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  1. The last line here sums it all up. Because that is what every guy thinks when they see the plug on the dash.
  2. The dimming system turns on at night. The sensor see that there is no light and turns it on automatically. If you cover the sensor it will think it's dark outside all the time and the dimming system will be on during the day when it's bright and sunny out.
  3. I guess nobody read my post earlier in this thread? The sensor for the non camera mirrors is on the back side of the mirror. The sensor reads the outside light and determines whether or not to dim. If you cover the sensor it will read that it is dark outside and turn the dim feature on all the time. Probably the only way to stop the dim feature is to find the fuse that controls it and take it out. The sensor on the rear view controls the whole dim system. The mirror on the windshield and the drivers side mirror on the door.
  4. I highly doubt there is going to be much done to the body of the truck. Maybe a new grille or front bumper. Like the 15 to 16 changes GM made. The big difference is going to be in the dash/interior area.
  5. The sensor should be on the windshield side of the mirror. I would think if you put tape on it though the mirror will stay dim all the time thinking it's dark outside.
  6. I average 16-17 all city driving as I live 7 miles from work. 20 5.3 10 which is pretty much exactly the same from my 16 5.3 6.
  7. I had it and used it on my 16. It came with 5 years of service for free though. After my 1 month on the 20 expired I have actually deleted the app off my phone. I only really used it a work during the winter anyway.
  8. Yes they will fit but you will need a spacer for them to clear the calipers.
  9. Nobody knows exactly what the new interior is going to look like. Only speculation from the spy shots that are out so far. The consensus is that yes it will look close to the Yukon/Tahoe dash.
  10. Next time specify to Onstar advisor that you want it towed to the selling dealer. Good that Classic took care of you!
  11. The door chime and turn signal has been through the speakers since at least 09. I wanted to wrap the flasher in my 09 with foam tape to quiet it down and discovered it was in the speaker. There was a setting in previous trucks that you could turn the chime volume down. I have not looked in these new one though.
  12. I loved my 09 DC. It still had the suicide style rear doors. You could get anything in the back seat/floor of that truck it seemed like. I traded it for a 14 DC with regular rear doors. 1st time I tried putting a large (clothes basket) item in the back seat I was regretting that purchase. When Jr came along a few years later. I traded up to a crew cab 16. Much better room than a DC for his car seat and front passenger space.
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