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  1. Honestly, I rarely use my truck for trucky things... but when the city offered up free compost, I was all over it Drove over to the lot where they had a nice pile of super smelly compost/dirt (bed still smells like a dairy farm 2 weeks later)... shoveled a bed full... took it home, shoveled it out... Now, my tailgate is full of dirt/compost. I've pressure washed the thing, through some of the exterior holes, etc... but there is still dirt rattling around in there. Do I just need to be resigned to have dirt in my tailgate? Is this my badge of honor for using my truck like a truck?
  2. Ok, so I slapped these puppies in on Friday, and I can concur - while normal driving doesn't seem to be affected, any bump has a noticeable change. Speed bumps, where the back end would bounce 3 or 4 times, now does 1 bounce and done. So much nicer Now I need to do the fronts - might pay somebody to do those so I don't have to mess with spring compression....
  3. I recall this being a topic a couple years ago - GM took away the ability to get Text notifications with the standard infotainment. It is a stupid removal if you ask me. Only workaround that I have found is to plug in and make sure Android Auto is loaded - then AA (and I assume CP) will provide the notifications.
  4. Ok, so I know this has probably been answered in this thread (or elsewhere) - but I can't find it now... There are varying opinions around the web - but which way do you install the 5100s in the rear? Boot side up, or down? I would think with boot down it would hold all the gunk in there since it is an open boot... so Up makes sense, but I read a lot that say boot side down... Then I read make sure the label is right side up... I'm so confused...
  5. We have a thing for white vehicles around here.... The Fusion (I tried to call it "Jazz" or "Cuisine" - but my kid doesn't like either... it has no name) The Kia - goes by a bunch of names, Ling-Ling, Telly, Kojak, The Panda.... The GMC - Moby The VW - The Tiguana
  6. I've seen reports of folks with dead batteries in the morning though - so I unplug the trailer overnight just in case
  7. After my little trailer incident - they are going to end up replacing the drivers side box panel and the bumper.. any reason to ask to keep any of the parts? Maybe to sell on my own to a junk yard or anything like that? I'm going to ask for the X31 badge as they said they are replacing that - just for fun
  8. Wonder how hard it would be to get my dealer to do this... Any TSB?
  9. Nah - need the box to hold stuff... we took it off, took a couple hammers to it.. didn't get any pictures, but doesn't look terrible considering the tools we had...
  10. Yeah .. practice, and focus. My mistake here was taking my eyes off what I was doing.
  11. Yup... Can barely open it now. Gonna take a hammer to it today I think...
  12. So I am the world's biggest idiot. I'm already not very good at backing up, so when I missed my turn off and decided to back up, I should have put more focus on what the trailer was doing .... Ended up jack knifing the thing and squashing my left rear and the storage box on the trailer.... I am wicked stupid.....
  13. Question on install - The rear 5100s are expected to be super easy to install - I've heard that don't even have to jack the truck up, unbolt, remove, install, rebolt.... To do front - 5100 or 6112 - what is the effort required to install? Is it something a reasonably comfortable mechanic can do at home.. (do I need spring compressors?) Would I need a realignment, etc? Is it better to just take it to a pro?
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