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  1. Until GM offers a 10spd for the 6.6 gas, I will never consider one for my personal vehicle. I have two 2020 gasser work trucks for my business but my personal truck is a 2020 HC Duramax., The 6.6 gas is cheaper than the Duramax and gets the job done just fine but IMO they are not even close to being as pleasurable to drive as the Duramax. Long drives towing with the gas, lots of shifting and high revs whereas the Duramax quietly hums along with power to spare. Even if i didn't tow much I would prefer the diesel. The additional maintenance costs are well worth it! The 10spd in the Duramax is awesome, so don't forget about that benefit as well. As far as the reliability, I have not had one issue with emissions on Duramax trucks and I've used them for plowing, short daily drives and everything in between. Don't let the comments about reliability and all the emissions issues scare you away, they are very few and far between. The Duramax/Allison also has a 100,000 mile power train warranty, gasser only 60k. All that said, I would be very interested to drive the 6.6 gas with a 10spd transmission, I just can't understand why they wouldn't offer it. The GM HD gas motors are incredibly reliable, we have had some transmissions go on our gas work trucks but not one issue with the previous 6.0's and I'm assuming the 6.6's will be just as reliable. Drive them both and decide for yourself..
  2. Originally they (and still are) were mandated by the government to alert other drivers that a larger vehicle was approaching. I believe if the truck is over 80” wide they are required. They expanded to smaller vehicles because many, including me, think they look pretty cool. When I look at an HD without them it almost seems like something is missing..
  3. Based on my personal experience with the factory nav, I wouldn't waste the time or money. Use Apple Carplay or something similar, much more accurate IMO.
  4. Correct. It's conflicting info though given what the tech is telling me. When asked he said the 3500 DRW is not limited but the SRW 2500 and 3500 are...bit of a marketing word play on GM's part if you ask me. Either way, not a big deal.
  5. So I was at the dealer dropping my truck off this morning and was told the difference is between the 3500 DRW and the SRW HD's (whether 3500 or 2500). So if comparisons are to be made it should be SRW's vs DRW's. Dealer tech told me the axle on the 2500 and 3500 diesels are the same.
  6. Any idea why GM would program very mild torque limiting that's hard to tell? If it's that minor, why do it at all?
  7. just turned 30,000 miles on my 2020, been a great transmission and wouldn't go back to the 6spd.
  8. Curb rash or what is the issue? Pics would help. If it was curbed by someone during a test drive, i can understand why GM would deny a warranty claim. No different, in that scenario, than backing into a pole and asking gm to cover the bumper under warranty.
  9. Ya I overlooked the sitting still part. I don't notice any of the above issues, whistles, loud vents or vibrating brakes. The only "vent" noise I hear is when the cooled seats are on high. They all vary including the trucks from Dodge and Ford. Important to do a thorough test drive before buying, even new ones.
  10. "Honey wake up, did you hear something?" Jk..Glad you weren't hurt!
  11. Mine are smooth, no vibrating. Perhaps some corrosion on the rotors from the trucks sitting on the lot?
  12. You beat me to it....One thing I have always learned is there are always two sides to a story. The fact that 4 dealers sent him away with that much rust makes me think something else is going on as well. Maybe it got stuck crossing a creek on his back 40 or got caught in a flash flood, maybe the valet took it for a joy ride...who knows. Tahoe, not saying that’s what happened just offering a little explanation as to why your running into some resistance here. It seems absurd to us that so many dealers or GM won’t help you out given the amount of rust. For all we know the original dealer knows it was perfect when it left, therefore denied the warranty claim as it was related to something the owner did.. When other dealers Run the VIN to look into it, they know it is not their issue. Have you considered an insurance claim? Do you know if there is something in the system flagging your truck? Makes us think there is more to the story...If not, I apologize but just being honest, that is what’s running through my head at this point.
  13. Just put your wife to work with a product called Elbow Grease.
  14. You'd likely need to level the front. I'm on my second set of rims on my 2020 2500. 1st set were 20" 295/60 20 0n +10's. They rubbed slightly in reverse, all stock. Switched to black rims now with 20" +18's with 285/65/20 they rub just barely while in reverse going over curb while exiting the driveway at full lock but they don't run for the most part. It seems wider tires cause more issues than taller.
  15. My personal truck is a 2020 High Country duramax but I also have 2020 regular cab gas trucks and 2020 Crew gassers for my business. When my diesel was in the shop to have the bumper replaced due to a stupid mistake on my part, I was driving the gas trucks. Here are my observations.. The 6.6 gas has plenty of power and I'm certain a 10spd would make it even better. The 6.6 gas obviously shifts more frequently than the diesel while towing. The gas motor loses 3-4 mph before downshifting on hills while towing at 65-70 mph where the Duramax seems to hold its speed regardless of the incline. The gas is a bit louder than the diesel as well while towing (could be related to work truck vs High Country package). The diesel rides MUCH better and is less tiring to drive IMO but I admit much of that could also be work truck vs. High Country package. I would be interested to drive both HC versions back to back. MPG goes to the diesel which seems obvious to me but others have claimed no difference..not true. I'm sure you can do a bunch of math and compare NADA down the road, fuel cost, oil changes and all that to show the gas makes more sense (and it does if cost of ownership is your main concern) but for me the diesel is just more pleasing to drive and is worth the cost. Remember, part of the cost of the diesel is the Allison 10spd tranny and 100k warranty that you don't get with the gas version. Bottom line the diesel IMO is a nicer vehicle to drive (even as a daily driver) but will cost more to operate. As far as emissions 'issues'..I've yet to have a single issue with any of my modern Duramax trucks going back to 2011. All that said, for my business we choose the gas versions due to the cost and the track record of reliability with the 6.0's. I hope the 6.6 gas motors end up being as solid as the 6.0's were. That and I would love to see a 10spd option for the gas motor, as I said in an earlier post, that 'might' get me to consider the gas motor for my personal truck next time around. (but I doubt it) Both good choices for different reasons, just depends what's important to you.
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