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  1. If your truck sits for longer than 3-4 days at your place, I would recommend getting a battery tender, it will help extend the life of the battery.
  2. You won't see 25 MPG in an HD Duramax. 19-22 MPG is more realistic for highway at 65 or under.
  3. Put a coat of wax on the old 97 Lumina beater. Most of it still shines up nicely.
  4. Dang, that's the best looking 2020 I've seen yet, and I hate how the 2020s look. Not bad! I'm impressed.
  5. I'm a firm believer in flushing as long as the transmission fluid is not burnt. When flushed PROPERLY it is SAFE and works. VERY well. My shop uses this. As do many other shops. FYI BG invented this safe method. No over pressurizing of the system. no damage. Watch: Older machine, but same idea. The vehicle's tranny pump does most of the work, pumping in new while pumping out the old. No over-pressurizing. Why I like flushing vs drain and fill? Flushing gets 99% of the old stuff out where as drain and fill just keeps contaminating old with new. What a waste. Only time I would do drain and fill is if the tranny has been abused and the fluid smells burnt. But an abused tranny with burnt fluid is going to be on the verge of failure as-is so what does it hurt to flush i sometimes wonder. Also, most vehicles now use screens instead of filters. The flush method cleans the screen in the process, so no need to replace the screen.
  6. go over to https://elightbars.org/forums/ they might be able to help you. Emergency equipment outfitters over there.
  7. Opti-Lube https://www.amazon.com/Opti-Lube-Seasons-Diesel-Fuel-Additive/dp/B00FOSSQJU
  8. It's a great truck, it's just not as perfect as a few on here make it out to be. It has it's own issues like all trucks do. Go visit the forums and you'll see the patterns over there just like we have patterns here with the GM trucks. Thing is- I'd probably buy a new Tundra over a new Silverado/Sierrra on the looks alone, I can't stand the new GM twins.
  9. Wow, how sad. You have no ability to go do your own research. Grow a set, please.
  10. Got news for ya, it aint just a GM thing. ALL the other manufacturers are having issues trying to one up each other or keep up with each other when it comes to tech. They all have shitty ratings when it comes to computer controlled stuff.
  11. Bulletproof? No. They have their issues. Plenty of disappointed crapota owners out there. I'm one of them. But they certainly have a better reputation than any of the others out there, that's true.
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