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  1. I wasn't even towing and as I was coming to the bottom of the Ben Franklin Bridge I looked at the DIC and saw "Grade Brakjng Activated", not sure why.
  2. 3 1/4 inch washers and it no longer feels like the under side of my seat is shifting all over.
  3. Well I see I'll be applying this fix on the driver's seat soon. Had my 2016 for a little more than a month and this should be the last adjustment for a while. This forum is great, fixed the rattle in the dash and now the seat that seems to knock around on turns. Battery went on Saturday so I feel confident I'm in good shape.
  4. Paint/wax/polish

    There isn't any around here that washes the undercarriage.
  5. Paint/wax/polish

    I just took my 2016 Sierra to a professional detailer and he said the black GMC paint is very soft and doesn't know why they use it. That being said I've had the truck for a little longer than a month so I wanted a paint correction, he removed the scratches, swirls and water spots. Then sealed it with a synthetic. He offers ceramic that is good for 3 years but it is not recommended to use a normal car wash, so I went with synthetic since they brine the roads in the winter and use a carwash with an undercarriage cleaning ability. So if you are having questions about your paint it doesn't hurt to see a pro and see what they recommend. I didn't feel confident buffing a black truck, but now I can seal it.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I thought about the ceramic but the installer informed me that I couldn't go through the automatic car wash, and with the amount of brine they use on the winter roads I have to get the undercarriage washed so I went with the synthetic. He corrected the paint and sealed it.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just was detailed.
  8. 2015 Silverado Dash Rattle

    Well I thought the rattle was up high in the dash and it wasn't, it was just like the op posted. Thanks for the post, so glad that noise is gone.
  9. 2015 Silverado Dash Rattle

    I have a rattle that seems to be coming from the area around the speaker on the driver's side of the dash. My question is can I just pry the top of the dash up and off, over the cluster looks like a small leathered cover, 2016 GMC SLT.
  10. 2 years ago I decided to buy a new fuel pump from Rock Auto not for any other reason than I was getting tired of having no fuel gauge, the sender went years before. I ordered the Airtex E3500M since it was an exact replacement claiming to fix the issues associated with the OEM. It's been in 2 1/2 years now and the fuel sender went so I logged into my account and found the order and figured I would check ou and see if it was still covered. I received this email in 5 minutes: I received the new part in 3 days, took 2 1/2 hours of my time and swapped out the parts, packed up the old one and will take it to the post office tomorrow. Just wanted to relate a good story when dealing with an online retailer, I am pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get a replacement.
  11. How long did your battery last?

    In my 2001 Sierra I got 5 years out of the first battery, replaced with a Die Hard that lasted 6 years. Now I have a Kirkland from Costco, $76 and rated the best of all brands, we'll see....
  12. Sierra Fuel Gauge

    My 2001 Sierra had the fuel gauge go whacky a few years ago. This spring I am going to replace it and the pump, got a decent price from Rock Auto for an Airtex, $145 with sensor. Not bad. Airtex Fuel Pump Features Improved harness connector eliminates any known OEM problems Insert-Molded valve housing for improved flow Patented check valve reduces noise Upgraded seals for consistent pressure for multiple fuel blends Ceramic card reader ensures accurate fuel gauge readout Brass jet pump orifice precision machined for consistent performance Dual zone strainers for maximum filtration Upgraded Isolator feet offer improved noise damping over OEM Just have to look into how to remove the bed.
  13. Abs Light

    The ABS/Brake light came on again today, oh well, don't have time to look into anything else now. It does get frustrating, turn off the truck and try to get someone with a brake code reader and then turn the truck on and the lights aren't lit. They think I am nuts.
  14. Abs Light

    I cleaned all 3, one at a time, and the culprit seems to have been the one behind the bumper on the driver's side. The lights have been off all day, hope it did the trick. Figured it was the ground when I had to give a guy at work a jump start and couldn't draw enough power through the frame, had to use the negative on the battery. And then the light went out too. This board rocks.

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