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  1. RE1, Wow, you sure jumped to derogatory name calling quickly. Apparently the way you were raised there can only be one point of view on anything and it's acceptable to sling mud at anyone who has a different opinion......way to act with class. I expressed an opinion that MAY help the OP make a decision to a question he asked and at the very least it highlighted a difference that he may not have been aware of. I'll not be checking this thread again so don't bother responding to me!
  2. Except for every time you pull up to a pump and have to pay significantly more for the premium fuel that the 6.2 requires and the 5.3 does not. I have a Vette with a 6.2 and I purposely sought out a Denali with a 5.3 when I purchased my current truck. Premium fuel was one of the key factors in this decision for me.
  3. The good news here is that the GM Canada Recall is calling the fuse removal only an Interim Solution. That means they know this is only temporary and are still working toward something they can do as a long term solution. BTW, if they extend this to a final solution, I’d expect that they’d offer some form of compensation like they did for the Heated Windshield Washer Fluid feature on the GMT-900. When they removed that feature from trucks due to fires, they handed each owner a $100 check for the loss of a feature they paid for.
  4. I looked at my ‘18 Denali and it has cloth on both seats facing the center console. I’m one that really hates squeaks and rattles so I’m happy to not have leather in that contact area.
  5. As to some of the acceleration "complaints" with the 19's, I just wanted to point out that this might be due to an effective gear ratio change. For comparison's sake, lets talk about a 2018 5.3 with 8 speed trans and a 2019 5.3 with 8 speed tans. The 2018 has 3.42 gears and the 2019 has 3.23. This represents about a 3% change in gear ratio. In addition to this, if they both have the 20" wheel option, the 2018 will be a 275/55/20 while the 2019 will be a larger 275/60/20. This is about an effective 3.5% change in gear ratio. When you combine these two factors, you end up with a 6.5% change in gear ratio. This is getting pretty close to the difference between 3.08 and 3.42 gears and I'm sure we'd all agree that the 3.08's are only good for mileage unloaded. So, with the same horsepower under the hood and this large of a ratio change, it shouldn't be surprising that one of them feels like it has more pep in it's step.....
  6. I would mostly think just blocking airflow. I see no reason it couldn’t be blacked out.
  7. For the rear one, if you flip the mat over there is a line scribed on the underside where you cut it just behind the hump that is just forward of the storage bin. I cut mine with scissors or a hook blade utility knife. BTW, dealers should do this when they install the combination of storage bin and floor liner, but most are lazy and don’t.
  8. I believe the purpose of the tape is not to be structural help, but instead to block off part of the cooler so there are less thermal cycles in that area. Essentially, it allows that part of the cooler to maintain a more constant temperature with less highs and lows (those are a key driver in thermal fatigue cracks).
  9. That one really sounds like the ground at the base of the windshield under the dash trim. There is a sound matting that can be pinched by the ground wire terminals and it will cause poor contact. There are some good Youtube videos showing how to get to it and trim the sound matting / clean up the ground connection.
  10. On the Denali cluster in stock form, the only nav directions that show up in the cluster are from the built in truck Nav system. Carplay navigational directions only appear on the radio display, not the cluster behind the wheel. I'm not aware of a tuner who is offering to make any of the Carplay features display on the cluster behind the wheel for any of the trim packages on K2 vehicles.
  11. You have to remember that while in V4 mode, you are essentially simulating high load - just on those 4 cylinders instead of all 8. This is really the reason that there is an efficiency gain in V4 as it allows the throttle plate to be much more open so your engine is able to breathe much more efficiently with only 4 cylinders pulling air past the throttle plate. I've noticed that on 87, the 5.3 will go into a 5-7 degree timing Knock Retard just before the V4 mode shifts back to V8 mode. As the KR is increased, it has to result in less power to the wheels. As a result, this is a scenario where if the KR was not present it would operate in V4 longer before having to shift to V8. During that time period, I suspect that efficiency would be improved. I've not run anything other than 87 in my 5.3 yet to test, but this is what I'm seeing in the baseline data that I'm logging on my truck now.
  12. Belt for vac. Pump only goes between vac pump and crank as far as I know. Delete the pump, cut the belt off and it has no impact on any of the other driven accessories.
  13. And you don’t think GM is savvy enough to piece together the timeline that shows the engine running with very low oil level AND no oil pressure yet now it has good clean oil at the full level. (BTW, I do engine failure analysis for a living for a major independent engine manufacturer so I know a thing or two about this process.) OP, follow the advice quoted above and you’re setting yourself up for the purchase of a new engine on YOUR dime! BTW, this is also fraudulent activity and could be prosecuted - especially now that it’s been discussed in a public conversation that you were part of.
  14. A/C Condenser

    That is the newest version. Jury is still out on if it’s a good enough fix. We are all hoping so!

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