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  1. Great looking truck! What is your fuel mileage after adding the tires?
  2. Curious if anyone has the 3.0 in their AT4 with 35” tires to see what their fuel mileage is. I currently have the 6.2 with 35x11.50 Ridge Grapplers and would like to know what the 3.0 would yield with the same setup.
  3. Interested in this as well. I have the 1.5” motofab.
  4. I have 40% on mine and it has no effect on the HUD.
  5. How much are you wanting for both the exhaust and intake? Where are you located?
  6. Has anyone heard both of these systems in person? Which one is louder? IYO which sounded best? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  7. Will the Corsa exhaust for the 6.2L not be available for this group buy discount?
  8. I have the 18” with duratracs. They have 120 miles on them. I’d take $1000 if picked up.
  9. Wish you were closer. I have set but I’m in Birmingham, AL
  10. The will clear with no rubbing or trimming as long as they’re on the stock wheel.
  11. Sorry for the multiple posts. I couldn’t post more than 1 in a single reply.
  12. I’ll be home later this afternoon and I’ll get some pics posted.
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