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  1. Adding UHX RPO...?

    When these trucks first came out in 14. The word from GM was that if the truck did not come with the option from the factory. There was no way to add it. That being said there has been some people that were successful in changing or adding a few things. As for what you want. I don't think it can be done.
  2. Loose Gearshift

  3. Unsettling Experience

    I guess this is not true then?
  4. The one we have here in town has brushes that spin front of the vehicle and back. They also have love fiber strips that move up and down against the vehicle as it travels through them.
  5. Windshield etching

    To this day. I still have suction cup marks on my sunroof from the factory.
  6. really??

    Damned if it's too short and damned if it's too long! Can't please everyone!
  7. really??

    Maybe you can start your own company and build these again!!
  8. Active aero grill shutters?

    The shutters were only started with the 17+ model years.
  9. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Don't forget the Beau James!
  10. The Linex I had in my 14 was not sprayed under the bed rails. It sounds like they prime the bed and just spray on the liner. Robot I'm sure.
  11. Remote start

    FYI you don't have to hit the lock button 2 times. I just found that out myself last month.
  12. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    That looks SO much better that the Chevrolet!!
  13. The radios work without the key in all of the 14-18s. All you have to do is push the power button and it will play. I use it that way all the time when cleaning my truck out.
  14. As stated above to each his own. I think the stickers on the bed look tacky myself. My 09 Sierra was a 2WD Z-71. I had them remove the stickers off the back before I took delivery. Z-71 is only a suspension package anyway.
  15. Car and Driver Rips New Silverado 1500

    Ouch? You mean this? One logbook note called the Chevy "a $70,000 kick in the nuts."

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