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  1. When somebody says "OIL", we turn on the Grump signal (kinda like the Bat-signal, but with a picture of a red pickup).
  2. General consensus on here and over at Bob Is The Oil Guy (BITOG) is that AMSoil Signature oil and Fram UltraGuard (depending of if you get one from a good batch) oil filters are the best. Pennzoil Platinum and GM's own Dexos oils are currently top-rated, cheaper, and more readily available in stores. Mobil1 was tops back in the 90's, but no longer wins most oil comparison tests. AC Delco "e-core" oil filters (the ones that end with the letter "E") were invented years ago with cheaper cost, higher flow, and ease of recycling in mind, in lieu of better filtration. A lot of people choose not to use those when their GM vehicles are off warranty. Fram's cheapest orange oil filters are to be avoided if at all possible. The main idea is to use the GM recommended viscosity and quantity, and the correct oil filter listed for your vehicle (a lot of people on here try to change to another or longer filter, but then the bypass pressure setting may not be what your system was designed for) and to change it at the Oil Life Monitor-(OLM) indicated intervals, if not sooner. Use whatever makes you comfortable. And unless you have a fool for a client, you will know the job was done right. If I had your truck brand new, I would not let the dealer do any oil changes, and I'd use Pennzoil Platinum and Wix Gold or Purolator filters and change it every 5,000 miles, no matter what the OLM says, and I'd do my own tire rotations and lube jobs (if your truck has serviceable zerks).
  3. Beware of fake knockoff parts made in China. You can chase yourself in circles trying to fix something with crap parts. Also, keep in mind that today's diagnostic systems are so damned sensitive/picky that even if you have a not-so-bad-part from brand other than GM or AC Delco, the GM system may still not like it.
  4. Almost any powertrain diagnostic trouble code causes a check engine light and stabilitrack error. If GM installed a transmission fluid dipstick on your model, have you checked your transmission fluid level and condition? If you subscribe to Onstar, push the Onstar button and ask them to run a remote diagnostic and give you the trouble code(s) that you can look up on the internet. Otherwise, you'll have to have it scanned by a dealer or transmission shop you trust, and hope that a part costing $$ doesn't mean a rebuild costing $$$ or a replacement costing $$$$. Keep in mind that cheap scanners used by auto parts stores and the like don't always correctly detect all of the control modules or a deeper trouble code.
  5. Gosh, GM will be so extremely disappointed that all of those emergency redesign sessions they've held since 2019 have been in vain!
  6. Interesting. Our '09 Silverado (5.3L Z71 4x4 crew cab LT) is essentially doing the same thing now. When new, the needle on the voltmeter would constantly swing back and forth anywhere between 12 and 15+ volts on the gage, depending on charge, load, outside temp, etc. Now it just stays on 14 volts when it's running. And ours is on its 3rd battery, with the last 2 being Everstart Maxx H6's from WalMart, which are not AGM batteries. Wonder if it's because our alternators are getting up in years?
  7. Yes, congrats to #5Larson for finding the groove so quickly with a new team. And to #24Byron for winning the week before. Hendrick has a bunch of hungry, competitive young guns, which will make the whole team better moving forward.
  8. Hate to bust your bubble, Grump, but in this usage "dumped" is an old racing slang term meaning that someone knocked somebody out of their way. Like Dale Sr made a career out of dumping the leader in the last corner of the last lap on short tracks to go on and win. 23XL? Guess we'll see. So far, cubic $ spent, MUCH fanfare, same old results.
  9. Google is your friend. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT tires.
  10. These shoulda/woulda/coulda been fixed already. But GM spent the last few years in a pissing contest they were never gonna win, telling NHTSA that they didn't have to recall the Takata airbags in these trucks and suvs, even though every other manufacturer in the world had done so. NHTSA finally said ENOUGH and told them they (the Feds) weren't buying GM's lame excuses to get out of taking responsibility, and forced GM to do this recall. Since GM doesn't want to do it, they're going to drag their feet and 'not have parts available' until most of these vehicles are in the salvage yards, which was their original plan in stalling NHTSA. I for one don't know if I want my pristine dash cracked by a half-assed repair that corporate and the dealers don't want to do, over something that hasn't killed anybody in 12+ years. AND WHAT ABOUT THE DRIVER'S SIDE AIRBAG IN THE STEERING WHEEL? I completely agree with your assessment on the quality of these vehicles. GM should have had at least half of the GMT900s shoved back up their ass sideways due to all of the problems, including the infamous AFM oil usage problem--the window sticker shoulda said 14 city/20 hwy/1 quart of Dexos1 oil every 100 miles!
  11. "GM assistance" is like saying "Army intelligence", "Microsoft Works", or "Unity under Biden".
  12. GO 9 GO! My favorite drivers are Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney and whoever just dumped Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick.
  13. All y'all smart enough to recognize the difference between engine hours and odometer miles? Just sayin.
  14. If your OnStar subscription is still active, press the blue button and tell them to run a remote diagnostic and tell you the trouble code number. Then you can look the error code up on the net.
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