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  1. Back to the factory 18s, took the 22s off for the season. A little early but oh well.
  2. My LT 5.3 4x4 non Z rides great, better than my k2 5.3 4x4. I wish I had the Z71 though. I have noticed that over bumps my truck kicks out as well as others here have stated, even without the Z71. I have the 22” wheels with the factory Bridgestone tires though so that I’m sure is the reason for my issue.
  3. A few days of nice weather means black still looks good!
  4. Fresh detail. Polish, gloss works glaze and Pete’s 53 black pearl.
  5. Great looking truck! I also have an LT but really like it so far compared to my previous K2.
  6. I have an LT with the upgraded convenience II radio. Ill check it out in the AM
  7. Our 15 impala LTZ had that. What a great car it was. When it got rear ended at a traffic light I almost got cited for no proof of insurance until I remembered the radio had the storage compartment behind it. Pretty slick.
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