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  1. Fascinating that they mix Chevy and GMC at the same as evidenced in the last scene... I would have thought they would do a run of one, then the other - but I guess they are similar enough that it doesn't matter...
  2. I really dig the Elevation Grille.... I'm totally thinking of getting color matched Summit White one for my SLT..... Anybody want a Chrome Grille?
  3. So I read this as in general, Sierra drivers are pretty good, other GMC drivers not so much, and California drivers suck....
  4. Do you have any feedback on how well they work over the stock ones?
  5. I'm guessing this doesn't work with the T1s.... the 2019 inclusion there is for the Limited... note it needs IO5 or IO6 radio....
  6. It is set based on the tires installed at the factory according to a recent thread....
  7. Maybe not a cool feature, but interesting... I notice that the T1s moved the side mirrors to the actual door panel instead of the window triangle. Not sure why I noticed that, but now that I have, I see it in every car on the road... seems majority of vehicles have them mounted in the triangle... but a few others have door mounted mirrors... I'm sure they had their reasons.....
  8. That may be true, but I for one don't care what others think or say about my footwear... sometimes I want something a little warm, and want to slide my shoes on... good combination...
  9. Interesting, because you can't add the Technology package to an SLT on the web configurator... I would love to add the front camera to my SLT - Just not sure I can find the parts.... BTW @yoda2 - you have the cameras in your mirrors, yes? Can you take some detailed pics of the underside of the mirror? I'm trying to figure out if I can add those cameras somehow....
  10. Are you sure that is an SLT with the front camera mounted? I didn't think there was an option to get a front camera on SLT - only on AT4 or Denali....
  11. Most of the AT4s at the lowest cost dealer around here are showing ~$9k below MSRP - give or take depending on specific options
  12. I can still see where the Window Sticker was placed in my driver side rear window, and in the front window, the CA temp registration left some wicked tape residue... Standard window cleaner is not getting it off... Any suggestions?
  13. I had a 25 mile average of 34.5mpg on my 5.3... but that was almost exclusively a solid downhill run......
  14. Is that with one of the V8s, or a smaller engine?
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