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  1. In the past, wasn't there more axle 'models' used than nowadays? I think the way the manuals are written, it's left to the owner at point of use to determine how much to use. Then again in today's world, how many owners change their own oil, let alone the transfer case and axle fluids? The braintrust has found that since so few do, why include the info since the majority wouldn't find it useful. And thank you very much!
  2. Getting ready to change the fluids in my truck's driveline. The owners manual gives a spec for the transfer case, but just 'points' to fill the axles to. Has anyone done their axles recently to know what the front & rear axles took? I live an hour away from any parts stores & don't want to wind up needing another bottle of lube to finish the job.
  3. Replaced the OEM battery in my 2017 6.0L 2500HD this winter. Should've done it last year. The battery in my 2011 didn't last 4 years.
  4. Nice! Built in Oshawa Ontario. My father was working there at the time. I didn't start my 1st stint there as a tool & die maker until the following March.
  5. Elsewhere I saw that the 'much ballyhooed' air curtains will be gone. I imagine the PR flack that gushed about them in the video taken in Detroit a couple of years ago will be crushed. Now a question about DRLs, is there a reason that the pickups need to have the LEDs & headlights? Is there a reason that the headlights can't be the DRLs like in the past? Is there a durability issue involved?
  6. I think the bolts would have to be replaced on the box side end.
  7. Sorry for the late reply and thank you!. Yes the parts the dealer ordered were the same as pictured. My concern was that my brother and nephew both have '16s which have a different cable. That cable has a 'keyhole' style hole @ the upper end & a 'retaining clip'. I'm guessing that the beancounters know that w/ the back up camera & tailgate lock harness making tailgate removal problematic, the older cable that allows for easy tailgate removal could be superceded.
  8. I have a couple of questions. If you have a 2017, could you take a picture of the 'upper' end of the cable where it mounts to the boxside and the actual bolt. I made hinges a couple of years and no longer have the OEM cables. Even though there is no binding on the trunnions w/ the hinges installed, I'm wonder if they are causing the less than stellar bushing life. More recent 1 didn't last 2 months before coming apart. So I ordered new parts at the dealer & when I looked at the truck, the cables are too short & the bolts don't look anything like the parts on my brother's 2016. PNs for the LH & RH cables & upper boxside bolts would be great for when I return to the dealer. PS, they had the VIN of my truck when they looked up the parts.
  9. Funny how when Chrysler brought it out in the 60s it didn't catch on. Nowadays the auto industry seems to be overrun w/ 'monkey see monkey do'. Unless Dodge has a patent on their 2 piece tailgate, I wonder if anyone will copy it? Any reports of its durability when hauling an ATV on it?
  10. How about just headlights and leave the LED DRLs to the rest? This current truck seems overstyled compared to the Dodges and nobody has liked it since the 1500s were intro'd. I remember the breathless commentary touting the 'air curtains' & how the stylist who did the truck previously worked on the latest generation of the Camaro. It's funny how the oversize CHEVEROLET seems to be a 180* turn from the GM800s where Chevrolet and GMC were little tags on the tailgates. Don't get me going on the missing bowtie on the grille.
  11. X2 How about trunnion bushings that don't fall apart in 6 months? Oh wait, GM's target market for their trucks never open the tailgate...
  12. My '11 LT felt better than my '17. They seem to be going backwards with the comfort (supposedly something they really work on). I don't think I've seen anything as ugly come out of GM's design studio since the Aztek? Whoo (fill in the blank) signed off on the HD? I know I sure wouldn't want one in my driveway. The occasional HD around here, but lots of new Rams & SDs.
  13. I have owned an 82 C/K, '94 GMT400, 2000 GMT800, '04 GMT800, '11 GMT900 & now my '17. All regular cabs & mid level trims. The seat in this truck has to be the worst! The adjustable lumbar is pointless. I'm 6'2" & honestly don't feel comfortable in the truck. The dash I could care less about. As someone said years ago about people complaining about the ride, "Buy an Impala" Wait they don't offer them anymore. Yes appealing to people that have no reason to be in a truck & as a result so that 'use' their trucks suffer.
  14. Don't get me started! I'm pretty sure the awful styling of the Silverado HD has more to do w/ lacklustre sales than the interior. I'm thankful I replaced my 2011 sooner (w/ 2017) than later.
  15. Any way you can design a cheaper and/or more durable trunnion bushing? In Canada they're 40 bucks a pop (employee discount) + tax.
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