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  1. I actually have the bronze alloy in a GMC Denali 2500 i just bought, but does anyone have line on vinyl or spraypaint to CM the emblems?
  2. Yea -24. I just put on 285/60s though and had to do some trimming. Installed the rough country trim plates and have about .5" of space now. I'll snap a pic when I get a chance.
  3. 2.5/1 Eibach Level 20x10 -24 Xds Cooper At3 XLTs 285/60 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am currently at 2.5 and am going to do ucas and diff drop and go up to the 3.2 eventually. solid plan imo
  5. Thanks man! Appreciate you posting all the info. This kit isn't widely used and needs to be. Great price and much higher quality than a spacer level.
  6. Have had the kit on (springs and shocks set at 2.5") for about a week and the I give this kit an A+. It could be because my Ranchos were shot, but the truck is night and day and I couldn't be happier. Only negative to the kit is the truck doesn't sit quite as high set at the 2.5" as the RC 2.5" spacer kit did. I am not too bummed though because the ride quality has improved sooo much. I forgot to take measurements before to see how much it dropped it but it is only a tad.
  7. You probably wont be able to turn haha. The leveling kit should level it so you won't be nose up. I would expect, depending on the wheels you have, that trimming will still need to happen to fully clear the 305/55s and a 2.5" level. I would not install until you get a level put on. For instance I barely clear 285/55s with a 2.5" level, however, my wheels are 20x10 with a -24 offset. Stocks are only 20x9 with a +27 offset. Might be able to get away with minimal rubbing on a stock wheel and 305/55s. Every truck is slightly different.
  8. finally getting my springs and struts installed tomorrow. Wanted to clear some things up in case it wasn't clear after talking with Eibach. I had a bit of a hard time understanding the grooves and what lift they provided. If you have the Eibach springs with the lift shocks the lowest setting is 2.5" with the next setting being 3.2" and the next 2 way to much for this application. If you have just the shocks then those grooves and increments change. If you are confused I highly recommend calling Eibach. They were very helpful as was @Waterfowler41 install video. Just nee
  9. Watched your video and read your thread. Got my Eibach kit in and am going to replace my RC 2 1/2 kit with it. should I be worried? Also, with the diff drop, is there any cross member trimming? Seem to remember watching a video of the RC 3.5" kit install with diff drop and you had to trim the cross member.
  10. were your original UCAs aluminum/stamped or cast?
  11. I feel like mines def sagged over the years. Threw mine on at 5k miles and am now at 50k and i feel like i can see a difference...
  12. ah. they look bigger on my work comp than they did my phone. I just ordered the RC plates for NorCal. Think I'm gonna throw some 285/60 Falkens on mine in the next couple of weeks. the 285/55s barely clear on x10 -24 wheels.
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