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  1. Honestly, I don’t know what was ordered other than a replacement for the control unit. There was no way to replace just the LED’s (according to the techs) behind the buttons so the whole module was replaced. I can try and see if I can find the work order to look for a part number. EDIT: Can’t find the work order but looking online for my trim, with the auto dual climate, this is what they replaced. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-15-74881
  2. Exactly what I ended up doing, only I put them on the outside. Inside could also work though.
  3. Thanks guys! The needle does seem to be 1-2 mph off (slower) which is what prompted me to ask.
  4. Curious about something. Is the digital speed in the DIC getting its speed from GPS or from the truck itself just like the needle on the speedo gauge? 2018 Sierra SLT, All Terrain. Thanks!
  5. Mine were similar but not quite as bad as yours on my '18 at about 50K miles. I replaced them with the Bilstein 4600's and I love the way the truck drives now. I also did the rear myself, but paid to have the fronts done.
  6. I swapped out all 4 of the OEM ranchos for the 4600's a couple months ago. I love the way the truck drives now. I ended up doing the rears myself and having a shop do the fronts. Payed waaaaaay more than I should of for the install, but I didnt really shop around either. So thats on me.
  7. Wanted to share and issue and the resolution to an engine noise that I all of a sudden started experiencing a couple weeks ago. I noticed it when first starting the truck in the morning after sitting overnight. The noise was more prominent the first few minutes after starting the engine and would gradually die down, but it wouldn’t go away. I initially thought it was the serpentine belt but after ruling that out I took it to the dealer to get checked. It was the water pump going out. Luckily it was a warranty item since I’m at 49,400 miles. I’m just glad it wasn’t another issue of me bringing the truck in for a noise that stops the second it’s in the service bay. WARNING: At the time of recording this I hadn’t yet washed the winter off. It’s nice and clean now though. 2018 Sierra Water Pump Noise
  8. Seriously considering the Go Rhino RB10 for my 2018 Sierra. The nerf bars that came on it are just too darn low. Anyone try the newer RB10 slim lines? Or are they too new? Curious how the 4” Slim Line compares to the 6” of the regular RB10’s. Other than the obvious difference of 2”.
  9. I was thinking the same thing! How the heck am I able to compress this and how is this any better than the bounce house Ranchos I'm taking off?!?! I tow nothing and haul very little, so thats why I went with the 4600's. I had dreams and ambitions of doing a little lift in the front, but the more and more I drive the truck, the more I realize I am happy with where it is at with the stock height. Maybe the next round of shocks I will change my mind. I would do the front myself, but I really dont have a way to compress the front springs in order to remove and install the new shock, so I will just take it to my local place that usually does my my tires and alignments and get it done. You mentioned I shouldn't need an alignment. Was I wrong in my thinking that an alignment would need to be done or is that only when changing the height of the front?
  10. Sorry, last post here on this topic for a while since the last two (not including this one) were from me. Installed the read 4600's this morning after my 1st cup of coffee and was done in in about 30 minutes. The lack of the straps on the shock wasn't an issue at all. Just a little bit of muscle to compress and everything lined up and was bolted down. Now Im off to find a place to install the fronts.
  11. Purchased the Bilstein 4600's. They were in stock and a much better price at the moment than the Bilstein 5100 or Eibachs. I had an "aha" moment where I realized a zinc coated shock doesn't mean the rinsing of the underside can stop in the winter. All it means is the shock will retain its bling longer and since I don't ever recall looking under my truck to admire its shocks, I went with the 4600's. I actually really dig the yellow anyway. Also realized that the rear shocks they send didnt have the straps on them to keep them compressed. Hope this doesn't make them too much of a pain to install. I wasnt planning on using the jack but I may need to in order to get them compressed enough.
  12. Debating the Bilstein 4600, 5100 or Eibach Pro Truck Sport for my completely stock 2018 Sierra SLT All Terrain. I won’t be lifting or leveling so the 4600’s seem like the logical choice but I do live in an area with way too much road salt in the winters. So a zinc coated shock makes sense, but I worry about the ride quality with the 5100’s or the Eibachs. Decisions, decisions…
  13. Also have a 2018 SLT All-Terrain with the 20 inch snowflakes that came with the Goodyear SRA tires. They were horrible for me in the rain and the snow and anything else that wasn't a dry paved road. Comfortable ride though so I will give them that. Anyway, I love the look of the 20 inch snowflakes, so I just slapped on some real AT tires and they made a world of difference. Right now I have the General Grabber ATX in 275/55/20 and am really happy with them. They are excellent in rain, snow, gravel, dirt and paved roads which I'm on most of the time. I also didn't get the LT size since I have no need for an LT tire.
  14. Anyone have any idea why Michelin doesn't have any 3PMSF rated tires that aren't a dedicated snow tire? Ive heard great things about the Michelin Defender LTX's, I'm just curious as to why. Maybe thats a question for another topic.
  15. Verrrrrrrrrrry nice! To me, that looks to be the perfect wheel to tire to lift ratio. Not overly or underly (is that a word?) done.
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