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  1. What's vibrating? The seat, steering wheel or both? My 2017 passenger seat vibrates after 70mph on certain roads, seems to come and go as it pleases. Steering wheel is smooth as silk. I have a readylift installed in the front, installed by Chevy dealer. The dealer looked at my truck and thought something in the rear underseat storage box was causing the vibration, I emptied it and it made no difference. I noticed when I picked my truck up at the dealer they had the passenger seat all the way back and that helped but hardly a "fix".
  2. 275/65/20 will need no less than a +18 offset to clear. The +1 will not clear a 275/65/20 without some trimming.
  3. Here is a pic of the 275/65/20 Michelin LTX’s
  4. Here is a pic of 305/55/20 on 20x9 +25 Worx wheels I had on my previous 2015 3500
  5. I had 20x9 +1 rims on my 2017 High Country with a leveling kit. Biggest tire I could fit was a 285/55/20 that I thought looked too small. I took off those rims and went back to the factory 20’s. I put 275/65/20’s on the factory rims. Personally I think the best look is 305/55/20 on a +18-+25 offset wheel. I just can’t blow any more money on my wheel and tire addiction. The 305’s on +20 will clear just fine
  6. I had the bumper on my High Country done in the fall..Almost through winter now and it looks new still. Very glad I had it done. I didn't have the lamps done and put a chrome bug shield on the hood. Lamps still look new and the deflector covers the entire front of the hood.
  7. Painting stock WT wheels

    I agree. Plasti-dip it then if you change your mind it’s easy to start over.
  8. 9800 trouble free miles..Truck as a whole has been great
  9. What offset are your wheels? I have 20x9 Fuel +1 wheels on my 2017 2500 with 285/55/20. My truck is stock with the stock front cranked all the way, it does clear barely. I have a leveling kit going in next week to smooth the ride out. I’m wondering if I can fit 275/65/20’s if I raise the front a tad more.
  10. I have 285/55/20's with 20x9 +1 offset Fuel wheels on my truck. Truck is completely stock. The tires clear but barely..I would go with +12 to +18 wheels if he is going with the larger tire size.
  11. You need to find a new dealer..Mine is great and I would prefer they repair it, even non warranty work.
  12. My dealer topped off the DEF at my 1st free service visit.
  13. How much difference do they actually make? We’ve had several double digit below zero days and I have yet to notice any issues with heat running no grille cover. Is there another reason I should be using one? I’ve had no issues without so far.
  14. You'd never notice in a 2500..Can hardly tell a difference in the 1500 with MRC.

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