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  1. I have a 2017 Silverado 2500HD & use an Android phone. I can receive texts & listen to them while driving. However I haven't been able to figure out a download that will allow me to send a text while driving. Any suggestions
  2. Doesn't look any different than the trucks SRW & duallies that I saw in Kapuskasing last winter. Scroll down: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/210121-2500hd-rumors/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2097116
  3. So if the techs are right why was the 'wrong' filter installed on my truck w/o my asking?
  4. That is the T1XX generation of half tons. Will be interesting to see the materials usage when the HDs come out in 2020.
  5. 6 L in a 2500HD. And yes I know GM has spec'd a 'baby food jar' sized filter for several years. My 1st 2500 (a 2000 Sierra) had a longer filter similar to the PF63 until the original filter was 'obsoleted'.
  6. Took my 2017 into for the last freebie LOF a couple of weeks ago. Looking @ the work order yesterday, I noticed that they used a PF63E filter. I checked under the truck this morning & yes it is a PF63E. Has there been an 'official' update for the 6 L motors or is this a case where the 'tech' is just using the same filter as the other versions of the LS motors? I was planning on using the longer WIX #57045 (PF63 equivalent) after the 4 dealer oil changes.
  7. Back in the 80s I ran 2 sets of Gumbo Monster Mudders on my K15. 33s when it had a 4" lift & later 38s after a 2" body lift & more suspension lift.
  8. I made 1 from pierced metal & painted it. Grille removal was necessary to install. Too bad the bean counters wouldn't let them add a proper grille to the opening.
  9. I'm thinking it was a manufacturing defect within the steering box (or during its assembly) used w/ the DSA. I don't think anyone has posted on here having a similar issue w/ a non-DSA box.
  10. The battery in my '11 2500HD didn't last 4 years (I'm think 2 & a half). Brother who still works in a GM plant says the quality of the batteries has 'gone south' since GM sold the battery business. He knows a few guys that have bought 'staff vehicles' w/ low miles and the batteries die after 2 years of service.
  11. Trailer tire monitoring sounds good too. I had a tire (6 seasons old) explode a few years ago. Tread wear was good with no cracks in either the sidewalls or between the treads. Pressures up to spec. Luckily only a wheel opening trim piece was cracked. It could've made more of a mess. I wish I had taken a pic of the failed tire. Other than the 8 or so inches of tread & belting that had 'disappeared' the tire looked OK. Replaced all 4 when I got home.
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