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  1. The 2020 3500 gasser does not have a 10 speed. It only came with a 6 speed. I get some chunking with my '21 3500 AT4. I dont believe its the truck as it still happens when I let off the gas. I have the Andersen hitch and MorRyde pinbox. It seems to happen when the trailer (32' 12K ) is bouncing. So I have heavier leaf springs and shocks to install on it for next season. No trailer bounce should equal no chunking I hope. Andersen is installed normally with the cup toward the trailer and plenty of clearance to do up to 90 degree turns as the new HD's have 6'10" boxes.
  2. Unfortunately there is no place that you can get a tune yet. Nobody has cracked the code unless you know of a dealer that would do it. You might look into a pedal commander to help performance a little.
  3. I heard from a source that we should not use the oil based products as they soften the wax factory undercoating and then it just washes off. he suggested just getting a factory can of coating and touching up in the spring.
  4. I also have had the issues and feel its related to not getting the camera connection in there tight enough. Also I think it has to be connected before the truck is started or "on" as there are times where I have got the connection tight but needed to shut down the truck before it would recognize the camera. I did move the camera/7pin up into the bed as I have a 5th wheel.
  5. Random, will try this weekend. Been in lockdown due to covid this week. Hope the pedal process works.
  6. I would say that maybe there is air in the lines somewhere. When you push it to the floor a few times you are purging it further down the line. Possible past the ABS system. I have always wanted to replace the rubber front lines with SS ones and bleed the system. I have SS lines from my 2016 2500. If they fit the '21 AT4 3500 I would put them on. I have not looked into that yet. I also have had the creep issue and almost rear ended a car at a stop light.
  7. Just as the topic says. Has GM increased the the frame coating or do they still rust after 1 winter in the salt belt. My 2016 looked bad after 4 years even after I painted a number of areas. Don't want a rusted frame on my 1 year old truck.
  8. Good luck. GM has these computers all locked up. If anyone is tuning it will cost plenty of cash. Thats all I heard.
  9. Just as the title says, just need a quick answer. Dont have the manual available. 2021 3500AT$ with 20" wheels. I think its 110lbs
  10. Kjduvall, tell me more about the pedal commander. Does it give better off the line response? Feel like more power? I tow, will it help that aspect?
  11. I have the HD surround vision on my '21 AT4 in the color you are looking at. The one feature of it I did not know about till I was hooked up to my trailer was the fact that when you turn on a signal, you get the camera view from the mirror mounted camera which helps you not cut corners too tight and see objects you may side swipe. Also the cab mounted camera helps with 5th wheel hitching as I use an Anderson hitch which has the ball and socket. Adding the extra cameras might get pricey. Adding collision stuff would include paddle switches on the dash besides all the sensors and wiring plus a B
  12. I had an '16 2500 HD that I put fox shocks on and slightly larger AT3 tires and the ride was acceptable. My '21 3500 AT$ with camper/snow plow bars is ok on smooth roads but can bounce you out of the seat on bad roads. I do tow and like the ride so I will try fox shocks in the future. I did not go with remote reservoir adjustables on last truck but like the idea of it. When compared to the stock shocks the foxes were easier to compress which would give a better ride towing or not.
  13. On my 2016 HD I ran Cooper AT3s. They did well in mud and OK in snow and good in rain. I only had them for 25K so cant tell you how they are long term. My feeling is if you can get 35K out of a tire on these heavy trucks, you doing good. I did have to rotate the Coopers every 6 K as they tended to cup on the outside of the front tire then it would get noisy. Just rotated to rear and all was good. I will look to replace the factory Goodyear's once they stop performing as expected. The Coopers are heavy but I did go up to an 11" wide tire.
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