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  1. You would not believe the crap show I see everyday going to work at the Atlanta airport. It's dangerous to be honest. Delta has assured us that more preventive measures are being looked at. Today I had someone almost take off the front of my truck trying to get into my lane when they realized they weren't in the correct lane. They were backing people up trying to get by them, talk about a total crap show....
  2. I was going to work the other day going my usual 40mph speed, and this young woman passed me in the center lane looking at her phone when she went my by me, like I don't have time for this....
  3. Same thing, get off my ass....I hate that...get off my ass and your phone...
  4. Totally agree and when I do, they are on my ass or passing me.
  5. Not at all. I've been free of that for many years now...but it would be so cool if it was...lol...
  6. So how can dealers get away with (it's normal)...and we walk away grabbing our keys to our truck thinking no way in hell is that normal?
  7. You can thank wal mart for that invention of having 30 lanes available and only 5 open.
  8. Oh and how do you like being put in the position to add a tip when the person behind the scenes did absolutely nothing but their job that they are being paid for? I was guilty at first, I didn't know what to do because I felt like I was trapped..Now I select no tip if they only did their job. Now I'm a big tipper if someone is waiting on us...but if all they did was hand me a friggen sandwich or whatever that was already made...I'm a no tipper now to those institutions.
  9. Oh and that meat is not the meat it was back then. It's so fatty now that I don't even go there anymore..
  10. So I hate when small rocks get locked into the treads of my tires...Pisses me off when they unleash going down the highway...Another thing that pisses me off is paying 3.29 a gallon for the cheap 87 stuff when it was 1.80 not long ago....Let's see.....People driving cars that shouldn't be able to do that that were just handed a high school diploma....people that don't know the word of work. Getting older.....feeling like a dinosaur......trying to keep up with times....help me out here, this could actually become a really funny post...
  11. Can someone please put their new 10 speed on a dyno? Please? I'm a man of my word. I will pay for it if that makes it easier for you.
  12. I'm ready for a new 10 speed 6.6L dyno. Anyone out there that wants to be the first? It would be so amazing to compare it to the dyno run from the 6 speed....C'mon all.....one of you can do it.....One up TFL...I promise you all if I had the 10 speed, after a thousand miles it would be dynoed. My wife has venmo. you do it, I'll pay for it.
  13. The new colorados, to me, look almost the same size as the older 1500's. Maybe a pinch smaller but damn, they are getting there in size to the 1500's.
  14. Here's a funny pic you all might like. This guy at work parked his 2500 on side of mine. Yes this newer generation of HD trucks have grown immensely...I'm not really good at telling the year of the older trucks but I'm guessing that's an early 2000's model??? Maybe??
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