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  1. Free XM Radio until May 29th

    Enjoy freedom from commercials. http://investor.siriusxm.com/investor-overview/press-releases/press-release-details/2018/SiriusXM-Giving-2-Week-Free-Preview-of-Its-World-of-Content-Starting-Today-May-14/default.aspx
  2. not to mention the weak sound of a 6 and 4 cyl vs the true sound of an 8 cyl
  3. that's a lot of stress you're putting on the transfer case by shifting it while on WOT. Good times though.
  4. That's ok, GM doesn't care. Neither do any of the other manufacturers. Loyalty means nothing anymore. It sucks I agree.
  5. Until it goes out, don't anticipate the dealer replacing it, just because you are afraid it will go out.
  6. 4cyl Silverado?

    how weak can you get? What a shame.
  7. REAL trucks get the job done without a turbo.
  8. They won't. You are nothing to them. They don't care if you go to another brand.
  9. if you feel uneasy about it, get rid of it as long as it doesn't leave you in the hole. No sense in driving something that you no longer trust or feel good in.
  10. Betting it's the pump and/or the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) VERY common on the GMT-800s.
  11. I'd rather they take their time and get that diesel application for the 1/2 right rather than rush to put it out just to "beat" or "be better" than Ford or Dodge.
  12. Ahhhh but according to some "experts" in here, Consumer Reports doesn't mean anything and is slanted towards the Asian vehicles..

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