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  1. I get number 1 every time I start the truck. Plays guest music station whatever it's set on for a few seconds then switches to my profile and plays fine.
  2. So you park that truck back at the dealer. Thank the salesmen for his time and keep looking.
  3. I thought the same thing the other day. I looked at mine just messing around. While driving I pressed the cam button. It was looking at the hitch. I know in the past it was looking straight back. I then pressed the other buttons and nothing happened. Same hitch view. When I got home I tried it again and got the hitch. I then pressed the hitch button which was selected. It turned off the hitch view and went back to the straight out view that I wanted.
  4. You can also move the buttons around where you want them to. I put the most used on the 1st screen so I don't have to swipe to get to something I want.
  5. If your buying one. It should be listed on the top line of the window sticker. That said when I leased my 20 back in November I had to get a 4WD to get the 5.3 and 10 speed. That's the only combo they were available in at the time.
  6. You have a common complaint on the lower trim trucks. GM used a lower quality camera on them. The LTZ and above get an HD camera.
  7. I would say yes. Because the just past the hole in the frame on the far right of the pic. The frame starts to curve upward and the spot circled by the OP is the closest flat spot there is to the front.
  8. It took my dealer about a month to get mine paid off. Yes I paid another payment on the old truck as well. I did get a refund back from the over payment though. It does take time unfortunately. It also took about a month and a half to get the money they owed me from trading as well.
  9. What is the dealer telling you at this point? Do they acknowledge it's the wrong door and they are working to get the right one or not?
  10. I bought the 1st 1999 Sierra off the truck when that body style was changed. I had charcoal interior. One of the vents was actually black. It took me a few days to notice. The dealer replaced it no problem. Things happen even in a "controlled" environment. No reason to get pissed about it as others have stated. The dealer will make it right.
  11. I doubt the dealer will add that or program it for you. As stated above though anything can be done I guess. I'm surprised the AT4 your looking at doesn't have that. The ones at the dealers around here were fully loaded when I was looking at them. What dealer are you seeing this at?
  12. This was a GMC design thing. They implemented on the previous gen trucks. I believe it's just cosmetic. I've seen it referred to as the mailslot.
  13. Carpet floor mats from my 20 SLT crew cab. These have never been out of the package as the dealer installed the GM mats at pre-delivery. Asking $65 shipped in the US. PM me if interested.
  14. At the time I made the post in January. The 20s were not included in the recall per the recall information sheet. I do not use the OS app as when it ended after the 1 month trial I deleted it all together off my phone. I've not had any problems yet.
  15. I traded my 16 5.3 6 speed for a 20 5.3 10 speed. I specifically stayed away from the 8 speed. The 10 speed is a really nice transmission. Smooth shifting as well. As for MPG. Forget about it. The 10 speed has 4 more gears than my 16 had and the motor turns less RPMs but, I'm getting the same or less MPG. Both trucks for me average around 16 MPG with 90% city driving.
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