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  1. Nice truck! Looking at your picture I was saying to myself "Man, those look just like the hills I grew up looking at up until 5 years ago when I moved to PA. Saw your license plate frame and YEP! Could be the same hills. ;)
  2. I actually prefer the looks of my ‘18 All-Terrain when it’s a little dirty rather than clean. If it was safe to keep the salty road goop on all winter I would. This is my 1st winter with my ‘18 but my ‘15 went through a few Pittsburgh winters. Not much snow yet this year though. All I got so far is a dirty tailgate.
  3. Idiot scratch

    Dang, that’s some very good investigative work right there! At the time my truck was very new and had about 500 miles on it. And those were in fact the OEM Goodyear SRA tires. The tires are long gone now but the scratch remains. My truck has carried that scratch for 4,500 miles and my heart still hurts. 😉
  4. Idiot scratch

    I probably should of thought of this a couple months ago before winter hit, but should I treat these scratches with clearcoat to help prevent corrosion until I can get it repaired?
  5. What others said! I have the spray liner and the GM rubber bed mat in my truck. Normally the mat does help a little from keeping things from sliding around (within reason) and adds a little extra dent protection. I like my setup. However, I cleaned my bed mat before it got cold here and was a dummy and put 303 Aerospace Protectant on it, so now it’s slick as ice. Not one of my better decisions! It’s getting better but it’ll take time for that stuff to dry out. I won’t be doing that again. [emoji6]
  6. Awesome so far. Great in rain and the light snow we have had so far in western PA. Road noise is minimal. Seriously, I don’t notice any bit of extra noise compared to the stock tires but my son did just a little which is why I say it’s minimal. Really smooth on the highway too at any speed.
  7. New tires for 2016 Midnight Edition

    What road noise? ;) Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference at all compared to the stock SRA tires. My wife and I don’t notice an increase in noise but my son did heard a slight increase, but nothing to complain about at all. Nice and quiet at any speed. Wet traction has been great. Haven’t had much snow yet but we had about an inch last week and it was nice and planted with plenty of grip. Will see with more snow as we get deeper into winter.
  8. New tires for 2016 Midnight Edition

    I’m a fan of the Cooper AT3 4S I put on. About 2,500k miles on them so far. That being said, I was also really interested in the Geolanders and the Wildpeaks during my time in the tire rabbit hole. So many decisions and good options out there! Enough to drive a man insane!
  9. I learned the hard way that even heavy items slide when you use 303 Aerospace on your bed mat. Don’t ask!!! All I’m going to say is the bed mat cleaned up nicely but you can now use it to ice skate on till the 303 dries out. ;)
  10. Thanks again all! Lots of good options here.
  11. Great suggestions, thank you!
  12. What are you all using if anything to keep items you put in you bed from being scattered all over the place by the time you arrive home? I’m looking to see if there’s something that will help contain items like your typical Costco stuff (water, paper towels), Home Depot stuff (bags of ice melt, top soil) small suitcases, etc. towards the back end of the bed while driving. I have the GMC spray liner along with the rubber bed mat but I still get some shifting. I was looking at something like a Lund Cargo Bar but that doesn’t seem like it would contain smaller items. Wanted to get your thoughts and input if there’s something magical you have found and are using? Thanks!
  13. kumho road venture at

    Supposed to be a really good performer in all conditions with everything I have read. I was seriously considering these when I was shopping for new tires. That being said, I saw a set on another truck with my size tire and I personally I didn’t like the look of them when mounted. The side wall just had too much going on for my tastes. That’s the only thing I didn’t like when seeing them. On a funny positive note (for me at least), I read here in these forums that someone thought the tread pattern looked like dog bones. Sure enough that’s all I saw when I saw the tires in person. At $115 each. That’s a good price!
  14. For me it depends on the gauge. I have a couple analog gauges and a couple inflators and all are about 1lb difference from the TPMS with the exception of one. My Joes Racing inflator for my compressor is spot on. If my TPMS says 35PSI so does the guage on the inflator. It also has each number on the guage face (34, 35, 36, 37, etc) which I really like.

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