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  1. I have a 2017 Silverado 4 door with a rough country 7” lift. I have 33/12.50 22s with -44 offset. Truck looks and sits good and rides really good. I also pull a camper behind my truck when wife and I go camping and it doesn’t even hardly squat the truck.
  2. So I just picked up the 2017 Silverado double cab. I had a system in another car that now I want to put into the truck. Here is the problem, I am a SPL freak and the last car I had JL 12W7AE subs in a ported box. Needless to say I cannot put them in the truck without having to remove the rear seat. Which is not an option unfortunately. For the people who know those subs I have and the output they put out, what are my other options that can come close to those subs? I have been looking and have not found anything good. I do not want to put a custom box in the bed and vent it through the cab because I need all the bed room, and do not want to cut into the sheet metal of the cab. Ported box a must as I love the low frequencies Sounds like you need to go to skar audio website. They have the under seat boxes and some pretty decent subs. The boxes they carry do not have ports in them but you could probably order the box and customize it the way you would want to. I have a couple friends with skar 12” subs and they sound pretty good. Maybe check it out if you’re interested.
  3. Man it really is always a joy. But the whole gun thing is a fun thing to talk about. We won’t get kicked off here. If we do my apologies ahead of time. It would be stupid if they kicked us off though.
  4. Man, it’s always good to just bs with other people about anything and everything. No matter the subject it’s all good times and great convo.
  5. Man, I absolutely love shooting guns. I take one of my favorite rifles out every couple months just to shoot it and make sure it’s still sighted in. It’s set pretty good for a few hundred yards.
  6. My wife and I sleep with a fan on high and still doesn’t help that much drowning out the noise but oh well. It’ll be there the rest of my life and I’ll just have to deal with it. Guess mine is caused by shooting pistols and rifles and not being smart enough to wear ear protection.
  7. I have a lifted Silverado 1500 that’s 5 years old and just rolled 34,000 miles yesterday. Even lifted and all its quiet and don’t have a lot of noise except from the tires. They’re not even that aggressive.
  8. Man, tinnitus really sucks. I know how you feel about it. I hear it allday and all night no matter what I do. I usually wear earbuds and listen to music to do away with ear ringing or turn my truck radio way up to drown it out. Something usually helps but makes it hard to fall asleep when all you hear is ringing.
  9. Well I do know from my experience working at a Chevy dealership, when the shutter first starts they flush transmission system, if it occurs a few hundred miles after then torque converter was replaced. When I was there at the dealership, If the shutter came back after that then transmission had to be replaced. Best bet is since your truck is out of warranty, get a new transmission and make sure it comes with a new converter as well.
  10. Well damn, we all must be stupid then Dave. Have you ever worked for a Chevy dealership. I’ve seen vehicles get locked in 4wd due to being left in auto 4wd. But like I said, I guess we’re not all as smart as you.
  11. That’s awesome, these days you can’t trust anyone to help. Possibilities of finding anyone to help is a 1 and 10 chance.
  12. As far as I know you are correct. When I’m auto 4wd t-case and front diff only activates when rear tires are starting to slip. Just do not leave auto 4wd engaged unless it’s slick outside. I have seen it mess things up.
  13. No buddy you’re all good. No we wanted a bigger camper in the beginning but with an old Tahoe they can’t pull a lot and definitely didn’t want to go to big and ruin a new motor and new transmission in it. But like I said buddy, we all appreciate the extra help.
  14. You’re all good man. I talked to a guy at the place my wife and I bought our camper at over the weekend. I can go up to about a 26’ camper no more than about 7k in weight. I definitely want to look into a little bit bigger camper at some point. Your story time was definitely good knowledge. I and everyone else appreciates everything man.
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