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  1. I’m on the Makita power tool platform and they make a powered cooler that I always thought to buy but just never have. It runs off the same battery packs I already have for my tools. Would be cool for in the truck or beach camping ect
  2. I based my conclusion on the optimistic dyno on the fact I’ve seen a ton of dynos on 6.2 trucks and they don’t dyno as high as the 5star videos. That company is a bit shady from what I’ve read on power numbers. It looks good on paper for their customer base though. That’s all I’ll say on it.
  3. That dyno is very optimistic considering the 6.2 put down 337/370. All other dynos I’ve seen on a stock 6.2 are not close. Different trucks, different dynos. Yada yada drive what you like. I’ve been seeing plenty of issues with the 7.3 and only a few reports of oil burning in the 6.6 although most are not having that issue.
  4. I hate how internet service companies give you a low rate and than basically double it after a year. I hate walking into a store with 30 lanes and having 1 or 2 open and having the clerk say “self check out is open” ughh
  5. In before the lock. I hate blatant price gouging due to “supply chains” and all that meanwhile these same companies recording record profits. Hmmm. remember Arby’s used to always have the five for 5 roast beef back in the day? The other day I saw them advertise 4 for 10. Hahaha yeah good one.
  6. Took me 2sec to type it into that new fangled Google machine and find it. The 7.3 put down 328/366 before they tuned it. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/ford-73-liter-godzilla-v8-dyno-run-reveals-348-rwhp-with-93-octane-tune-143136.html if you look at the link Jett posted, you will see the 6.6 6spd put down 328/359. So they both put down the same horsepower and the ford put down a whopping 7ftlb more. These are just two trucks, but it shows they are very close.
  7. The S10 morphed into the Colorado. They would need to bring back the Luv to compete with the maverick. I do like not needing ramps to change the oil. I can check it without a stool but barely. I need one to add oil comfortably though. And if I want to was the roof. I can barely wash mid windshield on my tippy toes haha
  8. Your information is bad. These trucks 10 speeds have nothing to do with the half tons, this has been stated all over countless times. These dynos were with the old 6sd to boot vs the Fords 10spd
  9. Yeah if you guys like actual car review channels reviewing many makes and models, Alex on autos does a fantastic job on digging into the vehicle. TFL is just to pass time.
  10. That’s amazing. This is my first HD so I don’t know what to expect. I am very easy on the brakes but do a lot of in town driving so we’ll see
  11. Stock trucks too. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of trucks with very low miles with it.
  12. Luckily, the trucks you’re familiar with are not having the death wobble. Many many others are not so lucky. Go on YouTube and search death wobble super duty. Plenty to choose from and that’s just the ppl who know how to upload to YouTube or care to. Most never do.
  13. I was forced to take my rig into a small old parking garage in St Paul MN and it was like you said, about 7’ with tight Turns. The icing on the cake is it had one of those corkscrew downhills to get out and boy was it a pucker fest coming down from the top level! And than a very hard turn to get to the ticket taker machine which was about level…..for a Miata. horrible experience. with that said, no way in bleep I’m buying a made in Mexico ram
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