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  1. If it's at the front of the headliner that one is for the autodim.
  2. I'm wanting to do this as well. Do you happen to have the part number for the light with the camera?
  3. It's there. Make sure you select Chevrolet trucks and vans. Not just Chevrolet.
  4. I dont have any experience with them but check out http://www.rostra.com/
  5. The white sierra's nudge bar seems to have holes for the parking sensors but the That's not a T1.
  6. Nice! Where did you get it? Do you have a part number?
  7. Next thing I'd like to find out is if the wiring for the illuminated visors are up there too. Any one taking a look soon?
  8. So I finally had time to do mine yesterday. Like others have said, the hardest part is removing the black cover behind the mirror. It's in two pieces. I was able to get the larger piece loose relatively easy. But the smaller part, which needs to come apart separately to remove the mirror, was very difficult. I actually ended up accidentally breaking some of the tabs, however, there are enough tabs that it still went back to normal. Next I tried to pull the garage door/onstar panel down. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS. I also ended up taking down both ends of the visor mounts. I'm not sure if this is absolutely necessary. Once the mirror and the black cover are removed from the windshield you will see a hole in the head liner, put a finger in the whole and move towards the passenger side of the truck. After a few inches you will feel a plug. It's glued up there but with some encouragement you can get it down. Feed the plug through the hole, plug it into the new mirror and put everything back together. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT THE SMALL BLACK COVER PIECE BACK INTO THE LARGE BLACK COVER PIECE. Enjoy the auto-dim mirror life.
  9. I'm having trouble removing the black trim piece. Any advice??
  10. What are people using for bike racks in the bed? I'd prefer the bed over the hitch. Thanks
  11. I wonder what else is like that. Are the wires there for the power folding mirrors? The memory seats? All of that would definitely make making these small upgrades easier and cheaper.
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