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  1. As John McClane once said, "Welcome to the party, (newbie) Pal!" You've done such a service to this forum by digging up a 6 year old post on a topic we were still learning about then, but has been beat to death since then. Bite me. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming . . . .
  2. GM Trucks.com forum: THERE ARE NO LIFTER PROBLEMS WITH THESE TRUCKS. Actual GM truck owners: But there have been thousands (millions?) of documented lifter failures going back to 2007! GM Trucks.com forum: RIGHT. LIKE WE SAID, THERE ARE NO LIFTER PROBLEMS WITH THESE TRUCKS.
  3. Right. I don’t have a scantool. Fixed mine by watching Youtube videos and a $18 AC Delco brake light switch. Part was made in Mexico. (Truck was also made in Mexico.)
  4. Chances are it’s a bad brake light switch—that is a common problem.
  5. CAI sounds good, may gain a few hp; may not be real cost effective. I know these are flat-panel instead of conical filters, but if you watch the following, those high-flow filters just don’t filter that great:
  6. Like Nick said, check the expiration date. It it on sale just because it is expired? And to the DEF users on here, how expired is expired when it comes to DEF? Like sour milk?
  7. Got a locking fuel cap (came with one key, I had another key made) for our Silverado by looking up the part number on Stant’s website and then searching and ordering it online. So it locks now, but there is no tether cord or fuel cap holder for refueling, if that matters. And be advised that, with today’s plastic fuel tanks, any idiot with something sharp can drain your fuel whenever they feel like it.
  8. Then he must never look down, or his is messed up. COMPLETELY NORMAL for the needle to gradually move back and forth between the 12 to 16 volt hash-marked area as the alternator charges or coasts as needed. PS When in doubt, always use GM/AC Delco replacement parts of the OEM spec.
  9. Decisions, decisions. Responsible owner: Fix the problem=light goes off. IGMO: Just put a small piece of electrical tape over the warning light and keep driving until it won’t go anymore.
  10. Febreeze car vent clip air freshener(s); run fan on high. Use windshield sunshade and windows down a little when possible when vehicle not in use.
  11. Therein lies part of the problem. The owner’s manual the General provided with my 6L80E-equipped truck says to change the transmission fluid and filter every 100,000 miles.
  12. And lions to get rid of the dogs, elephants to get rid of the lions, and mice to get rid of the elephants. Good luck.
  13. That rubber, especially near the bead, is a lot thicker than you think. The Dueler A/T RHS tires on our 09 Z71 did that when they were 3 yrs old, and I ran them for another 6 years, up to 75k miles, when they were bald, with no issues. And that includes numerous potholes, trips up to the 97mph speed governor, etc. If you are worried, Bridgestone will warranty for that for 4 years. Prorated. But at this point, you’ll pay most of the cost for a set of replacement tires that may do the same thing.
  14. When somebody says "OIL", we turn on the Grump signal (kinda like the Bat-signal, but with a picture of a red pickup).
  15. General consensus on here and over at Bob Is The Oil Guy (BITOG) is that AMSoil Signature oil and Fram UltraGuard (depending of if you get one from a good batch) oil filters are the best. Pennzoil Platinum and GM's own Dexos oils are currently top-rated, cheaper, and more readily available in stores. Mobil1 was tops back in the 90's, but no longer wins most oil comparison tests. AC Delco "e-core" oil filters (the ones that end with the letter "E") were invented years ago with cheaper cost, higher flow, and ease of recycling in mind, in lieu of better filtration. A
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