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  1. I've got an '18 crew cab, SLT all-terrain with the Bose system and navigation. I think the system sounds great (for the music I listen to) but this past weekend my son was in the back seat and was saying he had a hard time even hearing that the speakers were on when the volume wasn't up to high. That got me thinking about maybe upgrading just the speakers in the doors in the back. Then thought that maybe that would be a bad idea just to do the back, so I thought maybe do the front and back. Looks like I need to go through this thread a little bit since it sounds like the Bose system might be a little tricky to work with. This is NOT my area of expertise.
  2. You mention that is sounds like its coming from the front, so I really cant help there. A few people and myself had/have a clunk coming from the rear which in my case was the leaf springs. If you happen find that its coming from the rear and not the front, check out what I did to fix my issue. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/175090-leaf-spring-noise/?do=findComment&comment=2388999
  3. Thought I'd share an update. Just picked up my truck from a different dealership since my normal dealership said it was normal. Certainly NOT normal. This dealership looked further into it ended up replacing the Evap canister and solenoid since there was "No vacuum flow". Truck is showing FULL now, but the true test will be to see how it goes when I go to fill up my next tank.
  4. Take a look at this post. I added some photos a while ago. Still going strong! https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/229241-replacement-leaf-springs/?do=findComment&comment=2314446
  5. https://www.off-road.com/blog/toyo-open-country-a-t-iii-tires-preview/ Just thought I'd share. I don't need new tires, but I do like to see whats out there. Good looking tire! Curious to see how others like them after some real world use. If I needed new tires, they came in my size and I didnt like my Cooper's I might consider them.
  6. Another fill up and another tank not hitting the full mark. I even had gas spilling out this time. Just over 3/4 of a tank according to the fuel gauge. 350 miles on the Info screen. Going for an oil change in about 500 miles so I’ll mention it to the dealer (again) then.
  7. Ive been having the exact same issue with my ‘18 Sierra for the past 5-6 tanks. Exactly what you are experiencing. I managed to almost get it to the full mark today by barely squeezing the pump trigger. I call it the Flomax Fuel Fill method. The truck just wouldn’t take anymore. It was taking forever and it was freezing out so I gave up. Ive tried inserting the nozzle part way, half way, at an angle and everything in between and nothing seems to work. Ive tried different gas stations too.
  8. I believe one is for the inspection and one is for emissions. And the 3rd in my glove box is the class 2 sticker. Not sure why they cant do a combo sticker. Lame. I will take the 3 stickers any day of the week here in PA and deal with them on my windshield. We moved here from CA and the annual vehicle registration costs was absolutely insane. The stickers is a small price to pay for the lower flat annual registration fee and annual inspection.
  9. I'm at about 4K miles on this particular set. Here's a post with some photos after they were initially installed. They were actually replaced by Cooper under warranty because of an issue I had with one tire. Awesome tire for me and zero plans for me to change. I was just having some fun commenting and complaining about how eager the city gets about driving their plows and the amount of salt they use here on the road. Seems a bit excessive but then again I also realize not everyone owns a 4x4 truck that can roll through snow with ease.
  10. I bet they’re slick on salt! I’m just fooling with this post. Sorry for derailing. I’m just annoyed by the amount of salt they put on the roads here in western PA in my neighborhood. I don’t have KO2’s. I have Cooper Discoverer A/T3 4S’s and they are awesome in rain and snow. But once that snow melts, with the amount of salt our township uses on the roads they become racing slicks. I was behind a truck the other day that was kicking up so much salt dust it looked like his truck was on fire. I swear they salt and plow at the 1st sign of a snow flake. Drives me crazy.
  11. I'm just north of Pittsburgh. I just keep mine in my glove box with my registration and insurance card. Two stickers on the windshield is ridiculous. Three would be insane! And if they were put on crooked like my dealership did on my previous Sierra? I don't even want to talk about it.
  12. Like another poster, the Terrain Contacts lost out to the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S for me mainly because of the lack of severe snow rating. Is it necessary for where I live? I don't know, I moved here 5 years ago from the southwest so I tried to play it extra safe. So far, the winters (in my opinion) have been pretty mild. I'm also in the Pittsburgh area so your review will be a good gauge for me. The Terran Contacts have been and still are on my short list. The Coopers have been awesome for everything they have been through. No complaints from me, but I'm still curious to hear your thoughts as we get through winter.
  13. Had the same issue with my 2018. Had everything tightened up to spec, new U-Bolts installed and even new rear axles. 3 different appointments. Only fix was to put some rubber in between the leafs. Quiet as a mouse since I did that. Here's what I did.
  14. Thanks! I'll have to pay attention to it when the light comes on. I think I've only seen the light come on once since I've had the truck. Surprised the light didnt come on when I got the low fuel warning. Maybe once it reads empty. Not a big deal, I was just curious about that icon this morning when I was looking at it.
  15. Thanks all. Glad to know I my truck isn't broken. It's an interesting choice for that icon for sure.
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