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  1. Cellphone mount.

    I've been trying to find one that will securely sit in the cubbie below the radio that also has a wire for android auto. No luck so far.
  2. Chris, I've had you guys do a couple of things for both of my G8s back in the day. I am definitely interested in adding this cluster and HUD to my '19 Trail Boss soon! Great work! I had also read that for HUD to work properly the entire windshield would have to be replaced. Is there any truth to that?
  3. Whatever factory is. 275/65R18 I believe
  4. My parking garage at work is also 6'10". I have a Trail Boss and with the lift my antennae hit every support as well. I eventually just got a slightly shorter factory style antennae.
  5. Nav Upgrade

    Gotcha. Thanks for the info!
  6. Nav Upgrade

    Wait. Did you not have to have the authorization code for it?
  7. GM Accessories Dash Cam

    I would love something like that.
  8. Front Plate

    Nope. All of it goes into the lower bumper.
  9. Front Plate

    I live in Texas but I bought my TB in Kansas. They gave me the front plate kit and I installed it this past weekend myself. The kit comes with 4 rivets. I bought a $12 Rivet gun from Amazon and the process could not have been simpler. I taped the plate to the lower bumper then i drilled the 4 pilot holes. 3/16" I believe. Then I riveted the 4 rivets into the 4 holes. Fairly straight forward and simple.
  10. Any had any experience with this kit? GM Dash Cam It seem interesting and possibly worth it. It says it has built in ADAS so I'm curious what all that might add to the functionality of the vehicle seeing as this system actually plugs into the OBDII plug and communicates with the onboard computer. Thoughts?
  11. I have those rubber mats and the carpeted storage in my TB. The mats go under the storage. The dealer had to take the storage out, put the mats in then put the storage back in.
  12. Rear View MIrror Options

    Wow. Which mirror is that for? I assume its the camera one.
  13. Rear View MIrror Options

    From what Redwngr provided above... Base mirror (no upgrades shown as available) D31 Mirror, inside rearview, manual tilt Std on LTZ and HC DD8 Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming Optional on LTZ and HC DRZ Rear Camera Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming with full camera display 1 - Included and only available with (CWM) Technology Package. Not available with (UVI) Trailer Camera Package. It looks like we currenlty have the D31. I would want to upgrade to the at least the DD8. I highly doubt that DRZ would be compatible. I'm not sure what camera that rear view uses. 3rd tail light camera maybe? I have the trailer package on my TB so I wouldn't be sure at all.
  14. Rear View MIrror Options

    Awesome. I'm anxious to see what you come up with. I think first thing to do is to see if the wiring is up there to support his.
  15. I really want to get that nudge bar too, but my the parking sensors are useless with the bar installed.

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