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  1. That's what I was afraid of. I even doubt that the provided jack would be able to lift the tire off the ground from the frame location you mention. I'll have to wait.
  2. I went to tackle this exact project this afternoon but the jack I have (non-gm) couldn't get the tire completely off the ground. I tried to wedge the springs with a flat head per instructions and they would not budge. I am assuming I need the tire completely off the ground. That being said I'll be trying the GM supplied jack tomorrow as I ran out of time today. So I have a question for you... Per the Owners Manual it says to use the GM Jack on the axle between the differential and the shock. Is this what you did?
  3. Can anyone in DFW recommend someone to install the readylift level kit or the SST kit?
  4. I wonder if they will ever release these in Satin Steel. I'd rather do that than take them somewhere to get painted.
  5. I wish. My optima had the same thing you speak and it was great. I know you can hold the lock button on the fob and it will fold them in but there is no way to automatically fold and unfold when locking/unlocking.
  6. Is there a setting that specifies how quickly the truck will attempt to resume normal speed after slowing down? When using the ACC it seems to floor it to try and get back up to speed. I had a 2016 Optima with ACC and you could choose fast, medium or slow.
  7. Awesome. Thanks! There are 2 places near me that have DEF at the pump. A Buccee's and a Pilot. Do you think these would be able the same quality?
  8. I just bought a used 2021 AT4 with the 3.0 with about 3,800 miles. This is my first diesel but I have read a ton of documentation, forums and Facebook groups specific to the 3.0 Duramax. When I got the truck I scrolled through all of the information in the DIC. I noticed that the DEF gauge is a about a third full. I figured the previous owner may have done a lot of towing with it because at 3,800 miles it should not be that low. Am I correct in that assumption? Should I go ahead and fill it up or wait until the truck tells me to? How much do I fill it? Until full? Thanks!
  9. I need to get some more information on this. Are you saying that I can get my WAZE specific directions to display o the DIC between my speedometer and my RPM gauge? Which app are you giving the permissions to?
  10. I like it and I want it, but I also like my front parking sensors.
  11. I want this bar so bad, but apparently if you have the front parking sensors you have to disable them when installing the bar.
  12. It literally just plugs in. They may have only noticed the larger harness. But there are no modifications needed to the mirror harness.
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