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  1. Does anyone know if the offset on the 2020 HD SRW wheels has changed? Mine has a 6/3 tpw and I'm already thinking about new wheels.
  2. To me, yes. To each his own, I prefer the front to be lifted if it must be leveled vs. lowering the rear...Makes it look like the rear is hanging to me.
  3. I actually prefer your "cat in heat" look and prefer it over the sick dog look when towing a heavy trailer. I installed Timbrens and they seem to improve the ride, handling and give the extra boost needed when towing heavy. The sumosprings look nice too, will have to consider those for my next truck.
  4. You need a leveling kit and likely some trimming to fit that combo. Either that or find some wheels with a more positive offset.
  5. He has a 2015 wt with service body so no locking tailgate.
  6. If you have splash guards, they may need to be trimmed. I have 305/55.20’s on +10’s with about an inch of lift, no rubbing. My 2015 SRW 3500 was stock height and I had 305/55/20 with +25 wheels..No rubbing or trimming on that one.
  7. I had couple 1/2 tons that were great, one with a 5.3 and the 2nd had the 6.0 and 6 spd (2009 model). The hard covers, air rear suspension and built in boxes were some of the nicer options, I never did fold down a mid-gate.
  8. A bit off topic but I wouldn't mind if they made a 2500 Avalanche again and offered a Duramax option.
  9. I have Nitto Terra Grapplers on it now. Smooth as silk with not a hint of vibration. Very slight hum compared to the stock tires but they ride great otherwise.
  10. I'll only say what the issue was with mine, yours could be different since its a 3500. I went through 3 sets of tires before they eliminated the vibration. It seems these trucks are very sensitive to any tire that is close to out of spec. The dealer initially thought it could be something vibrating in my rear under-seat storage bin so that was emptied out and no change. The issue for me was tires and it wasn't easy to find a set that worked. My passenger seat would shake when empty right around 70 mph. I don't think flat spots are your issue, they should be able to sit for an extended period with no issue. I feel for ya, very frustrating..You should expect a smooth ride, even in a 3500.
  11. The 2020 is longer and taller than the outgoing model. Matter of opinion I guess but I personally don't think the HD Silverado looks anything like a Tahoe or Suburban.
  12. Looks great! Love the all black, especially when they're nice and clean! On the 2020, I had the same opinion as you when they first showed them but I'm actually starting to like it and I guess they look much better in person.
  13. And no pricing yet either.
  14. I'm not saying that isn't something to try and "fix" but will add we have several trucks at work some 5+ years old and have had no issues with the harness as is. So you might be fixing something that doesn't need fixing. Dielectric grease makes sense..

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