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  1. I'll take a closer look. I was just concerned it would interfere in some way then cause a code to popup. Do you have experience with this already? If so, could you add a picture or two of how it worked out. Thanks
  2. So I just discovered my truck has active aero shutters. I don't think behind the grille LED's will work and I don't see any other option other than a bull bar of some sort for mounting them.
  3. My 2020 3500 SRW HC Duramax was built on 8/20. Has shutters. No plow prep but does have the 5th wheel prep package. Does anyone know if the winter cover is absolutely necessary if the shutters are primarily closed in cold weather?
  4. I'm considering adding an additional LED light, either a light bar or additional LED driving lights. It looks like the only spot would be behind the grille, I really don't want to add a bull bar or anything like that. HAs anyone added any yet?
  5. I agree with most of what you said. My only comment, as a long term Duramax owner, to those weighing gas vs. diesel, mileage, capabilities etc..is that the emissions systems aren't "fickle" as to suggest they are on the edge of failing at any time, they aren't. Buy for what your needs are, drive both and decide if the extra cost is worth the diesel. The diesel also carries a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty where gas is only 60,000. Just something that might narrow the gap if anything goes bad on the gas version after 60,000 that you'll pay out of pocket. (not likely as the GM gas trucks are rock solid) but something else to consider.
  6. Adams makes an interior detail spray that works great. Not shiny or greasy.
  7. Not the same size tire but thought I'd try to answer the barely clear question. I have 295/65/20 on +18 and they just rubbed on the front of the fender liner. I tied the liner back and there is plenty of room now, no rubbing all stock. Took about 5 minutes to zip tie the liners back.
  8. Sounds like you got a lemon. Removing the signal light from the mirror glass was the best addition by subtraction on the entire truck IMO..Those things were blinding at night.
  9. I put the larger factory guards on my 3500 SRW. Took about 10 minutes to swap all of them.
  10. Too bad they don't offer a power open and close. I'm spoiled now with that feature on my HC.
  11. Rarely, if ever, do the outgoing MY vehicles rebates rollover to the next. Just my personal observation.
  12. Is the bed view camera actually "new" or is it just new in the sense that they moved it to the rear view mirror. I think I remember reading something about it having a new zoom feature but can't remember. If its just the fact that it was moved to the rear view mirror from the main screen, thats a step back if you ask me.
  13. I haven't heard of any issues with the camera system. I'm on my 2nd 2020 and had no issue getting or using the camera system, works great IMO.
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