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  1. And would the stock wiring handle the additional load?
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    HUD isn’t available on Sierra Denali, any year. Are you saying you can have it programmed then purchase the additional components, modify the dash etc..to make it work?
  3. Wireless charging

    Do you have a different phone case or something with your phone that changed, do you have another one you could try? Try testing the wires to see if you have power to the module? One of the wires pulled out of the plug not making a positive connection?
  4. 20x9 +0 fit?

    I ended up with 20x9 +10 with 305/55/20. I did shim the bumper out 1/2” and had to tie back the liners in front and trim the factory splash guards. After that, no rubbing. I did just take them off for winter and put the stock wheels back on because they stick out just enough to send crap all over the truck in even the smallest of puddles. +18’s should work well
  5. Or is it possible they slowed down production of the 6.0 because the new truck with the new gas motor will be out sooner than we thought??
  6. Silverado HD revealed

    Chevy looks better with the camo left on..I think the GMC will look better with the camo off.
  7. It's the tires. I went through this for weeks. I have Nitto G2's now and the truck is completely smooth. I tried BFG K02's after I removed the stock Goodyears and they were even worse.
  8. Silverado HD revealed

    I really really want to like it but I just can't get on board with that front end. Maybe it will look better in different pictures or in person?? Like other have said, I like the rest of it. Maybe with some different or wider offset wheels the front will look better?? I don't know tho.
  9. Dust cover won’t go back on unless its modified. They include a rubber extension boot that doesn’t work to well. I supplemented the boot by covering with Black duct tape and that has worked just fine. No issues in the year since I’ve had them and its out of sight completely under the front plastic cover.
  10. I had the Yokohama Geoland’r Outlanders put on my 17 when it was new..305/55/20’s. Couldn’t get them to balance and they made an annoying drone imo so got rid of them. I have Nitto G2’s now and love em.
  11. Correct..The Youtube mods Won’t work for 95% of the people. The only reliable fix is to get the updated module. For those looking to upgrade, no harm in trying the mods but be prepared for those to not work.
  12. Yes..the 2015 has halogens with low beam projectors. Theretrofitsource.com is where I purchased my LED’s. High beams, low beams and their custom LED fogs. (If you put LED’ s in the stock foglamp housings, you’ll blind oncoming traffic.) They make a lamp assembly that directs the light down to the road where it should be. I have H11 2-stroke 2,0’s in the low beams and the 9005 2-stroke 2.0 for the high’s. Like I said you’ll need the custom LED driving lamps as well if you want them to match. They do a good job of helping you purchase everything you need.. I installed them myself, not too bad, all plug and play with the correct harnesses they provide. Total cost was around $450.00. The light output is very similar if not identical to the stock LED’s you had in your 1500. This is just one option, you could also do HID’s which are probably a bit brighter but do degrade over time.
  13. First off, nice looking truck! I was in a similar position as you, I had a 2017 Denali 1500 with factory LED’s and thought they were awesome. When I got my 2017 HC HD I was very disappointed in the lights after having the factory LED’s. I installed Morimoto LED fogs as well as LED high and low beams. They work great and are a huge upgrade from the factory halogens, every bit as good as the factory LED’S. No issues blinding oncoming traffic as the factory housings are projectors. I purchased my lights at the retrofit source.
  14. Hood SCOOP 2500HD

    I think they look great too..Bottom line is it doesn't really matter what everyone else thinks, only you. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
  15. New wheels..Hostile Hammered. 20x9 +10 with 305/55/20. Shimmed the front bumper (although it might have just cleared), tied back the liners and had to trim splash guards. Only a slight rub on the passenger side flap when backing out of the driveway at full lock. I think if I trim a bit of the flap it will clear. Has a Readylift kit in it but it's still at roughly stock height.

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