in the DIC display have averaged being 7+% overoptimistic since new (I have seen them be 12-14% off once in a while).
  12. This is why I do my own oil changes and tire rotations. And the fact that my friend's daughter got her new battery stolen out of her car at a local JiffyLube place by a tech who put it in his old beater and swapped his old POS battery into her car, thinking she was a girl who would never look under her hood. But her Dad figured it out and the thief got fired and now the Dad does the oil changes.
  13. Would rather use a properly-manufactured Mobil1 filter through 3 oil change cycles than an AC Delco "e-core" filter (manufactured to be especially cheap and easily recycled) through one cycle. Myself, I prefer Wix or Napa Gold or Platinum oil filters (single-cycle usage, of course) since AC Delco decided they favored tree-huggers over engine protection.
  14. If you're that lazy, why change the oil/filters at all? Just drive it for 2-3 years and trade it on a shiny new one, to dump the old truck on some poor unsuspecting soul who needs a break and prays they're getting a good deal.
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