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  1. I say let them strike! They won't make it long on $250 a week before the big bills are due.
  2. You could push the radio power button in the previous gen trucks and turn the radio on. No key required. I believe they may have kept that feature in this gen as well.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. Pretty much the reasons I'm looking to lease are lower payments, always under warranty, and I won't have to pay for the extended warranty. I don't put many miles on my trucks.
  4. I thought the GM steps were nice. The salesperson showed me that they move back so you can access the bed with them as well.
  5. Hello, I currently have a 16 Sierra SLT. I'm 37 months of 72 into ownership. The truck currently has 25K miles. It's my daily driver but, I don't live far from town and we generally take my wifes car on trips. I'd like to get the Pros and Cons of leasing also some payment numbers on 2019 trucks that you may have leased now. Any info will be appreciated and thanks in advance for the reply.
  6. Oh yes I know of the MM act. I'm willing to bet though that GM would cancel the warranty and drag their feet while investigating the claim. Until then you are stuck with paying for the repair or driving a rental till the decision is made and making payments on a truck you can't drive. Hence my statement that it would be a time consuming task for the consumer. Costly because you would have to hire a lawyer to make GM speed things up. As for tuning and such voiding the warranty. I've been on this forum for 9 years. Either I'm not reading the right posts or something. I've not once read a post from an actual owner of a GM gas truck that said he had his warranty voided. I've seen posts that people read it somewhere on another forum or their buddy's buddy got voided because of a tune. Never have I seen a post warning people to not get a tune because "MY" (truck owner) warranty was voided by GM today because I had a tune.
  7. Having read the Jet websites statement on voided warranty. It seems to me that GM would void the warranty and then it would be up to the consumer to prove them wrong. Which is costly and time consuming for the consumer and most would just give up.
  8. I've seen one of these multipro gates at my dealer but, don't remember it that well. It looks like there is no rubber seal around the upper gate section (yellow line). It looks like they rely on the lip of the lower gate section (red circle) to keep the water from getting into the bed.
  9. Yeah I had WT in my 14. They moved around since there is not anchor and they are smooth bottomed. My wife hated them. I went with Husky liners in my 16. They at least have spikes on the bottom to grab the carpet.
  10. Ok to all of the guys that are wanting an interior refresh. Please refresh my memory as to the changes they made between the 15-16 model year refresh on the interior? My 14 looked the same as my 16 did. Interior wise.
  11. I'd add. Don't go pick it up just before the dealer closes. More than likely the sales people will be trying to get you gone so they can go home. Don't pick it up in the rain or at night. That makes it hard to see paint imperfections or dents.
  12. While I don't have a 19. I went from a double cab 14 to a crew 16 when my son was born. We had to put the seat so far up to accommodate his car seat that my wife was practically in the dash. The crew cab was a big difference. I'd hold out for the crew cab if I had to make the decision again.
  13. The main problem I see with the new trucks interior. When I traded my 2009 Sierra which was "hard plastic city" on the inside to my 2014 Sierra both SLE. The difference was night and day. The plusher and softer interior on the 14 made my 09 look really bad. This is where the guys with the 07-13 trucks are being really impressed by the interior. However now. My 2016 SLT vs a new 2019 SLT I sat in at the dealer seem to almost be the same truck. Yes there are nice changes but, as far as materials and such. It feels like the same truck.
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