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  1. I know there are a few people out there who have already taken off the front dash panel (The panel of the dash closest to the windshield) to add felt tape to the underside of the panel to isolate vibrations. Can anyone give me a quick run down on how it was removed? Figured I would ask first before I tore into it to see if anyone learned anything during the experience. Do I need to remove the two A pillar covers first? Assuming it is only held in place with clips to the main dash. Any ideas on the best place to start prying? Your help is appreciated!
  2. That is exactly the issue! I have clamped my two from white clips or sides in pace so they cannot shift laterally. This has eliminated al of the movement issue for 2 months now. I also added washers where they added their "shim" due to finding too much slack there. I guess you could simply lube the seat up so this would slide more than clunk instead of trying to fix it in place.
  3. Recall number N140008 is for the "Overheated Exhaust Components" product safety recall related to these fires. I was told by two dealers to come in right now and get it taken care off. Looks like it was released 1/13/14 so it obviously just came out. I also have the recall that needs to be taken care of for the fuel pressure regulator..... I guess I am glad they are attempting to fix these things, but knowing what I know about modern engine control and GM being cheap that they are likely only going to derate/limit power to the engine in certain situation. It is a very standard way of eliminating issues such as these.
  4. Look for relentless seat thread and see how I fixed my seat. If you can't find it let me know.
  5. Hey Guys, quick oil question that I wanted to get a few other opinions from other 2014 owners on. I changed my oil at 5k miles with mobil 1 synthetic and put in the required 8.5 quarts/8.0 L with filter change (5.3L motor). I pulled the pug on the pan and let the oil drain for quite some time before pulling the filter and even longer after the filter was pulled off because it seem to drain forever (I like the pan design and filter location on this truck much more than my old ecoboost!!). Anyways, I was checking fluids tonight and noticed the dipstick is covered in oil above the hash marks. It seemed to be coming from the side of the dipstick guide tube, but after many attempts nothing changed. I was wondering if I am going crazy here or is there something I missed. Anyone else have this issue when checking the oil? I wasn't sure if it is a bad design or if somehow I have defied the laws of physics and the laws of internal combustion motors and somehow gained some oil. HA I even went as far as checking my receipt from the oil change and I only had a total of 9 quarts that I bought and the remaining half a quart is on my shelf. Thanks for your time guys!
  6. Just checking back in, but I haven't had any more seat movement issues after applying my fix previously described. Anyone else try it with the same success? May need to show the dealer and look for a more permanent solution.
  7. What was the service bulletin number? I was told by gm customer service that mine is included in this recall. The number I have is N130318. Any info appreciated so I know what I am getting in to.
  8. So a quick report back and it seems better after a couple of days of driving over every bump and pot hole I could find. Might try and come up with a little more per meant fix. If I could get the bottom seat cushion off I could loosen the clamp and put some electrical tape around the bar where the clamp mounts to to give it something to bite in to. Anyone know how to get the seat bottom off?
  9. Does it just stick on? Does it look cheap in person? I was thinking the aeroskin might be a good idea/look
  10. Anyone have the avs aeroskin or any bug deflector on their truck and have any pictures or opinions? Long and short of it is that the roads up north such on the winter. Any help is appreciated.
  11. So...I had some free time this afternoon and dove a little deeper into the white clamps that hold the seat bottom to the seat frame as depicted in Clarks images a few posts ago. I was wrenching around on the bottom of the seat to try and make it replicate the noise/thunk and I was able to get pretty close to the actual experience. Low and behold, if I kept one hand on that white clamp at the front of the seat just on the underside I felt it move/vibrate in unison with the noise. I am still a little weary because for me it always sounded like the noise/movement was coming from the back of the bottom seat cushion. However, I have a temporary fix to try and isolate this movement to see if that stands the test of time. I put hose clamps with rubber on the inside diameter of them on either side of the white seat clamps on the same tube the clamps wrap around (a total of 4 clamps with one on either side of each white seat mount). My purpose is to hold the white camp stationary and it seems to be working well so far. I took it for a good run around some of the roads that always cause the seat to move and nothing happened! However...time will tell as I have thought I nixed this one before.. It is kind of weird because it looks as if there is grease between the white seat mounts and the bar they are mounting/clamping to. Why would you want to grease something you are trying to keep stationary? I had my seat frame replaced once and it worked for a week or two...but came back so it seems these camps wear out after a little use and getting in and out of the truck. I have to say that replacing these white clamps that mount the seat bottom to the frame would be pretty easy for GM to do and cheap to assuming they can find something with a little more clamping force to stop the seat from moving. I will report back if it comes back any time soon
  12. Looking at those pictures one more time, it appears those bushings are on the bottom of the seat bracket and not the sides, which was my original thought. you can see the yellow seat foam and the from adjust/lifter motor in the picture I believe. I will be taking a look at some point (maybe tonight if I get a chance).
  13. Any more info on how the seat replacement helped? I am guessing it made a difference as it did for me when my seat was replaced the first time. it lasted for about a week or two and then the click noise came back first when getting in and then the seat moved. I have isolated the clicking/clunking noise when getting in, but need to figure out this seat movement issue. I guess I will take a look over the weekend and see if I can get the side seat covers off to expose this bushing/bracket you found. I would like to try and shim it just to see if this is definetly the culprit and then I can work on a soltuion from there. The reason I asked this poster where the bushing was located because my movement all seems to be in the back of the bottom part of the seat. If these bushings are at the back then I would tend to believe the theory a little more. Hoping to get some info from the poster of these pics....
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