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  1. Hey fellas. Need some help here ~ I have a '16 Silverado 4x4 currently running the factory 22's with factory sized 285/45/22 tires. I have a King kit that gave me about 2" of lift. I'd like to run 33x12.50x17's. What wheel offset do I need and will I need to trim? I'd prefer to maintain factory track width or slightly wider (like less than 1" or so wider than stock). Thanks! ATTACHMENTS
  2. Seamus, how do you test your fluids for contamination? always beefed to air on the side of caution.
  3. Nice. you may already know this but if you went with the -EXT front shocks, you can get some extra travel by cutting the factory droop stop. Also, maybe consider the Dirt King cam kit. Much more beefy than stock. https://dirtkingfabrication.com/products/upper-arm-alignment-cams-dk-632919
  4. Update: Went with Dirt King UCA's and their cam upgrade kit. Deaver J1 mini pack out back. Truck sits well for my taste and I should have done this upgrade years ago. Has about a 1" rake which I wanted to keep. The truck is planted and rides a more firm than stock but it's not harsh by any means. I've hooned around on some fairly rough fire roads and can't believe how much i like this setup. Next is losing the factory 22's and putting some more rubber between me and the road. Still leaning towards the BFG Ta KO2's or now the KM3's. Going for 35x1250's with some t
  5. I have about 1.5k miles on 2.5's with resi's and adjusters front and rear on my '16LTZ 6.2. Dirt King ball joint UCA's, Dirt King Cam kit, Deaver J1's out back with the factory spacer. Gives me about 1" rake front to back - which is what I wanted. The difference is night and day and I'm kicking myself for not having done this sooner. I have the front coil nut run down some to give me a little more lift (with more preload) but the damn truck is planted no matter what I"m doing with it. Potholes and washboards that used to make the truck "shimmy" off the road don't affect the truck and I'm
  6. Update: Pulled the trigger on the King 2.5 ext shocks w/adjusters & Deaver mini leaf pack! Starting to get pretty excited ? For now, I'm going to hold off on the upgraded shackles and hangers. If it feels like the OEM's are binding then I'll adjust as needed. Just looking at the offerings from mazzula, dirt king, cwf, are all massive & reassuringly beefy compared to OEM. Right now I'm hunting for UCA's with balljoints or the Icons with their "delta" joint. I have been recommended Cognito... any recommendations? https://cognitomotorsports.com/cognito-ball-j
  7. originally posted here: https://www.silveradosierra.com/under-construcktion/dp454so-s-2016-silverado-ltz-z71-6-2-build-t666514.html re-posting here for a new audience & some different feedback. This truck started life lowered as in the pics below. 1- Suspension: I have spent a ton of time researching the options for these 14-18's. Good news is that there is a TON of options out there depending on your need & wallet. My intent is to learn as I go and play around with components & parts until I get
  8. I thought about the same. I DID end up finding non-GM shops to give quotes in the $745-810 range. Insane compared to the GM shops. This entire issue is disappointing from GM. I don't have the time/tools to tackle this now but researched it a little. There are some videos on YouTube that show this getting done by DIY'ers. parts: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/v-2016-chevrolet-silverado-1500--ltz--6-2l-v8-gas/hvac--evaporator-and-heater-components Good luck and keep us updated if you do it yourself.
  9. '16 Silverado LTZ with 92k and the condenser finally fully failed. I have recharged the system several times and saw this coming, however... ... local dealer is asking $1650 for the repair!!! 2nd opinion dealer came in at $1350. As mentioned on here, the although doing the work yourself is a PIA, isn't it worth the savings? 4-500 for parts, seals, gaskets, 3rd party re-charge and done. Plus, if a man were to shell out $1350 for the GM repair, there is not much insurance that this shitty condenser won't fail again given the commonality of the problem across all trucks from this
  10. piggybacking here since my questions do not warrant a new thread. I appreciate all the good info here. I have a 16LTZ4wd 6.2 and am looking at fox/king/icon kits that are OEM in the 1-3" range. Truck came with the black 22" gloss rims and 295 45 22's and I'm trying to keep the 22's but might run a size or two bigger when these nittos terra grapplers wear out. This is my daily driver. Drive mostly onroad but love hooning it up when I get the chance at a railroad x'ing or offroad so I wantsome decent hardware. Love the idea of adjustable Kings, love even more the id
  11. Thanks for the reply. Though I don't have the echo, I like the amazon link with the app... that's handy. I was able to get a locksmith to create me a new key and fob For some reason, I thought a Chevy dealer had to do this!
  12. Gents, need some help here! I lost my last keyfob last night and am locked out of the truck. Are my only options towing the truck tot he dealer and getting a locksmith to get me into the vehicle? Does on-star offer remote unlocking? 16 ltz 6.2
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