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  1. My direction would be to wait for the part, not sure you have any other options. This happened to me last year, my truck needed an updated DEF tank that was on back order. It ended up taking 8 days but like you, they had me in a 1500 loaner. It sucks but happens.
  2. Stock tires on +18 will fit no problem. I have +10 with 295/65/20 tires and just needed to tie back the fender liner a bit, everything else is stock.
  3. I'm sure you checked this but any chance they got something on the HUD Lens in the dash? Adhesive or some type of interior detailer that could be blurring the display?
  4. Thats fair. I will say though that both of our 6.6 gas work trucks have also had issues. One blew a tranny line and needed the transmission replaced and the other was some sort of electrical issue (and took forever to get the parts glad we weren't 3000 miles away either). I Like the 6.6 gas motor, it does a fine job but not in the same league as the Duramax/Allison for towing.
  5. It will be interesting to look back at this thread once the 10spd is in use and new owners provide real world feedback.
  6. The key statement being “properly calibrated”. In reading some of the posts stating the 10spd isn’t needed I would agree its not “needed”. That said after spending 2 years driving a 10 speed Duramax (78,000 miles between 2 trucks now) I can confidently say I would never go back to a 6 speed Duramax. You can post statistics, quote mileage comparisons etc but for me it comes down to seat of the pants driving experience, it simply feels better, smoother, quieter and pulls great. Always seems to have the right gear empty or pulling heavy..IMO, GM did a fantastic job calibrating the 10spd to the Duramax. I understand I’m using a 6 spd to 10 spd comparison with a diesel and not a gas truck but I don’t see why the comparison wouldn’t be the same with a “properly calibrated” 10 spd in the gas. I have said that if/when they offer a 10spd in the gas truck, I will at least consider it. I’m that happy with the 10spd in the diesel and based on that alone I believe a properly calibrated 10spd would also benefit the gas truck.
  7. Good to know..Thank you. I kept expecting to read the portion where you said it screwed up yout truck..lol
  8. You won't smell the diesel smoke by the way...but get your point.
  9. I put 48,500 on my 1st 2020 2500HD Duramax with not one issue. I traded it for a 3500HD diesel and the only issue to date was a heater problem in the DEF tank. It was replaced and no issues since, 36,500 on that one now. Love the diesel and the 10spd Allison has been great. If you're hauling a large trailer cross country, diesel is the way to go.
  10. Are you saying only GMC pricing went up? Minimal MSRP price difference in all three of those models.
  11. It will be interesting to see the difference once the 10spd is being used in the gas HD. Also, the reviews will be fun to compare to this thread and see how the gas/10spd combo is received.
  12. We have two 2020 HD 2500 gas trucks that I drive from time to time to time. My personal truck is a 3500HD with the diesel and 10spd. The diesel drives soo much better with the 10spd towing or empty. I know its not really a fair comparison but given my personal preference and experience, the gas truck would need at least a 10spd to get me to consider it and like I said, that might not do it either. To each his own I guess, if you like the gas truck and 6spd, that's great, it's a solid setup.
  13. With that logic just keep it simple and go back to a 4spd..lol. Sorry, I'll stick with my statement...until they offer a 10spd, I won't consider the gas truck..and even then I still might prefer the diesel but atleast it will make me think about it.
  14. Totally agree. Yes, the 6spd is good for what it is but I won't even consider the gas motor until the 10spd is an option.
  15. Just saw this note in an article published by GM Authority. Speaking to the 2023 and newer trucks. They mention the new updated truck has been pushed to 2024 due to Covid supply issues so would assume the 10spd won't be available until the 2024 model year. "Additionally, the GM 10-speed automatic transmission is expected to replace the six-speed auto in models equipped with the atmospheric 6.6L V8 L8T gasoline engine, which is rated at 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque." https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/10/2023-silverado-hd-dually-reveals-new-grille-front-end-design/
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