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  1. Same here - Has anyone purchased a Sierra AT4? I spoke to the dealers near me and no ETA for release in my area. I’m personally waiting on a ~20% off on 19 AT4s before I consider purchasing.
  2. For Sale: NEW Pair of Rear Zone Hydro Shocks

    Make an offer if interested.
  3. Part number Zon4759. These are brand new still in box. $70 shipped for the pair.
  4. FS - Rear Bumper Sensors with Wire Harness

    I’ve received many PMs, this is not a bumper. This is just the sensors and wire harness for the sensors.
  5. FS - Rear Bumper Sensors with Wire Harness

    Please Pm me your number and I’ll text pictures your way.
  6. Sensors are painted silver. I am unsure of the exact year that they came off of, I had purchased and never got around to using. $100 shipped obo takes it.
  7. GoRhino RB10 (New in box)

    If you’re ever in San Antonio - I’ll buy. Mine are starting to show some wear.
  8. WTB stock door handles and mirror caps

    Are you sure? I believe 2014-2017 are interchangeable.
  9. Sprayed the leaf springs/rear shocks and the creaking went away. Didn't dry quick enough for me to try to isolate it further. On Wednesday I'll spray one side/area at a time to see where it's coming from. Thanks again!!
  10. Thank you for everyones help and advice! I will take a hose to the under carriage on Saturday and see if the noise goes away. I'm thinking it could be the leaf springs, if so, what type of lubcricant would you guys recommend?
  11. Not the most helpful post - but I appreciate your input nonetheless.

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