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  1. Well it came with Rancho shocks stock. I know they suck compared to others. Yep a 2500 is taller...and more expensive. So may as well just make this one a bit taller
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I wanted to make sure Im gonna get at least the 2". I know sometimes folks buy stuff and says 2 but really means 1.5. Wouldnt be cool to spend the money and not get what I wanted. I realize its what makes the AT4 and TB what they are. Now just to find time..... Funny enough, when I asked about calibrations, the dealer didnt seem to think there were any lol.
  3. Does the factory lift give a full two inches or is it "close"? I thought about going this route just for the warranty etc. Thanks.
  4. I feel you. I would be too. Cant stand it to make noises that "shouldnt" be there lol. The plastic trim around my door rattles ever so slightly...drives me nuts.
  5. Mine doesnt do so, so not sure what would be causing it. Granted after a couple of heat cycles, I went under and made sure everything was tight. The only issue I have with mine is that they didnt cut the old exhaust enough for the end of the tails to be even with the bumper. They still out a few inches.
  6. I have the Borla S-type and there is no drone in it. Since it is supposed to be louder than the touring, I wouldnt think it would drone either. I will say though, I wished it was a bit louder lol.
  7. Just got the same type of email about the Terrain retrofit being started and when its my turn Ill get notified. Guess its a start but it still could be months lol.
  8. Well, just like most things, you take any service advisors word with a grain of salt. Every service advisor I have spoken with about it will flat out say if you disable AFM/DFM the lifters wont fail. Its due to the activation of it that is causing the issues. I am not here to argue, I am just pointing out what I have learned much as yourself. There are articles discussing this subject though.
  9. While you are correct, changing out those parts will 100% solve the issue, you are incorrect in the fact that disabling DFM does not also solve the issue. From what I have read on here and other places, disabling DFM/AFM does in fact keep lifters from failing in the way they fail with it active.
  10. Wonder if this will be soon for my wife's Terrain and my Silverado. I called the GMC dealership the other day and service told me maybe 4th qtr.
  11. My old 13 Camaro use to roll up the half way down. Usually when it did this it meant it needed to relearn the stops Up/down. Could that be the case with your truck?
  12. I turned mine off. I never have liked DFM or AFM.
  13. Nice looking truck. If it were later in the year, Id be getting rid of stock black and chrome ones. Plan on going with Amp boards myself.
  14. How is it more aerodynamic for the air to hit a flat surface vs flowing in to cool the engine and then back out?
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