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  1. I have the same issue. Low rpm vibration and slowing down to a stop vibration. I just checked mine and they were loose. Set my torque wrench at 55 ft/lb I got little over 1/4 turn. Then did 65 ft/lb and then 75 ft/lb. I could here it clamping down when I was tightening. I will find out later if this helped me or not.
  2. NO These were sold in August 2018!!
  3. I don't have lane keep assist on my truck. The steering has a more tight feel to it compared to the F150 which is kind of like a sports car feeling. And my plan is when I take it in for the first oil change, I will have them check the alignment and see what they say.
  4. That is the part number and I found in online. Thanks
  5. I bought my 21 Silverado a little over a month ago. Test drive was fine but I did notice is was sensitive but I was coming from a F150. Now a couple weeks in, the steering is super sensitive. Any little movement in the steering wheel and it really wants to turn that direction in a scary way sometimes. I feels really darty. I am always correcting the steering to keep it straight. Not good when I want to haul a horse trailer. I thought I would give it a few miles to see if it got better, but 1000 miles later it mas not improved. I adjusted the psi in the tires to see if
  6. Is there any part number or wording on it?
  7. What year and engine, transmission did you use this on?
  8. I would start with getting the tires rebalanced. All your info points it to the tires.
  9. I have the same cover and have the same issue but I knew that it had this issue when I bought it. It is the above the rail design that causes issues with the tailgate. You could try moving it toward the cab but I would think it would leak by the tailgate if you did that.
  10. I installed the weathertech no drill mudflaps and they cover more than the GM version. Happy so far with them.
  11. Installed Amp Research steps on my 2 week old truck!! Makes it easier to get in the trailboss
  12. Welcome!! I just did the same thing. Was always a GM guy but went to an 18 F150 now I am glad to be back in my 21 Silverado TrailBoss lt.
  13. Installed Weathertech mudflaps. And remove rear wheel front splash guard or what ever it is called. Ordered painted trim plugs to fill the hole.
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