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  1. It does that one thing really great though, better than all the others.
  2. They will fit no problem on stock rims. I have Nitto G2's in 295/65/20 on my +10 offset aftermarket wheels and just needed to pull the front of the liner back a touch. On stock rims, you should be good to go with no mods.
  3. Both of mine have been flawless (48k on one and 33k on the other now). I haven't read of any serious issues with the 10spd Allison so I think your experience is probably isolated, bummer though.
  4. I believe there is a recall on 6spd transmission cooler lines. We had issues with two of our 6.6 gas trucks, one of which required replacing the transmission. Other than that, I think they're fine. Now don't get me started on how much better the towing and driving experience is with the diesel and 10spd. Discussions like this always seem to get strong opinions one way or the other.
  5. Looks great! Nice to see some chrome, it seems every truck on the road has black rims now...all starting to look the same! I just swapped my black rims for chrome to stand out a bit from the black wheel crowd...That said, I still like black wheels, just wanted a change.
  6. I would think if you were able to order it that way, it would not be an issue. I wonder if the dealer messed up? Sounds like a new set of Weathertechs are in your future.
  7. Yes and no. The gas trucks are for my business and the diesel is my personal truck. I drive almost every weekend (220 miles) to our cabin. I have used the gas truck twice to tow the same trailer I'm usually pulling with the diesel. The biggest thing I notice is the engine revs and fuel consumption of the gas truck. Like others have said, the gas truck gets it done just fine but there are certainly trade offs. The diesel is simply a much nicer drive, quieter and much better on fuel. Not having to make the extra stops for fuel in the diesel is important to me, not necessarily the actual M
  8. I own both, 2020 3500 HC Duramax CC and two 2020 2500 HD CC gas trucks. I can tell you firsthand, Nards commets are pretty close to accurate. What is actually misinformation is the statement that most people buying HD trucks aren't concerned about mileage. Just spend a little time looking at the forum and you'll find endless discussions about it. Both trucks have their purpose and choices are great, can't go wrong with either if you decide it fits your needs/wants.
  9. Actually theyre not. What someone reads on the interent is a very small number of the overall owners with issues. People generally don't go to the internet to post they have no problems. My personal experience with the Duramax is one of reliability. We've actually had more issues with our gas trucks (2020 6.6 work trucks with tranny issues) than I have had with my last 3 Duramax trucks. If you want more options, buy the gas truck, if you want a much better driving experience IMO, buy the Duramax. Again, its not just the motor, its the 10spd tranny that has been phenominal so
  10. I'd go with the Duramax simply because I enjoy the diesel driving experience much more than the gas. I have both and there is no comparison in power while towing. I also prefer the way the Duramax drives empty. As others said though, the gas will get it done, just not close to the level of the diesel. Oh and don't forget about the 10spd that comes with the diesel, its awesome and the 100k power train warranty. I have had several GM diesels and all have been great so don't over react to those that whine about the diesel emission systems, few and far between.
  11. You don't realize how good HD radio is until you no longer have it. Now if you stream or use XM primarily you probably won't miss it at all.
  12. We have three with many more miles than yours, no issues with the brakes so far. Sounds like a problem with the electronic parking brake perhaps. Let us know what they find.
  13. Not rteally what I was saying. If it was actually available on a package when I bought you would be correct. What I'm saying is they've had a history of adding options/features a half year into production. I provided my example of the nicer mirrors that came out 6 months later on my 2015 and it seemed like it might go that way again on my 2020 with adaptive cruise. So far adaptive cruise hasn't happened and who knows if it ever will on the HD's.
  14. The factory offset is +47. I think that tire on +18's will be tight. I had to tie the liner back on my +18's with 296/65/20.
  15. The factory offset is +47. I think that tire on +18's will be tight. I had to tie the liner back on my +18's with 296/65/20.
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