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  1. Add me to the freaking list. October 2019 built with sliding rear window. First time seeing this on my truck, probably has been happening. Thought my glass was cracked at first but nope, water running straight down the glass inside.
  2. My dad is getting a crew cab 20 so no longer needs these. They are off his 2017 double cab. Gm chrome 4” tubes with most of the hardware. One mounting clip is gone, wasn’t on the truck when we took them off. pickup in northeast Ohio. 300$ or best offer
  3. My 2019 LT with convenience package 2 won’t allow the gate to drop from inside while in drive, and once you’re in park and use the button to drop it, a message comes up on the DIC and stays until dismissed.
  4. Hey all, my truck just started doing this, when the rear defrost button is on my rear window area creates a hissing almost sizzling sound. I have a sliding rear window if that matters. https://youtu.be/ol243S-WpI4
  5. No regrets with my 19. Like said, when the refresh happens I will get another. Very pleased compared to my 16, and I loved my 16.
  6. My 22s have the exact clearance yours do, and makes me wish I had the black
  7. Just hit 4K miles and the DIC informed me it was time to change. Probably based on longevity for me as I’ve had the truck since January 19. I don’t put a lot of miles on my vehicles So I usually change once a year for the truck and twice for the mustang which gets less miles a year than my truck.
  8. I was going to put some 3m clear on it but never got around to it. Wish I did now. Kinda ocd about it I suppose but I still would like to have one to put up.
  9. Had a large rock in my boot tread and devastated my sill plate. Anyone have a take off sill plate or the part number for a replacement? I want to find a Factory one. Saw the Silverado name gm accessory sill plates but would just like to replace this one. I figure someone took a set off.
  10. 3k miles on my 8 speed 5.3L no clunking issues or shifting issues. I don't get it. You want clunking issues drive my track pack S550 mustang GT or my 2016 silverado. Love the 19.
  11. Loving this thing in the winter weather so far. Wish I had a Z71 but the single speed transfer case is not bad for what I use it for.
  12. Custom and custom trail boss have LED tail lights. wish they put them on all trim levels but I guess the LT is halogen tails.
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