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  1. I wired them to the reverse lights for now. Eventually I want to wire them into the bed lights so I can turn them on/off. I like a clean look so I didn’t put a aftermarket switch on the console. every time I wash the truck it snows 6-8”. I can’t keep it clean for more than a couple hours
  2. I drilled a 1.5” hole instead of the 1.75. I took a small dremel bit and made the hole just big enough for the light. I had the diffused on my current and previous truck. They are great for hooking up trailers. They are super bright. Look on YouTube( Ridgid industries ignite lead beam) at the difference in the different light beams.
  3. I have not replaced the brake/ turn bulb yet. I will probably do the lasfit led bulbs when I do
  4. This is what I decided to do on my 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 lasfit t15 led bulbs rigid ignite flush mount diffused. does not wash out the rear camera.
  5. Has anyone added reverse lights on 2019-2021 sierra? I need ideas!!! I was thinking about rigid ignite flush mount. Show me what you did!!! thanks!
  6. What brand of film did you use if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks
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