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  1. My Undercover did as well, just a little less than the new Truxedo Sentry I put on. Always helps to have validation that Im not the only one and that they all do it. Thanks!
  2. Replaced my Undercover Flex tri-fold tonneau a couple months back because the underside was getting some corrosion and the latches were really rusting out. Sliced a few fingers a few times and that’s when I decided it was time for a change. I ended up getting the Truxedo Sentry CT. Nice cover! Super easy install and I think it looks great. I noticed theres some bounce in the cover at the tailgate when cruising down the highway and figured it was just due to it being at the end of the cover sitting on top of the tailgate. Nothing too crazy. It’s all nice and secure and tight on the side latches so I was thinking maybe it’s just due to the rigid aluminum slats of the cover. Anyone else experience this bounce on the tailgate with their roll up covers?
  3. Just got back from having the part replaced. All fixed now. I called the dealership on Monday and asked if the part has come in yet since its been a month and a half. After being on hold for a few minutes he comes back and says it just got delivered last Friday and they just haven't had a chance to call me yet to schedule a time to come in. Hmmmm. Coincidence? I don't think so, and I think I got lost somewhere under the parts counter. Im glad I called to double check. Anyway, I made the appointment for today and just got back. So we're all good now.
  4. Mine was done at the collision center for my dealership. They have a chain of dealerships as well as the collision center to support the brands for all of their dealerships.
  5. Thats the worst when it just happens and you have nothing to do with it. I feel your pain. Ive had that happen before. Luckily this time, I at least know who and how it happened. I couldn't be too upset though since it was a family member that did it and they felt awful after.
  6. Thought I'd share how my truck with the ATX's did the other night. Got about 4 inches of snow here in western Pennsylvania and I had to head to the airport to pick up my wife from her flight. I was cruising down the highway before the snow plows got around to clearing them and there was about 2-3 inches of unplowed highway I was cruising down. I was watching cars spinning their wheels and sliding backwards on one particular hill and my truck wasn't even breaking a sweat. Granted I was only going about 45 mph because of all the cars that were around, but still. I was very impressed. What impressed me more than that was when I realized I wasn't even in 4WD at the time. Whoops! Normally, when I can no longer see the pavement because it's covered, thats when I turn the dial to 4Hi. This time it completely slipped my mind because the truck and the ATX's were playing so nicely together.
  7. $212. He quoted me between $150 - $200. So it was on the higher end of that quote for sure. But it wasn't the $425 I was quoted from the dent shop, so it was a pretty easy pill to swallow.
  8. I just realized that I still haven’t gotten a call from the dealership letting me know the part came in. It was on backorder when I had them look at it around the middle of December. Wonder if it’s still on backorder or if they just forgot about me. Guess I’ll be calling tomorrow to find out.
  9. Great! Glad I can be inspiring and that you got your dent issue worked out. ? The fill issue was fixed last year about this time by replacing the solenoid and evap canister. I’m wondering if it’s an outside temperature issue. It’s been cold here in western PA and it was fine until early winter when the temp started dropping. There’s another thread on this issue from a few days ago so it’s something others are experiencing as well. I’ve got an oil change coming up in about 1k miles so I’ll have them look at it again when I go in for that.
  10. Thanks. Full of surprises for sure. Now I need to deal with the recurring issue of not being able to fill the gas tank to a full tank. Fixed it last year under warranty but it looks like it may be rearing it’s ugly head again.
  11. Yep! But it was also the most expensive nothing I’ve ever paid for. [emoji6]
  12. Thanks all. I’ll let you know how it turns out and post an “after” pic. I’m taking it to the same place that fixed me right up after I was rear ended by a mini van shortly after I bought the truck. I didn’t even think of them initially since it’s such a small dent. I assumed they’d have much bigger fish to fry.
  13. Had a set on my 2018. Crawled with confidence through everything that Pittsburgh could throw at them!
  14. My dealership collision shop seems to think they can pop it right out and it should only be about $150. IF they have to do anything more extensive than that including paint, thats when it would be about $450. We'll start small and see what we can do with popping it out 1st. Taking it on on Thursday. Better photo.
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