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  2. Topic might best find a home somewhere else on this site. Owners of '19+ obviously bought one because they do not think it is "hideous" and couldn't give a crap about negative comments from those who do. Topic should rightly be placed on the '18- forum where it can have purpose and actually do some good..........detractors can find solace in lamenting to others who do not own one, or who cannot afford one, and make them feel better about owning their discontinued models.
  3. Actually, only the High Country gets that color.
  4. A way to check if its transmission related is put the truck in neutral and see if it starts/ runs. If it does run but stalls when you put it in drive, it's most likely torque converter related.
  5. Front is leveled 13-14mpg is about what I seeing
  6. That looks great! What is ur mpg? stock suspension ?
  7. Thought original post mentioned just the windshield was affected? Moisture trapped inside the vehicle will deposit on all internal glass surfaces, afterblow or heater core leakage only shows up on the windshield. Good Luck with removing your water bottles.
  8. I have icon coilovers and Cognito UCA's with 285/70/18 on stock wheels with no issues.
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  10. So far so good with my 2020 Silverado Crew Cab. It's has a lot smoother ride than my 2014 Silverado. I'm old and don't pull a trailer or haul heavy loads anymore so I opted for the 2.7T four cylinder. Wasn't sure about it until I drove it. It will out run the 5.3 I had in my old 2014! We'll see! So far I'm happy! No problems with leaks or SD Cards yet.
  11. https://atomicfabandperformance.com/product/07-18-gmt900-front-coilover-package/
  12. I have mine at 10/10 I used to eat up my fender inserts and bottom out on dips n such if I didn’t slow down. Since I’ve had the vikings on I don’t bottom out at all. Yea my truck is pretty slammed. My fender inserts are torn up from when I had the belltechs. It’s seriously a night and day difference between the belltechs and Vikings.
  13. Love my ‘19. Nearly 16,000 miles. The usual new car recalls and my iPhone volume lowers every time it hooks up but driving and performance wise it’s great.
  14. They are replica wheels the fit and finish are very nice. They are OE performance wheels.
  15. The symptoms sound like what happens when one of the recent recalls is completed. [Recall N192275630]. The tech after completing this recall, the camera error codes need to be reset and the camera needs to be placed in the relearn mode. But if it was working after those recalls, have you checked your infotainment settings to ensure most of the safety settings are enabled?
  16. Thanks everyone. Had the truck in for recalls and technical service bulletins about a month ago. Maybe there is an update. Maybe it's a fuse.
  17. I recently purchased a 2014 Silverado and would like to use the OnStar app but noticed the light on the mirror was not on and the onstar app on the radio was grayed out. was wondering if someone maybe removed the module or if there is a way to disable/enable it?
  18. I have been looking at newer trucks and thinking this may be the year I sell my truck and buy a different one. My buddy is a used car dealer and he said to make sure to sell it before I hit 150,000 miles. I have about 117,000. Any thoughts on this? I am ready for a different truck. I have been looking at a 2019 2500 Denali Duramax. I really like the new GMC HD too. The price seems unreasonable on the 2020 hd.
  19. Well, hopefully it never severs you...
  20. This is going to be long and I apologize. Currently looking at a '19 RST Z71 Crew cab All Star. MSRP is $50,190. Sale price is $40,818, which includes $1000 auto show discount, package cash $2000, customer cash $3500, and price reduction below msrp $2872. That's awfully close to %20 off msrp. Which is fine and all.. but I have thoughts.. several thoughts. I have supplier pricing, but the 'price below msrp' is literally the exact same number my supplier discount is on that truck. So I'm assuming I could get an identical '20 model--which are literally priced the same--except they don't have the 'price reduction' applied.. and just use my supplier discount those trucks. I saw a '19 Silverado RST CC z71 a month ago priced at $38,765, and msrp was $52,875(-$14k difference, %73 of msrp). It was similarly equipped to the truck I'm interested in now, but it had an extra $2600 in mud flaps, trailering, and off road appearance packages that I wasn't interested in at all. Which brings me to this. In my logical mind, I could have got that truck last month(without the packages I didn't want) for $36k.. Before anyone says it, I know dealers aren't going to take off the packages. This is just a thought if those packages were never put on that truck... So if that dealer was willing to sell a brand new, more expensive truck for cheaper than a lesser-equipped version of the same one, I now have leverage, right? They were willing to sell a '19 at %73 msrp.. why not sell another truck at %73 msrp? ----------------------- Other random; I want front bench seats, cloth interior.. do you guys know what i'd be losing if I didn't want the convenience 2(I realize all-star package has convenience 1), or any other techno packages? I'd still get heated mirrors and steering wheel, correct? I do NOT want the safety package, and trailering i'll never use. I wouldn't mind a black lt trail boss but don't want those all terrain tires.(whole reason for z71 is I want the suspension). Thanks to anyone who read though all that and may have advice.
  21. Ricky, I can't say for sure over here but I do know that the clutch inside a torque converter can lock up. When it does it will stall an engine and prevent it from starting again. Don't know much more than that on this topic though. I do remember my first transmission build, my mentor said to make sure I installed the converter right by hearing so many clicks, can't remember anymore. I thought I did but didn't and the motor would not turn over until I took it back out and did it right. I think your problem predates such as you were having the problem beforehand.
  22. I got my hands on a 2013 Tahoe Police Gauge Cluster with a blunt cut harness. I would like to know if anyone has the wiring diagram for the gauge cluster circuit. May also be called Instrument Cluster Circuit? Images or Links are fine Thanks! Dillon
  23. Does anyone have experience running the Nokian hakkapeliitta lt3 on a heavy duty truck? I'm going to need a new set of studded snow tires for plowing next year and i'm wondering how these perform, specifically in slush and deep snow.
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