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  2. I'm trying to sell our old car after buying a new one. Yesterday met a prospective buyer so he could look at the car. Two younger guys in early 20's show up. No preventative measures at all for the virus. One wanted to shake my hand. I brought masks and gloves so I passed them out. Before someone starts with the stay home thing, I won't put my life on hold. We go overboard with preventative measures. These two guys were both service writers at a Subaru dealer. Thus the car showing on a Sunday. Essential personnel.
  3. I traded my 2014 Sierra crew cab and have a few leftovers I’m I’d like to sell. Prefer not to ship, except for maybe the intake. Located near Charlotte NC Floor mats are husky front and 3D max pider rear $100 Airaid jr intake $100 Yakima gatekeeper $100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm pretty sure this engine is designed to run hot, especially when NOT under load. It helps with the emissions. When you are towing, you should see temps come down (sounds odd I know). Check out Chad Ivan on YouTube he shows this across a couple different videos.
  5. Flavored whiskey or brandy, mostly neat. I like margaritas too. The waistline doesn’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I just got the 3.0L duramax. I wouldnt bat an eye at oil temps. Diesels are nasty suckers on oil. Fresh oil turns grey in minutes. I presume the turbo is oil cooled, so there's a major hotspot. Just use good synthetic oil.
  7. Years ago I had a gal pal that went to the island twice a year. Always brought me back a bottle of Jamaican 191. I could never tell when that girl was mad at me or trying to take advantage. Whiskey man now.
  8. Very subtle left pull on initial brake application. Rotors,pads and calipers replaced. No change. Flex lines to calipers look good but going to replace right side today. Anyone encounter this problem before ?
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  10. Fords standard tank on the F150 is only 23 gallons. The 36 gallon tank is an option with the max towing package I believe. Either way, if you want a bigger fuel tank find a truck brand that suits what you need. Complaining about it on a user based community isn’t going to do anything to change what GM does. On my old 2018 Sierra 1500 Denali 5.3L I got 450- miles on a tank. Which I though was good enough. With my 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 I am happy with a 24 gallon tank. I don’t tow anyways and if I did I would of gotten a 2500.
  11. I have a 2020 GMC SIERRA 1500 rear wheel drive thinking of doing a 3'' inch front with a 1 1/2'' inch rear, bad idea ?
  12. The thing that pisses me off is the handwashing. I can be OCD about that kind of stuff but REALLY? We have to remind people of THAT?! COME ON!
  13. Or avoid it entirely. Hard yes. Impossible no.
  14. There's some locally made stuff, Koltiska, that I like, but I'm a tightwad haha
  15. I have a used( 5 mo) set of mori moto 2 stroke low beam headlight bulbs. They are h11 with the adapter. Are super bright and enough not to need high beams. These fit under the dust cap perfectly. These are 145 new I'll take 100 shipped to anywhere in the us.
  16. WARNING: This is going to be an odd one, and a long shot / shot in the dark to boot. I hope it's not too far off topic, but there just aren't really many forums for this. First things first. I currently am in possession of a pair of Pace Arrow motorhomes, one a 1982 on what I believe is a P20 chassis (6.2 diesel / 16-inch wheels), the other a 1983 on what I believe is a P30 chassis (7.4 gas, 19.5-inch wheels), though I have read this one is likely a P32, not a P30, which I believe only has minor suspension and brake differences. I am not sure which one I will use, or if I can even do what I have in mind. Both have severe roof problems and are too much work to repair properly to be worth it, but run great, and both are extremely low mileage (14k and 65k, respectively). I have seen several 3500s (same cab as 1500 / 2500) with the same 19.5-inch wheel and 7.4L, with an added valance of sorts between the main grille and bumper, suggesting that the cab sits higher and is on a different frame. I have also noticed similarities in rail-to-rail measurements between the P and C/K on chassis diagrams I have downloaded. Auto Zone shows the same body mount kit for the P and C/K for 1983. I have to wonder as well if the late-model U-Haul 26-footers are on a P30/P32 chassis. Even late-model GM cutaway cabs and cab/chassis for U-Haul, small buses and even the Kodiak MDT appear to be the same Express van cab (the G-van's replacement, which was the basis for some box trucks of its vintage). I have also noticed that some of those box trucks had a longer, more raked nose, even though it was a G-van cab. A few pics are attached -- a motorhome similiar to the larger one I have, a "high-boy" 3500 box truck with the extended valance and the same 19.5-inch wheel, and the "Lil' Kenny" kit built for the late-model C/K frame. All of this leads me to believe that a square-body or GMT400 C /K cab would mount on a P chassis with little fuss and muss. Which leads to my main question -- does anyone know if this can be done? Seems like it would work, but I'm hoping someone here has done this before or knows someone who has. I have run across a few similar projects, but could not confirm any of them were finished to the point of a running, driving (and safe) vehicle. The reason I ask such an outlandish question -- I've had a couple ideas here. One was to simply swap a cab / nose from a 73-03 C/K onto the frame. The other idea was a "Lil' Big Rig" kit (scaled down Peterbilt / Kenworth cab built for popular full-size pickup frames). In the event anyone is inspired, the Kenworth version is built specifically for GM, and can be adapted to Dodge, while the Peterbilt version is fitted for use with Ford F-series, though either can be adapted for the other. I'm thinking some modification would be necessary, as the P's steering column sits directly beside the engine. The steering box shows a different part number between the P and C/K, so I wonder if this would be the thing that makes it impossible. However, I wonder if the cab sitting lower might correct this position, or if I would need to change the column / intermediate shaft, or even the steering box itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to iron out the if's on this idea before I start tearing things apart and find out some technical snag, especially as the Lil Big RIg kits are quite pricey. Would rather have some answers before I start. Kinda thought about yanking the 7.4 and trans from the '83, starting fresh with a used U-Haul, and saving the 7.4 for when the U-Haul's 8.1 gives up. Might be easier, but I like the idea of using what I have if I can. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  17. this is the CX Revo right? how is the gap between the glass and the tailgate? can you stick your hand in there? also how much did it cost? thanks
  18. Well your factory tires should be 275/60 which is a 33. Leveling kit Wise id avoid any bottom strut spacer as it contacts the cv boot. Rough country and several other company’s make a top of the strut spacer. Or there is always a leveling strut like what rough country and Eibach offer. If you really wanna spend money Fox has a 2.0 coil overs that are a pricey option. OR just call Your dealership and have them install the GM 2 inch Lift
  19. Does RAP turn off if you open the passenger door? Anyway, I would first look at the door latch mechanism (it's an all-in-one unit, latch, lock, door closed switch).
  20. Wouldn't surprise me if the physical stop on the actuator has worn away, so it's trying to go to the limit and can't find it. Maybe go through youtube videos for where the various HVAC actuators are located, turn on the HVAC to get it clicking, and then touch each actuator. You should be able to feel which one is clicking, then you can replace it. It's possible that the control rod that the actuator moves is also damaged/worn away due to this problem, and that is a much bigger hassle to fix...
  21. Maybe check the fuel trims? If the engine is running lean for whatever reason, it burns hotter, which would result in the plugs burning like that. Note, the fuel trims reading may say the engine is running rich (ie, the O2 sensors read too much fuel, so the pcm orders less fuel injected into the motor).
  22. It has a shift cable going to the transmission? Sounds like that isn't adjusted right, or perhaps not installed right. Note, I can't say for sure, as I only know how it works for my 4l80e, but for my '04, the shift cable splits in the middle, and there is an adjuster in the middle. And if the cable sheath clips in a bracket on the transmission (and the end of the cable then attaches to the shift lever), possibly the cable sheath isn't fully inserted?
  23. Getting a pressure bleeder makes the job go fast... I got a Motive Pressure Bleeder, and it worked great for me (yes, it's not cheap). The only downside I had with it, is that initially I got it with a plastic cap that fits on the master cylinder reservoir, put it on, added brake fluid to the pressure bleeder tank (this will flow through the line to that plastic cap, to keep the reservoir filled as you bleed the system), then pumped it up to the pressure recommended in GM's full service manual for my truck (I think it said 25 psi). Evidently, this is way too high for the plastic cap, it blew off the reservoir and sprayed brake fluid all over the engine compartment (which is very bad, as brake fluid likes to eat paint and plastic). I switched to their metal cap, and haven't had a problem with it since. I also don't add brake fluid to the pressure tank, but this is primarily because it's a hassle and time consuming to clean out the tank and the line after using it, instead I just disconnect the setup, fill up the reservoir, then reconnect the setup as necessary, which only takes a minute. The plastic cap (which is cheaper than the metal one) works just fine, as long as you keep the pressure a bit lower (15 psi). It would have been nice if their instructions had said this... And, hopefully, Motive got rid of the absolute moron salesperson they had 5 years ago when I bought it (I bought a package for my truck from some site selling it, had that problem, then bough the metal cap direct from Motive). That guy could not figure out how to correctly enter my address in their system. 3 times he sent out the cap, it made to my city, and then was sent back due to a bad address. Finally, after I sent him a picture of a letter I received in the mail, could he fill out the address to match that, and it made it all the way to my house.
  24. Dome light works when? When the door is open&/closed/ignition key is turned, or when pushing the button by the dome light?
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