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  2. Idiot scratch

    The story to tell here is I fouled up. I have to fix it, my OCD is currently over the top.
  3. Idiot scratch

    I’ve grown quite fond of my scratch. It’s a battle scar. It’s got a story to tell. That’s what I keep telling myself.
  4. Anyone have pic of internal of stock muffler? I went to a magnaflow stainless 14909. Love the sound and can’t hear any v4 difference while in the cab.
  5. Trans Rumble 2019 update

    What are symptoms of needing a flush? RPM’s bouncing while on highway at cruise. Only thing I’ve noticed with my 2018 with 6900 miles is a forward lurch if I rev it in park when cold.
  6. Thanks man. I love your truck as well. I’ve been following your build since last year. Do you own a powder coating shop? That white and bronze is [emoji91]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Will do. Thanks for the info. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. If I had to do it over, I’d let the dealer trash it. But I wasn’t 100% sure I’d like the new stuff and wanted the old resonators in case I wanted to tame it down a bit.
  9. Yes I verified this morning that my mirrors were warm and my rear window was cold since I pulled the fuse.
  10. Unsettling Experience

    The ripples in the dirt were the perfect storm and it's probable I'll never experience that again. The front end stayed firmly on the ground while the back end jumped quite a few times and was a foot off. If people want to blame that on the driver, let them. They are being stupid on purpose. It was a straight road, mentioned that many times. I can keep repeating things here and people will still bring up things because they can't stand people disparaging their products. It's like watching a possum protect its trashcan.
  11. Awesome! Post pics [emoji482] don't worry About them being that close
  12. It’ll sit in my shed with the rest of my junk until I get tired of looking at it. Maybe I’ll hang it up and store it nicer at some point. Definitely never putting it back on.
  13. I live in Colorado mountains. Drive dirt and paved roads.Occasional freeway when in the city. Used to buy BF Goodrich K2, Cooper AT3. Now have Cooper Star Fire. Happy with them and liked the price.
  14. The new upper control arms are on the way. I'll have them Thursday. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. FS Aftermarket Android Car Stereo

    I'll figure out what shipping would be tonight and will let you know. If you're willing to pay the shipping, I don't mind doing it.
  16. I take it you are getting different headlights that work with HID's? HID's in those housings will horribly blind oncoming traffic and you will be "that guy". Let everyone know what you find! BTW, where is that picture taken, a cave? Tyler
  17. Unsettling Experience

    It was a very rarely traveled road so there are a lot of holes and cracks from the desert sun. I was actually driving right in the middle because there are almost never cars coming towards me from the other side. Lake Elsinore, CA. I know I had my foot off the gas because I was reacting to the caked dry dirt on the middle of the road. I didn't steer from it because it wasn't tall, I'd say an inch tall and about eight feet long. The city never does anything in those parts of the city. I wasn't braking because there was no reason to. It was unusual seeing the guy walking on the sidewalk though, usually there's nobody around. The others can speculate as much as they want, they weren't there and they will throw in whatever they can think of just to deflect people with legitimate safety-related questions. If they can't handle that, there's always the convenient ignore feature. Nobody needs that crap. It's almost comical seeing them try so hard to justify it's the owner's fault, couldn't be the brand. I am kind of surprised they couldn't stand having a safety-related question though but you'd have to expect that on certain forums. Clearly, this one is less civilized than the others.
  18. Imagine any scene from dukes of hazard, but when ever they make a jump the front wheels fall off... Your bjs can't n handle missing that stop most likely. Heck if you still have factory ucas you'll need aftermarket ones soon enough.
  19. Odd part is in was just thinking that today. I empty mine daily. But that is only bc the super cold weather and the aluminum catch can and the quick heat of the motor cause half the can to fill with condensation. If this continues this summer I will install a auto drain. And if I was you at say 3000miles remove intake and look at throttle body blade and inside intake tube. Wipe it and see how.much oil is making it that way. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. I have the GY DuraTracs in the OEM size - P275/55R20. I removed the front valance a while ago for various reasons. Took about a 300 mile round trip on Interstate (70mph+) and truck got 18mpg.
  21. I did the same thing you're looking to do. You have the buy a whole new paint to match grill from a 2017 Z71 LTZ with chrome insert. You have to cut the black insert out or you will break a bunch of tabs on your existing surround and then snap in the new chrome insert. I'm pretty sure I got mine from gmpartsdirect
  22. No power for the rear sear passengers. The power outlet that looks like a cigarette lighter on the rear of the center consol. have checked all fuses and nothing blown. Not sure how to take that section off to see if it came unplugged or broken wire. thanks, Ron
  23. I kept it for a while then junked it figured I am not going back to stock anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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