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  1. I stopped at the dealer down the street from my work. A 2500 was parked right next to a 3500, both diesels. They looked identical.
  2. Its not just the halogens that are weak. The LED's in my 2020 are just ok at best. The LED's I put in my 2017 did a much better job than the 2020 IMO. Similar experience, low beams are ok but the high beams are disappointing imo. I'm wondering if there is a different LED bulb that could go in the facory LED housings.
  3. He did, mentions it in his post. TX law is apparently not overly consumer friendly with the lemon law.
  4. Should there be a visible difference when looking at a 3500 SRW diesel rear end vs the 2500 SRW diesel rear end?
  5. Probably doesn't help you but I have almost 14,000 miles on mine now and it has been flawless, big improvement over my 2017 2500 with the 6spd. Hopefully its just an isolated issue on yours.
  6. The 2500 and 3500 SRW's both lock up in 1st gear. The 3500 HD that gets the 12' ring gear is the dually. So the difference on the SRW's comes down to the rear leafs. Beefier Axles Having the gearing, torque, and cooling to handle the demands of trailering heavy loads is one thing, but those are of no relevance if the rest of the drivetrain can't handle the forces needed to get the power to the ground. GM's engineers beefed up the size of the '20 HD's drivelines by 30 percent. While the single-rear-wheel 2500/3500HDs retain the same American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) 11.5-inch ring gear in the rear axlehousings and 14.1x1.3-inch disc brakes as '19, the 3500 dual-rear-wheel (DRW) models now run AAM's massive rear differential with a 12-inch ring gear, tree trunk-sized 4.25-inch axletubes, and 14x1.6-inch brake rotors front and rear. Per article with Chief Engineer for HD trucks: With all of the upgrades, McQuaid says 2020 Chevy HD trucks will deliver all 910 lb.ft. of torque to the pavement in the first gear. The transmission is also capable of first gear lockup with all 910 lb. ft.
  7. I don’t think the torque management in first gear is any different between the two. From my research the only difference is the rear springs..Now if you’re comparing a gas 2500 to 3500 there might be more differences. it used to be in MN that the license was actually cheaper on the 3500. Now that the 2500 is actually rated higher than the previous gen 3500, the license cost is the same.
  8. I wouldn’t compare any prior year to the 2020 version, the 20’s are much smoother overall. I have a 2020 2500 and the dealer gave me a 2020 3500 loaner when my truck was in for service. Very little difference in ride between them,.. The 2020 3500 loaner I had drove smoother than my 2017 2500 High Country did..noticeably smoother. I don’t think you’d be unhappy at all with the 3500, unless you drive the 2500 and 3500 back to back, hard to tell any ride difference. Maybe on a super rough road you might but I think it would be splitting hairs.. Makes me wonder with they even make both in an SRW..I’m sure there’s a reason..
  9. I could type your response word for word as I have had a similar experience with one change.. I don't like the new GMC's grill. The Silverado High Country is far better.
  10. Brownstone was offered on the previous gen trucks from Chevrolet. I believe the Chev in the picture is Brownstone. ( I owned a 2015 Brownstone Metallic 3500).
  11. 11,000 miles on my 10spd and so far I prefer it over the 6spd. Like others have said, time will tell on reliability but so far so good.
  12. I think the bigger comparison is the strength of aluminum vs. steel body panels.
  13. To what end are you needing the exact specs? Is there something youre concerned it can't handle?
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