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  1. The seats in this truck is the only thing I have found I absolutely hate. Everything else is pretty nice. The seats are just so uncomfortable. The only vehicle I have ever owned with worse was a Honda Pilot.
  2. I have seen a couple on Ebay but they are asking $8-900 for them. You can also check with Pgamboa as I know he has sold them also. However, it would be helpful to know what you budget is also.
  3. I put my phone in it just upside down. Since there is really no place to plug it in and lay it down. I tried on top of the console but if I have to hit the breaks, it goes flying lol.
  4. Its funny how some topics become so hot. My theory is at the end of the day, its up the whoever owns their vehicle. Do what makes you happy. Ive seen so many people argue over what oil, what filter, what lift etc its not even funny. When it comes to cans is it going to destroy an engine not to have one..absolutely not. Will it keep crap out of the engine you may not want in it..possibly, but it wont hurt you engine to have it either its just something else to maintain. Life's short...just live it.
  5. Just stock sizes but I like them. They are about 6lbs lighter than stock wheels though.
  6. I believe in another post, someone pointed out all thats in the can is not oil. Some is condensation from the can heating and cooling. That is why there is massive amounts of "oil" but yet no real drop in oil level. Wish I could recall where I read that. I do have a can on mine and pour it out ever so often. However, I have yet to see oil loss that would equal what I pour. With that in mind though there is oil in there. Back in the day it was all vented to the atmosphere. If memory serves the oil dripping out onto the ground is why they are no longer vented to the atmosphere.
  7. I tried to get with Kicker to see if there was a way to purchase the DSP/AMP just from them but no go. He did mention the amp in the video you posted though. Anyone have any info on if they are any good or not even with stock speakers? I would like to avoid amplifying the dash speakers though as I dont want to hear the chimes and blinkers being really loud.
  8. Thanks. I sent the guy a DM to see if he would respond. He hasn't been on the site since June though. Appreciate the help none the less.
  9. Id almost be willing to bet, as long as there is no frame damage, they will fix your truck.
  10. Yeah now I wish I would have went that route also. Not happy at all and I cannot find just the DSP/AMP and Harness. I would like to swap the speakers out also but I read that without an amp its not a good idea.
  11. I am looking for cost and if someone may possibly have for sale, the Kicker DSP/Amp, harness, etc that comes in the kit? I only purchased the sub and it sucks by itself. Has a lot of bass but kills everything else. If you have one for sale, what is the going rate? Thanks.
  12. Yeah I wish I would have gotten that one now. Dont suppose you have a part number for the extra processor and harness? I am hoping I can get it separate and fix the issue.
  13. Had the Kicker OEM sub installed. I did not get the version that comes with the external amp. I can say it surely has bass in it now. Too bad its a bit over powering. Anyone have a suggestion on bringing the other speakers up in volume but the bass down without killing the mids by lowering the bass on the head unit? I have tried different settings and its just killing mids. I had to unplug it for the time being til I can figure out what to do to fix the overall sound. Id rather have less bass and better overall sound than more bass. Kinda makes me wish I wouldnt have changed anythi
  14. If you go here: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/159655-pgamboa/ and message him, he will let you know everything you need to accomplish you goals. I purchased the mirrors, switch and harnesses from him. Stand up guy that loves to help. I went from having factory mirrors that only had defrost to power folding tow mirrors with blinkers, reverse lights and running lights.
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