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  1. I don't have any on my truck, but the set in my garage are these... https://accessories.gmc.com/product/exterior/crew-cab-short-bed-6-inch-rectangular-wheel-to-wheel-assist-steps-in-black-84126245?vin=3GTU9BED2LG141604&categoryId=12002 I just opted to not have them install them when I bought the truck. They are brand new in box.
  2. The brackets are bolted to the running board... (its obvious he is missing parts, just unsure of exactly what he is missing).
  3. Yes, unless he needs the brackets themselves. I would recommend just stopping at your local GM Dealership to see if they have them brackets/bolts available separately.
  4. Please get these out of my garage... $400.
  5. I have a brand new set of OEM running boards laying in my garage (still in the box). What is your offer for the mounting hardware shipped to you?
  6. I work in sales at a GMC dealer - Your pricing should be employee pricing less $1000 Costco incentive. Employee pricing cannot be combined with supplier pricing etc. Also, normally the $1K Costco incentive is only valid if you are a current member and were a current member as of Oct 1, but maybe it's different in your region.
  7. Looks great, do you have any photos from the side and the rear/side?
  8. I would have to walk out to my truck to confirm the exact method, but go to your settings on your screen and you can adjust remote start settings.
  9. If I recall correctly, they mentioned it having a different spring rate. I also don't foresee that making a difference, but I don't work on vehicles.
  10. I ordered the 2 Inch SST ReadyLift Kit, but later found out that ReadyLift has no kits that have been tested on the 3.0 Diesel and they do not recommend installing. Which kits have you guys installed on the Diesel? And have you confirmed they are OK to run? Thank you in advance.
  11. There is no way I could mentally keep that truck ( or any truck that has had paint work) - hopefully your insurance can work for you to help against the other drivers insurance.
  12. These are the stock black that come on the AT4s (not the Slippery "off road" style)
  13. I opted to not have steps installed on my truck, so they are still new in box. Part # 84126245. These are the stock all black side steps from GM. Will fit 2019-2021 Sierras and Silverados. Located in Boerne / San Antonio, Texas. $400
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