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  1. if it is bad gas/contaminated gas, don't expect the warranty to cover it. Just a heads up.
  2. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Bummer. let me ask a few people outside of the forums to see if they have any ideas. If it were not for the frequency of the emissions systems issues on these newer diesel trucks, I would not mind getting me another one, even though I don't need a diesel for my needs anymore.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    The front grill looks like it came off of a Dodge Ram.
  4. Always happy to see GM Trucks being recognized for something good.
  5. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Have you tried posting this issue over at www.duramaxforum.com? More diesel owners over there might have better success getting an answer, sorry bro. My former truck, a 2012 Duramax had DPF and DEF issues along with early failure of the NoX sensors. I am not very happy with all the emissions crap on these trucks, it is it the weak link on the Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks. They all are suffering.
  6. Fuel Injectors ?

    I'd be ticked as well. I know now that with any GDI engine, I'll be running this stuff. The carbon build up in the engine is hideous with DI.. https://www.bgprod.com/blog/gdi-solved/
  7. Well they are not going to. Get over it.
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    ugly back end.
  9. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    heat from the regen causing issues with the wires somewhere?
  10. I LOVE it. Great sound too.
  11. Then go to another brand if GM doesn't have what you want, or go stick your own gears in there. GM has decided what is going to be released. There is nothing you can do to change their minds about it. Bitching about it doesn't do any good either.
  12. A chevy truck always wins against a car. As awesome as that car is.
  13. So what!? they will still sell just fine and for 99% of the people out there, get the job done that they need. Get over it.

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