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  3. Can't find a finished pic with any of the trucks.
  4. I searched and did not find this question... I own a 2015 Silverado (Crew Cab). I am wondering if a regular 20" (LTZ) Rim and tire will fit in the spare tire space under the truck. It holds an 18 inch spare currently, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to put a regular 20" rim and tire under there. Thanks for reading.
  5. @Granite7 Thanks for your story and photos. Could you provide the source of this headlight switch with the two buttons? I’ll need the “red glow” version for my truck. Thx in advance.
  6. I don't have any data logs on this computer or really any that I've done recently to show but these computers will enable decel fuel cut off while coasting to a stop. They will also re-tard the ignition timing to negative values while coasting and when it needs to make down shifts. The sharp drop in timing is to pull torque/power and make it easier for the transmission to shift gears. Decel fuel cut off turns off the fuel injectors completely and it's using the engine as an air pump to slow the vehicle down. This is likely what is happening and the answer to why you hear what you hear.
  7. I would sue you immediately if you crashed into me.
  8. Covered them all for the return trip. Too loud for me and the put-put-put at slow decel was pronounced. Probably stick with having them all uncovered. Wish it was just a tad louder but I have a history of fixing things until they are broke…..I better quit while I am 90% satisfied……
  9. I lied, actually I just remembered I have a pic of a house my son is having built in Byron, GA. It's coming along nicely. 3/2, 1400sq/ft, 2 car garage. All for a 25 year old single male...lol....he's doing amazing for himself thank the lord!! He followed in my footsteps for a career and is now a commercial aircraft mechanic...actually a lead mechanic for Embraer in Warner Robbins, GA. I'm a proud dad for sure!!
  10. FOR SALE: Overland Black 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4x4 Location: Temecula, California, USA Description: Fully built out Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L 4x4 with a huge list of modifications. The truck crushes it on the trail, in the snow, and overall for a huge amount of fun with family and friends on the trail. Has always been maintained, with zero accidents - clean title. Currently, the milage is 81,450. Check out some of the work done to it below and help this find a new home. BlackBear Performance Full AutoCal Tune with Flex delete and will sell the programmer. Engine and Transmission is tuned with all upgrades on the truck. This truck hauls ass if you want to get on it. Fox Racing 2.0 Front & Rear Performance Series Coil-over IFP / Shocks: Upper mount includes a composite bushing that isolates noise and vibration. Locking, spring preload rings that allow easy ride height and preload adjustment. Method 308 Grid Matte Black Wheels: The 309 Grid Wheel features a clean 6 windowed spoke design with a debossed METHOD logo. The lip undercut simulates a true beadlock wheel and has replaceable lip bolts with optional colors available. It boasts a strong load rating of 2,500- 3,640 lbs. Toyo AT3 35” Tires 35x11.50r17LT: Best tires I've ever owned. An aggressive all-terrain tire that offers drivers of CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks exceptional braking, handling, and off-road traction plus an up to 65,000 mile limited tread life warranty. N-fab Steps: These steps are built of a heavy gauge 3-inch rail that sits up close to protect your trucks body. It's the perfect fit with superior strength and protection. Magnaflow Cat-Back: The cat-back system improves airflow, which means the engine doesn't work as hard to eliminate exhaust fumes. The reduced resistance minimizes the load on the engine, which leads to less fuel consumption. That said, the vehicle miles per gallon (MPG) or fuel economy increases in freeways and city roads. S&B Cold Air Intake cold air intakes bring cooler air into your engine and combustion chamber. In doing so, cold air intakes boost engine power and efficiency and this sounds amazing Westin Front Outlaw: 2” diameter tube frame with 1 1 1/2” diameter center tubes and integrated bolt-on LED light mounts for up to two single or one double row 30” LED bar. Westin Pro Mod Skid Plate for added protection. Westin Pro Series Rear Bumper: “High and Tight” best describes the great-looking new Pro-Series Rear Bumpers from Westin. with LED Westing Pro Mod Light Kit Square x4 Westin LED Light Bar Mounted in Bumper Westin LED Light Bar Mounted behind Grill Raptor Style Grill LED’s with a custom switch that looks factory in the vehicle and is shown in the instrument cluster. (VERY CLEAN INSTALL) Custom Switch. In the GMC 1500's the knob to turn on your lights had only one button. I purchased a GMC Sierra 2500 knob which had two buttons. I configured one button to turn on the lights in the grill and the other to activate the lightbars. It looks totally factory and also shows up in the cluster. Putco Venture Tec Rack: PUTCO’s Venture TEC Modular Cargo System begins with a sleek bed rack designed to provide endless mounting options. Constructed using high-quality, lightweight 6061 t6 aluminum, this cargo system allows you to bring anything on the go! Putco Venture Tec Rack extra crossbar for supporting weight on tent system. x2 Putco Venture Tec Molle Mounting Plates for Rack: These amazing cargo storage panels are perfect for latching down nearly anything you want to secure in place like Molle bags, trail gear, construction gear, jacks, or anything your heart desires. x4 Putco Venture Tec Tie Down Anchors, which allow extra areas to tie down gear when on the trail. Putco Luminix Off-road LED Rear Light Bar which is hooked to the cargo light switch and allows more light when working on the tailgate or loading at night. x2 Putco Venture Tec Grab Handels: Supporting took to get up on the roof and pull yourself up. A great tool to have Putco Venture Tec Table: Perfect to have and use while camping and cooking. Locks right into the side of the rack. A brand new reverse camera was installed for quality over what was installed in 2017. Clarity is amazing. A second rear camera was installed into the rearview mirror live dash camera unit. I have this mounted under the rear LED light that sits under the tent for another angle. Perfect for looking at the hitch area. Shovel mount and Ax Mount under the tent for quick access. Bed Cargo Storage that swings out. Pedal Commander: Works incredibly well. I will be having this on any vehicle I purchase. All Top Shade Cover installed at the rear of the truck. I put this there so you can sit on the tailgate and have a place to relax in the sun or stay out of the rain. OffGrid Camper Tent. Honestly love this tent. First to set up and first to take down. It's very easy. You can fit x2 adults and x2 kids or x1 adults and x3 kids comfortably. We have had more in there but overall, the mattress is extremely comfy. Has been used maybe 5-6 times and is brand new inside. No issues or damage. This truck has Sierra Wireless however will not be selling the unit. It will be wired ready to go and can use a Sierra Wireless OR you can use a Cradle Point. I have been on the trail and have been the only one to make calls back home. This is the same technology law enforcement uses in vehicles. WeBoost CellPhone with custom whip adapter. Again this, paired with the Sierra Wireless, is amazing. The truck will be wired for Icom Radio or another radio of your choice. I will not be selling mine with the truck. I did make a quick release so you can take the antenna on and off the truck if you want. Short stubby radio antenna upfront Spray in bedliner Rolling Tonneau Cover Rear sliding window Heater and Cooled seats Bluetooth Navigation Sunroof Flawless leather interior Heavy Duty Floormats from Husky Factory HID Headlights (same as Denali) Ram Mount tablet kit. Will only leave the seat post in there, and you will have to get a new stem and mount. A great feature to have that allows you to use OnX on a tablet. Has Center Keypad Counsle safe made by Lockr-Down. It has a rear under-the-seat rifle safe made by Lockr-Down x2 Rotopax Water x2 Rotopax Gas x4 Rotopax Mounts Price: $32,000 Known Problems: Mechanically, nothing at all. Truck is perfect. The paint is starting to fade on the roof a bit, and I have a few scratches on the side from fun in the desert. Other than that, this truck kicks ass. Things I would do to the truck. Add onboard air and mount under the truck and run though the rear bumper. It would look super clean. Connect the parking assist, and that's it.
  11. I ordered my truck with it on purpose. I don't plan to plow though. I wanted the bigger alternator and I plan to put a fairly heavy duty steel bumper and grille guard on along with a 15k winch or so. So I figured the stiffer springs would be helpful. The ride quality is fine to me right now even without the weight, so I'm sure I'll be happy with it after adding the extras. Thanks though!
  12. Not me but I love that truck in the front!! Looks like mine lol
  13. I'm very impressed. Very sturdy, nothing about it feels cheap or flimsy. Worth every penny in my opinion.
  14. Looks good….price is definitely a plus especially bc it looks of good quality
  15. And a great price as compared to most of the other ones. I was surprised at its affordability. $126 from Amazon with free shipping.
  16. And here it is installed. Takes about 20 minutes to do. I had to trim my GM all weather floor liner right in front of the jack mount so it would install flush. I used an exacto knife, worked excellent. I just need to find a thin rubber liner to put in it to keep things from moving around but I love it!! After looking at the pics it appears I need to pull it out a bit at the center point. Looks a little bowed in lol...I will say this, that baby is locked in there big time. It's never going to move unless you take it out.
  17. I have an 04 same same. I don't like it, you sit too close to the floor, the cab isn't as big or as nice as the 1st generation truck have. You can still get a hard bed cover for it on Amazon. You can't get a factory or aftermarket floor mat and it doesn't tow much. It gets worse mileage than my '06 5.3; (it weighs 6,000 lbs, the S 10 weighs 4klbs.) Avalanche. The 4 X 4 just quit, I haven't looked into it yet as there are other priorities right now. Paying some one to r and r and rebuild the tranny is gonna be $3k. The 4L 60 E has some weak parts. The engine bay is really crowded so changing plug, cap, rotor and wires is going to be a PIA. It has a remote mounted oil filter and a interesting engine oil cooler, it needs one because the engine bay is so crowded. The air cleaner has a snorkel on it that uses a adhered (You can't replace the gasket, you get a new snorkel) Maybe donate it to the local high school....get a write off if you have enough to itemize, most of us don't.
  18. I took a picture of mine. Easier to save that way.
  19. It's called Rubigrid. It mounts into that area in the dash that I found useless until I installed it. Here's a link that explains more. Also if you do a search on youtube you can find several videos of how it's installed. Takes about 30 minutes if you take your time and do it right. https://www.bulletpointmountingsolutions.com/products/rubigrid-gmc-sierra-chevrolet-silverado-dash-mount?variant=39518708596851&currency=USD
  20. I finally had to replace my stock 2015 thermostat due to thermocycling occurring since around November (between about 190-210 F) with changes in throttle load. After the swap it ran rock stable again at 210 F. I have changed many thermostats over the years (usually failed open or failed closed), this is the first that thermocycled noticeably with out sticking in one position. My question: I noticed there is an extra coil spring and little plunger off the bottom of the "bracket" that supports the main spring and traditional thermostat. Anybody know the purpose of that extra spring and plunger? BTW, I tried heating the defective thermostat in boiling water and the main thermostat opened as it should, but that spring/plunger device on the bottom didn't appear to do anything (maybe the cause of the failure). Ideas?
  21. Slight hijack (sorry op). I did the trans thermostat change to the revised GM one a year ago. Ever since then, the engine runs cooler and the temp gauge is rarely in the middle. Is this to be expected and do I need to change the engine thermostat to the one mentioned in this thread?
  22. Well for starters how many miles are on it? Also do you know any of the history on it? If the motor starts n runs, but the transmission is out, I would be leery of this. A/T don't usually go out, just start to slip, i.e. loose gear. This can usually be fixed a tyranny rebuild kit. A rebuilt tyranny for this truck could cost more than the value of the truck. These 4.3 V6 with the Spider fuel injection, is not as sought after as there versions before. The 4.8 v8 replaced the 4.3L v6 with a better fuel rail system. The 3.6L they have out is ok, but not alot of power at the rear. How does the engine run? Or does it? Brakes can be fixed, just depends on the amount of damage that was done to them. Do you know if the actual 4x4 works? Or just been told it does? Let us know more detail on it. I.e. milage, wear n tear your aware of, etc.
  23. Yes drop shocks ( shorter) will help. Did you do 3" lower springs in front? They might remain harsh. At least it looks killer!
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