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  1. And it could go beyond just the hood with blending into the fenders to insure a good paint match. All of which requires removing all trim, headlamps etc so there are no masking lines.
  2. I've noticed mine won't show full right away, seems to take a while. Not sure why.
  3. That's a recall I might hold off on until I see an issue.
  4. I preferred the GMC at 1st then the more I looked the High Country grew on me. Now I actually prefer all Chevy’s over the GMC’s.
  5. I have 19,500 on my 2020 and it certainly seems like it uses more DEF than my 2017.
  6. I have a 2020 HC diesel as well as two 2020 Gas HD’s for my business. The diesel tows much better and I personally prefer driving it. That said, a 10spd with the new 6.6 gas ‘might’ have me thinking gas for my personal truck next time around.
  7. Actually my Silverado High Country HD has LED lights. The Silverado HC also has a power open and close tailgate that is not available with the multi-pro gate.
  8. Any rumors on if the gas version would get the 10spd for 2021? That 'might' get me thinking about the gas motor next time around.
  9. Very close in unloaded ride quality with maybe a slight slight edge to the 2500. My personal opinion is to buy the 3500 if there is a possible concern with payload.
  10. If you want them, tell the dealer no deal unless they add them.
  11. I agree when reading that. That said, the other article states something different. The 2019 2500's had a standard smaller axle and the 2500/3500 SRW diesels had a larger axle. This may still be the case which would suggest 12" on the SRW's with a diesel. However, the article you quoted states only the 3500 gets a 12" axle. Like I said earlier, the 2020 2500 and 3500 diesels "look" the same when viewing them parked side by side on the lot...so if the 3500 SRW has a 12" axle and the 2500 does not, its not visually apparent. This is what suggests possibly only the DRW has the 12" rear. I don't know...
  12. That what's the article say's if you choose to believe it. MTU is stating otherwise. Again when I looked at the 2500 and 3500 diesel SRW's side by side, the axles "looked" the same. Now we need to compare a dually axle, visually, to SRW to see if there is a visual difference. Again, it would be nice if GM would clear this up officially with specs on the website.
  13. This is from an artice with an Engineer from the HD truck team..Agree, lot's of conflicting info. II went and looked at a 2500 Dmax and 3500 Dmax, both SRW crews at the dealer. Parked right along side each other and the axles atleast looked identical. Not sure if there would be a visible difference between the 2500 and 3500. Also, why limit torque at all on an SRW if most people won't notice? The below article kind of suggests only the 3500 DRW would have no torque limiting due to the 12" ring gear. However, MTU is stating the SRW also gets the 12" ring which is in dispute with what the HD team engineer (Mcquaid) stated in the below exerpt. Very confusing info and GM really needs to clear this up. Here is an exerpt from the article: Beefier Axles Having the gearing, torque, and cooling to handle the demands of trailering heavy loads is one thing, but those are of no relevance if the rest of the drivetrain can't handle the forces needed to get the power to the ground. GM's engineers beefed up the size of the '20 HD's drivelines by 30 percent. While the single-rear-wheel 2500/3500HDs retain the same American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) 11.5-inch ring gear in the rear axlehousings and 14.1x1.3-inch disc brakes as '19, the 3500 dual-rear-wheel (DRW) models now run AAM's massive rear differential with a 12-inch ring gear, tree trunk-sized 4.25-inch axletubes, and 14x1.6-inch brake rotors front and rear. Per article with Chief Engineer for HD trucks: With all of the upgrades, McQuaid says 2020 Chevy HD trucks will deliver all 910 lb.ft. of torque to the pavement in the first gear. The transmission is also capable of first gear lockup with all 910 lb. ft.
  14. The GCWR (max vehicle weight with a loaded trailer) is 27500 with the 2500 diesel SRW Crew and max trailer of 18500lbs so you would still be ok with your trailer. Diesel payload on the 2500 is 3043 so you would have to put the extra cooler of beer in the trailer if you're loading the truck right to the max...lol I agree though, makes more sense to just get the 3500.
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