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  1. I noticed that the dealership trimmed mine. They got them to be nice and snug, but every time I clean my interior I see the shady trim job.
  2. I have the Chevrolet version of these on my trail boss. I love them a lot. I was able to score a set used off of an HD a few months ago for cheap. So far they are awesome compared to the other off road steps and the flats on my fathers Silverado. The finish is fantastic.
  3. At 1400 miles on my 21 LT TB and they are loud around town but highway speeds they are pretty quiet. I’m used to it by now, but am waiting for them to get louder as they age. Love the truck so I’m okay with it.
  4. Added Z71 emblem to center console. Just needed a little something, still not sure if it’s too much.
  5. Here are mine installed, bought off a guy locally too who took them off. Still unsure if I like them but whatever. I have all the M8 bolts torqued to 18ftlbs but for some reason when I step on them I can still see them move. I’m 190 pounds. When I step on my dads 6” flat boards on his 2020 I don’t notice the same movement.
  6. I just installed the same boards, do you know what the torque specs were for the bolts? Mine didn’t come with paperwork.
  7. Anyone know the torque specs for the 2019 up running boards? I installed mine and installed the bolts at 18ft lbs like I thought they were supposed to be but there is some play when I step on them. For record I weight 190 pounds and I can see them really flex. Is this normal?????
  8. Installed the new style off road assist steps today. Not sure if I like them. Didn’t have assist steps on my 2016 or my 2019 and never really was a fan, but I got these for 300$ so why not. They have a great texture, and say silverado like the sport steps but low profile.
  9. I thought the tubular ones posted above were the sport steps?
  10. Anyone have a spare set of factory mounting hardware for T1 assist steps? Please let me know! Cody
  11. Picked them up Friday night. Very happy with them. Only problem no mounting bolts or anything. Hopefully I can order the mounting hardware through gm.
  12. Does anyone have the new off road assist steps on their T1? gm shows a new picture and style for 84453734. or am I just late to the party. Lol
  13. Went from a 2019 LT with the 8 speed to the 2021 with the ten speed. Awesome truck. Always fun to drive, shifts like butter and I haven’t looked back since. The truck is more fun than my performance pack S550 mustang GT but that’s just my opinion.
  14. My 2021 during our first real snow of the season here in NE Ohio. I Love the truck immensely compared to my 2019 T1. The ten speed rocks.
  15. Picked up my 2021 LT trail boss last week and couldn’t be happier. Compared to my 19 with the 8 speed this ten speed is amazing. Super smooth shifts and pleasing to drive. I love the center console too, glad it came standard. I didn’t want the sliding rear window so I’m glad I was able to find one without it. My 19 leaked bad on both sides of the rear so we will see how this fares.
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