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  1. Still getting used to the new interior. But so far enjoying it.
  2. I took delivery last night! Built 5/31/22 and finally made it to me! The refresh interior is insane. Well worth the wait.
  3. My truck is still at the Lordstown Ohio distribution facility. Tons of refresh trucks shipping out of there. Can’t wait to get mine. Dealer says the 15th. It’s been a long wait. Truck was built May 31st. I’ve put a ton of miles on my track pack mustang this summer after selling my 21 LT trail boss but it was all worth it.
  4. For what it’s worth my 22 AT4 3.0 built the week of 5/31/22 has moved. As of two weeks ago it had officially left Silao and is en route to the Lordstown Ohio shipping depot via rail.
  5. As of two weeks ago mine had officially left Silao and is en route to the Lordstown Ohio shipping depot via rail.
  6. 3800 is order produced, vin number available
  7. I even got this a few weeks ago so I don’t know what to believe anymore.
  8. Through the gmc chat I asked for an event code a few times and I was provided with one. 4200 is technically shipped but as we all know it hasn’t been shipped which confuses the crap out of me. You have to go through 5 customer service representatives to get one good one who provides useful information. min the gmc chat just ask for an agent and then ask for an event code and give them your order number. one agent even gave me the VIN for my truck before my dealer even did.
  9. That’s just one of their many copy and paste soulutions they provide when you use the gm chat. I’ve gotten that one and more so many times now. At this point I’m just going to wait and let it show up when it gets here. 2022 3.0 dynamic blue AT4 has been built since 5/31/22 and is sitting at event code 4200 since that week. I got a call from gm resolution center yesterday and they read me another copy paste response. But I have a gm quality control employee in contact with the Silao plant quality control and my order is being looked into.
  10. Anyone with a build date mid/end of may get an update yet? my event code is 4200 since 5/30/22 but everyone still says it’s awaiting chips. the wait is long and hard.
  11. My Refresh AT4 is now on the move! via GMC chat “Thank you for waiting.Upon checking, I can see that the vehicle is currently in transit from Silao, GJ to Viborillas, QA.” still event code 4200
  12. I will be buying mine if it ever arrives. Gms plus a large sum down from selling my 21 trail boss should get me where I want to be for 72 months.
  13. My AT4 build the week of 5/30/22 is in the same boat. It is showing event code 4200 but the gmc agent said on hold for chips. bummer.
  14. My AT4 was produced last week and has shipped. I have a VIN and it is incoming. Very happy with how quick things have gone. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have it.
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