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  1. At holding lots the keys are generally in the vehicles. Even on trains and semis and all that other transport stuff.
  2. So the CEO of GM is getting paid nicely because she is running a good company that is turning a good profit... Why are people mad at successful CEOs? Do we want a DICTATORSHIP to determine how much CEOs and other successful people should get paid? If you are good at what you do, you get to reap the rewards. She's a CEO, not a factory worker. if she were a factory worker she would get paid accordingly. Is GM treating and paying their employees unfairly? Based upon the info that has been shared, I don't see that they are. If you want to be a factory worker, go be a factory worker. If you want to be a CEO, go be a CEO.
  3. good. the less 2019/2020 ugly silverados, out on the road, the better for the public. I mean!!! Too bad.
  4. hmmm Good question. I wonder if something in the ECM/BCM.
  5. Have you already checked/replaced the little R2D2 like sensor on the top of the dash? After that, you'd have to follow the wires from there I think.
  6. Colossus

    Chit chat

    Try going to work for UPS or FedEx if you think they suck so bad. See if you can figure out where the stuff is getting damaged and who is doing it.
  7. So why do you keep going back to GM? Fool me once.. fool me twice? Come on. Yes it does suck to see GM falling further and further behind even if they are winning those so called awards from JD Powers or whomever.
  8. we are also seeing a lot more appealing vehicles being released by other manufactures so the field is not as limited as it was when the Volt was in the game. If GM wants to sell these things they will need to offer some awesome incentives that blow the other manufacturers out of the water.
  9. Well, the same can be said of Crapota who supposedly makes some of the best vehicles out there and yet they come up with all kinds of recalls and such. No one's perfect..
  10. If it aint under warranty, don't waste your time and money at the stealership. Go find a good independent repair facility that knows trucks. Most of the time the mechanics there are smarter and know more than the stupid dealership idiots do with all that so called specialized training.
  11. I sure hope so. The ones on the half ton chevy looks like someone squished the ass end of the truck in. Very lame and whimpy looking. The GMC.. Well.. looks like they just turned upside down what should have been left right side up. Kinda like Dodge likes to do on their vehicles from time to time and call it a "refresh"
  12. it's a cute little girlie truck. No thanks. let the little girls drive it.
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