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  1. Rear View MIrror Options

    Wow. Which mirror is that for? I assume its the camera one.
  2. Rear View MIrror Options

    From what Redwngr provided above... Base mirror (no upgrades shown as available) D31 Mirror, inside rearview, manual tilt Std on LTZ and HC DD8 Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming Optional on LTZ and HC DRZ Rear Camera Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming with full camera display 1 - Included and only available with (CWM) Technology Package. Not available with (UVI) Trailer Camera Package. It looks like we currenlty have the D31. I would want to upgrade to the at least the DD8. I highly doubt that DRZ would be compatible. I'm not sure what camera that rear view uses. 3rd tail light camera maybe? I have the trailer package on my TB so I wouldn't be sure at all.
  3. Rear View MIrror Options

    Awesome. I'm anxious to see what you come up with. I think first thing to do is to see if the wiring is up there to support his.
  4. I really want to get that nudge bar too, but my the parking sensors are useless with the bar installed.
  5. Rear View MIrror Options

    On my radio I believe the temp is on the bottom.
  6. Rear View MIrror Options

    Yes they are. However I use Android Auto almost 100% of the time. Which does not show temperature. If they had the temp in the DIC that woul dbe better but sadly it's not there either.
  7. Rear View MIrror Options

    They are just below the home link buttons I believe. In the same panel as the interior lights.
  8. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    I'm also interested in the Nav. What needs to be done?
  9. Anyone know how difficult it would be to upgrade the rear view mirror? My trail boss came with a "dumb" mirror. No auto dim, no compass, no onstar, no temp read out, nothing. I'd like to at least have auto dimming, compass, and temp read out. Rear view mirror camera would nice too. Is there any chance that the wiring is already there for it and I just need to simply replace the mirror and plug it in? I've seen a lot of aftermarket options and some of them look pretty neat, but for the most part they attach to the existing mirror and I'd like to find something that is as close as possible to stock looking. Thanks!
  10. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    I agree with every single little thing you said. And I am also in the DFW Area. More on the FW side though. I purchased a Red Trail Boss with Safety and Leather packages a couple of weeks ago. Another small gripe is the dumbed down rear view mirror. I'd like to upgrade what I have to at least have a compass,temp read out and auto dimmer. And as far as the antenna goes, I park in a parking garage in downtown Fort Worth. This terrified me at first, trying to park a Trail Boss in there. The maximum clearance in the garage is 6' 10". I think I come in at about 6' 6". Give or take. Having that antenna worked as kind of a safety for me. I have since put on a slightly shorter one, but it does help know where I can go and where I can't.
  11. Were you ever able to find the proper fuse to tap into to?
  12. I got real lucky with mine. They had a scuff mark on the driver side one so they gave them to me for free.
  13. Picked her up this past weekend!

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