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  1. Thanks! I'll have to pay attention to it when the light comes on. I think I've only seen the light come on once since I've had the truck. Surprised the light didnt come on when I got the low fuel warning. Maybe once it reads empty. Not a big deal, I was just curious about that icon this morning when I was looking at it.
  2. Thanks all. Glad to know I my truck isn't broken. It's an interesting choice for that icon for sure.
  3. Can anyone help me understand this icon for fuel range? I understand the text letting me know how many miles I have remaining but what is with this icon? It never changes no matter how empty or how full my tank is. The full circle and half full circle (I’m an optimist) underneath the icon seems to be a gauge and I assumed it would visually show the fuel level. But nope! What am I missing here?
  4. Overall, the ride quality is great. They for sure get a thumbs up in my book.
  5. I’ve been extremely happy with the Cooper 4S’s and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. They have been great for me in rain and snow here in western PA. I hit the trails yesterday and they did awesome in both mud, snow and a few spots of ice. The 2.5 hour ride home was nice too after all the mud cleared from the tread. [emoji6]
  6. I personally don't notice any difference in ride going from the stock tire to the XL's. Thats a good thing. I have the same 275/55/20 stock size with no lift or level. The tires are great for me and provide MUCH better traction than the stock tires in the rain and average amount of snow they saw last winter.
  7. I don’t know about the swapping thing. But online they exist. I know Lowe’s carries Craftsman in store so maybe they took over for Sears.
  8. Sears is having a sale on their Craftsman bottle jacks at the moment. A few weeks ago I got a 12 ton ($39) and a couple jack stands to keep in the garage and a 6 ton ($20) to keep in the truck. Seemed like a good deal with free shipping.
  9. Another +1 on the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S. Thats whats on my truck in the same stock size as yours. Living in in western PA, they have been great. They've trudged through everything Pittsburgh has thrown at me since last August and they drive nice at all speeds and all roads I have been on. I did have all 4 replaced under warranty from Cooper at 8K miles because I had some weird wear on one tire. I'm at 2k on that replacement set. Cooper took care of me so no ding on them from me! If I ever do decide to go to an LT tire for whatever reason the Cooper Discoverer XLT's and General Grabber ATX are on the short list. Right now I'm about 98% on road and 2% dirt/gravel road. And I think that 2% has happened only once (maybe twice) in the year+ I've owned my truck.
  10. Excuse the grease in the photos. I didn’t cleaned it out before installing the rubber. They are much cleaner now that the rubber has been in there for a few weeks. I clipped the excess off the zip ties as well. Truck has been quiet as a mouse.
  11. last time I checked, going from a 275 to a 285 jumps the price up by around $100 per tire. Thats crazy.
  12. Good post! I’d have to check the work order from the 1st time I brought mine in but I think this bulletin is what they performed. They said there was a bulletin on it and GM told them to loosen and re-torque all the bolts on the rear suspension. In my case it didn’t help.
  13. May not be necessary to zip tie them. I dont know. I just happened to have a bulk pack of the larger ones lying around so I figured why the heck not.
  14. I cant take credit for it. I got the info from this thread (4th post down) from user "Paumat". https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/203583-clunking-in-rear/page/3/#comments Good write-up and photo's. Helped a ton! Thanks Paumat!
  15. I did exactly what you did and zip tied to the springs. I ended up putting the strips of rubber between the top and middle spring though. I left some extra rubber hanging off because I wasn't sure if there would be any shifting and wanted to make sure I had enough in there just in case. After doing this I realized I probably should of cleaned all the goopy grease the dealer put in there beforehand. Oh well, I’m not convinced the grease will last after a few washes and some winter roads. I haven't even clipped the excess zip tie yet. Looks like its holding just fine. Not pretty, but how often am I under there looking at the shear beauty of leaf springs? [emoji6]
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