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  1. The Linex I had in my 14 was not sprayed under the bed rails. It sounds like they prime the bed and just spray on the liner. Robot I'm sure.
  2. Remote start

    FYI you don't have to hit the lock button 2 times. I just found that out myself last month.
  3. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    That looks SO much better that the Chevrolet!!
  4. The radios work without the key in all of the 14-18s. All you have to do is push the power button and it will play. I use it that way all the time when cleaning my truck out.
  5. As stated above to each his own. I think the stickers on the bed look tacky myself. My 09 Sierra was a 2WD Z-71. I had them remove the stickers off the back before I took delivery. Z-71 is only a suspension package anyway.
  6. Car and Driver Rips New Silverado 1500

    Ouch? You mean this? One logbook note called the Chevy "a $70,000 kick in the nuts."
  7. Seat stitching dye

    There were a few threads on this subject when these trucks first came out. Basically take a red sharpie and go to town.
  8. The DEE ZEE tailgate assist down? That truck should have the tailgate assist built in to the tailgate. My 14 SLE had it.
  9. 2020 model details

    I don't think I'd call them identical. They are 2 different interiors. I do like the previous gen trucks better though. The only thing I really like on this is the wireless charging has been enlarged so that just about any phone will fit in the holder now.
  10. Dashboard misaligned on brand new truck!

    You didn't see this issue on the test drive?
  11. Add Factory Nav to 2018 Silverado?

    I know that your set on the factory nav. IMO that's a total waste of money! I have a 16 Sierra with it and have never used it from day one. It needs an update now as well to be current with the roads around here anyway.
  12. Are you saying the fan does not blow on the windshield at all? Like everything is off till you turn the key on? If so you may have an early version 14 that needs to be reprogrammed to work right. When I got my 14 it dd not do anything with the hvac on remote start. I had to put the key in and turn the ignition on for it to start working. This was not how my 09 worked and I just figured GM changed it that way for some stupid reason. After researching the issue. I found that early build 14s were programmed that way but, you could go to the dealer and get it reprogrammed to work correctly. Which I did. I want to say there is a TSB for the issue. I'm not sure of the number though.
  13. No I don't believe it is. I think they consider the Vac pump an engine accessory like the the A/C and Power steering.
  14. New Silverado LTZ

    The rain sense wipers have been gone a few years now. As well as the heated wiper fluid option.

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