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  1. A little to your southwest but still in what the Hollywood liberals call 'flyover country', there are definitely still pockets of Ford/GM fans, especially where there is only one dealer in the rural counties. But I'm amazed to see how much of the farm/ranch market share Dodge/Ram has taken over in 30 years. And even more amazed to see the prices that old Dodge HD trucks with Cummins diesels bring at auction. Old trucks with the hell beat out of them, not a straight or unscratched body panel left on them, but they seem to run like a top forever, are as tough as tanks underneath, and always bring top dollar.
  2. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Around here, Colorados and especially Canyons are in short supply. So if you want one, you have to order one or pay close to the sticker price. But there are always several Silverados and Sierras that have been sitting on the lot for a while, especially the '19s, so you can get a deal on them. The main appeal of a midsize truck for my family is to have a truck (crew cab 4x4 with a short bed), not a SUV with AWD, that will fit in a normal garage with space to walk around it with the garage door down.
  3. Question about afm

    It is what it is. Unless it ain't.
  4. The dealer shouldn't have had to mess with any of that stuff, especially for an oil change! Looks like the Tech decided to sit/stand in the engine bay on that side. Lord knows why. . . This is why I do my own oil changes!
  5. Cooper Discover AT3 4S tearing in lugs?

    Where I work (one of those 'Be All You Can Be' kind of places) they have these security strips at the guard houses by the main gates, the kind where if you drive over the security strips (think permanently mounted speed-bump-like springy 'stop strips' across the entire lanes of traffic) in the wrong direction they will flatten all of your tires. I have found that after years of driving over them, even going the right direction, that they'll make some places like that on your tire tread. I'm glad I don't drive a low-ground clearance vehicle like a Corvette or Miata in here--I've heard reports of the spikes scraping/scratching the bottom of low vehicles. And sometimes ice has kept the spikes from springing back in, and caused flats, even for people driving in the right direction.
  6. Floor Mats

    Wand power wash with soap at the car wash followed by spot-free rinse and air dry. That way is WAY better than Meguiars vinyl/rubber cleaner spray as recommended by WeatherTech and others.
  7. Have you always driven a truck?

    I don't always drive a truck. But when I do (now), it's a Silverado. Ha But it needs one of those bumper stickers that says "Yes, this is my truck. NO, I won't help you move!" Learned how to drive in 3/4 ton manual transmission trucks. Prior family fleet vehicles include: Bonneville, Caprice, VW Bug, 2 Impalas, Marquis, F-250, LTD, 2 F-150s, C1500, K1500, Grand Marquis, Exploder, Rainier, and Trans Am, with Taurus and Charger company cars thrown into the mix. It kinda goes in car-truck-SUV cycles. Would not own a truck or SUV anymore that was not 4WD or AWD. Current perfect 'car' would be Jeep Trackhawk and perfect truck would be Ram Power Wagon. Problem is, FCA and I are only about $150K apart on those right now.
  8. Question about afm

    To quote my GM service manager: "There are 2 kinds of vehicles, those that already have AFM problems, and those that will." He drives a Toyota, by the way. And his Tech that works on my truck drives a Honda. Even though they could get massive GM discounts on new vehicles. Guess that should maybe tell me something.
  9. Question about afm

    I recently (2 weeks ago) Purchased a 2011 sierra SLE with the 5.3l. do ALL 2011+ have the updates? or is there a certain Serial Number that indicates if it has the updates? Own a ram before this so new to GM but excited about building it up. *********************************** I think the date(s) for the factory installation of the new valve cover with the revised PCV orifice and the oil deflector in the oilpan are buried somewhere in all of the posts on the "Does your GMT900 use oil?" survey posted on this forum. I want to say the valve cover came out in mid-2010 and the oilpan deflector was a 2011 deal, but I'm not absolutely sure. A dealer can tell you if you have the new valve cover or not by taking it off and looking at the part number. The valve cover seemed to do more people more good than the oilpan deflector. If you're worried about AFM problems, or already have oil usage, the main thing is to make sure the AFM function is turned off, and to use Dexos-rated engine oil.
  10. Where does it go?

    Executive summary: It's all Trump's fault. Except it's really all Obama's fault. Either that, or the manufacturers have completely thrown common mechanical engineering sense and the laws of physics out the window because of the insane CAFE and CARB regulations, and it's compounded by GM's faulty AFM (or whatever they wanna call it this week) design with bad manufactured-by-the-lowest-bidder parts assembled with indifferent tolerances by union labor that doesn't give a damn about anything except collecting a fat paycheck. Gosh, and I don't even have 5 doctorates. But I did sleep over with whatzhername at the Holiday Inn Express last night.
  11. What is it with GM dealers and software updates? FCA dealers (Dodge/Jeep/Ram, etc.) will perform all available software updates for you during routine maintenance, and you don't even have to ask for it. GM dealers automatically say there are no updates available, and then when you show them there are, they act like they don't want to do it, can't do it, or want to charge you for their time doing it. . . .
  12. Also, the oils in the rubber in the tires starts to dry out more when they get towards 3 years old, so they tend not to be as soft and squishy and quiet as new anymore.
  13. AF6BB6E5-3DA5-4A02-9A6A-CCAA2C08CD2C.jpeg

    My truck on its 6th birthday.
  14. Summit White 2009 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LT Z71 4x4
  15. Oil Jugs with foil Seals

    I like the foil seals, to ensure nobody has messed around with the product you bought. I just wish they would come with the little pull tabs to pull off easier, and come off in one piece instead of pieces. As it is, I just use my pocket knife to cut the seal down the middle and then remove the 2 sides and smooth any remaining edges and pour. I get more nervous trying to pour a 5-quart jug without sloshing oil all over.

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