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  1. So if the techs are right why was the 'wrong' filter installed on my truck w/o my asking?
  2. Silverado Hoods

    That is the T1XX generation of half tons. Will be interesting to see the materials usage when the HDs come out in 2020.
  3. 6 L in a 2500HD. And yes I know GM has spec'd a 'baby food jar' sized filter for several years. My 1st 2500 (a 2000 Sierra) had a longer filter similar to the PF63 until the original filter was 'obsoleted'.
  4. Took my 2017 into for the last freebie LOF a couple of weeks ago. Looking @ the work order yesterday, I noticed that they used a PF63E filter. I checked under the truck this morning & yes it is a PF63E. Has there been an 'official' update for the 6 L motors or is this a case where the 'tech' is just using the same filter as the other versions of the LS motors? I was planning on using the longer WIX #57045 (PF63 equivalent) after the 4 dealer oil changes.
  5. M/T Decision

    Back in the 80s I ran 2 sets of Gumbo Monster Mudders on my K15. 33s when it had a 4" lift & later 38s after a 2" body lift & more suspension lift.
  6. I made 1 from pierced metal & painted it. Grille removal was necessary to install. Too bad the bean counters wouldn't let them add a proper grille to the opening.
  7. I'm thinking it was a manufacturing defect within the steering box (or during its assembly) used w/ the DSA. I don't think anyone has posted on here having a similar issue w/ a non-DSA box.
  8. The battery in my '11 2500HD didn't last 4 years (I'm think 2 & a half). Brother who still works in a GM plant says the quality of the batteries has 'gone south' since GM sold the battery business. He knows a few guys that have bought 'staff vehicles' w/ low miles and the batteries die after 2 years of service.
  9. Trailer tire monitoring sounds good too. I had a tire (6 seasons old) explode a few years ago. Tread wear was good with no cracks in either the sidewalls or between the treads. Pressures up to spec. Luckily only a wheel opening trim piece was cracked. It could've made more of a mess. I wish I had taken a pic of the failed tire. Other than the 8 or so inches of tread & belting that had 'disappeared' the tire looked OK. Replaced all 4 when I got home.
  10. The chap that hauled my sled on the Timmins trip had a similar decal as to the 1 below on his enclosed trailer. After having people 'disappear' behind my TT this summer (only way I knew they were behind me was their shadow on highway shoulder) I had a local graphics shop print me a couple. I haven't been travelling since, so it will be interesting to see if the idgits understand the concept.
  11. Not sure of the model but the Bak Flip tri fold (hard) that bro & I got for our HDs latch under the box sides, not on a tailgate brkt.
  12. bug/hood deflector

    3M film is the mat'l that I had applied to my truck.

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