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  1. Mavito, I agree 100%, Most HD will be towing 5th wheels not bumper pulls. They really need to update the firmware to accept 5th wheel parameters and when you order the 5th wheel package, change the camera hookup location to the bed. Poor execution on GMs part for sure. I hope they read this! I will be moving my camera port to the bed and hope with a 32.5 ' long 5th wheel i have enough cable.
  2. CoolJ , when swapping the receptacles, you remove the 7 pin connector and swap to new one going in? Do you have to fish the camera harness up to the bed and bring the 4 pin harness down to the bumper? Just got down there and looked to try to sum up the job before I start. I assume there is enough cable to get the camera harness up to the bed?
  3. I took my 32.5' 5th wheel for a ride this weekend with my 3500 AT4 HD and was pleasantly surprised. I no longer have any chunking, I was able to lower my Anderson hitch ball one hole and loved the fact that when I turn on a signal to make a turn I get a camera view of the whole side so I can see if I am going to cut a corner too sharp. The ride is smooth and although I did not do any great elevation climbs the power feels adequate for my gasser. Nice improvement over my '16 2500HD.
  4. On my '21 3500AT4 HD its 22" to center of hitch
  5. Yeah real nice of GM to create such a great feature and limit it to a certain type of trailer. I would bet more HD trucks tow a 5th wheel than a bumper pull. I will be swapping the in bed and bumper receptacles to make the camera wire routing more protected for my 5th wheel.
  6. Another thing to consider is the GM '21s have wireless airplay and Android auto so as someone else pointed out you can have you phone displayed on the truck screen. I have an AT4 and love it. Its not a diesel but does well for my towing needs. And yes the cab is roomier than my '16. On mine there also wireless charging spot at the base of the console so even if you have to connect a usb to phone its all right together.
  7. I dont get a warning in the vehicle but if I go to my GMC app it says low pressure in rear. So I am not worried. if I went to 60 PSI I might get a warning on the truck display.
  8. Another JR, I run the rears at 70 PSI when not towing to soften the ride somewhat. Yes its lower than the door sticker but why would you put more air in the rears when there is less weight back there? I think its because thats how GM has to meet the GV specs for the truck. Not needed on a daily ride but I will air up when towing. Of course the nanny in the truck shows low.
  9. Ok, been following this and have one question. I have a 32' 5th wheel and will relocate the camera connection to the bed. Do I need a extension cable just for the move or will only need it if my trailer is longer than 32'?
  10. 2020-2500, your about a week too late with this info. I would have bought the Andersen pin if I had known about it. Dam!
  11. You used to be able to do it with aftermarket tuners but because GM has encrypted the ECM it has to be a dealer thing. Probably charge $50 to do it too!
  12. My '21 3500HD AT4 rides real nice and the steering is better than my '16 2500HD. I also had Fox shocks all around on my old truck and the new one rides just as smooth if not better and I do have the camper/plow spring package. GM did their homework on this one. I did have 31" tires on the 2500 too.
  13. I ended up ordering this :CURT 60692 OEM Puck System. The ball works well with my Anderson hitch but I did not need the whole kit. I cannot use the anchors as they interfere with the hitch base. There is a little up and down play in the ball but when I tighten the hitch up its all solid. The B&W ball will not work with the 2021 system.
  14. Gearheadesw, the tracking # is 9505512952311098414873 and its expected to deliver by 4/12 via USPS
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