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  1. HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.
  2. Probably bad brake light switch. Brakes can be fine, brake lights can be fine, but the brake light switch can still prevent the cruise control from engaging. Happened to me twice. Buy the GM replacement part.
  3. THIS. Even for service. Our GM dealer gets $135 an hr for labor, double the price on parts, and $100 on shop fees on every visit. And apparently, they like to sit and think about working on it for half a day, with the clock running, before they do anything. In the old days, there was a multi-page invoice with activity breakdown by hours and parts with part numbers. Now there's one page with a big bottom line number and sign here to accept vehicle as is to release them from any future obligations, even if you drive it a block and it grenades because they forgot to put oil in it. New and improved GM process, they say.
  4. If you're buying the oil in jugs instead of individual quarts, make sure they are 4 quart (gallon) jugs instead of 5 quart jugs. 2 x 5 qt jugs would of course be overfull. Local stores here sell both sizes, may depend on brand and viscosity.
  5. BS!! Don't presume to tell me how it worked, when I was there. Again, the last dealer I dared take this type of short "test drive" with told me that they would be very pleased to do business with me, as their "review during the test drive" had told them (they had a printout!) I had no criminal record and outstandingly excellent credit, with available credit estimates. And the printout also showed the last 4 places I had lived with the contact info, and the names and locations of my closest relatives. All off my driver's license, no other info provided (obviously they had the tag number and vin on my vehicle), and nothing signed or permissions given! I was so put off by that whole experience that we just walked out and never went back.
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