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  1. It looks legit to me. I'll bet they replace the whole control unit for that cost. It's up to you if you want to spend that kind of $$ for it though?
  2. The whole window should defrost. It sounds like it's not making contact with the wires in the slider part anymore. The middle part is replaceable but, I'm not sure how much those cost.
  3. Yup that was from the rear window leaking. I'd stay away from that one because it sound like it's not been fixed. The original owner may have traded it in just for that reason to.
  4. Normal as stated above. My 14,16, and 20 all did the same way.
  5. Yes it started with the 19s and push button start. Since you don't turn the truck off by removing the key. It can be left running without you knowing. It has happened before and people have died because of it. So now there is a timer to automatically shut off the engine after a period of idle.
  6. Does your truck have this button? If so try turning it off. The dealer may have told you your truck doesn't have it but if this button is there I bet it does. Yes the video shows a 20 Silvy but the button and function are the same.
  7. Yeah this is a reason most people won't use it I bet. Limited roads to use it on and a subscription service. Just like most people don't pay for Onstar after the trial period.
  8. I understand that. The road was changed 1 year BEFORE I bought my truck. Yet the NAV in my truck still shows the old road. I don't have to pay for my phone maps.
  9. Good thing I don't use any of those systems. I type it in my phone and it tells me turn by turn where to go. I got my truck about a year after a road near my house was changed. It still shows me off road on the new section with the built in NAV. After a year it should have already been updated one would think.
  10. There are 2 different NAV systems in these trucks. The built in factory NAV. You should have a SD card in the console where the maps are read off of. Or GM offered a system that you have to subscribe to and it works through Onstar. If you have the built in version Onstar offers weather and traffic for the 1 month trial then you have to pay for the continued service. The maps and NAV still work fine.
  11. Most people that get the super cruise option on there vehicle will probably not keep it past the trail period. It is going to require a subscription to use like Onstar. I don't know many people at all that still have onstar past the trail.
  12. This has been an issue since the 2014 model trucks were introduced. The heated seats will not get butt toasting warm like the steering wheel. However they will start the process of getting warm. You do however need to press the seat warmer button once you get in the truck and start it with the engine start button. If you don't the seat heat will turn off and stay off once the engine start button is pressed. I've had heated seats in my 14,16, and 20 and they have all 3 worked the same way.
  13. The class action lawsuit on the 8 speed transmission hasn't resulted in anything yet and it's been ongoing a few years now.
  14. Just the middle section is replaceable. When the dealer ordered my replacement window for the leaker. They sent just the middle glass piece when it showed up the 1st time.
  15. I want to say the blower doesn't run on high during remote start until the truck is warm enough to provide heat to the defrost.
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