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  2. Some great info and observations there. Makes sense. Plus a cooler motor = longer life to boot. I remember when fuel injection was first starting to become widespread in the mid 80's, there was always that rumor going around to, "Never let your tank go below a 1/4, or the pump will burn up." The pumps in the 80's were overbuilt in most higher end vehicles, so I think that applies more to late 80's and 90's vehicles, especially late 90's. I still have a '86 Grand Marquis, 5.0 multiport, that's still running on the OE fuel pump! 35 years, and almost 280,000 miles. They su
  3. You mentioned that they don't recall if they top off the refrigerant or not. You should probe into what was done when they fixed your AC box. Was the AC line ever open? If so, "topping off" is not doing anything, it needs to be vacuum and recharge. I have a hard time trusting dealership. Thier goal is to get money from you at all cost!
  4. Finally got my rattle fixed. Took it in yesterday, and they said they couldn't hear it. I took 2 techs on ride and pointed it out multiple times. They took it back into the shop and proceeded to take a part the console and dash parts test driving several times and isolating the noise. Turns out it was a missing retainer in part of the ventilation system behind the dash. I picked it up today, and it's like a totally different vehicle, quiet at all speeds and road surfaces.
  5. There's "if's" when it comes to AC. ** don't use those cheap guage. It doesn't give you accurate reading. First measure both high and low ports for pressure. Low pressure could mean low freon or leak. To test for leak, you would need to pull negative pressure. Now comes the "if's" If your system is holding pressure. It could be due to a bad condenser or fan. Does it blow cold air at high speed? Spray condenser with water, the first few minutes of driving should be blowing cold air. If pressure is to high, does your car shake when id
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  7. Anyone know the true Red paint color as I like the Red on my white truck but needs touched up a bit?
  8. very true....always buy the interior/features, you will regret it after the honeymoon wears off and it will wear off soon.....and its usually either impossible or very expensive to do so after the fact.....SLT PP is best bang for GMC i think as well....this is what i am looking at as i didnt get all stuff i wanted,
  9. my 2020 2500 had alignment issues right from dealer....i sold it before i had it done though, pulled to left
  10. my 2020 2500 had alignment issues right from dealer....i sold it before i had it done though, pulled to left
  11. I have a set of these on order for my 2021 AT4 and can't wait and also looked at the OEM and too pricey!
  12. Took about a month but I finally have all the parts to do this. Did you need to source any hardware? I already see I need a couple screws for attaching the air duct.
  13. So the new pump is here and guess what -- the fine folks who make these things came to the same conclusion I did above some time in the last however many years. Anyone with a vehicle in this age range that has a return line and the original fuel pump, or one of unknown vintage, if you have this sort of problem (high-altitude, high-temperature issues with fuel delivery) I'll bet its related. The new pump I received today (Delphi) has *two* chambers in the cup. The first admits fuel as the other one did with a silicone flapper at the bottom. The return also dumps into th
  14. Don't know if any of these apply, but lots of things can prevent auto stop/start. Auto Stops may not occur and/or Auto Starts may occur because: . The climate control settings require the engine to be running to cool or heat the vehicle interior. . The vehicle battery charge is low. . The vehicle battery has recently been disconnected. . Minimum vehicle speed has not been reached since the last Auto Stop. . The accelerator pedal is pressed. . The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature. . The outside temperature is not in t
  15. I would be interested. Hoping it works with 2020 3500 Silverado.
  16. Tech Bulletin on JB-7011 lifters for GM LS engines ... - Melling Cut and paste into your browser. While this bulletin was posted before the Ecotec3 motor series for the LS series the Ecotec3 motors share this lifter, guide and basic VLOM/ECU strategy. Look it up yourself. Read it carefully. It is an oil related issue. Argue with Melling. They supply GM with OEM lifters. GM has a paper on this as well advising shorter OCI's. They are also in the process of DEXOS1Gen3 specs to reduce varnish and sludge below that of DEXOS1Gen2. I wonder why? In
  17. As mentioned above, after running the fuel tank almost empty, then refilling at a different brand station, have gone one week or more without a misfire code. Did go to the dealership so they could pull the history on this. Just the P0300. I believe fuel related. Make sure to run the tank empty. I tried refilling a couple times (to top off) previously and it didn’t seem to fix it.
  18. Alright, so resetting the radio has that fixed anyone’s issues. I’ve had this truck sense April and it’s driving me nuts! 2 other of my friends have same issues!!
  19. Sorry for the late response. Still having issues with random CEL blinking after misfires. I’m at 7,250 miles now. It always happens when driving under 30 mph. 3 times this week already. I set up an appointment at the dealer for tomorrow and they just called and said “gm is aware and sent us word to hold off on any repairing or replacing of parts & they won’t fix or replace anything on my truck, basically they will clear the error codes and send me on my way until gm tells them what to do. She said it’s happening with a lot of Sierra/Silverados right now. I’m honestly losing my patience alr
  20. I went from a 2018 Yukon XL to my 2021 Silverado 3500. I owned a diesel before (LBZ) and really wanted to get into a new one. After realizing that my budget just would not accommodate a diesel with any options whatsoever, I took a hard look at what else was available. I have never liked Ford, and I knew too many people with bad Ram experiences. I considered the Tundra, but ended up sticking with GM. I was ultimately deciding between a 6.2 trailboss and the 3500 gasser. Since the 3500 had leather, heated seats, Z71, etc, and payload wise would be better for pulling our camper, I went with
  21. Hello 2011 Sierra. 6l thought this issue was related to tranny but swapped and still happening. Feels like brakes applying while driving,was backing up driveway and noticed had to push peddle more then usual. Could hear the brake switch attached to peddle click off and on while not touching peddle. Put truck in natural while moving felt like brakes apply right away. Took ride around block then heard a click and felt like brakes released and truck started to move easier. Replaced the ebc and the abs block over a year ago had codes for it, took to shop to get programmed no issues since. Just s
  22. I just had the same thing happen to me today with my 2019 Trail Boss. "Service ESC" and "Service Power Steering, Drive with Care". My steering wheel was completely stiff - no power assist at all. I called the dealer. They had me turn off the truck, pull the key, open and close the door and then sit there for about five minutes. After that, everything worked fine. They want me to bring the truck in for a diagnostic.
  23. Hello all, looking for some help, have a 2011 Sierra 3/4 340,000kms owned from new just replaced transmission few thousand kms ago with a lower km one. Now I have a rattle sounds like a marble in a can coming from torque/flywheel. Didn’t use new bolts on torque mounting had similar noise before checked the bolts one got maybe 1/4turn on out blue lock tight on them seemed to go away. Now it’s back and worse then ever, going to check those bolts again when off work. Do these have a habit of coming loose? Anyone have any other ideas where to look? Have a recording of noise just can’t figure out
  24. This is a kit to add AUX switches to your truck. it comes with all of the wiring to connect the switches in the cabin, and the box will be in the engine bay, allowing you to easily route wires to your equipment - compressor, train horn, light bars, etc. if you're still not interested, I'll take it for 50 + shipping.
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