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  1. I haven’t looked at the K2 fuel tank pressure sensor setup, but I replaced the sensor on my GMT900 without removing the tank or the bed. I managed to lay under it and reach my arm around the tank and do it completely by feel. This may be an option for the K2 as well. On the GMT900, the fuel tank pressure sensor had no mounting hardware, it was just a grommet on the sensor that you press through the hole in the fuel tank header plate. All I had to do was unhook the electrical connector and pry the sensor out of the bushing.
  2. Have you considered a GM 1500 with the 2.7 Turbo. I don’t think that has AFM and many are liking that mill. I personally have not driven one.
  3. Gmt900 and k2xx both use 315 so your proposed swap is fine. It’s the new T1 that uses 433.
  4. I have a set of 17” to run in the winter and the 20” that came on the truck stock. I’m quite confident that the 17” gives a more compliant ride over small road imperfections (think cracks in pavement). Another benefit of the smaller wheel is that you really don’t have to worry at all about curbing the rim because the smaller wheels have enough tire sidewall that the tire takes the brunt of any contact.
  5. Sounds like you are switching between V4 and V8 modes. The TC unlocks for each transition between the two as I’ve noticed this on my truck too. Watch the Fuel Economy screen in your truck on your next drive. It should have an indicator for V4 and V8. I bet that moments after you see the “flare”, you’ll see a shift from V4 to V8 or vice versa.
  6. There is an option in the settings menu for the park assist sensors to be enabled with a trailer hitch. Do you have this turned on? It may help here, but I’m not sure as I haven’t done it myself.
  7. I see most are doing the cargo on with reverse using a diode, but why couldn’t this one just be done with a piece of wire (no diode)? I think it would then give you Cargo on with Reverse as well as reverse on with cargo. I don’t see where this would be a bad thing and would give more light around the rear of the truck when loading / unloading with the cargo switch too.
  8. For those who want to go back to stock for trade in, why couldn’t you just do this mod as suggested but remove the belt from the vac pump and leave the vac pump installed (cap the vac port as it’ll probably see crankcase pressure with the pump not being driven)? In this way, the vac pump will still have oil flow through it and it won’t be able to flow out the vac port. The pump won’t be turning so it won’t develop any vacuum or take any power from the crank. When you want to go back to stock, just put the belt back on and route the plumbing back to stock.
  9. I thought I read on here that GM extended the injector coverage on the K2xx GDI injectors. I’m sure if you do a search, you’ll find something about it.
  10. Could the reason for turning the fans on when the coolant temp doesn't come up be a fail safe for a failed in range coolant temp sensor? By turning the fans on, you prevent engine overheat in this scenario. Back in the days of a belt driven mechanical fan clutch, this wasn't needed as the fan clutch was reacting to the heat coming off the rad and they were designed to fail full on.
  11. My understanding is that VXDIAG (with it's GDS-2 and Tech2Win cloned software) is as close as you can get to the GM tooling and functionality without spending the big $$$ for the GM subscription. It is reported to do everything the dealer can do with the exception of access online service manual information and reflash modules. Remember, it's a Service Tool, not a custom tuner. It'll be great for some trims and certainly for diagnostics. It's not something you're going to use to change fueling tables, trans shift points, etc. Those are not functions that GM supports through it's dealers unless it's a full module reflash and that firmware calibration has been released by GM. Pricing for GM subscriptions here: https://www.acdelcotds.com/subscriptions
  12. Remember that the Tech2 does not support the K2xx platform. You'll need GDS-2 to support the K2 and T1 platforms. The VXDIAG includes a GDS-2 clone (hacked copy) with it and that's what makes it so powerful. So in summary, the VXDIAG is a hardware interface between PC and Vehicle. It also comes with pirated GM software (Tech2win and GDS-2) that makes it very useful for diagnostics. If you want to reflash a GM module, you'll use the VXDIAG hardware, but subscribe to GM Vehicle Programming Software for $40 for 2 years per VIN. I do not have the VXDIAG tool, but I do know someone who purchased one and he used to work at a GM dealer. He's only used Tech2win on the VXDIAG for older platforms, but his impression is that the interface is nearly identical to the GM Tech 2.
  13. 1SLOW1500, Are you saying that if a private owner purchases the VXDIAG interface and the subscription to GM Vehicle Programming Software from the Delco TDS website, that GM will actually pay the private owner when they reflash their vehicle if it’s part of a recall?
  14. Don't think it will fix the root cause, but should help to avoid low speed accidents by allowing the ABS modulator to kick in sooner and provide more braking with the same pedal force when vacuum is too low. At least that's what I think this recall SW is doing.
  15. I actually hope they do. That's one feature on the truck that I personally have no use for and would be happier if it wasn't there in the first place. Sunroof is the other one, but the truck I found on a lot has that too! BTW, I did have a truck with the heated washer recall. I actually loved that feature and never had that recall done until I was ready to sell the truck.
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