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  1. K2xx DL3 Mirrors

    Bump, price is obo.
  2. Thats crazy mine was ordered last week.
  3. I'm sure it has been posted before, but i just wanted to post my radar hardwire. I used the blend mount bracket i purchased last year payed around $40 it was a close out model, and then i utilized the GENVDIY radar harness. I could have made my own like i did for my Wireless Charger on my center console but i liked how this allowed me to just plug into the oem plugs with out having to tap into anything. Just to recap on the install so you don't break the overhead console like i almost did. The overhead console is made up of two pieces, inside piece which has the homelink, ambient light, rear window switch and the dome light switch. The the outer piece which has the overhead reading lights and sunglass holder. First start out by flipping the sunglass holder compartment, and pull down on the inner piece once thats removed you can move onto the outer piece which has two torx screws that hold the rear portion of the console and the front has the two retaining clips. Once this is removed theres enough play with the headliner to put the the connectors thru the headliner and also put the excess slack from the GenVDIY harness above the console. To finish off just install in the reverse order.
  4. K2xx DL3 Mirrors

    I have a set of DL3 Mirrors that came off a 2015 2500hd truck, they have the ambient temp sensor on the passenger mirror. They have minor wear and tear, I've attached pictures showing the wear and tear that i speak of. Asking $250 obo shipped I also have the door harnesses driver and passenger sides looking to get $75 obo shipped
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