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  1. Knocking the dust off of this thread. Are there any updates or noteworthy products from 2019 to now? Have a '16 LTZ 6.2/8spd @ 124k daily driver so I don't have warranty issues anymore Budget is flexible and I'd love to learn the finer art of tuning as 1slow1500 suggests but it's not how I earn my living so it's most likely a time suck for me... and I can get sucked in pretty easily. Leaning towards a higher-end handheld unit with some advanced functionality just in case I get curious and want to tinker... I upgraded to Kings and 305's and am looking to get get some punch and mpg's back as well as drop the tranny temps which are running hotter with the bigger tires. I have not modded anything in the drive train with exception of exhaust and a washable K&N air filter. I'm in the Southeast and it's hot as hell so the trans trends to run hot. I don't tow a lot, but I do tow some and for the most part, drive fairly conservatively as I want this truck to last. I'm interested in good MPG's as I log a lot of highway miles from SC to my farm in WV. Have always run 91 or 93 octane. May throw headers and CAI on at some point. Have never had trouble with the engine & run AMS in the trans. Appreciate your time. Cheers, dp454so
  2. Does this work for non-GM / non-factory tpms sensors? I replaced factory wheel/tires with new as well as new TPMS sensors but they're not calibrated
  3. Rad build! I'd love to boost my 6.2 but cringe having that much tube & snail under the truck (but I understand your logic). I have my truck offroad quite a bit and know full well that I'd crunch something that would shut me down. Obviously you have the background and skill but what made you go turbo as opposed to supercharger? Cheers!
  4. Not at all. I should have put Kings on years ago and don't regret the $$$$ that they cost... worth every penny... buy once, cry once etc. They ride very well, are adjustable, and rebuildable. For me, that's piece of mind. Buying a decent tire with an adequate sidewall will also help with the ride. I went from the factory 22's to a 17" wheel and man, there is a big difference! I was flirting with the idea of more lift (4") to be able to clear 37's (with cutting) but without going to the heavens with it. Ask around and folks say you need a 6" lift to clear 35's but I was able to get 305x70x17's clear with the norcal mod and without cranking up the preload (lift) on the Kings. The truck still has some rake, but that's fine with me for now. Finally did the "Norcal" mod to fit the 305x70x17's KO2's and man, I should have done this ages ago. Was concerned that I would have to pull the coilovers off and crank up the preload (i.e., lift) but the tires fit with no rubbing and the King EXT version shocks are in their sweet spot for both up and down travel. It rides very different and like a truck should The 6.2 still has more than enough pull to turn these easily but I might look into a tune or even gearing to get some mileage and torque back, and to keep some strain off of the trans. If I can find a decent kit and/or parts, may even build and add a trans cooler. Next - trying to find a body-matching camper shell, 3M clear film to protect the rockers and paint from the new wheel/tire poke, bumpers & winch, roof racks, lighting, cell range extender, aux fuel cell, dual batteries...
  5. Bump! I'm interested in the same as I have a '16 LTZ on 2.5" King Ext coilovers and am flirting with going with a 4" or 6" BDS lift as recommended by the guru's at Filthy Motorsports. I started out with the intent of getting just enough lift to clear 35's so I went with the King 25001-148-A EXT TRAVEL in the front and the King 25001-154-A in the rear. I also pulled the factory rear block and added a set of Deaver J1 (mini packs) under the stock leafs (minus the overload leaf). With the front preload set to nearly soft as it will go (1/4" coil nut threads showing), the front lifted about 2" and the deavers add another 2" to the rear and I retained about 1.5" of rake. Like yourself, I like my truck not squatting when I throw a few gallons of milk in the back How does it ride and handle? Do you like the Fox's and did you go with the ones that come with the BDS kit or procure them separately? I'm trying to figure out if I can re-use my current Kings with the BDS kits but can't get ahold of anyone to ask.
  6. Roger that, I appreciate the insight. I’ll follow up here once I hear back from a couple more sources. Several vendors (trail built, custom offsets, etc) Let you build a wheel package with the wheels that I’m interested in, after putting in vehicle info for ‘16, Chevrolet, Silverado 1500, 4wd. cheers.
  7. Thanks. Does it work the other way around? Can wheels for 19 and up work on a 2016? in this case, Backspacing: 4.28"
  8. Hey guys, Getting ready to drop some coin on wheels and I'm looking to confirm that the 2019 1500 bolt pattern is the same as the 2016 ('14-18) bolt patterns at 6x5.5 / 6x139.7. These are the wheels that I'm eyeing: https://www.relationsracewheels.com/products/rr7-h-17x8-5-6x5-5-6x139-7-hybrid-beadlock-2019-chevy-silverado-1500?variant=39686413156434. Thanks & Cheers!
  9. Bump. Also, the above link (http://www.chassisunlimited.com/product/armor-bumpers/chevy-gmc-armor/rock-slider-kit-sqaure.html) is dead so I wonder if these are even an option any more? I'm wondering the same thing about the rocky-road sliders. $1000 is pretty steep but is still cheaper than rocker panel bodywork. Is anyone running the rocky road sliders?
  10. What intervals do you recommend for an 8L90 with 108k on the odo?
  11. Question to you fellas: If the truck is now at 108k miles, and I've serviced the trans per GM recommendations to date (more or less), and I want to keep the truck, how often - going forward - should I change the trans fluid and filter? every 20k / 30k? FWIW - I'm planning to start using the AMSOIL trans fluid.
  12. Exactly. Recent quote from the dealership that I use is $540 for the trans filter and fluid. I like the peace of mind of them doing the work but now that my warranty is out, it doesn't make much sense to just throw money at them when one of us that is capable and has the time can do it themselves, save the money, and acquire the knowledge to do these repairs in the future.
  13. Yessir. Thanks for the links and I'm planning on keeping the truck. It's been reliable thus far *knocks on wood*. It's a Canadian truck but has spent 100k of its life with me in GA/SC so I expect the heat takes a toll on my fluids. DM sent on the AMSOIL products. Is there anywhere I can pick it up in the Charleston SC area? I have a road trip coming up and would love to get this knocked out today or one evening this week.
  14. Hey fellas, my current rig ('16 ltz 6.2, etc) Looking at the lineup of the many multiple boxes to check for a 90k+ service interval and need some input regarding some of the recommended changes. The truck is at 108K but is a DD and not used for towing much, and I try to stay out of the fun pedal. oil changed per system recommendations using Mobile1. GM recommends: (i'm only showing what I need to do here) - rotate tires. I'll do that. - air cleaner. I'll do that. - spark plugs - Need help here. What type of plugs have you tried and what works well with this engine? - tans fluid - I'll do this. will be replacing myself due to the great content on this forum - transfer case - I'll do this. need to change but delaying because xfer case isnt used regularly. any best practices and experiences recommended. - drain and fill engine cooling system - I'll do this. truck was built in '16, it's '21, time for a flush and refill. Don't expect much drama here and think I know what I'm doing. - brake fluid - I'll do this. I have never changed the brake fluid but will be upgrading the stockers to the Powerstop Z36 kit. These stock brakes never performed like I wanted but I don't see the value in spending the high $$$ on the brembo kit for a truck with 108K on the OD. If you'all have recommendations on this sutiation, i'd happily consider. - fuel filter - for the life of me, I can't find a guide on how to do this. Any insight is appreciated. I'd like to do this on my own. Cheers.
  15. and to the OP, many thanks for sharing your knowledge! Congrats on the pinned topic - please do keep them coming! To those additional folk who shared it after going through your own experiences - many thanks to you as well. This is one of the reasons I love the GM community. Trust, community, and strength in numbers. The GM product 'aint perfect, but it's damn good, the stealerships are what they are, I love how we're being self-reliant and keeping our own hard-earned gold in our own pockets.
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