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  1. 71A1E6C4-60BD-43EE-8278-56D4D915D56A.jpeg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  2. 49CCF077-C8E7-46CF-9DD9-627925F09792.jpeg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  3. 2016+ Sierra Denali Headlight (R) and Taillight (L)

    hey did you sell the headlight? i pm'd you my number so maybe we can work something out.
  4. EED96BF1-424C-4AA5-B7E9-7B2FD91ADC81.jpeg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  5. 2016+ Sierra Denali Headlight (R) and Taillight (L)

    Hey I'm interested in the headlight, by chance did you test it to see if it worked and whats the part number on it.
  6. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    I use to be in Cali I’m in the middle of my move to Jacksonville. I’ll b going thru Mississippi, Alabama Sunday morning. I have a 1500.
  7. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    Hey I can trade you if you want? Maybe we could meet up and test fit
  8. 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT/Denali LH LED headlight

    I'm interested but i have to secure the other side first.
  9. 2014-15 Sierra Clear Headlight Markers (B stock)

    Thats what they had them listed as on the website i couldn't really tell, but i could meet you and show them to you so you could see.
  10. I have a set of Klearz 2014-15 Sierra Clear Headlight Markers (B stock) $65 shipped, I bought with the plans of clearing my headlights but haven't had time. I'm currently packing up to move to jacksonville so I'm cleaning out the garage, and these are just collecting dust.
  11. 2015-2015.5 Yukon Denali Cluster

    Do you if this one works with Sierra's?
  12. So i purchased all that with the exception of the Center console harness, being that i ordered the connector and pins to make my own harness to reach from the rear 12v of the console to wireless charger module this 12v is on the a rap circuit which allows the charger to turn off when i turn off the vehicle.
  13. here's the parts i used for a 2015 Sierra, and i tapped into the rear 12v source of the center console.
  14. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Had the truck tuned by @BlackBearPerf a couple of weeks ago, had the 15% removed from the front windows and retained with 5%, and today i Installed some Morimoto XB Led fogs that FastHeadlights chromed the bezels for me, and cleaned up the truck.

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