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  2. https://www.motortrend.com/features/1209sr-1957-chevy-150-two-door-sedan/
  3. Amazing how people have different experiences with vehicles. Four Hyundai’s in flawless. My wife loves her Genesis. Here first 05 Elantra, passed to our daughter then to here son still going. Mother in law’s now our 15 CRV ( she quit driving) trip car flawless so far. Except annoying road noise.
  4. Cool front came through. 69 degrees overnight 84 today. Fall is here. 50s tonight, brrrrrrr. my favorite 6 months stretch is here.
  5. 82 for the week here but getting a cold front that will bring down the dew points to the 50's instead of the 80's which will feel nice for a change.
  6. What would cause the "Idle vehicle to Cool Engine" message to appear? All of my gauges reflect they are within normal range. It is a 2020 Silverado 2500 HD with 25,000 miles on it.
  7. So sounds like you made the sound wire connections in front of the factory amp correct? did i read that part right? What size subs did you go with and im assuming under the backseat is where you placed them? I looked at the low profile 10's that kicker makes, i was hoping to have reused my MTX 10's i loved those in my other cars, but i had room to run those.. I just want to have some good bass in the truck again and dont want to loose any functionality if certain things need to be replaced.
  8. Today
  9. I just traded in a 2015 Yukon XL and the wifi was always sooooooo slow. It was fine for kids to stream a show, but not any real work. I always got 3 - 4 mbps. I just got a 2021 Sierra and the download speed was 92 mbps. Super fast. What is everyone getting?
  10. Possibly, I would assume he would tell you first but I guess anything is possible. Get your tank as empty as possible and go fill up on premium and clear the codes when you are at the gas station. For funsies go and buy the VP octane booster, it is $20 or $30 for a can. Dump that in there and drive around. If the knock code doesn't come back on then you have detonation and you need to look at the possibility that you are tuned for premium or there is something else wrong. After that I would suggest getting HPTuners and watching the knock show up on a laptop and determin
  11. High of 60 yesterday. 37 this morning.
  12. Sounds like you need to trace the module back to make sure the module is getting power
  13. Sorry it's a little late getting back on this. I really dont remember which fuse it was but I'm pretty sure it was in the fuse box under the hood.
  14. Really like this car. Some disappointment right now. FYI We bought a new 2019 Honda CR-V turbo that had an oil dilution problem at 10 K miles. We traded it in on a CPO Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate non turbo. The Santa Fe went from hard start to no start. Towed to dealer on Sept. 4th 2021. Sat at dealer until Sept. 20th 2021 waiting to be looked at. The 20th was our appointment date. We are now waiting for back ordered parts to fix it. Parts shortages seems to be the standard. No info on when parts will be available. My Sierra is being used for now.
  15. Do you have anymore pictures of this truck? Side? Rear? Love this color, I would order one now because I have a year left on my truck and wait for it.
  16. I believe there is a recall on 6spd transmission cooler lines. We had issues with two of our 6.6 gas trucks, one of which required replacing the transmission. Other than that, I think they're fine. Now don't get me started on how much better the towing and driving experience is with the diesel and 10spd. Discussions like this always seem to get strong opinions one way or the other.
  17. Hard to say if a recession is imminent, but with the inmates running the asylum in D.C. now, anything is possible.
  18. Agreed,I've thrown over 3k changing plugs,wires,rear end replacement,trying to fix this hesitation.a friend of mine replaced throttle app sensor in gas pedal and he says this helps
  19. There’s only one, and it’s not a switch. It pivots on a pin and rocks back and forth for open and close as pictured below. There’s a circuit board that has a micro switch built in it and has (2) high points that trigger either open or closed. Same concept they use on a TV remote.
  20. Just shop around Ive known a few people that have used it around here. Its not GM its the dealer. Find a non greedy dealer
  21. I do its a dealer decision not a GM decision. Dealer is greedy and hoping for more than MSRP.
  22. Fair enuff, but really the only things I tune are these.
  23. I say ouch too Mike. That's sticker price almost on the top of the line chrome 22s. My 22s were a $2995 option. I got them for 2 grand. Sold them for $1500
  24. Is it better to use the leveling "pucks" that go on top of the strut or the brackets on bottom?
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