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  1. I think there may be a significant difference in the Goodyears that the car manufacturers put on and the ones that people buy retail in upgrading from oem. It's understandable that any specialty tire, like race tires and serious off roade tires are going to be built to a different standard than the ones intended for old folks who have Toro mowers. I mentioned before that my experience with consumer grade/oems was bad and the company did not stand behind manufacturing defects so not giving them a second chance. Michelins have never disappointed in truck LTX tires and they are outstanding in the snow.
  2. Thanks. I think I wouldn't want them to for the same reason. It's hit or miss around here on the parts store workers attitudes about the current covid situation. A tool is never a bad thing to own. My current one just doesn't go to the srs/abs level.
  3. I guess an OBD2 reader might provide some information.
  4. Got that message on the speedo dial a couple of times this week on our 2008 Tahoe but it goes away after shut off and restart. I have a failing TPM sending unit (battery end life) but I can't imagine that has anything to do with it. Any ideas?
  5. My Z-71 came with 18"s and have been replaced with the same. I like them. I want some meat to the tire sidewalls to avoid wheel damage not to mention it makes the ride around here better. In looking at "take-off" wheels/tires, again in 18", the Goodyears and Michelins that Chevy and GM uses are poorly rated by users on Tirerack. That might be why there are so many "take-offs" floating around for sale, some from model years up to 3 or 4 years old. The winters have made a mess of my wheels so I was hunting for new replacements but won't pay for the oem tires that don't get good opinions.
  6. Just to muddy the water, I love Michelin LTX M/S. They handle all types of weather and are QUIET. They feel great on the body but make the truck handle, not boatlike or big old Caddylike. They last a long tome too. I regret being talked into Coopers by my dealer on the last go around. I don;t know if the Michelin Defenders are as good, but I'm headed back there on the next go around. I swore off Goodyears forever when I had a fairly new on split between the treadlines and I got screwed by Goodyear who wouldn't make good. They haven't seen another dollar from our house in about 15 years.
  7. First time and it definitely needed it; Lube was black and there was about 1/8" coating of ground up sludge on the magnetic fill plug. Gears etc were not gunked up though. The old fill plug was seized in the cover so a replacement cover was in order. The GM cover kit includes a cover (unpainted!), redesigned fill plug, a nice thick gasket, all the bolts and a new bracket for the brake line junction block support. The whole thing was only about $60 so it's not worth the effort to restore the old parts. Panhard brace was in the way and the sway bar link in the way of that. Twelve years of winter snow melting chemical corrosion made the job more than routine. The new fill plug is very nice because rather than a pipe thread seal that allows weather corrosion into the threads the new plug as a large head that overlaps the edges of the hole in the cover and has a sealing washer between the head and the cover that seems like it will prevent exposure of the threads to external elements. The threads may be exposed to lubricant that will prevent bonding of the plug to the cover (fingers crossed). Replaced the panhard brace too that looked like it came from the bottom of the ocean. Again, it was too cheap to bother with restoring the original. Thank you Rock Auto on two counts for genuine GM parts. I was surprised at the Microsoft-like holographic labeling. Based on the color of the lube removed, there should be a lube changing schedule in the maintenance schedule.
  8. I just did mine. There was about a 2" to 3" decline over the length of the truck, low in the front. I filled the rear differential to bottom of the fill hole, let it drip until it stopped and temporarily put the plug in. Then I ran the front wheels partly up on ramps ( a wood 2"x would also so) until the truck was as level as I could tell (with a level on several places) and pulled the drain plug to recheck the fluid. It was definitely low and needed more than I expected before it started to run out again. I don't know if that is the optimum fill level for your truck or not, but if it was out of level when you filled it, it may be too high or too low when it's level, depending on whether the front or rear was low when you did it. It's easy enough to pull the plug when you find a level spot to use.
  9. Replacing the rear suspension track bar on my '08 Z71 Tahoe and there is a metal clip that holds the parking brake cable to the track bar. Mine has not survived the winters well but I am coming up dry on find a part number or replacement. Hoping someone knows a reference for the part. Edit: Never mind, found it.
  10. I have avoided NAPA since I bought a muffler that had the snottiest welds imaginable. I did better in Adult Ed night school welding class and I was miserable at it. On the other side of the question, I just got an oem panhard brace with GM labeling noting "Made in Korea". I also just received oem AC Delco (best grade) spark plug wires that had two wires with misaligned (rotated) boots so the wires had to be installed in a twisted state. Just because it says GM oem doesn't make it up to expectations. Where has the pride in the job gone?
  11. Seems that paint rated for 250 degrees will be ok for our 12 year old truck. I think the Epoxy is best around here where the winter roads are covered in blue-green chemicals.
  12. Does a differential get hot enough to require engine enamal or other high temperature paint to refinish the cover? I've used VHT Epoxy on other chassis items with good luck but it's noted for 250 F degree limit. We have a 3.73 locker in our Tahoe if that makes any difference.
  13. Mine appears to have two anchors put in from above under the battery tray which I didn't want to muscle around with. Not sure what they are holding but that and the face that the mudflaps are also involved in the inner fender cover was too much to mess with.
  14. 1. Can't afford a $70,000 replacement. 2. and 3. If we went south it would have to be near the ocean, so we'd be going full circle with the salt (just can't stay off the sand!) and missing snow at Christmas. Guess we're stuck with rust and the Tahoe.
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