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  1. Verrrrrrrrrrry nice! To me, that looks to be the perfect wheel to tire to lift ratio. Not overly or underly (is that a word?) done.
  2. I had two of my LED’s burn out a few months back in mine so I had all but two working. They had to replace the whole module under warranty. In and out of the dealership in 45 while they replaced. Of course it took 2 months to get the part in from back order.
  3. Thinking the 4600 will be the route I go when I see some in stock. I don’t plan on lifting or leveling but I occasionally hit the hunting trail, gravel road, or road to the camp site. I don’t tow anything (yet) and am a little worried about the 5100’s being a little too harsh for my 20 inch snowflakes under an empty bed. Might go up on the next set of tires to a 275/60/20 instead of the stock 275/55/20 that I have now as well. I wish I could say my truck spent more than 95% of its time off the pavement but I’d be fibbin.
  4. I do have a subscription but I use it for other forums too so it’s not a total loss at least. But I would still like to use again for GM-Trucks.
  5. Have the Tapatalk issues re-emerged for you all? Forums weren’t showing up correctly and now I can’t log in through Tapatalk. Website seems fine though. Guessing the recent forum software update killed it.
  6. Thanks all. I must of had a rock jump up and hit it or something. Not sure where the heck it came from. I noticed it yesterday as I was filling up. I thought it was a stuck flower petal on there, but NOPE!
  7. Any recommendation for touch up paint for the nerf bars on my ‘18 All Terrain?
  8. Interesting. I don't even see it on their website yet. Looks like its coming in April to dealers. Its a nice looking tire.
  9. Seeing as how I couldn’t find anyone else in this forum or anywhere else I searched that had the same issue with the ATX’s I figured I can give them another shot. And since General just swapped them out and I didn’t have to pay for installation, I had nothing to lose.
  10. I have a 2018 Sierra, but the below are for the newer model which is what I think you have. I ordered for my model year. According to the images there are a couple different versions for the 2019 Sierra depending on whether or not the pocket holes are the size of a Credit Card. May need to order the ones for the 2018 model year. https://www.amazon.com/ES-ENGINEERED-SCHILDMEIER-Pocket-Silverado/dp/B07KVKN9PZ/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ES+ENGINEERED+BY+SCHILDMEIER&qid=1616702711&sr=8-2
  11. My ‘18 has only that one hole at the top and I swear when I ordered, somewhere on the page it said the switch was changed to a rounded switch to ease installation to use the existing hole. I might be imagining that though. Bottom line is I got it to work with a few additional supplies that were needed, along with your awesome photos and write up. Very helpful! Thank you again.
  12. Forgot to mention that I also ended up getting some rail pocket covers to go over so that the back of the switch isn't constantly exposed to the elements. I ended up wrapping the back of the switch too, to help keep it nice and dry but also hoping the covers help even further.
  13. I was a little surprised as well about the short length of the wire. Especially since they mention being able to use the existing round hole in the bed. Either way, glad you got it working and its a nice little upgrade for sure! My switch was a little tough to get in there too and did take a little encouraging with a screw driver and some light taps with a hammer all along the sides till it eventually worked itself in and snapped into place.
  14. Just to update. I took the truck to my tire shop and they thought it was odd as well. They contacted General also and after a few phone calls back and forth between installer and General, they finally settled on a 75% credit. I also wrote up my concerns to General, contacted them again and mentioned how at only 6k miles I felt a 1:1 swap would be more appropriate. My concern is that if they were doing this at 6k, what’s going to happen at 7k or 12k. Could be cosmetic, or it could be bigger than that. Bottom line, General is taking care of me and doing a total swap. I let them know that other t
  15. Yea, exactly. And I learned something new about my truck. Now I better hightail it outta this forum till you 2019-2021 owners realize in an '18 owner squatting on your turf. Thanks again!
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