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  1. The wife’s new Corolla wins for easiest to chip paint. It seems like a new chip on the hood daily. Partly due to how low it is I suppose.
  2. So did yours come with a button/button’s already installed or did they need to do that too? wonder how involved it is to put them in? I know it’s pretty common in the aftermarket to do them.
  3. I’m not sure but I can see how that sound would annoy you. Can you hear it in the cab too?
  4. So today I made a quick video so anyone who’s interested to see how the oil pressure changes. These changes are not reflected on the trucks actual gauge. so this is just a casual cruise up to freeway speed(about 65) unloaded. I did blimp the throttle getting it to 2,500 rpm a couple times but the pressure changes randomly not based on those downshifts. as you can see it actually changes from like 48-50 cursing to 67-70 and back down. now I haven’t done this with really warm oil as you can see the coolant is up to temp but not the oil or transmission. Scan gauge 3 in 6.6 gas https://youtu.be/37WhuCpvfc4
  5. I do notice that on the scan gauge just as you stated. It will go to like 70 and drop back down depending on your speed/acceleration. so basically if the solenoid fails it will either fail open or closed. So you wouldn’t see that fluctuating I’m guessing.
  6. How do you like the exhaust? Were the mufflers smaller and lighter than stock? Is that still single exit or dual?
  7. will it not show a drop or rise in oil pressure? If the solenoid fails would it either fail open or closed? my scan gauge 3 pulls the exact to the second oil pressure from the obd2 port so I can monitor the exact oil pressure.
  8. That’s a bummer. I wonder what symptoms to look for if that fails? thanks
  9. How much is that solenoid and how easy is it to access? Just taking mental notes for possible future needs. Thanks newdude
  10. Shine the floodlight in the sky for newdude to reply to this. hopefully you figure it out though
  11. Your wealth of knowledge is super helpful on this forum. Thank you That notice mentions the oil pump was changed for gas mileage reasons. Do you think it will be as reliable as a traditional pump? Upon replacing one eventually could a traditional pump be used in its place or no?
  12. I have not heard anything like this and I changed my oil already. so it is a cold start in both warm and cold air temps?
  13. This issue has never come back luckily. That’s for your post though because that could easily have fixed it.
  14. Agreed. I have the same packages and I am totally fine with the truck in stock form. Like you, I grew up driving lumber wagons. this Truck reminds me of my younger days and I smile whenever I drive it.
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