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  1. Folsom Lake, outside Sacramento, CA Water level is down quite a bit unfortunately... but hopefully the latest few storms have dropped enough snow to bring us back....
  2. After many months, finally cleaned off the boat and did a bit of fishing... as usual, my wife (who is by far the better fisher-person) caught 2, I caught none - but it was a nice day on the lake
  3. Excerpts from the Manual below - So it looks like yes, it will come on above 35mph.. only way to keep it off is to be in 4WD-Low From page 27 of my Sierra Manual Traction Control/ Electronic Stability Control The vehicle has a Traction Control System (TCS) that limits wheel spin and the StabiliTrak/Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system that assists with directional control of the vehicle in difficult driving conditions. Both systems come on automatically when the vehicle is started and begins to move. . To turn off TCS, press and release g on the center stack. The traction off light i displays in the instrument cluster. The appropriate Driver Information Center (DIC) message displays. . To turn off both TCS and StabiliTrak/ESC, press and hold g until i and g illuminate GMC Sierra/Sierra Denali Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada/ Mexico-1500-11698638) - 2019 - CRC - 3/5/19 28 In Brief in the instrument cluster and the appropriate DIC message displays. . Press and release g again to turn on both systems. StabiliTrak/ESC will automatically turn on if the vehicle exceeds 56 km/h (35 mph). Traction control will remain off. Then from page 247 When the transfer case (if equipped) is in Four-Wheel Drive Low, the stability system is automatically disabled, g comes on, and the appropriate message will appear on the Driver Information Center (DIC). Both traction control and StabiliTrak/ ESC are automatically disabled in this condition.
  4. Yes, but it would take the Software group 6 months to write a Product Requirement Update and get it ratified, and the Q/A testing group another 6 months to make sure the code the programmer put it didn't break anything else. (yes, I work in Software)
  5. I'm guessing you meant to say "hissing" sound... its the fuel pump priming....
  6. I like mine... I like the look of the coating - you can still see the fold seams but they aren't hugely pronounced. It isn't 100% water tight, a bit of water gets inside the bed, but then again, the tailgate isn't 100% sealed either. Only issue I've had was out of the box 1 of the clips to hold the support rods up was broken. I called them and they send a whole bag of them... apparently they break a lot. It's a pretty weak part... The rest of it is great, no issues at all.
  7. If you are looking at the actual truck on the dealer lot, there is a sticker inside the drivers door that gives you all the information you need for towing... Looks something like this...
  8. does it ride stock height? or are you lifted?
  9. I think is a ploy to get you to drive the newer vehicle and plant the seeds of a new purchase... not much help on 2019 to 2020, but if you were driving a 2015 or something, then you drive the 2020 and get excited about a new ride... win for the dealer...
  10. So they finished up on Wednesday-- They did find a leak in the rear window, performed the TSB with new adhesive ... we'll see if it hold up. They did tell me not to wash the truck for at least 48 hours. They did nothing to the transmission - couldn't replicate - which isn't surprising. I did get the feeling that along with the 10 speed, the 3.42 rear end made the truck feel a bit more peppy than the 3.23... not sure if that is placebo or not, but it seemed that way... The '20 wasn't exciting enough to trade my '19 in Although I am considering changing out the X31 shocks for something different.....
  11. So I finally got around to my first "free" service with the dealer (I know some of you abhor your dealer and refuse to let them touch the truck... but lets leave that aside)... while I was in, they are doing the 3 open recalls and I mentioned the 8speed tranny issues as well as the window leak - even giving them the TSB docs... Service agent said it would be a stretch to finish in 1 day, but they'd give it a shot (This was on Monday)... First off, major shout out for the shuttle ride - they normally only go out like 15 miles, I'm more like 20 and they gave me a ride to work, which was cool. Mid-day Monday he calls, saying they are backed up and no way they finish.. can we keep the truck overnight.. Sure, no problem.. I can handle another day. Tuesday morning, calls and says they probably aren't going to finish today either, but they have a loaner for me if I want it... great.. need to be able to transport kids and stuff..... Meanwhile, he explains the transmission guy has had the truck for 3+ hours and can't replicate any issues relating to 19-NA-121... Not surprising really. The guy looking at the rear window doesn't see the normal signs of the leaky rear window (to be fair, I told them I've only seen a few streaks of water on the inside of the window during a car wash... not like others here) - so they are probably buttoning that one back up.... Driving the loaner I've been trying to determine differences between the 2 trucks... mine is 2019 SLT X31 5.3 8sp., the loaner a 2020 SLT 5.3 10sp with Max Tow.. - Obvious differences in the XM radio, few other minor changes in the dash.. but I can definitely feel the difference in the 10sp transmission... very smooth.. although I can still get it hard shift under hard uphill acceleration... and there is clearly something different in the ride quality but I can't quite put my finger on it or describe it... I can't really say if it is "better".. but it is different.... So now Wednesday we'll see if they finish today or not.....
  12. New one on me today - coldest day of the year so far here in the valley... (not cold compared to most other places, but ~30F).. I remote started the truck ... got in, hit the start button and on the DIC was displayed a message (paraphrased) "Ice Possible, Drive Carefully"... Really no chance of Ice... but an interesting message
  13. Towed uphill for 70 miles, then back down (~200 feet to 5800 or so)... so MPG actually came out better than I expected.. ended up something in the range of 12.5MPG... Affected a bit by 4High for the first few miles on the way back down, then 4 Auto for a bit.... Box Trailer, probably in the 3000 pound range.. full of Scout Gear.. 5.3L X31
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