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  1. What intervals do you recommend for an 8L90 with 108k on the odo?
  2. Question to you fellas: If the truck is now at 108k miles, and I've serviced the trans per GM recommendations to date (more or less), and I want to keep the truck, how often - going forward - should I change the trans fluid and filter? every 20k / 30k? FWIW - I'm planning to start using the AMSOIL trans fluid.
  3. Exactly. Recent quote from the dealership that I use is $540 for the trans filter and fluid. I like the peace of mind of them doing the work but now that my warranty is out, it doesn't make much sense to just throw money at them when one of us that is capable and has the time can do it themselves, save the money, and acquire the knowledge to do these repairs in the future.
  4. Yessir. Thanks for the links and I'm planning on keeping the truck. It's been reliable thus far *knocks on wood*. It's a Canadian truck but has spent 100k of its life with me in GA/SC so I expect the heat takes a toll on my fluids. DM sent on the AMSOIL products. Is there anywhere I can pick it up in the Charleston SC area? I have a road trip coming up and would love to get this knocked out today or one evening this week.
  5. Hey fellas, my current rig ('16 ltz 6.2, etc) Looking at the lineup of the many multiple boxes to check for a 90k+ service interval and need some input regarding some of the recommended changes. The truck is at 108K but is a DD and not used for towing much, and I try to stay out of the fun pedal. oil changed per system recommendations using Mobile1. GM recommends: (i'm only showing what I need to do here) - rotate tires. I'll do that. - air cleaner. I'll do that. - spark plugs - Need help here. What type of plugs have you tried and what works well with this engine? - tans fluid - I'll do this. will be replacing myself due to the great content on this forum - transfer case - I'll do this. need to change but delaying because xfer case isnt used regularly. any best practices and experiences recommended. - drain and fill engine cooling system - I'll do this. truck was built in '16, it's '21, time for a flush and refill. Don't expect much drama here and think I know what I'm doing. - brake fluid - I'll do this. I have never changed the brake fluid but will be upgrading the stockers to the Powerstop Z36 kit. These stock brakes never performed like I wanted but I don't see the value in spending the high $$$ on the brembo kit for a truck with 108K on the OD. If you'all have recommendations on this sutiation, i'd happily consider. - fuel filter - for the life of me, I can't find a guide on how to do this. Any insight is appreciated. I'd like to do this on my own. Cheers.
  6. and to the OP, many thanks for sharing your knowledge! Congrats on the pinned topic - please do keep them coming! To those additional folk who shared it after going through your own experiences - many thanks to you as well. This is one of the reasons I love the GM community. Trust, community, and strength in numbers. The GM product 'aint perfect, but it's damn good, the stealerships are what they are, I love how we're being self-reliant and keeping our own hard-earned gold in our own pockets.
  7. Awesome Info. I'm going down the same road and have the same concern about fluid temps. What trans pan, cooler, and rad did you go with and how did you plumb them all together? Would love to see a few pics on how you did this. Thanks ahead of time! Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, Great thread here. for my front/rear diffs, I ordered Royal Purple 75w90 based off of the recommendations here that the 75/85 is just for mileage and I'd rather have the protection of a heavier lubricant and am looking to reduce the trans slap common with the 8speed. '16 LTZ 6.2 has 108k and I'm curious what condition the oils is going to be. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/royal-purple-max-gear-synthetic-gear-lube-oil-75w90-01300/7070082-P?utm_source=ET&utm_medium=TRANS&utm_term=TRNSCT&utm_campaign=20211017_A_EC_TX_ORDCON &utm_content=ITEM Considering also changing gaskets on the rear diff out of caution since I am pretty high mileage. How are the aftermarket rear diff covers working for those that are running them? Make sense that extra fluid would help with temps and performance and maybe longevity of the diff. Don't know if it's worth the several hundred bucks for a part that only offers marginal improvement.
  9. Hey fellas. Need some help here ~ I have a '16 Silverado 4x4 currently running the factory 22's with factory sized 285/45/22 tires. I have a King kit that gave me about 2" of lift. I'd like to run 33x12.50x17's. What wheel offset do I need and will I need to trim? I'd prefer to maintain factory track width or slightly wider (like less than 1" or so wider than stock). Thanks! ATTACHMENTS
  10. Seamus, how do you test your fluids for contamination? always beefed to air on the side of caution.
  11. Nice. you may already know this but if you went with the -EXT front shocks, you can get some extra travel by cutting the factory droop stop. Also, maybe consider the Dirt King cam kit. Much more beefy than stock. https://dirtkingfabrication.com/products/upper-arm-alignment-cams-dk-632919
  12. Update: Went with Dirt King UCA's and their cam upgrade kit. Deaver J1 mini pack out back. Truck sits well for my taste and I should have done this upgrade years ago. Has about a 1" rake which I wanted to keep. The truck is planted and rides a more firm than stock but it's not harsh by any means. I've hooned around on some fairly rough fire roads and can't believe how much i like this setup. Next is losing the factory 22's and putting some more rubber between me and the road. Still leaning towards the BFG Ta KO2's or now the KM3's. Going for 35x1250's with some trimming. Once tires are sorted out, I might play around with gearing but going from the factory 285/45's to 35's is only a difference of 32.1 to 35". A decent tune might negate the need for gears. Also looking at a RoughCountry hidden winch mounting plate. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-hidden-winch-mounting-plate-11004.html It's just about out of warranty and I might start playing with the intake, tune, and headers. The vinyl tonneau is starting to fail so it will be getting replaced soon. I still like the Retrax's but am now thinking about caps as the build may turn into somewhat of an overland theme. Cheers!
  13. I have about 1.5k miles on 2.5's with resi's and adjusters front and rear on my '16LTZ 6.2. Dirt King ball joint UCA's, Dirt King Cam kit, Deaver J1's out back with the factory spacer. Gives me about 1" rake front to back - which is what I wanted. The difference is night and day and I'm kicking myself for not having done this sooner. I have the front coil nut run down some to give me a little more lift (with more preload) but the damn truck is planted no matter what I"m doing with it. Potholes and washboards that used to make the truck "shimmy" off the road don't affect the truck and I'm not afraid of railroad crossings at speed They are rebuildable, tuneable, can swap out coils if you want, ... and on and on. Buy once, cry once. I don't regret buying them at all, like I said, I only regret not doing this earlier. Next for me is losing the factory 22's and replacing them with 17-18 racelines, methods, or such and KO2's or KM3's. Hope I can get 35's to fit with some NorCal love. Do it.
  14. Update: Pulled the trigger on the King 2.5 ext shocks w/adjusters & Deaver mini leaf pack! Starting to get pretty excited ? For now, I'm going to hold off on the upgraded shackles and hangers. If it feels like the OEM's are binding then I'll adjust as needed. Just looking at the offerings from mazzula, dirt king, cwf, are all massive & reassuringly beefy compared to OEM. Right now I'm hunting for UCA's with balljoints or the Icons with their "delta" joint. I have been recommended Cognito... any recommendations? https://cognitomotorsports.com/cognito-ball-joint-sm-series-upper-control-arm-kit-for-07-18-silverado/sierra-1500.html Truck has the cast steel lower control arms. Can't wait to get her back into the shop:
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