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  1. Finding proof of it being in the Wuhan Lab will be impossible - does anyone really think China would preserve and present any evidence of that? Further, any evidence to the contrary will be paraded by the Chinese, if not fabricated. Regardless of their motives, I suspect the least of which would be to save face, the Chinese will do everything in their power to hide a lab leak. The virus has been out now for a considerable time and has spread far and wide, finding it in or its variants in nature was bound to happen. In my opinion the circumstantial evidence is too great for this to be all natural. A bat virus magically - I mean naturally - appears, that has never been seen before, right down the road from a lab specifically, famously, working on bat viruses with lab technicians sick with symptoms of the new virus. Would it be that hard for someone in the know to recognize what has happened and contaminate a food market to deflect blame? There is not a doubt in my mind the virus came from that lab, I just wonder how it got out.
  2. 1/2 x 200 = 100 0 x 100 = 0 0 does not equal 100 /\ I'm just teasing about that... I think you are getting at that in the future the amount of ICE vehicles will remain relatively constant or comparable to present quantities. I disagree because they will eventually be discarded as the wear out, break and get crashed. We WILL reach a peak ICE vehicle number and it WILL decline after that; at that point fueling them will only get more difficult. That could be 100 years in the future or 10 - I don't know, nor am I speculating... kind of like leaded gasoline. I'm sure it used to be easy to find, cheap, etc. Try finding it now.
  3. If I'm doing a cam swap, I'm going to hit all the valvetrain with upgrades. Intake and throttle body aren't going to be big power sources. However those are pretty easy to do - as part of a full bolt-on process, tune, headers, CAI, intake manifold and throttle body, exhaust, maybe some bigger injectors, colder t-stat for more aggressive tuning. That should be a pretty potent engine without pulling heads.
  4. I think the long term fuel sources are also tied to our homes - how many are heated with natural gas, propane and heating oil? Plus look at all the infrastructure tied to those industries. They are going anywhere anytime soon, but as demand lessens for unleaded and then eventually diesel, it will become harder to find and more expensive to buy. When 1/2 the cars seen on the road are electric - you think fuel will be on every street corner? That being said, I agree with the above - I'm not opposed to electric, so long as I can tow an RV 500-750 miles and be at my destination in less than 12 hours then readily re-fuel - err charge - fine. As was said though it'll be a long time (if ever) before those out of the way places have the electrical infrastructure in place.
  5. Vacuum leak Dirty throttle body Sticking torque converter clutch
  6. Probably went to the stabilitrack button - when equipped. Try unhooking the battery.
  7. I bet that's it. Every similar body that has an integrated bed has those buttresses off the cab. Its definitely a step further away from traditional trucks than I expected.
  8. Maybe you need to look for an adjustable shock - similar to Rancho 9000.
  9. Air suspension is already a factory option. Magneride shocks have always performed well except for replacement cost if they fail. I think the Anderson hitch would be a wise investment for your set up. Also, most toy haulers will be extra tongue heavy with out an accompanying toy to balance it out albeit this only adds more overall weight. Another thing to look at is the amount of rear overhang on the Tahoe vs. Suburban. The shorter rear overhang on the Tahoe will have better driving dynamics than the Suburban by brining the tongue weigh of the trailer closer to the rear axle where it will have less leverage over the truck. Of course, include a trailer brake controller. Auxiliary transmission cooler too. ...and you're a menace to society, you'll kill your self and all the rest of us too - sarcasm...
  10. No, the cool tone of the silver would clash with the warm tone of the saddle.
  11. I'd say no to all the above. Check normal wear components like ball joints, tie rods, idlers, bushings, etc. Lube job too.
  12. Things I would consider to compliment the saddle color and be unique. Brushed/burnished brass Wood to match the other wood Copper I'm mildly annoyed with the overall mismatch hodge podge of materials with no rhyme or reason to them, Dark gray or saddle, dull black plastic, a dribble of chrome then some wood... ...and on a side note, why does the shifter hide the seat climate controls?
  13. I experienced the same. I think it is a time out thing, but no mention of it anywhere that I've been able to find, which is disappointing because its pretty alarming when it switches off unexpectedly.
  14. Not many people would like to spend $11K on a truck they are getting rid of, or even keeping. I think the suggestions to further investigate the problem are valid and warranted, which seems to be the point of the thread to me.
  15. I didn't watch the video - was the fuel pressure regulator changed? Sticky check valve in the fuel pump assembly?
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