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  1. There are one or two Amsoil distributors on this site. Make yourself known.
  2. He's getting a new engine! He doesn't have to demand anything.
  3. Might be fuel pressure reduction as well? These things are pumping massive PSI of fuel.
  4. Actually Ram leads by far when it comes to recalls...
  5. Yeah. That's what many have said who have since been let down by GM and have moved on.
  6. Eric- The GM trucks have had the same emissions issues since 2011, just like the Fords and Dodges. Based upon what I have read on the other forums, I don't think GM and Dodge's emissions issues have been as bad as on the powerstroke, but they are there.
  7. No they cannot clear it thru onstar. Yes they can clear it at the dealer but some dealers might not want to
  8. I see the same issue on a number of vehicles as well. Those engineers who write up this stuff in the owners manuals must have very small skinny hands.
  9. I get it from my local NAPA store, but not all of them carry it. I've seen them carried at some Advance Auto Parts, as well. But they are also carried online at amazon. Yes, please research for yourself, watch the videos, google, watch the youtube videos, I do the same. Decide for yourself. Google carbon issues in DI engines. Good luck!
  10. I ran some wires for my ham radio and a CB thru the grommets on my 08, 05, and 13. Once I confirmed there was no change of hitting/scraping any existing wires, I used a straightened out metal coat hanger, sharpened/pointed the end a bit to help punch thru the rubber on both sides, and then used electrical tape to secure the wires I was going to run, and pushed the coat hanger thru the grommet. You may have to do one or two wires at a time, depending upon size. Worked well.
  11. I remember being able to do that in my 08 Duramax long bed, loved it. My current 08 standard bed has the smallest tank in there. I'm on E when I've used 21/22 gallons! Uggh.
  12. Rocks is right. GM DOES know. And I do believe they are working on it. The release of recent TSB I believe is proof of that. But keep reporting the issues to the NHTSA, that is the right thing to do, and keep reading on these forums. This needs to be a safety recall, not a simple TSB. But sadly I fear most (NOT ALL) manufacturers won't take it seriously enough to do a recall unless someone has lost their life or been critically injured. The right thing is to issue a safety recall, no matter the consequences. I hope someone at GM realizes this.
  13. It is pretty easy for you to duplicate the issue when you are out there driving in those conditions?
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