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  1. You hunch a lot. From your wise guy response about "trump" on straight response to a radio question, I will then hunch back (ha) you are what they call a snowflake. (As I have worked with electronics since 1982, and never ever have I seen a schematic, manual, or piece of equipment say "trump" anywhere.) I spend as much time on Ford and Pontiac forums as I do on GM Trucks.com. You came on here apparently to gripe about GMs compared to Fords when it comes to dealer service pricing. When the pricing between GM/Ford/Ram is pretty similar. Logic dictates that since you don't have the expertise or equipment to fix it yourself, you will have to find a dealer and pay their price, or just drive without the music you desire. I was gonna say Vaya con Dios and good luck, Mr 2 Post Troll, but you're so smart you won't need any of that.
  2. Any suggestions? Yeah, if you want music, pay the dealer the fee. You MIGHT find a local auto stereo shop able to do it for a reduced price, but only if they do a high volume business in GM vehicles. But make them guarantee it'll work before you pay them. If you had a Ford or Ram, it'd be the same deal. Nothing free anymore. They purposely engineer everything to run though the computer, so you have to use their programmer to unlock/reset/recalibrate everything, to make $. Since everyone can see the pricing of new/preowned vehicles on the internet, the vehicle dealers don't get to rip as many people off on the purchase prices as they used to, so they are trying to make more $ in their service depts. Most of them won't pop the hood or hook up a scanner for less than $100 plus 'special shop fees' plus tax, and their pricing goes up fast from there.
  3. NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, even Fox News now=FAKE NEWS. All they're doing now is using the current crisis to push Chinese propaganda and make it seem like the WHO has a clue, which they obviously don't. The lying traitors have brought our great county to its knees in an effort to push their socialist agenda during what amounts to a bad flu season. The only news that people who can think for themselves can believe in these days are tweets directly from the Trump Administration or news from OANN. PS I think it's funny that there was no mention of this topic anywhere on this website until my original post. Then the next day, there were 3, count 'em--not one, not two, but THREE posts on the homepage telling how GM is suddenly going to save the world. Too little, too late, we already see how it really is with you, GM.
  4. I've switched out 2 batteries on our latest Silverado, took my time and cleaned the battery area and tray while the battery was out, put on those oiled felt washers to help prevent corrosion, and never had any battery or anything hooked up to mitigate loss of power, and I did not lose any presets or anything like that. In my experience, the AC Delco OEM batteries last 5-6 years, and the WalMart MAXX replacement batteries last 3-4 years.
  5. Paid propaganda straight from GM PR to the forum administrators who want their free GM goodies and loaner vehicles to continue. See that photo with the caption "GM moving heaven and earth"? All I see is an empty room with one single worker with a hand cart. Bottom line is, Mary keeps giving The Donald the finger, and when you screw with the bull, ya get the horn!
  6. Right. Not for the life of the vehicle. And certainly not the owner. Maybe right for the life of GM until the next bankruptcy, though.
  7. Chiltons or Haynes manuals, available at auto parts stores, are always a good place to start.
  8. Bad AFM lifter tapping, telescoping the sound out the front of the engine??
  9. Over two weeks ago, when the Trump administration met with auto industry leaders, GM seemingly agreed to produce 40,000 ventilators at market rate pricing as soon as possible. Ford and others also agreed to do emergency production for COVID relief. Two weeks later, after noting no action from GM, President Donald J. Trump reminded them of the urgent need and of the taxpayer-funded bailout that saved GM back in 2010. Mary Barra, who is universally recognized as 'not a Trump fan' (and now nationally recognized as not a caring patriot, either) responded with "We can MAYBE do 6,000 ventilators, at a GREATLY increased price, and it will take a WHILE." So President Trump whipped out his famous sharpie and used the Defense Production Act from World War II to do an executive order to force GM to produce the needed 40,000 ventilators immediately, at the market rate! BOOM! It's a sad, sad day when the POTUS has to force what was once the greatest corporation in the world, but now is a greedy, globalist, Tesla-wannabe into producing the promised medical equipment to help our nation try to survive this pandemic emergency! You can bet that Mary & Co are locked in their mansions, eating caviar and drinking champagne, after having extra-soft TP (and other items currently unobtainable by us mere mortals) trucked in!
  10. Looks like the old days when they first started using DexCool and put 2 tablets of a "Bars-Leak"-type of substance in the cooling system to dissolve and stop any leaks. You'd have some crusty stuff at any weeping joints, then it would not leak any more. Dunno if they still do that, and if that is what you are seeing here. GM hasn't made a cooler line or oil line worth a damn for the last 30 years. They all seep or leak sooner or later, mostly at the crimps and joints. My Dad's Silverado has had 3 sets of oil cooler lines and transmission cooler lines, and they all leak. I've been told NAPA lines are better than the GM/AC Delco, or to go to a hydralic shop to have custom lines made that will never leak.
  11. Make sure whatever you use meets the Dexos specs listed in your Owner Manual, in the recommended viscosity and quantity, and change it by the Oil Life Indicator interval, if not sooner. It is my understanding that any motor oil that meets the current Dexos specs has to be "full synthetic". Some on here do their first oil and filter change really soon, with the idea that they're helping to remove any metal shavings, etc, leftover from the manufacturing process. The GM Dexos II and Dexos-D oil at the dealer are actually top-rated. Some on here fight endlessly for AMSoil, Royal Purple, and RedLine, but those can be hard to find unless you buy online. If you're running a diesel engine, many on here like Shell Rotella diesel engine oil, or if you're running a gas engine, many on here like Shell Rotella Gas Truck motor oil, both of which are available at discount stores and auto parts stores. I switched to Shell Gas Truck after using Quaker State Ultimate Durability and Pennzoil Platinum. The new AC Delco "e-core" oil filters (the ones that end with the letter "E") are of questionable construction, with cardboard end caps and filtering material wrapped in a plastic cage--changes made for cheaper manufacturing and easier recycling over better filtering. After much research, I use Wix oil filters now (same as NAPA Gold or Platinum).
  12. Take it in for warranty work, they'll pull the black box data and deny your claim, because you've been "racing". Unless you're EMS or Law Enforcement.
  13. Just curious, for the time and $ you'll spend trying to eek a little more oomph out of that four-cylinder, and all of the associated headaches, why didn't you just buy a 6.2L 1500 or Duramax HD to begin with?
  14. Yeah, the GM fanboys on here (especially those with the Earnhardt tattoos) take it personally when you post anything that might affect their resale values. I agree with you; after 4 of our last 5 family GM experiences, we're now shopping other makes. And this is coming from someone who can talk LS6, WS6, Z71, LT1, Z06, ZL1, LE1, etc., with you all day long.
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