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  1. Another Bilstein thread

    Dumb question, but have you had any issues in parking garages with the 1.25" lift? I'm always freaked out hearing the antenna hit that metal bar in the parking garages and was just curious at what height these trucks would no longer be able to enter the standard height parking garage. Bilstein 5100's are also next on my list with my 275/55/20's.
  2. Are you in Auto 4WD? I’ve noticed a different sound between 2WD and Auto when accelerating. Happened in my ‘15 and now in my ‘18 Sierra. Not sure if this is the sound you are hearing? But if it is then it’s normal. The link you posted won’t open for me.
  3. The reason for adding the block in the rear if you went to that 3rd setting would be so that the front wouldnt be higher than the back when towing? Since you basically leveled your truck? Forgive my ignorance but I dont tow anything and Ive always kept my trucks stock as they came from the factory (with the exception of tires). This is my 1st truck I was thinking of actually leveling out a bit.
  4. Looks really good! Good work. Hope you don’t mind, but I may use your setup as my trucks role model when it comes time for my new shocks.
  5. You get the adjustable 5100’s? Looks great!
  6. Nothing wrong with those Wilpeaks at all! Thanks for sharing the RPM calculation. I'll still need to have my son figure it out for me. ;) Looking forward to your Bilstein pics. Thats next on my list too.
  7. I have no idea how to figure that out. I know my wife tells me all the time my RPM's are too low and I drive like an old man! [emoji6] I just used another tape measure and I was closer to "31 on the rears and "30.75 up front. Tape measure variation and air pressure probably has something to do with the slight diameter differences. I think the Wildpeaks have a bit more tread depth than the Coopers too. I live in a place that doesn't have Discount Tire, but when I was in CA and AZ they always took care of me. Never had a bad experience with them!
  8. 100% stock other than new tires and a shaved air dam. No lift or level. I have the 275/22/20's. I cant guarantee my accuracy on reading a tape measure so here you go with some visual proof. ;) Cooper says they are a "31.93 tire for the 275/55/20's. Apparently that's BEFORE mounting.
  9. I just used a Dremel. There’s a few spots I still need to go in and clean up but it wasn’t hard to do at all. 100% stock other than new tires and a shaved air dam. No lift or level. I have the 275/55/20's. Maybe they look bigger because of the angle of the photo? I cant guarantee my accuracy on reading a tape measure so here you go with some visual proof. [emoji6]
  10. Yea, I probably should of done that the 1st time around. Sorry about that! I added them to my original response.
  11. I think those Falken Wildpeaks look awesome on your truck just as it sits right now! If you ask me, its a keeper! I read in one of the modification threads about shaving a little off of the front air dam. So, I went ahead and did it. On my truck it seems to of given it at least a little more placebo lift in the front. [emoji6] And after the new Coopers
  12. Like the looks of those Wildpeaks on your truck!
  13. I picked her out

    Man, that stinks. I see those yellow DAY stickers all over town. I assumed they were one of the good ones. I’m up in North Hills and have only dealt with Baierl for our Chevy and Wright for my GMC. Good to know about DAY but I’m sorry to hear about all your troubles with them. You have every right to be ticked!!!
  14. Anyone running cooper tires?

    Just had A/T3 4S tires put on a couple weeks ago. Only 200 miles on them so far so I cant really comment on them yet other than they ride really nice, look good and stick to the road way better in the rain than the stock Goodyear SRA's did! I paid a little more that $840 though. I got them for $960 installed.

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