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  1. I stand corrected, thank you. I am impressed.
  2. 4cyl Silverado?

    Part of me hopes the engine does end up being successful. Sadly we live in a day and age now where the manufacturers must take drastic steps to improve the fuel economy on everything they sell in order to meet government mandates. There is only so much fuel economy one can squeeze out of a high HP V8 engine. I want GM to be successful, same with Ford and Dodge. But that means making dependable vehicles with top of the line reliability. If they provide that, then people will tend to speak highly about a brand and the name won't be tarnished. It is how Crapota and Honda built their reputation of being the best vehicles out there. It is how the Crapota Tundra is building the reputation of being the best 1/2 ton truck out there.
  3. The standard bed would be great for the crew cab. The short bed is also a waste for me.
  4. Turbocharged gasoline engines require premium fuel as well.
  5. No the allison won't be an option. If it were, you'd hear all about it. It's a darn shame. The Allison 1000 has proven itself over the years as being bulletproof as long as you do the recommended maintenance and don't run performance tunes on them.
  6. Free XM Radio until May 29th

    Enjoy freedom from commercials. http://investor.siriusxm.com/investor-overview/press-releases/press-release-details/2018/SiriusXM-Giving-2-Week-Free-Preview-of-Its-World-of-Content-Starting-Today-May-14/default.aspx
  7. not to mention the weak sound of a 6 and 4 cyl vs the true sound of an 8 cyl
  8. that's a lot of stress you're putting on the transfer case by shifting it while on WOT. Good times though.
  9. That's ok, GM doesn't care. Neither do any of the other manufacturers. Loyalty means nothing anymore. It sucks I agree.
  10. Until it goes out, don't anticipate the dealer replacing it, just because you are afraid it will go out.

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