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  1. Check codes, with the engine light on it can narrow down the diagnosis, otherwise... Check/replace Plugs Plug wires Fuel pressure Vacuum leaks Compression ABS light on is not related to engine performance. Extended cranking makes me lean to lack of fuel pressure on start up - confirm the fuel pump is priming on key on. Cold air intake - is the Mass air Flow Sensor present clean and connected? Further thoughts based on "when releasing pressure on gas pedal" sounds like the engine is having trouble understanding
  2. Look under the bed side rails - big holes to plug up to keep out dust. Someone makes a kit to do it.
  3. My experience doing this has been little to no change in operating temperature, especially while towing - which is why I did it in the first place. Towing in mid to upper 90's ambient temperature with a full load results in transmission running at 190-200 before and after. In my case the cooler isn't going to be able to cool the fluid down below what it was before. Having the thermostat flipped might cause it to warm up slower, but once its hot it'll stay there. So, now I'm considering an auxiliary cooler that can expel more heat than the factory cooler and take advantage of the defunct thermo
  4. I've broken the tabs in the wheel cylinders where the shoes sit in the pistons using this method.
  5. Regardless of the conditions it sounds like there was a genuine malfunction to the system - it shouldn't have run up so close to the truck in the first place.
  6. I know its an old post but if your having the same issues then my questions area s follows: "It won’t start and I have to wait 30-45 mins for it start." Does it crank, fast, slow? "Shut it off and it took 30 mins to get it started." See above, what were the no start symptoms? How did it start at the end of the 30 minutes? "I even unhooked trailer electrical." When, for the duration of the tow or only when it wouldn't start? "When I turn key my truck powers on (radio,lights, dash,etc) but when I turn to start there is just one “click”." This sug
  7. Sure sounds like something electronic acting up, I think engaging transfer case or changing gear lever position, shutting off and back on, etc. is resetting whatever electronic is misbehaving.
  8. Yep, drive according to conditions, properly adjust your weight distribution and sway controls properly load trailer, etc. No problems at all. If I wanted to go faster, more often, cross country, or more carelessly, a bigger truck might be justified.
  9. Put it in park in 2wd on a hill when it starts rolling have someone look and see if the driveshaft is turning with the wheels (something in t-case) or not (something in rear axle).
  10. My guess - something in the t-case or rear diff busted. Driveshaft probably still good, otherwise it would have been making an awful racket on that 6 mile drive home.
  11. I'm towing a travel trailer, 39'-8" long, with GVWR of 9900 lbs, behind a 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3 CCSB 4x4 with 3.42 axles all over Oklahoma. I've pulled several bumper pull trailers and fifth wheels with several different trucks. Its already been said but the added cost of upgrading trucks cannot be justified by the amount of time my current trucks is towing this trailer around. Which it does fine, but of course a much bigger truck would do better.
  12. I had to go back and look at mine - sure enough GCWR isn't there. However, there is a documented number for your truck, maybe its in the manual. I can't remember where I must've found mine, but it is NOT the sum of maximum trailering capacity and GVWR. FYI: My GCWR is 15000, maximum trailering capacity is 9200 and GVWR is 7200
  13. The sticker on the bottom of your door jamb will tell you all the maximum weights. 16,300 is not likely your GCWR. There is no 80% rule. That is only some peoples rule of thumb. How close you want to run at, near or over any maximum weight listed for your truck is your preference/discretion/comfort/risk. It is possible to exceed one of the maximum weights with out reaching another. You may run out of payload/GVWR/GAWR before reaching the maximum tow rating. The only way to know for sure is at the scales. After all that - the trailer specs listed should be w
  14. Wonder where all those women in the video put their purse when they get in... my wives would go right where that giant shifter is. Column, while it has so many haters, is the best most out of the way location for it and it doesn't take up the much more valuable console space. I would have preferred the SUV's button contraption. Kind of like Ford making the console shifter fold away. A beautifully over-designed and ridiculously engineered ignorant solution to a problem that shouldn't even exist. Otherwise - I'm not sold yet on the looks.
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