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  1. out of the 3 years I've had my 20 Sierra. I'd say I've had to put the PW in 4 times. It seems to do it after the radio updates.
  2. Yes it wants your Onstar password. No I don't subscribe to Onstar anymore but, once I put my password in that warning goes away everytime.
  3. That picture you posted is the geo jigsaw pattern. I believe that's in the Denali and High Country trim trucks.
  4. Must be something they changed. My 20 1500 has autodim and no tow mirrors.
  5. The answer to what? Most all OEM wheels from 2018 or older won't fit on a 19 or newer without a spacer because of the larger brake calibers on the newer trucks. The new OEM wheels will fit on the older trucks no problem.
  6. What I saw with mine. The crack was near the center but the window track acted like a gutter and took the water to the far right side of the window and it went down the glass from there.
  7. I'd try disconnecting the battery a few minutes and see if it resets. Did you have the battery checked or replaced after you got it running? These trucks absolutely hate low voltage and when jumping it off will throw a bunch of lights up like you experienced.
  8. If this is the 2nd time it's leaked since they "fixed" it. Push to have it replaced. Mine was replaced right after the fix was done and it leaked the day I picked it up. The dealer had a glass replacement shop do the work and it's been good since.
  9. I would say part being made is going towards producing new trucks to get inventory back up. Parts are pretty much tough to get for anything still. If that is all the damage you got I'd say you did good.
  10. This place just came out with their GM truck mirrors. They have been posting on Facebook about them. There are options you can add as well. https://boostautoparts.com/pages/gm
  11. OK but like I said there were posts about that daily. Not so much anymore.
  12. I've not seen anyone complain about this in the newer models on any of the forums I read. Even the daily post of windows leaking has stopped.
  13. Easy to check. Open the gate and try to drive away. Mine has a warning that pops up on the DIC that says it's open. 20 SLT
  14. My 20 Sierra just had the same problem. I believe it's from my keys staying in my pocket all of the time now and the ones on the keychain scratching against it. I looked on google and it came up with several replacement options. The one I got was basically a blank OEM case. All I had to do was transfer over the guts from the old one to the new one. It was $13 shipped. I was at my dealer recently and talking to my sales man. He said I should have called him 1st as they have a box of spare keyfobs in the back that they could have just given me one. LOL
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