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  2. I'm currently running a 2.5" rear block in place of the factory 1.25" to keep some rake with my leveling kit. I will be installing the Superlift 3.5" kit in the coming weeks, and want to install a 3" or 3.5" rear block to maintain some rake; also planning to install a set of 5100's at the same time. I know bilstein offers the 5160 shock that will work with 0-2" rear lift, but I personally don't have the need for a remote reservoir. So I went searching for a shock that had similar dimensions to the 5160, and I found the 2012 Dodge Ram shock, part# 24-187374. Silverado 5100 #33-238319 Collapsed Length (IN) - 16.18 Extended Length (IN) - 25.79 Silverado 5160 #25-242515 Collapsed Length (IN) - 16.14 Extended Length (IN) - 26.81 Dodge 5100 #24-187374 Collapsed Length (IN): 16.75 Extended Length (IN): 26.73 I'm probably going to order a pair to try it out.
  3. Cleaning & Care for Trucks with Grille Guards

    Well I'm not sure, thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to see if I can track someone down with a grille guard on in person and see how tough it looks to clean. I think my local dealer has a show truck on their lot with one of these guards on it.
  4. Chit chat

    Love the Amish as well, what humble kind people. A great example. Lots of respect for them.
  5. That thing was outdated before your truck was built and was not exclusive to your truck.
  6. Oil Recommendation

    Ditto, get rid of it. Get the right stuff.
  7. What is your current setup, and which mirrors did you order. Not alot of these tow mirror upgrades are plug and play, unless you ordered the ones that have no lighting or power folding.
  8. Do you like your job/career

    Nope. Hate it and honestly wish I would have taken another path most times. That said it makes money matched by little else and owning a profitable company is tough to not want so it's a paradox of sorts. What would I rather do? Something fun with cars... but guess what... that stuff makes peanuts. Use the unwanted career to pay for the fun.. makes the most sense.
  9. Today
  10. I believe you'll find this to be common to these trucks. Trans have thermostat that aren't going to let them go below about 190 anyway. Plenty have posted about this issue. Definitely warmer than I'd like. GM wants these to run warmer You can bypass the internal thermostat. Info is posted on this site You can add a larger external cooler, but again without the thermo mod you''ll for sure be limited to 190 But 190 is fine You have synthetic fluid in the trans which holds up better to the heat, but personally I'd like it lower We've modded all our rigs to run cooler, and they stay about 180
  11. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Not going to lie, the rear picture actually makes this truck look like a super futuristic one
  12. Last good z71

    Were both trucks the same body configuration? My '15 is much more planted than my '00 or my '09 were but my '15 has a considerably longer wheelbase. Just a thought.
  13. I did have it in trailer haul mode with the ac on and off throughout. Did not see that impact cooling though while driving. Fluid levels are all good. Just not sure as the truck only has 20,000 miles. I will take it to the dealer later this week. Just not sure if others have had similar issues in case I get the run around from the dealer.
  14. New tires - stock size - rubbing?

    Where does it rub? Pics?
  15. changing misfires

    Could you describe this more clearly? You clear the code while its running?
  16. Thank you Phil. It appears the mirrors I had on back order have shipped and they are plug and play for my set-up. I was a week or two too late finding you. Thank you for all your work and enjoy your vacation.
  17. changing misfires

    So ended up changing the #4 coil pack and now I only get a misfire on #4 when starting clear the code and it goes away and truck runs fine. Could it be air? Maybe a PCM issue im at a loss.
  18. Brighter LED DRLs? Yup!

  19. I found that if you drive in M7 on the 8-speed it will disable AFM and stay in V8 mode, I hear it does the same with the 6-speeds in M5 mode? It also seems to do more engine braking in M7 as well? Then when you get on the highway just go back to D or M8 to reenable V4 for cruising.
  20. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Didn’t you message me promoting the truck gear stuff vs the other brands bc of their warranty? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. If anyone is interested in trading their black headlights and grille for my chrome ones let me know. Maybe like to trade bumper too.
  22. Last good z71

    And color matched bumpers...
  23. Quantum Leaps

    Before we had many warm days this year I did a service dump, filter and fill of the trans with Red Line D6. A 50/50 then of the factory fill Delco and Red Line. The next eleven tanks averaged 2 mpg over Peppers life time average with a lot less tank to tank variation. Some data noise suppression likely due to the level and less tank to tank variation. The increase...a seasonal change in average ambient temperatures in part and the higher lubricity and slightly lower viscosity of Red Line D6. The next five tanks would up the ante another mpg, 29.5 mpg as the trans stat was bypassed allowing not only more rapid heating due to a more advantageous temperature. The next change saw a switch from 5W20 to 0W20 and four tanks around 30.3 mpg...then...the thermostat failure crashed two tanks as I awaited parts for a new plan of attack. A slightly higher water temperature (10F) and a more stable and reliable thermostat. Running a bit faster and with the AC as peak summer temps arrive has Pepper at 29.94 mpg. The AFM is on most of the time and that was the plan to increase switched on time to the maximum via perfecting viscosity through a combination of heat management and viscosity choice. Mission accomplished. I will be at the mercy of the weather and my convictions from this point forward. I actually expect to backslide a few mpg as I start increasing speeds further and use of the air for the seasons remainder more often. While all the summer data is yet to be collected, August ends my summer frame, to date Pepper is 8.7% above 2017 summer months. 8.6% above the running averages initial values thus seeing a 16.2% increase in the 24 point moving average over last summer and a whooping 25.8% Increase in here best 6 point moving average. All this while increasing average road speed about 5 mph and prudent use of the AC unit. Most of these increases are the result of quicker heat ups to more stable running temperatures. Something I will continue to refine. Truth is, I've plucked most of the low hanging fruit. Odd side note. After a 400 mile trip today that resulted in 29.5 mpg, I was disappointed. Really disappointed in a tank under 30 mpg. I'm loosing it.
  24. Does anyone know if there are RPO codes signifying a Sierra is an Elevation Edition? My 2015 doesn't have the Elevation emblems on it. Anything else Thanks
  25. Last good z71

    Mine 16 regular cab does that. No issie with it becauee its fun. ive had 4 sets of wheels and tires on the truck and they all did it these trucks are more powerful then thr nbs trucks. So in my opinion thats a big part of it
  26. Most people use iron x. Ive never heard of that stuff. You can even clay with it. just dont let it dry
  27. Oil Recommendation

    It's the wrong viscosity for starters. Sell it or trade it off for the right stuff.
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