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  1. Thank you guys for all your advise. It is greatly appreciated.
  2. I know issues in the fronts are in the steering wheel and the rear is the seat etc. I was just saying its odd they are in sync with how it feels in the different locations. What are the odds that bad wheels/balance etc would be in sync front to back.
  3. Ill look into this if they cant figure this out. Thanks. I really like the wheels and dont want to have to go back to stock.
  4. I wondered that also, but I feel it in the steering wheel, door panel, seat and console. Even odder is all the places I feel the vibration, its the same so it does not differ in pattern or intensity in any location.
  5. So definitely it wouldn't be the .2mm difference in bore correct? Also, I believe the stock wheels are 8.5" and these are 9". I would assume it being a wider wheel would not affect the tires either right?
  6. I recently got new wheels put on the truck and now it vibrates running down the road. Increases with speed. I have already been back and had them re-balanced but it still is going on. They also removed clips off the rear studs or something also. The bore size is only .2mm difference so I would assume it wouldn't be that causing the vibration as its such a minute difference. Anyone have any ideas on why I would still have this vibration? I figure Ill call them again next week also but wanted to pick yalls brains also.
  7. I have towed before just not for a while. As a teen, I've backed up and towed the boat. In the military we have hauled big generators and such around even had training days where we went into the woods to turn them around on dirt trails lol. I am by far no expert and I am sure I am rusty but Its not that I have never done it. I think the last time I ever towed anything was my car behind a Uhaul from FL to TX.
  8. I have read that part for sure. I also read that even though my truck says it can do 9400 other people do not recommend more than 6K for a smooth not crazy ride. I believe the placard on the truck says max payload is a bit over 1700lbs. Thought it was odd because I thought the Z85 package increased capacity. I attached images of the new wheels to this thread. They got mounted yesterday.
  9. You do have a point. I am just one of those guys that likes to plan ahead if possible.
  10. Thanks. She was my 6th and last Camaro I ever will own. After getting accused of racing and having to fix that issue, its just not worth the drama. She was a beauty though. All good now I have my truck and I enjoy driving again lol.
  11. Here is a picture of the front of the truck though. I will post images of the new wheels after she gets them on. They only weight 28 lbs also :D. Dropping about 6lbs per of unsprung weight. Gotta call that a win. Forgot, that antenna is no longer there either. I got a much shorter one.
  12. Forgot catback lol. Well my last ride was a 2013 Camaro SS. It had the badging changed out to the old script, coil overs and lowered, extremely light weight wheels, full exhaust to include LTs, CAI, Tuned, two 10" subs, sub amp, heritage grill, catch can, tint. Thats what I can think of atm lol.
  13. New wheels will not be here til next week. Havent modded the truck too much yet other than debadging, black bow ties, catch can, tint, modular intake tube and drop in filter.
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