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  1. In person I guess the Silverado looks much better..
  2. I'm not leveled but did put a set of Timbrens in my 2500. They work great and keep the rear from sagging with a heavier load. Take about 5 minutes to install and much cheaper than airbags. Not a fix for everyone but if looking for some extra load carrying capacity they work great. Rides great empty as well.
  3. All of my personal trucks have been diesels. Not one problem with any of them. I prefer how they drive and tow over the gas. Even if I don't tow everyday, really only a couple times a month, I want to have the power and low revs of the Duramax. When I'm not towing I still personally prefer driving the diesel. I'm not worried about additional maintenance costs, its part of the deal (DEF and more expensive oil changes, higher diesel cost). Its quieter in my opinion and does the job easier. The other factor is the Allison transmission which is often overlooked in these comparisons but is a big part of the diesel equation..That said, the 6.0 will do everything you need it to and then some. We order our work fleet with the 6.0 to save some upfront cost. The 6.0 is bullet proof and we have had no problem pushing them to 300k and beyond, no issues at all with the motors. The only issues we have had is with transmissions, we have had many that need replacement anywhere from 100-120k. Offsets the cost of the diesel somewhat forking out tranny rebuilds.
  4. The kit came with the appropriate plug and play harness. I can't remember if it was extra or if it came with but you also need the anti-flicker harness so the daytime running lights work (I believe it was an option you select at the time of checkout). The only tricky part is the dust cover modification. The kit includes a rubber extension that goes in a hole that needs to be cut in the factory housing access cover. Not a big deal.
  5. For me I simply enjoy driving the diesel power is awesome. I rarely look at mpg and get a large chunk of the initial cost back in trade value. Not to mention the Allison transmission. Nothing wrong with a 6.0 it will get the job done too.
  6. With a service body on it, just leave it. If you put a regular box on the truck then remove it.
  7. Silverado plows great and doing just a few driveways won’t hurt it a bit. As far as the mount, IMO no way would it be worth the effort to remove and install each season, they don’t look that bad and you get accustomed to seeing it.
  8. I had a 2017 GMC Denali 1500, that came with LED’s so when I bought the Silverado I was as disappointed as you they don’t come with LED’s (and its a High Country). The Morimoto’s are comparable with the factory LED’s from the Denali but I would say the high beams are even better on my Silverado with the high beam LED’s. The fogs work fine, not stellar. I added the fogs( replacement housing assy) so it would match and not blind oncoming traffic by putting LED’s in a non-projector housing. As far as HID’s..I don’t know,. I’ve been told the HID’s are brighter but they also degrade over time. I’m happy with the LED’s and think they work great.
  9. Morimoto's in my truck work great..
  10. The money you’ll spend on wheels, tires, leveling kits and other mods that cost a fortune...Otherwise no.
  11. I have the rectangular OEM bars..They hide the tank pretty well.
  12. It would fit in mine with roughly 1.5” on either side. Chevrolet should have called me to find out my garage size before they designed the new trucks.
  13. What is the overall length on the Crew with standard bed? I have a feeling it won't fit in my garage.
  14. What will happen in Flint that will make them less reliable?
  15. I put LED’s in mine, I don’t remember the exact cost but it was like $35 for the resistors, took maybe an extra 5 minutes of install time. Good info tho to know it can be programmed at the dealer. Does the $250-270 out the door include everything? LED bulbs, reprogramming and labor? That’s a pretty good price. If that price is just to reprogram, probably easier to buy the resistors and I believe some have them built in, just need anti-flicker for day time running lights.

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