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  1. Can you elaborate more on this. Are these the magnetic particle shocks used on the 1500 Denali's?
  2. Glad we finally got the 10 speed. It will help with towing as sometimes it would seem just kicking to a slightly lower gear could keep the speed without a huge downshift and RPM rush when hitting hilly terrain. I would think because of the beefier trans they could eliminate some of the torque management and make it feel more peppy. I would like to see a bump in power to 440hp and 500lb/ft of torque in the next year or two. that would be a real nice gasser.
  3. I was trying this yesterday as I was waiting in the truck for wife to finish picking up some stuff. Something not mentioned is you need to have the keys in the vehicle. If it senses no key it will not go into this mode. Guess that is a good thing.
  4. I read this and just want to make sure that you know the side cameras only come on when you are hooked up to a trailer. I am sure your shop has info on this. I wish it worked all the time towing or not.
  5. Going to buy oil, how many quarts do I need? Never mind its 8 quarts.
  6. I'm confused, so you bought the truck without the harness in the bed? Part of the 5th wheel package includes the installed wiring to the bed. It however does not include the camera connections. I had to swap the bumper wiring up to the bed in order to have the camera connect along with the 7 pin. That required 2 after market extensions needed for the camera receptacles. There is also a well written post on this forum about that. As many have found out, the "invisible Trailer" option does not work with 5th wheels. You can cheat it but will not get the true look unless they made a change in the 2023's.
  7. CamGTP, yes the OEM fluids will last and not cause damage but proactively replacing with synthetic higher quality fluids may reduce wear and possibly improve gas mileage over time. So spending $200 on some for my $70k truck is worth it IMHO.
  8. Sheath, I wonder if you went to synthetic trans fluid if it would help? It would definitely help keep the temps in check from what I have heard. I plan on changing out the diff fluid with synthetic prior to next spring towing season. Do you get any jerking when towing? I cant figure out if its truck related or just chunking. Its not too bad but just something I am looking into.
  9. These are mine on my '21 AT4. I have red caliper covers with AT4 writing in color of truck. Sorry as they are a little dirty.
  10. Shawn T, I feel your pain. I went through the same thing about 3 months ago. Sorry I did not see this sooner. Its funny if you watch the current GMC commercial they show a HD towing a 5th wheel and talk about "invisible trailer" which we all know is bull. BTW search here on the forum, there is a lenthy tread about moving the camera connection into the bed. I did this and its not too hard. You have to purchase 2- 3 foot extension cables for the camera (vendor info in tread) but the connector swaps from the bumper to the bed pretty easily. Just have to scrape off some bedliner so the connector seats well enough to get the clip on. Should be a factory option if you order the 5th wheel wiring.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294717518012?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28
  12. Nocturnalmotors, I have been trying to decide whether to go with this one or the OEM one. Price is only about $25 more for factory. Seen some reviews that the boost one gets phone hotter and the OEM one has an annoying brighter light that cant be dimmed or turned off. I also have not see where it plugs in. I know the boost one goes to the lighter socket power. Any other thoughts you can share. Did you look into the OEM one?
  13. Thanks milleda31, tat is exactly what I was looking for!
  14. Wow, does anybody think that almost $500 for the Sulastic shackles are worth it? I have read good results about them but that is pricy. All they are is a two piece design with a spring loading.
  15. So my question is has anybody retrofitted a charger into the lid like the previous versions of trucks had? Reason for this is 2 people in the front both with phones, I want a second charger option besides the old cable. My 2016 had it in the storage compartment lid.
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