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  2. 220k Not bad at all on the trans. Drive it another year and wait for the refresh maybe?
  3. I installed those Cab Over lights on my brother in laws Chevy. Only think I didn’t like about them was they get out of sync easily. There are newer models out now with only a few functions but overall a cool option when you don’t want to drill into your roof.
  4. just in case this helps anyone, I was able to achieve 43 degrees out the vents after i bypassed the heater core. its 90 degrees outside here. I'm thinking about leaving it this way for the summer
  5. Here is your post from the "Yellow Silverado's": I despise the fact that 99% of the vehicles on the road are just so DAMN boring. I feel like I'm living in a monochromatic world of boring people. The world and our nations highways and byways need more vehicles that POP with loud, bright and emotion generating colors. I can't stand the constant parade of nearly ALL vehicles that are either: 1. White 2. Black 3. Silver/Gray I realize it's not a truck but here's my prior car that I think was stunning in yellow/black. My current one as depicted in my avatar is red as I can't stand the dull, pastel and matte looking "Racing Yellow" they offered when I bought the red one. My C8 Z06 will be ordered in black but I'll have it wrapped in Kawasaki MX racing green the day I take delivery. Similar to the green one depicted below. The last pic is a full on picture of my current red/black car. I be lovin' me some POP!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING COLORS/CARS/TRUCKS!!! And yes, I'm a bit of a hypocrite in that my daily driver is a black AT4. IMHO, it was the best looking color offered on the AT4
  6. I to have a 2011 Silverado,when driving the door locks go crazy,everything on dashboard goes nuts,help I really think it is possed
  7. Got some 35's put on to replace my loud, out of balance Duratracs. Found a guy that said he put 285/75R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers (35.1") on a 19' AT4 with zero trimming.... not the case for me. I've got a little rub on the mud flaps but should be easy to fix.
  8. Your avatar shows a Corvette. I also read in another post (about yellow Silverado colors) that you had a Corvette. So either your lying or wishing you had one. Hmmmm, that's how I know. No, this wasn't friendly banter when your sarcasm is to the point of "macho egoism"! You can disagree with me all you want, but your way of disagreeing with me isn't friendly banter, you're obviously lacking in that department. You can do better next time though. I was stating facts, my vehicles can do those things I said they could, and you obviously couldn't handle that, or should I say, you were very "DEMEANING" in your responses. And you're missing the point ENTIRELY that I was making on the truck all together. Went way over your cranium. I am far from angry or miserable. I truly enjoy life and am very blessed to have a wonderful family. Who, I put FIRST before anything else. Well, if you are so bent out of shape with those names, I will be man enough to APOLOGIZE to "YOU" for calling you Mr. Sarcastic, Mr. Highroller, and Buckwheat!!!! I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Have a fantastic day!
  9. Thank you! Any idea on quality of their lights? Rather just spend money once rather than over and over finding the right cabin lights
  10. This forum is great by the way. I recently bought a the factory fog lights and had the dealership install them. 2 questions I am asking for help with 1) The fog lights work with the new OEM switch they put in but the dash only lights up the green light (circle with 3 lines on both sodes). I see there is a fog light dash light. (They claim they flashed the computer). Not too worries about this as they work. 2) MAIN ISSUE: My Daytime running light on the passenger side no longer turns on. It worked before they installed the fog lights. Any reason why it wouldnt or things I can check before I bring it back in? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Yes if you turned the steering wheel/shaft 360 degrees you broke the clockspring. 19330023 Clock Spring $559.70 $364.36
  12. I assure you it fits, I attached the prototype, design. The turbo will fit under the hood just fine.. you actually have way more room Uber the hood on the T1 platform that you did on the Gen 5 and this fits under the gen 5 good just fine. Has to sit high to clear accessory drive appropriately. Here is our Gen 5 fitment.
  13. Yeah you have any solid data backing that up or just the words of a few AFM haters on the forums? How prematurely? 50k? 75k? 100k? Would be nice if you can let us know when! There is nothing anywhere that points to running V4 mode causing failures, GM would have pulled that in a heart beat if it was going to cause a bunch of wasted money in warranty claims or recalls. GM has a history of long lasting reliable engines going well past 100's of thousands of miles, we have had multiple at our house and a few friends I am close with (one pushed 300k before trade in with zero issues). You can't believe everything you hear on the internet and it doesn't help to pass on false info... Tyler
  14. lol thanks. I'm only $20 into the rear end since I already had parts from my previous truck, plus I need the taller jounce so I can install Sumosprings properly. Front leveling is Eibach lift struts.
  15. Where did I state I own a Corvette? What makes you think I'm lost in Corvette heaven. Again, I never mentioned the word Corvette in ANY of my posts to this thread. Seems like you really have a hard on for this Corvette thing just because there is a picture of a Corvette as my Avatar. If I had a picture of Too bad we can't have a little friendly banter without you taking it personnel. I, nor anyone else that disagrees with you, resorted to childish name calling. We're just having a fun back and forth discussion and you resort to name calling. You've called me and others who disagree with you the following names instead of just having fun with the conversation/argument and letting facts support your position: - Little fella - Mr. Sarcastic - Buckwheat - Mr. Highroller - Silly Little Boy You sir, are hard to figure out... You might take a deep breath, relax and have a little fun. Life doesn't have to be so miserable.
  16. I'm glad to know it's not just me... I find them to be marginal at best. It also seems that after sitting in them a while the foam or something compresses and reduces airflow. If you shift your body weight or contact points it will feel cool again for a few minutes and then go back to nothing.
  17. Today
  18. Totally agree with you!! Iowa has very strict laws. That's why I had to put 30% on front windows and 30% over my rear windows, with a 5% strip in windshield. I used to put 5% on everything along with a 35% on front windshield when I didn't live here in Iowa. The back factory glass also is dyed not tinted, so it doesn't reject heat, it's just for looks. That is why I always have my best friend (who owns a tinting business) tint over the back for my kids and German Shepherd pup. The heat rejection you get from tint is amazing. Take your time when choosing a tint shop. Ask to look at some of their work, (if possible). Look at top of windows and along the bottom for dirt, hairs, or other contaminants. So many guys say they can tint, but get more "crap" in the window than out of it. Here is my truck with 30% all around. Good luck and congrats on the truck!
  19. Very interesting option. It sort of has a structure like a time share except you own the unit. I am sure they do a thorough job of cleaning between rentals but I wouldn't be comfortable with others (strangers) using my bed and "facilities" on such a frequent basis. However, next time I'm in Texas, I may rent!
  20. The bed view displays on your radio like when you reverse. I will try and take some pictures when I get home of the views. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  21. check out https:// caboveramerica.com
  22. if you want to sell it let me know haha...maybe its something isolated to your truck? weird that some are ok and others arent.
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