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  1. Why do people feel the need to compare today's performance to vehicles from 20 years ago?
  2. Nice? It's got the same ugly front end as the Sierra and Silverado! Hardly nice at all!! UGLY! Iet's hope the rear end is an improvement over the trucks.
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    This surprises you?
  4. Please don't get me wrong. I want GM, Ford, and Dodge to be successful. There are products from all 3 that I've owned over the years and liked. GM Trucks especially. But they all have a lot of work to do to earn consumer trust back. That is the biggest thing I believe is hurting them right now.
  5. Chit chat

    Anyone heard from SarahsGMC lately? Been a few months since I've seen a post from her on here. Curious what she's been up to on her 2 reds. Saw a cool 03-06ish red lifted Sierra the other day and made me think about her truck.
  6. license plate fee

    Here is what the folks in Denver get to deal with: Sales tax is calculated on the net purchase price (which is the total purchase price less the amount allowed by a dealer for any trade-in). The rate of tax for Denver County residents is as follows: Sales Tax Rate Colorado State Tax 2.90% RTD Tax 1.10% Denver City Tax 4.31% Total Sales Tax 8.31%
  7. Jack- I have to agree with ya. I think reading the owners manual and taking a test should be a requirement for any new vehicle purchase (and used!)
  8. MANY people still buy Jeeps. And based upon the resale value of the Wrangler, they still love em. Jeep and the Caravan and eventually the early 90s redesigned Dodge Ram is what kept Chrysler corp going from the late 80s onward until Honda and Crapota figured out how to build a good minivan in the 2000s, and then the Caravan sales tanked. But Dodge Ram and Jeep kept em going, with a little addition from the Charger & Challenger. I predict we'll eventually see Lincoln go bye bye along with Buick and possibly.. Cadillac. As for GMC.. we'll see how well they sell, but if the shitty sales figures for the shitty looking 2019 Silverado and Sierra as of right now are any indication, unless they do a quick redesign and up their game- GMC will go bye bye. But I think they'll be around for a few more years yet.
  9. Chit chat

    I noticed that too.
  10. China has nothing to do with it. Buick in America was doomed long before they shifted production to China.
  11. Chit chat

    Don't bother with netflix. free sites like this are worth it. Just make sure you have an ad blocker added and active on your browser. Here is what I have been letting my little niece and nephew watch. Brings back memories. http://putlockers.fm/watch/vnZQkRPv-ducktales-season-1/episode-1.html
  12. Unsettling Experience

    Laws can be broken. Even the laws of physics. *Gasp*
  13. Buick is dead. They just don't know it yet.
  14. 2000 Silverado 5.3

    Coil packs? plugs? plug wires?

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