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  1. I see lots of BFG's around town and have read good things about them. They must be doing something right! I don't have any personal experience with them but they were on the top of my list with the Coopers when I was looking for a new set. I was mainly worried about the weight of the BFG's and being overkill for how I use my truck. The Coopers I ended up with are a bit closer to the stock tire weight of the Goodyear SRA's that came on my truck, but are a night and day difference. The BFG's are still on my list if I ever decide to beef up the truck. Or maybe the new Cooper Discoverer XLT's! ;)
  2. Here’s a few after I got them installed.
  3. If this is what I think it is it’s probably time for the ol’ paint stick trick. There’s quite a few discussions on it. Below is one for example. My 2018 was doing the same thing where I could feel the pedal clicking or flexing at the bottom of my feet. I thought it was the tread of my shoes getting caught on the pedal in a weird way. Nope! The paint stick was the cure for me. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/167606-gas-pedal-flex-solution/
  4. In all fairness I should mention that my truck is not the only vehicle I've owned that did this. I had a Mazda CX-5 that did the exact same thing. Only difference is I could reach it while driving to fix it! My truck is much wider than that Mazda!
  5. Oh man, I thought I was the only one! Every time my daughter gets out of the truck, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.
  6. Glad they fixed you up and nothing broke. Same deal as mine. Reconnect and good to go!
  7. That is exactly what happened to me when mine broke. I was on a road trip moving my son into his college dorm. Luckily I was able to jimmy the tonneau cover open when we got there and was able to unload that way. Took it to the dealer when I got home and they reconnected what became disconnected and its been fine ever since. Hopefully your issue is a quick fix like mine was. Couldn't believe it happened to begin with. And horrible timing!
  8. My '18 was like that too when I bought it. I actually had something in mine disconnect so the latch no longer opened the tailgate. I brought it into the dealership and they reconnected everything and seems to be just right now. 8k miles later and many openings and its still good to go.
  9. Idiot scratch

    Oh, I’ve priced a new wheel as well as a new set of black OEM 18s if I decide to go that route eventually. I blame myself for mine too. Biggest bummer was my wife was in the car when it happened.
  10. Idiot scratch

    I’ve grown quite fond of my scratch. It’s a battle scar. It’s got a story to tell. That’s what I keep telling myself.
  11. Detroit Wheel and Tire has a pretty large selection of 20" https://www.detroitwheelandtire.com/gmc/sierra-1500.html?cat=36606&wheelsize_drop=4342#page=1
  12. New Guy in Florida

    Love the truck and your pooch! She's looking confused like its either play time or ride time. Or both!
  13. Dumb question. Sanding is done before or after the clear coat?
  14. Thanks for the tips! ACDelco pen has already been ordered and I’ll give it a go even though the thought of using any sandpaper on my truck freaks me out. Maybe I’ll practice on the snowblower first! 😉 I do have some 2000 grit 3M automotive sandpaper in the garage that I bought to polish out some scratches in a knife blade.

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