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  2. They did the procedure wrong...should not have replaced the converter. 98% of the time it's one and done...
  3. F150 electric

    My family had a few of those. If we weren't mechanical we've gone broke. Some were converted to gas. Outside of heavy duty work, the diesel in light duty applications I'm not seeing it. Gas engines are much more efficient and powerful now in the light duty world. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. LOWERING Z71.....

    I’m sure you could. But perish the thought of WHY ? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Is why I'm posting /asking on this forum. I don't have access to shop manuals without purchasing them. And every GM parts and service rep I've talked to has no idea either. I will look into performance trucks... Thank you. I don't know what parts I keep tearing up. This time it's something different /new. It's stuck in my driveway. Hasn't been towed to shop yet. I've yet to launch awd at the track but have on the street.
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  7. No one? Alright well when I get around to tackling this, I'll come back and post about it. Maybe add some photos/instructions based on my experience
  8. Added some more pin striping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. F150 electric

    This model 2020 hybrid Ford talked about wonder if it will have the 3 cylinder 6 piston Achates motor? Also have to believe GM probably will follow suit . Maybe the turbo 4 has a bigger future than thought ?
  10. Whipple install

    Not planning on going into engine for cam, DOD delete, etc. I'm just trying to restore power lost by lift and tires. The Whipple kit comes with new NGK sparkplugs, so those will be changed. I don't have headers but I have the Borla GM catback system. My understanding is that the Whipple kit is designed to work with the stock engine? The instructions state not to use an aftermarket intake tube or box because the "canned" tune they ship with the system isn't written for anything other than their supplied tube. Can't I just install their tune, bolt the thing on, and go? I'd use the stock pulley included (4" I think?).
  11. Rolling hills in the powerlines, I love it! Glad to hear you had a good ride overall despite the rough trails at times. Unfortunately that just seems to be the way it is since the Lower has like hardly any ridable snow and limited to no grooming. Looking ahead to this Friday and Saturday it is going to be 2 degrees and 7 degrees for a high respectively. Looking forward to testing our Klim gear tough that we've bought over the last 3 years lol. Sleds should run great... 2 strokers love that cold air!!
  12. Need more towing power

    Yep. Save the blower for last cause all the other power adders will be even better if you add a blower.
  13. Have a set if Ironman imovegen2 tires 10/32 tread life on them 285/45/r22 $500 obo
  14. Have a set if Ironman imovegen2 tires 10/32 tread life on them 285/45/r22 $500 obo
  15. Disable TMPS System

    No from what I understand it’s built into the bcm. So you’d have to turn it off by tuning, the device that was linked here, or buy tpms sensors and put them in pressurized pvc tubes and leave them somewhere in the truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. F150 electric

    The percentage of consumers, from that generation, that remember the Oldsmobile diesel is already small. It won't hurt sales. The cost, both initial and maintenance, of a diesel over a gas engine is what holds the sales back.
  17. LOWERING Z71.....

    Yup, I'm lowering mine 2" up front and 4" in the back. There are guys much lower. I may eventually go 4/7, but that would be max for me.
  18. just kicking around ideas in my head,....can a 4wheel drive be lowered?....just a cpl.inches.....?...I'm talking all the way around, not just squatting the back.....
  19. Thsnks ELCAMINO,..... Yeah this is my first 4digger.....
  20. For older cars the High Mileage SemiSyns work great to provide additives that keep the older engines running well
  21. F150 electric

    Diesel will take a while to make a comeback. Anybody remember the Oldsmobile Diesel 350s? Once you get the people who remember those to die off or forget, then it may become more mainstream. For the time being though, it will be a mainly HD truck fuel As for electric, well, I had several electric vehicles when I was younger. Batteries didn't last long and they took FOREVER to charge The more they tinker with internal combustion the more they will refine it. More power to em to do so!
  22. Try 84186138, old number was 23331703.
  23. Are you rubbing anywhere after the minor trimming on the x12’s? Do you know roughly where they trimmed? I’m assuming both front bumper and mad flap?
  24. I've noticed this as well, not specifically to the output the OP has, but it will vary depending on outside temperature, engine speed, etc. My Battery tests well, and he fires up every time, so on I go!
  25. 6 Digits: Clyde the K2EC at 100,000

    Thank you! Yes AFM is still alive and well. I've pushed my luck many a times thanks to the AFM and have never run the tank dry. Speeds of 55 mph reliably return 24+ MPG, so I have been happy to keep it. Something to note, I will say the Range feature on the DIC is impressively accurate. I know I shouldn't but there have been a few trips where I decided to press on because the Range estimator says I had a few MILES more than the distance to my destination. I have not run out of fuel trusting it, so I now take its word reliably. I will add that there was minor surface rust beginning to appear on the frame rail in the left side wheel well. After a treatment of AmsOil HP metal protector nothing has appeared yet. The frame wax isn't too bad, just not as durable in some spots.
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