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  1. I am starting to see a few std cab long beds on lots around here. They have been building over 1000 trucks per day in Flint since right after the full launch and it seems like they have gotten through the initial flood of orders. I ended up getting my truck much earlier than I anticipated. It looks like they are starting to build out the models that arent crew cab std bed in bigger numbers.
  2. From what I am told GM is having issues with paint suppliers. Flint obviously has issues but the Mexico built Equinox I had ordered earlier this year was cancelled due to paint constraints. Based on that I would say its fairly widespread. One guess is as good as another when availability will come back. Its all a crapshoot these days. I know that the paint area of Flint assembly was upgraded dramatically a few years ago, many millions of dollars were spent to modernize it, but still no two tone availability ?
  3. I believe there was a TSB on the popping noise. Its the plastic fairing where the CHMSL and the cargo lamps are. The plastic is expanding and contracting slightly and causing the noise, My 2021 used to do it mostly in the sun. Not sure about this 2024 since I havent driven it a lot.
  4. I just had mine installed on my trailer wheels last week. I had a hard time getting the sensors to wake up using the tool. The left front sensor wouldnt wake up so I couldnt move to the rest of them. I tried starting with the left rear and it worked fine. I ended up just using the pressure drop method (about 10 psi) and they woke up correctly. I am looking forward to having a good TPMS system on the trailer. It came with a Tirelinc system on it that was a complete turd and never worked properly. Thats system is a nightmare and I cant believe they still sell them. The GM sensors are a great deal. Like was mentioned above, Even if I didnt want them I would have ordered a set for the $50 that GM charges.
  5. I had a whitetail deer come running out from the brush and committed suicide on the front of my 99 Silverado about 15 yrs ago, that was no bueno.
  6. I run 62-65 MPH typically and depending on where we are headed we will try to keep the daily miles less than 500 although I have been known to grind out some miles while everyone else sleeps Before we got the trailer(s) I drove the MI to FL straight through a few times, 1100 miles. Those days are over though.
  7. If I havent mentioned it before I can say with confidence that you want to avoid the Tirelinc system. It is absolute junk. It was difficult to setup (nothing in the instructions actually matched what the unit wanted) and the system false alarmed repeatedly for no reason. The app is glitchy (a Lippert trademark) and unreliable. I only used it twice with bad results and the final straw was when I went to use it a few months after the initial issues and found 2 of the sensors corroded so badly they were ruined (my trailer is stored in my insulated and heated pole barn). Its absolute junk.
  8. I must have raised my boys right, they both have their own trucks. I think they were afraid to drive mine due to the consequences of anything happening to it.
  9. I like the sound and with a stainless 4" tip I like the looks, just dont like lugging that ginormous muffler around.
  10. Strictly anecdotal but in the years gone by my personal observation was that the Oshawa truck did not hold up as well for rust through. Again, thats just what I saw. As far as today, as MTU says, Oshawa has had some significant shipping issues. Its widespread though since it took Precision 15 days to get my truck 12 miles across town from Flint assy. For over $150 per mile I would have pushed it there.
  11. Even with towing heavy I still get over 100k out of a set of HD brakes. Had the rotors not been all rusty on my 2005 I would have gotten well over 120k on the fronts.
  12. We stopped there in March 2022, shortly after it opened. Cheapest gas between FL and MI on that trip. Unfortunately it blew up to $4.49 per gallon while we were in Stone mountain. Not the kind of thing you want happening when youre 700 miles from home.
  13. I can see why TFL is protective. It is a business after all and they have invested a lot of time and effort into building a brand. Frankly I would have done the same thing. At the 2019 reveal of the new Silverado I managed to get an invite to the event at the Eastern market in Detroit. After all the speeches, we got to mill around the 4 or 5 trucks that were on display. Mr Truck crawled under the truck with the DEF inlet on the side to see if it was in fact a diesel and got yelled at by security. He and Andre were there and I was standing right next to them. I had no idea who they were though until my son watched their video and realized they were at the same event as my wife and I. Unfortunately Mary Barra didnt recognize me from high school so that was also a missed networking opportunity (sarcasm intended)
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