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  1. I am no expert and found them to be not too bad to apply. They fit just inside the chrome layer and I used a blow dryer to heat up and a credit card to tuck the edges
  2. Nice to hear. Mine has been on order. UPDATE: 2/20/2021 received it and installed and it is awesome. Much brighter than I thought it would be. I ordered the VLEDS LP version in 5500K.
  3. This looks interesting License Plate backup lighting
  4. Back from my detailer who added a 5 year ceramic coating along with coating interior as well. Factory step bars came in as well with other LPO’s and installed.
  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments. Dealership finally received the LPO’s to install which was the console vault, step bars, and wheel lug locks. Today I am dropping off to get ceramic coated at my local detail guy.
  6. I ordered some decal overlays and did mine.
  7. Have them on my AT4. Only complaint would be the writing on them. Driver side has Sierra at driver door and on opposite side its at the rear door on opposite side. Maybe I am too picky but looks odd.
  8. Dealership did the install when I purchased it. Pretty sure he told me a 2” leveling kit and I believe it was made by Rough Country. Added 295/60/20 tires on Friday.
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