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  1. The thread title is super misleading... that is not a "dent"
  2. On my Sierra SLT I don't believe the DRLs get turned off during blinkers.... Not sure if they are rated bright enough to not be distracting, so they don't turn off, or what the difference is... but they stay on.
  3. Found out if you are super low on gas, you get a "LOW" on the DIC - was showing about 30 miles to go, and then this popped up.... squeezed 23 Gallons in.....
  4. Manual mentions the wireless charger provides 3A... I don't see any mention of the specs of the wired ports though. If you are looking for fast charging, I would suggest getting a 12V accessory plug, or something to go into the 110v outlet...
  5. I'd take the front grill (without the HD lettering) for my SLT
  6. Check the wording... "Connected Access" is free for 10 years. "Connected Services" are a fee... Connected Access gives you the monthly status report, reminders on Service, and Smart Driver....
  7. Just browsing the GMC site, looking at the pictures of the 2020 with the Towing mirrors.... found an interesting configuration.. wonder how this mounts to the door....
  8. This would go well in a converted Diesel... friend of mine used to run fryer oil in his 78 Mercedes 300D as fuel.. not sure if he also lubricated with it though.
  9. Many people think your normal beams are high beams since they are so bright (at least my GMC ones are!)... But yes, the button on the end of the turn signal/wiper stalk will turn off intelibeam....
  10. I did a check for it this morning, says my system is up to date already...
  11. 1 - seats/wheel/climate yes turn on based on outside temp.... I haven't seen the windows come on yet, not sure if there is a setting. 2- dunno about this one - I have the GMC, so no option for power-up. 3 - Lots of people have concerns - not long enough to determine in reality though. You can turn it off with a dash button and there are accessories you can buy to turn it off permanently if needed. 4 - Yes, you have DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) - look it up.. there are 17 different cylinder configurations your engine can be set in.. it isn't just a on/off of a few cylinders... it changes constantly. 5 - Yes, there should be an icon on the DIC (dash screen) showing you which mode you are in.. little trailer for Tow, racing flag for Sport....
  12. I always carried a hammer in my old Diesel VW Dasher.... got me out of quite a few jams... even better, always tried to park on a hill whenever I could
  13. Touch screen controls in a moving vehicle are not appropriate in my opinion. When driving, tactile feel and feedback makes it easier to do things without looking. If I have to tap down several menus to control things, I'm going to have to look at the screen - taking my eyes off the road. I'm a tech guy by trade and love touch screens when used in the proper scenario. However, a vehicle dash is not that place - give me knobs and buttons for the frequently used stuff.... Speaking of frequently used stuff - the bottom row of icons on the infotainment screen should be programmable- I should be able to put the 4 or 5 things I use most often there rather than take what GM thinks I should have there
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