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  1. This is the only one I have right now with these tires that show the whole truck. Hope this helps!
  2. Went from a ‘15 to an ‘18 All Terrain and that was a “darnit” moment for me when I found they switched to blue. I test drove the ‘18 in the daytime and signed the paperwork and drove her home in the daytime. It wasn’t till a couple of days later I noticed the blue. Wouldn’t of changed my decision at all by any means but to me the red was a nice touch I really liked over the blue in the Silverado. After owning the ‘18 for almost a year it doesn’t really make a bit of difference to me anymore.
  3. WeatherTech vs. Husky Liners?

    What’s nice about the rear GM mat is the lip under the seat that helps prevent stuff from sliding out from under the seat.
  4. WeatherTech vs. Husky Liners?

    I had the Husky's in my 2015 Sierra for 3 years and my neighbor had the WeatherTech's in his 2015 Silverado. Both of us preferred the Husky's over the WeatherTech. The Husky's seemed to clean up better and they didn't lose their shape as much as the Weathertech did in his truck. That being said, my 2018 came with the GM liners and I prefer those over the Husky's even. I cleaned them this past weekend after a winter of mud, dirt and salt and they looked brand new when I was done scrubbing with just soap and water. The Husky's were close when I cleaned them but these GM ones seem to have them beat in my book.
  5. The Detroit Wheel and Tire link I posted above says it’s an OEM wheel. At $395 a wheel I would hope so!
  6. Ive got an 18 AT as well that could use some snowflake wheel lovin'. Ive got this on my purchase "to-do" list if I don't end up finding a good wheel guy to fix the scratches I made from that dang curb. I saw a recommendation some time ago for this company which is what got me looking there but I cant remember where I saw this recommendation. So now I can only now recommend on blind faith. https://www.detroitwheelandtire.com/hol-5658-mgm-new.html
  7. I’ve got one scratched up 20 inch snowflake now, so when that scratch drives me crazy enough that I feel I need to go extreme and do something about it, maybe I’ll put that on as a spare. Still looking for a good wheel guy to do wheel repair. Fix the scratch or get a new wheel. Whichever comes 1st!
  8. Installed! This is more like it. ;) Edit: Question for you all. I dont want to start a new thread since I've already talked enought about these dang tires, but is it possible its something I did or didn't do to cause this? Only reason I ask is that I think this might be the 1st set of tires I have not used 303 Aerospace Protectant on. My 1st truck when I moved here (my 2015 Sierra) I sprayed a couple of times. I'm originally from SoCal and moved to Western PA 5 years ago. I used to spray the 303 on my tires in SoCal, just to make them look perdy, but now Im wondering of there's more to it than that. We didn't have any weather elements that were substantial by any means in SoCal. Here in Western PA, we have 4 seasons, warm, humid, cold, snow, salt, deer, chipmunks, leaves, Ohio'ians, Browns fans, etc. A lot of negative stuff in the air and on the roads. I'M KIDDING ABOUT MOST OF THOSE ELEMENTS! ;) Anyway, is it more important to spray tires with a protectant when dealing with the 4 season temperature fluctuations along with snow and road salt? Just want to do my part to prevent this from happening again if at all possible. Or maybe I just had a bad batch on that 1st set of Coopers.
  9. Looks great! I did the same thing with my factory Goodyear SRA’s after buying my Sierra. Only had 1,800 miles on them and put them on Letgo. Got $400 for them the following day. Can’t complain there.
  10. Agree! Really glad they took care of me. Tires have been great in every way other than this issue.
  11. Update: I emailed those same photos to Cooper and they also suggested having the tire shop look at them in person. I brought it in yesterday afternoon for them to have look and after the tire shop contacted Cooper this morning to give their assessment, I will have 4 new tires delivered to the shop tomorrow for installation. I'd say Cooper took care of me.
  12. Looks like it’s only on both of the rears that were just rotated back there from the front a few days ago and not on the front. When I just checked in the garage it was looking like that other rear side isn’t nearly as bad. I’m going to pull the truck out in the sun tomorrow (assuming the Pittsburgh sun doesn’t get lost again) and look closer at the other rear side. We’ll also see now if the newly rotated to the front ones do it. I’ll contact Cooper and see what they say.
  13. Just had my tires rotated during my 10k mile service. When I got home while working in the garage, I noticed a few spots on a both of my rear tires that look to be chipping or tearing (to my eyes at least). These are the tires that were on the front before being rotated to the back a couple days prior. Tires are the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S with 8k miles on them. Is this a concern or is this normal? I didn’t even bother to see if the same thing was happening in the front tires.
  14. I bought my 2018 Sierra back in July and its still showing the speed limits from before they changed them here at the PA turnpike back in 2015. I like to keep the DIC on the speed and speed limit screen when on a road trip. So a new truck in 2018 still showing speed limits that changed 3 years ago. I'm assuming the updated map would take care of this. I went to the dealer yesterday for my 10k mile oil change and gmnavdisc.com is where he told me I needed to go to update unfortunately.

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