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  1. Sounds like the switch in the latch has gone bad if it's saying it's open but, it's not.
  2. This is the reason I got a silver truck this time around! My 16 dark gray was really bad with chips.
  3. I've seen a few refreshed GMCs so far. I was at my GMC dealer the other day. They had 5 new vehicles on the lot 2 large SUVs, 2 small SUVs, and a truck.
  4. I just purchased my leased from my dealer. While there I asked about the only 22 they had and the missing options. What I was told by the salesmen was they are telling people that purchase these trucks is that parts will be available in the 4th quarter of this year. However he said they have done a few retrofits already. He also said that you should get a letter from GM telling you where to take the truck to get this done as it may not be at the dealer you bought it from. GM may have you listed as the Utah dealer being the one local to you unfortunately. As stated above I would think that any dealer with the parts need for the retrofit could be able to install them for you. I'd stop by the nearest dealer to you and just talk to the service manager one day about this issue. The least he could say is no we can't do that.
  5. Sounds like you were going toward the sun as stated above. There are spots I drive in the afternoon that will cut it off because the sun is glaring at that spot. After about a mile I turn it back on and continue.
  6. I don't think anybody can answer that question. Because there are delays everywhere in the process it seems by reading post of people waiting on their trucks. 1 may say it took 2 months while another may say I'm still waiting after 5 months. Not as predictable anymore since the Covid shutdowns.
  7. T.B.H. I wouldn't look for any good inventory to be on the lots till beginning of next year.
  8. A link to the video would probably help. So that people can see what your referring to because that has not worked up till now.
  9. Yes I'm sure the lines are there as that is a part of the camera system. The park assist is the sensors that give the seat and audible warning when backing up.
  10. GM has had a few lawsuits on these trucks for the 8 speed transmissions. None have gotten any results as far as I'm aware of.
  11. They give you a $50 credit now and then when the parts become available GM will tell you to bring it to the dealer for them to install it. However many people are already asking when is GM going to get the parts to fix my truck. This is going to be a nightmare for GM for a few years I bet.
  12. Not sure if these trucks have a pump it up feature. The brakes are all electric now. When you push the brake pedal down there is a switch that measures the force you are pushing. It activates an actuator to give you feedback on the pedal that you are applying force (so it doesn't go to the floor). At the same time an electric motor is pushing the master cylinder if you will to activate the brakes to stop the truck. So the actual brake pedal is not connected directly to the master cylinder.
  13. This new system does not like when you push the caliper back in so if you can avoid that it would be a plus as well.
  14. Must have been a Chevy only thing to? My 20 SLT doesn't have it either but then again I don't have space for a button like that being it's fully loaded X31.
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