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  1. Excuses, excuses, it's Only because GM Greed wanted to save $3.00 on a gas cap for a $60,000 Truck.
  2. Thank You guys, After reading the article, I took it as kind of a wishing well joke. Though it would be nice to have 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks getting 30+ mpg, and 1/2 ton high 30's. Maybe Biden, with all of his wisdom, has already figured out how to make it work with his memory pills and prune juice he bought while being a truck driver, lol.
  3. Was reading an Article that by 2026 Biden is Requiring All Automobiles to get a minimum of 40 MPG. Can't wait until 2026 to order a New 3500 dually getting 40 mpg, yeeha.
  4. Thank You pokismoki and Tim, My brother was constantly replacing parts on his Ram, not good. His last two trucks have been Chevrolet. Tim, they said No on warranty. Dealerships don't care when they are making huge $$$ Profits on used trucks, as they would just sell it to someone else. But, they lost Profit by ending up Replacing the Known GM Transmission Problem in my truck. Where I bought it is over 125 miles away, and don't want to continue going back and forth with Biden Gas Prices. I think the Warranty from my local Dealer is what I will go buy, or sell the truck. Thank You All-
  5. Thank You Jim, newdude, pokismoki, gagliano7. I have looked at top 10 Warranty Companies, most want a monthly amount for so many years. So, to pay up front thru a GM Dealer is why I choose this one for most years and miles. Toyota is a nice truck but has there frame cracking problems along with Low payloads. It seems All the manufacturers, GM, Ford, Ram, Toyota are selling Extremely High Dollar Trucks for record breaking Profits but unfortunately forgot about Quality and Reliability of their Products.
  6. Thank You KARNUT and m3n00b, It's alot of money, but 1 repair it will pay for itself.
  7. Hey all, few weeks ago I bought a 2018 Chevy 1500, crew cab, 4x4, 6.2L max tow pkg, 6 1/2 foot bed, ARE Topper, with 94,500 miles. Planned on buying a Truck with less than 50k miles, but... Thanks to this GM Site I knew what Shuttering was, and took the truck back within 24 hours of buying it. They replaced trans oil, torque converter and Installed a new GM Remanufactured Transmission, 12 mo/12,000 mile warranty. With already an issue, my local dealer wants to sell me a 5 year/75,000 mile Premier Plus Warranty for $2,400. Realizing that only 50% of people use their extended warranty: Should I Stay without a warranty, or Should I Go buy one?
  8. Thank You Jim, Mobil 1 Blue Label Fluid is a Great Idea. Going to change engine, differential, axle fluids, and plugs & wires next week, might as well do trans fluid also.
  9. Thank You Mandalorian and truckguy82. Speaking of Transmission, next morning after buying truck 125 miles away, took truck to my local dealer because of a Shuttering effect. Local dealer thought the torque Converter was bad and gave an estimate of $1,900. Left there and took truck back to where I bought it. Over another week they changed the fluid, no luck, then torque converter, no luck, so they Installed a Recondition GM Built transmission, 12 month 12,000 mile warranty with no cost to me. Anyways, really like the truck, but not to sure I made a good purchase. Later-
  10. JONBLARC7, Thanks, and feel you are correct. But man, if it would fit sure would look great.
  11. Hey all, courious if anyone has installed the Corvette LT1 Fuel Rail Covers on our L86 1500's. Think it would be a neat conversation accessorie.
  12. Hey, have a 18 Chevy 1500. Wondering if I buy a AC Delco stability switch control with 7 various switches (currently 2 switches), can the other switches work if I also buy a GM Upfitter Junction Block Connector Aux Switches. Thank You, James Beyer
  13. 2062 hours at 95,218 miles. The 14 gmc 5.3l had 4250 hours at 102,000 miles
  14. Hey all, recently purchased a 18 chevy 1500 ltz. It only has two switches on the control. My 14 gmc sle has 5 switches, and really like the back up camera with ultra sonic view, down hill decent, uphill accent, etc. I see GM sells a AC Delco stability switch contro with 7 various switches. My question, is the wire harness same for all trucks, and I install new control switch and run wires to some relay to make them work?
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