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  1. A lot less cleaning of water runs etc with the matte black. Mine are matte and very low maintenance, no scratching or wiping again after driving down the block and all the hidden water runs out to the lip and sprays all over..lol
  2. 295/65/20 +18's on mine. Had to tie back the front of the liners and now no rubbing, stock height.
  3. More to the cost discussion than what a calculator shows. It comes down to how you define "cost or price". Strictly dollars wise I think the gas owners can make an argument. But for me the true cost/value of the diesel is the far more satisfying experience every time I drive it either empty or loader. If I have to crunch numbers because that difference is so tight, the diesel is an absolute no brainer. I always hear about the emmissions horror stories too that are way over blown and very isolated plus the Duramax combo has 40k more of drivetrain warranty than the gas. The gas trucks get t
  4. I would disregard his statement. Clearly has no idea how nice these trucks drive for HD's, you will be impressed.
  5. When my diesel was down, i drove the gas truck and it was significantly more thirsty while towing. I pull the same trailer many weekends to my cabin and the gas truck barely made it, while my Duramax would still have over half a tank..nothing scientific just real world experience, Like I was saying as a response to the original post, IMO if towing 8k in the mountains, I’d buy the diesel and in that scenario (mountain towing) you would miss the exhaust brake. The diesel is much quieter and hums along barely breaking a sweat, the gasser felt like it was really working hard..high revs, noticea
  6. I'm on the fence on how to respond given you already bought the gas. Ok..so the 6.6 gas will get it done, no mistake made! BUT If I were towing 8k in the mountains, I'd spend the extra for the Dmax, it is a flat out towing beast! Flatland towing would leave more room for debate. My personal truck is a 2020 HC 3500 Dmax but also have 2020 gas HD's for my business. I have had issues on both trucks. The duramax needed a def tank replaced that left me w/o a truck for 3 weeks. The funny thing is we've had more issue with the gas trucks so far. One has had two high pressure fuel
  7. My guess is the ground. Also, I think the trailer might pick up a ground through the hitch. One of my trailers will work fine when its loaded with plenty of tongue weight but when most of the weight is on the rear of the trailer it triggers the message you've been getting.
  8. As a side note, the AT4 HD is no different in towing capability compared to the other similar GM HD's, its an appearance package. The half ton version gets a 2" lift.
  9. You need to order the Canbus along with your bulbs. The canbus increases the voltage signal to the trucks computer so you don't throw any codes. The bigger issue (IMO) is getting an LED to work in a non projector beam housing so you don't blind on coming traffic..we've all seen this.
  10. Lol. A 2500 vs 3500 SRW comparison is much different than 3500 SRW-4500 dually discussion. I get what you mean tho.
  11. I've had both already. Zero difference in ride between the 2500 and 3500. (I have the 3500 now).
  12. Apparently that’s one of the questions (plow) that is asked if it’s a bit over the mileage. I’m with you, had nothing to do with the hose coming off due to not being clamped properly. The hose is on national back order due to many others with the same issue. I know stuff happens but man it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks.
  13. So I've had a rough 2weeks. The DEF tank heater on my 2020 HC Duramax went out and truck was done for 2.5 weeks. Then the high pressure fuel pump went out on one of our 2020 6.6 gas (81k on it). Now our other 2020 6.6 gas went down when the tranny cooler line popped off and spewed all the fluid out. I'm pointing this one out as it could possibly save some others a headache. On one side of the hose you can see it was clamped tight. The other side clamp barely made a mark on the hose and it popped off. This truck has 61k on it so is just out of warranty. Because we have a plow on it GM w
  14. Going on week 3 with no available part or update from GM.
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