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  1. I did need an alignment but didn’t notice much in terms of gas. I pulled the front dam off too so I’m sure I lost something in terms of mileage.
  2. While I am thinking about how they tried to bend me over, what's the opinion on transmission and transfer case fluid change around 50 K
  3. Upside is I got to clean the backside of the wheels...at least two of them
  4. Verdict is? 7-10k more or a lot more? 51k to date.
  5. Anyone have torque specs? I'm guessing I just need them for the caliper bolts and Lugnuts. I believe the Lugnuts are 140 ft/lb
  6. Still here - I headed out of town before I could borrow a strong enough jack - and I have jack stands that are 4 ton, so I should be OK there. Stay tuned...
  7. Checking tonight, had to borrow a jack because mine was too short
  8. Pulling the wheels off today and will update once I look, I'm curious with all the feedback saying that should be OK
  9. 2015 Denali HD 4x4. I drive in rush hour traffic for ~10hrs a week and tow a 13K fifth wheel at least a couple weekends a month. From what I've read, 50K is not that unusual for the brake pads, especially the front...
  10. So I got an oil change the other day and the dealership informed me it was time for new front brake pads. What type of pads do you all recommend? AutoZone basic brand? Or something higher end
  11. Two Part Answer: My comment was in reference to getting an HD truck for the extra suspension capabilities and not needing airbags to tow our TT. But, my experience so far was as expected and the HD rides rougher. Maybe some new shocks would help this?
  12. Why bags on a 2500? I just upgraded to a diesel to avoid the bags I had in my 1500...
  13. All, I somehow managed to talk my fiancé into a new truck! Went this weekend and picked up this beauty. I never would have expected to buy the Red but it grew on me a lot. We camp with a travel trailer so black was out because of dirt/pollen showing and had a white 1500. Couple questions: 1) How do the dual batteries work? Together, one for engine one for accessories? Do they have protection if I have the radio playing for extened periods or head lights on? 2) New Power Mirrors - Anyone try to get the mirrors to reset by hitting it three times open and closed? - Also, my passenger mirror does not seem to be going down with the reverse setting? - And, are the new tow mirrors in a set position in terms of moving arms forward/back? I would like to move the driver mirror forward a touch, but it seems to click in the current position. 3) High Idle - I set this to on and it looked like it kicked in today when it was 50 degrees. Should I leave this on? 4) Should I let it idle to warm up? Used to gas engines and just jumping in and taking off 6) I remember rice burners back in high school having turbo timers to allow for cooling. Do diesels need anything similar? Thanks for any feedback! -Bryce
  14. Anyone towing a trailer at or above the limit of the truck? Have a 5.3 4x4 with 3.42 rated for 9600lbs. Looking at a new 30ft rv to replace the pop up and wondering what it's like to tow at full load. I believe the trailer will be at the limit. What problems should I expect?
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