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  1. Apparently that’s one of the questions (plow) that is asked if it’s a bit over the mileage. I’m with you, had nothing to do with the hose coming off due to not being clamped properly. The hose is on national back order due to many others with the same issue. I know stuff happens but man it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks.
  2. So I've had a rough 2weeks. The DEF tank heater on my 2020 HC Duramax went out and truck was done for 2.5 weeks. Then the high pressure fuel pump went out on one of our 2020 6.6 gas (81k on it). Now our other 2020 6.6 gas went down when the tranny cooler line popped off and spewed all the fluid out. I'm pointing this one out as it could possibly save some others a headache. On one side of the hose you can see it was clamped tight. The other side clamp barely made a mark on the hose and it popped off. This truck has 61k on it so is just out of warranty. Because we have a plow on it GM wouldn't cover it. So something to check to make sure it's clamped on tight. Unfortunatly it took out the transmission. We located a used one from a totaled truck with only 1800 miles on it but still a $4500.00 repair.
  3. Going on week 3 with no available part or update from GM.
  4. I hear ya..mine is in the shop now with no time frame for the part to arrive. I was told that once it hits the 65 mph threshold, soon thereafter it will reduce to a crawl. Bottom line is they are not driveable once that tank heater goes. Extremenly frustrating to say the least. 11,000 on mine On a side note, I was given a print out of every dealer in the country that shows them in stock...I called every one in hopes I would get lucky. NOPE, all spoken for. A couple dealers told me it took 2 weeks and others have said they've been waiting 6 weeks. Sure wish they offered a 10spd with the 6.6 gas, I might actually give that a chance given this situation.
  5. So my 2020 3500 in is right now for a DEF tank heater issue. 11,000 miles. The heater is part of the tank assy so the tank needs to be replaced. The dealer told me it was on back order and could be a month before they see it. Truck is undriveable due to looming limp mode speed reduction so it sits at the dealer. Otherwise it starts fine in the cold.
  6. I've noticed if its set too dim and I'm wearing polarized glasses, its pretty much invisible. Even if its turned full bright, polarized sun glasses filter most of it out.
  7. So my brother in law added LED's to his. Gets high beamed constantly by opposing traffic since the LED light scatters in the non projector housings. How are you guys aiming these to prevent that? He aimed his way down but significantly reduced lighting distance.
  8. Zip tied to the back of the grille. Wired direct to the battery with the relay activated by jumping the high beam fuse in the panel under the hood.
  9. The high beam lights are not good IMO. I added a 20" LED light bar behind my grille. Wired directly to the high beam fuse..$52.00
  10. My 3500 has shutters. It also came with a winter cover but as I said, I have yet to see the shutters open this winter. I don't see the point in a winter cover if the air is already closed off by the shutters unless I'm missing something...
  11. If they remain closed in very cold weather, is the diesel winter cover even necessary? I have yet to see them open this winter and have not installed a winter grille cover. -10 this morning and truck warmed up just fine and had no issues.
  12. Yes, the Duramax is awesome but its the 10spd that makes this version so great. Regardless of what you think of the looks (I think it looks awesome by the way) it is a MUCH better combo with the 10spd vs the 6spd.
  13. Mine has been great, no issues. I also thought the ride was much better than the Ram.
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