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  2. Of course I will take it more seriously than this fellow. Yes I am really going to do it. And I want to paint the "GMC" in red. Maybe some model paint for that?
  3. It seems that everywhere I go I see social media posts, forums and articles about recalls, problems and complaints about folk's trucks. Well, I'd rather read why people like their trucks. Kudos to those who can post without anything negative! I'll start. I like my 2020 Silverado High Country 5.3 10 speed 4x4 because it comfortably seats my family and dog. The truck pulls our camper and for a full size truck it gets good fuel economy. The bed has been more than capable of holding anything we've needed to put in it. The North Sky Blue Metallic looks amazing with tinted windows. I plan on keeping it for a long time.
  4. Call or Swing by a busy 4WD parts and service shop. They may have a tin can full of hardware as well. You might even ask your dealership’s (body shop) service guy for bolts. Lots of people do OEM takeoffs.
  5. Anyone who thinks their truck can pull right up to the max tow rating doesn't know anything about towing. First of all, you're going to run out of payload capacity on a half ton long before you ever reach your alleged max tow rating weight. That max tow rating is the most useless, meaningless and irrelevant number in the towing world. And it's always accompanied by an asterisk or footnote number that most people don't bother reading. It's a bragging rights number for manufacturers, and nothing more. GM bases their max hitch weight on 10 percent of max tow weight. The 2019 trailering guide has my max tow rating speced out at 12,000 lbs and max hitch weight at 1200 lbs. But anyone with any towing experience knows that tongue weight is almost always closer to 13 or 14 percent on a travel trailer. Mine is over 14 percent when the fresh water tank is filled. So you're either going exceed your max hitch weight or you're going to have to settle for a much lighter load. A 1200 lb hitch weight limit at 14 percent tongue weight means I can only pull a 8571 lb trailer before exceeding the max hitch weight limit. And most of you have a much lower hitch weight limit. A 960 lb hitch weight limit at 14 percent tongue weight means you can tow up to 6857 lbs. But most people only look at the so-called max tow rating and ignore payload capacity, hitch weight limit and rear axle weight limit. And this is the reason a 3/4 ton or one ton truck is more appropriate when you start getting into the 7000 lb and 8000 lb range when it comes to towing travel trailers.
  6. Any rubbing at all? This is the size I’m leaning toward but don’t want to trim at all. I just bought the stock black 20s like what’s on your truck on eBay. Gonna sell these ones.
  7. If you haven’t already done so; get the driver’s side A-pillar grab handle. It’s a huge help in getting in and out without grabbing the steering wheel. It helps my old ass immensely. My truck came with one installed on the passenger side A-pillar, so I didn’t have to add it. If your truck does not have one pre-installed on the passenger side, I wold recommend getting one today. Your passengers (spouses or kids) will thank you. They make the side steps much safer IMHO. (Note the tie in to the assist step subject)
  8. Mine was right when I was about to stop (1-2mph) and it was the 3-1 shift. The transmission generally skips 2nd when coming to a stop. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  9. I pull a 30ft, 7000 lbs loaded travel trailer with my 2020 Silverado 1500 High Country Crew Cab 5.3 10 speed, 3.23 gears. No trouble towing through hills or flat terrain. I use a Recure R3 Weight distribution hitch with sway control. I suggest deciding on the travel trailer first before deciding on the truck to pull it with.
  10. Maybe it was a pcb problem, I had kind of the same situation.
  11. I'm pretty sure mine is messed up on the 2to1 downshift right before stopping... Stay "tuned", I'll try that relearn next( different clutch)
  12. Well....I finally got to place my order for an AT4 this morning. I've wanted one ever since they came out. Love the look of them! It will be white with the 3.0 Duramax and 20's. I went back and forth on the carbon pro, but ultimately decided against it. The dealer says to expect it around the end of February/beginning of March. I'm excited about this truck! My last GM was a 2007 crew cab sierra 2wd. I've had 3 F150s since then (currently have a 2015 4wd lariat ecoboost).
  13. Today
  14. Not sure if this helps but BBP tuned our 2016 Suburban 5.3 with the 6sp and it is great. Shifts are where they should be and no issues at all and this is with over 40k miles on the tune.
  15. I've had mine on since Friday. The install was smooth, no filing required. Other than option 6(60mph) being throttle sensitivity I haven't had any issues. I've only logged about 50 miles and I'm not doing any changes to throttle sensitivity. So far the DFM is working great and my truck sounds good with my Magna Flow exhaust. Really hope this isn't an issue for all the units.
  16. I searched and nothing came up that I could find. What is everyone out there using for a foam application. I know the gun fits on a regular garden hose so you don't have to mess with a pressure washer. Is it any better than the cannon and use of a pressure washer? I looked at reviews online but wanted everyones thoughts on it. One brand better than another? Thanks.
  17. I am very pleased with mine. It really makes it feel like a totally different truck. Honestly I dont think the price was bad either. I got mine for 405.00 shipped and tax. For the ability to change tire and gear ratios, top speed, no DFM or auto stop and then some. Plus being able to do all this with the steering wheel controls is huge for me. Considering that the fact that Range alone is 200.00....this is a great deal!
  18. It was driving me nut b/c if I had the hazard lights on, the troubled light would flash, but if I tried to use it as turn signal, it wouldn't flash. It really doesn't make sense, but in the end I decided to use my multi meter and check the for continuity between the ground mounting joint and a good known ground location.
  19. Further checking proved I was mistaken. I always gave the dial a quick "flick" the same direction check. In reality what I was doing was changing it to sport. Live and learn.
  20. How has the tint held up for you all? Just finding this and thinking about it, and curious on the long term since most of you have had it done for a year or so now.
  21. Sweet. Will all the lights work and whatnot?
  22. I like it, now just have to find a friend with a Trans Am, cowboy hat, and a solo mustache, might be on to something here...
  23. I did this on my 2016 and was very happy with the outcome. I applied 3 coats of color and 1 clear coat for a semi-gloss look. It's been 4 years since doing them and I will say I used a pressure washer and many trips through the car wash during the winter months. By year 3 I had to do a few spot repairs and now I will need to redo them completely in the spring. I will most likely add at least one more coat of color this time to hopefully increase durability.
  24. They recently released a TSB about the bright screen. It’s just a reprogram to fix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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