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  1. Belt for vac. Pump only goes between vac pump and crank as far as I know. Delete the pump, cut the belt off and it has no impact on any of the other driven accessories.
  2. And you don’t think GM is savvy enough to piece together the timeline that shows the engine running with very low oil level AND no oil pressure yet now it has good clean oil at the full level. (BTW, I do engine failure analysis for a living for a major independent engine manufacturer so I know a thing or two about this process.) OP, follow the advice quoted above and you’re setting yourself up for the purchase of a new engine on YOUR dime! BTW, this is also fraudulent activity and could be prosecuted - especially now that it’s been discussed in a public conversation that you were part of.
  3. A/C Condenser

    That is the newest version. Jury is still out on if it’s a good enough fix. We are all hoping so!
  4. New to me 18 Sierra

    I have not actually purchased it, but I did look into the kit and read the install instructions. I believe the $499 kit will have everything you need to do the install (harnesses, modules, and camera) and requires no re-programming of the OEM installed modules.
  5. New to me 18 Sierra

    For the front camera, you’ll need the interface module as well as the front camera. The GM backed one is made by Echomaster and runs about $500 for the interface module and front camera. The same interface module can be used to add 4 cameras. Camera locations typically are front, left mirror, right mirror, cargo lamp, and wireless for the rear of a trailer.
  6. Weathtech vs. GM floor mats

    I dug around online trying to find this offer and I’m not finding anything about it. Can you post the flyer or a link to it or something?
  7. A/C Condenser

    Look about 3 posts above this one. GM believes the issue is due to thermal cycling (fatigue crack). They’ve added a heat shield to the upper drivers side corner of the cooler. This is actually covering part of the trans cooler area to reduce the temperature fluctuations of the area where the receiver is joined to the condenser. Is this enough to eliminate the problem? I don’t know, but I’m hoping so as that’s what my 2018 has. You should also note that 2017+ trucks have a different refrigerant in them that is much better for the environment, BUT it costs about 10x as much as the previous refrigerant.
  8. Is there an answer to the questions that I posed somewhere in this response that I’m just missing?
  9. FS: GMT900 Bluetooth VCIM (Onstar Module)

    Any offers?
  10. I’m intrigued by this idea. Do you have some references or a how to where others have actually done this on a K2? I can find post a about disabling AFM all day long, but I’m coming up empty looking for replacement of the vacuum pump by disabling AFM and running a traditional vacuum line.
  11. 2019 wheels

    I believe the T1 wheels will fit the K2, but the TPMS is 433 MHz on the T1 and 315 on the K2 so the TPMS sensors from the T1 takeoff will not be able to be programmed on a K2.
  12. Any chance you could send a video of it? I can’t seem to make it work on my 18 for anything I try.
  13. Oil Fill Tube

    Did anyone ever try the fill tube from the 19?
  14. I have a VCIM (20942557) that is bluetooth compatible with GMT900's. This was installed and used for several years in my '07 LTZ. It enables you to place and receive bluetooth calls just like the '09-'13 GMT900's. In the pics, the module with the antenna is the bluetooth module. The one on the right is the stock module from my '07 LTZ More info can be found in these threads: https://www.christopherprice.net/how-to-add-gm-bluetooth-and-possibly-remotelink-to-your-mid-2000s-chevrolet-pontiac-saturn-or-cadillac-2847.html $75 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  15. ProTech Spray On Bedliner

    I’m not sure if all Rhino dealers offer this, but I had a Rhino Shine package on my last truck. I would take it back them every year and they would top coat it and it would come back looking like new. I never had a cover on that truck and it wasn’t garaged so it would start to fade over the course of the year, but this kept it looking great. My current truck has the factory liner and it appears to be a LOT thinner than the Rhino I had on the last one.

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