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  1. I'd start by calling a lemon lawyer in your area 1st. They can answer your questions. As far as the part getting there faster by calling a lawyer. GM's suppliers can't make the module if they don't have the parts to do it. It's the same situation they had when the strike and covid shut their parts suppliers down. People had the vehicles at the dealer waiting on parts to come in.
  2. I don't think you would have any electrical problems. The sliders in these trucks are different from previous years. The motor and gearbox that opens and closes the window will separate now. Meaning they can leave the motor hooked up to the wires but, it won't do anything. I had my window replaced about a month ago. The glass guy came to the house and did the work. Here is the process....
  3. The info in red on the right is for the previous gen trucks. This was an issue on them. I have not looked. Are they using the same bushing on the new trucks? This should be covered under your warranty if so.
  4. What part are you referring to? If you mean the car seat anchor system. I'd just go to you local hardware store and find a piece of flexible tube and put it on there. You'd have to cut it to fit it on but, it should work for what you want it to do.
  5. Some are some aren't. I can hear mine if the radio is not on.
  6. There was an article a few months ago that Ford built the new version 21's before their testing was done. They built them and parked them till the testing got done so they could keep the plants going while that happened. Then once the testing was done the plan was to update the software on these trucks and ship them. There were pics in the article of the lots around the Detroit airport full of new trucks.
  7. Did you read the article? Especially the last sentence? " In a statement last week, GM CEO Mary Barra said that the chip shortage would not affect production of GM’s highly profitable full-size SUV and pickup models."
  8. Yes GM does not sell the NAV upgrade kit any more. They did away with it sometime last year. You can't use a used SD card either as they are locked to the VIN of the original vehicle they were installed on.
  9. As stated above the OEM liners are the felt kind. They have been that way since 2014. Your going to have to search aftermarket manufacturers to get a hard plastic liner.
  10. Go further out than 200 miles. Also contact the dealer near you and have them search. They can do better at searching that the Chevy website inventory search feature.
  11. If you don't latch it the system still thinks the hood is open anyway. The closed switch is built into the latch.
  12. No your not the only one but, when GM redesigned the current jump seat and removed a good portion of storage it was not a good option any more.
  13. Well that's kinda sucky then. I figured they would have to step up the programming because the current lane keep assist doesn't follow curves and take bright sunlight very good if at all.
  14. Yes all of what you said is correct from using adaptive cruise in my truck. It will be interesting to see the self driving feature in the 22 Denali when it comes out.
  15. It gets pushed out to your radio by GM some get it fast others no so fast. It usually updates when you turn the truck off after driving. It will pop up on the radio that there is an update to be installed and ask you if you want to do it. Also give you instructions on what to do while it's updating. You could also go by the dealer and ask them to download the updates to your radio.
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