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  1. I got 74,000 miles out of my factory original P265/65R18 Bridgestone Dueler AT RH-S's. I rotate my tires myself at every oil change (approx 4500 miles) and make sure they are set at exactly 35psi cold (digital tire gauge) every month. Surprisingly, they still had acceptable wet and snow traction even when they were down to the molded-in-the-tread wear bars. And they were never ever rebalanced--they didn't have to be. My Bridgestone/Firestone dealer said they had never seen any of their AT tires last that long. Of course, they don't know of anyone who still rotates their own tires or changes their own oil, either. Apparently, the people writing bad reviews of this tire on here are either: 1) Light duty pickup drivers who value a soft/quiet ride over getting stuck in wet grass and only love Michelin highway tires, or 2) Jeep drivers who wouldn't be happy with anything less than a mud-terrain tire with extreme tread--one that gets terrible gas mileage and is unbearable on pavement. In retrospect, these RH-S's are the best all-around long-lasting on/off road, all terrain tires that you can live with on the highway, that I've ever seen or heard of, period. And I've driven them all (General/Goodyear/BfGoodrich/Firestone/Gillette/Michelin/Uniroyal/Douglas, et al) over the last 40 years. The bottom line is that anyone who gets stuck in the snow/ice on these tires is a showoff looking to get stuck, or way short on driver talent or vehicle capability. I've had a set of Revo 3's and a set of Alenza Plus's since then. The Revo 3's were 'sexier' and the Alenzas are a bit quieter and get a little better gas mileage, but I honestly wish I'd gone with more RH-S's.
  2. I thought the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or vehicle title always listed the factory curb weight of the vehicle for registration/tax purposes.
  3. Funny how most of the people on here seem to think the Z71 Ranchos are 'junk' because they're OEM equipment. They just can't wait to tear off relatively new Ranchos to replace them with Bilsteins. If the OEM equipment (tires/wheels/struts/shocks/battery/brakes, etc.) is so bad, why buy a GM Z71/Trailboss/AT4 in the first place? And I'm betting that if the General installed Bilsteins at the factory, the same armchair experts would then rate them as factory 'junk' and brag about how they replaced them with new Ranchos.
  4. Payload, sway control/stability and long term braking ability will be better on the 2500 than on a maxed-out 1500.
  5. I learned something today. Dawson GA is not the same as Dawsonville GA (home of the NASCAR Elliotts). Seems like almost any powertrain or braking error code will cause the Traction Control and Stabilitrak lights and chimes to flash. I've personally had it happen on a '09 Silverado for AFM misfires, bad throttle position sensor, and brake sensors. Could be a thousand different things. If you subscribe to Onstar, press the blue button on your rearview mirror and tell them to run a remote diagnostic and tell you the error code number. Or most any auto parts store will do the same for you for free. Then you can use the 'net to track down what it could be and at least you'll have a general idea, even if you have to take it to the dealer. My GM dealer charges $100 to scan for codes, which I try to avoid. Just one of the reasons I got a Hypertech tuner; in addition to turning off AFM, it also reads codes. Keep in mind, though, that some problems won't show up on a simple scanner and require a special $1200+ GM scantool to read/diagnose/recalibrate for the problem.
  6. If you haven't been stranded by your truck, or haven't had to spend many thousands to repair faulty parts/engineering, then you are indeed blessed, and that's no BS. How do you think the many new 2019 owners feel that have had to continue making new truck payments during the strike, but haven't been able to use their trucks the way they need to due to parts not being available? Go read their posts on here. If the OP or others can't handle getting a couple of relatively minor error codes fixed, they need to quit being a snowflake and buy a Ram or Ford. And then deal with their problems. Or ride a bicycle. Whoops, that could be problematic for those who need safe zones. Better just walk. Otherwise, don't come on here whining for sympathy for minor issues. Those of us who have been through the wringer won't shed a single tear for you.
  7. Hank I-II-III, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Willie & Waylon, Dwight Yoakum, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, Sara Evans, etc. Can't much stand the new 'country music' that is rap music wearing a cowboy hat.
  8. Gives a whole new meaning to "Clean up on Aisle 4!"
  9. Yeah, but as Larry the Cable Guy said, at the Home Depot they need to be sure to put signs that say "Toilets for Display Purposes Only!".
  10. I know it's frustrating, but if that's all you've had, consider yourself fortunate--you got one of the good trucks. If you feel the need, maybe try a different dealer's service department, one that has the personnel and the time to chase down the actual problem, if that's a possibility for you.
  11. Engine = Either it's "woke" or it ain't, from mile 1. Transmission = Takes a few months to 'learn' how you drive. And maybe a few days to 'relearn' after a battery disconnect. Unless you've got one of the not-so-good 8 speeds, then it tends to do whatever it wants whenever it wants.
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