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  2. It took me about 4-5 re-readings of everything written in here to realize that you installed something like these in the dash speaker spots: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20647KSC27/Kicker-47KSC2704.html Did your experience agree with mafd2's in that changing the front door speaker is mostly low in overall bang for your buck performance increase?
  3. You have a different truck than the 2008 in avatar and In signature? 2008 would have label in glovebox with rpo's. If it's a (different and new enough truck enough it will have a QR code on doorpost. Has a bunch of the rpo codes that impact service/service parts. (not as many as glovebox label) May include the axle info. Any dealer can print the build sheet from a vin number.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have 14,000 miles on it with 3 major problems. At this rate, I am almost guaranteed to have some kind of major failure in the 4,000 plus miles we will be driving. I have to be back in 10 days, I cant afford to be waiting at a dealer in Oklahoma for parts. I don't know what to do. I am looking into the Good Sam roadside assistance. At least that would cover the trailer as well. But, even having towing coverage, and a warranty, doesn't fix a ruined trip. I am going to Ohio to pick up a couple of ultralight aircraft with my 18' flatbed. If the trip is interrupted, I will have to take more time off of work to go at another date. Not sure what to do.
  5. New Ranchhand grill installed. Really like and it’s seems to be well built. Also installed Lasfit headlights and front signal lights plus reverse lights. Much better now in the dark.
  6. Hi All, does anyone have experience with Fabtech's Dirt Logics coil overs and shocks? I've got a 2017 GMC Sierra with their 6" Gen II lift. My shocks are the stock Magneride shocks & one is now leaking. Expensive to replace and I'd like to get rid of the spacers and stock springs. Curious on how well these work vs other coil over set ups.
  7. This seems like an easy solution, I found the tweeters on ebay for $110 from woofers ETC. The rears you mentioned (club 622) Im only seeing a 6.5" not 6 - 3/4". Sounds like some adapters for the tweeters to fit in the dash, and adapters for the rears (plus wiring adapters), and I could be all in for $250 total.
  8. Anyone have any updates on this? Has anyone actually had this done on a 2022 or gotten any info from GM or a dealer?
  9. I am looking to do the same thing. Wondering if I can just cut the oem connector off the wire and then cut the power cord for the new usb hub. Then just connect the wires. Power and ground. If thats not an option then thinking of do the same idea, but with one of the 12V plugs.
  10. too bad gas is so high , takes all the fun out of tuning
  11. @Richard Helm, one other thing to mention is that GM Assistance will usually help you out with some of the costs of having to rent a vehicle to replace yours that's in the shop. I know they really worked with us on our issues last year.
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  13. @Richard Helm, I had problems with my DPF 2 years in a row on long trips and one of those (last year) was a failure bad enough that we had to have our camper towed around in Colorado and leave the truck and camper for over a month. This year, our problem is gone after a flash to raise the DPF burn-off temperature. With that being said, if you have lost faith in your particular truck...I totally understand. I was right there last year with my issue and my wife and I were concerned to say the least this year when we drove on two longer trips...but we had no issues. Maybe you will be able to get them to cover you on an extended warranty but I've never asked about it. If I were in your shoes and thought I'd have the option to push for a buyback or get an extended warranty I'd try to push it. If nothing else, ride your truck until close to warranty is out or you have another issue (and lose all faith in it) and trade that sucker in hopes that you get rid of your lemon! Hope this help! But ultimately the decision is yours. Alan
  14. General Notes: 10/5/2022 A bit over 6K miles on alcohol. October 15 and May 15 are roughly my trigger points for dialing back the percentage of alky in the mix. Aids winter starts so I'm told. I start a bit early both times to feather toward the new blend to allow the ECU to adjust. So going into her 'second life' I'm pretty much committed to the tippler way. I'll dial back on alky to hold 20 + mpg during the winter and run full on for the summers. Record below from May 17 this year. Blue tank by tank and orange running average. As I have no experience with alcohol in a street motor I track the running average mpg with tank corrections for E-10 equivalent so I can see if issues are looming. Blue alky and orange the E-10 carbon equivalent. The drift down does have assignable cause. I picked up the pace over the summer 5 mph. Been on 10W30 instead of 5W30 or 5W20. Diesel oil has a higher HTHS even the same grade. More short trips as it become the go-to ride while Dizzy was sick. But mainly increases in alky load. Note orange line dipped less. Double checks the carbon calculation. Still on the money. Still well about the 27.8 mpg life time E10 average.
  15. I don't think the Silverado or the Sierra ever came with a 12 speaker Bose system in the T1 platform. They did have the option for a 7 speaker Bose which had the sub in the center console. The 2022 refresh trucks do not come with the sub in the center console.
  16. 1-GM Fluids are from the lowest bidder. Don't believe that because GM uses it, its the best, its only good enough for them. 2-Chattering in the locker is indicative of worn out fluid, change the fluid. Use the GM junk or your favorite aftermarket brand. I recommend AMSOIL. 3-DO NOT USE friction modifier in the G80 Locking rear differential. Friction modifiers are designed to be used in Limited Slip Differential WHICH are normally installed in cars. Truck use a different system which is designed to lock up and adding more friction modified can cause problems similar to what you are experiencing. Posi or limited slip differential are designed to slip as opposed to the locker which does NOT. GM Marketing info
  17. Removed Red Line 0w40 & Mopar SRT filter, sent sample to Nick, installed Pennzoil Euro 0w40 I posted about above with a Purolator Boss filter. Suspect the Red Line would have been good for awhile longer (only 3700 miles), but the weather will be against me soon and Ram also requires 6 month oil changes. So might as well do it while it’s warmer than El Paso in Wisconsin (literally). This Mopar filter held up fine of course. Made by Wix in Poland. Has a shyt-load of pleats.
  18. @mjonesjr84 For confirmation, trucks with the 12 speaker Bose system with "rich bass woofer" do not have a dedicated sub?
  19. I have noticed this a few times last winter. This happened the other day when making a U-turn on a country road. I hit the gas on the loose gravel and the rear end locked as it should but when it straightened out the rear end didn't unlock for a while and made on hell of a chattering sound and vibration. Only 15,000 miles on the truck If I it read it right rear differential service is due at 36,000 miles. I had this happen on one of my previous trucks with the G-80 They said they added a synthetic additive and it quit. From What I have read Synthetic lube is already in the rear end.
  20. might help if you post a scan file of the datalog run when you ask those guys
  21. I planning to upgrade my tires, will 285/55r22 fit with no lift?
  22. there are real professional shops around the country which will require you ship the truck to them do have it installed and tuned to a high level of professional skill. many guys can be found at hptuner forum, or call whipple dealer and ask who they recommend nearby
  23. Still having this bucking issue, getting worse, feel it on everyday driving instead of just while pulling my camper, could this possibly be rear end or traction control issue? did a transmission flush and filter change anda that did nothing at all to help
  24. I believe the fan relays are the 2 square relays on the left corner of the box. Check tjose it might be your fans not working right.
  25. Wow seriously? They add 5k to the msrp of these things and then delete the sub in the middle console lol bean counters.
  26. I'm just going to give you advice and a lesson i learned myself a long damn time ago. Keep it stock and save your money! I know, i know but if you must, i repeat you better do your due diligence and find prior work done , pictures, video, references and even contact anyone who has had work done like this with them and see what they have to say. Do not trust these shops at their word, do not pay them a single cent until you see the finished product and it is satisfactory, Perosnally again i just wouldn't f with your truck. There are so many hack shops out there and work like this, if not done correctly can ruin your truck. If Whipple has someone they recommend, drive to them imo!
  27. I had my Whipple installed by the dealer here in Boise, however, I used the canned tune. I have decided to have the lifters, pushrods and cam done as well. That means that I am on the hunt for a tuner also. I plan to get rid of the damn auto stop feature along with the rest of the work... I have even considered taking down to Whipple, if they would do the work.
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