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  1. Transmission

    Take it to a good shop and have it flushed. It will NOT damage the transmission and it will be MUCH more efficient than a drain and fill.
  2. That's because the classics are cheaper right now. Gotta get rid of the older models.
  3. Every 30,000 miles. You never destroyed anything by changing the oil more frequently, though not letting it run enough does inhibit some of the ad packs for engine oil, so every 5000 miles minimum for that is the guideline I follow.
  4. People can't take a joke any more

    hmm thanks. I may have to look them up.
  5. The Genesis and Stinger came around 20+ years later. (The Stinger is awesome) Why do people continue to compare performance and crap of modern day vehicles to those of vehicles 20+ years ago!? Hell a 2012 Impala ex-glorified rental car with the 3.6L V6 and many turbocharged 4 cylinder rice burners (and domestic rice burners) have more HP and is faster than a 1996 Impala and a 1993 Camaro Z28! So what!? They were great cars back then, they still are. But they were built for a different time. 20 years from now, if we are not dead or flying around or driving around in self autonomous vehicles I'm betting many of us will look back and say.. "My 2019 Silverado- as ugly ass as it is- was a great truck. But my 2040 Geo pickup can easily outperform it."
  6. People can't take a joke any more

    Who are they?
  7. I'm betting it is one or all of the following: Bad gas Fuel Filter plugged Fuel pressure regulator Bad fuel sending unit (I know you said you replaced it recently, but stranger things have happened)
  8. Truck unlocking itself

    ahh but have you replaced the switch and verified the problem has been solved? I'd hate you to put a new switch in and then it starts unlocking itself again.
  9. Yes they were. Very uncomfortable for us tall guys but their powertrain was VERY respectable for reliability yet shitty power.
  10. You have it wrong. In the 90s, the 91-96 Caprice and 94-96 Impala and 92-2011 Clown Victorias were duds as far as sales go to the public. (they were favorites of Law Enforcement) The Caprice/Impala box cars from the late 70s thru the mid 80s were awesome sellers, and then Honda and Crapota began establishing themselves big time with the Accords and Camry's, and the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable come around 1987ish. Meanwhile, sales of trucks and SUVs were booming in the 90s and GM did the right thing by converting the Arlington TX plant which built the RWD GM vehicles over to Trucks/SUVs. The vast majority of vehicle owners got very tired of big RWD sedans by the late 80s and were eager to switch over to FWD and trucks and SUVs. Yes yes yes, I get it, the 94-96 Impala SS/ Caprice 9C1 was a great car. I drove tons of the 9C1s at my job and the occasional stock SS for fun and they were loved for their performance and room by law enforcement, but again, they were TERRIBLE sellers when it came to the general public. Here is a little article written recently (2018) about the SS that might get your heart racing again. Don't have a heart attack, old man. Full disclosure, I am always on the lookout for a great deal on a 94-96 SS. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/12/04/impala-ss-buyers-guide
  11. Welcome to loyalty in the 21st century. It means nothing. Sorry you were let down.
  12. may have already been mentioned- too lazy to go re-read thru everything, but: if you have over 100,000 miles, your alternator may be getting tired. Always buy a new one and NEVER a re-manufactured one. Saw a post regarding battery cables- you said the positive terminal came out of the battery when you went to change the battery. I'd suggest examining the battery cables very closely, both positive and negative. 12+ years ago on here I got some great advice regarding my GMT-800 (99 silverado) regarding battery cables being messed up under the shielding so we can't always see it, and to replace the complete cable assemblies. I did so and it solved 2 issues I was having at the time. My next truck, an 07 Sierra GMT-900 I would notice occasional dimming of the headlights. Figured it was characteristic of the vehicle as others complained of the same issue. Also- grounding issues were VERY common with the earlier GMT-900s. I had one issue that would kill the power to the vehicle completely for minutes. The dealer never did figure it out and I traded up to a Duramax, but I believe it to be a grounding issue based upon others feedback on here later on.
  13. Back in the day on here when power folding mirrors became an option, i predicted we'd see a lot of issues with them. I am glad to see I was wrong for once. I rarely see any posts with issues on them.
  14. I'd suggest you just sell it as-is and get a more promising truck with lower miles to fix up. That thing is half dead as it is. Put your money into something that has been better maintained and won't nickle and dime you like that thing WILL.

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