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  1. Idiot scratch

    OP update. Went camping this weekend and got the truck all muddy. Forgot the scratches were even there! Came home and got the truck washed. They’re still there... I’ll just need to get my truck dirty and camp more often which is why I own a truck in the 1st place. Heck, I don’t normally even see clean wheels here in western Pennsylvania between Nov/Dec - March. If I lived more north I wouldn’t see clean wheels probably for half the year. I’ll get the scratch taken care of eventually but I’m really in no rush. A smarter purchase for me would be for me to get rid of those Goodyear SRA’s. I remember my first 2 winters here in western PA with my ‘15 Sierra and it’s SRA’s. Ugh. And those were mild winters!
  2. Cooper AT3 4S

    Really interested in seeing some real world review on them. I figured by the time it’s time to replace my SRA’s there should be some thing out there on them. In the meantime the Continental TerrainContact AT’s are the front runner for me.
  3. I’ve always had the thick rubber GM branded bed mat and it’s been great. I bought it for my ‘15 Sierra since it didn’t have a spray or drop in liner. But now that my ‘18 has the spray in I still use it for some extra protection and tackiness. Provides a lot of padding and things don’t slide around.
  4. Idiot scratch

    I was looking at the Continental TerrainContact AT tires when the time comes to replace the crappy SRA’s. Which those do have the “Rim Protector” and have gotten some really good reviews. Not looking forward this this upcoming winter in Pittsburgh driving on those SRA’s. I think 275/60/r20 is as big as I can go while keeping the suspension and wheels stock. I’ve been combing through the tire section of this forum and there’s a lot of good info in there. [emoji6]
  5. Im going to have to put something over that slit under the cup holders then because I almost lost a piece of paper under there this morning. I caught it half way out trying to sneak its way in there.
  6. Really dumb question here. So, I’m sorry in advance! I recently traded my ‘15 Sierra for an ‘18. Both SLT with the All Terrain package. On the ‘15 the cup holders in the console was removable and you could either place it over the shallow vs. deeper compartments. On my new ‘18 the cup holders don’t seem to be removable. Or at least I can’t get mine out. Which is odd to me since there is still a small gap under the cup holders that papers and stuff can still slip under never to be seen again. When I was cleaning my ‘15 out at the dealership, I found a $75 visa gift card under there! I can’t imagine that gap still being there if the cup holders aren’t removable. If they aren’t removable then that will definitely be a black hole in my new truck.
  7. Idiot scratch

    Oh dang! I’ll shut up now. Im not worthy! [emoji6]
  8. Idiot scratch

    Ive got a few of those too. But that’s for another forum. One that had an idiot scratch as well which is a 1911 right of passage! Lucky it was a Stainless model which was easy to buff out.
  9. Idiot scratch

    Thanks all! It’s at least good to read that it’s not just me that has the bad luck. I’m not too worried about it. The scuffs look and feel pretty shallow. I’m sure a good wheel guy can sand and polish them right up. Im going to ask the dealer about it on Tuesday when I’m there. I’m having the center console lid replaced under warranty. It sounds like I’m smashing a bag of potato chips when I put any pressure on it. Lots of creaks and cracking and crunching sounds. They thought I was crazy when I mentioned it to them till they heard it themselves.
  10. I had a tick on my ‘15 when accelerating and even more so at low RPM. I tried switching to premium gas to see if that had anything to do with it and that took care of it. Never had the tick again. Even went down to the mid grade fuel still with no tick. I was on a 3 year lease so I didn’t worry too much about it since I knew I was going to turn the truck in anyway. My solution wasn’t very cost effective by paying more for gas, but it worked for me.
  11. Idiot scratch

    I wish I had some 18s!
  12. Idiot scratch

    The worst part about it is that I’m always giving my wife a hard time (in a fun playful way) about doing this same thing to her wheels on every car she has owned. Then I go ahead and do this to my truck. With her sitting right next to me! [emoji6] I usually have some sort of minor boo boo on a vehicle when it’s new. My last Sierra I just traded in for this one had a chip on the driver door pillar after I opened it and the door hit the house outdoor light timer hanging on the wall in the garage. It’s usually just that one initial mark I make when it’s new and that’s it till it’s time for a new vehicle. I must be cursed.
  13. Anybody else ever do this to a truck that has less than 500 miles on it? [emoji30]
  14. I picked up a 2018 All Terrain last week because it was almost time to turn in my 2015 from a lease and I love the styling of the current model. I could of waited until January which is when my lease was up and shopped the new 2019's but the prices this past week were too good on the 2018's to pass up. Plus they offered 0.0% financing so it was a no brainer for me.
  15. Just traded my ‘15 in for an ‘18 and it’s got the current speed as well as the speed limit on the same screen. My ‘15 had them on separate screens. I prefer them combined like the new truck but I would much rather have the red color theme throughout instead of the blue.

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