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  1. We have a thing for white vehicles around here.... The Fusion (I tried to call it "Jazz" or "Cuisine" - but my kid doesn't like either... it has no name) The Kia - goes by a bunch of names, Ling-Ling, Telly, Kojak, The Panda.... The GMC - Moby The VW - The Tiguana
  2. I've seen reports of folks with dead batteries in the morning though - so I unplug the trailer overnight just in case
  3. After my little trailer incident - they are going to end up replacing the drivers side box panel and the bumper.. any reason to ask to keep any of the parts? Maybe to sell on my own to a junk yard or anything like that? I'm going to ask for the X31 badge as they said they are replacing that - just for fun
  4. Wonder how hard it would be to get my dealer to do this... Any TSB?
  5. Nah - need the box to hold stuff... we took it off, took a couple hammers to it.. didn't get any pictures, but doesn't look terrible considering the tools we had...
  6. Yeah .. practice, and focus. My mistake here was taking my eyes off what I was doing.
  7. Yup... Can barely open it now. Gonna take a hammer to it today I think...
  8. So I am the world's biggest idiot. I'm already not very good at backing up, so when I missed my turn off and decided to back up, I should have put more focus on what the trailer was doing .... Ended up jack knifing the thing and squashing my left rear and the storage box on the trailer.... I am wicked stupid.....
  9. Question on install - The rear 5100s are expected to be super easy to install - I've heard that don't even have to jack the truck up, unbolt, remove, install, rebolt.... To do front - 5100 or 6112 - what is the effort required to install? Is it something a reasonably comfortable mechanic can do at home.. (do I need spring compressors?) Would I need a realignment, etc? Is it better to just take it to a pro?
  10. I can't help there, but does that mean you are getting rid of tech package regular mirrors (with Cameras, blind spot, etc)? Been trying to figure out how to add cameras to the mirrors... Only way I've found so far is Intellihaul..
  11. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread - but this was a fantastic write up! A thought occurred to me, and I haven't seen it addressed anywhere - did you think about removing the Bose subwoofer enclosure from the center console and using that space for any of the electronics, given space behind the seat is so tight?
  12. Industry standard to require different mirror types for the same package on different trims with no option to change? Not sure about that. I briefly scanned the Ford configurator and it didn't seem like that was the case there....
  13. Ok, so I thought you went through a lot of work on your system - but then I read this thread:
  14. So I'm not really in the market for a new truck, my 2019 SLT is still serving me quite well. But the one thing I wish I had was the HD Surround vision system - we have similar on our new Telluride and it would help so much on the big truck. So for fun I checked out the 2021 configurator - and now (unlike 2019) the Technology package is available on the SLT. *however* - it requires the gargantuan towing mirrors... on AT4 you can get Technology with standard mirrors. What gives?? Why would they do that?
  15. So you went from basically 6+sub to 8+sub system... nice. Excellent work.
  16. Ok, the key question - how does it sound? Do you feel it was worth that amount of work? My ears are not what they once were, so a lot of nuance in a high end system is lost on me..... Did moving the dash tweeters up and pointing them out make a big difference? (I suppose you wouldn't know for sure without mounting them in the original position first...)
  17. In both my other vehicles that had AWD or 4 wheel Auto mode, they had a graph on the screen that showed approx how much power was being distributed to each wheel... (or set of wheels I suppose). Its a bit gimmicky but I like cool gimmicky displays of random data (I still want a live DFM display) - Is there any way to get that on the DIC when in 4 Auto?
  18. Lots of threads recommending the 5100 series of Shocks... I tried searching and didn't find any specific comments comparing to the 4600. If I have a stock height Sierra SLT with X31. Would the 5100s give me anything over the 4600 if I'm not planning on any lift?
  19. GMC keeps sending me emails reminding me to buy the new Map update - $50 off and free shipping. I don't use the onboard nav all that often, usually use Android Auto/Google Maps. Has anybody done the update? Anything that makes it worth spending $99 for infrequent use?
  20. No, I haven't. I was actually hoping someone else would and give me a review I really want to add full 360 Surround view, but I don't think the Intellihaul gives that. I'd like to add the factory cameras to the bottom of the mirrors but I can't find that anywhere. I checked in with MVI (gm-navigation).. as @andrewb24 mentioned, they have a module for just front camera, but they did say they are working on a full camera system as well - but I have no idea how long....
  21. You can get front camera as part of the Intellihaul add on for Trailering cameras https://echomaster.com/intellihaul-2-0/
  22. Has anybody actually installed this? I'm considering it for my 2019 Sierra SLT (adding the optional front camera as well) - but wondering about anybody's personal experience....
  23. When I was a kid, my dad never wore his seatbelt - but his 71 Beetle would buzz constantly with no buckle. So he just buckled it behind the seat and left it there....
  24. Do you have access to the truck? Inside the drivers door B pillar there is a sticker with all that information about your particular truck. Mine is also a 2019 4wd CC short. GVWR is 7100 pounds, Curb weight is 5456. GCWR is 15,000. Max Tongue is 940 pounds, which would indicate a 9400 pound max tow. Max Payload is 1644. If you were to actually hit max Payload though, with a 9400 pound trailer, you would be at a combined 16,500.
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