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  1. "I believe you would then need a GM tech to mess around with your truck to enable the option for you to use the camera through your infotainment system." This will be the road block. GM won't let the dealer program much of anything into the truck that was not there to begin with. Yes I know they will do fog lights.
  2. Are you talking about the bumper sensors going off? If so there is a setting in the infotainment system to turn off the audible alert.
  3. You are correct The bed view cam and the rear view mirror cam are both located in the tail light on the back of the cab. I was confused as most people are talking about adding the rearview mirror cam that will display in the reirview mirror on the windshield. You can switch it back and forth. You are correct that the bed view will show on the center display and doesn't need the special mirror. Here is the one on tha Caddy but, it works the same in the trucks.
  4. $250 from the factory to add. I believe they run around $1000 to add after the fact. The mirror alone is $500 plus. It has been done and there is a thread on here at one time.
  5. Just checked mine. When I open the door. I get the eng hours, eng idle, and mileage is underneath that. On the screen between the tach and speedo. 20 Sierra SLT.
  6. The outside of the window is not sealed off very well. Water will leak into the door and drain out the hole in the bottom of the door. Usually it will drain out when you 1st open the door after a hard rain. It sounds like the drain hole on your door is plugged. My current and previous GM (14 and 16) trucks would drain water from a point under the door radio speaker with the door open.
  7. THIS ^^^^^. I to had Weathertechs in my 14 as stated the passenger side slid around. I switched to Husky in my 16 they were great. The 20 I have leased came with the factory GM. I did not like the fit at first but since they have worn in they are not bad at all.
  8. This function is from back in the day when the auto manufacturers switched to electronic odometers. When they 1st came out. You had to have the keys or press a button by the dash to see the mileage. Then they changed this to the mileage pops up when you open the door so you didn't have to have the key. I guess GM decided to add the hour readout to the mix with the new 19+ trucks. I don't think there is any way to turn that off.
  9. Yeah It may be part of the sensing system. I don't believe that s the sole factor. That sensor may tell if it's cloudy or sunny. It can be sun shining outside but, still be very cold. I use a window shade in my truck and it still works with the A/C coming on during remote start.
  10. The outside air temp sensor located on the passenger side mirror will dictate the temp your trucks HVAC will start up on. I believe the cold temp is around 40-50 degrees and it will turn the heat on. You will have to let it warm up at least 5 minutes to get some warm air coming from the vents. Also the colder it is outside the longer this process will take.
  11. Yes 9 months and I noticed it the other day. Going to try Mothers back to black on it.
  12. 9 months and 7000 miles on my 20 SLT 5.3 10 speed. No issues except the recalls everyone has had. I average around 16-17 MPG mostly city driving as I live 7 miles from work.
  13. 20 Sierra SLT. I tried what you said today. Neutral press cam button back to drive and the timer starts for 8 seconds. Have you tried just pushing the button on yours? Did it start the timer?
  14. As for the wiring it should be there behind the panels. The USB is plug and play I believe. You just need to order that part or people are finding them on ebay. As for the bed/dash plug. You will have to buy the parts inverter and plugs. It's not plug and play and GM won't let the dealer install them or program them to work.
  15. No not a mistake. Apparently GM decided to do away with them. My 20 SLT has them but, it was made in August of 19 so I'm betting they were left over from 19 production. People have been asking the same question as you lately so it looks like only the front handles have the button now.
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