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  2. @elag Can you mix the OEM sensors with third-party sensors? My trailer has 6 tires and the truck came with 4 sensors, so I need just two more. Verified at the dealer yesterday that they charge $150 for 2 sensors (the parts guy showed me the screen and it looked like their cost was $130 and some change).
  3. I'd get quotes from a few body shops prior to making this a DIY experience. I also wonder if your current bumper is repairable. If it is damaged beyond repair then is there any damage to the mounting hardware? Often (not always) a high quote for a repair is an indicator that there may be a higher level of complexity to a job.
  4. I'm not 100% sure I reached out to him via email and didnt hear back :( Either way he was one of the driving forces for us behind this improvement so its sad to see that post he made announcing he was leaving :(
  5. Where did you get your information that there’s a class action lawsuit on the transmission? If you could share your source it would be greatly appreciated by me and probably many others. Thanks.
  6. Those look really nice. Great find. That is the exact place I got a door ding when I bought my truck. Walked out into parking lot and saw the ding. Didn't notice it inside when washing it in bay area. It was a little darker in there. There is no fixing it either when you get one on the body line of the truck. The way GM made the truck there is a steel barrier there that prevents PDR guys from getting their tools inside the door. Only fix is to repaint and pull dent from outside, or what the dealer did for me was put a whole new HC back door on from another black HC truck. Excellent find! And nice looking truck.
  7. It could be tires. My wife’s car is tire sensitive. The original tires got loud and vibrating at 30K miles. I replaced and at 20K they started doing the same. Most people would have done an alignment. With the ties being rotated every 4K miles with oil changes, there was no uneven wear. Discount tire agreed and gave me a pro rated change. The next set went almost 60K with no problem. I can hear the new set starting to sing. That was all over ten years of ownership. I do notice with all my vehicles road surfaces can effect a vehicles drivability. Especially if heavy trucks frequent the road. There one road that appears smooth. With heavy trucks frequently using it. There’s tiny ripples all along it. It’s noisy and vibrates. I could make a person think there’s a problem with their vehicle. You can see the imperfections in the rain. It not uncommon for people to pull over and check out their vehicle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Picking it up later this morning. Will update if I hear the noise anymore
  9. Purchased a 2020 GMC 2.7L sierra two months ago and I noticed on highway speed 70+ mph the truck will shake. Took it to the dealer where they performed a road force balance on the tires and told me it was fixed. Just drove it this morning on the highway to work and I still feel it.
  10. Looking for a source (and maybe one someone has used) for new floor board panels for my suburban, Drivers side has rusted through so plan is to get all 4 panels and have them welded in at once... (front and back) anyone have a source for the panels that they like. Would appreciate any assistance see images of our Beast below. It was a State Police Truck, used to tow the motorcycles for the former NJ Governors motorcade, have had it for 9 years now, we use it gently other than towing the boat to and from the river each year. It is the great truckster. Stephen
  11. Is this the correct model for the '20 Sierra 1500 with the 6.2? I'm assuming I would use my existing factory exhaust tips? https://www.borla.com/products/silverado_sierra_1500_62l_catback_exhaust_touring_part__140771.html
  12. I completely agree that the knobs look very cheap. In fact when my son came home from college and saw my truck for the first time he said "love your truck, but hate those cheap looking knobs". Which proves they're not just cheap looking but also so out of sync with the rest of the interior they're noticed within the first few minutes of seeing the truck for the first time. And, yes I noticed them the day I bought the truck, but thought to myself I'll just replace them or install overlays as soon as some come available. That's still my plan, just wish someone would hurry up and make replacements/overlays.
  13. Bought my chrome ones off a high country truck for 200 last. Brand new 850 or 750 can't remember.
  14. I’ve got a similar issue but on my son’s 2014 VW Jetta. I just put a new oil pump in but have other work I still need to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  16. As I said in my post I already have Android Auto. My question is can I see the Waze map on my trucks infotainment screen as I do with google maps?
  17. I've got the Volant intake from my 14 silverado 5.3 for sale. It's got about 50k miles on it. It is missing the throttl body to intake tube coupler and one hose clamp. Had to use that to put the stock intake back on when I sold the truck. $150+ shipping. Also got the rough country step bars for sale as well. There is a decent scrape on one bar on the bottom. Bars are still straight and solid and look great. Hardware is included. $150+ shipping.
  18. First time through that sport bar is a bit of a bear. Actual straight punch time for the 4 or 5 we've done ends up being about 3-4 hours (flat rate so they lost their A$$ on it). And a different person in our shop installed each one of those, so first time for everyone. And the guy working your truck probably kept getting pulled off of it to do other crap too. Depending on size/how many techs, they might not have the ability to leave one guy just on one job for 2-3 hours.
  19. The truck looks great. Are this rough country flares?
  20. Great shots from all, however, the truck looks like it could use a little TLC...I thought I saw some mud on the side.
  21. On the very bottom left corner push those group of squares and it will switch between the split screen and the full screen
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