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  1. Sorry, but this is the best I can do at the moment. Hope this helps. Also, just to note that I did not sand any part of the door/molding since I was happy with the way it came out. Only sanding I did was on the hood with some of the minor pit's. But after seeing it close up in pic's, maybe I will do a light sand and a polish. Couldn't hurt!
  2. I went with the AC Delco pen and it worked nicely. Used is to fix the door marks as well as some minor pits on the hood. I even attempted for the 1st time ever to use sandpaper on paint. That was a littler never racking at 1st but after I did some breathing exercises I calmed down, did the work and it came out great!
  3. Same issue with my ‘18. My dealer seems to think it’s the rear axles so mine is in the shop as we speak getting them replaced. I’ll hopefully have it back tomorrow or Wednesday.
  4. You called it! It returned the following day after getting the new u bolts installed. Heck it probably was there after immediately leaving the service dept. the 1st time but I just didnt want to hear it. ANYWAY, I stopped by the service dept. this morning after getting my morning coffee just to talk to the advisor I have been working with to let him know the noises were back. He asked if the service manager could ride around with me so he could hear it 1st hand. We did that for about 5 minutes and he heard everything after being in the truck and along side him as he walked outside the truck looking at the rear end as it clunked. He also shook the rear of the truck back and forth while I was in it and was able to reproduce the noise. He said it sounded like the axles and some movement going on in there and if I was OK leaving it with them for the day so they can take a look. I just got a call back and they are recommending (after speaking with GM) we replace both rear axels since they measured and my current ones are on the high end of what GM considers "in spec". I'm no mechanic, so I don't know what that means or what GM considers "in spec", All I know is I'm in a bitchin' Buick encore for a couple days while my truck get's rump surgery .
  5. Just to butt in, I thought about going to the 60's when I bought mine but I went with the stock 275/55r20 becasue I couldnt make up my mind and I wanted to get rid of those Goodyear SRA's ASAP. Might go to the 60's next set for just that little tiny bit of extra sidewall. Tread depth is the same between the two at 12.5/32, but the 55's are an XL load where the 60's are SL.
  6. AT3 4S on my All Terrain. I agree with Yondu. Nice, smooth tire for an AT. I’d buy them again! I’m on my 2nd set. Cooper replaced all 4 tires for me at 8k miles because there was some odd pitting/tearing on the side lugs on one of the tires. They took care of me. They’ve handles the elements of Western Pennsylvania beautifully.
  7. Just picked up my truck from the dealer. They lubricated the springs per the TSB and replaced the U-Bolts, plates, nuts and washers. As of now, the noise and clunk is gone. We'll see if she holds.
  8. I’ve got the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar with net that I keep towards the back by the tailgate all the time. I’ve got it installed a little lower to prevent smaller items (like Costco shopping) from sliding all over the place when driving home. The net works good for smaller items too but I dont really use that all that often. Overall I’m happy with the purchase.
  9. Nice that you can make a choice like that. My wife and I left SoCal 6 years ago after 40 years (born and raised). Only thing I miss is the family left behind. Some of the time.
  10. Shackles are what the dealer is going to replace for me once they get them in. They torqued all the bolts too but that didn’t seem to make a difference by itself.
  11. Interested or not you get to hear is what my dealer said/did. ;) I explained the issue and they took the truck back for about 30-45 min and confirmed the noises after a test drive and doing what I told them to do in order to replicate. The advisor contacted GM and was told this is becoming more known and to loosen and re-torque the bolts. What bolts, Im not sure. So they did that and after testing, the advisor came to me and said it is better but he's still not happy and would like to replace the shackles, but unfortunately they are not in stock and wont be for a couple of days. So, not a complete fix, but the fact that my dealer doesn't think I'm crazy, confirmed the sound and is working with me to fix, I'm a happy so far. The noise did seem a lot less on the drive home and into my driveway and garage. So I'm hopeful!
  12. Heading over there in an hour. I’ll report back here if anyone is interested.
  13. My ‘18 Sierra is going in tomorrow for some new noises which sound similar. Just turned 12k miles. Got some clunking or thumping noises when going over bumps or dips at lower speeds both forward and in reverse. It’s way more prevalent below 15 mph and worse when the wheel is turned in either direction. Backing out of my garage, cranking the wheel and up the driveway is especially fun. We’ll see what my dealer says tomorrow.
  14. Autoblog just put out an article on this. Canada only at this point. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/07/12/chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-defroster-circuit-recall/
  15. This is just a guess, but I think 90% of people looking for new tires for their truck go with what they know which is replacing their current tire, whatever is on sale, or whatever the dealership recommends them to put on. I was in that group too before I got my 1st GMC. The other 10% are here in this forum, reading and doing their research for what they need/want. This forum has been awesome! The reasons I didn’t go with the Continental A/T’s when I got my Coopers at the time was the lack of the 3 Peak severe weather rating and I wanted a USA company made tire. Despite that, those Continentals are still in the #2 spot on my list after reading such good reviews on them. Love my Coopers but I have a backup if they ever fail me and I decide I want to switch. For the record, I’ve been out of southern CA for about 5 years now living in the Pittsburgh area and have yet to understand why my requirement was that 3 peak symbol. I think it snows more glitter and Frappachino sprinkles in Southern CA than it does actual snow here in Western PA since I have been here. I have no need currently for an LT tire so the aggressive awesome looking go-to heavy AT tires like the KO2, Grabbers, etc. weren’t really a consideration for me. I sure do love looking at them though! When I bought my truck and my Coopers I told myself I was about 80% on road. In reality its more like 95% on road. OK, maybe 96%. Sidebar... Does anyone else find it funny when reading AT tire reviews that a tire was tested in the desert of Southern CA in some packed sand or a mud puddle which it did really well so that's the end of the test? Then that tire is recommended as being a good AT tire because it also has the 3 Peak Snow symbol. Apologies, I didn't mean to derail this thread. I would love to see those Continentals on your truck if you get them. Post pics!
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