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  1. LastFit LEDs are now in place instead of the halogen bulbs. Look very nice indeed. What bulb is in the side markers? They kinda look like regular bulbs but I see no way to replace them.
  2. The only difference between the two trucks were the 360 view and the front and rear assist. Nothing that would drastically change their weight. Rear gears are also the same between the two. However, the LTD 5.3L's are all rated lower by 2MPG HWY and 1 CITY. Not sure as to why and cant get a straight answer out of the dealership either. Not to mention, this truck runs hotter that the 21 Sierra. Never saw the Sierra go past 212 while this one will go up to 220.
  3. The Pulsar indeed works in the 22 LTD. I am running one myself. What doesnt work according to Range is the ODBII plug in. When I asked them why it lists the plug in as not available for the 22 LTD's, they told me the software was different. I figured they just called the same truck a 22 instead of a 21 myself, other than the MPG difference between the two.
  4. I have a 22 LTD and have the Borla S-type on mine. Love it.
  5. According to Range, the software is different in the 22 LTD's vs the 21's. However, I can say that the 22s and 21s are different in some way shape form or fashion has they do not get nor are they rated the same for fuel consumption. My 21 Sierra w/o DFM was rated for 20 on the HWY. My 22 LTD Silverado Is rated for 20 HWY WITH DFM. So something is definitely going on to drop 2mpg that the 21s with DFM are rated. I will say though that the Pulsar LT works just fine with the 22 LTD's. I am running one now.
  6. Have LastFits on order right now myself cant wait for them to get here. Its the last bulbs I need to replace to have all LEDs
  7. No one said I was special in any way. I am just an average guy. I know things can be tracked in all sorts of ways. I am not lost on that fact by any means. But that doesn't mean I want to make it super easy for them to do so. I am not OK with them doing it without my consent. The moment everyone says its OK and just doesn't care that they do, another freedom is lost. I think it should be a personal choice if they mine data off anything I use or not.
  8. I got that there a lot of things sending data etc. Granted I usually tell the few devices I have not to send anything. Didnt think much about Onstar though. Definitely have a point there. For the most part, I dont have smart anything in my house. No Social media and such. I figure its no one's business what I do when and where. Guess instead of buying a new truck, I should have bought a really old one ROFL.
  9. I have the Bakflip MX4 on mine and love it. Its a hard cover but so far no leaks and it looks great.
  10. Just read an article this morning about GM Future Roads and Safety View. Supposedly GM will be sharing data with the government. However, it doesn't really say how this will work. Is this something coming or will it use existing tech already in our vehicles? Have any of you heard of this and have any other info. I went to their site below but it doesn't mention HOW they will monitor. Thanks. https://futureroads.gm.com/site/us/en/gm-future-roads/home/safety-view.html
  11. That is about what I figured but wasn't sure.
  12. If there are no codes in your dash, it is probably just a glitch and it will update and fix itself later. I have had mine do this when I started the truck for a very short moment and cut it back off.
  13. What happens if you re-gear the rear but not the front?
  14. LOL yeah. Maybe I should just not stress over it then. Apparently they do just fine with so much weight
  15. I do find it funny how they say, "When available", but yet new trucks are coming out with the features intact. So, apparently they are available, just not to us lol.
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