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  1. prices won't go up so long as manufacturing continues and doesn't get shut down.
  2. When it comes to Diesels in these half tons, there doesn't seem to be any clear winner when it comes to as few of issues as possible.
  3. You can't do a DEF or DPF delete if you don't have the tuner/programmers needed, and the EPA shut down all the known tuners that were providing those.
  4. 10,000 miles? Cylinders, valves, and injectors have carbon deposits on them in as little as 3000 miles. It's a sad side affect of direct injection engines. Same with the oil in the intake. Very important to run good top tier fuel, as well as additives to address the carbon build up. This is the case in all modern direct injection engines. Regardless of manufacturer.
  5. I'm betting they'll have the technology figured out by then on how to recycle/reuse the stuff. The big issue will be if they can increase the mining needed to procure the stuff for the batteries. They claim that there is enough lithium reserves throughout the world but we'll see.
  6. All these fancy features are causing all sorts of reliability issues across the board for all the manufacturers, it sucks. I hope they get yours fixed. Battery related issues are going to be the most constant issue now a days
  7. Crapotas had that issue for a few years across the board. They fixed that supposedly with larger oil passages in newer engines. But even a dead Crapota/bad engine and tranny is still worth $2000 it seems.
  8. doesn't matter what oil you use, you'll still get build up.
  9. Does a 2018 2500HD Duramax L5P count as a K2? If so- then I plugged in the block heater for a few hours, then fired her up. -2 degrees at the time here in Denver. (now -6 as of 1:40AM) Ran her at elevated idle for about 20 min while I cleared off the snow and allowed the batteries to charge up a bit since I haven't driven her in a few days in these low temps. Made a mental note that at the next oil change, I'm going full synthetic from there on out. She started just fine, the block heater aka coolant heater did her job, but the benefits of full synthetic are there.
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