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  1. First oil change

    GM's own Dexos motor oil is currently rated higher than Mobil 1. But you have to buy it at the dealer or online. Somebody on here said it was on sale right now on Rockauto.com. The current upgraded Dexos spec call for a 'full-synthetic' oil, not a 'synthetic blend'. (No, I'm not going to argue what constitutes a 'full-synthetic' on here, go read 10,000 pages on BITOG if you want to get into all of that.) What they put in at the factory is Dexos-rated oil bought in big bulk quantities--you'd have to have a friend who works at the factory to find out who the current lowest-bidder lubricant provider was. Just use a quality full-synthetic Dexos-rated oil in the proper viscosity and quantity, and a quality oil filter, and change them at the OLM-indicated intervals (or sooner, if it makes you feel better), and you should be good, barring any cylinder deactivation system problems. I used to always use the AC Delco oil filters until they changed to the "e-core" ones with the plastic cage internals and glued on paper end caps, and they had all of the problems with the early ones. Now I use Shell Rotella Gas Truck oil and Wix oil filters (same as NAPA Gold or Platinum).
  2. question on LS engines

    There are a lot more 5.3L engines than just the L83. To avoid argument, the OP should just go to Wikipedia online and read about the newer generations of the Chevrolet smallblock V8 engines and the many variations. To read about the ones in current production, go to GM Powertrain online or download a new Chevrolet Performance Parts catalog for the crate engine details and specs.
  3. When it comes to motor oil these days, there are endless marketing semantics and manufacturer definitions about all of the different base stocks/additives and what constitutes ‘true’ full-synthetic oils. You can seemingly put one drop of man-made synthetic oil into a quart of dead dino oil and legally market it as synthetic oil. There have already been a thousand posts arguing this issue on this website and even more on BITOG and other sites, and since I’m not a petrochemical engineer, I’m not going there. What I meant in my post is that GM’s original spec for Dexos1 was met by a “semi-synthetic” oil, such as Pennzoil Gold, which was labeled as a synthetic blend with the Dexos approval certification. Since then, GM has upgraded their Dexos spec to require a “full-synthetic” oil such as GM’s own Dexos oil, Pennzoil Platinum, Quaker State Ultimate Durability, or Shell Rotella Gas Truck oil, which are all labeled as full-synthetic oils with the Dexos approval certifications.
  4. Unfortunately, it has been an all-too-common problem for many of us. The most common 'fixes' are: 1) Use a good quality full-synthetic Dexos-rated engine oil in the correct viscosity and quantity, and a good oil filter that's not too restrictive. GM's own Dexos oil, Shell Rotella Gas Truck, and AMS oil seem to be the top-rated oils now. Consider changing the oil more often than the Oil Life Monitor indicates. 2) Consider installing an oil catch can into your PCV system. 3) Turn off AFM via a Range V8 module or PCM tune as soon as possible. Some AFM lifters seem to have a short lifespan, and the more cycles of 8-cylinder mode to less-than-8-cylinder-mode that you subject them to, the more likely they are to fail. 4) Some have even gone so far as to have their engines torn down and rebuilt with an AFM-delete kit from Texas Speed (or such). 5) GM's own documents suggested that Generation 1 AFM saved about an average of 7% on fuel economy. But many of us who deactivated AFM noticed little to no difference in our fuel economy, and some have reported better drivability (no surging with AFM kicking in/out, better transmission shifting, better sounding aftermarket exhaust) with AFM turned off.
  5. Dunno. And GM sure as hell isn't saying. It's a miracle they haven't had a class action lawsuit on this. But the actual number is high enough that the Service Manager at my GM dealer says there are 2 types of DOD/AFM/whatever-they're-calling-them-this-week vehicles: 1) Those vehicles that already have AFM problems, and 2) Those vehicles that will have AFM problems. He only drives Toyotas, by the way. (And I don't like Toyotas.) They have one full time Technician that just does engine teardowns for AFM fixes--that's all he does, every day, and he has gotten really good and fast at it, but even with that, sometimes they have to have other Techs assist--there are that many problems.
  6. Soft clearcoat on 2019 trailboss

    GM black is beautiful. On the showroom floor. Scratched/dusty/dirty every second after that, unless you have other vehicles to drive when it's nasty out, a climate-controlled garage and a lot of time, elbow grease, and special car-care stuff. I for one don't plan to go through that ever again on a single-vehicle daily driver that sees harsh conditions. But I would gladly have another one or two if I can suddenly afford to buy 8 cars and to hire a full-time detailer.
  7. You might try the new Shell Rotella Gas Truck engine oil available at Wally World in 5 gallon jugs, and Autozone, Napa, and other places have the jugs and quarts. It is full synthetic, all mileage, tough enough for extreme usage, and contains a modified additive pack from their diesel oil that keeps your engine clean. That's why they invented this oil--people were using their diesel oil in gas trucks, so they made this oil especially for gas trucks but with their diesel additive pack. It's rated better than their own Pennzoil Platinum and Quaker State Ultimate Durability, which are both rated better than Mobil1. No, I'm not a Shell dealer. Yes, I use the Gas Truck 5W-30 and my engine noise is lessened, oil usage is down, and the oil looks cleaner longer.
  8. From what I understand, these trucks are no longer built in Canada. They are built in Mexico and the U.S. and then shipped to Canada for sale up there. So, using your logic, the same "defective assemblies" are all over North America. Hence my point: why only a recall in Canada?
  9. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Logic would dictate that I cannot talk you out of a new Ram. (No matter what HondaHawkGT thinks.)
  10. Recall is for CANADA only?? Don't all North American GM trucks have the same window design/rear defroster equipment, if so equipped?? So Canada has better lawyers than the U.S., or what????
  11. Dude's grandpa was a mechanic. So he suddenly appears on out of left field with a grand total of 37 posts and automatically knows more than all of the rest of us on here put together. He can fix anything, mostly just by using the correct octane of Top Tier fuel, which the GM Owner's Manual says to do anyway. He must have absorbed all this magical all-powerful knowledge thru a$$-mosis--either he sat on his Owners Manual or had somebody read it to him. Guess we should all just give up, because he's got high-speed internet in his trailer and all day to post while the rest of us are at work. My grandpa said you can wrestle with a pig, buy why? The pig loves it, and you just get dirty. [Ending being withheld to respond to his inevitable wise-guy reply.]
  12. Yeah, I waited years for that 4.5L diesel that never came. They had it all ready to begin production, too.
  13. Me me me me. A diesel 4WD 'hoe would be the perfect 'company car' for checking leases and getting in and out of drilling locations, especially since they have fuel on-site.
  14. More updated design, much nicer interior, larger more powerful Hemi engine (than the 5.3) with MDS but without the AFM problems, available mild hybrid model, much superior tuning on the 8 speed auto transmission, no leftover-from-the-1950s shifter-on-the-column, class exclusive optional air suspension, RamBox, and multi-function vertically-split tailgate, along with comparable reliability and dealer network = winner winner chicken dinner for the Ram.
  15. Mine likes to stick. If I haven't had the tailgate down for a while, I have to lock and unlock the lock several times while thumping around on the tailgate before the latch will catch and allow you to open the tailgate.

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