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  1. I did a check for it this morning, says my system is up to date already...
  2. 1 - seats/wheel/climate yes turn on based on outside temp.... I haven't seen the windows come on yet, not sure if there is a setting. 2- dunno about this one - I have the GMC, so no option for power-up. 3 - Lots of people have concerns - not long enough to determine in reality though. You can turn it off with a dash button and there are accessories you can buy to turn it off permanently if needed. 4 - Yes, you have DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) - look it up.. there are 17 different cylinder configurations your engine can be set in.. it isn't just a on/off of a few cylinders... it changes constantly. 5 - Yes, there should be an icon on the DIC (dash screen) showing you which mode you are in.. little trailer for Tow, racing flag for Sport....
  3. I always carried a hammer in my old Diesel VW Dasher.... got me out of quite a few jams... even better, always tried to park on a hill whenever I could
  4. Touch screen controls in a moving vehicle are not appropriate in my opinion. When driving, tactile feel and feedback makes it easier to do things without looking. If I have to tap down several menus to control things, I'm going to have to look at the screen - taking my eyes off the road. I'm a tech guy by trade and love touch screens when used in the proper scenario. However, a vehicle dash is not that place - give me knobs and buttons for the frequently used stuff.... Speaking of frequently used stuff - the bottom row of icons on the infotainment screen should be programmable- I should be able to put the 4 or 5 things I use most often there rather than take what GM thinks I should have there
  5. Did you stop in the middle of the road to get that photo? Or do you have a drone flying with you for photo-ops?
  6. It finally got actually "cold" here - 37 degrees this morning... remote started... heater was on, steering wheel was hot, my seat was luke warm.... I think they don't turn it on all the way... I know once I turn it on with 3 bars, in a few minutes my backside is roasting... so I think maybe it is just the 1st bar- just enough to knock the frost off the seat....
  7. My Brake Life seems to be reporting ok... still very high... Does anybody have the actual TSB numbers for any of these?
  8. I've hand washed a few times, but I usually just go to the local gas station, which has the only "touchless" wash nearby... I'm not ready for that big blue octopus of nasty dirty 100x used felt washers to be beating the crap out of my paint job.....
  9. Is there an "easy" list of TSBs anywhere? I've done searches and the lists end up being so long and not filtered by VIN that I have a hard time determining what is appropriate for my truck... I'm going in for my 1 free oil change soon and want to make sure all the appropriate other stuff is looked at - 2 for sure I want looked at: --Transmission fluid (I have a 2/19 build) --Rear Window leak Of course the seatbelt pretensioner recall (recalls at least show up in my owner page...)
  10. Best I can tell, at least in my 2019 SLT - the hard wire connections are there.. there is a connector behind the license plate that should be for a camera, and from 3rd hand information it seems the cabling is in the door/mirror for the side view trailering cameras... so if you can get the cameras, great... what you'd be missing is the programming for the head unit to actually recognize them... the dealer will most likely *not* do this. Our only hope is to get somebody like WAMS to program it up for us
  11. My wife told me the same thing.... When the boss says it's ok, it's ok
  12. You can get it from the my.gmc.com webpage though
  13. As far as I know, the 2019 has fewer camera inputs... so with Technology, you get the Front camera, which removes the ability to use the trailer camera... Not sure how that works with the same head unit though - must have an external video controller handling the inputs...
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