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  2. Yes, six quarts. I checked before posting When I said buying oil, I wasn't looking at synthetic, was looking at the cheapest oil. That's why it's ridiculous to do it myself. It costs more and is very time consuming.
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  4. Drop Shackles

    And after for comparison
  5. Drop Shackles

    No vibration on the z71 trailboss so maybe only for 2wd & 4wd (no lift)? She still has a rake for a comfortable ride so just ordered these motofab strut spacers chasing the ilusive level comfortable TrailerBoss. Hopefully the Bag, Drop, chop does the trick. If not will prob go back to the stock shackle with these strut spacers. Will keep you posted! Pic of truck pre-1.5” read drop
  6. Do the new 5.3 use 6 quarts now instead of 8? I also thought it was full synthetic being used as well which is around $9 a quart here.
  7. Quick filter question (afe)

    Thanks everyone for the input. I figured it out with aFe. Apparently it must have been blue when it went in but they change color over time.
  8. It's interesting how your 2500 has 50lb less GVWR than my '09 dually, but my rear axle is rated for 8200 and yours only 6600.
  9. in my opionon, they are all too flashy for the truck... less is more. I got the system with no tips for $980 shipped. i'll powdercoat my factory tips matte black... less is more
  10. I have borla type-s in my garage.. going on soon. Ran type-s with my POS Jeep SRT and it was perfect. Venom deal is fine, but it's a budget set-up, which has pros/cons
  11. lol who cares... drag coefficient? your looking too deep in this... thanks for sharing OP.
  12. What damage? Bend the cheap ARSE bracket back tack weld it up change out the component put some FRAME NOX on it be done! Tell the owner what you gonna do for me to keep me coming back? Oil Changes for 2years with washing?
  13. 1500 MPG highway

    Exact same combo for engine/trans I get exactly same results! I have 90K and lifetime is 19.5mppg's
  14. C-4's would get smoked by this truck...How much does this truck weigh? Drag coefficient? Ridiculous numbers if you ask me for lifted truck from the factory? I mean it's a truck?
  15. auto up window

    If you want to disable the auto-up, you might be able to physically disassemble and modify the switch so it activates the "up" function even if you move the switch to the auto-up position. While the operation may go through a computer, the switch itself likely just has 2 wires/traces to that computer to indicate which operation to perform, so just change the switch or wires or traces so the computer/truck gets the same "up" signal from the switch if you move the switch to "up" or "auto up".
  16. Wet passenger floorboard

    Look under the dash and see if you can tell where the water is running, as if there's that much, it'll leave a trail. And if there's a bunch of water coming out the a/c drain hose, by definition, it's not plugged. I would look for other points of entry. For my truck, it took me a long time to figure out water was coming in through the hinges (specifically, the truck originally has the hinges welded on to the body & door, something happened and the hinges are placed with bolt-on ones, and whoever did the job did a piss-poor job of it, as they only installed 3 of the 4 bolts in each hinge, but drilled all 4 holes, as well as welded the hinges to the body anyway, but in the wrong spot). My fix was gobs of rtv over the top of the hinges and in the unused bolt holes, and no more water leak.
  17. I’ve recently began looking at new trucks as I’d like to upgrade from my current ‘07 F150 regular cab. I am in no NEED for a new truck therefore I am taking my time and seeing what I really NEED vs WANT. I’ve had my eye on a coupe trucks and have narrowed it down between the Sierra 1500 and RAM 1500. NEED: 4dr, 4x4, bed to carry hunting gear. WANT: crew cab, bucket seats w/ center console. (bucket seats and center console might as well be in NEED)... Now, I’m leaning towards the Sierra. However, I really want a crew cab and center console, which the AT4 is the lowest priced trim that will allow that, am I right? Unfortunately I feel spending 50k+ on a truck is outrageous, nor can I realistically afford it. The next best that allows me to get a center console in an aggressive style truck is the elevation...but it comes in a double cab, not the crew cab... Coming from a regular cab, anything will be an upgrade, but I feel I’ll be disappointed with the lack of rear space in the double cab. I’ve got no kids right now, however, the way things are going that could EASILY change the next few years. Addition of a dog as well. Is the double cab large enough?
  18. Engine Tuners

    Yup, there are some things he can do to that 6.0 to waken it up a bit.
  19. Silverado Rough Ride

    Just bought a 2019 LTZ Z71, i wish i would have read this before i bought it. The truck rides terrible,bouncing all over the road, feels very unstable at high speed to the point that i'm going to lose control. At slower speed going over bumps the steering wheel shakes so bad i just can't believe this is a brand new truck. I traded my 2017 LTZ that road perfect and smooth for this piece of shit. I want another truck,i've only had it 6 days and i can't stand the junk. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do ?
  20. There shouldn't be that many cables covered in silver tape. Follow it to where it's connected to something and see what's there. Then go back to the dealer and make them fix it, because GM doesn't just throw on a bunch of wires to nowhere.
  21. auto up window

    While I appreciate that with practice that most able bodied people could probably manage to train their fingers/hand just right to achieve the desired effect, it won't be possible for some to. My Mother is among those that will never be able to practice and get it because her inability is tied to what could best be classified as "the failings of the human body due to age". You can't practice out what doesn't work correctly or normally or properly anymore. And because of this, "Express" should be an option (even if it comes as "on" by default and needs to be programmed to "off" if the owner does not want it... no matter why they don't want it), not the only choice.
  22. Fog lites

    Echo, Where did you purchase "the kit" for $230 ???? ( can you post a link) And does that price include: the Chrome bezels that surround the light???? E
  23. One thing to consider and/or check, would be how the paint looks underneath the flare. The paint may have faded a bit, so you can see that the flare has been removed, and there may be a poor paint job underneath them if they are factory or it came with factory flares that the P.O. switched out. I bought a replacement front fender, with flare installed, from a truck being parted out, and under the flare there were runs in the paint and clearcoat. it would have looked terrible without a flare covering it.
  24. That white plastic guide should be removed when lifting a Chevy. I did a lift on my 2012 and when I took it for alignment they told me to remove those when you put a light kit on
  25. eh not impressed with those numbers.
  26. Specifically which part is BS? The AFM causing a high rate of engine failures? GDI causing carbon build up on the intakes? The fact that GM shortened their powertrain warranty?
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