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  1. I like the way the Solo sounds too. Here is supposedly the quieter of the two.
  2. I wanna say that kit is more expensive. However, I had Solo on my Camaro and it sounded pretty good. Granted I added LTHs and HFs so it was crazy loud. Not going for that anymore. Just a mild nice sound of a real truck lol. It sounds like its electric right now HAHA.
  3. Im definitely not going for crazy loud. I had a 2013 Camaro SS that was obnoxiously loud. Kinda over it. I do think Ill eventually get the Solo Performance exhaust with the quad black tips eventually.
  4. Thanks. I was just making sure it wasnt going to sound like crap or anything. I will eventually get around to changing the exhaust but that will be a while. Figured this would help a tad with sound and a lot with flow.
  5. I recently purchased my Silverado. I am thinking about removing the flapper since I use a range anyway just to have less restriction on the exhaust. I cannot seem to find a sound clip though of only the flapper being removed. Does anyone have a sound clip of the stock exhaust with just the flapper removed? Thanks.
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