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  2. At least Im not alone thinking that my tranny feels like its always slipping at light throttle....Im hoping it gets better after 10k miles, its just a little disappointing to me right now, knowing what I had. I thought this truck would be night and day difference since it has more gear and torque than what I had. I don't seem to have any of the other issues I read about on here with the tranny. No clunking or shuttering , just a strange disconnected feeling at light throttle Im ok on the warrany, as I will be out of the 5year warranty faster than the mileage, I only put on about 10k a year. My 2011 had the 5/100 and I was at 7 years 72k miles when I got rid of it
  3. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I’ve leveled the last 4 GM crewcab trucks I’ve had using a variation of spacers, Bilsteins, and a body lift. I’d say out of all those the best set up is probably running Bilstein 5100s at on the highest setting which should get you around 1.85”-2” of lift and removing the rear lift blocks. This should get you pretty much dead level, all the suspension components should still be happy and your ride will be as good or better than factory. I’m currently running a Rough country 2” level with the rear block removed. It sits about .5”-.75 higher in the front. Most people don’t care for the nose high look but it’s really hard to tell with this set up. You can spend $100 or you can spend $3000 on a leveling kit. It all depends on your budget and what you want out of the truck. My current truck 2” level/Bilsteins on second level 2” level/1.5” body lift 2” level/Bilsteins at second level Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah having the heavy wheels and tires definitely would kill some of the performance on your 2013. I did notice when I put my stock tires and wheels back on to sell my 2011 it felt like I gained another 50hp... Im happy with the way my 8spd shifts , yes, it shifts early but it can pull it easily. I have no issues so far with any clunking or shuttering like many people have , it just doesn't feel hooked up as it should at light throttle, that's my biggest complain... I agree the V4 has been fairly seamless and I actually like the v4 mode, especially on the highway. I don't feel a need for it on my daily commute and it is constantly in and out of v4 and I don't feel it does a lot, but if im taking a highway trip, I think its definitely worthwhile for fuel mileage. I have a Corsa exhaust on mine and have no issues with it in V4, most of the time while cruising, I cant even hear it, Corsa does a super job of eliminating any drone..
  5. Actually my fuel mileage has been great with this truck compared to the old one...I can easily get 20-22 mpg on the highway mostly due to V4 mode,and my daily commute im getting high 17s-low 18....My 2011 was about 18mpg max highway and high15s -low 17s on my daily commute
  6. So I replaced the radio and it seems to have fixed everything. They said it was an internal short in the radio control unit. If I had known that replacing the radio would fix it (the few other people I found with similar issue said replacing it didn’t fix it) I would have just gone with the Alpine 9” unit but you can’t re-install the factory radio after installing that one and I was worried that wouldn’t solve it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. CarPlay won’t work

    Mine either, 2017 Silverado. Wonder if the latest update of my iphone caused this. I haven't had much luck with suggestions from apple support.
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  9. Bolt on mods

    2018. I may have posted this in the wrong thread then? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  10. E85 Power Increase

    We have E85 on Long Island.
  11. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    What I meant was ,they never made a good 8 speed,not they weren't available.
  12. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I'm in the process to level out my stock 2014 Gmc short bed z71 4x4 what's my best route to take and what would I need to make it best i can?
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I’m running the two inch spacer from rough country in the front.
  14. Temperature sensor

    I asked the GMC dealer the same question. According to them, the temperature sensor won't register until the truck travels at least 45-50mph for a few minutes. I've verified this explanation several times while we're in Lake Havasu, AZ.
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    What leveling kit are you running? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. DougFl 2019 Silverado

    I’d stay away from 3M, go with Xpel instead. To many problems with 3M.
  17. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Is your truck level? I’ve read some reviews saying it wasn’t level after the lift was I stalled. Any chance we can get some pictures?
  18. Hi Everyone, So on Aug 31st I purchased a Yukon XL SLT, 2WD with 20's and it came with Continentals. Within days of having the vehicle i noticed a vibration. It's a low vibration which becomes very pronounced at highway speeds. The vehicle doesn't shake just vibrates.. The dealer initially said the tired weren't balance. Great! I gave it a couple of days and took back the following week witht he same issue. A Road Force Balance was performed and the dealer said though the mechanic doesn't feel anything out of the norm.... One of the tires has 22lbs of even though the limit is 40lbs. I was told the vehicle was probably parked for a while in their lot before it was sold. Really? They took me for that guy? LOL... I kept my cool and requested to change my tire. At this point the Yukon now has 500 miles, the dealer had it for 2 days and the loaner was a short body Yukon with the same problem. I was hoping the loaner would ride much smoother for comparison. This is now Friday 9/21/18 and The family and I are going to Disney (240 miles away). I told the Service adviser i don't want issues with this vibration. He and the mechanic said to drive it about 1k miles and the wheels will reshape themselves LOL! again i told myself, these people must take me for some idiot. I wasn't about to argue since you get no where by simply being pissed. Today i took the Yukon to a wheel & rim shop, i paid for an RFB because i wanted a second opinion. The owner allowed me to witness the RFB being performed. This shop owner said for these specs up to 40lbs is acceptable but he said 10lbs is ideal because these ranges are so far off. Tires: RF 25 lbs LR 22 lbs FR 13 lbs LL 13 lbs Clearly i immediately notice two tires are way above the others. My next step is going back to the dealer to request the tires to be swapped. I rented a Yukon XL last Christmas and I loved it!. The ride was sooo smooth.. Now it's like a $70k crappy overcooked piece of steak with a bad after taste that just won't away. Has anyone had these issues with a 2018 model? Here is a video i took this weekend.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1veb8hmqfj7gEpoz84pjQffEukwCCOtok

    Muffler should be fine
  20. So I just got my truck GMC Sierra SLT Premium plus package with a 5.3l has been 3 months and put 8k miles on it, as you can tell I daily drive this thing. I love it, best choice i ever made after previously owning a dodge charger RT. So I've been looking up exhaust videos and I'm not sure which direction to go. If you guy have ever heard of the 2013 Yukon Denali's those stock sound deep and perfect. Thats what I'm trying to aim for, don't want any drone because its a daily truck go for a lot of long drives. What would you guys suggest? I'm leaning towards a resonator delete or just muffler delete.
  21. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    The 6.2 Corsa is loud! I have to pop my truck in neutral and roll out of my garage and down the driveway every morning so the cold start doesn’t wake up the kids... I do love it though. No regrets [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. I'd rather not drain my windshield washer fluid to find out the answer. Does any already know how much a 2017 Sierra SLT 6.2L can hold in the washer reservoir? Thank you in advance.
  23. Disappointed with 2019

    Did you mean Pittsmagic? 30-27 Steelers
  24. So I will have function of everything except the 110. Ok thanks that answers my question. I need to check under the seat and see what type of connector I have and them I’ll get back in touch. By the way I did the mirror upgrade with the harness and mirrors that I purchased from you super easy Thanks again! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Yep. If you have power folding smaller mirrors with turn signals, they are DL3. You want DQS. No BCM needed for this upgrade. Just my harness or DIY Kit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    First bar: 45 mph over hilly terrain, cruise control on in tow mode M6 which holds the trans in 5th gear and the AFM is active. Grade logic off. East against same wind as below. 2nd bar: 45 mph over level ground, cruise control on in tow mode M6 held in 5th gear with AFM active. Grade logic on. 3rd bar: 45 mph level ground, cruise on in M5. AFM OFF. Grade logic ON. 4th bar: 45 mph level ground, cruise on in Drive and Grade logic ON. In 5th gear the rpm was right at 1420 rpm. In 6th gear 1148 rpm. Both numbers are a bit high for the math but the clutch lock up isn't active this far below converter stall. There is roughly 100 rpm of slip. 5th bar: 57 mph in drive with a 8-12 mph ESE wind north on I-39. This speed is the same rpm as 5th gear at 45 mph. Runs for bars 2, 3 and 4 were 18.4 mile round trip loops on the flattest, straightest section of secondary highway in my area. Runs N/S and we had a 8-12 mph SE-SSE wind. 72-75F and 93% humidity with a BAR of 29.90. I chose 45 mph as it is a speed the trans will stay in 5th gear with the AFM on or off, my choice, and still allow a sane speed in 6th gear for the same rpm. 50 mph in 5th gear AFM active is above the converter stall speed and it actually does a bit better between 48 and 50 mph in 5th with the AFM active WHEN into a headwind over hilly terrain. The round trip numbers are the total average for that run. The spreads between into the wind and the wind at your back was interesting to observe although I did not jot those numbers down. For instance on the flat and into the wind 5th gear AFM active did a bit better than 6 gear. With the wind at ones back the opposite is true. 6th gear is more efficient. As one might expect the shorter gearing gave a lower difference between into vs at your back wind conditions. The more direct the wind to ones 12 or 6 the more pronounced the effect. No real surprises here directionally. Specifics however help me make better choices of route and run set up. Note: AFM in this test sequence netting a 7% gain under the days conditions in round trip 45 mph runs. Under these conditions the AFM when active was off ONLY during the period of time it took to turn around and reacquire cruse speed. The distance was chosen in part for the fact the time period is to short for the ECU to shut the AFM down due to time-out alone.
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