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  1. 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 with 2015 Rockwood 8329SS Signature Series Ultra lite 7250# Dry, GVWR 8850#.
  2. Thank You Leonardo, unit, shealth, Mic, Appreciate the replies.
  3. Hey all, tried by search but no luck. After looking at many used trucks, think I am going New with family/friends discount. Did a build online both Chevrolet and GMC and it Does Not allow Heated Seats. Did Anyone hear when Heated Seats & Steering Wheel, are going to be part of a new 6.6L gas, 2500HD, LS/SLE or LTZ/SLT, Crew Cab 4x4 New Build? Thank You-
  4. Been looking for replacement suv for wife, something with good mpg, and good for Michigan Winters. Currently has a GMC Terrain, it's okay, but winters here in the snow belt often requires 4x4. Seen an add for the New Blazer, was excited (had a Blazer) there she goes instead of a Jeep. Went to Build one and All they had to choose from was FWD or AWD. GM, a Michigan Based Corporation, dealing with Harse Michigan Winters, spending Millions of Dollars in Engineering cannot have the Common Sense or Foresight to offer a 4WD in a SUV, unbelievable. Love my GM products all my life, (raised in Flint in 60's & 70's) but GM, Wake Up!
  5. Agree, also with my 14 cloth seats. Most comfortable seats I ever had with GM is our 1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette mini van. It had 353,000 miles when I sold it.
  6. Thank You Big Whiskey, Really like the 1500 mpg, but somehow feel it is inevitable I will buy a 2500. Then, having to decide on gas or diesel.
  7. Thank you gearheadesw, everyone. the 2500 is diffently a work truck, lots of power, but not good mpg. The same mpg back in 2000. Figured by now 2021, the big three would have figured out how to get 30+ mpg with these trucks, oh well. I just pull the camper around 10+ times per year, and not to far so...
  8. Thank You newdude & Mike Barber. 11-15 mpg, much appreciated.
  9. Thanks shakenfake, must be 6.6L instead of 6.0L Buying used, love to have 6.6L Diesel, just waaay beyond what I can afford. Funny Tim, but true. Like riding my Harley for mpg. Just courious what people are getting for mpg in a 2500hd.
  10. Hey all, thinking about moving on up to 2500hd, needed for towing our travel trailer gvwr #8850. Curious as what you are getting for mpg on 2500 6.0L engines. City & highway, with and without trailer. Currently have a 14 gmc 1500, getting 16+ city, 21+ highway, backroads at 57 mpr 24+, towing trailer 6-10 mpg. Thank You, James
  11. Thank You 14LTZ-1LZ I will certainly look into this, Great Idea. Later-
  12. Thank You OffTheAir, glad to know that others have the same concerns. Guess today, because of the Cost of these trucks we feel it should last, but every mechanical item will fail at some point. Like you, just hoping that my truck will last to 200k. Take Care-
  13. Thank You G4Bama, no signs yet thank goodness. Great idea paying for that warranty.
  14. Thank You CamGTP, Grumpy Bear, Black02Silverado. I keep up maintenance on my truck, plan on it lasting many years. Just hoping that Transmission problems are seldom, and my truck last another 100k.
  15. Hey All, speaking to a neighbor today, said he was looking at buying a 14 like mine. But, he is finding one with the Transmission Replaced, because at around 100K Miles these 6 speeds Tranny and Torque Converters go out. My truck has 92K, Should I be Worried?
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