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  1. Ultimate tow?

    USS Missouri being towed from Oregon to Pearl Harbor, HI.
  2. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    Oh hell yeah! Because of the inherent capability, toughness, simplicity, and ability to modify! Haven't you noticed that Jeep has people lined up to buy every $45K+ Jeep Wrangler Rubicon they make? How many will actually run a 'Jeep trail'? 1%? For that matter, how many 4x4 or AWD vehicles of any type ever get off the pavement, even the "off-road" models? If GM or even Furd came out with a new old-school, square steel body, solid axle, V8 SUV, they wouldn't be able to make enough of 'em for Real America aka Flyover Country, where people need and use real SUVs and trucks daily. Same thing for an HD pickup with a solid front axle! The reason they can't/won't is the EPA's damned CAFE requirements. But President Trump is trying to back those down to reasonable levels, undoing the Obama era foolishness.
  3. FOB and dead battery

    No worries. Driver's info center issues a warning when the keyfob battery needs changed. And more than one fob is issued with each new vehicle.
  4. Hot news! 2 years ago . . .
  5. May be the infamous GM sliding driveshaft thump. The last I'd heard, they had not fixed it across 3 or 4 generations of 1500 pickups. You can search for that on this website for more details.
  6. 6.0 Oil

    Seems that those who swear by “Mobile 1” can’t even spell it—if they had taken off their Tony Stewart t-shirts and had done a little research in the last decade, they’d have seen that Pennzoil Platinum is better. And like Cliff said, a synthetic is not always necessary.
  7. All Terrain Tires With 3-Peak Rating

    Ok wise guy, if you already know it all, then you don’t need our help. Later, snowflake.
  8. All Terrain Tires With 3-Peak Rating

    Tirerack.com and the forum search function here are your friends. What size are you looking for?
  9. Fuel consumption at idle

    After further review, and spending untold millions of $ on research, NASA and the EPA have finally both come to the same conclusion; that my 5.3 gets 0.00 mpg at idle in park. Which coincidentally is the same fuel mileage that my T/A 6.6 gets in neutral with the parking brake set. Go figure. . .
  10. General Motors Has a President Named Reuss Again

    Now if "the car guy" Mark Reuss can just go on to take Mary Barra's job as Chairman of GM and replace all of Barra's "special" yes-maam VP's with real car people, there might actually be a modicum of hope for the future. The downside is that floundering Cadillac, who isn't even sure what town it is located in anymore, desperately needed his undivided attention, and now that will not happen. The General is spending way too much time and $ on electrified robot cars, mid-engined Corvettes, and other automotive unicorns, in a race for the global market that may or may not exist, with the heady idea that if they build it, we will all come running. But the expert reviews on their latest new real-world products such as the new Silverado 1500 ("a $70,000 kick in the nuts compared to the competition", "GM engineers phoned it in and went home early" and "designed by separate uncommunicative committees") are painfully bearing out that they'd be better served by concentrating on their existing customer's wants and needs!
  11. AC Delco.com is your friend: Auto Trans Filter Kit Part Number: 24236933 Product Notes: Auto Trans Filter Kit All; Auto Trans, 6L80, 6 Speed Trans, Transmission Per Vehicle: 1; Years: 2015-2018
  12. Great! Now where do we sign up for the AFM Oil Usage, 'Chevy Shake', and Failed Brake Booster class-action lawsuits????
  13. GMC Launches AT4 Sierra Off-Road Performance Package

    You can get either Bridgestone A/T RHS tires or Goodyear Wranger Duratracs on the Trail Boss.
  14. Notice how the OP disappeared when asked about engine hours.
  15. GMC Launches AT4 Sierra Off-Road Performance Package

    The sushi from the Quickie Mart.

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