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  1. I have a 2019 Yukon with short wheel base and heated black leather power folding second row captain's chairs that I'd love to swap for a full length bench seat. Your seats must come from a short wheel base Yukon (NO Yukon XL!) and must also be black, heated, power folding leather in immaculate condition just as my seats are. Tahoe and Suburban seats have different stitching that does not match! I am located in northwest Indiana if you are interested in swapping. I also have ample tools to successfully complete the job for the both of us. Thanks!
  2. I've always thought the rear headrests were awful short and stubby in my 2016 Sierra Denali Crew Cab. For adult passengers and my kids once they are tall enough, I wanted a better option. After digging around in here I noticed that in pics of double/extended cabs the rear headrests were different and looked taller than my crew cab headrests. There are a few options on ebay and I found rear headrests from a double cab that match my black leather interior. Thought I'd show comparison pics of the crew cab headrests vs the double/extended cab headrests. You get about an inch more of coverage, so nothing spectacular but it is more. Headrests in good shape ranged from $50-$200 in my ebay search, so it all depends on how much you want to pay for the additional head coverage. Next on the to do list will be to add notches down the steel leg mounts to have them stay higher than the factory notches. I did notice the double/extended cab headrests stay locked in position much better than the crew cab ones. Why? I have no idea, but the crew cab ones would fall down even when going over a slight bump in the road. In the last pic I just slid the crew cab headrest legs behind the middle seat to have something there. It stays in position pretty good, won't be able to extend up but it doesn't move at all while driving.
  3. I need to add power to my power seats can I get ground and power from my audio system and connect it to the pins on the seat plug to be able to get power and move the seat
  4. I replaced my seat vibrator actuator in my 14 half ton highcountry. It was the left side that needed replaced. After I replaced it it still was not working. I unplugged it and plugged it into the right side to see if it would work and it did telling me the wiring that you plug the actuator into is what is messed up. However, i dont see anywhere in the wiring of the left side (that the actuator plugs into) that is messed up. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks
  5. So, I want to know what it would take or if it can be done, switching some heated/ac seats out of a Cadillac Escalade Platinum model into my 2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD SLT. Then also switching the control panel in the center console for it also. I just want to know if anyone has done this and if it can be added and done???
  6. I had my truck into the dealership a few weeks ago for seat movement issues and it seems they added two small clips to fasten the seat cushion to the frame. At first it seemed it may be better (I think it was psychological), but I now have movement in the seat again. I see the clips are still there, but I get seat movement (lateral and forwards/backwards, not up and down) in turns and braking. It definitely feels like the bracket to me as the movement is small but sudden and clunks, not smooth like the cushion is sliding. Every time I get in the seat clicks/clunks a little in a manner that makes it seem as if it is taking up the slack in the bracket bushings or pivot points. Anyone who has had the actual seat bracket replaced have any better luck fixing the issue? is it the same bracket without a fix to address the slop in the bracket? This is ridiculous to have this happen on such an expensive vehicle. I know it is a new model blah blah blah, but things like this fall under the basic fundamentals. Figure out how to make a seat!!! Venting over....Thanks for the help and otherwise I love the truck so far, but get frustrated over such elementary things going wrong.
  7. Hey ya'll I just upgraded and got a 2020 AT4 and want to protect those seats from damage due to having a car seat installed in the back. Any recomendations on what I could put under the car seat to prevent the booster seat from creating a permanent indention? I appreciate any opinions or experience!
  8. On two occasions now while taking the truck out of 4WD the power seats starts to close in on me and the gas and break pedals start to move. Dealership today couldn't replicate it and I have been searching and found nothing. Am I alone on this one?
  9. Last week I noticed my passenger side powered seat on my 2017 Sierra Denali was no longer working. Just dead, switches resulted in no movement. Checked the fuse and it was blown, replaced with a spare and tried the seat again. Lower seat switch worked fine. Seat back switch worked fine. The moment I moved the lumbar support switch I saw a flash come from underneath the seat and the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse again and - nothing. The seat is now dead. The driver's seat makes a sound like a relay switching when you move the switches, but I don't even get that on the passenger seat now. Verified again that the fuse is fine, moved it to the rear sliding glass to test. Anyone have any idea what may have broken? I understand it appears I have/had a short somewhere in the lumbar support, but now the whole passenger seat seems to be dead. Is there a relay somewhere that would need to be replaced? Anyone have the powered seat wiring diagrams? Would anyone, at minimum, be able to remove their passenger side seat fuse and tell me if they hear the relay switching noise even when the fuse is removed? First post since I've always been able to find the answer here before with some creative searching, but not this time.
  10. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my truck I'm hoping someone can help me with what to do next!! Heres the specs: 2014 Silverado, 5.3l, Z71 4x4. LT double cab Mileage at purchase - 5,000 Mileage when realized issue - 7,000 Mileage at dealer visit - 9,000 Current Mileage - 16,500 I purchased the truck about 10 months ago. Within about 2 months of purchase I noticed the drivers seat had become slanted down to the left towards the window. This is the only seat in the vehicle that has this issue. All other seats sit level and are comfortable. When looking at the seat you can't see it's slanted, so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the cushion or brackets holding it up. I put up with up for about 2 months because I was new to the truck driving style and figured I was imagining it. Took it in to the local GMC dealer and asked the maintenance salesman to have someone look at it. He sat in the seat and could definitely tell it's slanted when you're sitting in it. Not imagining it. He had a mechanic take it apart and put it back together and said he couldn't find any issue. The maintenance salesman then told me "You must just lean to the left when you sit." This is absolute crap because I've been leaning with more weight on my right side to offset the imbalance and to not feel like I'm going to fall over. I think that idea would be fair game if I had the truck 8 years, not 2 months. Also, I've never had this issue with any other vehicle I've owned. The way correspondence ended with the dealer is that the maintenance salesman was going to talk to his manager and see if the bottom seat portion was covered under warranty, then the manager would get back to me. The manager never called back and each time I can never reach the manager and can not get any useful information/help. Now I've bought a next to brand new truck on with a terribly uncomfortable ride. Just buying a new seat or different vehicle simply isn't in the cards. I love the truck otherwise but I don't want to do. Any ideas? Thank you,
  11. I am replacing the bench seat in my 86 K10 to a 40/20/40 seat set. The driver side seat is electric adjustment only, not heated. Is there more to wiring the seat up other than running a new power & ground wire from the fuse panel?
  12. I recently purchased a used 2018 Yukon Denali (4x4) w/ 43k miles. I have noticed a sound/sensation combination since shortly after taking possession of it. It is a slight "clunk" that reverberates through the seat and I both hear and feel it. It FEELS like my seat track is moving 1/32" or 1/64" forwards or backwards each time I come to a stop or accelerate. It does not appear to be a lateral (side to side movement) as I do not notice it in turns. I took it into the dealer and they installed some type of retaining clip that appears to be attached to the underside of the seat. I believe this is the GM version of the "hose-clamp" fix but it has not alleviated the problem at all. (And as I said, I did not notice any lateral movement before or after this was done ). I was able to minimize the sensation by immobilizing one of the seat motors (which had some play in it) using a zip tie. The sensation of movement (or clunking) on the right side of the seat (closest to the center console)has gone away but the left side click/clunk seems to remain. I cannot find any lost parts or components under the seat though if I grab the seat as a whole and try to move it forwards and backwards on its track there is SLIGHT play and a similar sound (though it's quieter). I tried to do the same thing with the passenger seat (also powered and heated/ventilated) but it has no play/slop/movement at all and I have sat in it while driving and have not felt it at all. I have addressed the issue with the dealer but they seem to just be guessing at this point and although I have an extended warranty (the vehicle has 43k miles on it) it is a pain to use and it causes me to be without a vehicle for a day at a time usually. I have searched and searched online and cannot seem to find mention of this specific issue except on the previous generation Tahoe/Yukons and those instances seem to involve much greater amounts of seat movement (1/4"-1/2"). Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to fix this issue? Perhaps a shim or a retention screw tightening, or any bulletin or other known issue that could help me ID exactly what's going on? (I've driven other similar vehicles of similar age and have never noticed this problem before and if I don't have to live with it I'd rather not especially while I have SOME kind of warranty in place). Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, New here. I just got a used 2015 Yukon SLT and cannot get both the left and right seat haptic motors to come on at all. I did some checking and disconnected both the left and right motors and applied 12V to them and heard each of them go off just fine. However when i go into the intellilink menu, under vehicle settings, there is no option for me to change the alert type from beep to vibrate. Is this a software update of some kind? I can not find any information about this anywhere.
  14. I found this clip on YouTube of another Silverado that is exactly the same squeak I have. It's the one when a passenger is not in the seat. Has Anyone figured out how to eliminate this squeak? So far my fix is put seat back down or all the way back. Thanks all for any ideas.
  15. I bought my wife a 2019 trail boss great truck only thing is she has a hard time seeing over the dash to drive. It does not have an adjustable driver's seat for up and down. Does anyone know of any seat risers (manuel/or electric) that i can install to help her see so she can drive her truck? Thanks for any input on the topic
  16. Hey Guys, I didn't do a full write up, but wanted to compile all the links I used in one place to maybe help others. My driver side seat heater went out last year or so, and my bottom foam was absolutely shot. Even had a lean toward the door, wife and I both noticed it causing us pain on the way to Florida, so I finally stopped putting it off. Decided if I was going to do the seat heater, I was going to do the TSBs on the under side as well as the foam itself. I went back and forth on doing the OEM foam, but finally settled on attempting to upgrade it. Went with The Seat Shop option on Amazon. Very quality piece, fit like OEM, has the same connections for the tubes on the leather cover and the velcro on the bottom side leather attaches to in 2 spots. The stiffness is noticeable feeling them side by side. I feel this one will hold up better, but time will tell. Ill circle back in a year or so and report back. Parts: The Seat Shop Durofoam I bought, part number may vary slightly check for your application. Heated vs Cooled etc. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078NG3V47/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought my seat heater from the local dealer. After looking around and adding shipping the difference was negligible. I ended up with part number GM 23168136. Yours may vary depending on year, model, heated, cooled, etc. TSB parts ACDelco 10-4057 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Glycol Lubricant GM 13594989 Shim Clip GM 13405675 RETAINER-F/SEAT CUSH LATL ADJR Process: Links I used to aid in tear down and replacement below. I dont think any of these were perfect vids/write ups, but if you watch/read them all there is some great info in each. Troubleshooting the heater before you go down this road. https://youtu.be/6hDrsJakOTY Steps to remove seat and replace heater. Good tips in the text below video I agreed with as well. https://youtu.be/Xgkvn2qYSM8 Decent video showing some more context on the side seat trim. Adds some steps on the manual tilt handle as well if you have that. https://youtu.be/oDvmyX9ZlP8 Another video on removing both front seats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0u-pYdIZsg The text walk through here is fantastic, pretty step for step. Pictures were a little lacking, but combo it with the above videos and you will be well armed for this. Credit to user here: Jullian is not my name. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/209411-how-to-replace-heated-seat-element-pads/ Walk through of the TSB for the seat movement fix, I dont know that I had much issue here but for a few dollars I did it while it was out. Cant hurt. Some good cut aways and pictures to help you in general as well. Part numbers and at the bottom of this link. https://gm.oemdtc.com/600/pi1376-front-seat-lateral-movement-andor-click-type-noise-while-driving-2015-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc PDF version: https://static.oemdtc.com/TSB/SB-10072596-0335.pdf Thanks, Josh
  17. About a month ago I purchased a 16 Tahoe LTZ with 37,000 miles. My driver side seat cooling works great on both the seat and the backrest. But on my passenger side I noticed that the seat section does not cool at all only the backrest is cool on that side. I’ve compared it with the driver side and I’m convinced there is an issue. Can anyone provide some insight as to what could be wrong? Are there 2 separate fans for the backrest and the seat? What should I look for and try before I take it in for service? Thanks in advance.
  18. I have a 2017 Silverado LT with power cloth seats. Initially the drivers seat had a comfortable feel to it; nice suppport and firmness. After six months or so and a few thousand miles one day I noticed that I was not sitting at my usual height. The view out the windshield was different as well as the view out of the rear view mirror. My first thought was that the power height adjustment had changed so I raised the seat. The next day I was sitting way too high so I lowered the seat. I began checking the height position of the seat in relation to the floor mounts and discovered that it was not moving. It must be the cushion sinking. If I do not drive the truck for a few days the seat height is right where I expect it to be and the firmness is improved. After an hour or so of driving I notice that I am sitting lower. I check this by gauging the distance from top of my head to the ceiling with my fingers. The longer I am in the truck the greater this distance becomes. The change is about one to two inches. Don't drive for a day or two and height and firmness returns. I brought this to the attention of my dealer and of course they can not see anything wrong. I expect I would have to leave the truck with them for a few days. I'm thinking that one way to prove this would be to place a piece of wood on the seat then measure the height and photograph, go for a drive then measure again. What do you guys think? Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Hey! As the title mentions, I'd like to buy leather seat covers for my 2014 Silverado. My truck is a standard cab, so I only need the front seat components. I do have the center jump seat. OEM, Katzkin, Roadwire… I'd be happy with any of them. I'd prefer black or gray, but may be open to other color options. Let me know if you have anything! Thank you!
  20. Hey I'm looking to get some durable seat covers that can wash well and stay put(without sliding around). Durability is key because I have a BIG (125lb) Dog and being a Newfy/Pyrenees mix he drools a ton all over so I'm looking to get some good seat covers. (and yea i ordered those pet covers for the rear bench seats but I'd still like some cool seat covers)
  21. Coverking Cordura Ballistic Seat Covers, front and rear (2014 Double Cab). Used for 18 months, still in great condition. $250.00 for all, will not separate, buyer pays shipping from 48611.
  22. Thinking of pulling off my RB10s for a cleaner look. Post pics of drivers seat if you have a level/lift without steps and how many miles. trying to get an idea of how the K2xx seat quality is. Or just seat wear and mileage in general. I think it could be a useful thread.
  23. Has anyone installed these? They can be ordered from the Chevy accessories website. The part # is 23443854. I have cloth interior and would be for keeping my seats protected from kids, car seats, dogs, etc. Just curious about some feedback on how they fit and material type/thickness and if they're worth $295.
  24. Hey guys, I have a 2017 Sierra 2500hd denali 4x4 Bought new about 2 weeks ago and am finding when I'm climbing in and out of the truck the front seat squeaks. It sounds like the leather rubbing on something. When just driving it's fine, but shifting myself around or getting in and out there is a squeaking noise? Its driving me nuts! The cabin is next to silent except this issue... A 3500hd denali i test drove did not have this problem. Just wondering if its something simple before i go bothering my dealer.... As a side note I also have a 2017 Yukon Denali and the seats make no noise at all and side by side they are the same seat.
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