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  1. Work Truck in satin steel. Love it!
  2. Straight off the lot, the only thing I wish I had was Z71. Oh well. :/
  3. While I was cleaning the roof of my truck, I noticed the paint on the rear spoiler Brake light housing bubbling up and peeling in some places. Yay me. Looks like a visit to the dealer is in order.
  4. Painted z71 badging

    Looks fantastic, makes me wish I got white again that thing looks clean!
  5. Climate Control Off Msg

    Got in my truck after work yesterday and wouldn’t you know it I finally got the message at 1200 miles. Gone this morning though. It’ll be back I’m sure.
  6. My 16 5.3 clicked and ticked like a mofo but ran like a champ. I associated it with the DI and high pressure fuel system. The 19 with DFM is quiet. I was surprised as well.
  7. truck

    Lol, my 48k truck has nav in the upgraded infotainment. No onstar subscription either. Sorry about your troubles? Let her burn.
  8. Got some shade while the driveway was being sealed.
  9. That looks sick! Love the z71 grille emblem on the chrome LT front. Makes me sad I didn’t opt for the Z :/
  10. My Lt has had the shudder too since new, anyone got a copy of that TSB to take to my dealer? I know it’s a crap shoot but figure I may try it. 6.2 10 speed looks better and better:/
  11. Back to a black bow tie
  12. My 16 Silverado had waves in the top part of the bedside panels below the rail covers. So does my dads 17. thought my 19 would be better. It’s not, it may be worse. And my 16 mustang track pack, don’t even get me started on the panel imperfections. Chips I can deal with. Spots that look like dents are what gets me.
  13. I’m tempted to ditch the stock 22” tires for those nittos dang
  14. Looks like the factory bridgestones. 275/50/22

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