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  1. question that i didn't see an answer for. apologies if i missed it. dropped rear 2 inches. now getting rumble at 30mph. but my truck doesn't have shims. any easy fix for me?
  2. Just wanted to add some input here because I didn't see anything posted. I have a 2020 custom 2wd crew cab. Had no shake slowing down at low speeds. Installed 2" drop shackles and now have the shake. Truck also came without any shims to rotate. Not sure what to do about the shake.
  3. Dorman 99355 Key Fob worked flawlessly for my 2018 custom. Had multiple GM dealerships tell me it wasn't possible. Random comments online said as long as you have TPM sensors, keyless entry will work. Had a dealership 3 hours away tell me they do it daily there. Rolled the dice and it worked. I ordered mine form Autozone so that I could return it for a full refund if it didn't work.
  4. Dorman product number 99355 worked for my 2018 Custom trim. Ordered from Autozone. Programmed the fob in my driveway. https://www.autozone.com/electrical-and-lighting/keyless-entry-alarm-remote-control/dorman-keyless-entry-alarm-remote-control/857964_188851_16594
  5. Awww man, this is a huge bummer. Was following your build because I wanted to do something similar. I'll probably just hold off on any audio mods until someone makes something affordable, or a couple years go by and I just get a new truck, lol. Damnit.
  6. Added factory keyless entry to my 2018 Custom for $75. After every dealership around me told me it was impossible.
  7. So in my 2018 Custom with AU3 code, all I would need is keyfobs and a reprogram from the dealer? I asked the dealership to add keyless entry and they charged me $275 and install a crap aftermarket one.
  8. Great news! Thank you! I was at the point where I was going to pick up a new steering wheel just for the leather upgrade, so this is awesome.
  9. Hmmm, ok. Thanks for the response. With all my googling and searching, I kept getting an adapter from PAC that showed up when searching for IOB steering wheel controls. Looks like this adapter is specifically for the IOB (and IOA) radio builds, which was giving me hope. https://pac-audio.com/catalog/radio-replacement/rp5-gm52-har?search_query=rp5-gm51&results=4 I'm getting keyless entry added by the dealership on Friday. While I'm there, I'll venture off to the service department and see if they know anything. Not holding my breath.
  10. Hi guys, just got a new 2018 Custom that came with the IOB radio and basic steering wheel (bah!). Read the whole thread a couple times and didn't see the exact question I have. Sorry if I missed it. In order to have radio controls at the wheel, would I still need a new cluster and custom programming with an upgraded steering wheel and an aftermarket radio?? I've seen answers for the IO5 upgrade, but I didn't see anything with an aftermarket. Thanks.
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