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  2. What was the sticker price on the one in Saudi Arabia? The only bummer about the US spec is that they only come in work truck trims and only with a 2.7. Other markets get the V8 and more trims.
  3. Put a block of wood between the jack and the oil pan, lift the engine from there.
  4. Chevy does not install the upfitter auxiliary switche wiring...literally just the 5 Auxillary switches and they give you the rest of the parts when the vehicle is delivered. It's been a little bit time consuming but easy to do. Yes, the switch back has a connector that plugs into the kit supplied. They also run the 5th wire to the third brake light arae if you run a strobe light or anythng like that.
  5. Hi all 2 days ago we arrived from vacation after a 6 day trip. Parked my 2018 sierra at the airport. When we returned I tried to unlock using the app and failed. We had to call roadside service for a lockout. Onstar couldn't get it to unlock on their end either. Said it was in sleep mode. WTF?. I've never had this issue before. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  6. Where can I place the jack to raise the engine on a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado LT 4.8 ? Do I have to remove the starter to get the passenger side off ?
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  8. That's interesting. Did they also mount the fuse/relay panel under the dash? Or did they just leave the connector that goes to the switches unterminated under the dash? They should install the whole kit at the factory like Ford does. Tom
  9. Thanks for the replies thus far. The new truck will be a farm truck so I'm inclined to stay simplier without giving up too many features. My farm boss, aka spouse, is a bucket set lover whereas I have no opinion on the matter.
  10. Decided to see if there was any info about this in the fleet order guide. It shows the 12V outlet is only installed/available on low trims. On sierra First column is the 'pro' trim. On Silverado it comes on the WT, Custom and Custom Trailboss So it would be in the Owners Manuals -- and not be on the high trim trucks mentioned in other posts. Perhaps also explains the OM section discussing fuse location changes -- and the lack of available connection on higher trims that will not have the 12v pot. Guess I'm won't be running the 12v cooler with the new truck when it arrives
  11. The switch bank on mine was already installed in the bottom center of the cab below all the air conditioning controls. I don't have the part number but it is flat which should help you with what you are trying to accomplish.
  12. I believe you are correct, I pocked this location with a glow rod and it did appear to have a rubber seal...so that must be the passthrough. Regarding the part numbers. The kit is identical to the 2023 with the exception of the switch bank like you suggest.
  13. Deleted my l5p a while back and I am not able to manual shift anymore does anyone know how to fix this?
  14. I believe I was confusing split bench with bucket seats. I don’t think I’d ever experience a truck with a stand alone bucket seat. Nor I would want to if there’re smaller. I like to move around in my seat when traveling. Something that’s hard to do in sports cars I’ve owned with buckets.
  15. Doug, did you ever figure this out? I'm in the same boat. Still nothing updated on GM Body Builder website. My guess is at the bottom of the wiring passthrough in this picture. If you have the full kit in a bag, can you send me the part numbers of the individual pieces, most importantly the actual switch bezel? I am actually installing mine in an aftermarket center console. Figured I would just order the existing parts from a 23, but the bezel around the switch module is contoured for the left-hand knee panel and won't sit correctly on a flat surface. Hoping the 24 version will work better. Thanks, Tom
  16. You can not get cloth buckets with center console in the gmc. You have to go to slt trim. or go with the chevy lt trim and you can get the buckets in cloth.
  17. Which wires and where to tap in to for high/low pass converter to add amp? i see several forums on bose systems but could not find one with without bose. anyhelp / guidance would be much appreciated. it seems GM changes arrangements of wiring and speakers every 2 years. my new truck seems to not get as high of volume either as my 2020 Silverado LT. i watched a Youtube on the lower floor passenger side tapping into the yellow and yellow and black wires but this was also for bose set up, which i do not have.
  18. I bought mostly SLEs to stay away from leather mostly. My avalanche has leather. The seats otherwise are identical. Wide bucket type seats with a center console.
  19. I grew up believing and still participating in tithing to my church to help the less fortunate. We also have a food bank at our small church. The taxes from my check were for Social Security, unemployment, and Medicare. Other taxes from check took care of defense the original purpose of government. Our vehicle registration taxes took care of roads. As a whole government shouldn’t be in the business of charity. They’re bad at it with so much waste. The military was the only thing government really did well until lately with their social experiment. People are protesting with their money as bud light and target are finding out. I’m a live and let live type of guy. The shoving down the throat is finally facing backlash. Reality needs to make a comeback instead of wishful thinking.
  20. update. truck was at the dealer, tech heard the noise, thought it was from the suspension. greased the sh*t out of the ball joints. didn't change anything (I had just greased them). problem not fixed. i mentioned (because they asked) a slight squeal of the brakes at parking lot speeds. they replaced the brake pads even though I did not ask for them to be replaced. I am convinced the chirping noise is coming from the pads or the pins. If i applied the brakes while sitting in the driveway, I can get the chirp/squeak to happen
  21. got mine done. they work as intended. maybe not as sensitive as my '20 no issues
  22. Can one order a 2024 GMC Sierra HD SLE trim with bucket seats? Or do you have to go up to the SLT trim level?
  23. The beginning of the 2020's were a shake-up for most. I know two individuals in their 40's who benefitted more than they should have from government relief. They enjoyed the benefits of a steady and consistent paycheck but not enough to return to work after the extra funding stopped. They are both losing their rentals at the end of this month and are relying on others(family) to find and fund another place. They are both men, unknown to each other, but very similar stories. I am connected to both families and get to be part of the drama. I grew up naïve. I thought that I needed to work to earn money so that I could buy food and pay for shelter. I also knew that the taxes from the work I did would help those who were unable to work. I never thought of working for money as optional.
  24. Truth. As they got wealthier, the whole cast became more smug. Roman and his kid are the worst part of the channel.
  25. My radio screen is jacked up. All grounds are good. Thank you for the location of the grounds.
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