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  1. I had the TSB (new valve cover with revised PCV orifice, deflector in oilpan, top-engine clean [VERY MESSY]) done right before my truck ran out of the 3yr/36k mi. warranty. You can't even drop the oilpan on these things like you could on an old smallblock Chevy. Apparently the dealer's mechanic just turned over the starter to blow the cleaner/carbon crud out of the spark plugs holes, without putting shop towels over the holes, like the instructions said to. There was black dried-on crud sprayed everywhere, and it did not want to wash off. Read the "Does your truck use oil?" poll on this forum for scores of posts on the infamous GM AFM oil-usage problem and all of our attempts to fix it. The TSB is posted there. The TSB procedure helped my aluminum-block 5.3L some but was not the miracle cure I was hoping for. Plugging in a Range V8 module into the OBD port made by far the most difference. I have also run an oil treatment to help clean and free up the piston rings, and I run Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner to help clean the oil-fouled spark plugs that make the truck misfire sometimes. My truck used to use a quart of oil or more on a 100 mile highway trip. Now it 'only' uses around 2-3 quarts between ~5000 mile oil changes. I wish GM had their AFM shoved up sideways, and I had a good Chevy smallblock under the hood!
  2. Remote start

    Also used to be printed on back of key fob. Maybe still is?
  3. Gotta love posters like truckguy82. He asks for thoughts, then scolds and argues with the responders. The obvious answer is "take it back to the dealer" but he doesn't want to confront them, because they "hooked him up". Frakkin' snowflake. PS The front suspension on your truck has COILOVER shock units that contain the springs. Not just shocks! If you're gonna argue, at least have a basic knowledge of what you're talking about!
  4. UPF48R

    Was your '07 the old body style (GMT800) or the new body style (GMT900?). Can you post a copy of that GM bulletin on using the UPF48R for low oil pressure?
  5. UPF48R

    They upped it to 8 quarts in the 2014's and later models, from 6 quarts in the 2007-2013's, as too many of those trucks were running around on 3 quarts due to the infamous AFM oil usage and loose piston rings problems.
  6. Chevy Reaper acceleration issue

    Check the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator.
  7. Oh, I see, a TSB. (Technical Service Bulletin)
  8. Transmission Fluid Change

    Google AC Delco.com and then look at their online parts catalog. You can put in your year/make/model/engine or your VIN and it will tell you the specific part numbers that you can order online or take to your dealer or local auto parts place. If you don't want the recommended OEM AC Delco parts, you can go to Fram.com or whatever brand you want and use the AC Delco part number for cross-reference to get the part number you need.
  9. My truck pings on regular, even when new. It runs better and gets better fuel mileage on midgrade. But I have started using Premium exclusively, because I've been told that it's the only grade that the stations make $ on, so they don't bother with the needed additives in the lesser grades anymore due to the cost. And the way my truck was running, I believe it. This being a big agriculture state, all of our gas has at least 10-15% ethanol, and they don't have to tell you what the percent ethanol is anymore. Bad for engines, good for subsidized farmers. I remember the good ol days when everybody was trying to outdo each other with High Test, Ethyl, Super, Fire Chief, Dino Power, etc., and all of the gas was good. Now they're more interested in selling beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.
  10. Cooper AT3 4S

    After I read your reply, I did some more research. The articles I previously read and what I remembered were about how Cooper was going to sell out to Apollo. You are right, I stand corrected. My sincere apologies! The deal did fall through just before it was completed, with many lawsuits afterwards. So according to later articles in Modern Tire Dealer and Wikipedia, that leaves Goodyear AND Cooper as the two remaining American tire companies. Be proud of your new tires
  11. Cooper AT3 4S

    Incorrect post deleted
  12. Wonder how that compares to past years? My Silverado took 3 weeks to get from the factory to Silao, Mexico to the dealer here in the Midwest. Supposedly went on a train all the way north to Chicago and then back south again (not sure that's cost effective) to KC via semi trailer. Then it sat on the lot for 87 days until I bought it.
  13. Tires

    Not so many "LT" tires available in the low-profile 20-inch size. Because most off-roaders and heavy tow/haulers want more of a flotation-type tire.
  14. Tires

    Duplicate post deleted.
  15. Tires

    Truck tires with "LT" before the size come in Load Range C, D, E, and F, with the E-F end of the range being capable of a heavier load than the C-D ones. Truck tires whose sizes just start with a "P" (passenger tire) or a number (example "265") without the LT come in SL (standard load) or XL (extra load). The LT tires are the ones built more heavy duty--they weigh more, hold more psi, and usually have more plies, especially in the sidewall, hence the reduced squat. But they also ride rougher and get worse fuel mileage. Not all tire sizes are available in the LT's.

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