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  1. Mine was finally updated to in transit.
  2. You're gonna love the DMax...even if you don't tow much.
  3. If you had a previous 6spd DMax L5P, how does the new 10spd feel so far..understand you probably haven't driven it much yet?
  4. You must be the first one to actually receive a new one..Good job, looks great!
  5. Mine has been waiting on transport since the week of 6/3
  6. Very cool..Learn something new everyday
  7. I’ve ordered a few vehicles in the past but have never done a deep dive on what “unpublished colors” might be available, I always assumed you could only order the colors offered on the build and price. Are there other colors that aren’t listed or can you just pick any GM color and order it?
  8. November? What did you order?
  9. Now you have a reason to try a bull bar with some LED’s to hide it.
  10. I think they watch each other’s reviews and decide there are certain things as “experts” they’re supposed to draw conclusions about...like the GM interior. If most don’t like it, I probably shouldn’t either otherwise I’ll lose credibility as an automotive journalist. It’s amazing how many reviews (not just trucks) are almost identical.
  11. 2020 Silverado 2500hd

    Agree on the fender well lights. They really stick out (in a bad way) on certain colors, and totally unnecessary. That said, I’m sure there are many that will want them which would make it logical to have them as an option on the Silverado as well.
  12. 2020 Silverado 2500hd

    I think the "issue" with the front end of the new Silverado is the painted trim that wraps around the headlamps on all models except the High Country. That and the spelled out Chevrolet across the grille. On the High Country the grille travels all the way to the headlamp and in my opinion, takes the emphasis away from the lamps. The traditional emblem on the HC grille also looks MUCH better. I think if all the grilles were designed like the High Country, there would be much less controversy with it. I personally like the look of the High Country front end and might even prefer it over the GMC. The lower trims starting with the LTZ just don't work for me, maybe they'll look better in person.
  13. Not sure if GMC is the same but on the chevrolet site I go to contact us then use the online chat option..
  14. Did you use the OEM hosing for the foglamp LED’s? Wondering how you direct the beam..I purchased morimoto’s so I wouldn’t blind oncoming traffic but would be interested in the mod to save some money on my sons truck. Thanks
  15. 2020 Silverado 2500hd

    GM claims in testing that the Duramax with the new 10spd out accelerated the 1000lb torque version of the Ram pulling 18000 pounds. From a 0 start and rolling acceleration.

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