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  1. My All Terrain

    Looking forward to seeing the progress! That looks like the exact same truck I leased for the past 3 years that I ended up turning in. 2015 All Terrain, SLT, Black, Sunroof, Nav but no tow package (I dont think). Loved that truck!
  2. I love the look of the snowflakes! Good looking truck! I’m bone stock with Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S.
  3. I’ve got an ‘18 all terrain and I love it. I can only speak to the floor mats and the hood protector. My ‘15 all terrain had no hood protector but did have the Husky X-Act Contour floor mats. They are really good mats and clean up nicely. I was prepared to repurchase them for my ‘18 but it came with the GM rubber mats. I’ve been really happy with the GM mats so far. As JimCost2014 pointed out, the GM ones have a cut out under the gas pedal so there is bare carpet and I don’t really understand why. One of the benefits of the GM rear mat is that it’s got a little lip spanning the rear seat that helps prevent items sliding out from under it. That’s something the Huskys didn’t have. Obviously the Husky under seat tray would really hold items the best. I also got the Lund hood protector (textured) and it looks like it’s doing its job. I think? Don’t have any chips yet so I’m assuming it is. I personally like the looks of the textured because it’s a close match to the other black plastic on the truck like the wheel well trim, bed rail caps, rear bumper steps. I’ve seen the smoke and painted versions around town and they look really good too like the ones Dieselfan1 got (photos above). All just a matter of preference really. I’m surprised at how well that 3M auto tape holds up. I thought for sure in the temps we saw last week that some part of it would give and it would be hanging off the front of my truck in the morning. NOPE!
  4. I like to call it “turning lemons into lemonade”. 🤣
  5. I couldn’t get mine to line up perfectly up there either. No matter what I tried. I’ll one up you too. I can get mine off to even try again! I somehow managed to strip the top bolt so it just spins. Won’t go any tighter and won’t come out. I obviously cranked it down too hard even though I don’t recall doing so. I’m usually pretty good with that sort of thing and if anything I usually don’t tighten enough. That top bolt is in there though and the bottom bolt is perfect. The handle is nice and tight so at least I got that going for me. What I did since I can’t take it off and that little gap will drive me nuts is I heated it with a hair dryer and shaped it a little better. Didn’t take much and it helped. So, anyone want me to work on their truck? [emoji6]
  6. I somehow managed to over tighten the top bolt on mine so now it just spins. Cant tighten it down any further and cant remove the bolt so its in there till it gets cut it off I guess. The handle is in nice and secure and the bottom bolt is perfect. Didn't seem like I was over tightening, but apparently I did. I haven't read any other horror stories of others being a moron like myself while installing the handle. Just wanted to share. ;)
  7. Wheel Size ? ? ?

    I was thinking of doing the same thing next go around on tires. Still have a ways to go still since my tires only have about 5k miles on them. Looks like the difference between 20s and 18s is minimal.
  8. Was looking at the ArmorFlex model. Looks nice on your truck! I’ve just got the Undercover Flex Plain Jane that I’ve had for almost 4 years now. The hardware on the underside is starting to rust and corrode so I’m guessing it might be time to start thinking about a new one. I was also looking at the UltraFlex but am worried about that carpet becoming a sponge. It rains a lot in Western PA!
  9. My 2015 had it on the drivers side exactly where yours is as well as the passenger side which is the same place as my 2018 in my picture above. Luckily I only have the one in my 2018 and it's not as noticeable as my 2015 was.
  10. Is this what you are seeing?
  11. Or that’s my justification for not spending money on a car wash.
  12. Agree! I swear, there's something about the All-Terrain that to me personally, I like it better dirty vs. clean. I drove through some snow this past weekend in my All Terrain and if it wasn't for the salt the truck collected, I wouldn't of washed it. ;)
  13. No need to apologize at all! It’s all good! 😉 i just liked it because it was similar in texture (a little more) to the wheel well trim and rear bumper step.
  14. Black textured on mine.
  15. Agree! They did their job in the snow (I made it home at least), but rain performance was not good. I got 24k miles out of my set on my '15 Sierra and then went with the GY All-Terrain Adventure. On my '18 I took them off at 1,800 miles for some Cooper AT3 4S' and have been extremely happy so far.

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