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  1. After Market Grille

    Thank you.
  2. After Market Grille

    Yup and it busted the first day so I am returning it and do not recommend it. I was looking for the LTZ grille with no luck do you have a part number or maybe a link to it?
  3. After Market Grille

    very nice where did you get the LTZ girlle?
  4. After Market Grille

    very nice where did you get the LTZ girlle?
  5. Peragon bed covers.

    All good points I never thought of thank you.
  6. Anyone look into any of the bolt on options yet? I think I might go that route.
  7. Anyone have or know someone that has a Peragon bed cover? I am thinking of getting one or if they know of one like it. https://www.peragon.com/ephp/trucks/view/Chevrolet/Silverado/2019/G4-QC
  8. Thank you. I did not have to run spacers. I was told these rims are some of the new sized rims they are making for the 19.
  9. For the most part, I think they did. I did have an issue with it a few weeks ago where it was not even charging my phone but it has not happened since.
  10. I put some 24s on her.
  11. After Market Grille

    I have the chrome LT grille. It has no scratches just a lot of bugs that need to be washed off.
  12. Chrome molding

    Can someone post a link on where people are buying these from, please. I just want to make sure I get the right ones.
  13. Not sure if people have seen this but I ordered it today and am looking forward to seeing how it looks. I want the LTZ grille look but short of getting an LTZ grille, I do not know how to make that happen. This is a good alternative for now I guess. https://www.carid.com/t-rex/4-pc-silver-horizontal-tubular-main-grille-mpn-6211236.html?singleid=1769607093&url=122988831
  14. Chevy forms

    I love this Forum but I was wondering if any of you use other Forums? Just to browse some of the other things people have asked and so on.

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