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  1. Yep it’s going south quick [emoji23] here we go
  2. I didn’t think you were trying to start one of those posts Competition is stiff out there! Multi billion dollar corporations competing for your business and putting out the best products they’ve ever made Cant be out there having problem child’s But it happens! I really wish GM would do a real leather type deal like rams Laramie longhorn I can’t get enough of that trim package I also like two tone paint
  3. Lol the internet HATES General Motors I really like they new boys I think they drive nice. They drive like they’re very heavy, they soak up bumps and feel a little floaty but if you go hard in a corner or make a fast maneuver they handle like a car and that’s an amazing feat of engineering
  4. I had to get rid of my 99 with a lq9 motor and other goodies for my Tahoe when lil man was born Miss that truck sometimes
  5. New rams are nice. I think the quality still isn’t there when you get in and touch things but the price of the truck reflects that. Not a Ford guy myself but the 5.0 is a beast I really like the new GM trucks, more then ford or ram. Even with their screens and whatnot. Except the ram Laramie longhorn I really like that model. I’m surprised another GMC didn’t make it in your driveway BUT that’s how it goes sometimes. Lol
  6. Here at the dealer we take our impacts and hit them ugga Duggas on all the bolts in any sequence we feel, wait a couple minutes, then go for another round of ugga duggas. Works every time, no complaints, much easier on my back, etc etc etc Don’t forget to prey when you turn it on the first time though that step is critical
  7. Ok so that’s freakin weird Those don’t have BCM issues Does that truck by chance have a water leak coming in from the third brake light? There are a couple modules and data line connectors bolted to the floor or near the floor and when the third brake light leaks or any other water leak it can find it’s way into the module through the jute and cause many problems
  8. So it’s the LEDs for the turn signal just on all the time? Had that before on a new Acadia but it was for the blind spot detection. Why you no take to dealer though?
  9. We can check for an HMI update that’s about it
  10. Those aren’t commonly rebuilt by people like they used to... I’d be interested to see what you come up with. For us in the industry rebuilding things have all but gone away
  11. Are you trying to walk away from it with the key out of the vehicle?
  12. I mean I guess I’m certified GM tech and have full access to any scan tool I want. When it comes to the older ones most of the time I’m picking up a snap on modis or mahle techpro. Way faster
  13. That’s so much better then the short answer I put [emoji23] Thanks davester!
  14. Tech 2 has one of them Or any other scan tool with full data list Ur problem is most likely a failing vent temp sensor It’ll say ‘upper vent temp’ and the reading will be at like 175F all the time so it thinks it’s 175 degrees Just happened to me two weeks ago on a canyon. Anyways u need scan tool
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