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  1. Thanks for finding this.... Looks like you already have to have a VSP - since I don't have UVI to start with, only UVB (HD Back up cam) - I probably don't have a VSP behind the seat.... although I suppose I could look
  2. I would think it would be a good indicator to have on the DIC somewhere - open or closed shutters....
  3. I would love a 12 foot screen .... or even the 8 foot - but not sure there is enough room inside the cabin for that
  4. This doesn't seem to be available on the 2019s... has anybody been successful in adding side view cameras to their mirrors?
  5. Took the fam up the hill to look at the Aspen trees, get a little fishing in....
  6. Yes - Task Lighting - manual can describe how to use them, but you have to be stopped, and there is a button on the panel on the left of the steering wheel... Useful for spotlighting teenagers getting to close...
  7. I'm no offroader, but I'm guessing if you continued forward off that rock you could do some serious damage to your rocker.... best to back off, yes?
  8. There is a video out there somewhere with an engineer having a box hooked up - it changes so much it would be hard to watch real-time, very distracting... I thought I'd want to know, but the more I drive the truck, the more I realize I don't care
  9. I've been wondering when I would use the Task Lights on the back of outside mirrors... Just haven't seen much use for them... until the other day... Brought my kid's girlfriend home, and as he walked her to the door, their porch light was not on... they lingered a bit longer than I felt comfortable with, so I closed the mirrors and turned on the task lights... lit up the front of the house quite well I don't think my son was amused heheh
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