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  1. Take lots of pictures with some date documentation before you make the trip. It would be better if the truck was clean. I had the same thing happen a few years back but I noticed it the next day. The dealership ordered me another truck. Good luck
  2. Are the fronts easier to do on a 2018 GMC 2500HD. They appear because of the torsion bar suspension just un-bolt the old shock and install the new one . Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks
  3. For the price, for home use, I don't think you can beat the new Harbor Freight line of "General" tool chests. If you have a Harbor Freight close by take a look at them.
  4. Go with the Duraflap front and rear, you won't be sorry. No mud on the running boards at all. They are really easy to install and offer a military discount if you have served.
  5. I would not own a new truck without a extended warranty. If one of the air condition controllers goes bad and they have to remove the dash to get to it, $2,000.00 repair plus the cost of a rental car if needed. That is just one example. These new vehicles are very expensive to work on.
  6. The Platinum is what I have bought twice now and never been sorry
  7. This is where I bought mine. Very nice people to deal with James E. Black Cadillac 3929 Admiral Peary Highway Rt 22 WestEbensburg, Pa. 15931 Phone Numbers: (814) 472-9550 Local(877) 472-9550 Toll Free(814) 472-4741 Fax
  8. If you have a crew cab look at some of the after market metal ones. Most of them lock and a lot stronger than the GM.
  9. I’m a firm believer of buying a extended warranty. With all of the electronics they have now days and they are very expensive to repair. I had to have a air conditioning door control motor replaced and the whole dash had to be removed for the repair. The cost of the repair would have cost me $1,800.00 if I had not purchased an extended warranty. I think the GM warranty is the best and shop around on line for the best deal. Not all dealers sell them for the same price, some sell them for $50.00 over their cost.
  10. I second DuraFlap, best mud flaps on the market. The staff is great and offer a military discount. Give them a call
  11. I would guess the relays are part of the body control module
  12. If you have 4 wheel drive put it in low range, this should take some of the load off of the transmission
  13. Amazon sells small bags that have a spearmint/peppermint smell that work really well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001NX76LE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Have any of you put seat covers (seat protectors) on your trucks. If so, what kind and likes and dislikes. I want to put some on my seats during hunting season so I'm looking for durability and easy installation. Thanks
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