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  1. I orderd mine on Jan 30th. 3500AT4 PBM gasser. Just got update that the build date is 3/18. How are you guys getting the codes to know where you are in the system? From dealer?
  2. Ok to add a little lightness to the discussion, when that zombie apocalypse arrive, your going to want as much fuel as possible to get away! There are aftermarket options for the diesel but fewer for the gasser and none that replace the factory tank. For gasser HD when towing and getting 8mpg x36 gallons gives a max of 288miles. Now your going to stop earlier than that so at about 250 miles of travel which is less than 4 hours of traveling. I would like to travel 6 hours a day and fill up at the end which would require a 50 gallon tank. More efficient travel. Thats my reasoning behind wanting a larger tank. I do stop every few hours but its mostly roadside to piss or eat. Pulling a large 35' rig into some stations is not always the best option so doing it once a day is preferable.
  3. One word of caution about catch cans, they dont perform well in cold climates. They may catch water vapor but not as efficient with catching oil. I dont have a definitive answer on what temp they become less effective but if I were to venture a guess it would be below freezing. This info was learned from another GM forum as I was doing research on this too. I agree with using top tier gas and additives as well as the correct recommended oil and change intervals per the manual. It was also said that eliminating the PVC closed system would work although that will definitely void your warranty.
  4. Well I was getting about 7 MPG with my 6.0 towing the 5th wheel and from the reports people are getting 8 to 9. so if I gain 1.5 mpg on a 36 gal tank, that gets me better than 50 miles of extra range. I will take that any day. My 3500 is on order so we will see.
  5. So given this motor is direct injection and we want to avoid buildup of blow by on the valves, would a catch can be a good investment? BTW I have a 2021 HD3500 on order.
  6. Don't know if thats a new feature but in older models it had to be connected via a cable to work correctly. My 2016 you have to use a cable but its been 5 years so I would think it can go wireless.
  7. Ok, I found a dealer and he has allocation open. I took a 2500 AT4 for a ride as they had no 3500's on the lot. Thought I would feel a bigger difference in the power of the 6.6 over the 6.0 but maybe because its new and not broken in. the truck definitely steers better than my 2016 and feels solid. I like all the camera angles and the crispness of the display. The tailgate is cool and love the fact that there is storage in the back seats as well as under them. Did not drive at night to see how well the headlights work but look to be the same as my LEDs. Other cool items was the hepatic feedback in the seat when you approach a white or yellow lane line and forward illuminating lights on the trailer mirrors. Not too impressed with the dash as the tach and speedo look like clocks! I will order one but the dealer keeps telling me I will get less on my trade in as opposed to buy one off a lot. He will search to see if he can find one in the country but my guess is no as I want pacific blue AT4 without sunroof but all the other options including 5th wheel ball setup. Thoughts from anyone???
  8. What might be considered a "constraint limitation?"
  9. Does it drone at highway speed? I tow allot and would not want drone for a days drive
  10. Time to upgrade from mu 2016 2500 to a 2021 3500. Since I will be paying over 60K for this vehicle I will be ordering to get exactly what I want. Like the AT4 package with gas motor. First question is when I order what is expected wait till delivery and if there are incentives going on, do they apply when I order or will the ones in effect when I get delivery? Funny that they have a 0% financing on 3500 double cabs of which they are literally none on the lots or should I say none available in AT4 or Denali as they only come in crew cab.
  11. Sorry to rant but this is needs to be heard. Took the truck in for a inspection and tire rotate. Also had them look into a squeak from engine compartment. I had already replaced tension pulley and checked out idle pulley.Belt is 3 months old. They could not hear the squeak and put the vehicle on engine diagnostics for some reason and of course charged $100 for that. They did find a broken exhaust bolt which they said is not covered under my extended warranty. They wanted $400 to repair that. I declined. They finally heard the squeak and said it was the main serpentine belt. The one that is only 3 months old. Now it is a gates belt but not GM OEM. They wanted $415 to replace!!!!! I said what is the cost of the part and was quoted $385. Now you can get this OEM belt on Rockauto for $40. So I figured 2 or 3 times that cost but this is highway robbery. I asked him what planet he was on and declined that service. So any of you in WNY, do not use Jim Murphy GMC/Buick for service. They will just charge crazy prices for repairs.
  12. Wow , 40 views and no advice? Guess I am on my own with this one....
  13. I have the series 2 Fox performance shocks on for about a year now. I live in upstate NY and have the salt used in winters. Shocks are holding up well and it does tame the bouncy ride of the HD. I also have larger tires so the unsprung weight is increased by about 5 lbs per wheel. A step up would be the reservoir model but you dont need that unless you do allot of off roading. They do hold up well when towing my 5th wheel also.
  14. I have mounted a camera to aid in hitching my 5th wheel inside the cab looking back. Need some advice om best solution for a 12 volt wiring tap thats only on with key. I see there is a wire harness tucked behind the rear seats. Does anyone know if it contains a 12volt source wire? Went with in cab due to fact it could be stolen or tampered with. Window defrost lines do not inpact image.
  15. From experience, any ramp you get for the 3/4 ton truck should be the longest your willing to pay for. I had some ramps that worked well on my 1/2 ton that are absolutely scary on the 2500hd due the height of the truck . I would go 80" minimum or else your looking at a steep angle for loading. Not so bad with snow blower but try a riding mower or 4 wheeler and its a challenge.
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