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  1. I read the thread title and though I’d find a link to a go fund me..
  2. I actually got them from my local tire shop. Factory sensors so easy to set the TPMS.
  3. I got the XD’s on today. Leaving everything stock the 295/65/20 rubbed more than I like. Went with 285/65/20 G2’s and they barely JUST touch at full lock in reverse. Wheels are 20x9 +18
  4. Updated pics with new XD’s. Truck is completely stock including the torsion bars. Wheels are 20x9 +18. Tires are Nitto G2’s 285/65/20. Tried 295’s but they rubbed pretty good while turning. The 285’s are a touch bigger than stock and just barely touch at full lock while reversing, hardly worth mentioning.
  5. anybody else have this issue. Drove 20 miles this morning, outside temp was roughly 15 but my truck displayed the same 22 degrees the entire drive. Just got in it after lunch and same 22 degree reading.
  6. My 2017 had a knock you could hear while slowing to a stop, 2020 does it too. Knock knock sound then goes away once stopped. Had no issues with the 2017
  7. I'd have him bring it in so your service department can figure it out and take care of him. Honestly If my sales rep was browsing internet forums for an answer rather than having him in a rental with an assurance you'll take care of him, I might switch brands too. Maybe there's more to the story so I apologize if that's the case..
  8. I currently have Chrome 20" with +10 offset and 295/60/20 Nitto G2's. I thought the 295/60's looked a tad too small but a larger tire won't clear with +10's. I'm putting on black 20" XD's next week with a +18 offset with 295/65/20 G2's. Based on what I've read here and by looking at my truck I'm thinking they'll just clear. I'll update after they're on.
  9. Some might not fit the 2020's due to not clearing the calipers.
  10. I have 295/60/20 Nitto G2's on +10 wheels that clear with no mods. I'm going to 295/65/20 on +18's. I think the ridge Grapplers should clear no problem on stock wheels bsed on how my current setup looks.
  11. I have seen at least one truck so far on here with that size. He said they clear with room to spare. Another has aftermarket rims with 35" tires and a +18 offset that clear stock. I just ordered some new rims and tires that will be going on early next week. I went with 295/65/20 so will know first hand. Based on what I've read, that size should easily fit with stock rims.
  12. The TPMS sensors are different so you’ll need to swap them out of your 2020 wheels or get a new set..$43.20 each from GM.
  13. I have a Duramax as my daily and we just got a 2020 6.6 gas for my business. To answer your question though, all of the above are improved with the exception of the turning radius..They both ride noticeably smoother.. Time will tell if the 6.6 gas Is as durable as the 6.0’s have been for us.
  14. Well they can sell a new one for probably $42500-$43000. They'l want to make 3 grand on yours and will need to sell it below the new one. So best guess $36500-$37000 trade for yours? Just a guess
  15. I thought it was ugly at first too. I've done a complete 180 though and think it looks bad ass now. And it drives much better than the outgoing truck..
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