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  2. idk, I have 4x4 RST but do not like idea of cheap level kit or spacer lift...I know economically its easy and cheaper to do but I will wait and do suspension type kit....just seems wrong to do it that way for sole purpose of raising nose to put bigger tire on....my main reason is to do it is better suspension vs lift....I want both but suspension quality/ride is no.1....costs a lot more but will wait til I can afford it vs quick fix any kit will look same tho, cant imagine 1 companies 2 inch or level kit looking different than another....
  3. My rear sliding window on my 2015 SMC Sierra SLT stopped working. Has anyone had this issue? First, I checked the fuse box (passenger side panel) but they’re no fuses in the location that diagram indicated (flat surface and no area for a fuse to go). Any advice as to what I can do to trouble shoot this issue? Steps and possible parts that I may need to replace. Thank u.
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  5. I’ve been looking up videos of these trucks with full exhaust like this and there not that bad unless you really get into it.
  6. Just out of curiosity how did this all pan out for you? My 2014 did the same exact thing back in March 2019, took it in and they replaced the actuator, then today November 2019 it went out again! I live in MI so cold weather is a big deal this time of year! I really am curious on the update thing as they did not do that last March and would like to know a little bit about what I am talking about when I call the dealer tomorrow after they have looked at the truck! I’m a women so unfortunately they talk down to me like I don’t know what I am talking about so it would be nice to better educated when I speak to them! When I told them it was the actuator again they gave me a stupid look and an uh huh, I’d take it elsewhere but unfortunately the other dealer is backed up two weeks! Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. 41-42ish it was back in March so it’s been a bit, 5.3 RST
  8. 21k, driver side window making a funky noise but that’s it. I also tow a camper a lot so it’s definitely getting used.
  9. I got the same problem. I do like this feature but it stop working now. I know it will disable when the outside temperature too low. But now Its about 35- 45f. So I wondering what is going on with my new Silverado 1500 2019
  10. My current truck was bought off the lot after wrecking my previous truck, like I was forced to take what they had. It a 2017 Chevy Silverado witha 8 speed transmission. I have around 40000 miles on it but going to order a truck I want to have for the next 10 years or so. I have had no problems at all with my 8 speed transmission none. I too would like to see how the 2 compare. When I order a new truck a 6.2 and a 10 speed will be in it more or less because of what I have read here and other places. My truck is not my main vehicle I use it to pull my boat and snowmobiles with. My 17 truck just need a little more power. But as for the transmission I have no complaints
  11. You’re correct, the world is full of them lol! I’ve seen people spend thousands on upgrades for their engines to breath better and still use cheap oil running long oci’s. Squeezing as much performance out of your engine requires highest quality oils available. Today’s oils are pretty good but for not even a penny extra per mile, the boutique oils look damn good. Just wish someone with Penzoil “Ultra” Platinum and Castrol Titanium Edge experience would chime in too. Sent from Above
  12. So far I’m very happy with 8 speed/5.3 I have in my 2019 Sierra. I came from a 4 speed 2007 Silverado and I hated that transmission. Curious as to how the 10 speed compares to the 8.
  13. A guy gets 17 mpg and pays $2.55/gallon or $0.15 a mile. You tell him he could lower his operating cost by slowing down and you hear, "I didn't buy a truck for gas mileage." He will run 93 octane at a dollar a gallon more and run that cost up a nickel a mile more than he has too because his 'butt' dyno says it's worth the expense. Then he complains that a penny a mile being to much to pay for boutique oil. Tries to milk a half penny a mile more out of some $20 a gallon Wally World "Full Synthetic" by running his oil twice the normal OCI. Spends a few hundred per OCI on UOA's to make him feel good about it too.
  14. Knock sensors are only designed to report the knock and remove timing. It can't change fueling at all. Hearing ping and seeing it ping/knock on a tuner or handheld scanner is another thing. If you have a nice scanner than can do good live data polling without minimal lag you could go for a drive to watch data. Compression ratio isn't really the issue if you ask me, these trucks are running lower compression compared to several passenger cars on the market. My dad has a Mazda with their SkyActive engine it that runs 12.0:1 compression on 87 with direct injection, over 106k miles without any ping/knock issues. The thing that helps these trucks running 87 octane is the direct injection. Spraying fuel directly into the cylinder helps lower the air charge temps. I don't run 87 octane in mine because I've personally tuned my truck to run on anything from 88 E15, 93 octane to true E85 fuels, so lower grade fuel would put me worse off. Even with that said I can still hear something if the engine is loaded right going up a incline in certain gears but when I watch my data logs, nothing is reporting an issue. So I can't say exactly what it is, maybe it's just the sound the engine makes or the noisy injection system coming into the cabin.
  15. Have them do an oil pressure check using the filter block tool and not the scan tool and see if that second stage is actually kicking in. Do it full and a quart down. Something hinky here. A single quart should not trip this code if everything else is working right. 70K sounds about right for the oil pressure screen to be replaced too. Remove and inspect. Install a new switch as you will be in there. Both parts are cheap and easy to get at in the 4.3. That screen will tell you a great deal about oil system cleanliness.
  16. You’re right, it’s nothing when you actually do the math. The higher end protection oils cost to run are approximately half to a whole cent extra per mile to run. Mine was approximately 2cents per mile, bizarre when you think of the actual up front cost difference. I’m intrigued to learn more about the Castrol Edge Titanium as well as the Penzoil “ULTRA” Platinum. Anyone have the specs on them? Sent from Above
  17. Hello everyone, I recently installed a 4” Tuff Country lift for my 4WD 2015. I want to go for the 6.5” Zone lift in the future, but wanted to know if I can use the Tuff Country UCAs that came with the Tuff Country lift for the Zone 6.5”. Please let me know if it works or not. I also emailed Tuff Country hoping they reply with an answer. Thanks.
  18. Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Great on road and in snow.
  19. I do and we live in the same city. I park outside so I like to use one. I modded my two previous cords with the thermostat in them. Basically broke them and soldered a wire across the contacts to make it work all the time. My 16 didn't come with one so I bought a oil pan heater instead, it's all ready to go for when it's really cold.
  20. Thanks for the info. That's what I was afraid of. I recently had mine ceramic coated too and figured it would not stick very long.
  21. Mines affected too. Guess they will do it in a few weeks when I bring it in for an oil change
  22. What I find amazing is how cheap to use even expensive oils are. Now if we could get this result with gas......
  23. Extremely happy with the falken Wildpeak at3w.
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