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  1. I got 7+ turns on mine. It seems they are fine. I checked them daily and the lugnuts did not loosen up at all.
  2. I found a set of Bora 3/8" slip on spacers for cheap and was going to add them to the front for more tire clearance. They are hubcentric for both the hub and wheel. Are these ok to use? Any issues with them? If any of you are using them, how long have you had them on and how often do you torque them down?
  3. I am about to put on a Readylift 1.75" kit on my 21 Trailboss. My front is only about 1.25 shorter then the rear. So I am trying to determine on if I only use the top spacer in the kit. How much lift did everyone else get with the RL 1.75" kit?
  4. I have for sale is like new Bora 1.25 spacers. Decided I didn't want to use them. I have a set of 2 and a set of 4. Total of 6. 4 spacers kit SOLD 2 spacers kit $100 shipped
  5. I have a brand new DD SS3 fog light kit for 2019-22 Silverado. It is the white sportfog light kit. I bought it last year and never installed it. New it was $300 shipped. I am asking $250 shipped.
  6. I am looking for a Airaid MIT intake tube for 14-19 with the 5.3l engine. Pm me if you have one and price shipped to 53012
  7. Install Pulsar LT today. Sure easy to install and program. Raining now so test drive will have to be later.
  8. Bump Anyone have any for sale?
  9. Thanks but looking for 1 to 1.5". 2" would be too wide for me.
  10. I am looking to buy Bora spacers with 6x5.5 bolt pattern. Hoping for 1.25" but might be interested in other sizes. If you have a set PM me.
  11. I think the fuse numbers are for the 5.3l. The 6.2l might be different.
  12. Thanks for checking. I was going to ask if someone could comfrm that. I bet they programmed it off. They probably use the same fuse block as before and just leave the fuses in.
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