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  1. Obviously diesel..What he’s saying is how do you know what quality of diesel he’s using? And how can you tell by pulling into the station? Most stations I’ve seen are all pretty close in pricing.
  2. I recall an "X" on the upper right when touching the screen. Maybe that's in a different view though.
  3. I saw a video on a new 2017 l5p showing 403rwhp and 879rwtq.
  4. I ordered the factory accessory flaps, they show up tomorrow. I like that they much up to the wheel mouldings seamlessly.
  5. That I can't answer but if I were to guess I'd say no.
  6. They did. Hook right on the front like they should.
  7. I had an issue with my previous truck. I rebooted my phone and then it connected, have no idea why that worked.
  8. I didn’t buy one to impress the neighbors, I could care less about that and marketing had nothing to do with it. I’ve driven both, have 6.0 gas versions for my business too. The Duramax simply drives better loaded or unloaded, that’s my opinion and I prefer it. if the cost per mile of fuel is the same, per your own calculations, even better. Nothing wrong if you prefer to drive a gas truck, to each his own.
  9. So in one sentence you say “it doesn’t come in at a lower cost per mile for fuel than me using E85 in my 2500”. Then you say “Even with the better MPG of diesel, it still ends up about the same cost per mile on fuel alone. “ So which is it? Better using E85 or the same? What isn’t a false reality (to me) is simply how much better the diesel drives empty or loaded...No need for me to spend time crunching numbers. Even if their is a slight penalty to overall cost, the diesel is well worth it. And I doubt, for most that buy a Duramax, that gas mileage is the reason. Per your own calculations the cost per mile on fuel ends up being the same..knowing that, why would anyone buy gas? You’ve successfully convinced me diesel is the way to go.
  10. I’ve been putting mine in the pocket on top of the dash, works great.
  11. I had a 2011 3500 HD, 2015 3500 HD and a 2017 2500HD and couldn't tell a difference in the way they drove. In this 2020, like I said above, you can notice a bit more of a stiff ride in the 3500 but it still drives nice, more noticeable difference than the previous gen trucks imo.
  12. My 2500 is at the dealer right now getting a power retrax. They gave me a new 2020 3500 as a loaner. The 3500 does feel a bit stiffer than the 2500 but it still drives nice. I would say if you tow a lot, get a 3500. If you just tow occationally and just prefer an HD I'd say the 2500 is the way to go.
  13. I have a 2020 2500HD that I replaced my 2017 2500HD with. I had to install Timbrens on the 2017 as my 30' trailer squated my truck below level. I won't need them on the 2020, squat is minimal, still above level in the rear and rides much better unloaded.
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