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  1. On my 2016 I replaced the pads and rotors with Powerstop Z36 and they seem to be very smooth and brake well when towing a trailer. I did them at 60,000, passenger front was shot and the rears were squealing. Sad that I paid 400 at the time and now they're 518.
  2. Finally an answer that states info. So neither will tune the truck?
  3. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab 4WD with a 5.3 8 speed and I really want to tune it so it responds to my foot, shifts tighter and turn off the AFM. I was reading a lot of opinions and figured I'd just as fellow owners. Typical article: https://gmundcars.com/best-tuners-for-53-silverado/
  4. Funny how I searched Google for g218 and there's a TSB on it, the exact same symptoms my truck is having. I can't believe a good tech would miss it. I'm dealing with the managers of 2 departments at the same time. Funny how I'm getting better responses from the body shop guy, he's pissed they gave me the truck back without his department detailing it.
  5. I really don't want to trade it in, there's hardly anything out there and I don't want a payment. I'll definitely check the code next time. Getting all pissy and worked up doesn't get far these days. It sounds like a lot of damage but I got 2 new headlights and a new grill and bumper, right there is 6 grand. Freaking lights are 1500 each. Lots of little stuff. I'm just disappointed that there aren't any good techs out there.
  6. At the end of September my check engine light came on and the email from OnStar (basic) stated the transmission needed to be looked at. I made an appointment at the local dealer (I have an extended warranty) and 3 hours after I dropped it off, 7PM, I'm getting phone calls from the local police about the truck, did I lend it out, along those lines. I said no the truck is supposed to be at the dealership for service. Turns out some guy walked into the dealer and grabbed some keys and mine was the lucky one that got stolen. It was recovered within an hour because the guy was driving on a flat tire on the wrong side of the road. He hit something and did $17,000 worth of damage. So the dealership has a body shop and everything is repaired, but the initial service work is never performed, because alas its not showing any codes. I pick it up and was driving it for about a week when I stepped on the gas to accelerate and change lanes and the truck basically looses electric, stalls momentarily, screen goes dark and then kicks back in. I call and make another appointment to drop it off. Here's another strange quirk, when I drive with the headlights and on the voltage gauge reads around 14 volts, when I turn the lights off it immediately drops to 12 volts and stays there. Service calls and says that is normal (my truck never did that before) and there are no codes in the voltage areas of the truck. I guess no one can really troubleshoot any more, don't need meters to read volts or ohms or solid connections. Another thing I noticed since I got it back is that the mileage is 3mpg lower. And yet my truck is fine. Now I'm just frustrated and at a loss of what to do . I was planning on driving the truck to Georgia but I don't have any confidence I'll make it out of Jersey anymore. Truck has 67,441 current miles on it. Rant over.
  7. Wow, I just got back from the local speed shop that actually had models of covers and real world experience and now I'm leaning towards the Leer 350 over the others. They had an Extang Solid Fold 2 that is really nice, but there's no rail and the separate locking mechanism is kind of a turn off. Extang is currently doubling the 4 year warranty to 8 years. And they love their customer service. I didn't like that out of the 3 panels only 2 actually flip, for more space you remove the cover. Such a difficult decision.
  8. I'm considering a new cover for my 2016 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab, narrowed it down to the Leer HF650M, Lomax Trifold or the Extang Xceed. It's tough though, some of the reviews are terrible, but that goes for any product anymore. I like the Leer and the fact that with 4 panels it folds low enough to be able to see the brake light and doesn't require a drain. Anyone have any experience with any of these?
  9. I put Powerstop Z36 on my 2016 truck early spring and I am very satisfied with them. I bought the truck used with 42k on it and replaced everything at 60k. The existing brakes were totally corroded and the front pads only appeared to have been replaced and the rear were squealing. All 4 rotors were a rust bucket. The Z36 are heavy, have great stopping power and are smooth. Also they are rust proof. (I have them on my wife's MDX for 3 years now as proof). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AGBQZHE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_FFR4AFCN4A52NC3RY5GA?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. My passenger side mirror sometimes doesn't fold in when I push the bottom, I have to try a few times. It will probably need to be replaced, but they are so expensive.
  11. I don't know if this has been reported but I just discovered that I when I am listening to a podcast through Bluetooth I can tap the left paddle to skip forward and back without having to tap the screen.
  12. When I bought my CPO 2016 GMC Sierra SLT they offered me a bumper to bumper supplemental insurance up to 100K miles or until 2024 for $1500. I took it for piece of mind. Today my screen and dash went dark and came back on. When I was sitting with the truck off I got a message that the battery was low I should start it after 5 minutes. It's scheduled for repairs and is covered, glad I got it.
  13. If don't pay for it either, they offer a free diagnostic report that I receive every month.
  14. True, but they claim that the updated firmware doesn't. There's some guys here that have stated their diagnostics isn't blocked.
  15. I bought it new, directly from Range. I contacted them about it after a while and they said they had a firmware update and all I had to do was send it to them. Got it back and it was harsher with the shifts and still blocked OnStar. I called them back and they said "oh well that's all we can do your truck is different for some reason". So I wrote a review about the experience and the owner or someone high up contacted me and asked if I wanted to return it for a full refund. Issaid yes and if I was given the option I would have picked it earlier instead of the "oh well".
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