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  1. How does it work do I have to contact black bear to get a tune for my truck ?
  2. thanks for the reply , do you happen to still have the part numbers ?also did you go with the police version for both of the front and rear rotors and brake pads?
  3. How are you liking the police setup ? I Want to replace my brakes and rotors on my 2017 GMC 1500 ,im trying to get some more input on brakes.
  4. Thanks for the tip order the Dirt King cam set , just installed new tires now , i ordered the ones with the adjusters for the front and rear . I dont plan on cutting off the factory droop stop yet until after i install a aftermarket Upper control arm.
  5. Placed the order they are currently on back order for the time being . But I appreciate the reply back ! I placed the order for both front and rear shocks currently on back order. I appreciate the reply back !
  6. Sorry, Just saw the start date on this thread still transitioning from 2020 lol
  7. Hi don’t mean to hijack the trade but also looking to install a set of aftermarket shocks on my 17 Sierra 1500 do a lot of driving for work in construction with some off-road between . Anyone have to upgrade UCA with Kimgshocks and are they ready to go that I could install my self ? Thanks I’m advance
  8. Hi , would you do 75 plus the cost of shipping to Houston area ?
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