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  1. Colossus


    I enjoy seeing the scared and paranoid yahoos out there overreact and go crazy and act out of fear. So sad.
  2. Even if you don't agree with the President, which I don't on a number of issues, you still call him Mr. President, or President Trump. NOT Mr. Trump as many in the media seem to do now. Like it or not, he IS the president of the United States and you address him and any other by their proper title. Learned that in the second grade.
  3. Over this past week, I've had a change of heart regarding the seriousness of this virus. At first I felt everyone was overreacting. Perhaps they are to an extent- however- after seeing and hearing about individuals including doctors and nurses who are in excellent overall health, up to date on all of their vaccines and such become violently ill from this virus within a matter of 24-48 hours and then die from this within such a short amount of time, I realize this thing is much more serious than I initially believed. It doesn't affect you, and you go on thinking and believing that everyone is overreacting and screwing up the economy until someone close to you dies from this, who should never have died from this. Yeah, there are no guarantees in life. Eat right, stay fit, die young anyway. (So that is why I add to that, eat crappy, die happy- just keep exercising though) But when it's your child or spouse or mother or father or best friend who was running a marathon a month ago, and now is on life support in a hospital, perspectives change. God bless us.
  4. Colossus


    Saw a number of posts in other forums from folks in NYC talking about the grattitude and pride they felt when they saw 1 of our 2 nation's hospital ships USNS Comfort sail into port there in New York. Many in California feel the same way when our other hospital ship USNS Mercy docked there. We are lucky to have these hospital ships. Back in WWII there were 3 hospital ships, USS Mercy, USS Comfort, and USS Hope. The current USNS Comfort and Mercy were built in the 70s as oil tankers and then converted in the 80s to hospital ships. I'm a Navy/Coast Guard man at heart because I love ships and the ocean. Thanks to all of you regardless of what branch you have or do or will serve in. And thanks to all of you out there who are pressing on and putting yourselves at risk in order to serve others. Be it from Doctors/Medical professionals, to our postal carriers and Garbage handlers. You are all in my prayers and have my gratitude.
  5. Colossus


    Virus free, but have a dang dual ear infection. But I'll take that over the virus any day. Stay safe and stay well, folks.
  6. This is the HD forum, this should be moved to the 1500 forum and you'll get more responses.
  7. What do you think so far and let's see some photos?
  8. I'm sold on Full Synthetic and a good quality filter. But I'm still doing my research on the "premium" oils such as Amsoil and Redline. I don't believe in extended change intervals, so on diesels the most I would go is 10,000 with a premium filter, or a new filter change at 5000 miles.
  9. Is it just me, or does that thing look like a ford? No offense. I hope you are happy with it! I haven't seen a new single cab HD Dually in awhile! Cool! I just don't get why the Grille has to be so big like that..
  10. Bet you would have gotten 13-14 if you did 65 MPH. It's amazing how 5 MPH can increase the fuel consumption. Glad you have a truck you like though! I might get sold on this 3.0L eventually. I'm hopeful. I'm happy with the Duramax in my 2500 so time will tell how the little baby max holds up vs the real max.
  11. No. They have their fair share of issues. If you want a truck with fewer issues, go back about 10 years to the GMT-900s (without AFM) or even the GMT-800s. Find a low millage and you'll have a GREAT truck! Or go get a Crapota Tundra Sucks to say that but they have the fewest issues out of Dodge, GM, Ford, and Nissan.
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