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  1. The only Allison failures I've heard of are from those who have used tuners with 150+ HP increases. Stock, the Allison is a solid 1 million mile tranny as long as service intervals are followed and no excessive tuning. That being said, just like any mechanical device is subject to failure for any reason I guess. flaw at manufacturing or whatever good thing it's under warranty.
  2. You won't find top tier diesel in very many places right now. That being said, I strongly recommend running an additive. OptiLube seems to be the one of choice thus far from the people over at duramax forum. I've been running it and no issues on my 08 and was running Diesel Kleen prior that, again no issues. Injectors are super super expensive and the additives do help extend injector life. Just what is suggested not more.
  3. Flushing when done properly will not cause a transmission to fail. If your tranny fails not too long after a flush, it was already on it's way out. Many tranny experts out there have proven this.
  4. Eh. Honda and Crapota still builds lemons and run into issues. The previous gen Civic is a prime example of ****** that Honda built. Apparently they had to buy back a bunch.
  5. Sometimes they have to send the signal multiple times.
  6. Might be your rear diff going out, the transfer case, or if it is coming from up front, your power steering going. Maybe bearings..
  8. Contractor friend of mine uses STIHL products top of the line for his landscaping business, blowers, weed eaters, chain saws. They only get a year of daily use out of their machines before they are worn out and have to be replaced. (Spring, Summer, Fall) You'll sometimes find "rated use" or hours listed on the labels. Because of the amount of fuel they use in these things, he uses 2 cycle oil mixed with fuel. Sometimes the fuel has ethanol in it, sometimes it doesn't. (He buys the fuel in bulk and treats it, they get fresh fuel about every 2 months) But for normal residential use, you'll get years of use out of them.
  9. Xfinity = ComCrap which likely = instant failure.
  10. small 2 cycle engines are not made for long life spans. That being said, I have no issue running fuel with ethanol in it as long as I treat it with a good stabilizer like Stabil-360 which takes care of the Ethanol harmfulness
  11. Thanks for the info. I'll be going thru you in the coming months to get some stuff.
  12. Ventures have not been known for their longevity. What engine? That's great that you are getting that life out of it.
  13. Use top tier fuels, oil changes every 5000 miles, and don't cheap out on the cats if you want to hang onto the truck for more than a year. Cats can go bad as early as 100,000 miles, but many will let go in the 150,000+ mile range.
  14. Yup that power distribution unit under the hood, go thru there and check all the grounds and cables wherever you can.
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