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  1. 2018 Sierra Headlight Jiggle

    Are you sure its not the projector that might be lose inside, also have you removed the dust covers and checked to see how much play the bulb has? Heres also an alternative that you might want to look at. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/d5s-morimoto-xb-hid.html?carDisplay=2018+GMC+Sierra+(HID+Equipped)&preselect=&preselect_restrict=1 Also out of curiosity if your truck is a 2018 why are you being asked to pay out of pocket to have it looked at?
  2. Window tint

    Here's mine with 5% over the factory 20% in the rear and 5% in the front, i used Suntek CXP. I've had this set up for 3yrs now, i lived in San Diego and now florida. It's a little sketchy in low light areas, but you get used to it also helps if you have bright back up lights.
  3. how much for just the headers and y-pipe?
  4. IMG_2380.jpeg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  5. IMG_2377.JPG

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  6. IMG_2381.jpeg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  7. 2017 MDX

  8. IMG_2361.JPG

    From the album 2017 MDX

  9. IMG_2366.jpeg

    From the album 2017 MDX

  10. IMG_2360.jpeg

    From the album 2017 MDX

  11. IMG_2367.jpeg

    From the album 2017 MDX

  12. IMG_2368.jpeg

    From the album 2017 MDX

  13. IMG_2369.jpeg

    From the album 2017 MDX


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