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  1. I made 1 from pierced metal & painted it. Grille removal was necessary to install. Too bad the bean counters wouldn't let them add a proper grille to the opening.
  2. I'm thinking it was a manufacturing defect within the steering box (or during its assembly) used w/ the DSA. I don't think anyone has posted on here having a similar issue w/ a non-DSA box.
  3. The battery in my '11 2500HD didn't last 4 years (I'm think 2 & a half). Brother who still works in a GM plant says the quality of the batteries has 'gone south' since GM sold the battery business. He knows a few guys that have bought 'staff vehicles' w/ low miles and the batteries die after 2 years of service.
  4. Trailer tire monitoring sounds good too. I had a tire (6 seasons old) explode a few years ago. Tread wear was good with no cracks in either the sidewalls or between the treads. Pressures up to spec. Luckily only a wheel opening trim piece was cracked. It could've made more of a mess. I wish I had taken a pic of the failed tire. Other than the 8 or so inches of tread & belting that had 'disappeared' the tire looked OK. Replaced all 4 when I got home.
  5. The chap that hauled my sled on the Timmins trip had a similar decal as to the 1 below on his enclosed trailer. After having people 'disappear' behind my TT this summer (only way I knew they were behind me was their shadow on highway shoulder) I had a local graphics shop print me a couple. I haven't been travelling since, so it will be interesting to see if the idgits understand the concept.
  6. Not sure of the model but the Bak Flip tri fold (hard) that bro & I got for our HDs latch under the box sides, not on a tailgate brkt.
  7. bug/hood deflector

    3M film is the mat'l that I had applied to my truck.
  8. bug/hood deflector

    Any thoughts on a clear vinyl film? I had it on a previous truck & now my current HD. Also had the rockers/door steps done to prevent the paint scuffs.
  9. Not sure how the regs are nowadays but does the EPA & CARB require each engine, transmission & axle ratio combination be tested for emissions and/or fuel economy standard compliance? Or are the axle ratios not part of the equation? Anyone who lived thru the early 80s will remember the lousy axle choices back then. When I was ordering my '82 K15 (305 4 Spd OD AT) shortbox, the best ratio I could get was a 3.08 Had I wanted a 3.42, I had to order a long box.
  10. The issue I had w/ my GMT900 was that internally in the T/C a sensor failed giving me the service 4x4 alert, no stabilitrac, traction control or cruise control either. Apparently the dealer service dept cleaned the sensor, and 'opened' the parameters of the sensor.
  11. And then what happens to Ford's sales?
  12. Link is missing Im pretty sure a tire iron or wheel wrench wouldve 'opened' the vehicle. Let us know if the owner is able to collect from the ins' company.

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